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The main campus spread over 550 acres in sectors 14 and 25 provides modern infrastructure in terms of research. social sciences. is highly rated engineering department in the country. In the sphere of engineering the University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UICET). The glorious traditions of the University. it has served various societal needs with distinction. recreation and sports. The campus is well laid out and is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. since its inception in 1882 at Lahore . Panjab University has 55 teaching and research departments on the main campus located at Chandigarh. The alumni of UBS and UICET hold top positions in Corporate Sector . performing arts and sports. Panjab University continues to hold a dominant position in academics and research. University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) established in 2002 is an in campus engineering college of the University. science and technology. It is an upcoming research center and in a very short span of time has established itself as a center of learning. CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 1 . Government and Academics. For more than a century.are a source of inspiration for the present generations of the faculty and students to achieve and continue to excel in their academic endeavors. each day setting new milestones in imparting education. established during the period of more than 120 years of its long service to the nation.About Panjab University Panjab University has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in teaching and research in engineering. humanities. In the sphere of management the University has an in-campus University Business School (UBS) ranked in the top 15 business schools of the country. formerly Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology (DCET).

I take pride in introducing UIET. Campus recruitment provides a platform for the organizers to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent. Chandigarh. Panjab University is making all efforts to provide this institute state of art facility by making available the latest equipment. infrastructure . I am pleased that students this institute are bringing laurels to theuniversity under the guidance of highly qualified faculty. It goes without saying that the quality of our graduates is par excellence. C. is being brought out. qualified and experienced faculty.From the Vice-Chancellor’s Desk I am delighted to know that placement brochure for the students of University Institute of Engineering & Technology. You will feel pleased to learn that the Panjab University enjoys ‘A’ Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. I wish the students of both institutes bright and fruitful career ahead. Our graduates are action-oriented leaders who take calculated risks and create their own future by negotiating the complexity and uncertainty of the contemporary complex global work culture. Panjab University. I would like to extent a warm welcome to all those industrialists / entrepreneurs managing huge industrial establishments to visit our campus with a view to recruit the requisite number of engineers from different specializations after going through the information contained in the brochure. committed youth who have the requisite enthusiasm and zeal to prove themselves. Sobti Vice Chancellor 2 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . Prof R. Chandigarh as a premier institute of higher education in the region.

Tech is the minimum qualification needed to be selected as faculty member. This is much above the AICTE norms. The students get a chance to work on projects and the faculty gets a orientation towards practical aspects of technology. Electronics and Communication and IT.The students have access to excellent recreational and academic f a c i l i t i e s . University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) carries forward the legacy of Panjab University. The decision making body is the Senate which is a fully elected body of eminent academicians. Electrical & Electronics. Swimming Pool. book stores. UIET alumni would play a major role in shaping the destiny of the Corporate world. Today a relatively young UIET can stand proud and claim its position among the best and most professionally run Engineering institutes in the North part of the country. This legacy is of hard work and commitment. UIET being an in-campus institute derives a number of benefits from the MOU’s. Chandigarh. Government and the Academics.University Institute of Engineering & Technology About University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) UIET is an in-campus Engineering institute of Panjab University Chandigarh. CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 3 . P l ay i n g g r o u n d s . Internet café. Computer Science & Engineering. The drastic change in the AIEEE ranking of the students seeking admission in the institute testifies to the fact that UIET is one of the most sought after Engineering institutes. UIET offers ME in Computer Science. It is headed by a Director of the rank of Professor. UIET offers BE degree courses in Biotechnology. UIET has very good hostel facilities and there are exclusive hostels only for UIET students. medical facilities and modern Library facilities are available to the students. ME/M. UIET faculty is highly competitive and committed to research work and teaching. Panjab University also has MOU with IBM Global Services and with Infosys Technologies. In the Biotechnology sphere Panjab University has signed a MOU with IMTECH. Electronics and Communication. The 500 seat Air-conditioned Auditorium ensures that seminars are held in a ambient atmosphere. UIET is situated in a sprawling 500 acre Panjab University Campus . IT and Mechanical Engineering. Internet facilities are provided to the students for research work and information retrieval.

broadband internet connection available for long hours. library and computer facilities.From the UIET Director’s Desk I take this opportunity to introduce to you University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) an incampus Engineering Institute situated in the heart of Panjab University Chandigarh. I strongly feel that the industry can benefit from the tremendous potential that UIET has and can collaborate for further creating a industry-academic interface. Personality development comes through extra curricular activities. established in 2002. I extend an invitation to the corporate sector to participate in the Campus Recruitment Program of UIET. Corporate sector has been very forthcoming in assessing UIET students. infrastructure that is most suited towards learning and a clean and pollution free environment that Chandigarh as a modern city has to offer. UIET. Prof Renu Vig Director 4 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . Students. This is possible because of highly competitive students selected through an all India entrance test. Apart from focusing on academics the institute also lays emphasis on the soft skills of the students to prepare them for global competition. research oriented faculty. As a result majority of our students are selected through campus placements. benefit themselves and develop their professional skills. has come a long way and is geared towards fast growth. by making full utilization of labs. Networking with leading organizations and institutes has benefitted the institute hugely in orienting students to R&D activities as per requirements of industry.

UIET collaborates with Infosys Technologies under their Campus Connect Initiative 5. Bharti Group has established a chair of 50 lacs at UIET 6. Excellent Infrastructure 10. It achieves nearly 100% placements for all branches of Engineering 3. UIET has been accredited by L&T ECC 7. UIET has been accredited by TCS 4.University Institute of Engineering & Technology Courses Offered by UIET BE | Biotechnology BE | Computer Science & Engineering BE | Electrical & Electronics BE | Electronics & Communication BE | Information Technology BE | Mechanical Engineering BE-MBA | 5 year Integrated courses ME | Computer Science & Engineering ME | Electronics & Communication ME | Information Technology Distinguishing features of UIET 1. In-campus to the prestigious Panjab University.100% have post graduate qualifications 8. Chandigarh 2. Exceedingly good AIEEE ranking of students taking admission 9. Highly Qualified Faculty . Good Industry-Academic Interface CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 5 .

Department of Applied Physics has all the basic infrastructure needed to build up Knowledge of the subject for Engineering graduates. Topics covered a r e Wa t e r. Quantum Physics etc. PhD Dr Vinay Kanwar. The related Modern Physics course covers Quantum Physics. PhD Dr Kawaljit Kaur. Numerical methods and Interpolation. C o m mu n i c at i o n S k i l l s a n d Technical Report writing etc. Differential Calculus. F u e l s . PhD Suchi Gupta. Waves & Oscillations. Department of Applied Mathematics offers basic courses in Integral Calculus. Department of Applied Chemistr y and Department of Applied Mathematics under the Applied Sciences umbrella. PhD Dr Monica Randhawa. Lubricants and Polymers. Economics. metals and a l l o y s . The Humanities course covers Important topics like Business Management. Mathematics III covers important topics like Analytical Geometry of three Dimension. Differential Equations etc. ME Kalpana Dahiya. The course is divided in three parts namely Mathematics I. ME Applied Physics Applied Physics Applied Chemistry Applied Chemistry Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Applied Physics Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics RESEARCH AREAS Experimental Nuclear & Atomic Physics Theoretical Particle Physics Silicon Compounds Micro Emulsions Valuation Theory Numerical Analysis Solid State Physics Operations Research Operations Research 6 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . E l e c t r o m a g n e t i c T h e o r y. Faculty Dr J. Semiconductor Physics and Super Conductivity. Goswamy.Applied Sciences University Institute of Engineering and Technology has Department of Applied Physics . ME Nidhi Aggarwal. Fr i c t i o n . Algebra. Fourier Series. Optics. In the Department of Applied Chemistry the facilities offered are extremely good and stress is on Applied aspect of the subject as related to Engineering . II & III. Nuclear Physics.K. Multiple Integrals. Mathematics II has course subjects like Vector Analysis. PhD Dr Meenu. Abrasives. The topics covered are Relativity. Vectorial St at i c s . Ve c to r i a l Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations. PhD Dr Saurabh Bhatia. Fibre Optics. Industrial Legislation and E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p .

Magnetic stirrer. Ultrasonicator Vortex mixture. Ostwald's Viscometer. G e n e R e g u la tio n ( N u c le a r R e c e p to r s ) CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 7 .Deep freezer. S ig n a l T r a n s d u c tio n . Forecast convection heat transfer. UIET has MOU with IMTECH Chandigarh for collaboration on various fronts. P h D D r Ja sp re e t K a u r. microwave oven. AIC TE & various Biotech Industries support major projects. hot air oven. M E D r Jite n d r a M e h ta . M . hot plate. M E S h a ile n d e r . provide impetus for research in the department. G el do c u ment ation system. Protein purification system. Faculty members also carry out research work in their respective fields of interest. Bioremediation. B io p r o c e s s E n g g . Natural convection heat transfer. Inverted microscope with phase contrast. UVVisible spectrophotometer. Biotechnology grants allocated by the PU. Thermal Conductivity through metal rod. laminar air flow. In addition to that alternate funding by major agencies like DVT. waste water treatment. UIET has taken upon itself the onerous task of venturing into the new area of Biotechnology and meet the challenge it offers. Faculty D r S a n je e v P u r i. Bioreactor. Modelling and stimulation of bioprocess. The following are some of the general and specific apparatus that makes the Biotechnology Department one of the most coveted departments :- Chemical Reaction Engineering & Transport Phenomena Lab I s o t h e r m a l B a t c h R e a c t o r..T e c h A n u p reet K au r. RTD studies in CSTR. UGC. P h D ( ArdS u b e d F aK u lmy a r . Microbiology and Enzyme Engineering Lab Enzyme production and optimization. Laminar air flow. A n tib io tic R e s is ta n c e in B a c te r ia a n d H IV (S c r e e n in g o f A n tiv ir a l C o m p o u n d s) P la n t M ic r o b ia l In te r a c tio n s a n d D iv e r s ity S tu d ie s C a n c e r B io lo g y (P r o s ta te C a n c e r ).K . DST. Animal Cell Culture & Cell and Molecular Biology Lab CO₂ incubation. The Biotechnology Department is extremely well equipped as far as E q u i p m e n t / Ap p a r atu s a re concerned. P h D optodh c u t ) D P a th o p h y s io lo g y o f C y s t & K id n e y C e lls M o le c u la r C e ll B io lo g y & A n im a l C e ll C u ltu r e M o le c u la r M e d ic in e & M ic r o b ia l B io c h e m is tr y H y d r o d y n a m ic s E n v ir o n m e n t a l B io te c h n o lo g y . Enz y matic reactor. W a s t e W a t e r E n g g . P h D H e m a S e t ia . Gel dryer with vacuum pump. P h D D r R a n ja n a B h a tia . Welted Wall Column. R e a c t o r K in e tic s E n z y m e T e c h n o lo g y . Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor.University Institute of Engineering & Technology BE | Biotechnology The emerging field of Biotechnology needs competitive manpower to carry out research and development for cutting edge technologies. of the order of ₹ 5 lakhs. Laminar Air Flow. bench top incubator cum orbital shaker. ICMR. Wa t e r b a t h w i t h temperature regulation. RTD studies in packed bed reactor. Adiabatic Batch Reactor. Enzyme char acter i z ation. Liquid N₂ storage can. Water bath with a shaker. P h D D r S e e m h a R a i. HPLC.A r y a . precision balance. microscopes. pH m e t e r. lyophilizer Biochemistry and Bioprocess Laboratory Filter photo colorimeter. Vacuum Pressure Pump.

The department also has Microsoft Academic Software (A bundle of around 40 software). PhD Dr Sarbjeet Singh. SQL Server 2000. etc for use of the students. Visual Studio. Windows 2000. Individual faculty rooms have the access to network through wired network and all faculty rooms h av e d e d i c a te d c o m p u te r s . PhD Dr Sakshi Kaushal. Net. Macromedia products. Red Hat Linux. Faculty Prof Sukhwinder Singh. Network is manage d by 20 manageable switches and three dedicated servers. ME Makhan Singh. ME Vishal Gupta. The students of CSE have access to Ele ctronics and Internet/ Network Services Internet access is through leased line with a bandwidth of 2 Mbps in 1:1 ratio. Oracle 10g. UNIX (SCO). Windows Server 2003. UIET’s Computer Science & Engineering department has excellent and dedicated faculty which is always motivating the students to work harder to achieve this goal. There are a total of 185 Pentium b a s e d s y s te m s a n d 1 0 S u n workstations. The growing Software sector represents major growth area of the country’s economy and manpower must be able and highly competitive to take up jobs in this sector. There have been seminars on Red Hat Linux .IBM Db2 and Sun Solaris. The students also work on various projects and keep on updating themselves with latest development in the field. tests the skills of the students. MS Office XP.BE | Computer Science & Engineering Telecommunication labs and are taught subjects related to these functional areas. ME 8 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM RESEARCH AREAS Medical Image Analysis & Compression Distributed Computing Grid Computing Computer Networks Data Mining Genetic Algorithms and AI Theory of Computation Natural Language Processing . Peripherals include Laser printers. Turbo C++. ME Mukesh Kumar. Mathematica 5. scanners . Hardware UIET has seven spacious Computer Labs each equipped with latest workstations and peripherals. PhD Naveen Aggarwal. external DVD writers. Matlab. Adobe Photoshop. Sun Solaris OS. The minor project and major project which students have to do as part of the curriculum. There is always institute-industr y interaction leading to a number of technical seminars for the benefit of the students. PhD Dr Harish Kumar. The course curriculum is well designed and the infrastructure offered at UIET is extremely good Besides having spacious computer labs the department has excellent resource of software and hardware. Software There are a number of software which the students use namely: Windows Advanced Server 2000.

sequence impedance. two port networks etc. three phase transformers. determination of line parameters . power system analysis also includes study of fuses . case study of energy distribution of the educational institutes and necessary changes to be made to save energy. Important experiments include power flow analysis and control methods. Vi r t u a l Instrumentation and Microcontroller and PLC lab. DC machines. Electrical Machinery Lab The lab is well equipped with a number of machines like Synchronous Generators. The department is well equipped and has the following labs: are to study Open circuit and Short circuit characterstics. Millman's theorem. M E M an o j K u m ar S h arm a. M E S arp reet K au r . Induction machines. M E P r e e tik a S h a r m a .study of symmetric and unsymmetric faults .P . Speed Torque characterstics. relay coordination. Designing of transformers and rotating machines is also taught using special designing software. Students are encouraged to develop circuits in circuit maker or carry out stimulations of various circuits in PSpice. Experiments Energy Management and Auditing Lab This lab helps students in study of Faculty Y . Parallel Operations etc. renewable energy resources and various methods of energy auditing.V e r m a . Electronics and Computers. M E G au rav S ap ra . The other labs are Control e n g i n e e r i n g l a b .circuit breakers and arresters.University Institute of Engineering & Technology BE | Electrical & Electronics The program in electrical and electronics engineering is a multi disciplinary course that aims to train engineers in the field of Core Electrical engineering along with Ele ctronics engine ering and Computer sciences. distribution systems etc. P h D N is h a T a y a l. M E D r D a m a n je e t K a u r . single phase transformers and Synchronoscope etc.p o w e r a n d E n e r g y. The experiments include the study of three phase power system and study of various parameters using energy auditor. M E D eep ak K u m ar. M E P aru l G au r. M E RESEARCH AREAS P o w e r S y s t e m s R e c o n s t r u c t in g A n d D is t r ib u t e d G e n e r a t i o n P o w e r S y ste m s E le c t r o n ic P r o d u c t D e s ig n A r t if ic ia l N e u t r a l N e t w o r k A n d C o n t r o l S y s t e m N e u t r a l N e t w o r k & I t s A p p lic a t io n s t o P o w e r S y s t e m s R o b o t ic s S u r g e r y P o w e r S y ste m s C o m m u n ic a t io n E n g in e e r i n g P o w e r G e n e r a t io n & E le c t r o n ic s CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 9 . Linear Circuit Analysis Lab The lab helps students support and develop theoretical concepts such as Nodal and Mesh analysis. The focus of the Electrical and Electronics department is on the three major a r e a s . Computer Aide d Power System Analysis The study on power systems is done is done by stimulating power systems using Power World Stimulator and M ATL AB in computer labs. The curriculum covers wide array of subjects ranging from electrical circuits and machines to neutral networks and Database Management systems and also Computer Aided Power Systems.

S Trainers. M .M & G. DAC . Embedded Development Kit (Version 6. E P R O M Programmer and EPROM Eraser.2181 Based DSP Board. Fr e q u e n c y M o d u l a t i o n a n d Demodulation Trainer. M E V is h a l S h a rm a . Model Sim. Microwave Power Meter. M E P re e ti . Faculty P r o f R e n u V ig . Microprocessor Interface cards i. Satellite Trainer which includes Transmitter.M E N id h i . ISDN trainer set. Sp e ctr um Analyser. N e u r a l N e tw o r k s V L S I D e s ig n D ig ita l S ig n a l P r o c e s s in g D ig ita l S ig n a l P r o c e s s in g S p e e c h P r o c e s s in g W ir e le s s C o m m u n ic a tio n M ic r o w a v e E n g in e e r in g W ir e le s s & M o b ile C o m m u n ic a tio n D ig ita l E le c tr o n ic s O p tic a l C o m m u n ic a tio n O p tic a l C o m m u n ic a tio n V L S I D e s ig n F ib e r O p tic s N a n o E le c tr o n ic s 10 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . Microprocessor Training Kits with 8085 and 8086 μP. Transponder and Receiver sets. M E P r e e t i G u p t a . Microcontroller and Logic Design Lab: This lab has Digital Bread Board IC Trainers. M E S u n il A g r a w a l.3i Software). M E A m it C h a u d h a r y . Optical Communication Lab: The lab has Fiber Optic Trainers with different wave lengths of Fibers. VSWR Meter.3 Ghz.S. w ireless spectrum analyser.T e c h S h a r m e le e T h a n g ja m .P P M P W M Modulation Trainer. Fiber Optic Laser Trainer.P. A D C . Digital Signal Processing Lab: The lab has ADSP 21160 Based DSP Board. M E S u m it B u d h ir a ja . Embedded System Design Lab: The lab has Xilinx ISE.M E C h a r u M a d h u . Microwave Lab: The lab has Klystron Base M i c r o w a v e Te s t b e n c h e s . DSP / SSB AM Transmitter and Receiver Trainer.M E N e e r a j S h a r m a . P h D A r v in d K u m a r .BE | Electronics & Communication Logic Analyser. PA M . ADSP-BF533 Blackfin Development Board. PCB Design & Fabrication set. M E Ja g a t S in g h . Virtex IV Boards. M E N aresh K u m ar.e D M A . D i g i t a l M i c ro p ro c e s s o r. M E RESEARCH AREAS F u z z y L o g ic . Mobile and Satellite Communication Lab: The lab has Mobile Phone Trainers. G.3GHz) . Spectrum Analyser of 3. The department is well equipped and has the following labs: The lab has Function Generator. GSM evaluation set (3. CDMA Tr a i n e r. Spectrum Analyser. Communication Engineering Lab: Department of Electronics and Communication is one of the most sought after departments of UIET and boasts of excellent infrastructure.

RDBMS : Oracle 10g for Windows and Linux . PhD Inderdeep.University Institute of Engineering & Technology BE | Information Technology The Department of Information Technology has 2 Hardware Labs: Wireless Communication. Software Engineering & Project Management: IBM Rational Rose. ME Puneet Jai Kaur. DSP based Design : MATLAB Signal Processing toolkit. and 4 Software Labs equipped with over 108 computers networked using Ethernet. I m a g e Processing.symposia and workshops are held on : Mobile Computing. Cr yptography a n d S e c u r i t y. C o mp u t e r N e t w o r k s . ORCAD tools. ME Roopali Garg. M / s B h a r t i Tel e co m h av e established a Professor Chair in Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n a n d Information Technology to give impetus to research and training in tele communic ation and information technology. ME Raj Kumari. The Postgraduate students are given dissertation work in areas of Embedded Systems Design. ME Mandeep Kaur. Bharti Research and Training Centre is being established. Conferences . Microcontroller based Design :Microcontroller simulation package Proteus. ME Sukesha .Communication . Faculty Prof Savita Gupta. Image processing : MATLAB Image processing toolkit. Under the aegis of IEEE several technical activities like paper presentations are organized. ME Amandeep Verma. ME RESEARCH AREAS Image Processing Communication Optical Communication Computer Networks Cryptography Software Quality Multistage Networks Grid Computing Embedded Systems CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 11 . Windows CE 5. Research in the area of Nano scale VLSI devices is being carried on. Digital Electronics. ME Veenu Mangat. Under the aegis of this chair. K. The IT labs are well equipped with software like Embedded Systems Design : Keil RTOS. Wireless Computing. Aulakh.0. SQL Server 2000.

Fitting shop. Automatic controls and Robotics. M E P a r v e e n G o e l. M E D r S a n ja y V o h r a . P h D D r H arm esh . Mechanics of Materials. M E A m a r d e e p . Measurement and Control.. M E Ja s w in d e r S in g h . Niyo Hydraulic kit and Computerised Universal Testing machine etc. M E A n ja li G u p t a . Faculty D r M an u S h arm a. These labs have latest equipment like Microhardness tester. M E A m it C h a u h a n . M E S u r jit S in g h . M a n u fa c tu r in g T e c h n o lo g y 12 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . B e lt D r iv e s . Mechatronics. M E S h a n k a r S e h g a l. M E H a r b in d e r S in g h . Pneumatic and Hydraulic Trainers.W a d h w a . carpentry shop . V ib r a tio n s & N o is e . IC Engine test rigs. Festo Pneumatic kit. The department was the venue of the prestigious BAJA SAE ASIA virtual modelling and simulation workshop in Aug 2009. D r o p o n D e m a n d . The department has a competent and dedicated faculty which encourages the students to take up challenging projects.S . The workshop has latest equipment. The department also has software like Pro-E wildfire and Autodesk Education set. P h D RESEARCH AREAS A c tiv e V ib r a t io n C o n tr o l P r o d u c tio n E n g in e e r in g R o b o tic s H e a t & M a ss T ra n sfe r M a c h in e D e s ig n M e c h a n ic a l V ib r a tio n R o to D y n a m ic s M a c h in e D e s ig n T r ib o lo g y C a rb o n N a n o tu b e s N a n o T e c h n o lo g y & R o b o tic s M a n u fa c tu r in g & P r o d u c tio n E n g in e e r in g T h e r m a l E n g in e e r in g P o ly m e r F ib r e P r o c e s s in g .welding shop smithy/forging shop and foundry shop. P h D A m r in d e r P a l S in g h . The syllabus of the course includes core subjects and advanced subjects like Me chatronics . The students have successfully undertaken projects for Philips India Ltd under the able guidance of the faculty. M E P r a s h a n t Jin d a l. M E R a je s h K u m a r . M E Poonam Sood . The department has a separate wing of Workshop which includes Machine shop .BE | Mechanical Engineering The Mechanical Engineering department has excellent labs in the fields of Fundamentals of Mechanical Engg. Thermodynamics. Theory of Machines. M e c h a n ic a l e n g in e e r in g .

Wireless networks. Distributed Operating Systems. This is a five year integrated course at the end of which the student earns the BE and MBA degree. Wireless and Mobile Communication. Optical Fiber CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 13 .Information Technology UIET offers ME in Information Technology. The course is a four semester course with thesis work in the fourth semester. The students are taught subjects like Advanced Digital Signal Processing. Advanced computer architecture. The students are taught subjects like Algorithm Analysis & Design. RF & Microwaves etc.Electronics & Communication UIET offers ME in Electronics and Communication.University Institute of Engineering & Technology ME | Courses ME . There are limited seats in this course. Data Warehousing and Data Mining etc. Advanced Digital Communication. The course is a four semester course with thesis work in the fourth semester. ME . Embedded System Design. Communication. The students starting with the third semester are gradually exposed to the management subjects and in the fifth year the students select the specialization. Integrated BE-MBA Courses UIET has started BE-MBA integrated course in 2009. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic.Computer Science UIET offers ME in Computer Science & Engineering. The students are taught subjects like Computer vision and image processing. Software testing & Quality management. parallel and distributed computing etc. Grid computing. ME . Wireless & Mobile Communication. The course is a four semester course with thesis work in the fourth semester.

Ÿ Mobile e-learning terminals using VSAT data connectivity will be more effective and make better utilization of investment. sponsored project on Modelling and objective to model Nanoscale MOSFETs employing quantum mechanical effects (QMEs) and to develop a simulator to predict char acter istic s of nanosc ale MOSFETs for technology nodes 90nm. VARIOUS COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMME (TEACHING. effective density of state. The team is guided by Prof. Equipping vehicles to convert into MeLTs. Study of all the issues related to the physics of semiconductor at low temperature has been made for the development of MOSFET mo del at LN T. Panjab University.Govt. so stationary e-learning terminals would remain under-utilized. EE Department. RESEARCH AND EXTENSION ACTIVITIES) Research project on Modelling and Stimulation of MOSFET at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature was carried out at UIET in collaboration with Microelectronics Department of Panjab University.Projects undertaken by Faculty V S A T . total effective field and mobility. IIT Bombay and Dr. Ramgopal Rao. V. Professor.hole and electron effective mass. S ele c tion and tr ai ni ng of operators for MeLTs. Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ S c o p e o f Wo r k Ÿ Design and development of prototype mobile e-learning stations and acquiring bandwidths. project is to make available to the students e-lectures and knowledge e-contents of their interest free-of-cost using VSATEnabled Mobile e-Learning Terminals (MeLTs). Ÿ Mobile e-learning terminals will go a long way in reducing the digital-divide and educationdivide between urban and remote areas. Fermi potential. D. Temperature effect on the following parameters have been taken :. Collection of feedback and preparation of DPR. Stimulation of Nanoscale MOSFETs at Room Temperature is being carried out at UIET with an 14 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM CONTD. 65nm. intrinsic concentration. threshold voltage. Ÿ Identification of hub earth- remote areas is not satisfactory in terms of bandwidth and/or reliability. Singh.N. of India. Ÿ The prime target of the project is the school and college students living in remote areas where data connectivity is unsatisfactory in terms of bandwidth and / or reliability. Ÿ Sparse population in many areas. Project team is working in collaboration with research group at IIT Bombay. Identification and classification of the sources of e-lectures and knowledge e-contents. D e p a r t m e nt o f I n fo r m at i o n Technology(DIT). (DSCL). 45nm. energy band gap. New Delhi Motivation for the Project Ÿ Data connectivity in several Objective of the Project Ÿ The prime objective of the terminal. Chandigarh Participating Organizations Ÿ Indian Institute of Management. . Ahmedabad Ÿ DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd.E n a b l e d M O B I L E e .L E A R N I N G T E R M I N A L S ( M e LT s ) Chief Investigator: Prof. Sukhvinder Singh Lead Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Network Institution: UIET. Deployment of MeLTs in the remote areas. f lat band voltage. Procurement of vans/buses with custom-designed body and interior.

research work is being carried out in the field of Active Noise Control (ANC) which involves the electro-acoustic generation of a sound field to cancel an unwanted existing sound field. The principal DSP research areas comprise data communications. Greater Noida. which lie idle from time to time. Duration: Started in March 2009 and is expected to be completed by February 2012. CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 15 . In this approach encryption and decryption algorithms are used in such a way that encryption is carried out at software end and decryption is carried out at hardware end and finally the software execution/installation takes place after verification of result. Government of India with the objective to develop a hybrid model to be implemented on dongle of FPGA platform rather than ASIC. Inference: As grid computing enable large scale resource sharing. Amount Sanctioned: 5. Currently. the developed grid environment can be used to integrate various resources available in a lab. The model equations are being implemented using MATLAB codes. UIET will also be benefitted by: Ÿ Becoming a member of huge pool of expert manpower in computing.University Institute of Engineering & Technology DEVELOPMENT OF GRID COMPUTING CENTER FOR DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS Chief Investigator: Dr. Development of S oftware Protection Tools This research project work was carried out for Department of I n f o r m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y . Indo Solar Ltd. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has been a research topic in the department since 2006 when Low Power DSP lab was sponsored by AICTE. Ÿ To setup a grid computing center that will provide compute and storage resources for the solution of compute and storage intensive problems. Sarbjeet Singh There are many research problems and business models that require huge compute power and storage capacity. The ANC systems are self-tuning (adaptive) so that they can adapt to small changes in the system being controlled. CONTD. to be used for the solution of compute and storage intensive problems by leasing these to concerned parties based on their demands/requirements. This will help them carry out their work economically. Objectives: Ÿ To maximize utilization of resources which are lying idle from time to time. Ÿ To create facility for post graduate students and research scholars so as to enable them to work for their research projects in this area in collaboration with industry.. Chief technical Officer.75 Lakhs Sanctioning Body: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). speech and image processing and biomedical signal processing. Ÿ And readily availability of computation and storage resources. The project aims to develop grid computing center that will provide compute and storage resources for the solution of these problems. This project will enable resources. faced by other institutes/universities/research organizations or corporate world. department or institute. Comprehensive analysis for the implementation of the DSP algorithms on Vortex FPGAs has been done and trade off incurred during resource optimized implementation. Ÿ To enable department enhance research/academic activities.

Main aim of implementing the RADIUS server with existing server system is to extend the scalability to compliance the large number of users within the organization using multiple directories for managing access rights and combining the management of LAN and WLAN network in one system.Projects undertaken by Students BAJA SAE ASIA 2010: The aim is to design a rugged off road vehicle capable of negotiating the rough tracks without damage the vehicle has been ergonomically designed for driver comfort. VoIP Telephony VoIP telephony refers to communications services — voice. institute-recognised student groups and a general notice section. It implements the Authentication. informed of all the news updates without relying on static notices. 16 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . The body work has been done using aluminum sheets. The body is divided into segments for easy replacement in case of dents. and the freely available GSMComm Library. the process is reversed at the receiving end. Itenables us to establish voice communication from one computer to another computer.NET Framework 2. Calls can be made from PSTN line to a computer and vice versa.T. Configurations of Domain server for using LDAP as Access protocol. rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Installed and configured SQL server to manage database with tekRadius. Software requirements:Server software/Client software Hardware requirements:VoIP Gateways/ PSTN line/ Headphones/ Microphones Online Bulettin Board The proposed Online Bulletin Board will help to keep all the students of U. of domains based on different engineering streams.I.E. facsimile. The whole assembly can be separated from the chassis by opening just 8 bolts for any kind of repair. Each of these domains will be administered by an ADMIN who will have the full-fledged rights with regards to managing resources respective to his/her domain. Work done so far: Domain server is implemented on which RADIUS server works. and/or voicemessaging applications — that are transported via the Internet. It has been done keeping the mass production in mind. The other important feature is the single unit engine and drive system. Configured tekRadius to provide response for requests. authorization and accounting using existing LDAP or any other protocols for access control.0 application written using C#. Installed and configured tekRadius on Windows Server 2008. RADIUS Server Implementation Based on AAA RADIUS server is based on AAA principle. Electrically adjustable steering gives the drivers of varying body structure and size. The whole System will be divided into a no. The basic steps involved in originating an Internet telephone call are conversion of the analog voice signal to digital format and compression/translation of the signal into Internet protocol (IP) packets for transmission over the Internet. RESULT AND ATTENDANCE RETRIEVAL USING SMS AND IVRS The project has progressed as follows: Identification of development alternatives (SMS) COMPLETED Evaluation of development alternatives (SMS) COMPLETED Application design (SMS) COMPLETED Application Development and testing (SMS) IN PROGRESS The application is a . The leg space in this small vehicle matches with the luxury cars. Configured network switch with tekRadius to forward the request to server. Hence providing a single platform where all the relevant news can be accessed by just a click of the mouse. The seat has been made adjustable (feature unavailable in most of ATV's).

This is to sharpen the skills of the students. Manu Sharma. The Placement committee is formed for each graduating batch and students of Biotech.Interviews and Group Discussions are held to simulate the actual placement sessions. The Placement committee is responsible for contacting various reputed companies and for communicating to them the information about UIET. The students of UIET are placed with the following reputed companies (in alphabetical order): Accenture Agilent Aricent Bharat Electronics Limited Bioxcel Birlasoft Escorts Essar Steel Evalueserve Global Logic Godrej Grail Research Grape City HCL Comnet HCL Technologies Hughes Systique IBI Biosolutions Infogain Infosys Technologies IP Dialog ISMT L&T Infotech Lurgi Mindtree Nagarro Software NewGen Software Nicholas Piramal Nucleus Software Panacea Biotech Petron Engineering Philips India Polaris Software Labs Punjab Communications Ltd Sanmar Engineering SAP Satyam Computer Services Siemens Information Systems Ltd Syntel Talwar & Talwar Consultants Tata Consultancy Services Tech Mahindra TECHNIP Trinity Education Services UB Group Winshuttle Wipro Technologies CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 17 . Electronics & Communication. The committee is also responsible for arranging various personality and communication skills workshops.University Institute of Engineering & Technology Placements UIET has a full fledged Placement department headed by Dr. The students are selected in the Placement Committee through an Interview. Electrical & Electronics. Computer Science. Mock Written tests . IT and Mechanical Engineering represent their branch .

blood donation camps etc. This society is registered by the university. Magazine : To bring out magazine of the institute Sports : To conduct inter-department and intra-department sports Cultural : To encourage dramatics . The UTECHNO society is a society formed to encourage extracurricular activities among the students. The campus also houses one of the biggest Library in the country. play grounds etc. tennis courts. Sports facilities include swimming pool. Students have represented the university in All India Inter University Championships and have bagged top positions. Hospitality : To look after hospitality of guests during functions Technical : To arrange technical seminars The students of UIET bring out a monthly magazine called “QUIET” . The following are some of the committees which work under the umbrella of UTECHNOS : Academic and Literary : Conduct of debates . The University is located in sector 14 and Sector 25 in Chandigarh and there are distinct advantagesof being located in the heart of country’s most planned etc.University Institute of Engineering & Technology Extra Curricular Activities Extracurricular activities form an important part in the overall personality development of the students.medical center and banks and ATM’s.quiz and paper reading session. sports complex. Public Relations & Tours : To arrange for educational tours. This magazine gives a platform to the students to express their thoughts on various issues. Campus Life Panjab University has one of the most sprawling and well laid out campus in the country. The campus is spacious and has all the modern facilities. The students also express their thoughts through a colorful wall magazine called “SPECTRUM” Sports Students of UIET are actively involved in sports and have brought laurels to Panjab University. 18 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM . UIET realizes the importance of extracurricular activities and encourages the students to actively participate in them. shopping complex and student center . These include separate hostels for girls and boys.

V • Operating System • Software Engineering • Computer Networks • Principle of Programming Languages • Discrete Structures & Computational Logic Semester-VI • Web Technologies • Distributed Computing • Computer Graphics • Artificial Intelligence • Modelling & Simulation Semester-VII • Compiler Design • Multimedia System Design • Software Testing & Quality Assurance • Elective • Minor Project • Seminar Elective to be chosen from: • Information Security • Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing • Mobile Computing Semester-VIII • Advanced Database Systems • Digital Image Processing & Computer Vision • Elective Elective to be chosen from: • Network Programming • Visual Programming • Java Technologies • Soft Computing • Embedded Systems • Major Project BE | Electrical & Electronics Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Engineering Mathematics III • Semiconductor Devices • Linear Circuit Analysis • Object Oriented Programming & Data Structures • Electric Machinery-I • Industrial Law & Entrepreneurship Semester-IV • Numerical Analysis • Database Management Systems • Power Systems -I • Analog Electronics • Theory of Electromagnetics & Antennas • Digital Electronics Semester-V • Power Systems -II • Electric Machinery-II • Microprocessors & Interfacing • Computer Networks • Instrumentation Systems Semester-VI • Control Engineering • Power Electronics & Drives • Computer Aided Power System Analysis • Microcontrollers. PLCs and Applications • Electronics Systems Design Semester-VII • Non Conventional Energy Resources • Communication Engineering • Digital Signal Processing • Minor Project • Elective Elective to be chosen from: • Wireless Communications • Optical Communications Semester-VIII • Neural Networks and Fuzzy • Systems • Electric Power Generation • Embedded Systems • Elective • Major Project Elective to be chosen from: • Energy management and Auditing • Electrical Machines Design CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 19 .Course Structure | BE Courses BE | Biotechnology Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Concepts in Biotechnology -I • Microbiology • Biochemistry • Cell & Molecular Biology • Material & Energy Balance Calculations • Engineering Mathematics-III Semester-IV • Concepts in Biotechnology -II • Process Thermodynamics • Chemical Reaction Engineering • Industrial Microbiology • Immunology & Immunotechnology • Legal Laws & IPR Semester-V • Enzyme Engineering & Technology • Bio-Process Engineering • Animal Cell Culture & Biotechnology • Transport Phenomena • Bio-Process Technology • Bioinstrumentation Semester-VI • Recombinant DNA Technology • Operations Research • Introduction to BioInformatics • Bioreactor Design and Operation • Down Stream Processing • Biomaterials Semester-VII • Environmental Biotechnology • Food Biotechnology • Plant Tissue Culture • Bioanalytical Techniques • Minor Project Semester-VIII • Enzyme Catalysed Organic Synthesis • Project Management & Entrepreneurship • Modeling and Simulation of Bio-Processes • Elective • Major Project Elective to be chosen from: • Nanobiotechnology • Microbial Biodiversity BE | Computer Science & Engineering Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Engineering Mathematics -III • Data Structures • Peripheral Devices & Interfaces • Electronics • Computer Architecture & Organization • Hardware Lab Semester.IV • Analysis & Design of Algorithms • Object Oriented Programming • Database Management System • Cyber Law & IPR • Microprocessors Semester.

Course Structure | BE Courses BE | Electronics &Communication Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Engineering Mathematics-III • Semiconductor Electronics • Electromagnetic Theory • Filters & Transmission Lines • Digital Electronics • Object Oriented Programming Semester-IV • Analog Electronics Circuits • Communication Theory • Microprocessors • Communication Engineering • Operating Systems • Data Structures & Algorithms Semester-V • Operation Research • Integrated Circuits • Microcontrollers & Interfacing • Digital Communication • Antenna & Wave Propagation Semester-VI • Advanced Microprocessors • Microwave Engineering • Computer Networks • Software Engineering & Project Management • Control System • Cyber Laws & IPR Semester-VII • VLSI Design • Digital Signal Processing • Optical Communication • Elective • Seminar • Minor Project Elective to be chosen from: • Embedded System Design • Advanced Digital Communication • Radar Engineering • Web Technologies Semester-VIII • Computer Architecture & Organization • Wireless Communication • Digital System Design • Elective • Seminar • Major Project Elective to be chosen from: • Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic • Artificial Intelligence • Digital Image Processing • Nano Technology BE | Information Technology Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Electronic Devices & Circuits • Data Communication & Networks • Communication Theory • Object Oriented Programming • Digital Electronics Semester-IV • Operating Systems • Analog & Digital Communication • Cyber laws & IPR • Computer Architecture & Organization • Microprocessors & Interfacing • Data Structure & Algorithms Semester-V • Web Technologies • Data Base Management Systems • Wireless Communication • Enterprise Resource Planning • System Software Semester-VI • Computer Graphics • Software Engineering • Network Security & Cryptography • Network Technology • Data Mining & Warehousing Semester-VII • Multimedia Systems • Digital Signal Processing • Unix Network Programming • Elective • Minor Project Elective to be chosen from: • Reliability Engineering • Soft Computing • Artificial Intelligence Semester-VIII • Advanced Database Management Systems • Visual Programming • Embedded System Design • Elective • Seminar • Major Project Elective to be chosen from: • Software Testing and Quality Assurance • Network Management • Network Administration BE | Mechanical Engineering Semester-I • Engineering Mathematics-I • Physics • Basic Electronics • Basic Electrical Engineering • Engineering Graphics • Economics • Environment Education Semester-II • Engineering Mathematics-II • Chemistry • Programming Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering • Fundamentals of BioEngineering • Communication Skills Workshop • Workshop Practice Semester-III • Applied Thermodynamics-I • Mechanical Measurements • Machine Drawing • Computational Methods • Mechanics of Materials • Humanities • Seminar Semester-IV • Theory of Machines -I • Applied Thermodynamics -II • Design of Machine Elements -I • Materials & Heat Treatment • Production Engineering • Mechatronics Semester-V • Fluid Mechanics • Theory of Machines -II • Manufacturing Processes-I • Design of Machine Elements -II • Operations Research Semester-VI • Mechanical Vibrations • Heat Transfer • Robotics • Fluid Machinery • Manufacturing Processes-II • IPR & Cyber Laws Semester-VII • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning • Automatic Control • Finite Element Methods • Elective • Minor Project Elective to be chosen from: • Thermal Plant Engineering • Gas Dynamics • Bearings & Lubrication • Experimental Stress Analysis • Work Study • Industrial Automation Semester-VIII • Automobile Engineering • Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing • Computational Fluid Dynamics • Elective • Major Project Elective to be chosen from: • Theory of Elasticity & Plasticity • Metrology • Mechanical Handling • Renewable Energy Sources • Plastic & Rubber Technology • Advanced Fluid Machinery • Production & Operations Management 20 CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM .

Course Structure | ME Courses ME | Computer Science & Engineering First Semester • Advance Algorithms • Network Technologies • Computer Vision & Image Processing • Advanced Computer Architecture • Database Technologies • Software Lab-I Second Semester • Data warehousing & Data Mining • Research Methodology • Software Testing & Quality Management • Software Lab-II Third Semester • Electives • Natural Language Processing • Grid Computing • Machine Vision • Information Retrieval • Wireless Networks • Project Management • Business Process Reengineering • Technology Management • Human Resource Development & Training methods Fourth Semester • Thesis Work Electives • Parallel & Distributed Computing • Network Security • Modeling & Simulation • Open Source Software • Multimedia System Design • Soft Computing ME | Electronics & Communication First Semester • Advanced Digital Processing • Advanced Computer Networks • Advanced Digital Communication • Advanced Mathematics • Digital System Design Second Semester • Embedded System Design • Optical Fiber Communication • Wireless & Mobile Communication Electives • Image Processing • Network Programming • Information Theory & Coding • PLCs & SCADA • Advanced Antenna Systems • Cryptography & Network Security • Bio Informatics • VLSI Design Third Semester Electives • Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic • RF & Microwaves • Simulation & Modeling • Nano Electronics • Total Quality Management • HRD & Training methods • Research Methodology • Entrepreneurship Development • Technology Management Fourth Semester • Thesis Work ME | Information Technology First Semester • Algorithm Analysis & Design • Object Oriented Analysis & Design • Distributed Operating Systems • Embedded System Design • Advanced Maths Second Semester • Information Security • Multimedia Systems • Wireless & Mobile Communication Electives • Software Testing & Quality Management • Soft Computing • Theory of Computation • Total Quality Management • HRD & Training Methods • Network Security Third Semester • Data Warehousing & Data Mining Electives • Advanced DSP • User Interface Design • Advanced Computer Networks Fourth Semester • Thesis Work CAMPUS RECRUITMENT PROGRAM 21 .

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