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Report on “Bengkel Permasalahan Pekerja Dan Tindakan Yang Boleh Diambil Di Bawah

Akta Kerja 1955

During attending this course, I had gain a lot of knowledge in Human Resource area.
Before this my knowledge on human resource is not much regarding the rules & regulation in
human resource department.

Hereby the main matters have been discovered by the trainer and remind us
(employer) is the discipline aspect. From here, we had know that without prior discipline not
only from employees, employers also couldn’t achieve their organization mission/objective.
As a member of the organization, we have to understand clearly about our job scoop before
applied to the workers. We cannot expect anything on worker without teach them. Trainer
also request all employer to have the term call ‘Discipline Procedure’ which means all
organization to have their own rules to follow by the workers. The rules must be clear and the
message must reach/ understand by the worker.

In this course, trainer also got explain to us that how much is the important in
terminating contract for one worker. Trainer also gave some example (court cases) and
discuss with us the correct way in terminating one workers contract. Trainer said “don’t
simply said that you want to terminate others”. Trainers introduce us the new term which call
‘Domestic Inquiry’ (DI).Trainer remind to all employers to did the DI before taking any
action to the worker who did the wrong thing. Trainer also remind to us don’t bring any cases
until high court because most of the court cases which was filed by the worker against the
organization/company, majority 90% won by the worker.

Trainer also discuss with us about several misconduct. Misconduct divide into 2 type,
which call Major Misconduct and Minor Misconduct. Minor Misconduct are like late coming
to work, not wearing uniform, not doing work at work time and etc. Major misconduct are
like fighting, destroy company things, sexual harassment and etc. Trainer also got give some
idea how to prevent the lateness among the worker. For example inform the guard to stop all
the worker those who come late & straight away bring to office to write report & meet
manager. Trainer suggested to always have a proper induction training for the worker those
failed to their work properly.

Trainer suggested to take the discipline action on worker for those who did the wrong
by and not for those worker who did wrong by accident/mistake. Trainer also remind us
regarding the contract paper within the worker and company. Don’t forget to put all the
important terms in contract letter especially the word “you are subjected to
changed/transferred”. Finally the trainer also discuss with us some important act regarding
the late payment on workers salary which can be a big issued if not follow by the
organization. Same go for the salary slip if the company fail to gave on the salary day.
Regarding the OT, trainer remind us to not gave OT to every worker not more than 104
hours per month.