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A great programming platform doesn’t happen by chance. It is the result of several elements that come together, continuously evolving and innovating to create a complete ecosystem around it. Alongside NI’s continuous innovations in strengthening the power of the LabVIEW platform, there has also been a birth of many Indian third party alliances, solution partners, industryacademic collaborations, support structure and a strong Indian LabVIEW community. Over the past 17 years, there has been an organic evolution of a strong India LabVIEW Sphere, an India ready LabVIEW ecosystem.


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Texas • Presence in over 90 countries • Customers in over 30.000 companies • Direct presence across India for 17 years • Team of leading R&D engineers in India • 16% of annual revenue is invested in R&D • World leader in test. control and design • NI products have won over 100 technology awards across the globe • Pioneers of Graphical System Design: a unified platform from design to deployment 5 .01 NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS The Graphical System Design Pioneer • Founded in 1976 in Austin.

The India R&D has more than seven patents for innovations in Motion Control algorithms. visit ni. NI India has a Research and Development wing in Bangalore which help customers across the globe. Using NI’s open graphical programming software and modular NI India has direct offices in Bangalore (headquarters). RF and software development.National Instruments Mission To create innovative computer-based products that improve everyday life by improving technology. therfore allowing you to always take advantage of the latest industry standards and protecting investments. visit ni. Nokia and academic institutions like IIT. government organizations like HAL. constantly improve. and deploy the systems for test. From testing nextgeneration gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices. NI understands the nuances and issues that the Indian engineers and scientists face. HCL. and invests 16% of its annual revenue in Research & Development. we give you a better solution for measuring and automating the world around them. and deliver a steady stream of new products that deliver greater productivity and higher value to our customers while increasing our business opportunities. and dramatically reduce time to market. to enrich the lives of Indian engineers. NI India has seen a very successful adoption of the VI technology. NI India’s consistent double digit growth and increased investments by NI in India is a testament to this. control. and embedded design applications. increase productivity. Delhi and has a direct sales presence across all leading cities in India. NI customers continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people. Intel. customers at more than 30. 6 . etc in its product development strategy. NI leverages the latest COTS innovations from market leaders like Research and Development NI believes in constant innovation.000 companies annually simplify development. Texas Instruments. By creating innovative tools. About National Instruments – India National Instruments India. PSG Tech right up-to SME’s in India. Our strategy is to innovate. the Indian subsidiary was set up in the year 1998 to propagate the revolutionary Virtual Instrumentation technology in the country. focus on FPGA and wireless technologies are few such examples. NAL. and has introduced various India specific initiatives. prototype. Honeywell. Multi-core programming support. About National Instruments National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design. CSIO labs.from large Indian organizations such as Tata Motors. The adoption base in India is across industries . MNCs like GE.

Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 7 . prototyping. to consumer electronics.Virtual Instrumentation National Instruments introduced Virtual Instrumentation more than 25 years ago. reuse code for maximum DESIGN Concept Iterate on algorithm or model development with real world stimulus + Control design + Dynamic system simulation + Digital filter design + Advanced mathematics PROTYTPE Verification & Validation Quickly implement your design on COTS hardware devices and validate functionality + I/O modules and drivers + COTS FPGA hardware + VHOL & C code integration + Design validation tools DEPLOY Production/Scalability Target your application to the final hardware device and scale with production test + Rugged deployment platforms + Distrubed networking + Human-machine interfaces + Custom designs Graphical System Design Want to know more on how the concepts of Virtual Instrumentation and Graphical System Design can be incorporated in your application? email ni. changing the way engineers and scientists measure and automate the world around them. Chennai. so engineers and scientists can create user-defined systems to meet exact application needs. and lower their design costs. control. Benefits of Graphical System Design • Reduced time to market • Optimal system scalability • Quick design iteration • Increased performance at lower cost visit ni. Today. Virtual Instrumentation combines mainstream commercial technologies. the software based on user requirements defines general-purpose measurement and control hardware functionality. Virtual Instrumentation has reached mainstream acceptance and is used in thousands of applications around the world in industries from automotive. benefit immediately from advances in computing technology.india@ni. Graphical System Design Competing in today’s global economy requires companies to rapidly enter the market with innovative products that offer increased functionality and operate flawlessly. With Virtual Instrumentation. Pune. This dramatically increases efficiency and improves the bottom line across the product life cycle. to oil and gas. like the PC. design higher quality products. National Instruments sold more than 6 million channels of Virtual Instrumentation in 90 countries. with flexible software and a variety of measurement and control hardware. NI Graphical System Design approach for test. In 2004. and optimize system performance in a way that outpaces traditional design methodologies. and deploying applications. The NI platform empowers engineers to integrate realworld signals sooner for earlier error detection. It also helps engineers and scientists reduce development time. and embedded design meets this need by providing a unified platform for tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai.

24 Years Of LabVIEW Innovation 8 .

Simulation. I/O Systems .LabVIEW 8.6 Elektra Online: Embedded System Product of the Year Winner: NI Single-Board RIO EDN China: Innovation Award Winner: Leading product in Test and Measurement – 6.Awards and Recognition Test & Measurement World: Best in Test Award Readers selected the NI Wi-Fi DAQ device family as the Test Product of the Year. Awards in 2010 Technology Awards Control Winners Winner: Network Integration. Diagnostics category: LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module Control Engineering China: Year of the Product Award Winner: Software and Information Integration category .com/awards Engineering: Engineers’ Choice Award Corporate Recognition Marketing Leadership Council Winner: B2B Marketing Communications Award from the Corporate Executive Board Glassdoor.6 GHz PXI Express Signal Analyzer and Vector Signal Generator Winner: Leading Product in Programmable Logic – NI FlexRIO Application of Electronic Technique: Top Product Award 2009 Winner: LabVIEW 2009 visit ni.Wireless category: NI Wireless Sensor Network Winner: Software Design. FORTUNE: “100 Best Companies to Work For” NI was named as one of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the 11th consecutive Best Places to Work #13: National Instruments Great Places to Work Institute Italia: Best Workplaces of 2010 #21: NI Italy 9 . as well as the DAQ category winner.

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Open • Program using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart • Develop test. Powerful. any bus and measure in minutes • Hardware Integration: With any instrument or sensors. only drag and drop • Flexible.02 NI LabVIEW Engineer Graphically • Graphical programming environment • Zero coding. Thousands of instrument drivers • Extensive Advanced Built-In Analysis and Signal Processing • Hundreds of built-in libraries for advanced analysis and data visualization • Scalable across multiple targets and OS’s • Customize your application with add-on modules and toolkits • Easily use latest technologies like wireless. multicore processing & FPGAs • Infinite Free Executables • New version every year 11 . control and design applications • Acquire Measurements from any sensor.

What is LabVIEW? NI LabVIEW is a graphical programming language that uses icons instead of lines of text to create applications. offers access to new technologies. President and CEO.0 featured core technologies that are still fundamental today: parallel data flow. The LabVIEW platform is scalable across mul- tiple targets and OSs. and connectivity to 1000s of devices for easy data gathering. where instructions determine the order of program execution. The company combined the interactive graphical user interface with intuitive graphical programming to create this software. code generation. and integrated I/O and analysis libraries. Because LabVIEW connects virtually to any measurement device and design tool. LabVIEW uses dataflow programming. hierarchy. even being non programmers. it has become an industry leader. James Truchard. 12 . In contrast to text-based programming languages. LabVIEW gives a platform for engineers to build applications and turn their innovations into reality. and over the past 34 years. tremendous PC technology change. Version 1. new version of LabVIEW is released. and delivers fixes to existing issues in the product. and diffusion into 1000s of application areas by users. VIs are LabVIEW programs that imitate physical instruments. LabVIEW has evolved into a leading graphical system design platform. where the flow of data through the nodes on the block diagram determines execution order of virtual instrument and functions. National Instruments In 1986. Unique LabVIEW graphical development environment makes interfacing with any measurement device simple and features interactive assistants. Every year. and each new version of LabVIEW provides the latest features to make you more productive.LabVIEW was developed to do for engineers what spreadsheet did for the financial analysts - Dr. you can incorporate new LabVIEW applications into existing systems without any risk to your application investment. NI introduced the LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) on the Macintosh platform and introduced Virtual Instrumentation as a core principle of the software. After millions of development hours.

Mac.m files Various Design Patterns: Incorporate additional models of computation such as dynamic simulation diagrams and statecharts Multicore Programming Automatic Multithreading: Handle large data sets and complex algorithms faster because LabVIEW inherently runs on multiple threads Execution Highlighting: Easily optimize code for parallel execution using built-in debugging and visualization tools Data Storage and Reporting File I/O designed for Engineering Data: Focus on your data and not converting formats with built-in support for a wide variety of file types Flexible Reporting Tools: Share your results by generating reports from your acquired data Upgrades Yearly LabVIEW Release: Update adds new features to drive more efficiency and performance into applications. and more Advanced Built-In Analysis and Signal Processing Built-In Analysis: Access 1000s of engineering-specific functions such as frequency analysis. GPIB. Read more on LabVIEW: ni. PCI. and 3D visualization tools Custom Controls: Easily customize the position. Wi-Fi. PXI. and color of built-in controls or create your own in seconds Multiple Targets and Oss Desktop and Real-Time OSs: Develop and reuse code on Windows. including ARM microcontrollers and 13 . graphs. and more Inline Signal Processing: Interact with measurements and perform inline analysis in real time on acquired signals Data Display and User Interfaces Built-In Controls: Interact with data using hundreds of drag-and-drop controls. maintain. and real-time OSs such as VxWorks FPGAs and Microprocessors: Target various embedded architectures.Key features of NI LabVIEW Faster Programming Graphical Programming: Program with drag-&-drop. Toolkits & Modules: The toolkits and modules upgrades help improve productivity irrespective of the fact that you are a first-time user or long-time expert. size. curve fitting. Linux. Ethernet. with the same graphical approach Multiple Programming Approaches Code Reuse: Integrate text-based code and DLLs or easily incorporate native and third-party . understand the codes with an intuitive flowchart representation Hardware Integration with LabVIEW I/O & Communication: Connect to any instrument or sensor with built-in libraries and thousands of instrument drivers Plug-&-Play Hardware: Seamlessly integrate plug-and-play devices for USB. graphical function blocks instead of writing lines of text Dataflow Representation: Easily develop.

Test Engineering. Compiler Optimizations Run your code up to 20% faster with the new backend compiler technologies and custom code optimizations • DataFlow Intermediate Representation (DFIR) • High-level representation • Preserves Request for a LabVIEW 2010 Evaluation DVD: email ni. In addition. I can develop an application of any size well within deadlines. Packed Project Libraries By packaging source code into a single file with packed project libraries.What’s New in LabVIEW 2010 The latest version of LabVIEW adds programming and productivity features to help you improve your application efficiency and also its performance and to achieve more with the evolving PC and embedded technology platforms. parallelism. Chennai. alignment. Senior Engineer. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Existing User of LabIVEW? Upgrade to the Latest! visit: ni. BARCO Electronics Systems (P) Ltd. instruction sets.000 certified instrument drivers Import External FPGA IP Ease FPGA development by importing the Xilinx Core Generator DSP IP into LabVIEW 14 .com tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. simplify code deployment and distribution Find and Install Instrument Drivers Shorten time to first measurement by easily finding and installing more than 10.india@ni. and can be prepared very fast. The GUI is very interactive and powerful. Export Graph Data to Excel You can easily export data to Microsoft Excel with a simple right-click option • Export Data To Clipboard • Export Data To Excel • Export Data To DIAdem Web-Based Hardware Configuration Set up and maintain remote hardware with router-like configuration experience New to LabVIEW? Evaluate LabVIEW for a month for free! download: “With LabVIEW. and execution semantics • Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) • Low-level representation • Sequential • Knowledge of target machine characteristics. Pune. etc Stream Data over the Network Stream data continuously between the NI LabVIEW applications using the new Network Streams API Save VIs without Compiled Code Simplify source code management by separating the compiled objects from the actual LabVIEW source code SubVI Inlining Remove overhead associated with subVI calls using this new execution option to improve the application’s performance.” Sarita Bhat. interaction with any hardware is easy with LabVIEW with its instrument drivers.

Linux. GPIB. Mac NI Developer Suite Windows only Programming Environment • Customize User Interfaces • Hardware I/O Integration Math and Signal Processing Read. and more • Use drag-and-drop controls. This flexible packaging enables LabVIEW functionality to grow as users tackle more complex projects. Every user startswith a development system and then can add application tools or deployment targets depending on requirements. data base and Internet connectivity • Includes add-ons for advanced signal processing and digital filter design. and XML files using functions or configurable assistants LabVIEW Professional • Create executables. Wi-Fi. engineers and scientists around the world depended on LabVIEW to meet their specific application needs. text. Linux.Which is the right LabVIEW Development system for you? For more than 20 years. PXI. LabVIEW Base • Program with drag-and-drop. knobs. Ethernet. Because every project is different. making it easier for users to configure a package just for them. installers. and time-frequency transformations • Event-driven programming to create programs driven by user interactions (mouse.NET. visit ni. Write. the LabVIEW graphical development environment is modular. Select a LabVIEW development system and then customize with add-ons to save time and extend functionality. or other inputs) • Compatibility with all LabVIEW add-ons for specialized applications or hardware integration NI Developer Suite • Bundles LabVIEW Professional with the most popular add-ons for up to 68% savings • Features tools for building rich interfaces in LabVIEW. and C for large-scale application development • Includes add-ons for Microsoft Word and Excel. and gauges to customize a user interface for your application • Read & write binary. PCI. graphs. graphical function blocks instead of writing lines of text • Connect to any device or instrument via USB. and Share Data Executables and Distribution Software and Code Integration Compatibility with Add-On Software Standard Service Program (SSP) 1 Add-ons provide all functionality for a feature. and DLLs to distribute your application • Integrate with industry-standard source code control providers • Manage and merge multiple versions of LabVIEW code into one project • Apply code complexity and memory usage profiling tools LabVIEW Full • More than eight hundren and fifty functions for signal measurement. keyboard. PID control and fuzzy logic tools Customize LabVIEW development environment for your application 15 . Visual Basic . generation. FEATURES OPERATING SYSTEM LabVIEW Base Windows only LabVIEW Full Windows. filtering. Mac LabVIEW Professional Windows. but you must purchase them separately.

20-User License NI LabVIEW Remote Panels . NI LabVIEW toolkits provide additional functionality for report generation. Pune. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Application Distribution NI LabVIEW Application Builder for Windows NI LabVIEW Application Builder for Mac NI LabVIEW Application Builder for Linux NI LabVIEW Remote Panels .Pick & Choose for your Application: LabVIEW Add-On Modules & Toolkits In addition to the LabVIEW development tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai.5-User License NI LabVIEW Remote Panels . Chennai. and Connectivity NI Vision Development Module NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit NI LabVIEW Internet Toolkit for Windows NI LabVIEW Internet Toolkit for Mac NI LabVIEW Internet Toolkit for Linux NI LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit NI LabVIEW Adaptive Filter Toolkit NI LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit NI LabVIEW MathScript RT Module for Windows NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit NI LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit NI LabVIEW Robotics Module NI ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit NI GPS Simulation Toolkit NI Measurement Suites for WiMAX NI WLAN Measurement Suite NI Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Control and Simulation NI LabVIEW PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit NI LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module NI LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit NI LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit NI LabVIEW SoftMotion Module Premium Edition NI LabVIEW SoftMotion Module Standard Edition Data Management. Integrating with Deployment Hardware NI LabVIEW Real-Time Module NI LabVIEW FPGA Module NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers with Keil ARM7 Hardware NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers with Texas Instruments Cortex-M3 Hardware NI LabVIEW Mobile Module for Handheld Devices NI LabVIEW Touch Panel Module NI LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Module Pioneer Signal Processing. and Reporting NI LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module NI LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for MS Office NI LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit NI LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit Development Tools and Validation NI LabVIEW VI Analyzer Toolkit NI LabVIEW Statechart Module NI LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit NI Requirements Gateway NI LabVIEW Real-Time Execution Trace Toolkit NI LabVIEW Unit Test Framework Toolkit Discuss with an expert technical consultant on which LabVIEW add-ons are most suited for your application. Analysis. database communication. advanced analysis.50-User License 16 . Logging.india@ni. email ni. vibration analysis and more. National Instruments offers a variety of add-on modules that provide additional functionality or deployment to computing targets ranging from industrial realtime devices to FPGAs and microprocessors.

or zero-pole-gain • Analyze system performance with tools such as step response. and Bode plots • Integrate with other LabVIEW modules such as LabVIEW Statechart and LabVIEW Real-Time • Deploy dynamic systems to real-time hardware using built-in functions and LabVIEW Real-Time Module • Replaces the LabVIEW Control Design Toolkit and LabVIEW Simulation Module LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module • Networked. Inc. MATLAB® software and others • Develop your . state-space.m files to NI real-time hardware • Reuse many of your scripts created with The MathWorks. SQL -compliant database for distributed data logging • Configuration-based alarms and events • Real-time and historical trending • Event-driven architecture with OPC client/server connectivity • Unlimited tags • User-level application security • Support for Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded NI LabVIEW DSP Module . 17 . Mac. cables. pole-zero maps. an ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite.m files with an interactive command line interface • Embed your scripts into your LabVIEW applications using the MathScript Node NI LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module • Construct plant and control models using transfer function. schematics.for NI SPEEDY-33 and TI DSKs • Hundreds of built-in DSP functions for faster development • Express VIs facilitate easier development and shorter time to market • Need to have LabVIEW Full or Professional Development Systems • Implementation of digital filters designed using the LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit • Stand-alone application development capability • Support for three DSP targets provides final implementation choices NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors Development Kit • Targets the Blackfin high-performance.LabVIEW Modules NI LabVIEW Application Builder • Create stand-alone executables and installers for distribution and deployment • Distribute code to developers and create shared libraries • Remove block diagrams to protect intellectual property and prevent changes • Deploy applications using installers to include dependencies and drivers • Included as part of the LabVIEW Professional Development System • Available for Windows. and headphones. low-power embedded processor family • Deploys LabVIEW applications to custom hardware designs • Offers ability to reuse existing embedded algorithms or legacy embedded software • Features fully integrated component drivers for several popular ADI components • Includes VisualDSP++. and Linux® Oss NI LabVIEW MathScript RT Module • Deploy your custom .

• Simulate your application on the desktop including peripheral I/O for stimulus/response • Simple API for integrating C code with graphical code for a hybrid programming approach NI LabVIEW FPGA Module • Define your own control algorithms with loop rates up to 40 MHZ • Execute multiple tasks simultaneously and deterministically • Create your own I/O hardware without VHDL coding or board design • Implement custom timing and triggering logic with 25 ns resolution • Graphically configure FPGAs on NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware targets NI LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK • Target any 32-bit microprocessor or embedded operating system • Jump-start your development with example • Microprocessors including ARM. Schneider Electric.NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers • Works with more than 260 ARM7 ARM9. or communication interfaces • Create virtual prototypes using the pioneering tool NI SoftMotion for SolidWorks NI LabVIEW Statechart Module • Design LabVIEW applications with statechart diagrams • Define state behavior and transitions using LabVIEW data flow • Debug statechart execution interactively • Generate code for desktop. Technical Lead. LabVIEW Real-Time Module • Design real-time applications with graphical programming • Download to a dedicated target for reliable. PPC. embedded. I2C. and Cortex-M3 microcontrollers . • Integrated drivers for analog and digital I/O. position or velocity control • Use the high-level function block API for simplified motion profile development • Define custom axes that include standard I/O. Global Technology Centre India 18 . and SPI . Today I do not see something impossible with LabVIEW… LabVIEW extends my Imagination beyond limits. Arunkumar. Verification & Validation. TCP/IP serial. and touch panel targets “I have been empowered by LabVIEW to do “anything” on this universe. or embedded system • Use built-in PID control functions or create your own control algorithms • Purchase individually or as part of the NI Developer Suite NI Control Design and Simulation Option • Design custom motion control applications using graphical development tools • Benefit from functions for trajectory generation. PWM. real-time.” D. stand-alone. and ColdFire. spline interpolation. FPGA. custom control algorithms. deterministic performance • Deploy as a distributed. x86.

including GigE Vision and IEEE 1394 cameras Discuss with an expert technical consultant on which LabVIEW add-ons are most suited for your application. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 LabVIEW Toolkits NI LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Module Pioneer • Add intelligence to NI WSN measurement nodes with graphical programming • Download applications wirelessly • Achieve higher sample rates on the node • Increase battery life by optimizing node behavior • Perform custom analysis and data reduction on the node • Embed decision making NI LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit • Wavelet and filter-bank design for short-duration signal characterization. and implementation within LabVIEW • Comprehensive tools meet basic or advanced needs 19 . and particle analysis • Subpixel accuracy down to 1/10 of a pixel and 1/10 of a degree • Fast application prototyping and code generation with Vision Assistant • Driver software for thousands of cameras. and production • Graphically create new simulation models in NI LabVIEW • Integrate models developed using The MathWorks. Pune.statistical analysis for description. graphical tools for signals with evolving frequency content NI Control Design and Simulation Option Toolkit • Design and implement simple and complex control algorithms including Classical LQR. object classification. prediction. and detrending • Includes the NI LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit (also available separately) • Time-series analysis -. Simulink® software¹ NI LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit • Floating.NI Vision Development Module • Hundreds of image processing functions include pattern and geometric matching. analysis. and MPC • Take advantage of integration with I/O for rapid control prototyping. Chennai. OCR. email ni.analytical.india@ni. tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. and control • Time-frequency analysis -. explanation. LQG.and fixed-point design with LabVIEW or ANSI C autocode generation • Digital filter design. noise reduction. HIL testing. bar code readers.

trellis. Doppler. analysis. modulation error ratio (MER). FM. and user interface tools • Easily distribute LabVIEW applications for native use in MATLAB® analysis environment • Quickly convert LabVIEW VIs to native MATLAB® MEX functions NI Modulation Toolkit • Simulate and measure impairments including DC offset. FSK. QAM) • Measurements including bit error rate (BER). GMSK.Requirements Management Software • Link requirements documents to test and control applications • Graphically create traceability relationships between documents • Generate traceability and impact analysis reports • Capture and compare project snapshots to determine changes in requirements and coverage • Use graphical. and resource contention • Send trace sessions to host computer or save to local file • Print trace sessions for documentation and code reviews • Create execution traces for LabVIEW Real-Time and LabWindows™/CVI Real-Time applications NI GPS Simulation Toolkit for LabVIEW • Generate 24 hours of up to 12 satellite C/A codes (L1) • Achieve automatic satellite simulation from almanac and ephemeris files • Define custom motion trajectories for mobile simulation • Adjust individual satellite power levels for scenario specific test • Take advantage of manual control of satellite pseudorange. and quadrature skew • Handles standard and custom modulation formats(AM. QPSK. coverage analysis.16-2004 NI Requirements Gateway . I/Q gain imbalance. and constellation plots • More than 100 source code example programs NI Measurement Suite for Fixed WiMAX • Accurate EVM measurements: -41 dB at 5. sleep spans.NI Real-Time Execution Trace Toolkit • Interactively analyze and benchmark thread and VI execution • Optimize performance by identifying memory allocation. and frequency deviation • Quality measurements including EVM. NI LabVIEW Math Interface Toolkit • Extend MATLAB® with LabVIEW capabilities such as powerful I/O. burst timing.8 GHz (-10dBm) • LabVIEW demo panels for interactive measurements • Complete programming API for automated measurements • Support for Fixed WiMAX based on IEEE 802. PAM. Bode. and power-level information. phase error. PSK. ASK. orbit. PM. and ñ (rho) • Powerful 3D eye diagrams enhance the suite of traditional 2D eye. and impact analysis views to visualize traceability relationships NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite • Stand-alone configuration-based analysis and data logging with the NI Sound and Vibration Assistant • Continuous frequency sweep algorithm for extra fast THD and FRF processing • Sound quality algorithms for psychoacoustic measurement • Order analysis tracking and extraction including tachometer processing • Waterfall. and polar plots 20 . cascade. MSK. shaft centerline.

application performance NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit • Common spectral measurement functions such as inband power and adjacent-channel power • 3D spectrogram • Highly optimized FFT processing • I-Q data for digital demodulation • Analog modulation and demodulation NI LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit • Identify dynamic system models directly from real world stimulus and response signals • Seamlessly integrate data acquisition for both time and frequency-based system identification • Integrate with other modules including LabVIEW • Real-Time and LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation “It enables me to implement my instrument design idea instantaneously. PD. deployment. Simulink • Use LabVIEW to interact with your models developed using Simulink software • Connect your model to real-time I/O for prototyping.and fractional-octave (1/3. • Fuzzy logic control designer for complex systems • Autotuning to improve performance of PID control • Advanced features such as gain scheduling and integral antiwindup NI LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office • Create custom reports using the Microsoft Office Report Express VI • Populate report templates • Programmatically create and edit reports in Microsoft Word and Excel • E-mail reports and execute macros • Manage report layout.” Amol P Bhondekar. and HIL simulation • Easily add data acquisition. 1/24) analysis NI LabVIEW PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for Windows • Graphical development of P PI. 1/6.and IEC-compliant full. Central Scientific Instruments Organisation 21 . and FPGA I/O through a configuration-based dialog • Apply stimulus to your model using multichannel data profiles • Specify multirate data logging on a per-channel basis to optimize file size. and appearance NI LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit • Connect a LabVIEW user interface with your simulation model running in The MathWorks. CAN.• ANSI. 1/12. format. and PID control Algorithms . Inc. Scientist E-1.

and frequency offset “LabVIEW is easy to code program and test with a less amount of man power. It is also easier to modify and maintain the code. and takes less time to implement the program.NI LabVIEW VI Analyzer Toolkit • Optimize performance and enforce proper coding styles with more than 60 included tests • Automate application debugging and code review • Assess code quality and cyclomatic complexity • Programmatically configure and run tests • Document and track progress of code quality with report generation • Customize tests for individual applications NI WLAN Measurement Suite • Programming API in NI LabVIEW and LabWindows™/CVI • Compliance with IEEE 802.” J Sathyadevan Pillai Scientist D. spectrum mask. SAMEER. carrier leakage.11a/b/g standards • Measurements five to 10 times faster than traditional box instruments • Typical error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements of -45 dB • Support for common measurements such as EVM. Mumbai 22 . Radar Division.

Driven CalVIEW Calibration and Display Toolkit for LabVIEW GOOP Development Suite – Symbio (formerly Endevo) View and compare all tools online: ni. create better GUIs robotSim 3D Simulator for NI Robotics Starter Kit: Cogmation Robotics Tailored for use in any industry supporting virtual robots Multi-Domain Plant Modeling Software Platform Hardware-in-the-loop optimized by modeFRONTIER Virtual instrument library (VIL) for LabVIEW 8. modify.A. share them with community NI Labs: LabVIEW VI Scripting JKI State Machine – JKI Software Create powerful. Browse the NI LabVIEW Tools Network for a variety of add-ons for every type of application and download and install them instantly.5 and later Programmatically create. optimization & predictive capabilities LabVIEW Plug-In for Ranorex – NTE Systems Right-Click Framework for LabVIEW – JKI Software: Create LabVIEW Free download. All third-party add-ons on the LabVIEW Tools Network meet Compatible with LabVIEW guidelines. evaluation versions available for select kits 23 . manage reusable LabVIEW code libraries EasyXML Toolkit for LabVIEW – JKI Software Makes working with XML data easy as creating a cluster Intelligent Controller Parameterization (ecICP) G# Framework – AddQ Consulting The next-generation reference-based object-oriented programming Industry Feedback Controller (ecCST) Intelligent Control Toolkit for LabVIEW (ICTL): Tribal Engineering AI: Autonomy.Carya Automatisering PDF Report Generation Toolkit for LabVIEW CalVIEW Calibration Toolkit for LabVIEW . scalable VIs the JKI Way CURE Pattern ID Toolkit – Neural ID TortoiseSVN Tool for LabVIEW – JKI Software Add the power of TortoiseSVN to LabVIEW tools menu modeFRONTIER . maintainable.LabVIEW Tools Network Expand the power of NI LabVIEW graphical development software with NI toolkits and third-party add-ons.JKI Software Create. install. and run LabVIEW code Automate manual user testing for LabVIEW front panels ExpertControl Controller algorithm with integrated switching technology ExpertControl Fully automated system identification and control design PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW . GmbH Create and distribute multi-language LabVIEW applications SimulationX .ITI easyGIO Application Development Tools: Auric Solutions Ltd Reduce LabVIEW development time.E. Biometric Login Toolkit – Blue Ridge Test Add fingerprint identification to LabVIEW applications VI Package Manager (VIPM) .Esteco srl LTK LabVIEW Localization Toolkit – S.

24 .

• India SME Benefit Program Providing access to LabVIEW Increase affordability with flexible pricing options Build competency with training & support programs Over 125 SME’s in India benefitted already • Customized training packages and price especially for Indian engineers.03 INDIA INITIATIVES Nurture Innovation. 25 . Empower India • India initiatives to enable the engineers and scientists in India to achieve economic prosperity through access to technology and affordability.

“At the start of my career. “LabVIEW has been very useful in developing our applications and NI hardware and software are of superior technology and can be sought at an affordable price” Anand Kumar Cybermotion Technologies Pvt Ltd NI India SME Benefit Program: NI India’s SME Benefit Program is a unique approach to help the SMEs in India to achieve economic prosperity through access to technology and affordability. Over 125 Indian and medium Indian enterprises have taken advantage of the NI SME Benefit program so far. we offer flexible pricing options for NI LabVIEW and also build competency in them with training and support programs. However. understand and explore the concepts myself.Jeff Kodosky. decreasing costs and development time. I worked as a Software Developer for over 20 years in Visual Basic. Thus. the solution to the real world problems will come from the masses. LabVIEW overcomes all the handicaps of a windows-based program and also provides other advantages. LabVIEW revolutionized my life by increasing my ROI (return on investment). The graphical nature of LabVIEW makes it very easy-to-use. If you represent an SME. In India. Managing Partner. Father of LabVIEW Innovation and engineering are two key factors which hold the key to solving the world’s problems.At National Instruments we believe the greatest opportunity we have to improve the quality of life in our world by contributing to a more technically literate society. As responsible citizens. like parallel processing and high speed of data acquisition of upto 20. I refer this product to those who have an eye for technical excellence!” Krishnama Chari. I can read. find out more about how the NI India SME Benefit program can assist you by talking to our technical experts. Under this program. NI India understands the impact that LabVIEW can have in improving everyday life. . limited access to technology and non-affordability makes the innovation just a thought.000 samples per second. Keeping this in mind. Indian prices of LabVIEW are independent of the global strategy and tailor made for India. LabVIEW can immensely benefit anyone in the field of automation. However. City Electric Highlights of the Program: • Providing access to LabVIEW • Increase affordability with flexible pricing options • Build competency with training and support programs • Already assisting over 125 SME’s in India 26 .

National Instruments India trains 1500 Indian engineers per “The LabVIEW training course at NI India gives a good overview of LabVIEW so that we at Infosys can use the features of LabVIEW very effectively for our project. Ace Manufacturing. Bangalore. Contech Micro Systems. Synergy Info Sols. United Electronic Technology. Orion Automation. City Electrik. Indian Industrial Machines. NI India has developed customized training packages and prices especially for the Indian engineer. Winstar. Amorphous. Vamtec. Star Balancing. Technique Design Group. Login Infotech. Deepthi Engineering. Bs Pyromatic. email ni. Gayathri Technocrats. Chennai. CHENNAI: Flier Instruments. Orange Sorting. Innovative Brains. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Chat Live visit ni. Instrumentation Technologies. Ascent Informatics Pvt Ltd (Aipl).Ltd. and many more… India-Specific Training Programs: We at NI India understand the needs of the Indian markets when it comes to training and certification. Udupi Technologies. Infinity Engineering. Buler Group. Infinity Microsystems. Hawk Technologies. Andhra Electronics. Best Systems & Services.. Atalon. KOLKATTA: Eastman Hydroequipments MUMBAI: Quaser Electronics. Systems Marketing and Services. Which is why. Infosys 27 . Swastik Automation. Microcomm. Kannan-Ramaswamy Vishwanathan.india@ni. HYDERABAD: Vivace Sonics. DELHI: Medicaid Systems. With a view to serve training requirements of the Indian engineer. S3 Embedded. Space Solution. Biotronic.SME’s Who Availed The Program BANGALORE: Spranktronics. Aadharshila Automation. Apex Innovation. Wapi Wind Mills. Thick TechnOlogies. Creative Systems. Mti Nash Friction Welding Pvt. Sri Hari Automation. Medequip. Leany Technologies. PUNE: Topographix . Vb Ceramics. These trainings are held across cities in India. BARODA: Instruments Universal. East India Corporation. Senior Project Manager. Pinaka Aerospace.” Vivek Mohile. we have training courses to suit four different user groups: • Individuals • Corporate • Students • Training membership Course content and pricing of these courses has been set appropriately to meet the specific demands of these four segments. Subtle Electronics Systems. Usha Bisquare. Macroline Controls. Symmetric. Visit page #56 to know more about NI India training courses Talk to our technical representatives to find out more about the specially priced LabVIEW Core 1 and LabVIEW Core 2 courses. Digital Weighing Bilaspur. Achira Tech Labs. Absolute Automation. Heatcon Equipments. Integrated Geo Systems. Standard tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. AB Industries. Pune.

28 .

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Indian Institute of Technology Institute for Plasma Research Larsen & Tourbo Ltd.04 ONE PLATFORM. INFINITE SOLUTIONS No industry makes up more than 15% of revenue Automotive Research Association of India Barco Electronic Systems Central Manufacturing Technology Institute Council of Scientific and Industrial Research HCL Technologies Ltd. Ltd Tata Motors Ltd Timken Engineering Research India TVS Motor Company and many more… 29 . Pyramid Precision Engineering Schneider Electric India Pvt.

000 companies simplify development. The result is an integrated test 30 . and Harshness • Optimize Automation • Photovoltaic Testing • Physics • Prototyping • Rapid Control Prototyping • RF Test • Robotics Autonomous Industrial Arms Teaching and Research • Solar Power Plant Control • Solar Verification and Validation • Sound and Vibration • Structual Health Monitoring • Structural Test • Test Cell Measurement and Control • Ultrasonic and Nondestructive Test (NDT) • Video Test Set-Top Box and Blu-ray Player Testing Cell Phones. using modular instruments that make it easy to quickly adapt to the latest audio. customers at more than 25. LabVIEW Can Be Used Across Industries And Applications. From testing next-generation gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices. and new features at a lower price. engineers and scientists use the LabVIEW graphical system design platform to meet a wide range of application challenges across various industries. Using our graphical programming platform and modular hardware. National Instruments offers a software-based measurement strategy. design and test engineers need flexible. Vibration. To keep up with today’s consumer electronics needs. Camcorders.From taking simple temperature measurements to controlling the world’s largest particle accelerator. video. and dramatically reduce time to market. see how NI technology can be used to continuously develop innovative technologies across various industries that impact millions of people. more flexibility. and wireless requirements. high-definition video is now being captured by camcorders instead of high-end movie cameras and users can upload and stream YouTube clips or download apps to their smartphone. and Mvobile Devices Read on to understand some of our solutions in greater detail. high-performance test systems. ACROSS INDUSTRIES Consumer Electronics: Consumers expect products that have better quality. • Audio Test • Automotive Test • Communications • Data Logging Acoustic and Vibration Data Logging General Purpose Data Logging In-Vehicle Data Logging Structural Data Logging • Data Streaming RF Record and Playback IF/Baseband Streaming Noise Mapping • Embedded Control • Green Engineering Energy Storage Systems Environmental Monitoring Power Quality Monitoring • Hardware in the Loop (HIL) • Machine Condition Monitoring • Machine Design • Medical Medical Device Design Medical Device Test • Mechatronics Measurements and Sensor Connectivity Virtual Prototyping • Noise. increase productivity. For example.

development. Defense & Government NI is a leading supplier of test. and deployment Hardware-in-the-Loop ni. With solutions ranging from hardware-in-the-loop simulation to mixed-signal electronic test. flexible RF instruments • Applications such as signals intelligence. and LAN • Integrated software suite for • Design for extended life with NI training and certification • Long-term maintenance with calibration and system services • Custom service agreements to meet life-cycle needs • Develop efficiently with protocol specific toolkits • Repeat benchtop measurements are faster with PXI • Increase throughput by 10x with solutions architected on the PXI and modular instruments Automated Test Equipment for Military and Defense • Graphical and textual programming • Built-in I/O for desktop • Configure automated video measurements • Test analog and digital video in a single solution • Test Full HD (1080p/60 Hz) digital video. Read more: ni. and high-speed digital boards designed for automated test Audio Test ni. NI offers hardware and software tools that you can combine to tackle your cutting-edge applications • Find solutions for characterization through production • Repeat benchtop measurements faster with PXI • Combine • Automate audio measurements for pass/fail testing • Test analog and digital audio in a single solution • Create custom audio measurements or use configurable test steps for rapid development Video Test • Ability to perform static and dynamic structural tests with one system • Modular hardware. realtime OS.platform that can keep pace with new innovations. ni. HDCP encrypted video. and MIMO Autonomous and Robotic System Design • High-performance mixed-signal test • Incorporate traditional instrumentation standards like • Portable system with a small footprint • Modular. SMUs. measurement. and deep color content Wireless Test ni. and availability • Includes real-time multicore & FPGA Structural Test ni. Semiconductor Test • Truly open hardware and software • Supplies hardware value. flexible software • Scalability from portable to high-channel-count systems RF and Microwave Test for Aerospace and Defense ni. aerospace and defense entities. RF record and playback. and FPGAs • Inherent parallelism to visualize concurrent tasks Support Services for Long Life-Cycle Programs 31 . and control systems for government. VXI. Upstream Solutions ni. like NI LabVIEW and NI • Slug Suppression Control • Workover Rig Automation • Distributed SCADA System by providing a common platform for control. which requires advanced test systems to characterize performance and increases the cost of Chip Test Solutions • Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) • Power Management IC (PMICs) 32 . Read More: ni. and scalable software. and clean energy technologies. improved installed system plier. design. flexible off-the-shelf hardware. and • Prototype ECU control strategies on real-time controllers • Quickly connect control models to I/O • Reduce the low-level implementation overhead Automotive End-of-Line Test • Oil Leakage Detection • Sub-Sea ROV Control • Automated ultrasonic weld inspection mometer control. and production environments. Rapid Control Prototyping ni. you can also obtain turnkey solutions built on the proven NI platform. such as PXI. With industry-leading I/O. you can create user-defined solutions for applications ranging from embedded design and functional test to in-vehicle data logging and dyna- Downstream Solutions ni. many leading semiconductor companies have adopted NI solutions for testing chips that range from analog-to-digital-converters (ADCs) to power management ICs (PMICs) in validation. Today. the worldwide oil and gas market is looking to technology to meet the needs for energy security.Oil and Gas Now more than ever. and powerful LabVIEW development environment. The National Instruments software-defined approach to instrumentation gives semiconductor engineers ability to lower their overall cost of chip test by adopting flexible hardware • Integrate measurements with industrial test-cell control • Use dynamometer real-time control and measurements • Synchronize with on-board vehicle data Semiconductor Test Semiconductor chip designs are constantly increasing in • Mud-Gas Separator • Cement Analyzer • Coil Tube Drilling Control • Wireless ICs (RFICs) • Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Devices • Discrete Components • Memory Devices Types of Measurements • DC Parametric Validation • Digital Protocols and Tests Automotive ni. environmental and operational protection. With more than 300 global alliance • Build universal high-speed adaptive test systems • Integrate with automotive communication standards • Connect to specialty instrumentation and load systems Test Cell Measurement and Control ni. distribution system reliability and control. Read more: ni. National Instruments tools save time and money across all stages of the automotive engineering process Found at nearly every automotive OEM and Tier1 sup- Midstream Solutions ni. economic growth.

control. online condition monitoring. represent some of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy on the market today. and overcome grid integration challenges to implement faster adoption of wind energy and ultimately global independence from oil. Learn about these essential technologies for Solar Panel Validation and Verification ni. and grid integration control can help solve these challenges. and monitoring and how National Instruments products are driving innovation in the wind energy • Consists of truly open hardware and software • Supplies hardware • Build • Machine and Process Control • Vision Guided Motion and Robotics • Analog Measurements and Signal Processing Wind Energy The global adoption of wind energy as a reliable source for clean energy is rising. It has become more important for component manufacturers and turbine integrators to increase component production • Measure and improve vehicle ride comfort • Perform predictive maintenance accelerated testing • Quantify and improve the quality of in-vehicle acoustic systems • Open-Short Testing Solar Control and Monitoring ni. which harness the sun’s energy to generate electrical power. increase the production efficiency of solar power plants. and availability • Includes real-time multicore and FPGA In-Vehicle Test and Logging ni. and create innovative solutions for applications based on photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal collector technology. Read More: ni. Engineers and scientists worldwide are collaborating to lower the material costs of solar • I-V Characterization • Pulsed I-V Testing On-line Condition Monitoring • Structural Health Monitoring • Generator/Gearbox Monitoring • Power Quality Monitoring Control System Design & Deployment • Pitch/Yaw Control • HIL Turbine Simulation • Power Inverter Control 33 .and coal-based energy sources. CAN. A shift toward improved technology for automated component Component Testing and Validation • Generator/Gearbox Testing • Acoustic Emissions Testing • Blade Testing Solar Energy Solar energy technologies. Read more: ni. National Instruments offers a complete platform of tools and technologies that facilitate and increase the productivity of these efforts. improve system reliability.Hardware-in-the-Loop • Sun Tracking • Power & Environmental Monitoring • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Manufacturing ni. and LIN buses Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) Test • Vision Inspection • Compliance Testing • Automated Test Photovoltaic Test and Manufacturing ni. variety. rugged systems for in-vehicle measurements • Measure signals from thermocouples to accelerometers • Correlate data with FlexRay.

com/nvh Design structural and mechanical test systems. displacement. Structural/Mechanical Test ni. and other physical phenomena. Find out how like Achieve highly realistic simulation of your plant models using LabVIEW to execute control and analysis code on a variety of hardware platforms. visit integrated Use LabVIEW to develop applications that integrate test and control such as electromechanical test. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Check how Indian companies from HAL to Tata Motors to L&T have benefitted from using LabVIEW. Benchtop Test ni. strain. and harshness (NVH) test. Pune. environmental tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Electronic Validation and Characterization Automate commonly repeated measurements in your validation labs to validate device functionality including parametric values and electrical characteristics against design specifications. structural vibration monitoring.ACROSS APLICATIONS Manufacturing Test Increase throughput and scalability while reducing costs with NI COTS-based manufacturing test systems. including sound and vibration monitoring. and fatigue testing. and noise mapping with graphical Solve complex machine automation application chal- lenges with the flexibility and breadth of features in LabVIEW. Machine Condition Monitoring 34 .com/electronics Data Logging ni.india@ni. ni. you too can benefit from LabVIEW email ni. Chennai.whether you are in-plant or factory-test focused. Machine Automation ni. quality_monitoring Perform power metering and power quality measurements with the test and analysis capabilities of LabVIEW and National Instruments hardware. including noise. pressure. with LabVIEW graphical development. current. Portable Field Test Use LabVIEW to tackle the ever-changing requirements imposed by the proliferation of wireless capabilities into nontraditional Performs common measurements with the NI LabVIEW including temperature. Power Monitoring ni. RF and Communications Test Shorten your time to measurement and live analysis without the need to program by using virtual Instrumentation on the Create custom handheld test systems using LabVIEW graphical development and NI portable Easily create a wide variety of distributed monitoring and control applications. ni. Distributed Monitoring and Control ni. including configuration-based Web control and alarming. Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Take advantage of the fully integrated test and analysis capabilities for machinery condition monitoring and machine test in the LabVIEW industrial control platform -. Integrated Test and Control ni.

Coimbatore College of Engineering Pune (CoEP). Increase performance with multicore programming 4. Computer Programming. Nagpur Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Digital Systems. Cryptography. Create a richer learning experience with hands-on project-based learning 3.Belgaum R. One such example is the partnership with IIT and RDSO See NI India’s academic initiatives visit ni. technically literate workforce ready to pursue careers in many fields.. modular hardware that help eliminate educational barriers such as learning complex programming languages so students can focus their attention on learning problem-solving techniques. Through a number of educational initiatives with organizations. Silchar and Srinagar Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani. Antenna Design. industry-standard tools including graphical system design software and low-cost. Vellore PSG College of Technology. Bioinstrumentation. Biomedical Devices. Control Systems. PSG Tech. Chandigarh 10 Reasons to use LabVIEW in Research and Learning 1. Vellore Institute of Technology. Pune Punjab Engineering College. licensing. Dynamics & Vibration. Goa Birla Institute of Technology. idly adopted in more than 400 colleges in India to teach various engineering subjects. Analog Circuits and Systems. Graphical system design decreases development time 9. Jaipur. It has also been observed that Graphical System Design (GSD) is the best platform to facilitate experiential learning and is being rap- and more. With NI technology. UG engineering labs configured using NI tools: Advanced Control. Biomedical Imaging. NI India is also supporting the academic research and has established partnerships with leading institutions like IIT’s. Biomechanics. Laboratory courses and Hands-on learning with the NI LabVIEW and NI hardware helps students understand the fundamentals thoroughly and become better engineers. Embed- 35 . NI strives to help educators develop a highly skilled. Consumer Electronics. academic research and development also involves patents. Save time incorporating labview with courseware and educational resources 10. the fun way i. Bio-Medical. Electrical Circuits. Bangalore Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Engineer your algorithms 2.College of Engineering (RVCE). This approach significantly helps bridge the gap between industry requirement and university learning. students as young as 7 can begin learning graphical programming techniques they can develop through high school and college and eventually take into their careers. through experiential learning.National Instruments in Research and Learning NI provides powerful. NI also recognizes that in today’s highly competitive and global economy. and partnerships with industry. technology transfer.Trichy. Composites. NIT’s. Collaborate and develop with a worldwide community of engineers The National Instruments India Academic Program strives to enhance learning in engineering colleges. signals 8. etc...Mumbai. Analog Systems. Measure in minutes with tight I/O connectivity 5. Construction. Analog Communication. Roorkee National Institute of Technology (NIT) Surathkal. Ranchi Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering (YCCE). This means that hardware and software tools must be adaptable to different NI’s Academic Associations in India • • • • • • • • • • • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.e. Use multiple models of computation to solve problem 6. Electrical Machines. Analyze signals with built-in math and signal process ing functions 7 Explore your measurements by visualizing your .V. Digital Signal Processing. Chennai. Digital Image Processing.

with more reliability and accuracy. tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Heat Transfer. Thermal. has rapidly gained widespread acceptance in engineering colleges across India. Environmental. Power Electronics.india@ni. Structural. Ambedkar Institute of Technology 36 . Mechatronics. Subject Monitoring. P. Satellite Communica. Software Architecture. Sensors. helps our students become ready for tomorrow! It enables us to translate scientific principles into concepts beneficial to the society. Geotechnical. Strength of Material. Scada. tion. use the platform. especially Engineering labs configured using National Instruments tools: LabVIEW. Fluid Mechanics. Thermodynamics Find which academic or research solution is suited for you email ni. Heat & Mass Transfer. Mixed Signal. being ready for tomorrow. Materials. University of Pune “The NI Platform. EMI/EMC. Remote Systems.” Prof. Process Control. System Design. Principal. Signals And Systems. Microprocessor. FPGA. Martin Jebaraj. Networking. IIT Kanpur “With experiential education on the NI Platform. Many major projects including the National Wind Tunnel Facility and the ongoing Technology Mission on Railway Safety. InstrUmentation. we have been able to effectively teach students the essential skills resulting in great placements in the Industry. Sanjay Gupta. Composite. Measurements. RF Robotics. PLC Programming. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 “The NI Platform. Chennai. Optical Communication. Kinetics. Pune.” Dr.ded System. Physics. Telecommunication. Damayanti Gharpure. At IIT Kanpur it is extensively used by almost all departments.” Dr. tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Bangalore. which are controlled by CAN based microcontroller. Undoubtedly Ni is a single stop for plethora of DAQ Hardware and Labview is definitely an easiest UI development platform to be ever 37 . Chennai. Pune. cut down the development time drastically & also helped in providing the flexibility and adaptability for testing of new boards in minimum time. ” Electrical endurance test bench for switches & sockets Schneider Electric India Pvt. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Browse through a vast online repository of customer solutions visit ni. “Using LabVIEW. Modules on the computer screen. GUI should also prepare the file containing information for electronics parameters.CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS A Test Automation Tool Development Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions limited. User can easily interact with hardware by operating virtual Nodes. Developed automated generic test system for different types of complex Assembled Boards of Barco products like Rear projection Projectors. we could develop very user friendly Graphical User Interface application for plasma diagnostic electronics. . There are about two hundred plasma diagnostics analog signal conditioning channels. with capabilities of testing. ” Graphical User Interface for Front End Electronics of SST-1 Plasma Diagnostics Institute for Plasma Research Developed a common Graphical User Interface (GUI) for physicist to control and monitor various electronics parameter of the front end electronics (FEE) of the plasma diagnostic of Superconducting Steady State Tokamak-1. Global Technology Centre India Converted traditional electro mechanical test equipment in to an ATE as it was not complying with the IEC standard’s requirement for fault detection and ON/ Off time tolerance 1 Sec +5%. This system resulted in a significant savings over the course of longer projects and the ability to more thoroughly test an application with less manual overhead in shorter time period. This system helped us in reducing the test time of the boards as much of 50% (compared to manual testing of the same board). ” Want to find a solution for your application? Contact us email ni. accurate and reconfigurable. for traditional Measurement and control system it used to cost around 5000US$ and with NI it is 3500US$. The physicists are operating hardware without having much knowledge of electronics and software from their seating places. “With NI we could make the test bench reconfigurable and simple with lesser number of components and economical. “Using NI software like Teststand. Apart from controlling electronics parameter our GUI has to communicate with Control Group of SST-1 for getting Shot Number information and sending ready status. measurement. Using NI DAQ card and LabVIEW has simplified the test setup and made the system more reliable. Developed a test automation tool for intrusion detection system to automate functional verification testing while developing the main control firmware in phases and also to automate system validation testing subsequently.india@ni. networking & Report generation. ” Fuse Time Delay Setting Testing LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD. “Using LabVIEW and I/O Modules reduced development time drastically and enabled to architect a versatile test automation system. – Strategic Electronics Center Developed a system for Fuse Time Delay Setting Testing In PINAKA Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher “Labview is genuinely an innovative revolutionary tool for engineers and scientists which not only eases their work but also reduces the development time substantially. Ltd. Labview and hardware. and hence improving the overall productivity. ” Barco Board Test System (BBTS) Test Tower Barco Electronic Systems (P) Ltd.

Speed monitoring and control of Generators for proper line frequency. the NI PXI platform. Implementation of a load management system which avoids overloading or sudden loading of power sources. and NI-DAQmx driver software. life and performance of motor. ” National Instruments LabVIEW & Data Acquisition technology control and automate an entire Continuous Process Industry Plant Tajna River Industries Private Limited Developed an automation and control The Tajna River Industries manufacturing unit by developing custom systems deploying the virtual instrumentation technology to fulfill the following requirements. analyzing. the Quality Assurance of winding is important from the point of energy efficiency. Created an automated measurement system using Desktop PC for the Computer System and SCXI for hardware. by providing an integrated. The FCS is one of the critical components of an aircraft.Also there has been an extensive time saving in completing manual testing. to create a highly flexible. NI PXI 1050 combination chassis. “The Data acquisition system significantly reduced time taken for calibration of 1024 channels with an option for easy upgradability to include additional channels in future. a leading organization. At ~ 15 minutes per motor. 3. Therefore. “To overcome the disadvantages and achieve modularity of Instruments. accurate. ” High Channel count Data Acquisition System for Gas Turbine Engine Captronic Systems private limited. Using National Instruments LabVIEW. along with other third-party hardware (ARINC 429). greatly reduced system development time. Our client. “Development time for putting the whole system came down by a factor of 1/6 thereby reducing the cost in terms of man hours. specializes in developing flight control systems (FCS) for aircrafts. Developed a PXI based Gauge monitoring and control system using LabVIEW RT and National Instruments Data-Acquisition Systems. Winding forms the heart of any electrical motor. 1. Use NI Signal Conditioning Extension for Instrumentation (SCXI) modules and Data acquisition (DAQ) card combined with the graphical features of LabVIEW to minimize development time and provide accurate result during testing gas turbine engine. 2. deterministic. vibration and flight control measurements. scalable. durable data acquisition system to measure static/dynamic forces. temperature. ” 38 . 4. the operator can test upto 30 motors per shift. Power factor control of the unit. and preparing reports. “VIs. In addition significant time saving (days) was achieved.Ground Vehicle Test Ground Test Centre.India Developed a 1024 channel count data acquisition system that is used to monitor engine behavior during its development phase. ” PC based system for quality assurance of electrical motors Thiagarajar College of Engineering Developed a measurement system to determine deviation in finished polyphase electrical winding from design specifications. The client thus saves enough time and money Secondary Flight Control HIL Simulator System HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD Developed an HIL Simulator System with semi-automated equipment for flight control system functionality testing. “The NI LabVIEW graphical development platform and the modularity extended by the NI PXI architecture equipped us by providing a flexible and reliable solution . collating. and powerful test system. NI RT 8196 controller with various SCXI conditioning and NI PXI data acquisition cards were proposed and implemented. reliable. To build a system for proper distribution of load on difsuch that they now can dedicate an employee to regular testing of motors they produce. ” NI-LabVIEW Real-time and PXI Technology Automates Gauge-Control In Cold Rolling Mills Pitel Engineering Implemented a compact closed loop control system for online gauge monitoring and control in cold rolling mills to ensure continuous 24x7 operations with minimum human intervention. HAL Developed a modular. configurable and reliable test system.

analyze & communicates the critical parameters to centralize Data Center for analysis and visualization of wide spread Distribution Transformers in Electrical Network. fast. The system built using LabVIEW and NI hardware. GUI operability and report generation. 6. dual display. It also helped us in integrating various features easily. One of the biggest challenges faced was testing the microcontrollers extensively based on most common customer applications. At each position 10 different patterns\colors in form of slides are projected and measurements done. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Check how Indian companies from HAL to Tata Motors to L&T have benefitted from using LabVIEW visit ni. Optimized the cycle time of brightness testing of projectors by 25%. ” Transformer Monitoring System NexGEN Consultancy Pvt. we are able to save around 40% to 50% of development time. 5. was vastly superior in testing speed and cost-effectiveness. an intuitive user interface and use comprehensive test cases was designed. “Using NI software like NI LabVIEW and NI hardware. helps them to take remedial action. maximum load management. Chennai.india@ni. Pune. ” Find out how others have benefitted with LabVIEW. Designed a Transformer Monitoring System with NI CompactRIO platform and GPRS communications interface to collect the data from remote located Distribution Transformers and provide graphical visualization using Geographical Information System and Web Based Application “The solution equipped the utilities to identify the low performance area.e. projector communication (UPNP RS232). “NI has made it possible for us to test various peripherals of our microcontroller with single hardware and software solution. Manual testing was found to be time consuming and did not encompass all the possible test cases. Using LabVIEW. Automation of operation of a chiller 39 . and so can you email ni. compared to the previous test system which used a traditional curve tracer. Ltd Designed a Transformer Monitoring System (TMS) that can acquire. ” PC-based System Results in Faster Testing of Electronic Components Soliton Automation Private Limited Built a cost-effective. High class Labview training teaches good programming practices thus drastically reducing development tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. ” Automated Testing of Microcontrollers Infineon Technologies The project involved the development of an automation framework to test the microcontrollers (hardware and low level drivers). Development of plant maintenance scheduling system “LabVIEW is an ideal platform on which any engineer or production manager or a quality manager or a top management person can implement his/her ideas to improve his system and hence profits. NI Motion controller software & hardware modules Barco Electronic Systems (P) Ltd Developed an efficient system for the measurement of ANSI brightness & ANSI uniformity of video projectors at 13 different coordinates via an LMT. process. hence enhance customer satisfaction and life of the equipment. dynamic . ” Brightness measurement – OVD2 PU using the NI LabVIEW. These required capability of fast & accurate motor movement (Servo Motor) in closed loop interpolation mode.ferent power sources i. It has also made it possible to automate our testing. NI products helped in achieving the target of an unmanned test bench for the automation framework. “The new system cut testing time to one half and the capital cost to a fourth of the original system which was built using traditional instruments. immediate recovery action avoids power interruption and improve the power reliability. and accurate system to plot and verify the dynamic characteristic curves of a threeterminal electronic device. measurement from LMT. The challenge was to integrate and automate the complete workflow of testing microcontrollers (device under test).

” Pipe Support Corrosion Inspector Indian Institute of Technology Madras. data acquisition. ” 40 . This simulator provided the platform for verification of different algorithms. ” Continuously Variable Transmission – Dynamometer Test Stand Pyramid Precision Engineering (India) Pvt. “With NI LabVIEW we were able to easily create user interfaces for the HIL system. s/w platforms. “The ease of DAQ interfacing. reporting and user interface in a single window to the user. NI platform made it possible for us to design. are some of the advantages that prompted us to use LabVIEW. This application involved the development of pipe scanning crawler and in-house developed software (using LABVIEW®) for data acquisition with corrosion imaging and characterization features in pipes in regions that are not accessible to normal inspection methods. data logging and implement complex control algorithms. “Using NI LabVIEW and NI hardware eased the development process and reduced development time immensely and the result is a system that can effectively carry out simulation. Analyzer and Datalogger for Endurance Testing of Automotive Two-Wheeler Cam Chains System Integration Consultant Deigned and developed a HMI controller. analyzer and data logger for endurance and validation testing of automotive two-wheeler cam chains. “With the NI LabVIEW software and NI hardware we were successful in integrating a complex mechanical test system to a personal computer system providing control. “By using LabVIEW.) control and data acquisition and a highly user interactive NI LabVIEW virtual instrumentation based virtual control panel for the rig. without additional efforts. ” Hardware-In-Loop Simulation and In-Vehicle Test System for EGR Controller TATA Motors Ltd Winner of the ‘Excellence through Innovation’ Award at Tata Motors. develop and deploy the solution in less than four weeks time. These cam chain tests are to be conducted as per the Indian Drive Cycle (IDC). Graphical User Interface Development. ” CVS Controller Automotive Research Association of India. Using this technology we were able to replace the old microprocessor based system and deliver a user friendly application. The IDC represents the typical Indian driving conditions on roads and highways as shown in the following figure. Pune Developed a reliable and highly accurate Data Acquisition and Control System using National instruments PXI and LabWindows CVI “The system developed using NI technology is very reliable and delivers very high performance. NI multi function DAQ based (delete excess space. Developed a rugged test rig with NI SCC based instrumentation. A mathematical model of High Pressure Common Rail diesel engine was integrated with NI LabVIEW front end. attain flexibility in configuring the system for testing multiple h/w. and seamlessly interface with the h/w. 3D Graphical Representation. The analog and discrete signals required by the engine ECU were generated by a data acquisition card which is controlled by NI LabVIEW. Pune Created a generic test setup for Hardware-in-loop (HIL) and in-vehicle testing for automotive aggregate units like EGR and Glow Plug controller. which is different from other international standards. this system saved us 8 months of time and 10 Lakhs of money. HIL system was developed in NI LabVIEW. ” Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Test System for Engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) KPIT Cummnis Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) test system was developed to test the engine control software which is designed using model based software development approach.HMI Controller. “This system has proven to be a very useful tool for testing car air conditioning system for our client. Ltd. ” Development of Low Cost Simulator for Hardware in Loop Simulation TVS Motor Company Developed a low cost simulator for HIL testing using NI products. which otherwise had to be checked with a real physical system.

an effective and reliable High Speed Rail Bearing life Test System was developed and effective control of Rail Rig was achieved. and simulating and optimizing the travel of the design as a result of motion performance tests. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Browse through a vast online repository of customer solutions visit ni. “NI Labview replaced two bulky and expensive hardware lock-in amplifiers with a single cost-effective OEM data acquisition module from National Instruments and NI LabVIEW software installed on a netbook to miniaturize the system further. ” Want to find a solution for your application? Contact us email ni. “Using NI LabVIEW we were able to provide a user friendly and reliable solution which provides Centralized monitoring & diagnosis of remotely located Distribution Transformer. ” Tablet Press Monitoring System VB TechAutomation Challenge: To set up high speed tablet press system on Real Time (RT) for simultaneous measurement and control actions at production speed of 5000 tablets/min and furnishing analyzed data to third party SCADA software over the TCP/IP network. “Using NI LabVIEW. Bangalore To develop a robust Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system for detecting. ” Developing remote & virtual laboratories with LabVIEW The University of Sheffield Created interactive Web-accessible learning objects for for early detection and monitoring of tooth decay Quantum Dental Technologies Developed a system with a fast. The system had to adapt to naturally varying shades of the Ceramic Matrices and allow the user to change the defect detection and classification criteria through the software. reliable. while enabling a simple user interface design. Used NI LabVIEW software to create a remotely accessible interactive user interface with database integration for results tracking and NI data acquisition (DAQ) modules to provide I/O to external sensors and devices. ” Life Test of High Speed Rail Bearings Timken Engineering Research India (P) Ltd. modelling and control that are integrated with a database to record student work. “As compared to other contemporary systems in the market ours has a very low False Rejection tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Designed a Transformer Monitoring System with NI CompactRIO platform and GPRS communication interface to collect the data from remote located Distribution Transformers provide graphical visualization using geographical information system and web based application. easy-to-use interface for use with an intraoral camera to continuously acquire frequency-domain photothermal radiometry (PTR) and modulated luminescence (LUM) responses from two detectors in less than five seconds while modulating a laser that illuminates the tooth surface. Ltd. hence enhance customer satisfaction and life of equipment. LabVIEW is a straight forward to understand and 41 . Developed a platform to test the equations and NI LabVIEW VIs without a fabricated physical test platform after solving inverse kinematic motion equations for six-axis manipulators. ” Using LabVIEW software to develop the canary system Transformer Monitoring System NexGEN Consultancy Pvt.Automated optical inspection of X–ray ceramic matrices Soliton Technologies Private Limited. quantifying and classifying surface defects on X-Ray Ceramic Matrices (Scintillator elements).india@ni. ” Improve the Design Process Square One Systems Design Inc. The test by itself is foolproof and needs no further quality checking. It hlped improve the power reliability. “As a graphical programming language. Chennai. Built a machine control and monitoring system for Rail rig on which life test of High Speed Rail Bearings are done. “We explored all options and chose to adopt LabVIEW as our controls programming tool. Pune.

” Industrializing Acquisitions on a Renault Driving Characterisation of LED-Based Micro-Optical Encoder Heriot-Watt University Built a 2D scanning system to study the light emitted by micro-optoelectromechanical systems (MOEMS) for optical encoders. We saved time and money while achieving superior results.1 mil- Find out how others have benefitted with LabVIEW. ” Simulator Arcale Updated the acquisitions section on a driving simulator to study systems that target better road safety. both of which are vital to the success of a small business. “Overall. using LabVIEW for our testing and validation process has been a huge success. “The combination of LabVIEW software and NI hardware made automation of the scanning extremely simple. and analysis system for research-grade ion trap mass spectrometer systems that can accommodate experiments of varying complexity and sophistication. while the flexibility of LabVIEW made it easy to change parameters of the area to be tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Chennai. The flexibility afforded by the NI hardware and LabVIEW software ensures that the system can grow as experimental needs in this field change in the future. ” Using LabVIEW and NI Hardware to Improve the Quality of RFID Tags for Tracking Fish Saint Bernard Engineering Inc. Established communication between a PC and a dynamic signal processor (DSP) embedded on a motor controller. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 Check how Indian companies from HAL to Tata Motors to L&T have benefitted from using LabVIEW visit ni. “This solution’s performance and capabilities have equaled or surpassed those available on commercial instruments. 42 . “The application uses NI LabVIEW as a programming platform.india@ni. ” Automating Test and Validation for Variable Speed Motors Ramu Inc. ” The LabVIEW program initializes the software and hardware and loads the most recently used test Balaton Technologies Replaced an obsolete high electrical power test controller with a solution that offers easier maintenance. ” Danish Patrol Vessel Equipped with an Airless SCR System to Reduce NOx Emissions DANSK TEKNOLOGI Reduced NOx (nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide) emissions from the Danish naval fleet to fulfill stringent environmental regulations. which makes future modifications easier. and repeatedly measuring and storing electrical and mechanical data for a range of test command signals. and so can you email ni. and greater flexibility. “The LabVIEW graphical user interface allows the customer to easily and efficiently monitor and control the SCR system. Pune. ” Creating an Integrated and Flexible Control Solution for Mass Spectrometer Systems Danell Consulting Created an end-to-end control. “LabVIEW allowed the development team to implement scalable architectures in the test system. more features. which makes information accessible on the network. Designed a test system to rapidly sort more than 1. which are devices that take high-precision distance and position measurements.Facility Rendering Observatory Sciences Ltd Used LabVIEW to create a system for controlling the telescope mount control hardware and to develop commands and status communication with other systems based on LabVIEW using LabVIEW shared variables. “LabVIEW enabled rapid prototyping using a graphical development environment with an easy integration of external application libraries as well as built-in debugging facilities.

” Janit Kumar. V. we provided a fast. It offers easy integration with equipments working on legacy protocols and also with latest having Ethernet only as port of communication. TR&D. Scientific Officer DNAP Tata Institute of Fundamental Research .” K. “Using NI hardware and LabVIEW software. Vision. without compiling or write long syntax based codes. LabVIEW and NI hardware proved to be excellent choices for the heart of our fully integrated universal controller system. Embedded etc. Thulasi Ram. STMicroelectronics 43 . “It is wonderful and only programming environment. reliable system that met all of the client’s functional needs.. Test Engineering Specialist. “With a 73 percent reduction in size and a 40 percent reduction in cost. which allows the user to put in imaginations/designs so easily. Motion.lion passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags a year to ensure that only quality tags are used for tracking fish. ” Using LabVIEW and NI Single-Board RIO to Create a Universal Controller for Cardiovascular Products Dynatek Developing a single universal controller for all of Dynatek’s cardiovascular testing instruments. ” “It gave me enormous strength in implementing so many features ranging from DAQ. that make the complete product in a shortest possible time frame in various walks of life.

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05 CONSULTATION & SUPPORT Committed To Your Success Across The Product Life Cycle • Professional services for every customer interaction • Personalized assistance and help from our expert consultants across India • Online assistance for your application development • Direct access to technical support from NI applications engineers • A host of maintenance and support services 45 .

etc • Post sales support: provide updates. Software Advisors: The NI India Professional Solutions The NI India professional solutions team has a direct presence across India and comprises of: Find the correct product/upgrade options. Mumbai. technical specifications. This worksheet. cables. recommend system architecture and build proof of concepts on requirement Online Advisors: Prefer to check online? We have various online resources to assist you at every stage of application development.india@ni. product activation and registration details. Pune. and other accessories for your application. Have them call you: ni. National Instruments India brings 17 years of experience. Hyderabad: +91(STD Code) 44229000 • Email them: ni. cables. chassis. select from different options. The solutions offered extend throughout the application life-cycle: from planning and development through deployment and ongoing maintenance. Software Maintenance and Support: Software maintenance subscriptions offer automatic 46 . is attached. consulting and end to end solutions for your requirement Application Engineering Team: • Support customers during the application development Choose the correct hardware. System Engineering Team: • Help develop technical proposals. entitled Startup Assistance Menu. Each customer will receive a worksheet from which they can choose what assistance they would like to receive. code reviews. and analysis. commitment and support to every customer interaction across industries in Online Product Advisors: With the help of online advisors. process by offering proof of concepts. and automatically generate a valid system or a valid list of products for easy purchase. drivers. Delhi: +91 11 42658282. Basic user training is available. presentation.National Instruments: Your Trusted Advisor National Instruments is committed to ensuring customer success. qualified technical consultants offer complete solutions and recommend the best solutions for individual system needs. • It gets easier. you can interactively enter your requirements. Chennai. and other accessories for a complete measurement • Chat with them: ni. Hardware Advisors: Internal Technical Consultant Team: • The quickest route to getting personalized consultation on your application • Call: Bangalore: +91 80 41190000. System Advisors: Select the modules. Field Technical Consultant Team: • Our NI India field consultants provide onsite feasibility analysis. pricing and part numbers for a complete software solution. As your trusted advisors. example codes. Affiliated Product Advisors: Find the right products for your application NI Services Startup Assistance: Startup assistance can include from basic system setup and configuration to data acquisition.

R&D Executive . direct support from NI applications engineers. NI technical Experts install all the relevant software and hardware of the ordered system enabling the customer to deploy the system with minimum lead time.Technology. Naresh Narra. Warranty and Repair Services Extended warranties help you meet project the life-cycle requirements and provide repair services for NI products. NI uses an unique return material authorization number to track submitted hardware to be analyzed by technical experts firstly locally. Crompton Greaves Limited 47 . Himadri Bhushan Das (TVS Motor Company) I really like using LabVIEW because of the very good support I get from LabVIEW Forums and community. Factory Installation Services: Factory Installation Service involves an Out of the Box ready-to-use system with extended warranty on hardware and calibration services provided. service providers. express repair. I want to appreciate the effort and time spent by support team to help me out with my project. It is also useful for my application as it is a single Graphical Design Platform that reduces development time. visit: ni. Electronics Design Centre. and automated calibration software specifically designed for use by the metrology laboratories. Calibration Services: NI provides a host of calibration solutions. System Configuration and Deployment: Trained NI technicians install software and hardware and configure your system to your specifications. and advance replacement services. After troubleshooting and analyzing the hardware the technical experts recommend the product to be shipped to the US office for repair if required. Mr. and ondemand training modules that showcase development best practices. Special thanks for your effort to come on an official holiday to TVS premises for support.NI warrants its hardware products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date it is shipped to the customer. and simplifying your software budgeting and purchasing. Volume Licensing: NI volume licensing helps you maximize your software investment by reducing your total cost of ownership. it is easy to debug and deploy code as per user configuration. manual calibration procedures. helping build a user community within your upgrades and maintenance releases for your software. that includes services to recalibrate your products.

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developers. channel partners. Value Added Resellers-found across cities in India 49 . Channel Partners. Systems Integration and Consulting Partners. high-quality virtual instrumentation solutions to customers • 2 of the 17 select Alliance partners globally are from India • NI India’s partners- Alliance Partners. and industry experts • Assist to provide complete.06 NI INDIA PARTNERS End-to-End Solution Catalysts • NI worldwide network of more than 600 consultants. system integrators.

Select partners are the highest level of alliance partner memberships conferred by National Instruments. developers. and industry experts partnering with NI to provide complete. it results in faster R & D. high-quality virtual instrumentation solutions. NI India has built a strong network of alliance members across India. thus saving on development costs. Solutions provided by Alliance Partners A Functional Test Bench for Power Tools Automated Shim Selection Machine Automated Test Equipment for Functional Test of X-Ray Tubes Caliper Brake Test System with an FPGA-based Servo Control System Checkout System for Power Modules Creating a Test System for a New Generation Ultrasound Machine Designing a Flight Control System Developing a Portable Real-Time Vibration Monitoring System Developing a Starter Generator Test System Developing a Supercritical Steam Test Facility Digital Electro-Hydraulic Servo Controller Distributed Manufacturing Test System for Vacuum Tubes Functional Test Bench for Power Tools GIS Based Automatic Meter Reading System for Substation Glow Plug Performance Test System Heat Transfer Rig Data Logger High Channel count Data Acquisition System for Gas Turbine Engine High Speed In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System ABS Testing Life Test of High Speed Rail Bearings Monitor Bridge Health Portable DAQ System For Electronic Sub Assemblies Real Time Remote Data Logging & Monitoring Starter Motor Durability Test Stand Transformer Monitoring System Tyre Unbalance Test System Vacuum Chamber Controlling and Monitoring Weiss Cold Chamber Monitoring & Brake Test System Wind Tunnel Data Acquisition and Control System Wireless Monitoring and Control System and many more. require in-depth expertise in building a large multifaceted system or solution. National Instruments conducts internal assessments to qualify the organizations as alliance members. Over the last 17 years. The National Instruments Alliance Partner program is a worldwide network of more than 6 hundred consultants. or want to find a turnkey solution. Because of ease of use of using LabVIEW. The front screens are easy to create and have a wide range of controls and indicators which enhance the appearance and assist in providing a perfect and user friendly front panel.NI Alliance Partner Program Whether you are looking for assistance in completing a small integration project. channel partners. system integrators. 50 ... It is a matter of great pride that 2 of the 17 select partners are from India – Captronic Systems India Ltd and Apna Technologies & Solutions. NI India has successfully executed projects ranging from an Automated Shim Selection Machine and Grough Vehicle Testing to Developing a Real-Time Wireless Data Acquisition System to Monitor Bridge Health and Building a High-Channel-Count Data Acquisition System for Gas Turbine Engines in India. There are only 17 organizations in the world that are select partners. G R Mallikarjuna Manager. To ensure high business standards and commitment to customer success. National Instruments Alliance Partners have the resources and know-how to provide what you need in every region and every industry. In partnership with these members. Controls ETA Technology Pvt Ltd. This is a true testament to our commitment to customer success.

Aerospace & Defense Solutions. project management and maintenance. 51 . Digilogic Systems digilogicsystems. control and data acquisition systems for a broad range of industries and applications. Mayura’s Industrial Services is a leading automation and Robotics System Integrators of South India. solutions and services in Railways. Industrial Automation. Bangalore. custom application development to complete systems integration. Nexus EngiConsults nexusengiconsults. they are experts in circuit design. PLCs. Shipping and Nexus EngiConsults caters to requirements in Apna Technologies & Solutions (ApnaTech). Presence: Chennai Industry Expertise: They supply a wide range of automation products viz. Drives. Servo Motors. Software Consulting. Apna Technologies & Solutions apnatech. Hyderabad. designs and delivers knowledge engineering products and systems engineering solutions. MP Industry Expertise: Automatic Test Equipments. geared motors. DC Drives. It has been formed by highly skilled and motivated professionals having several hundred years of combined technical and corporate expertise in providing high quality. Servo Motors. Optimized Solutions optimizedsolutions. Presence: Ahmedabad. New Zealand. Noida Industry Expertise: ApnaTech offers a variety of products. DC Drives. an Apna Group (established 1979) company. geared motors. Integrating Digilogic Systems specializes in the design and development of custom automated test. Soft Starts. testing. Presence: Chennai. instrumentation and software development. The products and solutions help organizations make better engineering decisions and help improve their efficiencies with data and expert systems. cost-effective and complete end-to-end solutions to its valued customers. Maharashtra. data logging software. Mayuras mayuras. Robotics. control and acquisition system for R&D. Industry Expertise: Automotive. through system design. Vision Systems High Speed Data Acquisition and Motion. SCADA and Robotics. Drives. Control and Signal Processing. Vision and Motion. Measurement & Process Control Systems. Australia. Captronic Systems specializes in design and development of custom automated test. Trivandrum. Productvity Enhancement Solutions. Manufacturing. Clutches and Brakes to industries. Based in New Delhi. remote date acquisition software and myriads of others. Vision Systems High Speed Data Acquisition and Motion. They are also one of the major suppliers of gear boxes. Soft Starts. Optimized Solutions offer fast and customized Data Acquisition and Automation solution based on Customer requirement at a cost effective price. SCADA and Robotics. right from the earliest stage of needs identifications.NI India Alliance Member Directory: Captronics Systems Pvt Ltd captronicsystems. Their expertise lies in offering enterprise integration software. Presence: Bangalore. Power Sector. DC Motors. PLCs. Clutches and Brakes to industries. DIGILOGIC SYSTEMS has successfully tackled many engineering projects in several industry segments across small and big companies and we enjoy the variety and challenge presented by such a diverse clientele and diverse applications. They supply a wide range of automation products viz. VFDs. DC Motors. Pune. Using proven development and implementation standards. Aero Space. design validation and production testing. They are also one of the major suppliers of gear boxes. implementation. Presence: Hyderabad Industry Expertise: Building turn-key Automated Test Equipments. VFDs.

Channel Partners National Instrument Channel Partners have a strong knowledge of a vertical industry. and more. SCADA & Process Control. Know more about an Alliance partner in your region. Presence: Noida. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 52 .com/labviewtools) VI Automation Pvt Ltd: viapl. NexGEN is a leading software product and services company that provides full-spectrum software product development services to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement. As an upbeat Product Development & IT Services partner. Migration & Re-Engineering. instrument drivers. Business Intelligence. Ltd. • Design Validation and Production Testing especially for Automotive and Electronics companies. that includes design. Control Systems. (VIAPL) is the industrial solutions and process automation providing organization which adopts latest technology and trend with standard which enables companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value towards quality. software development and control mechanisms work on turnkey solutions for industrial and academic problems. development. Sound and Vibrations About: VI Automation Pvt. We bank on our competence in the LabVIEW programming environment and our understanding of the automotive and electronic industries. They often provide the focused knowledge and turn-key systems required for specific industry accounts. Radio Frequency communication NexGEN Consultancy nexgenconsultancy. Pune. NI Product Partner Program NI Product Partners are companies that provide complementary software and hardware products such as LabVIEW toolkits. Robotics. Value Added Resellers Value Added Resellers include all solution partners who expand their offering to develop National Instruments technology integrated into customer-defined solutions.signal processing. Visit the LabVIEW Tools Network (ni. Presence: Pune. Presence: Delhi. Ghaziabad Industry Expertise: Automation. Support & Maintenance. Client-server based communication. Software Testing & Quality Assurance . Industry Expertise: • PC based Test and Measurement Systems • Custom Automated Test • Control and Acquisition Systems for R&D to find the list of third party products which are available. and training and support Know more about how our network of Partners across India can help with your application email tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai. Other Partnerships in India Systems Integration and Consulting Partners System integration and consulting companies in Alliance Program offer a comprehensive range of services.india@ni. LabVIEW Real-Time drivers. Data Acquisition. Udaipur Industry Expertise: Bespoke Application Development. we empower our global clients with optimal solutions through our focused technical competencies and 14 years of product management experience. integration. Visit ni.

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Professional NI Training and Certification • Professional instructor-led class room trainings specially for India • Over 1500 Indian professionals trained yearly. • Over 500 individuals undertake LabVIEW certification exams yearly • Trainings & Certifications conducted across Indian cities • Saves development time and cost • Formal Certifications in LabVIEW recognized globally Flexible Trainings • Across Locations in India • For Corporates, Students and Individuals • Training and Certification Membership

Learn Online • Devzone: Learn through Tutorials, Example Codes, Webcasts & Videos, Publications • Webcast Wednesday: Series of weekly online LabVIEW training sessions, conducted by Indian Technical Consultants, which help you learn the language and hence program better.


National Instruments Training & Certification
National Instruments India offers world-class training courses which helps you build skill and competency with LabVIEW tools in the fastest and most effective manner. Our scientifically designed curriculum and expert trainers ensure a wholesome education experience with minimal investment on time. NI India Training programs have had a positive impact on the performance and productivity of executives of more than 100 companies in India and include engineers of Honeywell India, Infosys, Brakes India, Eicher, Philips Software Centre, BHEL, National Semi-conductors, Nokia India Pvt Ltd, Whirlpool, Indian Air Force, and more. We have training and certifications regularly conducted across cities in India. Our Instructor-led class room training approach is the fastest, most certain route to productivity by using LabVIEW.

Benefits of NI training: • Shortens your learning curve and increases applicationdeveloping success • Saves you development time and cost over application life cycle by teaching you important techniques and key features to architect your application • Helps develop larger applications that you can easily maintain and reuse • Avoids the trial-and-error approach of self-study and the everyday distractions of the workplace • Provides with cost-effective, high-quality professional training from knowledgeable applications engineer instructors who can discuss solutions for applications to jump-start your projects • Gives you hands-on experience with NI hardware and LabVIEW

• Wide range of introductory and advanced courses on LabVIEW • Class – room based instruction and hands on experience • Enables engineers to become project ready and face application level development challenges in record time • Choose from a wide range of packages for corporate which offer flexible curriculum, option of on -demand on-site training and membership packages. • For organizations, NI’s worldwide recognized certification is a strategic investment that pays off in increased productivity, reduced turnover, and an overall competitive advantage.

• Stay upto date with advancement in technology and help in career advancement. • For developers and engineers using NI software, NI’s worldwide recognized certification is a proven way to boost career potential • Certification helps inspire confidence in technical skills, leading to promotions, new opportunities, and higher pay

• Learn engineering better • Get equipped with skills on NI’s flagship software LabVIEW • Hands-on practical experience • Trains students to face real-world challenges • Validate credentials with NI’s worldwide recognized certification examinations.

• Open to students, individuals and Corporates • Selection of introductory and advanced training courses and certifications to greatly improve your productivity with NI LabVIEW • Unlimited Access to the Training Courses for 1 Year • The Option to Retake All Courses • Skill Validation with Professional Credentials • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee • Reduced Training Costs


You can also download the latest Training Brochure and Training calendar. • On demand on-site training for Corporates Find the list of training courses being conducted across India. Whirlpool India Ltd.” Prashant Deshpande. “LabVIEW is easy to learn. I would say LabVIEW has boosted my career growth. GE Energy. NPI-Hardware. at a city near you. • Schedule training close to you. 57 .com/india/training “The LabVIEW training that I took has given me the detailed understanding of how to build measurement and control systems .” J. Delhi. Engineer. useful & very productive software. Technologist. Thanks to National Instruments. I will be deploying these learning to successfully implement a test project on the Refrigerators at Whirlpool.LabVIEW Training Path What would be your experience at an NI Training Session? Highly effective training course curriculum • Class room based Instruction • Designed over years of research and innovation • Designed keeping in mind individual learning curve • Combination of understandability combined with in-depth knowledge Personalized Attention • Classes populated in a way that doesn’t not affect attention given to each participant Access to highly skilled instructors • Best engineering minds with superior communication skills • Instructors are individuals with hands-on understanding of current industry needs Conducive learning environment • Classroom setting • Practical experience with actual hardware • Interaction based learning • Superior infrastructure • Personalized guidance on certifications and training path • Anytime access to training path counseling/ sales team/ support/ operations Flexible location options • Classroom training in Bangalore. Venkatesh. visit ni. Sr.

Certification National Instrument’s worldwide recognized NI certification program identifies professionals who have a high level of skill and knowledge of LabVIEW. The training was overall a great learning experience. 3. National Semiconductors India. Certified LabVIEW Developer At this level. I recommend the LabVIEW Basics Training to anyone who has any design. Kolkata and Hyderabad +91 (STD Code) 4422 9000 58 . Pune. Download LabVIEW (Free 30-Day Trial) With access to all the tools and functions in the LabVIEW Professional Development System visit ni. “I have been using LabVIEW for some time for my applications. Speak to our Training Consultant on various individual packages on offer or visit ni. and the ability to understand and interpret existing code.” Ravi Kumar DVJ . 2. The NI LabVIEW certification path includes three steps: 1. You also get the option of being listed on ni. “I would recommend NI India training program to anyone who is interested in building and completing their application with shorter development time. Engineer. Design Manager. a basic understanding of coding and documentation best tel Bangalore +91 (0)80 4119 0000 Delhi +91 (0)11 4265 8282 Mumbai.” Chhaya Chavda. Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer This certification indicates a broad working knowledge of the LabVIEW environment. promoting. IPR. NI offers multiple certification designations to help determine different levels of email or outsourcing needs. Chennai. an engineer has shown the ability to design and develop functional programs while minimizing development time and ensuring maintainability. NI certification offers a highly credible way to identify candidates with pertinent skills for hiring. However after attending the professional LabVIEW Basics Training at NI India training centre. I did not have any formal training till now.india@ni. I have now realized that what I learnt on my own was a drop in the ocean. It distinguishes expertise and differentiates individuals and competitors for career advancement and project opportunities. Certified LabVIEW Architect Architects have demonstrated that they have reached the highest skill level and can develop a framework for an application to be executed by a team of developers if given a set of high-level requirements. measurement and control projects.

and counting… 59 . 20 minute sessions on various features of LabVIEW which help you learn the language • View live software and hardware demos which better illustrate the feature being discussed • Learn a new LabVIEW Tip every week. NI LabVIEW Technical Resources: Getting Started. 1239 technical-resources Webcast Wednesday National Instruments India has introduced Webcast Wednesday. conducted by Indian engineers. LabVIEW takes a little learning and reading through introductory material before you dive in. see the below resources for taking your applications to the next Upgrade Notes: Find details on all new features and changes in LabVIEW 2010 as well as the process for upgrading your applications to the latest version. and Downloads If you are a new user just getting started with NI LabVIEW software or have been programming with graphical code for years. 4877 Tutorials. Best Practices in Software Engineering: View extensive documentation that provides procedural guidelines and recommendations across all development phases for large software applications written with LabVIEW. These are useful shortcuts or little known features which can be very helpful • Live Q&A sessions after each webcast with our Applications Engineers to answer any doubts/queries • Supplement your LabVIEW training with this weekly refresher course to ensure your LabVIEW knowledge is increasing regularly • Attend 20 or more Webcast Wednesday sessions to be eligible for a free CLAD attempt • VI Contest conducted each week Find these resources and more at : ni. which help you learn the language and hence program better. NI Hardware Drivers and Updates: Download your specific NI device National Instruments’ online repository of information. Like any new powerful software. Instrument Driver Network: Search more than 8. IPNet – FPGA IP: Browse. Join over 3500 Indian LabVIEW enthusiasts and sharpen your LabVIEW skills! Key features of Webcast Wednesday• Short. Read more: ni. 8000 Examples. and download LabVIEW FPGA functions or IP (intellectual property) for your specific application. a series of regular weekly online LabVIEW sessions. Example Code :Share and download example programs and IP with other LabVIEW users. by getting you up to speed with the basic concepts of LabVIEW and graphical programming. Programming Resources LabVIEW Add-Ons: Find prepackaged LabVIEW functions and software tools for developing specific applications and deploying to targets. Getting Started with LabVIEW Learn LabVIEW Basics This quick introduction helps you learn LabVIEW faster. Read more at ni. 1053 Webcasts. Support.Learn Yourself National Instruments offers various online ways in which you can Learn LabVIEW for free in your own time and comfort.000 drivers to be up and running with stand-alone instruments. understand. 4802 Instrument Drivers.

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• Collaborate globally with more than 110. Share.08 COMMUNITY Collaborate. videos and blogs • File and code sharing • Localized Indian online community 61 .000 active online LabVIEW users • Form groups and discuss with your peers • Various platforms for interactions & exchanges of ideas • File sharing & collaboration: LabVIEW users worldwide • Technical content. articles and whitepapers • Tutorials. Learn.

ni. As a LabVIEW user. The online LabVIEW community has more than 140.NI recognizes the passion that exists among its users and has provided various platforms for interactions and exchanges of ideas. Ask. advice. Instrument type and Development Environment. Network. Discover and collaborate on latest example code. 62 . NI Code exchange hosts Community contributed and NI Supported Code that ensures for a wide range of applications from Encryption to Signal feedback. experiences . assistance are just a few of the topics covered in our blogs section. Educate iLabVIEW is an 8 year old community of Indian LabVIEW enthusiasts which was formed in Bangalore to collaborate across cities and applications to interact. LabVIEW users around the world help each other get through roadblocks quickly so everyone can develop faster. difficulties and challenges encountered. Protocols used. tricks. thanks to a world of engineers and scientists ready to help you succeed. User Groups decibel. Code Sharing ni. Blog. Strong community participating and rating of contributed code ensures only the very highest quality code is available for download. you are never alone. Discussion Forums forums. NI Idea Exchange forums. You can become a part of the community by finding answers to questions.over 13. The focussed nature of the groups ensures users are constantly abreast of the latest developments in their area or industry and supports collaboration between diverse groups like students and rocket scientists.000 registered members from 83 countries speaking 9 languages. event summaries. NI recognizes the passion that exists among its users and provided various platforms for interactions and exchanges of ideas. networking with fellow engineers. and still counting. providing feedback. exchange and innovate with each other using the LabVIEW platform. and more with a worldwide community of engineers and scientists. View all of the NI Idea Exchanges to post an idea or add your opinion on an existing one today. These codes have been deployed in various Industries like Biotechnology and the Telecommunications National Instruments is committed to its loyal community of developers and solicits their ideas which are voted on and incorporated in future versions of National Instruments hosts on its site comprehensive discussion forums where members and Application Engineers post real world Solutions across applications available online. Novices and veterans of LabVIEW actively ask codes. examples. you are never alone when working on your applications. Blogs decibel. Learn. The range of ideas that are discussed on the Idea forum represent not only small recommendations that speedup development time but also entirely new features that keep LabVIEW a work in progress. tutorials. The massive amounts of example and recommended codes available are sorted by Manufactures. The experienced members of the community offer solutions to these ensuring shorter development cycles and quicker response to issues. discuss and grow in a peer supported environment. and even trying out new products. iLabVIEW: The Indian LabVIEW Community ENABLE: Nuggets of information. NI LabVIEW is a powerful engineering tool that thousands of engineers in hundreds of application areas have User groups are community created groups where focused discussions and idea exchanges take place on either specific technologies or events in a particular geographical location or industry. This not only ensures that customer needs are constantly met but also facilitates a robust and easy to use application. tips.


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ni. Online product Advisors How can LabVIEW be used in wide variety of applications ni.WEB RESOURCES Introduction to LabVIEW for the new user ni. webcasts. product info.Modules and Toolkits LabVIEW Technical Support NI Developer Zone .com/labview/whatsnew Free 30-Day Free Trial of LabVIEW ni.Tutorials. datasheets and much more zone. case What’s new in LabVIEW 2010 LabVIEW Training course information ni. Read how others have benefitted from LabVIEW and other NI products 67 .com/advisor LabVIEW product Family .

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