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Ansonia Police Departm
Victim Statement




Fage lor


Date: 01/31/2008

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s_t_at_e_m_e_n_t_T_a=k=e=r:=-:~D_'_at_e_O_f_B_irt_h_:_0_9/_1_4_/1_9_9_0 _ Town/City: 6nsonia


I make the following voluntary statement. I have been advised that any statement(s) made herein which I do not believe to be true, and which is intended to mislead a public servant in the performance of his/her official function, is a crime under C.G.S.5 -.... .--..




give this Voluntary wr~tten Sta.tement t_f


RockyHill Police Department without threat, fear, or promise. I bemg the victim In this incident, am aware that and time I can stop talkin . to Detective Bombaci and walk away. I remember the incident about two years ago. My best friend. -'. .' _. wanted me to go over to her house in

f. (If{l.Ol,NVtI.

NewHaven. I told her I was going to take the bus. My friend told me that she would have her COUSin" "ked me up in his rove me to a gas en brought me to his apartment the (Econo Lodge) In (West Haven, .. (' \ ,\...\, . / i\ " .',(" \.!
i .) ~ (

station off the Interstate 91 and gave me some Tangaray to drink. in Rocky Hill, CT. I kept asking when we CT).Y As I didn't plan on staYin~._.·. got inside the apartment, ~cked


to g~ to JaSmine'~ house but he would ~ot answer me. mghts befort~t

I then found out that Jazzman had sex with ~o

. t his apartment, I had not brought any clothes with me. When -::e"", me inside an apartment and a girl named Cocoawas


there to watch me. Coco wouldn;t let me leave and I didn't know where I was anyw;;~ little afraid and he kept me in the room while Coco watched me. The bedroom door was locked and would leave and Coco would stay and watch me. J found out that ~aid Coco said she always calle~ _or ~

jasmine between $200. 00

,,\.i',was a

j-. i" \ ')

\~ ..;I·~I~_\,' 1)LJ-i(~-~·-.. ;

And $300.00 dollars to meet me. I don't recall exactly how much now because it was almost two years ago. her and chocking her and so on. Coco would then bring new girls to the apartment at the direction of him to have sex with and for him to have the girls have sex with other men for money. Usually more for sex. came back and pushed me on the bed, as he pined my hands

; '_ \"'


the name( Daddy). Coco said he would be abusing her by striking \.c-;, ~\!).


While in the bedroom, ~ventuallY

down to the bed i yelled" stop am only 15 years old" then he said
By affixing my signature to this statement, the best of my knowledge and belief.

no you not you are 18 years old
it read to me and it is true to

acknowledge tha

Signature: ~

Personally appeared the sfiiii-er of the foregoing state therein.

ent a

_..:::S::::;A:..!.L.r:J General Statutes, 1-2~



under authority of the Connecticut

Run Date: 0 J "J 200S
}.tun TiJll~: 20:5 j

Ansonia Police Department
Victim Statement


z er a

Jasmine told me so". No am only 15 years old He ripped my belt off and then pulled down my pants and underwear. He left my shirt on. He put his penis inside my vagina having sex with me for about five minutes. I knew he did not ejaculate inside of me. He told me he was on the "E" Pill. He then went into the bathroom and washed up. He then walked out of the bedroom and locked the door behind him, locking me inside. I then heard him yelling at Coco, the door slammed and I think he left. Coco then stood outside my door for a while. I then took a shower i~ Bathroom which was connected to the bedroom. I was then let out of come home. Coco told me that she the room by Coco. She talked to someone on the phone saying, "What Daddy Says Goes and that "He is Abusive." Coco and I stayed up because we were waiting for_to was afraid to fall asleep because if .came __ shower to clean up. Coco took to long s~yeJJed the Shit Out of You." After being lockedin~ouse for three days,~rove Coco and I to a club in (Rhode- island) home and she was sleeping he would beat her bad. "Hurry Up Bitch and Get Dressed or I WiJJSmack

inallY came home between 5 and 6 a.m. Coco made breakfast for all of us. Coco then got in the

which was a strip club.~

~s brightPink._~ped

Coco off and he then drove me back to

his apartment in Rocky Hill. Coco then came home hours later & was dropped off by someone. _ had Coco and I get back into hiS" ~ulled Coco off and then he brought me to Jasmine's house which is in ( New Haven Ct). When the _ up to the curb, Jasmine's walked up to the passenger side of the car and ope~e pull me back in.~ then drove off and left me there.

and drove to the )(Regal Inn) in (New Haven Ct). He dropped door,

and ripped me out befor~ould Last year, 2007, I saw.outsidea

(Jamaican Club) in (New Haven, CT.)

lIJIIIIsaw me and walked

right up to me. He said, "Why Did You Tell The Police On Me?" I told him "I didn't say anything to the police" ..He told me that Coco was on the run because she had jumped a girl in his apartment with two other girls then brought her to (Bridgeport) where they sliced her in the face and the arms and left her in (Sea side park) in (Bridgeport Ct). I heard from a girl on the street that this did happen and I think the girls first name that was cut was (Lisa). I heard that the police were called but no one believed the girl and nothing happened to Coco. When speaking to my (DCF) social worker and explaining the strip club to her she informed me that the name of the club in (RI) was (Cheaters). When I was interviewed by the Police in 2006, Jwas scared and By affixing my signature to this statement, I acknowledge t the best of my knowledge and I::>elief.
Witness; _ Signature' Personally appeared the signer of the foregoing stLemen therein. . .--/

have read and/or have had it read to me and it is true to


SutJscribed and Sworn to before me on' General Statutes, 1-24


da Qf



under authority of the Connecticut

Run Date: 01 31 200S Run Time: 20:51

Ansonia Police Department
Victim Statement

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didn't know who was behind the mirrored window and didn't want to talk because not knowing who was listening to me behind the mirror. J still here about. did to me. on the street. J am scared of.since


he has done this to other girls. I want him arrested so he does not continue to rape young women like he

By affixing my signature to this statement, I acknowledge that I have read and/or have had it read to me and it is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. '

Personallyappeare tnerein.

Signatur . the signer of the foregoing sta

e truth of the matters contained


Subscribed and Sworn to before me on this General Statutes, 1-24 ..





under authority of the Connecticut

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