each. Earlier they work for Graviera Suiting on Job basis at they manufactured fabric for them but after some time in 1994. The company is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913 (Act. they manufactured own suiting named Chinar Suiting with the same processing and yarn.BHIWANI The Chinar Syntex Ltd.VII of 1913) and companies Act 1956 (Act 1 of 1956). is most popular company in Haryana. The authorized share capital of the company is 250 lacs which is divided into 25 equity shares of Rs. 10/. Chinar Syntex Ltd. It is situated in the Industrial Area in Bhiwani and its Head Office is also in Bhiwani. was commenced with 16 looms and a workforce of 55 people. . Chinar Syntex Limited was incorporated on23 September 1992 with the company number 5-3-1791.PROFILE OF CHINAR SYNTEX LIMITED.

The major sources of Recruitment CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani are :Through Advertisement:Advertisement in newspapers and journals is a widely source of recruitment. attractive compensation policies of the company better maintenance facilities provided by the company so that then will be motivated and company will grow. Through this source company choose best people out of the available. Considerable details about the job and qualification required is given in the advertisement. attractive job promotion opportunities in future for employees. Such choices are like viruses. Once you make a wrong choice in Recruitment and Retention Strategies. This method is used for technical and management jobs.RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES IN CHINAR SUITINGS No organization will grow and flourish with wrong people. that continuous forever and is hard to reverse. Fresh candidates are invited. the result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected and then retaining them into the company by giving them healthy working environment in the company. . slowly but definitely bringing about the collapse of the business policies and practices with regard to recruitment and retention of personnel are provided fertile ground for favoritism and prevents qualified and efficient people joining organization. The process begins when new application are submitted. In CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani main sources of recruitment is external. Proper training is given them to familiarize the present environment. Recruitment and Retention are viewed as the process and finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. A right task in a wrong man's hand bears no fruit.

These organizations charges fee for their service. similar Organization :Experienced employees are recruited by offering better services to the people working in similar business. Engineering Colleges. Friends and relatives are also considered. Friends and relatives are also considered. Company prefer this sources to recruit executives and experienced personnel's. com and employment exchanges are used by CHINAR suiting. IIts. Recruitment Agencies:Several consultancy firm like ABC consultants and websites like Naukri. Polytechnic and ITI are used to recruit candidates with technical education and qualification. . Friends and Relatives of the Employees :Sometimes to initiate and motivate the employees company like to recruit the workers by the recommendation of old and experienced employees. Special Privileges :CHHINAR Bhiwani mostly adopt Internal sources of recruitment further 95% employee are Recruit from Internal sources. Camps interview are conducted by the recruitment officer of the company.Educations Training Institutes :Various institutes like IIMS. Similar Organization :Experienced employees are recruited by the recommendation of old and experienced employees.

Age. Selection Procedure :CHINAR Suiting invite the applications forms and then collect till the last date of receiving application. training. behaviour and performance. After that screening is done on the basis of following information : Identifying information: Name. It is a process of rejecting unsuitable candidates. Birth Certificate/Experience Certificate: Family background Reference Hobbies Enclosing 3 passport size photographs. Physical Characteristics: Educational qualification.SELECTION Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidates out of all the applicants. Selection Test :A test is a sample aspect of an individuals attitudes. Address Telephones nos. Eyesight etc. Sex. weight. . awareness etc. interest. Test help to reduce bias in selection. TYPE OF TESTS : A)Personality Test B)Achievements Test C)Aptitude Test Interview :A formal interview is conducted to collect information about the candidate relating his/her background. Date of Birth. It is an important and critical pare of the selection. education. Personal information: Marital Status. Height. Test based on the assumption that individual differ in their job.

Reference Check:The applicant is asked to mention the names and address of 2 or 3 persons who know him closely. he is given appointment letter mentoring the post. . in the application form. rank.Medial Examination :Medical examination is done by medical officer to determine whether candidate is physically fit to perform job. Medical examination has also their own importance is the steel company. salary. grade and date by which the candidate should joint. It prevents the employment of people suffering from contagious diseases. Appointment is made on a probation of 6 months in CHINAR Bhiwani. Final Approval When an application passes through above-mentioned process.

Selection procedure should be more transparent to all so that biasness can be avoided. supervisor's attitude should be liberal. internal sources are cheaper than external source and it increases the moral employees. For new employee. . Company should conduct revised training programme not only for technical but also for all employees. Executive should be transferred to another job so that they can learn more about job. and helping so that healthy relationship can be maintained and new employee can feel belongingness. The result of the performance appraisal particularly in negative case should be communicated to the employees so that they can improve their performance. Employees should be encouraged to discuss their problems and difficulties to their superiors regarding job.SUGGESTIONS Company should include more internal source like promotion in its recruitment policy. Personnel department need to find out new sources for motivating the employees so that they can consider themselves as the part of the organization and try to retaining in the company.

CONCLUSIONS Different departments have strong application towards the belongingness of mill from 'Chinar Suitings'. Chinar has very low cost of production because of in-plant facility of fibre dying supply is always made exactly corresponding to the requisite quantity but at times a supply is delayed. This shows that harmonious relationship are prevailing in the organization. system is affected the untimely. meetings or discussions are conducted only when problem is there. This meeting aims at listening to the problems of different departments. from product planning deptt. There is communication gap among the departments and timely information to different department is not reached. Though delivery is mostly in full but sometimes variations occur here also e. Departments take it as their strengths and this is a moral booster for them. This causes delay in their product and working of whole system get abrupted. quality of product suffer.g. This result in better communication. SQC (Statistical Quality Control) department of Chinar is providing its invaluable service to all the departments of the organization but most of the departments are not satisfied with the working of this department. This department of Chinar needs to be teams formed in to . The company has adopted the high technology for information system by connecting all department through LAN (Local Area Network). HODs are satisfied with the behaviour of their employees. Moreover. This situation should be avoided and departments should try to anticipate the problems that may occur in the course of production. Daily coordination meeting is conducted in Chinar. This single meeting is not sufficient for good co-ordination among departments. But this facility is not fully used in Chinar.

there is shortage of employees in every department. The cost of employees is low because of high exit rate so. This result in bad for organization. It means employees turnover rate is high. .QA department. The exit rates of employees are high whereas entry rate of employees is low. From the above points it is clear that through organization is aware about recruitment concept but it does not suppot strategic hrm and till now it is not fully implemented in Chinar the company has a long way ahead to move.

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