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October 29, 2010

Mr. Richard Snyder Honorable, Governor Elect P.O. Box 7371 Ann Arbor, MI 48107 Re: MPSC Case No. 16129 -- Tensen Family Farm v Consumers Energy Company in Progress Dear Mr. Snyder: You have won the confidence of the people of the State of Michigan. As a former CEO of a computer company, you are more likely that most to be aware that uncontrolled electricity and electric and magnetic fields (EMF) transferred to power lines can interfere with operations of electronic equipment and cause computers to crash. Similarly, electrical energy from powerline harmonics transferred to the environment of dairy farms, homes, schools, and workplaces can interfere with neurophysiological processes, thus affecting health and performance of animals and man. The effects are most notable in dairy herds because milk production is monitored daily and negative effects of electrical interference are well recognized. In the Tensen Family Farm V Consumers Energy Company, Case No. 16129. before the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) the electrical interference, loss of milk production, impaired health, and animal deaths have been well documented. So-called stray voltage on dairy farms in Michigan has been known since the 1960-70s and upwards of 1500 cases were reported to the MPSC, but little progress has been made in mitigation. Hopefully, our new Attorney General is prepared to handle the shameful state of affairs in the MPSC. Commission members were appointed by the Governor, assigned to the Department of Labor, and are under the Legal Counsel and advice of the Attorney General. Therefore, you have the opportunity to clean up the MPSC, improve the agricultural economy, reduce risks to human health, medical and hospital costs, health insurance, and animal veterinary medical and mortality cost by reducing unnecessary electrical exposure of animals and man. In the past, the MPSC has obstructed justice for dairy farmers plagued with stray voltage or EMF interference, and the present MPSC is highly biased toward the electrical utilities they are authorized to regulate. At my age of nearly 82 years and having devoted my retirement years to investigate electrical effects on farm livestock and people in homes, schools, and workplaces, you should be aware that you offer new hope that the MPSC and utilities will be responsive to real needs, i.e., engineeringmedical facts and that party-political biases will be eliminated from the executive, legislative, and judicial processes. Presently, Consumers Energy is authorized and committed to Law by the MPSC to examine the electrical problems on the Tensen farm in the above mentioned case. Daniel Nickerson, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), is in charge of the Hearing process and was responsible for decisions in two similar cases that denied any need for improvement, that previously appeared before the Commission. I was a professor of Dairy (Extension education and research-investigator) in the Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University, for 29 years. I was asked to become a witness and unpaid assistant to help the AG staff to unravel the mysteries of electrical interference with dairy cows for Attorney Generals Frank Kelley, Jennifer M. Granholm, and Michael Cox (incumbent) on behalf of complainants representing the people in Cases U-11684 and U-13934 (1998-2003). I am reminded of considerable testimony and events of the past that are pertinent to the present Case U-16129 and the lack of progress to prevent the drain on the agricultural economy as follows:



Preventable Tragedy – The electrically induced damage to upwards of 1500 family farms. On the Tensen Family Farm alone: a. Death and impairment of hundreds of cattle reduced the number of cows from circa 375 to approximately 125 at the time of the MPSC investigation, October 29-30, 2009. b. Daily milk production per cow decreased to less than one-half of previous level: 85 lbs decreased to circa 43 lbs according to official Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) records 150-day lactation averages for 5 years. c. Reproduction of cattle was lowered: the insemination-conception rate (AI) decreased to circa 50% of normal, i.e., 28% conception at first service compared to 51% industry average. d. The economic consequences to the Tensen family are enormous (Financial losses to 26 other dairy farms afflicted with uncontrolled extraneous current were recorded at approximately $2695 per cow per year, which quickly amounts to millions of dollars and bankruptcy for farmers). e. Some 1300 to 1500 dairy farmers had filed complaints against Consumers Energy as reported by the Attorney General in MPSC Case No. 11684. The problem continues and has proliferated since the MPSC failed to solve the problem which created an extraordinary electropathic risk to the health of animals. f. Health of the families and their employees living on electrically contaminated farms has not been addressed. g. The Tensen problems could have been prevented some five years and 14 visits earlier if the MPSC had taken action and performed their duty. h. MPSC duties were prescribed by the Legislature that established the PSC to regulate electrical utilities, to investigate user complaints, and to require utility action within 24 hours to protect end users (customers) such as the Tensens from such harm, according to the Complaint of AG Frank Kelley and subsequent AGs. i. MPSC’s slow and clumsy delay of nearly three years since a formal complaint was filed (July 2008) with no MPSC decision orders requiring Consumers Energy to correct the electrical problem until sometime after March 2011 continues to drain Tensen’s income, assets, and financial stability (and has resulted in bankruptcy for several dairymen so afflicted). j. MPSC duties and applicable Michigan Laws were described by former Attorney General Frank Kelley; and Assistants J. Peter Lark and Robert Mol were co-signers in Mr. Kelley`s Complaint Against Consumers Energy (alias Consumers Power Co.) in Case No. U-11684, April 22, 1998. Consumers Energy is aware of the electrically induced problems on farms: a. Consumers settled hundreds of court cases out of court so that the public would not become aware of the problem because plaintiffs are bound to secrecy. b. Consumers refuses to measure current (protected by an out-dated law) but will measure voltage only. c. Consumers Energy needs to hire competent engineers, electricians, and investigators who understand the dangers of uncontrolled electricity. Revelation of Fraud (?) a. Utilities’ instruments were modified to measure once per minute not once per second as covered by Michigan law and measurement instruments were borrowed from the utilities by MPSC-Consumers’ expert, Dr. Douglas Reinemann, because he does not own any measuring equipment as stated under his cross-examination (5/26/2010). Would this constitute collusion and breach of contract? b. Should MPSC be responsible for using equipment not in accordance with Michigan Court Rules? c. Are the Assistant Attorney Generals not Members of the Court? d. Are AGs not expected to bring charges and prosecute violators of State and Moral Law upon which all other laws of decency are based when malpractice and malfeasance are observed? e. Or, are AGs and MPSCs (totally financed by public tax dollars as far as revealed) only intended to defend and legitimize the criminal actions of electrical utilities such as Consumers Energy? f. Perhaps that question will need to be resolved by the Legislature since the Attorney Generals do not seem to be self motivated to assure equal protection and justice under the Laws; perhaps they are more interested in running for higher office (i.e, Granholm, Cox, “Schuette?”) and therefore are controlled by the utilities in matters concerning the safety, health, and welfare of citizens and their families, the End-Users of electricity.





Consumers Energy Company Refuses to Measure Extraneous Electrical Current a. Mr. Steve Wallenwine, Consumers’ representative, was asked while preparing to test on the Tensen Farm, if he intended to measure the amount of current (amperes) and the frequency (Hertz) of the extraneous current on the Tensen farm. Mr. Wallenwine responsded: “No! The Law only requires that we test for voltage and that is all we will do.” b. Mr. Wallenwine also stated the same intention in an email to Nick Tensen in response to the same question relative to the impending test date. The modification of the SVM-10 (Stray Voltage Monitor) to measure only voltage “once per minute” not once per second and omitting Amperage measurements (current) was revealed by Mr. Wallenwine and that the SVM-10 is used by most utilities in Michigan and essentially all utilities in Wisconsin (Possible collusion?). a. Intentional modification of the SVM-10 meter was further revealed in the “Evaluation of Extraneous Voltage Concerns, on the Tensen Family Farm;” by Gerald Bodman, PE, a highly qualified and reliable investigator of electrical interference on dairy farms. Mr. Bodman named that voltage and current which is not in its proper place regardless of level and source on dairy farms “extraneous voltage.” b. Mr. Bodman evaluated the reports of three other investigators: 1) Mr. George Orphan, Geotech Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, was engaged by the MPSC after Mr. Nick Tensen refused to allow on their farm other “experts” named by the MPSC who were known to be regularly employed by Consumers Energy and other utilities in their defense. a) Dr. Mellenberger and Dr. Reinemann were among the objectionables appointed by the MPSC in violation of Rule 460.2705; Rule 5 (b) Objectivity and (c) Neutral third-party. 2) The second independent investigator whose services were paid by the Tensens was a Master Electrician, Mr. Larry Newbauer, from Wisconsin who had investigated many “stray voltage farms” and reported only the 60-Hz currents because that was required by MPSC and Wisconsin PSC Rules. 3) The third independent investigator was an experienced Stray Voltage Research and Control Investigator, Mr. Fred Thiel of Chesaning, MI, who had measured “stray voltage” at numerous locations on the Tensen farm over a period of several months. All of these investigators had conducted numerous measurements which indicated AC and DC cow-contact voltage and current exceeded MPSC Rules and excessive neutral-to-earth ground currents were the main source of the problem at the Tensen Farm. This was in contrast to the report of Consumers by Mr. Wallenwine, August 19-21, 2008. IMPOSTER-COUNTERFEIT ADVISOR? Dr. Douglas Reinemann, Professor, University Wisconsin, Madison, the SelfProclaimed Expert and International Authority advising MPSC, Wisconsin PSC, and Ontario Energy Board (Canada) among others, was examined by Rodrick Lewis of Warner, Norcross, & Judd law firm representing Consumers Energy and the MPSC during Examination of Witnesses Case No. 16129 (May 26, 2010): a. The line of questioning was an obvious attempt to discredit the data and competence of Electrical Engineer, George Orphan, Grand Rapids, MI. b. Mr. Orphan may have been a bit naïve in believing that all of the investigators appointed by MPSC were there for the united purpose to determine the truth about the presence and sources of stray voltage. Thus he shared his readings, including harmonics, with Dr. Reinemann before the hearing since this was his first stray voltage case under the new MPSC Rules, and Dr. Reinemann seemed to be a willing and expeditious counselor. 1) Dr. Reinemann declared before the MPSC to Mr. Lewis that “he had never seen such high voltage readings” and 2) the DC readings must indicate that something was wrong with the meter that Mr. Orphan was using. Power line harmonics had never been reported by the utilities; rather they refused to record them. a. Harmonics were common sources of interference with milk production described in the reports of Mr. Dave Stetzer et al., presented by Hillman in Case No U-11684 and U-13934. b. Mr. Orphan had recorded voltage frequencies of 548.l3 Hz (9 th Harmonic) at cow-contact locations and 1117.84 Hz (19 th Harmonic) at the utility primary neutral-to-earth.





As noted above, three Attorneys General have each filed complaints with the MPSC against Consumers Energy. The first – Case No. 11684 – was filed by Attorney General Frank Kelley, J. Peter Lark, and Robert Mol, 4/22/1998. 1. Mr. Kelley`s complaint contained a comprehensive citation of Michigan Laws pertaining to: a. MPSC regulation of the utilities, b. Prompt action by the MPSC upon whom 1) The Legislature entrusted the power to regulate and enforce safety as provided by the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and the National Electric Code (NEC) following a complaint and within 24 hours determining the cause and need for action of the utilities to be performed. Kelley`s Complaint should be must reading for all AGs and Legislators and for all MPSC members and litigants of electrical complaints. The Complaint was masterfully prepared and is as pertinent today as when first presented. AG Jennifer Granholm then inherited and pursued Mr. Kelley’s complaint upon his retirement. a. Assistant AG J. Peter Lark made excellent national radio speeches about the dangers and extent of utility ground currents and became Lead Attorney for the AG’s case. AG Michael Cox continued the case when Jennifer Granholm became Governor. a. Mr. Cox was ably assisted by Assistant AG Michael Moody who actually prosecuted the AG case after Robert Mol was assigned to other duties. b. Assistant AG Moody is likely the most knowledgeable attorney of current issues before the MPSC and could be a valuable assistant to you, as he was to Mr. Cox.



After hearing considerable evidence of harmful effects of electrical interference in dairy cattle performance in U-11684, MPSC initiated a new docket, Case No. U-13934, stated as: “In the matter, on the Commission`s own motion, to consider the implementation of standards or other remedial measures relating to stray voltage.” I assisted Robert Mol and then Michael Moody (pro bono), for nearly two years in preparing seemingly endless answers to Consumers’ some 256 Interrogatories and prepared questions from published research and IEEE Handbooks for deposing Consumers’ witnesses in those proceedings. The Attorney General breached the Agreement with the principal Electrical Data Witness before the Trial: a. Dave Stetzer, an Industrial Electrician from Blair, Wisconsin, had been engaged with several of his employees by the Attorney General of Michigan for collecting electrical and milk production data from dairy farms in Michigan; and sharing the data Stetzer had obtained in Wisconsin and Minnesota. b. As the Hearing date was approaching, Mr. Stetzer asked Mr. J. Peter Lark, Assistant in Charge, about when he might get paid so he could pay his employees and be reimbursed for technical supplies and for living and vehicle expenses while away from home in Michigan. c. Mr. Lark replied, as a shock to Mr. Stetzer, that he was not going to get paid – Stetzer then discovered that the Attorney General had an agreement with Consumers Energy that Consumers would be notified in advance of any testing on any Consumers’ Customers’ farms. 1) Mr. Stetzer had not been notified of this unusual restriction and with Lark’s knowledge and approval had been on several farms with him in breach of the secret agreement with Consumers Energy. 2) Mr. Stetzer had earlier been told when he asked the Attorney General, “How are you set for financing?” that money was no problem. 3) So then at pay time, the answer was different, resulting in an argument during which Mr. Stetzer withdrew his services from the upcoming hearing. 4) Stetzer filed and won a complaint against the Attorney General (State of Michigan Court of Claims, Stetzer V Attorney General of Michigan, Judge James R. Giddings, Presiding, Case No. 02-163-MK). 5) The State lost in three respects: the resulting settlement was approved by the Court, Stetzer’s testimony was never heard by the MPSC, and citizens were denied benefits of the investigations.


The Lark/Stetzer paradigm seems to be part of a continuing pattern of unlikely events that occurred in conjunction with this and subsequent Attorney Generals and MPSC affairs. 1. Robert Mol was transferred to an insurance section of the Department requiring a new attorney to start learning about the case on short notice, possibly jeopardizing the AG`s Case? Mr. Kelley accepted a handsome retainer as Legal Counsel for Consumers Energy within a few weeks after he retired. Governor Jennifer Granholm acquired a Legislative Lobbyist from Consumers Energy to Chair her campaign for reelection to the Goverrnor`s office. J. Peter Lark was appointed Chairman of MPSC by Governor Granholm. a. Mr. Lark maneuvered the new MPSC Rules and Regulations Governing Animal Contact Current Mitigation (R 460.2701 – R 460.2707) through the Administrative Law Committee and other pertinent committees of the Legislature. b. Legislators are not expected to be authorities on technical matters; therefore, they must depend on the honesty, integrity, and responsibility of private and government officials who advise and propose changes in governmentbacked and endorsed Laws affecting the welfare of the people of the State. c. The proposal that Mr. Lark offered to the Legislative Service Bureau and the State Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules (SOAHR) (Order Approving Administrative Rules, February 6, 2007) and adopted by the MPSC, approved August 22, 2006, and September 26, 2006, was dreadfully flawed, i.e.: 1) It.was not based on electrical engineering knowledge nor reliable animal science. 2) It was obviously biased in that it favored minimal investigational procedures of the utilities, and ignored current from powerline electricity as well as magnetic fields (EMF). 3) It ignored the knowledge that current can be distorted and harmonics are generated by faults within the power line system, and 4) Induced currents from both powerline harmonics and radiofrequency currents that are common on power lines result from the enormous incursion of high-tech electronic devices, i.e., radio, television, computer data transfer, and switch-mode AC/DC converter power supplies, such as cellular telephone relay stations and hundreds of other electronic devices, according to Barry Kennedy`s book, Power Quality Primer, 2000. All of the above were known to be causing electrical interference with the health and performance of animals and humans, but a. No provisions were in the new animal-contact mitigation laws to either measure or solve these stray electrical/electronic problems on farms, that resulted from incursion of modern high technology. b. The new mitigation Law ignored professional and dairy farmer testimony in the Attorney General’s Complaints against Consumer Energy. c. I had provided research proving the inadequacy of the proposed rules to the MPSC and above Legislative Committees but Mr. Lark was the appointed authority to which they would respond. d. Mr. Lark abused his authority and relationship with Legislative Committees resulting in the fact that more farms have been damaged as is obvious from the Chick Farm (which Consumers settled out of court) and now the Tensen Farm and others of which they are aware. 5. J. Peter Lark was appointed CEO of the Lansing Board of Water and Light, after such amazing deceit of the Legislature and passage of a terribly flawed animal electrocution Law favorable to the utilities. Former Attorney General Kelley became Counsel to LBWL as well as to Consumers Energy.

2. 3.



These events are all matters of public record. As you may know, municipal utilities are exempt from jurisdiction of the MPSC; therefore the LBWL has no oversight guidance and behaves without approval of the Lansing City Council, their sponsor. EMF from LBWL PN-G bonded to water pipes caused heart arrhythmia & hypertension in customer homes.


I mentioned above that David Stetzer refused to give testimony after being denied payment in the former MSPC Case. AG Michael Cox attempted to substitute Donald Zipse, a Fellow of IEEE and a knowledgeable Electrical Engineer from Pennsylvania, to replace Mr. Stetzer for testimony in the Complaint against Consumers. 1. Mr. Zipse had identified “ground currents” causing “Shocking Showers” and “Shocking Swimming Pools” at some 20 luxurious estates on the New Jersey Coast during the drought years (2001-2003) and had written extensively about the dangers of “step-potential” voltage and current in the living environment of grounded-Y distribution systems, e.g., Consumers Energy and LBWL installations and others in most of North America. Mr. Zipse also had assisted Master Electrician Larry Newbauer of Wisconsin to prove that electric current was inside a plastic insulated bucket filled with water while sitting on the concrete of an “equal-potential plane” outside of the bucket. The demonstration was presented as evidence of induced current (EMF) on a farm at a Special Meeting of IEEE, regarding the fallacies of “Equal-Potential Planes: A Figment of the Imagination?” at Dearborn, MI, May 3, 2006. He stressed that EMF travels through the air, through the earth, and all biological materials, i.e., cows, other animals, and humans in its path.


The presence of electromagnetic current is essentially what we proved at the Tensen farm when we put the positive electrode of an ammeter into a plastic-insulated cattle-watering tank at the Tensen farm and recorded 70 to 200 milliamperes of current in the water. The electricity was in the water of the all-concrete tanks on the farm as well. a. The voltage was only 0.102 Volts but oscillating at a microwave frequency > 1.15 gigahertz (gHz). b. The current was causing the cattle to refuse to drink enough water to produce the amount of milk they had been producing previously; as had been demonstrated by L. B. Craine at Washington State in 1969. c. When about 100 of the surviving cows were moved to another farm where there was no extraneous current, the fresh cows returned to near normal levels of milk production while receiving feed from the same supply as the cows at home. The resistance (electrical impedance) of biological tissue to EMF is essentially the same as air. a. Resistance of cows decreases as frequency of the voltage increases, according to Anesshansly et al., ASAE, 1990 and 1995. b. I have been advised that Larry Newbauer measured cow impedance at the Tensen farm and found it to be circa 220 Ohms; not 500 Ohms claimed by the “stray voltage experts.” 1) The requirement of a 500-Ohm resistor in the test circuit by the MPSC, Rule 460.2701 (p), is erroneous and underestimates the amount of current flowing through a Cow when using Ohms Law: I=E/R. 2) Resistance is the denominator to estimate current from voltage in Ohm’s Law according to MPSC Rules. 3) Therefore, assuming a resistance that is twice or more than actual resistance is a large bias in favor of the utility. Mr. Bodman, PE, further addressed the large proportion of cows having electrical resistance of less than 500 Ohms compared to the MPSC requirement. Is the Power of Michigan Government Behind Deceptive Bogus and Fraudulent MPSC Rules? Consumers had refused to measure either the current (amperes) or the frequency of the voltage at the Tensen farm, 8/21/08. a. I asked Mr. Wallenwine if he would measure current and frequency as well as voltage when he began testing at the Tensen farm, 8/21-23/2008. b. His response was, “No, the Law only requires that we measure voltage and that is all we will do.” c. His response seemed to indicate that he was not interested in finding the “extraneous current” but rather claiming it was not 60-Hz current, as produced by the power plant generator. The incompetence and fallacy of the Consumers Energy attitude that only 60-Hz frequency of current could be on power lines was dispelled by Albert A. Smith, Jr., many years ago. d. Mr. Smith, a Senior Electrical Engineer at IBM, Inc., had investigated and written a book, “Coupling of External Electromagnetic Fields to Transmission Lines,” 2nd edition, © 1989, 1987, 1977. 1) Mr. Smith emphasized that the book was for the practical solution of problems involving the excitation of current on wires and cables by natural and man-made sources of electromagnetic fields.



2) He noted that “the effects of these induced currents can range from noise on communication lines and errors on digital circuits to equipment damage and even personnel hazards. Some of the more well-known sources of electromagnetic fields include nearby lightning strikes; AM TV and FM broadcast stations; radars; industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment; automobile ignition; personal electrostatic discharge; the esoteric nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP); and power supply noise and switching transients inside electronic equipment.” References to the research and electrical models were included. 3) Mr. Smith’s book explained why and how I could record a 103.2 MHz signal delivering 700 milliamperes of current to the neutral-to-earth ground wire at the Tensen farm on my oscilloscope. The 103.2 MHz signal belonged to a CBC (Cardif Broadcasting Company) FM radio station. CBC owned 14 FM stations using the same frequency in the United Kingdom. Consumers should explain to the MPSC why CBC radio-frequency signals were on Consumers power lines and disturbing the cows near Ravenna, Michigan, in 2008.

Milk Production Decreased as Harmonics Increased on Midwest Dairy Farms. a. I presented Dave Stetzer, Hillman, et al. research results from 12 farms representing 1705 cows and 939 data points at MPSC Docket U-11684. b. The data were analyzed by multiherd least-squares multiple regression and SAS-ANOV statistical programs (SAS, Inc,. Carey, NC). Analyses were conducted by Drs. H. H. VanHorn and C. J. Wilcox, University. FL. c. In five herds for 515 days milk/cow/day decreased -0.028 kg (0.063 lb.) per Transient Event as Transient Events increased from 0 to 122/day (P<0.02). Negative effects on milk/cow/day were significant for eight independent electrical variables recorded by Fluke ® EventMeter 100. d. Step-potential voltage and frequency of earth currents were measured by Fluke ® oscilloscope from electrodes attached to metal plates grouted into the floor of milking stalls about 5-feet apart approximating distance from front to rear hoofs of the cows, as recommended by Science Advisors to the MnPUC. e. Milk decreased as number of 3 rd, 5 th, 7 th, 21 st, 28 th, and 42 nd harmonic voltage increased; and milk decreased as the sum of triplen harmonics increased. Harmonics are whole number multiples of the 60-Hz power line frequency. Triplens are the third harmonic (180 Hz) and odd numbered multiples of the third harmonic i.e., 3 rd, 9 th, 15 th, 21 st, 27 th, 33 rd, and 39 th recorded. f. Step-potential voltage above 0.010 Volts (peak-to-peak) measured from the floor of milking stalls and barnyards in 4 herds for 535 days affected behavior and milk production of cows; similarly reported by a member of the Science Advisors to MnPUC, Dr. Charles Polk, Bioelectromagnetics, 1991. g. The electric voltage on each of the farms was below the 0.5 Volt presumed to deliver 1 milliampere of current at cow contact, as adopted by Wisconsin PSC and had been rejected as not qualifying for utility mitigation by utility experts on the basis of No Significant Stray Voltage. h. Our conclusions were based on “within herd” multiple-regression of milk production changes attributable to variations in electrical current and frequencies. The differences were not between herds which could be biased by differences in genetic composition (i.e., herd sires), nutrition, housing or management skill; rather the differences were the same--cows receiving the same feed and management but responding to differences in electrical exposure as variations occurred in the quality of electricity delivered to the farm and exposing the cattle to steppotential (voltage) of varying frequencies. While the effects of electricity and electric and magnetic fields (EMF) on dairy cattle was known, other animals and human health were less well known by electrical investigators during the 1998-2003 MPSC Hearings. We sent our data to Dr. Harold H. Van Horn and Dr. Charles J. Wilcox, University of Florida, Animal Science Professors, Gainesville, FL to statistically check our analyzed data. Their results arrived when AG’s Case U-11684 was in cross examination of witnesses. a. Our new discoveries were based on the electrical readings of Mr. Stetzer and daily milk production data collected and organized by Charles Goeke, M.S., Analyst. Goeke and I organized in spreadsheet electronic format, e.g., paired with electrical data by herd and date, examined to insure at least 23 hours of data for each observation (allowing one hour for downloading from the Fluke ® Event Meter and Oscilloscope) and complete number of cows and milk produced daily. The data were then mailed to Drs. Van Horn and Wilcox. b. Their findings from extensive statistical analyses agreed with ours and were received and presented to the MPSC at the Hearing in January 2003. The data were statistically reliable and conclusions were valid according to Dr.



Van Horn and Dr. Wilcox. We had sent the data to Florida for independent confirmation or rejection of our conclusions because we had earlier asked three statisticians at MSU to evaluate our data and they had declined, stating they could not help us because they were on retainer to Consumers Energy Company. All evidence that electricity and EMF were harmful to animals were ignored or stricken from the record by the ALJ as moved by Attorney James Brenner of Consumers Energy and therefore were not seen or perhaps were ignored by MPSC.

I urge you to read AG Michael Cox`s response to the ALJ Decision, re: Cases U-11684 and U-13934. You will find the AG’s “Exceptions” list the numerous errors committed by the ALJ, e.g., striking of some 100 pages of AG`s Witness Testimony containing essential facts. 1. Consumers Energy`s claim that “they would not have time to evaluate the data” confirms either their incompetence as the state`s largest producer of EMF since every transformer depends on “magnetic inductance” to change voltages up or down and they have thousands of transformers in their service territory, so someone knows how many windings to put on the coils to deliver a specific voltage. Otherwise their claim of ignorance displays their absolute disrespect for truth, which should have been charged by the ALJ as Contempt of Court and Consumer`s witnesses and attorneys should have been fined for perjury. Is there no penalty for lying to the MPSC as would be in any other Court of Justice? Our (Stetzer, Hillman, et al.) New Discoveries were presented at International Meetings: a. I presented a videotaped presentation to: the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), Las Vegas, NV, July 2003, Paper No. 033116: The Relationship of Electric Power Quality to Milk Production of Dairy Herds; and with similar title at b. The Canadian Society of Agricultural and Food Engineers (CSAE/SCGR), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June, 2003, and at c. The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) International Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, June 2003. d. Mr. Stetzer presented a poster illustration and DVD of Effect of Transients and Harmonics on Milk Production, Cows & Behavior at the Mid-West ASAS-ADSA meetings, Des Moines, Iowa, March 2003. e. Further, I was invited to present “Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Affect Milk Production and Behavior of Cows and Results of Shielded-Neutral Isolation Transformers” at the 12 th International Conference of Production Diseases of Farm Animals at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, July 2004. f. I was invited to make two presentations: “Harmful Effects of EMF on Humans in Homes, Schools, and Workplaces” and “Discoveries of Effects of EMF on Dairy Cattle,” at the International Symposium on Man and His Environment, sponsored by the American Environmental Health Foundation, Dallas, TX, and the North Texas State University (NTSU) Medical Center (2007). Both presentations were on DVDs, copies are enclosed. g. In 2009, I was invited to join the advisory faculty of AEHF and NTSU and to make two presentations on the topics of “The Electropathic Stress Syndrome” and “Cardiovascular Responses to Electric and Magnetic Fields.” DVD (videos) were prepared and presented for each of the AEHF and NTSU presentations and were available to the medical doctors attending the conferences in Dallas, TX. Copies of the DVDs are enclosed.


Three Out-State Hearings for Public Input to the Proposed Rules 460.2701- 460.2707 were conducted by the MPSC with Daniel E. Nickerson, ALJ presiding. The Hearings were scheduled in Lansing, Plainwell, and Lapeer during the week of December 7-9, 2005. Recognizing that the Hearings were poorly advertised and attendance of concerned farmers and families was likely to be low, I prepared three separate DVD presentations based on our research with electricity on dairy farms and induced currents from the utility neutral-to-ground attached to water pipes in homes, schools, and workplaces that I played for them and it was to become part of the record. I was the only attendee at Plainwell except for PSC and utility officials who made no comment. Mr. Robert Cuny, a lady from Lapeer, and I were the only “commentors”at Lapeer. I played a second DVD presentation indicating that the electric and magnetic fields contained in ground currents were also in the air, in the drinking water supply, and were commonly high-frequency currents that were not being measured by the stray-voltage experts. a. Dr. Truman Surbrook, MSU Professor in the Department of Biosystems Engineering (formerly Agricultural Engineering), who teaches farm electricity and conducts training courses using a manual-notebook, “Neutral-to-


Earth Voltage Basics,” for utility employees, consultants, County Extension Agents, and commodity groups, i.e., Farm Bureau and Michigan Milk Producers Association. The short-courses are apparently financed by Michigan Agricutural Electric Council (MAEC). Dr. Surbrook gave a brief rebuttal presentation in which he said “No published data had indicated other than 60-Hz currents were in the dairy cow environment; therefore he was only concerned with 60 Hz because that is all the power companies produced. Apparently he had not read the numerous scientifically-controlled experiments and on-farm and in-home observations that appeared in the Bioelectric and Veterinary Medical literature. 1) He, or a lieutenant, trains Michigan Department of Agriculture Dairy Farm Inspectors and MMPA field men to test for stray voltage while on dairy farms using the deceptive methods and meters. 2) The Tank Test – The manual suggests using a digital voltmeter, shunted with a 500-Ohm resistor in the circuit, and to touch the electrode to the side of a bulk milk tank with the negative lead to the floor. Dr. Surbrook had investigated “stray voltage” and reported finding excessive current from both On-farm wiring and Off-farm flaws in utility wiring on 39 of 52 farms surveyed. 3) Dr. Surbrook`s slides/charts presented in the manual seem to give a good description of stray voltage, wiring flaws, and metallic contacts such as stall pipes, milk lines, and electric fencers that the animal might touch as sources of cow-contact stray voltage on farms. 4) Ground Current or Ground Voltage transferred from the Neutral-to-Earth down-ground from the utility transformer--the major Source of “Stray Voltage”--is Not Discussed. Also, the fact that a cow is standing on that same electrified ground is not mentioned as a cow-contact voltage or current. 5) Guideline 1 says: “1.0 VAC – A reading of one volt may be an expected reading. It is typical to have a small voltage present when 120 Volt loads are running.” [MPSC Rule 3(1) states if the utility contribution exceeds 1 milliampere RMS, the utility will commence action within 2 business days … to reduce the utility to 1 mA or less]. Is that different Advice? 6) Guide 2: >2.0 VAC – If the reading is greater than two volts or if the farmer is concerned about a potential voltage condition, the farmer is encouraged to contact their power supplier for a free evaluation. A list of phone numbers is provided. [Evidence presented by Mr. Bodman (in MPSC Case # U-16129 on their website) suggests that meters used by Midwest utilities are not reliable!] 7) Guide 3: >10.0 Volts – If the reading is greater than ten Volts, it is likely an electrical ground fault or wiring problem. In this case, the farmer should contact a licensed electrician and their power supplier immediately to correct a potential electrical safety hazard. 8) Peculiarly, the most voluminous part of the Biosystems Engineering manual-notebook was devoted to dairy management practices by Dr. John Roberts, formerly employed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. His presentations concentrated on dairy management practices which he presents as most likely causes of low milk production – thus if the farmer is complaining about stray voltage, divert his concerns to nutrition, water quality, insufficient bedding, sore feet, mastitis, etc.; it`s “Your Fault” not stray voltage caused by the utilities! He testified, in a Wisconsin Court, that he has never collected electrical data on the farms where farmers complained of stray voltage. Yet he sits in court and suggests all the other problems that could be causing the problem. Conspiracy to Deceive and Commit Fraud!? Apparently, the MPSC was sufficiently concerned about my presentations at the Open Hearings that they conducted a Sealed-Closed Session, Thursday, December 8, 2005, following the Outstate Hearing. a. According to the Minutes of the Closed Meeting, Volume 3 (attached): Those in attendance were Dr. Truman Surbrook, Michigan State University; Jim Schrandt, Michigan State University (former Director of Agriculture Electrical Quality for Consumers Energy); Dean Letter and Gary Trimmer, MMPA field agents; Steven Wallenwine, Consumers Energy; Pete Derkos, MPSC (Chairperson); and Karen Friedline, DTE Energy (Detroit Edison). 1) The purpose of the meeting was stated by Pete Derkos: “After having seen today`s presentation – I meant specifically Hillman raised some interesting points regarding EMF and how these frequencies are outside the range of normal testing techniques since normal techniques only measure the 60-Hz range.” 2) Dr. Surbrook answered: “I have no idea of (sic) there are frequencies outside that range that would affect animal health. All I know is AC current cycles at 60 Hz, so that`s all I test for and I think that`s all anyone should worry about.”



Pete Derkos: “So it is your suggestion that the Commission discount Don Hillman`s testimony based on the fact you are not sure what other frequencies there would be other than 60 Hz. [Comments of others followed. (See Schrandt and Wallenwine praises for Surbrook)]. a) Pete Derkos: “… If there is no further discussion I`m going to adjourn here. Truman, I`m going to recommend to the rest of the Commission that we adopt your proposed regulations on stray voltage, and also I am going to recommend that we seal documents pertaining to Don Hillman`s presentation or any other correspondence from him.” b) Pete Darkos is manager of MPSC Case U-16129 (Tensen Family Farm v Consumers Energy): In consideration of his prior conspiracy to deprive citizens of rights to Public Information that could have helped to prevent the Tensen Case from ever happening, should Mr. Derkos be removed from his High Office at the MPSC and bound over to Circuit Court for Perjury, Contempt of Court, and Conspiracy to defraud?

Exposure to EMF is a Serious Matter for Humans as well as Dairy Cattle and Other Livestock 1. Our observations that milk production was negatively affected by harmonic currents concurred with the report of electrical engineers that studied Leukemia in Children, W. T. Kaune et al., Bioelectromagnetics, 2002. a. Childhood leukemia was 4.3 times higher in homes of victims with above average current from the 3 rd harmonic (180 Hz), 5 th harmonic (300 Hz), and 7 th harmonic (420 Hz) than among children in homes with the lowest average harmonic current from power lines in the study of 88 homes in Colorado. Meta analysis of some 56 studies of the incidence of childhood leukemia relative to intensity of magnetic fields has shown that as exposure increased from 0.1 to 0.2 to 0.3 to 0.4 or more :T (microTesla) the likelihood of leukemia (odds ratio) increased linearly (Carpenter et al., 2004, and Wartenberg et al., 2001). In Japan, children whose bedrooms contained 0.4 :T (4 milliGauss) or more magnetic field were 4.7 times more likely to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and 2.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) plus ALL than children in bedrooms with 0.1 or less :T (1 mG)) EMF. Effects of excessive EMF exposure on the three mayor causes of death: Cancer. Cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes are well documented in the biomedical literature and are available electronically, instantly. Electrically induced and proliferated illness accounts for the largest share of medical and hospital cost. EMF proliferates allergies, and impairs physiological systems that influence, immune defense of mammals, i.e. adrenal stress effects on lymphocytes and blood cells, metabolism of energy– carbohydrates, fats, protein, electrolytes in blood, bone, water balance, urination, defecation, and responses to pain.



d. e. f.


Citizens of Michigan expect reasonable, honest, and just treatment from private corporations and government agencies that are sworn to equal justice for all citizens. We are hoping that you will help restore that confidence and competence to which the people in a free society are entitled. A system of monitoring power quality and EMF exposure can help reduce medical costs and suffering.


If I can be of assistance in this or related matters, please call me at (517) 351-9561 or email: Best wishes in your effort to insure truth and justice for citizens as well as corporations. Sincerely yours,

Donald Hillman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University 750 Berkshire Lane East Lansing, MI 48823