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Topic =>What Will Be Pakistan After Five Years?

The main problem of our country is the un-acceptance policy by one ruling
province as well as central Establishment which also
totaly belongs to place w:st"on punjab place 95% of the higher ranking officers in
city w;st"on Islamabad city from grade 19 to 22
belongs to place w;st"on Punjab place why? If you apply on the higher ranks and
even in other small province 50% higher ranking
officers belongs to place w;st"on Punjab place. This is totly discrimination from a
strong and big province by using its civilion
Establishment and Armed Foces.
We have seen in past that even the Prime Minsters from the smaller
provices need votes and help from Punjab and
with out the help of place w;st"on Punjab place no one can get the cheif
executive seat. Zulfqar Ali Bhutto,Benazer Bhutto,Zafarullah
Jamali all selected when place w;st"on Punjab place polled the vote for them and
after the selection place w;st"on Punjab place
based politicians backmail then as per their interests. Recently the example of
Makhdom Amen Fahim is in front of you that place
w:st"on Punjab place is not excepting him so he is not able to gain the cheif
Executive position even losses his position in PPP.
Sindh is most revenue generting province of the < cuntry -region
w:st"on > place w:st"on Pakistan place country region
and getting only 18% from its earing. Balochistan is the major province having
great reservs of minerls and natural recourses but
the selling and the business done only by < city w:st"on > place w:sr"on
Islamabad place city and Balochistan anly gets 5% of the
earning . All the water is coming from NWFP or Northern Areas and you know
that all the major strong dams of water are in place
w:s"on Punjab place and even they are planing for a great Kalabagh Dam to
store all the waters from mountains of NWFP and North
of Pakistan. If any province ask for provisional anatomy place w:st"on Punjab
place claim that they are separating they are not loyal to
country. Sorry to say that we have to make our self loyal to our country but not
loyal to place w:st"on Punjab place who is creating great
discrimination and inequity in the country.
Many have given up on the Dream of father Jinnah, but many have
Refused to Give up! Why?
Father Jinnah did not dedicate his life to the creation of Pakistan so
that the family of Asif Ali Zardari would lead it and
be the Royal Family of Pakistan. Father Jinnah Dedicate it yo you!
We have 20 years the work must begin to day.
Name: Izhar Khan
Father's Name: Zahid
Surname: Memon
Class: BS(SE) Part-1
Subject: Pakistan Studies
Roll No: 2K11/SWE/40