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Volume 3, Issue 3 March, 2011

From the Pastor’s Desk - Those Funny Things We Call Gifts

As true as it is that we of this edition of the Special points of
are all given gifts from newsletter …. Interest
God to prepare us for
our work in His We are all part of one  Men’s Breakfast will be on
Sunday, March 6th at 7:46 AM.
Kingdom, it is also true larger body. Let us come  Our Spiritual Gifts program will
that most people want to together and build that be on Sunday, March 6th from 2-
serve the church and body up as we take the 4 PM here at BHL.
help to lead others into a light of Jesus Christ into  Our 1st VBS meeting of 2011
will be on Tuesday, March 8th at
relationship with Jesus this dark world and give 6 PM.
Christ. hope when many only  The season of Lent will begin on
see hopelessness. Wednesday, March 9th with our
Yet what is/are my Ash Wednesday Service at 7 PM.
gifts?  The Pastor will be on vacation
from March 15th - March 25th.
Those funny things we Blessings to you all in  Spring is almost here … The
call Spiritual Gifts … This month we will be the name of Jesus 1st Day of Spring will be Sun-
what are they; really? continuing our journey Christ: day, March 20th.
together as we at BHL
In 11 years as a pastor, return to our purpose Rev. Johnson
I have seen many hope and our mission as we
to get the answer above come together to
… “you’d serve the worship God and to take Inside this issue:
church best as a pew God’s love out into our
sitter.” Yet the reality is community and the MARCH SERMONS 2
that I have yet to met world.
anyone who is called to FINANCIAL REPORT 2
simply sit in a pew. As part of this
preparation, we will be WORSHIP (MARCH)
Yet with that said, I joining with Asheville
know the dread; the District Superintendent 4
discomfort, the and Katie Warren as
confusion that comes they come to help us
when your pastor asks examine our giftedness MEMBER UPDATES … 4

“What is your gift for for ministry.

Scripture and Sermons
March 6 HOLY COMMUNION - “Hunger Pot” Offering
Scripture Lesson: Matthew 17:1-9
Sermon: “The Power of Sonlight”

March 13 Scripture Lesson: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7

Sermon: “Free to Fall”

March 20 Pastor on Vacation … Sermon “TBA”

March 27 Scripture Lesson: Exodus 17:1-7

Sermon: “Pitch Patience”


February 2011

Average Attendance: 46*

Regular Giving : $ 4169.20*

Average Regular Giving: $ 1389.73 (per week)

Designated Giving: $ 47.32 (Hunger Pot)

($ 2,078.15 per week is needed to meet our church budget.)

*This does not include the last Sunday of February.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rich Ashley, Lay Leader


6 Liz Benjamin and Scott Crandall 6 Danny Burnette and Marsha Boyd
13 Harold and Dixie Tipton 13 Lisa and Mark Anderson
20 Angela Fox and Sherry Lesley 20 Dot Cody and Marsha Boyd
27 Mike and Jenny Miller 27 Angela Fox and Sherry Lesley

OFFERTORY PRAYER: Rich Ashley, Lay Leader


6 Tom Wrenn 6 Jenny Miller

13 Don Mathis 13 J.B. Wallin
20 20 Deborah White
27 Rich Ashley 27 Dot Cody

CHILDREN’S TIME: Jenny Miller, Dixie Tipton, Rev. Johnson, and Cammie Monroe

CHILDREN’S CHURCH: Carolyn Ponder; Lisa Anderson

“TWEENS CLASS”: Kathy Wrenn, Lois Lynn Bellemare, & Cammie Monroe

COMMUNION STEWARDS: Dr. Ernie and Frances Powell


6 Rich Ashley and Tom Wrenn

13 John Hamrick and Assistant
20 Rich Ashley and Assistant
27 Don Mathis and Assistant

AUDIO VISUAL: Danny Burnette and Brian Dodge

If you are unable to serve when indicated, please ask someone to take your place .
THANK YOU for your service and dedication to Bright Hope Laurel United Methodist Church!
Christians identified the
gifts God gave them and
then put those gifts into
Spiritual gifts confuse many Christians. Although 85 percent have heard of spiritual
gifts, since 1995 there’s been a 425 percent jump in those who’ve heard of spiritual
gifts—but contend God hasn’t given them one.

Further, millions aren’t sure if they’ve been granted a spiritual gift, and a shocking number specify “gifts” that aren’t listed
in the Bible—sense of humor, good personality, drawing, and survival. Overall, 30 percent of Christian adults listed gifts
found in the Bible; 8 percent listed a combination of biblical gifts and non-gifts; 16 percent listed only attributes that aren’t
found in the Bible; and nearly half (46 percent) were either unaware of gifts, claimed they didn’t have one, or didn’t know
their gift. In total, about half of all Christians (46 percent) mentioned at least one gift mentioned in the Bible, while about
one out of four adults (24 percent) described a gift that isn’t among those listed in Scripture.

Some of the confusion may have been passed along to the laity by pastors, since 21 percent say they have no gifts, and
one-quarter (23 percent) listed gifts that aren’t included in the Bible—flexibility, empathy, dedication, and honesty.

Imagine what could happen if half of all Christians identified the gifts God gave them and then put those gifts into
practice. To get there, we’ll need pastors who understand the spiritual gifts and appropriately instruct Christians in this
matter. This is a critical challenge to the church. After all, you can’t win a spiritual battle when you’re ignorant of the
enemy (half of all believers deny the existence of Satan) and unarmed for the encounter through the denial of spiritual

George Barna is president of Barna Research Group and a well-known speaker and author. (

This article is excerpted from: Rev. Magazine

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We have had a couple of updates to our Annual Booklet in the pass few weeks. Here are the additions:

New Members:
Carol Evans Sarah Pressly
1060 Puncheon Fork Road 370 Fox Cove Road
Mars Hill, NC 28754 Mars Hill, NC 28754
828-689-4807 828-455-2288

Please Add to Your Friends List: Our Newest Acolytes

Roger Popham James and Elizabeth Lesley
313 English Ridge Dr., Mars Hill, NC 28754
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