A Dictionary of Legal Terms - Magistrates Court (in English and Yol\u Matha)
1) vtr. to mistreat. \aya\u-mi[ukuman. Syn: mistreat , maltreat. 2) vtr. to insult verbally. bi]dharr'yun. Syn: swear at , insult. 3) n. insulting language. \oy-bathannamirr matha. 4) n. the maltreatment of someone or something. gal\a-rirrikthunnamirr rom. Syn: maltreatment. See: child abuse. n. a person who is not present during the conduct of a criminal act but who is implicated in some way for it. accessory before the fact; romgu-bakmaranharaw gu\ga'yunnamirr yurr b<y\u \ayi b<mara'yurr. accessory after the fact; mana\inyawuywu wetjku mar\gi. n. a person who helps another person to commit an offence or associates with them while they are breaking the law. b<mara gu\ga'yunnamirr.



accused n. a person who is charged by police with having broken the law. In a criminal court
case this person is also known as the defendant. birrka'yunnawuy. Syn: defendant.


Variant: Act of Parliament. n. a law made by parliament. w<yuk. vtr. to postpone a court hearing to a later time. gulyun guwarryu, [a[awmaram. Syn: defer , postpone , suspend.


admissible evidence

n. information that the judge agrees may be used in a court of law to prove or disprove something. dhu[i-dh<wu dhukarrmirr, dhara\anminyawuy dh<wu. See: inadmissable evidence.


n. an oral or written statement by an accused person which acknowledges their liability at law. This includes their agreement that a particular fact is true or their agreement that they have broken the law. yoranhawuy dh<wu, yoranhawuy dh<wu djorra'\ur.


n. a voluntary statement that is made by a person under oath. In a court of law it can be used in the same way as oral evidence or a person's testimony. w<wunmirr dh<wu djorra'\ur, wukirriwuy [<mbu-guykthunnawuy.


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buma. apprehend . n. request . wiripu\uwal \ayi gan nhinan \uri\i waluy. assault 1) vtr. beseech . They are free until the date of the next court hearing into their case. n. wiripu\ur \ayi gan nhinan \uri\i waluy. birrka'yunnawuy dh<ruk. mel\<rra'mirr yol\u \uli ma\utji lakaranhamirr yol\uw djinaga rombuy\ur \<rra'\ur. when the particular offence was committed. 2004 4/21/2005 . supplication. petition . arrest 1) vtr. dh<-wurrupurum. the holding of someone to preserve public order or to prevent a crime from being committed. to release an accused person after being charged. dispute. 2) n. Syn: request . allegation appeal 1) vtr. See: client. 2) n. \ayatham. buku-dhuwa`yun. seek . dh<-\<ma. dh<-\<ma (wo buku[uwa=thun) dhu[iw-dh<wuw djunama yindilil \<rra'lil. 2) n. dhawa=maram ga galkun \<rraw'. bunhawuy. Syn: ask . any behaviour or conduct that harms or threatens to harm someone. the agreement to free a person from custody until the time of their next court appearance. a lawyer who speaks for and represents their client inside a court of law. a request to have a legal case reheard in a higher court. dhawa=maranhawuy rom. barrister n. dha`'yunnawuy dhukarr dhawa=thunnaraw warra\ullil [apmaranhakurr romgurr. dhaya`akum warriku. lukimap. dhawa=maram guwarr yan. 2) vtr. capture. petition . Syn: release. a statement asserting that the accused person was somewhere else or with someone else. djarrma. dh<\ayarrkam.Draft © ARDS Inc.in another place. bail 1) n. buku-[uwa=thun. to physically restrain someone and to take him/her into custody. to physically harm someone or threaten to harm someone by threatening gestures.alibi From: Lat . a claim or assertion of legal wrongdoing made against someone. [apmaram. Syn: security. 2 Legal Dictionary . to request that a judgement made be reconsidered again by a higher court.Magistrate's Court . Syn: detain .

police) can force them to answer questions. If they are unable to prove this then the accused is able to go free. yol\u mari\ur. 2) n. succinct . no more than is necessary. familiarise. the legal documents given to a barrister containing all the available information that burden of proof n. n. 2004 3 . bond breach brief vtr. warn . a warning to an accused person. dhukarrmirriyanhawuy dh<wu.Draft © ARDS Inc. Syn: accuse . 2) vtr. they need to properly represent their client in court. Syn: concise .beyond reasonable doubt client beyond reasonable doubt n. condensed . dh<wu-dhu`'yunnawuy djorra'lil dh<-gurrupan mel-\<rra'mirriwal. indict . suspect of wrongdoing. to inform or familiarise someone with the main points of a story or event. Syn: alert . a formal accusation of legal wrongdoing. birrka'yun. 4/21/2005 Legal Dictionary . to warn or alert someone about their legal rights and that no one (incl. Syn: standard of proof. the prosecution must prove their case against the accused. client n. the total of all submissions made on behalf of one party in a trial or other legal proceedings. bi\ga'maram. Syn: accusation. See: good behaviour bond. Opp: reversed onus of proof. See: charges. use formal legal procedures to accuse a person of doing something wrong. It informs them that they have no legal obligation to charge 1) n. rom-bakmaram. to break the law. 2) vtr. birrka'yunnawuy dh<ruk. short. case 1) n. for a person to be found guilty of the crime committed. yuwalk yan mar\githirr. They must prove that what they allege to be true is most probably what happened. caution answers any questions. trial .Magistrate's Court . If there is significant doubt. It also tells them that anything they say can be recorded and may be used against them inside a court. Syn: inform. short. 2) vtr. 1) n. gurriri. notify. a criminal proceeding in a court of law. ]uryun. w<yuk-bakmaram. Syn: onus of proof. a person who is represented in court by a barrister. mu`kurr bira'maram dh<wu gurrupan. the prosecution are the side who must prove that the crime was done by the accused. concise. inform. arraign . precis. It may also refer to a person who seeks legal help from a solicitor. 3) adj. then the person cannot be found guilty of committing the crime. dh<wu-gurrupan. Syn: hearing . instruct. djuy'yun. 1) n. legal proceeding.

break the law. n. to order a person to be held in custody. to explain in more detail in order to give clarity of meaning. commit a crime committal hearing n. he will dismiss the case. contempt of court contextualise conviction n. n. (i. rombuy yoranhawuy. Syn: fill in . elaborate on . The magistrate must first hear some of the evidence to see if he thinks there is a good case against the accused. Syn: community-based order. romkurr yoram.commit 1) vtr. display improper behaviour inside a court room). place in care. to offend. time spent in prison by a person convicted of two or more criminal offences that are separate and unconnected. to give permission to someone. dhayu\an. 2) vtr. any behaviour that shows a disregard for the authority of the court. vtr. the decision of the court or judge that the person committed the offence (i. a person may be fined money or ordered to be imprisoned. yoranhawuy. to send an accused person to a higher court for trial.Magistrate's Court . Provide the relevant background to a word or words (written or spoken). to act in an unlawful manner. Syn: send. 2004 4/21/2005 . Syn: offend . elucidate. fail to obey an order of the court. a voluntary agreement recognised by the law. dj<ma-gurrupan w<\akurr. galkana \anya. [iltjipuy dh<wu lakaram. djuy'yun bala yindilil \<rra'lil. community service order concurrent sentences n. raypirri'-gurrupannawuy dh<ruk. This order is made by the judge as an alternative to sending the offender to jail. If found to be in contempt. mi[ikuman dj<ma. a hearing in a Magistrate's Court to see if the accused should be sent to trial for committing a serious / indictable offence.e. Syn: place in custody . w<yuk-bakmaram. baykarraranhawuy \<rra'puy. Syn: preliminary examination. mayali'mirriyam dh<wu. vtr.e. dju\unymirriyam dh<wu. consent 1) vtr. 4 Legal Dictionary . Syn: agree. Syn: lawful agreement. yoram. To give one's informed agreement about something. If there is not. 2) n. that they are guilty as charged). a court order requiring an offender to do unpaid work in the community as punishment.Draft © ARDS Inc. rombakmaram. key into . mayali' dhunupayam. y<ngum.

y<tjkurruwuy dj<mapuy. a term used to describe the accused person and their legal counsel or representatives. the persons recognised by the law to hear criminal proceedings and to sit in judgment. any action or behaviour that intrudes on the legal rights of others. a witness whose testimony is considered by the court to be accurate and believable. 2004 5 4/21/2005 . Syn: grill . credible witness crime n. dhorukmirr w<yuk \<thili\u. `iya-\<rra'mirr mala. They are classified as being either summary (i. scrutinise . describes an action that is unlawful (i. a prosecution lawyer will try to discredit a witness appearing for the defence). n. Legal Dictionary . buku-munhapuy. defendant. a place of law where criminal charges are heard before a magistrate or judge. serious or major) offences.) of a person's previous criminal convictions. police. These reasons are told inside the court. \<rra'. Opp: unreliable witness. Criminal Code criminal record cross-examine vtr. w<yuk-bakmaranhamirr. interrogate. court etc. m<rrwu-`arrum. 2) n. Variant: record. defence 1) n. minor) offences or indictable (i. Syn: justification. go\\ur. violator.court defence court 1) n.e. to have legal or authorised control over another person. a detailed list held by officers of the law (e. gunganhaminyawuy. court order n. n. a person convicted of a crime. felony. got. \aya\u-m<[a]thunnamirr. Opp: prosecution. custody n. Syn: unlawful.Draft © ARDS Inc. \arambiya'\ur. the justification given by a person for their actions. to question a witness and aim to discredit their story or evidence (i. dhu[i-dh<wu ma`\'maram. \upan dhu[i-dh<wu. assailant .e.Magistrate's Court . w<yuk-bakmaranhawuy.g. [apmaranhaminyawuy rom. See: order. criminal 1) adj. dhu[i-dh<wu \upan.e. n. galmunhamirr walal.e. See: misdemeanour . w<yuk-bakmaranhawuy. 2) n. rom-bakmaranhawuy. marrku-`arrum. 2) n. probe into . rommiriw. wa]a-galmunhamirr. This includes the power to decide where they can and cannot go. a crime) and is against the Criminal Code. the statute of law dealing with criminal behaviour. mo]u\u. Syn: defence counsel . dj<ga romgurr. a defence lawyer will question a witness appearing for the prosecution to try and prove their testimony to be false. w<yuk rombakmaranhamirriw. rom-bakmaranhamirr. Syn: perpretator.

n. n. judge and defence agree about). See: process. n. The condition for this release is that he/she is of 'good behaviour' for all of that time. It is a statutory offence that can be heard in a criminal court. something that both the prosecution. dh<-gir'yun rrupiyakurr romkurr. birrka'yunnawuy. punishment) where the offender is released by the court for a set period of time. to end an employment agreement (contract). dhu[i-dh<wu. sack. dj<tjim. mel-mar\gi. a criminal sanction (i. first offender n. vtr. 2) vtr. 6 Legal Dictionary . The money is paid to the government as public money for them to look after. a person who was present to see the crime being commited.Draft © ARDS Inc.g. any object (e. dhaya`akum. clothing. a penalty imposed on an offender. spoken story or a written statement) used in legal proceedings to prove that a particular statement or allegation is either true or not true. a person who has not previously been convicted for committing a crime. rrupiya gurrupan. dhawar'maram. rrupiyawuy dh<-gir'yunnawuy.Magistrate's Court . due process evidence n. to conclude or finish a legal obligation. vtr. Syn: terminate . knife. physical attacks or threatened attacks occuring between close family members. Usually it is violence done by men towards their female partner or children. Syn: truth. eye-witness fact Variant: facts. w<wunnhirrpan. because society's rules have been broken by that person. The protection is given by following correct legal procedures. good behaviour bond Variant: bond. dhu[i-dh<wumirr lakaranhawuy.e. domestic violence n. w<wunmirr ga nhina. 2004 4/21/2005 .e. dhawa=maram. n. (i. something which everyone agrees about and which there is thereafter no need to talk further or argue about.defendant discharge dismiss n. fine 1) n. yuwalk dh<wu. dhu[i-dh<wumirr girri'. a person who has been charged with committing a criminal offence. the method of protecting the legal rights of accused persons. to impose a monetary penalty. Syn: penalise.

contrite . n. rom-bakmaranhamirr. mo]u\u. mara\gunhamirr. n. guilty finding guilty person n. a person who in the opinion of the magistrate has commited an offence. regretful . an awareness of one's own guilt or state of liability before the law. mara\gunhamirr \arra yol\u. remorseful. as if it were a minor or summary offence).Draft © ARDS Inc. the defendant's plea when in a criminal court admitting that they committed the crime. n.g. This means they are not be able to move about freely. guilty plea adj. shame and remorse as a result. \oy-ba[arratjtjunmirr. Syn: culpable . sorry . school principal. dhu[i-nhirrpan w<\alil. the information told to the court while under oath concerning a fact or event not personally seen or heard. the habit or behaviour of agreeing (saying 'yes') to everything that another person says. djarrma \<ma djinawa \<rra'\ur. n. n. decisions about the facts of the case rest with the Magistrate. In such cases. a finding or decision by a criminal court that the defendant has committed the crime they are charged with. This is that person's punishment instead of going to jail. guilty (feel -- hearing hearsay Variant: hearsay evidence. Being affected by feelings of sorrow. (It is especially evident in contexts where an authority figure is involved (e. to examine or test a criminal charge in a Magistrate's Court. magistrate etc.Magistrate's Court . lawyer. 2004 7 . home detention indictable offence heard summarily n. police officer. Opp: not guilty plea. a court order requiring someone to stay all the time at their own house. See: summary offence. This decision can be reached even if the accused person continues to declare that they didn't do it.) and even more pronounced in cross-cultural contexts. responsible.e. adj. mar\gimirr.gratuitous concurrence gratuitous concurrence n. Syn: ashamed . I plead guilty as charged. (i. djurrurrumirr. rather than with a jury. any action taken to persuade or entice someone to do something that they would not otherwise do. Yo. inducement 4/21/2005 Legal Dictionary . the decision to conduct the hearing of a serious criminal offence entirely within a Magistrate's Court. \uriki birrka'yunnawuywu dh<rukku. djarrma \<ma. It is a statement based on what someone else has said about the crime committed and is not able to be used as evidence in a court. yan dh<wu.). w<yuk-bakmaranhamirr.

Syn: brief . Syn: police. interrogate. 3) n. mar\gimiriw. mayali'-djaw'yunnawuy. the directions given to a lawyer authorising him/her to act as that person's legal advocate. the people and institutions (e. instruction 1) n. dh<-birrka'yun. the questioning of a suspect or a witness to a crime by police. the authority of a court to hear criminal charges brought against an accused person. rom-lakaranhawuy. 1) n. a decision of the court (made by the judge and/or jury). 2) n. law 1) n.Magistrate's Court . Syn: reasons . 3) n. reasoning. rom. innocous . rom. bi`itjuman. inexperienced. ma\utji-gulinymiriw. jurisdiction 1) n. g<murruwuy. interview 1) vtr. Syn: question . advice. a set of authorised rules that everyone in that social group or locality has to obey. Syn: notification .Draft © ARDS Inc. the customs and understandings that maintain peaceful relationships between people. dju\gaya mala. police) who are responsible for maintaining the rules that govern and maintain peaceful relationships between people. dju\gaya. Syn: decision. 2004 4/21/2005 . inoffensive . the region or land area covered by a court's judicial power.g. A jury is not present. faultless . It also decribes a person who the court finds has not assisted someone else to break the law. ]apu\gawuy. marawili. 8 Legal Dictionary . Police must advise a person of their legal rights before the interview can proceed. magistrate n. A person has the right to refuse to answer any questions that the police ask. Magistrate's Court n. warraw'. Syn: law and order. dh<gir'yunnawuy. Syn: questioning . describes someone who the court finds did not commit a crime. guiltless . dh<ruk-gurrupanminyawuy.Magistrate's Court innocent adj. 2) n. mala-djarr'yunnawuy. 2) n. the sanction or punishment imposed as a result of a criminal trial. advice. Syn: blameless . directions to be followed. m<rrwu-`arrum. judgment Variant: judgement. the formal stating of a court's decision and the reasons for that decision. to question someone about a crime that has been committed. authorisation. yaka mar\gi. dh<[ir'yunnawuy. Syn: stipendiary magistrate. 2) n. Syn: sanction. a court which has authority to hear minor criminal cases and to conduct preliminary hearings. 2) n. record of interview. \urr\gitj. a judge who presides over a court for minor offences.

Syn: case. a barrister or solicitor misleads the court when they intentionally provide incorrect information to the court. djarrpi dh<wu gurrupan. See: legal proceeding.Magistrate's Court . For minor / summary offences. misrepresent. 2004 9 4/21/2005 . this is noted by the magistrate and the case is adjourned to a later date for hearing. n. 'not guilty' finding n. If an accused person comes before the court. If their plea is "not guilty". After this time has passed they may be able to be released on parole if they have been of good behaviour. a legal proceeding or hearing. mayali'-wilkthun. (Sometimes there may be more than one motive). See: right to be heard. a finding by a criminal court that the defendant has not committed the crime they are charged with. Everyone has the legal right to an unbiased hearing. the reason why someone behaves in a particular way.e. then the accused must be found to be 'not guilty'. coming time. mislead the court vtr. they cannot be forced to tell the court about communications held with their husband or wife). awaiting trial . matter mention Variant: mention date. the length of time a convicted person is required to serve inside a jail. non-parole period n. n. they will be found guilty of all the charges made against them. the date when a criminal matter is next listed to go before a magistrate. See: parole. n. information that helps to explain why an offender should receive a lesser penalty for the crime committed. natural justice n. ny<`-lakaram. if the accused person does not come to the court as requested. they can decide whether to plead "guilty" or "not guilty". n. If there is a significant amount of doubt. Syn: misinform . mayali'-bilkthun. the spouse of an accused person has the legal right not to testify as a witness in criminal proceedings against their spouse (i. the crime of intentionally causing damage to another person's marital privilege n. Legal Dictionary . Everyone has a legal right to have their side of the story heard inside the court.Draft © ARDS Inc. the court has a legal responsibility to make sure that all persons accused of a criminal offence are treated fairly. The judge is the one who decides if the usual penalty for that crime should be reduced or not.'not guilty' finding malicious damage property. right to an unbiased hearing. Syn: pending case/date . [iltjipuy g<murru' mala m<rr dhu nhim'dhunmaram \unhi dh<giryunawuy. walu nhan\u birrka'yunnawuywu m<rr dhu nh<ma \anya djinanga \<rra'\ur. mitigating circumstances motive n. y<ku lakaram.

2004 4/21/2005 10 . It is a promise to tell the truth about everything. to instruct or direct someone to do something. 2) vtr. an instruction or direction from the court. dhaya`akunhawuy. Syn: court order. y<tjkurruwuy dj<mapuy. djarrma-g<nhamirr. a member of the police force who takes up the specialist role of prosecutor inside a Magistrate's Court. dh<ruk-gurrupan. the early release of a convicted criminal from jail on promise of good behaviour. a crime. dhawa=maranhawuy. rom-bakmaranhamirr. walamaram. They also have power to investigate criminal activities. dju\gaya. property that belongs to someone else (i. w<wun-gurrupan m<rr dhu walumiriw dhawa=thun marrtji. n. n. Anything that the criminal code law says not to do. dhanara. reply. bala'. dhanara \<rra'\ur. 1) n. a person who commits a crime or breaks the law.presumption of innocence 'not guilty' plea n. the answer given by the accused person inside a criminal court when they believe they are innocent and did not commit the crime. walumiriw dhawa=maranhawuy. police n. rom-bakmaranhawuy. \amakuli'\u. offence offender order n. Syn: crime. Legal Dictionary . Syn: respond . dju\gaya w<yukku warra\ul\ur \<rra'\ur. persons who are given power by a staute of law (Criminal Code) to enforce law and order in society. djarrika\'. oath n. w<\a. yothu.Magistrate's Court . guykthunnawuy dh<ruk. a promise made inside the court which acknowledges that God is also present as a witness. police prosecutor premises presumption of innocence n. w<wun. bukuro\anmaram. to give an answer in response to allegations made. buildings or land). n. w<yukbakmaranhawuy. dayarramiriw rom bukmakku ga galkun \<rraw'. n. dhawu'. buku-bakmaram. parole plead vtr. a person accused of a criminal offence is assumed to be innocent before the law. However they are no longer innocent if they admit that they committed the offence or are proven to be guilty by a Magistrate.Draft © ARDS Inc.e. buku-munhapuy.

Opp: defence. an original document etc. djarrmawa=a\u walal. gakal nh<ma. n. [apmaranhaminyawuy. prior conviction n.Draft © ARDS Inc. If the offender does not comply with the conditions of their parole. The other group of people who defend the accused person are called the defence. This is an alternative to imprisonment. something (an object. \amakuli'\uw dju\gaya. the person who brings the charges against the accused person into the court. gunganhaminyawuy. It refers to the person brought before the court who is accused of committing a new or recent offence.Magistrate's Court . Syn: evidence. to have legal control over the movements of another person in order to protect them from being harmed. |ula nhu\u ga \orra dhorukmirr w<yuk \<thili\u? Do you have any prior convictions? prisoner's friend n. n. the group of people who bring charges against the accused person to the court. probation proof n. \amakuli'\uw djawarrkmirr. balpara. \amakuli'\uw djarrma-g<nhamirr. the release of a convicted offender into the community under close supervision. gu\ga'yunamirr. dh<wa\ganymirr djorra' dh<wumirr. prosecutor protective custody 4/21/2005 Legal Dictionary .) that the court considers to be the best way to prove or disprove a certain fact. the decision by a magistrate that there is enough / sufficient evidence for a legal case 2) n. The defendant is then ordered to stand trial in the Supreme Court at a later date. a person who is familiar with legal procedures and is present to befriend and assist the accused person when they are being interviewed by police. then they will have to re-appear in court and will then be ordered to serve a jail sentence. This person acts on behalf of all the citizens who are owners of the criminal code law. evidence that convinces the court that an alleged fact is true. 2004 11 . prosecution 1) n. bu`a'.protective custody prima facie case 1) n. They are required to be of good behaviour and this is monitored by probation officers who are employed by Dept of Community Corrections. Syn: criminal proceeding. a hearing of criminal charges inside a court of law. 2) n. djarrma-g<nhamirr. The accused has a right to ask for such a person to be present. dhorukmirr w<yuk. and cannot be forced to answer any legal questions before they arrive. \urru\u dh<wu. dh<gir' \<thili\u. a prima facie case against the accused person exists if the magistrate (during the brought against an accused person to proceed. conduct of a committal hearing) believes sufficient evidence has been presented. a criminal offence committed by a person as previously decided by a court. primary evidence n. n.

[apmaranhawuy dh<wu. record of interview n. The money is paid as compensation for property that the offender has damaged or destroyed. galkunnawuy w<\a djinaga dharru\gu\ur. good behaviour bond. to order that a person accused of a criminal offence be held in jail. ro\anmaram bala dharru\gulil ga galkun \<rraw'.questioning questioning n. a community service order etc. the criminal offence of obstructing a police officer and preventing him/her from doing his/her job as an officer of the law. sanction 12 Legal Dictionary . dh<-gir'yunnawuy. an amount of money paid by an offender to a victim. It is one of two natural justice rules. ii) whether or not they would like a prisoner's friend to be with them as a witness.Magistrate's Court . It may be a fine. judge etc.) who is neutral or impartial. restitution n. 2004 4/21/2005 . the right (legal power) of an accused person to have their side of a dispute heard. right to an unbiased hearing right to be heard right to silence n. If the police determine to arrest someone. It also refers to the right of an accused person to remain silent and not have to answer questions in court during their own trial. remand 1) vtr. This is done by the police. Later on at the interview they can choose i) whether or not they wish to talk. See: self-incriminating evidence. iii) to ask for a lawyer to be present. 2) n. A conviction is not recorded. the special place in a jail where people who are awaiting trial or sentencing are detained / held. the transcribed document of all that was said on audio tape during a police interview. Syn: interview. then that person is legally obligated to follow the lawful directions of the arresting officer. the process of interviewing a person suspected of committing a crime. the authorised punishment given to persons who break the law. See: suspended sentence. See: natural justice. release without conviction n. Prisoners on remand are usually waiting for their trial to begin or waiting for sentencing to occur. dhawa=maram dh<gir'miriw. n. resisting arrest n. See: natural justice. time in jail. n. a decision by a magistrate to release a person guilty of committing an offence on a good behaviour bond.Draft © ARDS Inc. the right (legal power) of a person to have their case heard by a person (magistrate. n. the right (legal power) of a suspect to refuse to answer questions asked by the police.

4/21/2005 Legal Dictionary . See: evidence. the act of causing injury to another person while defending oneself. These reasons may be given in a court by a person to defend themselves against a charge of causing injury to another person. more than needed). n. 1) n.Magistrate's Court . or monetary fine). penalise. self-incriminating evidence sentence n. Syn: be sorry . a document issued by a court compelling a person to appear before that court for a specific reason. to punish someone by imposing a penalty (i. punish . 2) n. 1) vtr. a court order compelling a person to come to the next court hearing.Draft © ARDS Inc. raypirri'gurrupan romkurr. 2) vtr. buku-wana\gunhamirr. The signing of this document must be witnessed by a person who is authorised by the court. penitent. interpreter. or expert witness so that the court hearing can proceed without further delays. to be very sorry about a wrong action committed against someone else. dharrwunum marrtji. right to silence. A jury is not required because the offence is considered to be small or minor. subpoena to a witness. another person or one's own property. It could be given summary offence summons n. evidence given by a person which indicates their involvement in committing a crime.self-defence n. a criminal offence which is heard in a Magistrate's Court. lakaram dhanaray. a written statement declared to be true by the person making it. a criminal offence as specifically referred to by an Act of Parliament.e. 2) vtr. rom-lakaranhawuy. jail. dh<ruk-djuy'yunnawuy djorra'. the punishment for a crime as ordered by a magistrate or judge. 1) n. show remorse vref.e. It must be signed by the person making the statements. These reasons may be accepted by the court if the amount of force used was not excessive (i. n. 2004 13 . Syn: discipline . to serve a subpoena document on that person. rom-lakaram. w<thun nhan\u r<li \<rra'lil. statutory offence See: Act. statutory declaration Variant: stat dec. Syn: require to attend. to call a person to appear in court for a specific reason. contrite .

disbelieve. warrant of apprehension Variant: warrant. a person who the court finds to have told contradictory information during the giving of their testimony. 2) vtr. to unlawfully interfere with a person. a person suspected by police of having committed a criminal offence. mayali'-djaw'yunnawuy. Syn: take an oath. verdict victim n. Syn: intrude . If the crime committed against them is proved to have occured. matha dharrwa. magistrate or defence lawyer asked inside a court. to make a solemn promise to tell the truth. doubt . trespass Lit: 'to cross a boundary'. m<rr-yu`kthun. suspended sentence n. mel-wuyunnawuy rom. birrka'yunnawuy. the hearing of a criminal matter in a higher court (e. a magistrate may decide to try and help a convicted person not to re-offend by imposing other disciplinary conditions as an alternative to jail. To disbelieve an accused person's denial concerning a crime they are alleged to have committed. riwarrtja. 3) vtr. burakinyawuy. swear an oath testify vtr. bar'parmaram. Supreme Court). but the offender is not required to go to jail. to change a date for a hearing or a plea in favour of another more suitable time. to assume or imagine something (about what might be the truth). unreliable witness credible witness. Syn: legal proceedings. n. m<rr-dju`kthun. Syn: assume . n. vtr. dh<-b<y\u'yun. A sentence of imprisonment is declared. to distrust someone. vtr.g. impose on. presume . birrka'yun. guykthun. the findings (decision) of a magistrate. 14 Legal Dictionary . Syn: accused . a court document authorising the arrest of a person suspected of a criminal offence. However a criminal conviction is recorded against that person's name. See: release without conviction. ny<`'-[umurr. suspicious of . speculate . not in a Magistrate's Court. yuwalkkum lakaram. rumbalkum lakaram. a person who has been injured or violated by a person who has committed a crime.Magistrate's Court . 2004 4/21/2005 . who has not had formal charges issued against them. infringe on . suppose . yan guya\a. defendant. mel-wuyunnawuy rom m<rr \ayi dhu warra\ul nhina guykthunmirr. they may be entitled to receive compensation. n. or their property. to answer questions asked by the prosecutor. trial n. imagine. believe somewhat .Draft © ARDS Inc.suspect suspect 1) n. Syn: distrust . Opp: vacate vtr. bakthunnawuy. or their land. ba[uwa[uyun rulwa\dhunnawuy walu.

buthurumar\gi. vouch for.g. a term of great respect given to a magistrate when spoken to by barristers. His Worship). Syn: attest to . observe . 2004 15 . to see or observe and be ready to testify in court about that observation. Worship 4/21/2005 Legal Dictionary .Worship witness 1) vintr. see . witnesses etc. evidence . n. during a court session. nh<ma melyu. 2) n. yuwalkkunhamirr. a person who sees or hears an event. ma\utji-mar\gi. (e.Draft © ARDS Inc.Magistrate's Court . Her Worship. Your Worship. mel-mar\gi.

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