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5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
Recognizing that we each swore an
oath to support and defend the Con-
stitution against all enemies, foreign
und domesLIc, und uIhrmIng LIuL we
are guardians of the Republic, of the
principles in our Declaration of In-
dependence, and of the rights of our
peopIe, we uIhrm und decIure LIe
1. We will NOT obey any or-
der to disarm the American
The attempt to disarm the people
on April 19, 1775 was the spark of
open conßIcL In LIe AmerIcun Revo-
IuLIon. TIuL vIIe uLLempL wus un ucL
of war, and the American people
IougIL buck In jusLIhed, rIgILeous
self-defense of their natural rights.
Any such order today would also be
an act of war against the American
people, and thus an act of treason.
We will not make war on our own
people, and we will not commit trea-
son by obeying any such treasonous
Nor will we assist, or support any
such attempt to disarm the people
bv oLIer governmenL enLILIes, eILIer
state or federal.
2. We will NOT obey any order
to conduct warrantless search-
es of the American people,
their homes, vehicles, papers,
or effects -- such as warrant-
less house-to house searches
for weapons or persons.
One of the causes of the American
RevoIuLIon wus LIe use oI ¨wrILs oI
assistance,” which were essentially
warrantless searches because there
was no requirement to demonstrate
probubIe cuuse Lo u judge. TIe hrsL
herv embers oI AmerIcun resIsLunce
were born in opposition to those in-
famous writs. The Founders consid-
ered all warrantless searches to be
unreasonable and egregious. The
Fourth Amendment was written to
prevenL u repeuL oI sucI vIoIuLIons oI
the right of the people to be secure
in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects.
3. We will NOT obey any order
to detain American citizens as
“unlawful enemy combatants”
or to subject them to trial by
military tribunal.
One of the causes of the American
RevoIuLIon wus LIe denIuI oI LIe rIgIL
to jury trial, the use of admiralty
courts (military tribunals) instead,
and the application of the laws of
war to the colonists. After that expe-
rience, and being well aware of the
infamous Star Chamber in English
history, the Founders ensured that
the international laws of war would
apply only to foreign enemies, not to
the American people. Thus, the Ar-
ticle III Treason Clause establishes
the only constitutional form of trial
Ior un AmerIcun (noL servIng In LIe
military) who is accused of making
war on his own nation. Such a trial
Ior Lreuson musL be beIore u cIvIIIun
jury, not a tribunal.
The international laws of war do
not trump our Bill of Rights. We re-
ject as illegitimate any such claimed
power, as did the Supreme Court in
Ex Parte Milligan (1865). Any at-
tempt to apply the laws of war to
AmerIcun cIvIIIuns, under unv pre-
LexL, sucI us uguInsL domesLIc ¨mI-
IILIu¨ groups LIe governmenL brunds
¨domesLIc LerrorIsLs,¨ Is un ucL oI wur
and an act of treason.
4. We will NOT obey orders to
impose martial law or a “state
of emergency” on a state, or to
enter with force into a state,
without the express consent
and invitation of that state’s
legislature and governor.
One of the causes of the American
RevoIuLIon wus LIe uLLempL ¨Lo ren-
der the Military independent of and
superIor Lo LIe CIvII Power¨ bv dIs-
banding the Massachusetts legisla-
ture and appointing General Gage as
¨mIIILurv governor.¨ TIe uLLempL Lo
disarm the people of Massachusetts
during that martial law sparked our
Accordingly, the power to impose
murLIuI Iuw (LIe ubsoIuLe ruIe over
LIe peopIe bv u mIIILurv oIhcer wILI
his will alone being law) is nowhere
enumerated in our Constitution.
Further, it is the militia of a state
und oI LIe severuI sLuLes LIuL LIe
Constitution contemplates being
used during any emergency within a
state, not the standing army.
The imposition of martial law by
LIe nuLIonuI governmenL over u sLuLe
and its people, treating them as an
occupied enemy nation, is an act
of war. Such an attempted suspen-
sion of the Constitution and Bill of
RIgILs voIds LIe compucL wILI LIe
states and with the people.
5. We will NOT obey orders to
invade and subjugate any state
that asserts its sovereignty and
declares the national govern-
ment to be in violation of the
compact by which that state
entered the Union.
In response to the obscene growth
of federal power and to the absurdly
totalitarian claimed powers of the
ExecuLIve, upwurds oI zo sLuLes ure
consIderIng, Iuve consIdered, or
Iuve pussed courugeous resoIuLIons
uIhrmIng sLuLes rIgILs und sover-
Those resolutions follow in the
Ionored und revered IooLsLeps oI
Jefferson and Madison in their Ken-
tucky and Virginia Resolutions, and
seek to enforce the Constitution by
uIhrmIng LIe verv sume prIncIpIes oI
our Declaration, Constitution, and
Bill of Rights that we Oath Keepers
recognIze und uIhrm.
Chief among those principles is
LIuL ours Is u duuI sovereIgnLv svs-
tem, with the people of each state
retaining all powers not granted
Lo LIe nuLIonuI governmenL. TIus,
LIe peopIe oI eucI sLuLe reserved Lo
LIemseIves LIe rIgIL Lo judge wIen
LIe nuLIonuI governmenL LIev creuL-
ed Ius voIded LIe compucL beLween
LIe sLuLes bv usserLIng powers never
Upon the declaration by a state
that such a breach has occurred,
we will not obey orders to force that
sLuLe Lo submIL Lo LIe nuLIonuI gov-
6. We will NOT obey any or-
der to blockade American cit-
ies, thus turning them into gi-
ant concentration camps.
One of the causes of the American
RevoIuLIon wus LIe bIockude oI Bos-
ton, and the occupying of that city
by the British military, under mar-
tial law. Once hostilities began, the
people of Boston were tricked into
turning in their arms in exchange
for safe passage, but were then for-
bIdden Lo Ieuve. TIuL conhnemenL oI
the residents of an entire city was an
act of war.
Such tactics were repeated by the
Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, and by
the Imperial Japanese in Nanking,
when entire cities were turned into
death camps. Any such order to dis-
urm und conhne LIe peopIe oI un
American city will be an act of war
and thus an act of treason.
7. We will NOT obey any order
to force American citizens into
any form of detention camps
under any pretext.
Mass, forced internment into con-
centration camps was a hallmark of
everv IuscIsL und communIsL dIcLu-
torship in the 20th Century. Such
InLernmenL wus unIorLunuLeIv even
used against American citizens of
Japanese descent during World War
¡¡. WIenever u governmenL InLerns
its own people, it treats them like an
occupied enemy population.
OppressIve governmenLs oILen use
the internment of women and chil-
dren Lo breuk LIe wIII oI men hgIL-
ing for their liberty, as was done to
the Boers, to the Jewish resisters
in the Warsaw Ghetto, and to the
SucI u vIIe order Lo IorcIbIv InLern
Americans without charges or trial
would be an act of war against the
American people, and thus an act
of treason, regardless of the pretext
used. We will not commit treason,
nor will we facilitate or support it.
8. We will NOT obey orders
to assist or support the use of
any foreign troops on U.S. soil
against the American people to
“keep the peace” or to “main-
tain control” during any emer-
gency, or under any other pre-
text. We will consider such use
of foreign troops against our
people to be an invasion and an
act of war.
DurIng LIe AmerIcun RevoIuLIon,
LIe BrILIsI governmenL enIIsLed LIe
aid of Hessian mercenaries in an
attempt to subjugate the rebellious
American people. Throughout his-
Lorv, repressIve regImes Iuve en-
listed the aid of foreign troops and
Accordingly, the militia of the
severuI sLuLes ure LIe onIv mIIILurv
force contemplated by the Constitu-
tion, in Article I, Section 8, for do-
mestic keeping of the peace. The
use oI even our own sLundIng urmv
for such purposes is without consti-
tutional support, and the use of for-
eign troops and mercenaries against
the people is completely unconsti-
tutional, and an act of war. We will
oppose such troops as enemies of
the people and we will treat all who
requesL, InvILe, und uId LIose IoreIgn
troops as the traitors they are.
9. We will NOT obey any or-
of the American people, includ-
ing food and other essential
supplies, under any emergency
One of the causes of the Ameri-
cun RevoIuLIon wus LIe seIzure und
forfeiture of American ships, goods,
and supplies, along with the seizure
of American timber for the Royal
Nuvv, uII In vIoIuLIon oI LIe peopIe`s
natural right to their property. The
hnuI spurk oI LIe RevoIuLIon wus LIe
uLLempL bv LIe governmenL Lo seIze
powder and cannon stores at Con-
cord, Massachusetts.
DeprIvuLIon oI Iood Ius Iong been
a weapon of war and oppression,
wILI mIIIIons InLenLIonuIIv sLurved
to death by fascist and communist
governmenLs In LIe zoLI CenLurv
Accordingly, we will not obey or
IucIIILuLe orders Lo conhscuLe Iood
and other essential supplies from
the people, and we will consider all
those who issue or carry out such
orders to be the enemies of the peo-
10. We will NOT obey any or-
ders which infringe on the right
of the people to free speech, to
peaceably assemble, and to pe-
tition their government for a
redress of grievances.
TIere wouId Iuve been no AmerI-
cun RevoIuLIon wILIouL herv speuk-
ers and writers such as James Otis,
Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and
Sum Adums ¨seLLIng brusIhres oI
freedom in the minds of men.”
Tyrants know that the pen of a
man such as Thomas Paine can
cause them more damage than en-
tire armies, and thus they always
seek to suppress the natural rights
of speech, association, and assem-
bly. Without freedom of speech, the
peopIe wIII Iuve no recourse buL Lo
arms. Without freedom of speech
and conscience, there is no freedom.
Therefore, we will not obey or sup-
porL unv orders Lo suppress or vIo-
late the right of the people to speak,
associate, worship, assemble, com-
munIcuLe, or peLILIon governmenL
Ior LIe redress oI grIevunces.
TIe ubove IIsL Is noL exIuusLIve buL
we do consIder LIese ¨Ten Orders¨
to be clear tripwires. They form our
¨IIne In LIe sund,¨ und II we receIve
such orders, we will not obey them.
~ And for the support of this Dec-
IuruLIon, wILI u hrm reIIunce on LIe
proLecLIon oI DIvIne ProvIdence, we
muLuuIIv uIhrm our ouLI und pIedge
Lo eucI oLIer our ¡Ives, our ¡or-
tunes, and our sacred Honor.
~ Oath Keepers

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¡n eurIv AugusL zo1o OuLI Keepers cIosed und urcIIved LIe NIng OuLI Keepers
Iorum. TIe move Is on und IL`s new Lo munv members. New poIIcIes Ior posLIng,
new policies for forum membership, and a new style of forum sof tware is a trying
experience for some of our members. It is worth the trouble to register in the new
Iorums. ¡I vou Iuve noL uIreudv sIgned up on LIe new Iorum, pIeuse do so Iere:
Remember, vou do noL Iuve Lo be u dues puvIng member Lo sIgn up und purLIcIpuLe
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Our new nuLIonuI Iorum wIII Iuve munv new secLIons on some vILuIIv ImporLunL
topics, such as preparedness and Constitutional history and analysis so you are
both physically and intellectually prepared.
Some of the discussion topics within the preparedness section include:
;z Iour kILs - WIuL`s In vour bug-ouL-bug? DIscussIon oI ;z Iour kILs, survIvuI ·
kits and other essential, emergency gear.
Emergencv communIcuLIon - GoL commo? DIscussIon oI Hum rudIos, sIorL- ·
wuve, und CB und oLIer communIcuLIon meLIods.
Emergencv MedIcuI - GoL bund-uIds? DIscussIon oI emergencv medIcuI und ·
f irst aid skills and gear.
SecurILv und SeII DeIense - DIscussIon oI IndIvIduuI und communILv securILv ·
und deIensIve skIIIs, LooIs, und geur |IncIudIng I Ireurms|.
Recommended reudIng und vIewIng - GoL Books? DIscussIon on useI uI I IcLIon ·
und non-I IcLIon books, munuuIs, und vIdeos, und oLIer websILes regurdIng dI-
susLer, survIvuI, und prepuredness.
¡umIIv SuIe - LIe OuLI Keepers progrum Lo gIve dIrecL supporL Lo LIe currenL ·
servIng und LIeIr IumIIIes, und uIso Lo provIde Ior muLuuI uId umong OuLI
Keepers during emergencies.
TIe upcomIng ConsLILuLIonuI secLIon wIII Iuve dIscussIons on subjecLs sucI us:
Understanding The Philosophical Foundations of Our Republic (readings such ·
as the Magna Carta, John Locke, the Declaration of Independence, and other
IoundIng eru sLuLemenLs oI LIe LImeIess prIncIpIes und seII-evIdenL LruLIs uL
the heart of our Republic).
TIe Cuuses oI TIe AmerIcun RevoIuLIon. ·
Statements on the rights of the citizenry in early State Constitutions. ·
TIe NoLes oI TIe ConsLILuLIonuI ConvenLIon oI 1;8;. ·
TIe RuLII IcuLIon DebuLes ¡n TIe SLuLe ConvenLIons. ·
And more. ·
We wIII uIso Iuve secLIons LIuL go InLo deLuII on Iow ucLIve duLv mIIILurv, poIIce,
and f irst responders can best keep their oath (including discussion and education
on mIIILurv Iuw), Iow veLeruns cun besL keep LIeIr ouLI bv becomIng I uIIv InvoIved
citizens in their communities, by working to build strong, prepared communities,
and by booting oath breaking politicians out of of f ice, and how dedicated citizens
cun IeIp boLI LIe ucLIve duLv und LIe veLeruns keep LIeIr ouLIs.
On LIe new Iorum svsLem we Iuve mucI more securILv und ubIIILv Lo keep ouL LroIIs
und InI IILruLors so LIe conversuLIon on LIe new nuLIonuI Iorum wIII be Iur more Iree
than on Ning, where some of our moderators - who were so frustrated dealing with
trolls - got a bit carried away. I want this new forum to be a place where we can
address all of the dangers to our Republic, where we can learn together so we are
knowledgeable about the Constitution we swore to defend, where we can exchange
ideas on how best to restore our Republic, and where we can work together to keep
our oaths by defending the Constitution. Please join me there!
For the Republic!
Stewart Rhodes
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By Tracey Croteau
¡n AmerIcu`s IeurLIund, LIe
solid growth of the Oath Keep-
ers phenomenon is opening
munv doors Ior deveIopmenL
in Nebraska. National Liaison
SLeve Homun Ius been Ieud-
ing the charge to get the state
sLurLed. ¨¡`m IIke LIe buIIdog
oI LIe group; ¡`ve been seLLIng
up evenLs,¨ SLeve suvs. He Ius
found a great candidate for the
position of State President, and
u cILIzen OuLI Keeper Lo serve
as Vice-President. Michael Le-
MIeux Ius been veLLed bv LIe
Oath Keepers Board of Direc-
tors as chapter President.
¡n LIe meunLIme, SLeve Ius
been busy, and keeps getting
busIer. ¨¡ Iuve evenLs goIng
on all the time,” he claims, and
LIe IIsL Is Indeed ImpressIve.
SLeve Ius been Lo LIe gover-
nor`s oIhce, recuIIIng LIuL Ie
InLroduced Governor Duve
Heineman to Oath Keepers
last April. He has also spoken
on the steps of the state Capital
building, and has joined with
a number of 9/12 groups and
Tea Parties to spread the word
ubouL OK. ¨¡L`s umuzIng Lo see
LIe credIbIIILv we`ve guIned,¨
SLeve commenLs. ¨AL hrsL, vou
would see people rolling their
eyes as I spoke to them. Now,
we Iuve uII kInds oI groups
wunLIng us Lo geL InvoIved wILI
LIeIr evenLs.¨
How cun u sLuLe group deveI-
op LIIs kInd oI credIbIIILv? ¡n
Nebrusku, SLeve uses u vurIeLv
oI LeucIIng meLIods Lo convev
the idea that Oath Keepers is
noL jusL unoLIer ¨bundwugon¨
group. He has set up Constitu-
tion Classes in a church and a
local library in different towns,
based on the book The 5,000
Yeur ¡eup. TIese cIusses Iuve
been so successful that mem-
bers oI vurIous conservuLIve
groups are asking when the
next round of classes will be-
gIn. ¨TIev`re noL roIIIng LIeIr
eves unv more,¨ suvs SLeve.
The other teaching method
SLeve uses Is Lo be In uLLendunce
uL u Iurge number oI evenLs
where likeminded folks tend
to gather. He has set up tables
at gun shows, Tea Parties, 9/12
evenLs, und jusL ubouL unv-
wIere eIse Ie`s InvILed. More
recenLIv, SLeve wus InvILed Lo
joIn u UnILed Wuv evenL. As u
resuIL, LIe vIsIbIIILv guIned bv
the OK group has helped him
spread the word readily.
Many opportunities are now
coming together for the Ne-
braska chapter. A gun show
company has offered tables at
severuI gun sIows, und SLeve
is working with interested
parties to help prepare infor-
muLIon puckuges Ior everv Nu-
LIonuI Guurdsmun, sIerIII`s
Lrooper, und poIIce oIhcer In
the Cornhusker State. These
packages will include copies
oI LIe ConsLILuLIon, u vurIeLv
of Oath Keepers materials,
and copies of The Oath Keeper
newspuper. ¨We`re sLurLIng
from the top down, contacting
sheriffs and National Guard
commanders, to let them know
wIo we ure und wIuL we`re do-
Ing,¨ SLeve menLIons.
TIe sLuLe cIupLer`s uuLono-
my has been one of the keys
to its success. Though there
are only around 120 mem-
bers uL presenL, SLeve Iusn`L
been pushing membership.
¨Munv oLIer groups Iuve
large memberships, but noth-
Ing buL probIems. ¡`ve been
looking for a good nucleus of
people who can help me get
something done,” he states.
And IL`s workIng. TIev`ve de-
signed their own state t-shirt,
using the Oath Keepers design
wILI LIe Nebrusku Iogo over
the heart. The state also has
its own website, which can be
found at www.nebraskaoath-
At the same time, the group
is tightly linked to the national
orgunIzuLIon`s mIssIon. ¨We`re
IomeLown guvs, buL we`re
ready to reach, teach, and in-
spIre,¨ sLuLes SLeve. TIe web-
site features an excellent pic-
torial representation of the 10
Orders We Will Not Obey, and
LIe ¨JoIn¨ IInk Lukes LIe InLer-
esLed IndIvIduuI rIgIL Lo LIe
national website.
WIuL`s nexL Ior LIIs group?
Once LIe new oIhcers ure veLLed
und In pIuce, LIev`re poIsed Lo
Luke oII. SLeve suvs, ¨We`ve re-
ally thrown this thing together
over LIe IusL LIree monLIs, buL
we Iuve pIuns Lo move InLo uII
parts of the state.” To facili-
LuLe LIIs, cIupLers Iuve been
seL up In BeIIevue, CoIumbus,
Grand Island, Lincoln, and
North Platte. Folks from other
towns are interested in setting
up local groups as well.
SLeve wIII uIso be purLIcIpuL-
ing in the Restoring America
Rally and 9.11 Tribute on Sep-
tember 11, 2010, in Onawa,
¡owu. TIIs evenL wIII be uL-
Lended bv puLrIoLIc IndIvIduuIs
from four states.
Nebraskans are poised for the
emergence of Oath Keepers,
and other likeminded groups.
¨Our governor Is one oI LIe
good guvs,¨ cIuIms SLeve. And
LIe buncI oI ¨IomeLown guvs¨
Ie`s guLIerIng In LIe sLuLe ure
ready to Reach, Teach, and In-
spire others to join the Oath
Keepers mission.
Jim Stutzman and Austin Sterling man the Oath Keepers table
uL un evenL In Sewurd, Nebrusku, on ¡Iug Duv (June 1q, zo1o).
A * +
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Elias Alias
Many of our readers are
aware of the works of Dr.
Edwin Vieira, Jr. For them
this brief note shall be a
pleasant affirmation; but
Ior LIose reuders wIo Iuve
veL Lo dIscover Dr. VIeIru`s
writing, I trust a few well-
chosen passages might
pique true interest. I am
onIv recenLIv dIscoverIng
EdwIn VIeIru`s works, veL In
reading him I am bursting
with an enthusiastic sense
of hope for the Republic,
and that hope is but one of
LIe Lreusures ¡`m dIscover-
Ing In Dr. VIeIru`s wrILIngs
und IIIm InLervIews.
He will speak publicly at
times. He publishes articles
of merit. He lectures. He
writes books. He informs
people and he inspires
peopIe. As U.S. Nuvv Com-
munder DuvId R. GIIIIe IIkes
Lo suv, Dr. VIeIru Is u ¨Iour-
LIme recoverIng Hurvurd
graduate”. Dr. Vieira hold
Iour Hurvurd degrees¯ und
someIow munuges Lo Iuve
found his senses despite it.
The man will not take off
his shoes for TSA, so he re-
fuses to f ly on commercial
airplanes these days. Good
on him, for that.
For new readers, I offer
this brief bit of Edwin Vie-
Iru`s ConsLILuLIonuI mugIc
as being exemplary of his
insightful knowledge of the
documenL we uII vuIue mosL
highly, the Constitution for
the united States of Ameri-
ca. Please buy the book and
enjoy it with family and
IrIends. You`II Iove vourseII
for doing so.
From pages 68 and 69 in
his recent book Constitu-
LIonuI ¨HomeIund SecurILv:
Volume I: The Nation in
Arms¨ ¯¯ - QuoLIng:
OIIIceIoIders` open deII-
ance or reckless disregard
of, or willful blindness
to, what the supreme Law
plainly mandates in this
purLIcuIur |eu: governmenL`s
Constitutional responsibil-
ity for maintaining the mi-
IILIu oI LIe peopIe| umounLs
not simply to intellectual
incompetence, political er-
ror, or even moruI Iupse.
Rather, it is as well a con-
stitutional crime of essen-
tially boundless propor-
tions - encompassing, as it
necessarily does, respon-
sibility for all the deaths,
injuries, and destruction of
property; all the infringe-
menLs on IndIvIduuIs` Iun-
damental constitutional
IIberLIes und kIndred cIvII
rights; and all the other
evII consequences urIsIng
ouL oI u gurrIson, ¨nuLIon-
al-security”, or police state
LIuL couId be prevenLed bv
IoIIowIng LIe ConsLILuLIon`s
dIrecLIves us Lo LIe MIIILIu.
Officeholders and their ad-
vIsors need Lo ponder LIIs
seriously, because the Con-
sLILuLIon neILIer provIdes
nor countenances any im-
munity from punishment
or statute of limitations for
such a crime.
¨TIe SenuLors und Repre-
senLuLIves |In Congress| .,
und LIe Members oI LIe sev-
eral State Legislatures, and
uII execuLIve und judIcIuI
Officers both of the Unit-
ed SLuLes und oI LIe sev-
eral States, shall be bound
by Oath or Affirmation, to
support this Constitution”.
|U.S. ConsLILuLIon, urL. V¡,
cI. ¤| ¡n uddILIon, LIe Pres-
ident of the United States
¨Luke|s| LIe . OuLI or AI-
IIrmuLIon¨ LIuL Ie ¨wIII Lo
the best of my Ability, pre-
serve, proLecL und deIend
the Constitution of the
UnILed SLuLes¨. |U.S. Con-
sLILuLIon, urL. ¡¡ uL 1, cI.;|
TIe verv exIsLence oI LIese
¨OuLI|s| oI AIIIrmuLIon|s|¨
excludes the possibility of
immunity from punish-
ment for any officeholder
who perjures or otherwise
forswears himself.
For example, when a Mem-
ber of Congress or a State
legislator knowingly, with
willful blindness, or in reck-
less disregard of the conse-
quences oI IIs ucLIon voLes
for a statute that unconsti-
tutionally suppresses the
Militia, or supplants them
with a garrison or police
state; or when a President
or SLuLe Governor know-
IngIv reIuses Lo veLo sucI
a statute, and instead ex-
ecuLes IL; or wIen u ¨Judge
| |, eILIer oI LIe supreme
and inferior Courts” of the
GeneruI GovernmenL, or
of any State knowingly de-
cIures sucI u sLuLuLe vuIId
and enforceable – each and
everv one oI LIem vIoIuLes
IIs ¨OuLI or AIIIrmuLIon¨
of office.
UnIess everv sucI ¨OuLI or
Affirmation” is merely hor-
tatory rhetoric, an empty
and impotent legal formal-
ity – indeed, no more than
political double talk, delu-
sion, or deceit – a remedy
musL exIsL Ior everv IndI-
vIduuI Iurmed bv eucI und
everv sucI vIoIuLIon. TIuL
remedy must impose some
personal liability on the
vIoIuLor - IL beIng IIs own
¨OuLI or AIIIrmuLIon¨ LIuL
he himself forswore. And
that personal liability can-
noL be evuded bv IIs or IIs
cronIes` usserLIon oI some
ersuLz ¨oIIIcIuI ImmunILv¨.
|..| Second, un ImpIIed con-
stitutional power for public
oIIIcIuIs Lo creuLe ¨oIIIcIuI
ImmunILIes¨ Ior LIemseIves
would allow them to negate
the express requirement
LIuL ¨LIev sIuII be bound
by Oath or Affirmation, to
support this Constitution” -
and therefore cannot enter
public office in the first in-
stance, or act under color of
it thereafter, without first
taking and then continu-
uIIv ubIdIng bv, sucI ¨OuLI
or AIIIrmuLIon¨. So even II,
by some twisting of words,
such an implication could
be imputed to some other
part of the Constitution, it
would fall afoul of the rule
LIuL II ¨un usserLed con-
struction of any one pro-
vIsIon oI LIe ConsLILuLIon
would, if adopted, neutral-
Ize u posILIve proIIbILIon
oI LIuL InsLrumenL, LIen .
such asserted construction
is erroneous, since its en-
forcement would mean, not
Lo gIve eIIecL Lo LIe Con-
stitution, but to destroy a
porLIon LIereoI¨. |SouLI
DukoLu v. NorLI CuroIInu,
192 U.S. 286, 328 (1904)
(WIILe, J., dIssenLIng).|
The Constitution, after all,
is not self-contradictory. So
LIe uIIIrmuLIve words ¨sIuII
be bound by” are plainly
¨neguLIve oI oLIer objecLs
than those affirmed”; and
¨un excIusIve sense musL be
gIven Lo LIem, or LIev Iuve
no operuLIon uL uII¨. |Mur-
burv v. MudIson, = U.S. (1
CruncI) 1¤;, 1;q (18o¤).|
|empIusIs In orIgInuI| -
end quoted passages from
ConsLILuLIonuI ¨HomeIund
¯ EdwIn VIeIru, Jr., IoIds
Iour degrees Irom Hurvurd:
A.B. (Hurvurd CoIIege),
A.M. And PI.D. (Hurvurd
Graduate School of Arts
and Sciences), and J.D.
(Hurvurd ¡uw ScIooI).
¯¯ ConsLILuLIonuI ¨Home-
land Security: Volume I:
The Nation in Arms” by
Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copy-
right Edwin Vieira, Jr.
2007; BookMasters, Inc.,
30 Amberwood Parkway,
Ashland, Ohio 44805; In-
ternational Standard Book
Number (10): 0-9671749-2-
5; International Standard
Book Number (13): 978-0-
EdwIn VIeIru, Jr.`s websILe:
IL Lp:JJwww.edwI nvIeI ru.
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5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Dr. Chuck Baldwin
One of the tragedies of the
current misled, uninformed,
and otherwise preoccupied
American citizenry is the
seeming apathy regarding
the importance and necessity
of electing constitutionalist
sheriffs. In many ways, State
governors und counLv sIer-
iffs just might be the most
ImporLunL eIecLed oIhces In
America. It is no hyperbole
Lo suv LIuL SLuLe governors
and county sheriffs form the
last line of defense against
tyranny and oppression. If
our governors und sIerIIIs
do not understand the prin-
ciples of freedom and feder-
uIIsm, LIere Is vIrLuuIIv zero
protection against the abuses
oI IIberLv-suve LIe rIgIL oI
the people to personally and
IndIvIduuIIv deIend IIberLv
vIu LIe prIncIpIes oI God-gIv-
en Natural Law.
Hence, a freedom-minded
sIerIII Is InvuIuubIe Lo IIber-
Lv`s deIense. And perIups uL
no LIme In AmerIcu`s IIsLorv
has it been more necessary
LIuL we eIecL Ireedom-IovIng
sheriffs than it is today, what
wILI LIe ever-growIng pro-
pensILv oI LIe IederuI govern-
ment to trample and usurp
State and constitutional pro-
tections of freedom.
For example, in an almost
totally non-reported incident,
un urmed conßIcL beLween
federal Bureau of Land Man-
agement (BLM) agents and a
Nevudu SIerIII`s SWAT Leum
wus uverLed onIv bv vIrLue oI
the fact that, at the last min-
ute, BLM backed down from
the impending confronta-
For the record: federal po-
IIce ugencIes Iuve u Iong IIs-
tory of committing illegal
seurcIes und seIzures (even
assault and murder–can
unvone suv, ¨Rubv RIdge¨ or
¨Wuco¨?) uguInsL LIe US cILI-
zenry. But BLM might be the
most notorious federal police
agency of all. The tactics BLM
employs against western
landowners sometimes bor-
der on Nazi-like. When the
late, great Helen Chenoweth
was an Idaho congresswom-
an, she tried to raise aware-
ness of (and opposition to)
this out-of-control federal
agency. I urge readers to read
Rep. CIenoweLI`s InLervIew
with Michael Reagan about
this subject. See it at:
According to Rep. Che-
noweLI, ¨B¡M Is LukIng onLo
LIemseIves Iuw enIorcemenL
LIuL Is normuIIv suved Ior LIe
SLuLe, Iuw enIorcemenL over
moLor veIIcIes. TIev`ve wrIL-
ten into the regulation with-
out authority from Congress,
LIe ubIIILv Lo sLop veIIcIes or
to search people, to search
u pIuce or u veIIcIe wILIouL
warrant or process; to be
able to seize without warrant
or process unv pIece oI evI-
dence and to test people for
poLenLIuI DU¡ (drIvIng under
LIe Inßuence).¨
CIenoweLI conLInued: ¨Our
founders, when establishing
our svsLem oI governmenL
wanted to make sure that
law enforcement was clos-
est to the people. You and I
Iuve LuIked beIore ubouL Iow
important it is to make sure
LIuL vou eIecL LIe verv besL
local county sheriff because
he should be regarded as the
highest law enforcement of-
hcer In LIe ureu becuuse Ie
Is uccounLubIe Lo LIe voLers.
They really worried about a
national, a federal, law en-
forcement. To federalize our
law enforcement is to create
a situation that the pilgrims
were trying to escape.
¨We ure movIng quIckIv
to that. The Bureau of Land
Management is taking onto
LIemseIves Iuw enIorcemenL
uuLIorILv LIuL Congress nev-
er guve LIem. ¡n LIe ¡ederuI
Land Policy and Manage-
ment Act that was passed
in the early 1970s it made it
clear that Congress said that,
hrsL, vou musL go Lo vour Io-
cal county sheriff for law en-
IorcemenL ucLIvILIes.¨
CIenoweLI udded, ¨¡n LIe
BLM proposed rules and
reguIuLIons, vou cun`L remove
any plants or soil or pick up
any rocks or minerals. You
cun`L drIve on unv vegeLuLIon
or soII. You cun`L dIsLurb soII
uL uII. Now vou cun`L seL u
foot on soil without disturb-
Ing IL. You cun`L seL u IooL on
a ground plant without dis-
turbing it.”
For the sheriff in Nye Coun-
Lv, Nevudu, B¡M ubrIdgmenLs
of liberty had gone too far.
When BLM threatened to ar-
rest the sheriff if he refused
Lo go uIong wILI B¡M`s IIIeguI
searches and seizures against
Nye County citizens, Sheriff
Tony DeMeo countered by
telling BLM in no uncertain
terms that should any agent
uLLempL Lo enIorce B¡M`s
unconstitutional policies, he
wouId Iuve IIs depuLIes ur-
resL LIem. DeMeo even Iud
his SWAT teams standing by
to enforce the law AGAINST
IL In SIerIII DeMeo`s words,
¨We`d be sLundIng beLween
LIem |B¡M| und mv consLIL-
uenLs |counLv resIdenLs|.¨ AL
the last minute, BLM backed
off and the confrontation be-
tween the Nye County sher-
III`s oIhce und LIe IederuI
ugencv wus uverLed.
See SIerIII DeMeo`s LesLI-
mony on the incident at:
Now, Sheriff Tony DeMeo
is exactly the kind of sheriff
the Constitution requires!
Unfortunately, it seems that
LIe vusL mujorILv oI sIerIIIs
ucross LIe counLrv Iuve no
idea as to what their consti-
tutional authority entails,
und seem Lo Iuve no dIscern-
ment and understanding of
jusL wIuL LIe IederuI govern-
ment is doing to usurp State
and local jurisdiction. Or if
they do, they seem to lack
the courage to act upon their
power and authority. Or may-
be they simply lust after fed-
eral monies (better known as
Of course, there are a few
sheriffs across America who
seem Lo be uwure oI wIuL`s
goIng on und Iuve LIe guLs Lo
do something about it. A pre-
cious few. Along with Sheriff
Tony DeMeo, there is Sher-
iff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa
County, Arizona, Sheriff
Shane Harrington of Wibaux
County, Montana, Sheriff
Paul Babeu of Pinal County,
Arizona, and, of course, there
are former Sheriffs Ray Nash
of Dorchester County, South
Carolina, Richard Mack of
Graham County, Arizona,
und Juv PrInLz oI RuvuIII
County, Montana. Plus, if
the good people of Larimer
County, Colorado, will elect
Carl Bruning as their sheriff,
there will be another prin-
cipled constitutionalist sher-
iff to add to the list of patriot
sIerIIIs. To vIsIL CurI`s cum-
paign web site, go here:
Readers should know, too,
that Sheriff Mack has a pleth-
ora of outstanding books and
vIdeos reIuLIng Lo LIe roIe und
duty of a constitutional sher-
iff on his web site. I highly
recommend LIuL vou uvuII
vourseII Lo us mucI oI Muck`s
materials as you can. Here is
his web site:
If liberty has any chance
oI survIvIng In LIe UnILed
States, it will be because the
American people wake up to
the importance and necessity
of electing constitutionalist
governors und sIerIIIs. SIer-
iffs, especially, are critical to
the maintenance of liberty. It
is a truism that, next to the
peopIe LIemseIves, LIe sIer-
III`s oIhce IeIps Iorm LIe IusL
line of defense against federal
ubuse oI power. ¡ong IIve LIe
constitutionalist Sheriff!

¯¡I vou upprecIuLe LIIs coI-
umn and want to help me
distribute these editorial
opInIons Lo un ever-growIng
audience, donations may
now be made by credit card,
check, or Money Order. Use
this link:
(c) Chuck Baldwin 2010
A * ì
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
Jews Ior LIe PreservuLIon oI
Firearms Ownership recog-
nIzes ILs zoLI AnnIversurv LIIs
veur. Here Is un InLervIew wILI
JP¡O`s Iounder Auron ZeImun.
Aaron is questioned by con-
tributing writer Kirby Ferris
on muLLers surroundIng ¨Gun
KF: Socially speaking, what
is your original background
uith Irecrms?
AARON: I was raised in Tuc-
son, Arizona, where, I like
to say, there were more guns
than cactuses. Like most rural
vouLIs, ¡ hred u .zz wIen ¡ wus
Len or LweIve. ¡ronIcuIIv LIIs
was at a Jewish day camp in
Tucson! I seriously doubt that
this would be happening today,
because liberal Judaism has
become so widespread. Addi-
LIonuIIv, one oI LIe nuLIon`s ex-
perts on ammunition reload-
Ing IIved ucross LIe sLreeL Irom
me. ¡ bougIL mv hrsL guns vIu
muII order. ObvIousIv, Loduv`s
AmerIcu Isn`L wIuL ¡ grew up
with. Additionally, many in
ArIzonu`s JewIsI communILv
were the ancestors of pioneers
who came to the Southwest in
covered wugons. ¡n neurIv ev-
ery photo of the descendents
In LIe book ¨We Were TIere¨
the pioneer Jews are armed.
Many of these Jews came from
Eastern Europe or Russia and
were probubIv verv gruLeIuI Lo
hnuIIv be on LIe rIgIL end oI u
KF: When did uou Irst sus-
pect thct Americcn politicicns
and cultural leaders were be-
ginning to subvert the intent
o[ the Second Amendment?
AARON: It was when the Gun
ConLroI AcL oI 1¤68 (GCA `68)
was passed. How could such an
III conceIved, druconIun coIIec-
tion of anti-American laws be
instituted in a nation founded
upon the ideal of an armed cit-
KF: So, some tuentu uecrs
later, in 1989, you decided to
[orm 1eus [or the Presertc-
tion o[ Iirecrms Dunership.
Whu eten scu ¨1eus¨? Whu
not ¨Americcns [or the Pres-
ertction o[ Iirecrms Duner-
AARON: An unsettling trans-
formation had taken place
In LIe runks oI ¨gun conLroI¨
udvocuLes. GCA `68 wus LIe
brainchild of Thomas Dodd,
who was not Jewish. The po-
IILIcuI und emoLIonuI udvo-
cuLes oI GCA `68, IIke ¡vndon
Johnson, Ramsey Clark, the
Kennedy family, Jesse Jackson
and the Martin Luther King
family, were not Jewish. But
then, somewhere during the
expunsIon oI ¨gun conLroI¨ In
America, liberal Jewish politi-
cians and spokesmen became
a disturbingly large percentage
oI LIe IIgI proße gun proII-
bitionists. The myopically, ar-
rogunL vIewpoInLs oI CIurIes
Schumer and Howard Metzen-
baum began to seriously alarm
KF: In mu contersctions
oter the uecrs, uhen I mention
1PID bu its [ull ncme, people
are a bit startled, but then so
mcnu o[ them scu: ¨Well, thct
mcles sense, seeinq uhct
1eus hcte historiccllu been
AARON: That non Jews seem
to comprehend that in greater
percentages than Jews, contin-
ues to disturb and disappoint
me, considering that Jews are
commanded to choose self
defense. The Jewish religion
teaches the absolute respon-
sibility of self defense and the
defense of the helpless. I can
no longer refer to Jewish gun
prohibitionists as innocent-
ly misguided, because JPFO
Ius consLunLIv provIded LIem
with common sense reason-
ing and the lessons of history.
I now understand that many of
them must be latently suicidal
and, in many cases, emotion-
uIIv unsLubIe. TIev don`L LrusL
LIemseIves (becuuse oI LIeIr
repressed anger against hu-
munILv) Lo possess u hreurm,
und LIereIore don`L LrusL oLI-
ers who do own guns. As for
someone like Charles Schumer,
Dianne Feinstein, or Rahm Im-
munueI? TIere sImpIv seems
Lo be un evII, uuLIorILurIun es-
sence running through their
KF: To be fair, aren’t there
cre c qrouinq number o[ 1eus
who are waking up to the dan-
gers of so-called “gun con-
AARON: At this time, I think
LIe unswer Is ves, uIbeIL u verv
small percentage. All of us, not
jusL Jews, IIve In un Increus-
ingly dangerous country. But
where are the outspoken Jew-
IsI udvocuLes oI gun ownersIIp
in the media, and in American
poIILIcuI IIIe? WIv uren`L prom-
InenL Jews us bIuLunLIv vIsIbIe
in the defense of the Second
Amendment as they were dur-
Ing LIe cIvII rIgILs movemenL,
wIen LIev murcIed Ior ¨equuI-
ILv¨? DIsurmIng IonesL AmerI-
cans is a blatant form of in-
KF: 1PID ccme on the scene
quite cqqressitelu. Your Irst
cd recd: ¨Not cll 1eus cre
stupid or pro crimincl, but
Chcrles Schumer is both.¨
And what about your
memorcble imcqe o[ Hit-
ler with the headline “All
those in favor of “gun
control¨ rcise uour riqht
hcnd¨? Thct must hcte
ru[[ed mcnu [ecthers
throughout the pro “gun
control¨ communitu.
AARON: But no one
Ius ever sLepped Iorwurd
to intelligently debate us.
We dIdn`L pubIIsI und
publicize that image just
to make people upset.
JPFO is a solution ori-
ented organization. We
reveuI LIe Issues, oILen
times with irrefutable
IIsLorIcuI evIdence, und
then we offer hard hitting
¨InLeIIecLuuI ummunILIon¨ Lo
combat these well orchestrated
and deadly incursions on our
KF: What will it really take
to remote ¨qun control¨ [rom
Americcn li[e?
AARON: TIere ure hve cru-
cial steps that must be taken:
1. We must each deeply real-
Ize LIuL we Iuve u God-gIven
rIgIL Lo deIend ourseIves. ¡L Is
immoral to interfere with this
unuIIenubIe, IndIvIduuI rIgIL.
z. We musL muke sure everv
cILIzen undersLunds LIe ¨DIuI
911” hoax. No one has a guar-
anteed right to police protec-
3. We must make sure that all
AmerIcuns Iuve u IuII under-
standing of the 28 words that
make up the Second Amend-
4. We must demand that pol-
iticians explain their reasons
for supporting any American
law modeled on Nazi policies.
Any excuse for such treachery
should be political suicide.
5. We must pound home the
obvIous IucL LIuL gun owners
will always get the amount of
¨gun conLroI¨ LIev ure wIIIIng
to tolerate. Gun owners must
deveIop u zero LoIerunce Ior
¨gun conLroI¨. OLIerwIse, be
prepared to lose a right that
was essential to the creation of
KF: Are you perhaps talking
cbout mclinq ¨qun control¨
politiccllu incorrect?
AARON: Political correctness
is poison. Nazis, Communists
and Socialists build empires on
IL. However, wIuL II LIe psvcIe
of America changed and it be-
came shameful to call someone
who was willing to defend their
IIves, und LIe IIves oI LIe IeIp-
Iess, u ¨gun nuL¨? WIuL II IL be-
came a cultural taboo, just like
calling a Jew or and African-
AmerIcun u deroguLorv Lerm?
All Americans need to realize,
that the Charles Schumers and
other gun prohibitionists of
our country are mentally un-
balanced and fear inanimate
objects. Should people with
LIIs deIusIonuI vIewpoInL be
enacting public policies that
Iurm uII oI us?
KF: So I’ll ask you a question
thct I'te been csled. ¨Do uou
ucnt eteruone crmed?¨
AARON: WIv noL? ¡L worked
hne Ior LIe hrsL 1=o veurs oI
LIIs nuLIon`s IIsLorv. Anvone
who is lawfully adjudicated
unhL Lo currv u hreurm sIouId
noL be on LIe sLreeL In LIe hrsL
place. They should be in pris-
on or in a mental institution.
We`ve LIrown LIe bubv (our
personal liberties) out with
the bathwater making us help-
Iess Lo proLecL ourseIves Irom
armed criminals and lunatics.
And who promotes this delu-
sIonuI IIIogIc LIe mosL IervenL-
Iv? PoIILIcIuns und LIe Iuw en-
forcement hierarchy. Is it only
JPFO members who smell this
ruL? Even more ImporLunLIv,
JP¡O muv Iuve been LIe hrsL
organization to point out that
governmenLs Iuve murdered
far, far more unarmed people
throughout history than all the
sLreeL crImInuIs wIo ever IIved.
Statistically, based upon sheer
bodv counL, governmenL, unv
governmenL, Is more u LIreuL
to your physical safety and life
than any number of common
sLreeL crImInuIs. ¡L`s un un-
comfortable realization.
KF: Why can’t one of the oth-
er pro gun organizations do
uhct 1PID is doinq?
AARON: WIen LIe prohIe oI
the gun prohibitionists became
blatantly more Jewish, the la-
beI oI ¨unLI-SemILe¨ wus wIeId-
ed wILI u Ieuvv Iund uguInsL
those who protested.
(continued on A · 8)
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Don Doig

Should Oath Keepers at
this juncture go beyond
the 10 Points to refuse to
enforce any law or engage
in any enforcement action
or military action which
Is In cIeur vIoIuLIon oI LIe
I maintain that Oath
Keepers sIouId, IuvIng
studied the Constitution,
stand down right now where
their own independent
judgment and knowledge
informs them that their
ucLIons wouId vIoIuLe
the letter or intent of the
Constitution. Huge masses
oI Iuws ure nuII und voId
becuuse LIev ure In vIoIuLIon
of the Constitution. If
something is not specifically
authorized by the
Constitution as a function
oI LIe IederuI governmenL,
LIe governmenL Ius no
uuLIorILv over IL.
I know this is more
easily said than done, and
perhaps it will be necessary
to prioritize, but Oath
Keepers should be fully
aware of the constitutional
Issues InvoIved wILI LIeIr
¨TIe purLIcuIur pIrus-
eology of the Constitution
of the United States
confirms and strengthens
the principle, supposed
to be essential to all
written constitutions, that
a law repugnant to the
ConsLILuLIon Is voId; und
that courts, as well as other
departments, are bound by
that instrument.”
~ 1ohn Mcrshcll: Dpinion
cs Chie[ 1ustice in Mcrburu
ts. Mcdison, :8oz.
¨TIe generuI ruIe Is LIuL
an unconstitutional statute,
LIougI IuvIng LIe Iorm und
name of law, is in reality no
Iuw, buL Is wIoIIv voId, und
IneIIecLIve Ior unv purpose;
since unconstitutionality
dates from the time of
its enactment, and not
merely from the date of
the decision so branding
it. An unconstitutional law,
in legal contemplation, is
us InoperuLIve us II IL Iud
never been pussed. SucI u
sLuLuLe Ieuves LIe quesLIon
that it purports to settle
just as it would be had the
statute not been enacted.
¨SInce un unconsLILuLIonuI
Iuw Is voId, LIe generuI
principles follow that it
imposes no duties, confers
no rights, creates no
office, bestows no power
or authority on anyone,
affords no protection, and
justifies no acts performed
under it. . . .
A voId ucL cunnoL be IeguIIv
consIsLenL wILI u vuIId
one. An unconstitutional
law cannot operate to
supersede any existing
vuIId Iuw. ¡ndeed, InsoIur
as a statute runs counter
to the fundamental law of
the land, it is superseded
thereby. No one is bound
to obey an unconstitutional
law and no courts are bound
to enforce it.” American
Jurisprudence, Vol 16, 177
Perhaps the distinction
should be made between
malum in se laws and malum
prohibitum laws. www.
lect l 2/m077.
¨EvII In ILseII. An oIIence
malum in se is one which is
nuLuruIIv evII, us murder,
theft, and the like; offences
at common law are generally
mala in se. An offence
malum prohibitum, on the
contrary, is not naturally
un evII, buL becomes seen
as such in consequence
of its being forbidden; as
playing at games, which
being innocent before,
Iuve become unIuwIuI
in consequence of being
Malum prohibitum
laws are generally
u n c o n s t i t u t i o n a l ,
particularly at the federal
IeveI, wIere LIe IederuI
governmenL Ius uLLempLed
to insert itself into state
and local matters. Our
traditional common law
dealt with malum in se laws,
and the Constitution was
built within the common
Iuw Irumework und ¡ beIIeve
it is these laws that Oath
Keepers should enforce.
¡I LIe governmenL onIv
concerned itself with
common law it would be
much smaller and less
InLrusIve und more In
alignment with what the
Founders intended.
AmerIcuns Iuve severuI
peaceful ways to resist
unconstitutional and unjust
laws. One is the traditional
power of jury nullification,
in which people sitting as
jurors Iuve LIe power Lo
judge not only the facts
of the case, but the merits
of the law itself. If a law
is unconstitutional in the
judgment of the juror, an
Oath Keeper juror would
nullify the law and refuse to
convIcL. See
for more information.
Another is the power of
the state legislatures and
governor, represenLIng
the people, to nullify
federal law. See www.
woods142.html www.
tent hamendmentcenter.
com/tent h-amendment-
TIose wIo Iuve Luken un
oath to obey and protect the
Constitution in their official
duties, should assume the
responsibility to study the
Constitution and make
independent judgments
ubouL wIuL LIev Iuve been
asked to do. How many
federal and state laws are
unconsLILuLIonuI? WIuL
proporLIon? ¡ LIInk IL Ius
Lo be verv IIgI.
Certainly the laws in
need of nullification or
widespread refusal to
enforce them would go well
bevond OuLI Keeper`s 1o
poInLs, wIIcI ure IIIusLruLIve
of a worse-case scenario
InvoIvIng murLIuI Iuw. Our
nation is being destroyed
Irom wILIIn bv LIe corrosIve
effects of thousands of
bad laws. We the people
can no longer assume that
LIe IederuI governmenL,
and the financial powers
beIInd LIe scenes, Iuve
the best interests of the
people at heart and will
ucL Lo serve our InLeresLs,
within the limits on federal
power established by the
¡n LIe end, IL Is one`s
independent judgment as
an Oath Keeper that will
Iuve Lo unswer LIe quesLIon,
is my peaceful resistance
to this tyranny justified in
LIIs purLIcuIur InsLunce?
A * ·
(continued [rom A · ;)
AL LIuL poInL IL becume obvI-
ous that a Jewish pro gun orga-
nIzuLIon wus soreIv needed. ¡`ve
been called a few things in my
LIme, buL ¨unLI-SemILIc¨ wouId be
IuugIubIe. HIsLorIcuIIv ¨gun con-
trol” has been a fundamental tool
of anti-Semitism. It is also racist
and totalitarian, because African
Americans were the targets of the
hrsL AmerIcun gun proIIbILIon
scIemes, und ¨gun conLroI¨ pre-
ceded everv mujor genocIde oI LIe
20th Century.
KF: Hcs 1PID le[t its mcrl? I'te
hcd motitcted qun ouners tell
me thct 1PID hcs ¨rcdicclized¨
the entire pro qun motement.
AARON: ¡ beIIeve LIuL JP¡O
has directed the debate into more
fundamental channels. Our moral
outrage against the most blatant
politicians, our use of educational
materials, and our leading edge
use technology are matters of
prIde Ior me. WIIIe LIe bIg ¨pro
gun” institution cuddles up to the
jack booted goons of the BATFE,
JP¡O suvs ¨AboIIsI LIe BAT¡E¨.
WIIIe LIe bIg ¨pro gun¨ InsLILuLIon
suvs ¨some gun conLroI Is okuv¨,
JP¡O suvs ¨DesLrov uII 'gun con-
LroI`. NoLIIng good cun come oI
IL.¨ WIIIe LIe bIg ¨pro gun¨ InsLI-
LuLIon prucLIces ¨reusonubIe com-
promise”, JPFO tells the truth:
CompromIse InvILes deIeuL.
KF: Do uou thinl thct people cre
c[rcid to join 1PID, or cnu other
pro gun group, because they fear
theu'll be put on c qoternment
AARON: That fear is irrational,
considering the hard, cold facts. If
vou Iuve u subscrIpLIon Lo u hre-
arms magazine, if you belong to a
gun cIub, II vou`ve ever purcIused
u IunLIng or hsIIng IIcense, II
vou`ve ever bougIL u hreurm In u
sLore . und especIuIIv II vou were
ever In LIe mIIILurv . vou`re In
LIe duLubuse. ¡I vou drIve u pIckup
Lruck or moLorcvcIe, or Iuve ever
ordered anything from a mail or-
der business that also sells hunt-
Ing und sIooLIng suppIIes . vou
ure on some governmenL IIsL.
Don`L be nuïve. Bused on LIese In-
escapable realities, one is working
uguInsL one`s own besL InLeresLs
by not supporting those who are
sLrIvIng dIIIgenLIv Lo desLrov LIe
evII LIuL Is ¨gun conLroI¨.
KF: Are non 1eus intited to join
AARON: Absolutely. Anyone
wIo wunLs Lo desLrov ¨gun con-
trol” will fnd a home at JPFO. We
Iuve never usked LIe reIIgIon oI u
- end excerpLs Irom LIe ¡errIs_
ZeImun InLervIew. Reud IL uII uL
The Oath Keeper salutes Aar-
on ZeImun und JP¡O Ior geLLIng
it right. Please join and support
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Jennifer Terhune
Sam Adams was sitting at a
writing desk at his home in Bos-
Lon. ¡L wus LIe evenIng oI JuIv 1,
1768. A cool, salty breeze waft-
ing in through the open window
besIde IIm ßuLLered LIe cur-
LuIns und seL IIs cundIe ßIck-
ering. But Sam Adams did not
seem to notice the breeze or the
candle. He was writing intently,
his pen scratching noisily across
the paper in front of him.
Outside his window, the city of
Boston was seething with indig-
nation – again. A month ago,
riots had broken out across the
city when merchant John Han-
cock was arrested and his ship,
the Liberty, impounded for car-
rying contraband. All this trou-
ble stemmed from a recent piece
of legislation passed by
the British parliament,
thousands of miles away
across the ocean that
foamed and sparkled
ouLsIde Sum Adums`s
window. The Townsh-
end Acts followed on the
IeeIs oI LIe verv unpopu-
lar and recently repealed
Stamp Acts. Sam Adams
vIewed LIe TownsIend
Acts as a continued usur-
puLIon oI LIe coIonIsLs`
rights and liberties.
In the Townshend Acts,
the New York Assem-
bly was suspended until
it should agree to allow
British soldiers to be
quartered and fed at the
coIonIsLs` expense. AIso,
new taxes were imposed
throughout the American
colonies, that were already stag-
gering under a depressed econ-
omy. Glass, lead, paint, paper,
and tea, all common items of
evervduv use, were now sIupped
with taxes, and British customs
oIhcers were gIven expunded
powers to make sure that the
new rules were followed. Now,
cusLoms oIhcIuIs couId muke ouL
LIeIr own ¨wrILs oI ussIsLunce¨,
which allowed them broad au-
LIorILv Lo seurcI prIvuLe Iomes
and warehouses for contraband
goods, and to use force to do so
if necessary. In addition, three
new Admiralty Courts – courts
without juries – were estab-
lished in the Colonies by the
Townshend Acts.
It was before one of these
courts that John Hancock had
been forced to appear to face
cIurges oI evudIng LIe TownsI-
end Acts after his ship was im-
pounded. Sam Adams arranged
for his cousin, John Adams, to
defend him, and the Admiralty
Court had acquitted Hancock in
the face of public fury.
Sam Adams had not sat idly
by as the Townshend Acts were
put into effect. Working with
the Massachusetts assembly,
called the Massachusetts Gen-
eral Court, he sent appeals and
pleadings to Parliament against
the Townshend Acts. He re-
ceIved no response, und so, h-
nally, he wrote a letter of protest
LIuL expIuIned LIe AmerIcuns`
grIevunces more cIeurIv LIun unv
before had dared. He argued in
IIs Iumous ¨CIrcuIur ¡eLLer¨ LIuL
¨HIs MujesLv`s AmerIcun Sub-
jects, who acknowledge them-
seIves bound bv LIe TIes oI AIIe-
gIunce, Iuve un equILubIe CIuIm
to the full enjoyment of the fun-
damental Rules of the British
Constitution: That it is in an es-
sential unalterable Right, in na-
ture, ungrafted into the British
Constitution, as a fundamental
¡uw, & ever IeId sucred & Irre-
vocubIe bv LIe SubjecLs wILIIn
the Realm, that what a man has
honestly acquired is absolutely
his own, which he may freely
gIve, buL cunnoL be Luken Irom
him without his consent.”
His letter went on to a theme
that would become a rallying
cry of American Independence:
¨ImposIng DuLIes on LIe PeopIe
oI LIIs provInce, wILI LIe soIe
& express purpose of raising a
Revenue, ure ¡nIrIngemenLs oI
their natural & constitutional
Rights: because, as they are
not represented in the British
PurIIumenL, IIs MujesLv`s Com-
mons in Britain by those grant
their Property without their
consent....”. The letter further
explained that the American
colonies could not be well -rep-
resented in Parliament, due to
the geographical distances sep-
uruLIng LIem: ¨TIIs House Iur-
ther are of Opinion, that their
Constituents, considering their
local Circumstances cannot by
any possibility, be represented
in the Parliament, & that it will
Iorever be ImprucLIcubIe, LIuL
they should be equally repre-
sented there, & consequently
not at all; being separated by an
Ocean of a thousand leagues:
und LIuL IIs MujesLv`s RovuI
Predecessors, for this reason,
were graciously pleased to form
a subordinate legislature here,
that their subjects might en-
joy the unalienable Right of a
RepresenLuLIon.¨. TIe IeLLer
was sponsored by the Massa-
chusetts General Court, and
was circulated around the colo-
nies. It was endorsed by other
colonial Assemblies, including
the powerful Virginia House of
However, LIe IeLLer wus noL
weII receIved bv PurIIumenL
or by the King. In fact, King
George wus so provoked LIuL
he ordered Lord Hillsborough,
Secretary of State for the colo-
nies, to order the Massachu-
setts General Court to rescind
the letter. If they did not, their
assembly would be shut down.
The General Court refused to
back down- and so, on that Fri-
day morning, July 1, 1768, Mas-
sucIuseLLs Governor SIr ¡runcIs
Bernurd Iud dIssoIved LIe Mus-
sachusetts General Court.
And now, LIuL verv evenIng,
Sam Adams was writing again.
This time he was not working
on another letter of protest, but
instead on a form of protest that
Ie IeIL mIgIL be more eIIecLIve:
a boycott of the British goods
taxed by the Townshend Acts.
If he could get legislatures, mer-
chants, and citizens to refuse
to buy those goods, perhaps
the British Parliament could be
brought to their senses. Perhaps
they would realize the Ameri-
can colonies were earnest in
their pleas for fair representa-
tion, and the rights that should
be uccorded Lo EngIIsImen ev-
Dusk was falling and Adams
wus sLIII benL over LIe puper In
IronL oI IIm, now covered wILI
writing. He paused to dip his
quill pen in the inkwell and
squinted at the page. He could
barely read it in the falling light.
He pulled the candle closer and
bent to his work once more.
But suddenly Adams raised his
head and listened. Outside he
heard a shrill piercing whistle,
the sound of running feet and
u crusI. ¨Tuke LIuL buck Lo
vour Governor!¨ u rougI voIce
sIouLed. ¨And Lo ¡ord Town-
sIend!¨ ¨Sons oI ¡IberLv, ouL
LonIgIL! Tuke LIuL, vou oIhcIuI
jackanapes!” Now someone was
cheering. There was another yell
and other crash. The pattering
feet whirled by the window, and
then they were gone. A curious
smIIe pIuved over Adums`s Iuce
as listened. The Sons
of Liberty had made
cusLom oIhcIuIs LIeIr
particular target after
the Townshend Acts.
Perhaps one of them
had been a little too
bold – or foolish. Ad-
ams shook his head,
and the faint smile
faded as he re-read
his last sentence and
his brow furrowed
with concentration.
Soon the room was
once uguIn hIIed wILI
the sound of his pen
scratching across the
. . . . . .
The British re-
sponse to the Circular
letter and the unrest
in Boston did not stop with the
dIssoIvIng oI LIe MussucIuseLLs
General Court. The British
senL severuI compunIes oI BrIL-
ish troops and quartered them
in Boston. In response, Com-
mittees of Safety were set up
throughout the Colonies, and
tensions between the colonies
and Britain remained high. The
unrest in Boston continued af-
Ler LIe Lroops urrIved, und cuI-
minated in the Boston Massacre
in March 1770.

Massachusetts Circular Let-
Massachusetts Circular
Letter: www.revoIuLIonurv-
Samuel Adams: vIrLuuIoI-
JULY 1, 1768:
A * u
Rex Nichols - Sheriff candidate,
Lincoln County, Montana
Philip Hoag - Sheriff candi-
date, Park County, Montana
Steve Kendley - Sheriff candi-
date, Lake County, Montana
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
A * I0
By Elias Alias

Oath Keepers is proud
to announce that Sheriff
Richard Mack is now a
member oI OuLI Keepers`
national Board of Directors.
Sheriff Mack was welcomed
to the position on July 03,
2010. Sheriff Mack has been
an Oath keeping patriot for
many years, long before
Stewart Rhodes founded
Oath Keepers. Sheriff Mack
recognized the importance
of the Oath Keepers mission
as soon as he heard it.
Sheriff Richard Mack is
creating quite a stir around
the nation. Two appearances
on Judge Andrew
NupoIILuno`s sIow und u
busy schedule of interstate
speaking engagements are
part of his attack upon
unconstitutional federal
ucLIvILv. He Ius un enIunced
multi-media presentation
wIIcI Is verv popuIur
with audiences around the
nation. His message is also
verv powerIuI, und IL dove-
tails with the states-rights
movemenL under LIe ¤LI
and 10th Amendments. His
message also interfaces
nicely with that of Oath
Keepers. He notes that if
all sheriffs would simply
honor their Oath to the
Constitution, we could
regain our Republic
That message, chronicled
across America by Sheriff
Mack for years, has been
taken up in Montana by three
conscientious candidates
for the office of County
Sheriff. Oath Keepers is
proud to see three of our
members running for that
office, for as Oath Keepers
we know LIev ¨geL IL¨ und
will become Constitutional
WILI Nevudu`s SIerIII De
Meo und ArIzonu`s SIerIII
Arpaio already making
stands against Federal
encroachment in their
respecLIve counLIes, LIese
candidates are willing
to walk the walk in their
own counties if elected in
Montana. Each of them
sees a duty to protect the
citizens of his county from
unIuwIuI IederuI ucLIvILv.
Oath Keepers is strongly
in agreement with Sheriff
Mack and all sheriffs who
understand and embrace
his message – the County
Sheriff is the highest law
enforcement officer in his
county, with authority
over unv InLrudIng ¡ederuI
agent. Guardians of the
Republic, Constitutionally
minded sheriffs can hold
the line against home-
grown governmenLuI
tyranny. Let freedom ring!
Please enjoy reading
about LIIs movemenL oI
sheriffs who will stand
for their people by going
Lo SIerIII Muck`s websILe
and clicking around: www. While
there, buy some copies of
his book, “The County
Sheriff: America’s Last
Hope”. Share those books
with county sheriffs and
their deputies. Help Sheriff
Mack and Oath Keepers
reach, teach, and inspire
other good men to stand
for the Constitution.
SIerII I RIcIurd Muck und MonLunu SIerII I Juv PrInLz won u Supreme CourL vIc-
Lorv over LIe CIInLon udmInIsLruLIon. ¡rom LIuL Supreme CourL ruIIng -
¨We IeId In New York LIuL Congress cunnoL compeI LIe SLuLes Lo enucL or enIorce
u IederuI reguIuLorv progrum. Toduv we IoId LIuL Congress cunnoL cIrcumvenL LIuL
proIIbILIon bv conscrIpLIng LIe SLuLe`s oI I Icers dIrecLIv. TIe ¡ederuI GovernmenL
muv neILIer Issue dIrecLIves requIrIng LIe SLuLes Lo uddress purLIcuIur probIems,
nor commund LIe SLuLes` oI I Icers, or LIose oI LIeIr poIILIcuI subdIvIsIons, Lo ud-
minister or enforce a federal regulatory program. It matters not whether policy-
mukIng Is InvoIved, und no cuse bv cuse weIgIIng oI LIe burdens or beneI ILs Is nec-
essary; such commands are f undamentally incompatible with our constitutional
svsLem oI duuI sovereIgnLv. AccordIngIv, LIe judgmenL oI LIe CourL oI AppeuIs Ior
LIe NInLI CIrcuIL Is reversed. ¡L Is so ordered.¨
JusLIce ScuIIu, mujorILv opInIon, In MuckJPrInLz v USA, 1¤¤6
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
A * II
OneDol Has Activist Patriot DVDs For A Buck Or Two!
A * I!
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Wayne Terhune
For anyone who has watched
LIe Iumous 1¤6z hIm, ¨TIe
Longest Day”, the following scene
is probably familiar. Members
of the French Underground are
going through a Nazi checkpoint
with a horse-drawn cart full of
hay. The German soldiers stop
the cart at the checkpoint. The
soldiers then take a pitchfork
and stab the hay in the cart
numerous times in an effort
Lo hnd unv IIdden ILems LIuL
the underground members
may be trying to sneak past the
ProvIng LIe LruLI In ¨.LIere
is no new thing under the sun”,
a somewhat similar scenario is
beIng pIuved ouL Loduv. OnIv IL`s
in New York instead of France,
the soldiers are American, not
German, and instead of the
¡rencI Underground, LIe vIcLIms
are the American people. And,
instead of pitchforks there are
IIgI LecI ¨wunds¨.
The New York National Guard,
In un uppurenL vIoIuLIon oI Posse
Comitatus, is teaming up with
local law enforcement to use
high tech gamma ray scanning
equipment to search cars at
cIeckpoInLs. A vIdeo sIoL bv ¡ox
News 23 in New York, shows a
checkpoint with a sign saying,
¨sIow - under veIIcIe InspecLIon¨
as a car pulls up to the inspection
The Fox report states that a
warrant is required by the police,
but in one instance in 2009, the
¨wurrunL¨ consIsLed oI un oIhcer
saying he smelled marijuana:
¨TIe ScIenecLudv PoIIce
Department is just one agency
that has called in the guard
Ior IeIp. ¡n zoo¤, u drIver wus
arrested, his car brought to the
station and scanned after an
oIhcer smeIIed murIjuunu comIng
from the car. No drugs were
Iound, buL LIuL LruIhc sLop und
scun wus purL oI un InvesLIguLIon
against the suspect.”
The technology is not only used
for drugs, but also for weapons.
Again, from the Fox News
¨SSG. BrIun GIIIIs suvs, 'we cun
go on the scene and sniff or take
a swab with this and it can tell
vou wIuL IL Is.`
UsIng IonIzuLIon, counLerdrug`s
machines can detect chemicals,
expIosIves, nurcoLIcs on monev,
weupons, even IubrIc. A
simple swab can tell you if that
surface had contact with those
A simple sweep of an
undercarriage or a scan of a car
cun IeIp hnd drugs or weupons
being brought into the capital
regIon. WIIIe LIe underveIIcIe
inspection system looks for traps
or voIds wIere unvLIIng couId
be taped or bolted in, the mobile
veIIcIe InspecLIon svsLem Lukes
it one step further.
GIIIIs suvs, 'ILs busIcuIIv un
x-ray. If you zoom in you can see
LIe rIße IuId ucross LIe boLLom.`¨
The Guard has been busy.
According to the same Fox News
reporL: ¨TIe New York NuLIonuI
Guard assisted in more than
2,000 arrests last year, and had
almost $150 million in drug,
property, and weapon seizures.”
In addition to searching
veIIcIes, LIe NuLIonuI Guurd Is
LukIng Lo LIe uIr In LIe ¨wur on
drugs”, as the Fox News report
¨TIe New York NuLIonuI
Guurd Is hgILIng LIe wur on
drugs on land and also from the
air. Aircraft helping (sic) with
observuLIon, LruckIng, und hndIng
illegal growing operations.
Paul, a helicopter pilot with the
guard says police ask for help,
and because of their experience,
help them to locate them, go
in collect the drugs, and make
arrests. During the day, pilots
and police take to the air looking
for marijuana. At night, an
infrared camera helps to net
arrests and drug seizures.
PuuI suvs, 'unvLIIng generuLIng
heat or electricity or a high
temperature sticks out, lights up
IIke u Lree.`
Those seizures and cash
helping to fund the Counterdrug
task force programs.”
The original Posse Comitatus
Act has been completely restored
Lo IL`s orIgInuI sLuLe bv HR q¤86
in 2008. This Act restricts the
deployment of troops within the
United States:
For troops to be deployed, a
condILIon Ius Lo exIsL LIuL, ¨(1)
So hinders the execution of the
laws of that State, and of the
United States within the State,
that any part or class of its people
Is deprIved oI u rIgIL, prIvIIege,
immunity, or protection named
in the Constitution and secured
by law, and the constituted
authorities of that State are
unable, fail, or refuse to protect
LIuL rIgIL, prIvIIege, or ImmunILv,
or Lo gIve LIuL proLecLIon; or
(2) opposes or obstructs the
execution of the laws of the
United States or impedes the
course of justice under those
Iuws. ¡n unv sILuuLIon covered
by clause (1), the State shall be
consIdered Lo Iuve denIed LIe
equal protection of the laws
secured by the Constitution.”
It would not seem that these
conditions exist.
Consider the following:
At a hearing on the Posse
ComILuLus AcL |PCA| beIore LIe
Subcommittee on Crime of the
Committee on the Judiciary in
1981, William H. Taft, general
counsel of the Department of
DeIense, LesLIhed:
¨TIe |PCA| expresses one oI
the clearest political traditions
in Anglo-American history:
that using the military power to
enIorce LIe cIvIIIun Iuw Is IurmIuI
Lo boLI cIvIIIun und mIIILurv
InLeresLs. TIe uuLIors oI LIe |PCA|
drew upon a melancholy history
oI mIIILurv ruIe Ior evIdence LIuL
even LIe besL InLenLIoned use oI
LIe Armed ¡orces Lo govern LIe
cIvIIIun popuIuLIon muv Ieud Lo
unfortunate consequences. They
knew, moreover, LIuL mIIILurv
InvoIvemenL In cIvIIIun uIIuIrs
consumed resources needed for
national defense and drew the
Armed Forces into political and
legal quarrels that could only
harm their ability to defend
their country. Accordingly they
intended that the Armed Forces
be used in law enforcement
only in those serious cases to
which the ordinary processes of
cIvIIIun Iuw were IncupubIe oI
BuL even more ImporLunL
than the Posse Comitatus Act is
the Constitution of the United
States. As stated by Stewart
Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers
and a Yale trained Constitutional
¨¡ook uL ArLIcIe ¡, SecLIon
8, and it will let you know
what institution is supposed
to be taking care of repelling
InvusIons, und suppressIng
insurrections, and enforcing
the laws of the Union-- it should
be the militia of the states, and
LIuL`s wIo sIouId be doIng IL, noL
the standing Army... I would say
that we should go back and look
at the Constitution itself.”
¡L`s InLeresLIng Lo noLe, LIuL
under United States Code Title 10
(12406), that the National Guard
has been federalized and placed
under the call of the President,
similar to the standing army:
¨. LIe PresIdenL muv cuII InLo
¡ederuI servIce members und
units of the National Guard of
any State in such numbers as he
consIders necessurv Lo. execuLe
LIose Iuws.¨
In addition to Title 10, the
¨CouncII oI Governors¨ wus
enucLed bv execuLIve order In
January, 2009. This Council
corresponds to the ten FEMA
regions, and further federalizes
the National Guard, making
them like a standing army. This
unconsLILuLIonuI execuLIve order
also allows foreign troops to be
deployed in American cities.
(See ¨TIe Noose TIgILens¨, TIe
Oath Keeper Vol, 1 No. 5.)
So, according to Stewart
Rhodes and the Constitution,
LIe mIIILIu sIouId be InvoIved In
enforcing the laws. And who is
It is stated in United States
Code (1o USC ¤11(u)) LIuL, ¨TIe
Militia of the United States
consists of all able-bodied males
uL IeusL 1; veurs oI uge...¨. ¡n US v.
Miller, the Supreme Court ruled
that when called into action the
mIIILIu wus Lo sIow up ¨beurIng
urms suppIIed bv LIemseIves...¨.
AIso, In BIuck`s ¡uw DIcLIonurv,
¨mIIILIu¨ Is dehned us: ¨TIe bodv
of citizens in a state” and not the
¨reguIur Lroops oI u sLundIng
Therefore, the militia is
different from the National
Guard and the US military. So,
the Guard is being usurped
bv LIe IederuI governmenL on
a national scale, and is being
used to enforce laws, which
constitutionally is the job of the
militia. Therefore, the domestic
deployment of the Guard in New
York described here is illegal.
TIese deveIopmenLs In New
York InvoIvIng LIe NuLIonuI
Guurd ure dehnILeIv dIsLurbIng,
as were the incidents during
Hurricane Katrina where troops
took guns from law abiding
citizens. These actions by the
military are unconstitutional
and if left unchecked, could
easily lead the United States into
tyranny. We as Oath Keepers
must be aware of this and work
Iurder Lo ¨ReucI, TeucI und
¡nspIre¨ LIe currenLIv servIng Lo
stand down from unlawful and
unconstitutional orders— and
LIuL IncIudes orders Lo conhscuLe
hreurms Irom LIe AmerIcun
peopIe In vIoIuLIon oI LIe Second
Prison » NY
NuLIonuI Guurd ¡nvoIved ¡n Muss
Arrests Of U.S. Citizens
New York National Guard
Units Scan Vehicles For Gun
War on Drugs: Part two -
¡OXz¤ News - TIe 1o O`CIock
War on Drugs: Part One -
¡OXz¤ News - TIe 1o O`CIock
News ~ News
Treason in New York, National
Guurd ConhscuLIng Guns Irom
Citizens - Auburn Journal
Police Chief Magazine - View
United States Code: Title
10,12406. National Guard in
¡ederuI servIce: cuII ] ¡¡¡ J ¡eguI
Information Institute

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
A Review by Nelson Hultberg
“The United States has
undergone a cultural, moral
and religious revolution.
A militant secularism has
arisen in this country. It
has always had a hold
on the intellectual and
academic elites, but in the
1960s it captured the young
in the universities and the
“This is the basis of the
great cultural war we’re
undergoing….We are two
countries now. We are
two countries morally,
culturally, socially, and
theologically. Cultural wars
do not lend themselves to
peaceful co-existence. One
side prevails, or the other
“The truth is that while
conservatives won the Cold
War with political and
economic Communism, we’ve
lost the cultural war with
cultural Marxism, which I
think has prevailed pretty
much in the United States. It
is now the dominant culture.
Whereas those of us who are
traditionalists, we are, if you
will, the counterculture.”
So states Patrick J.
Buchanan in the opening
scenes of James Jaeger’s
new hIm, CU¡TURA¡
MARX¡SM: TIe CorrupLIon
oI AmerIcu. As uIwuvs,
Buchanan is outspoken and
splendidly patriotic in his
testimony on the present
degeneration of our country.
Many of us born before
the 1960s and its shocking
nihilism agree vehemently
with him. We were raised
in a land far removed
philosophically from the
America we are cursed with
Loduv, und LIIs dIsLurbIng
fact weighs heavily upon our
hearts and minds.

America’s Social
We, wIo were ruIsed In
pre-nIIIIIsL AmerIcu, hnd
mosL oI Loduv`s movIes, TV
programs and literary works
hideous and depressing.
We cringe at the obsessive
sexuality of Hollywood’s
cInemuLIc preLensIons, uL ILs
Iove uIIuIr wILI unLI-Ieroes,
and the reprehensible way
it so cavalierly saturates
its stories with over-the-
Lop vIoIence. We hnd
ourselves aghast at how
much boorish mediocrity
and phantasmagoric
ugliness pulsate through
the commercial byways of
modern America calling
itself “cutting-edge art from
the avant-garde.” And we
wonder what is it that has
wrought such decadence --
where once righteous ideals
and a heroic sense of life
¡s LIere u reuson, we
lament, wIv we musL
endure movies about
sniveling Ratso Rizzos
instead of dashing Rhett
Butlers and plucky Gunga
Dins? Why miasma and
moroseness now dominate
the social stream instead of
the spirit of magnanimity
and unbridled optimism of
our ancestors? Why sweet
drug poisons such as “crack“
and “Methamphetamine”
invade the lives of callow
youths in ghetto and country
club alike? Why middle
class Americans (who once
worshiped self-reliance) now
shamefully demand more and
more entitlement handouts
from government? Why our
elected leaders in Washington
have become despicable
quislings slithering around
in Machiavellian muck? Why
IumIIv IIIe und murrIuge, LIe
verv IounLs oI cIvIIIzuLIon,
are treated so shabbily by
psycho-babble experts? Why
androgyny is so zealously
promoted by liberals on
every other television
show and homosexuality is
pawned off as a “Marlboro
Cowbov IIIe sLvIe?¨ WIv
tradition and honor are
scorned by professorial elites
ponLIhcuLIng endIessIv ubouL
how America’s original moral
principles were repressive?
TIere Is Indeed u reuson
why this tragic disintegration
of American life’s value has
swept over the country this
past century. It is called
¨CuILuruI MurxIsm.¨ ¡L Is
not the only reason why our
culture is collapsing into
decudence, buL IL Is perIups
the most important reason.
CuILures ure vusL mosuIcs
oI Iumun uspIruLIons, Ioves,
needs and fears played
out within the context of
LIeIr LIme, LIeIr geogrupIv,
LIeIr nuLuruI weuILI, und
the vision of their most
brIIIIunL LIInkers. TIere ure
always numerous factors
that move a culture toward
truth and high-minded
freedom or toward fallacy
and the dust bin of history.
But usually there are one or
two of the reasons that are
paramount while the others
ure secondurv. ¡n LIIs cuse,
the paramount reason is
the deliberate ideology of
¨CuILuruI MurxIsm¨ LIuL
invaded our nation back in
the 1930s.
WIuL exucLIv Is LIIs IorrIhc
ideology that has brought
our way of life to such a
sorrv denouemenL, und Iow
dId IL orIgInuLe? TIuL Is wIuL
Jueger`s hIm Is uII ubouL; und
he paints a riveting portrayal
of a great country brought to
ruin over an 80 year stretch
by patiently sinister minds
warped by a Mad Hatter’s
view of reality.
¡n zoo;, WIIIIum S. ¡Ind,
a brilliant conservative
LIInker uIhIIuLed wILI LIe
¡ree Congress ¡ounduLIon
In WusIIngLon, wroLe un
urLIcIe LILIed, ¨WIo SLoIe Our
CuILure?¨ ¡n IL Ie ouLIIned
wIuL CuILuruI MurxIsm
wus uII ubouL, IummerIng
Iome Ior LIe hrsL LIme Lo
Americans in general what
CuILuruI MurxIsm Iud done
Lo AmerIcu. TIe urLIcIe wus
a political / sociological
tour de force because of the
exceptional clarity with which
¡Ind expIuIned LIe omInous
gouIs oI LIe CuILuruI MurxIsL
theoreticians beginning in
the aftermath of World War
¡ In Europe, IoIIowed bv
exportation of their agenda
to America in the 1930s.
Jumes Jueger`s hIm
duplicates the brilliance
und IucIdILv oI ¡Ind, onIv
with the visual imagery of
hIm. ¡L gIves AmerIcuns
a perceptive explanation
as to why our nation is
committing insidious suicide
under the guise of erecting
the false ideal of social
Americans are being
dumbed down to a vulgarian’s
exIsLence wILI OrweII`s
Iumous reversuI oI dehnILIons
(¨¡gnorunce Is SLrengLI,
Slavery is Freedom”)
infecting everything in
which we partake. Jaeger’s
hIm exposes In spudes LIIs
heartbreaking destruction
oI LIe RepubIIc. TIe hIm`s
power lies in its haunting
imagery and conceptual
resonunce. TIus IL oIIers u
wonderful educational tool
to spread the word to the
populace about how and
why we as a people are so
apathetically condoning
enslavement and decadence.
Our mosL Lreusured vuIues
have been turned upside
down In u dIuboIIcuI, ¨beIInd-
LIe-curLuIn,¨ MurxIsL
orchestration that has taken
over our scIooIs, cIurcIes,
movIes, pubIIsIers und
media in the way gangrene
spreads its pustules up the
length of a man’s legs to
invade his body’s core where
the lungs and heart reside.

Cultural Marxism’s
It all began in the
aftermath of World War I.
TIe orIgInuI LIeme oI KurI
Marx in the 19th century
was that capitalism had to be
destroyed. It was tyrannical
and exploitative in nature.
Under LIe guIdunce oI
MurxIsL revoIuLIonurIes,
the workers of the world
could eventually be made
to realize this and rise up in
revolt. A “collectivist” and
“classless” society would then
commence in which men
and women no longer strived
Ior personuI prohL, buL Ior
communuI conLrIbuLIon,
out of which they all would
receive equal compensation.
“From each according to his
TIe CorrupLIon oI AmerIcu - a James Jaeger Film
Nelson Hultberg

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
ubIIILIes; Lo eucI uccordIng
to his needs” was the mantra
that promised the ushering
in of a utopia for mankind.
Naturally what man’s needs
constituted were to be
determined by the superior
thinkers and organizers of
society. But the important
goal was all-pervasive
egalitarianism to be imposed
by Marxist theory and the
rising up of the workers of
LIe worId Lo conhscuLe LIe
IucLors oI producLIon, I.e., uII
property that the capitalists
had created.
UnIorLunuLeIv LIe onIv
country where this new
ideology was able to take
IoId wus In RussIu, und
there only by means of the
most brutal dictatorial
methods. Marxism failed to
spread to the rest of Europe
und LIe worId. TIe Ioped Ior
supporLers oI LIe revoIuLIon,
the allegedly “exploited
workers” of the capitalist
counLrIes, remuIned IurgeIv
indifferent and refused
to support the Marxist
It was at this time around
1920 that several socialist
intellectuals in Europe
began to rework the
theoretical basics of Marx.
Naturally they couldn’t
come to grips with the
fact that Marx might have
been grossly wrong in his
worIdvIew. TIere Iud Lo be
some other reason why the
revolution had not occurred.
TIuL reuson wus supposedIv
found by two brilliant
MurxIsL LIeoreLIcIuns,
Antonio Gramsci in Italy and
Georg ¡ukucs In Hungurv.
TIev posILed LIuL WesLern
cIvIIIzuLIon, buIIL us IL wus
on LIe Judeo-CIrIsLIun
reIIgIon, Iud InsLIIIed evII
values into man -- values
oI IndIvIduuIIsm, personuI
IndusLrv, IumIIv soIIdurILv,
monogumv, prIvuLe
properLv, puLrIoLIsm, beIIeI
In u CreuLor God, eLc. TIese
values had brainwashed the
workers oI LIe worId, wIIcI
kept them from realizing
LIeIr Lrue desLInv, wIIcI
was to revolt and usher in
a classless society. Gramsci
und ¡ukucs InsIsLed LIuL LIe
glorious socialist revolution
would be impossible until
LIese Judeo-CIrIsLIun
values had been destroyed.
TIen LIe workers wouId rIse
up and complete the vision
of Marx.

The Frankfurt School
TIus begun wIuL GrumscI
und ¡ukucs Lermed LIe
“long march through the
InsLILuLIons.¨ TIIs meunL
the institutions of culture
(scIooIs, cIurcIes, movIes,
medIu, eLc.), und IL meunL
taking them over with
socialist thinkers and
svmpuLIIzers. Once Luken
over, LIev couId LIen ImpurL
“true socialist values” to
the people and raise new
generations to give their
IovuILIes noL Lo God, counLrv,
und IndIvIduuIIsm, buL Lo
the State and collectivism.
To ImpIemenL LIIs new
dIrecLIon In MurxIsm, LIev
established the Frankfurt
ScIooI In ¡runkIurL,
Germany and benignly
named it the Institute for
Social Research.
TIIs scIooI oI LIougIL
grew rapidly amidst the
InLeIIecLuuI IeIL, uLLrucLIng
such thinkers as Max
HorkeImer, TIeodor Adorno,
ErIc ¡romm, WIIIeIm
ReIcI, und HerberL Murcuse
Lo udvocuLe ILs vIsIon. TIev
all offered different slants
on just how to promote
GrumscI`s und ¡ukucs` gouI
of a new “cultural Marxism”
replacing the old “economic
Marxism.” But they all
basically agreed that the
emphasis should not be
on galvanizing workers
into revolt as the older
¡enInIsL revoIuLIonurIes
Iud concenLruLed on. TIe
new emphasis would be
on liberating all men and
women from the “evil
repression” and “tyrannical
vuIues¨ oI Judeo-CIrIsLIun
cIvIIIzuLIon. To brIng
LIIs ubouL, LIev desIgned
numerous strategies to
discredit and smear the
values that had forged and
susLuIned LIe WesL Ior z,ooo
¨CrILIcuI TIeorv,¨ LIe bruIn-
cIIId oI Mux HorkeImer, wus
LIe hrsL und mosL ImporLunL
oI LIese sLruLegIes. Under
ILs uuspIces, everv LrudILIon
of Western life was to be
redehned us ¨prejudIce¨
and “perversion.” And
LIese redehnILIons were Lo
be instilled into the social
sLreum vIu devusLuLIng,
scholarly criticisms of
all values such as the
IumIIv, murrIuge, properLv,
IndIvIduuIIsm, IuILI In God,
eLc. TIese crILIcIsms proved
to be quite successful
in the aftermath of the
world’s collapse into the
GreuL DepressIon, wIIcI
brought about widespread
disillusionment with the
traditional capitalist society
that had evolved in the West
since the Renaissance and
discovery of the New World.
TIe sLruLegIc crILIcIsms
were soon expanded by
demarcating society’s
members as either
“victims” or “oppressors.”
All who were economically
successIuI were dehned us
oppressors, und uII wIo
were not successful were
termed victims. Religious
authorities became “witch-
doctors.” Advocates of
different social roles for
men and women became
¨IuscIsLs.¨ CorporuLe
heads became “exploiters.”
Fathers became “patriarchal
tyrants.” Families became
¨prImILIve cIuns.¨ TIe sLreum
of criticism was relentless
and extremely sophisticated
In un InLeIIecLuuI sense. TIus
it mesmerized the pundit
class who then disseminated
the criticisms’ fundamental
content to the populace at
The New Marxism
Comes to America
In the 1930s Hitler’s
rise caused the Frankfurt
School to shift its base
temporarily from Germany
Lo LIe UnILed SLuLes, wIere
IL seLLIed In uL CoIumbIu
UnIversILv In New York CILv.
From there it established a
coven of collectivists that
was to eventually spread
its tentacles out to the
entire American heartland.
After World War II and
LIe deIeuL oI HILIer, mosL
of the Frankfurt School
intellectuals returned to
Germunv, buL LIev IeIL
behind a large faction of
sympathizers who furthered
LIeIr sLruLegIes In LIe U.S.
throughout the 1950s and
InLo LIe '6os und ';os. One
of the most important of
these was philosopher
Herbert Marcuse whose
1¤== book, Eros und
CIvIIIzuLIon, promIsed u new
paradise for man when all
the trappings of capitalism
and traditionalism had been
rooted out of society.
Marcuse’s next big tome
In 1¤6q, One-DImensIonuI
Mun, Ied Lo LIe New ¡eIL
Hippie revolution of the
1¤6os. TIe Iumous CIIcugo
Seven protesters in 1968
(Tom Huvden, AbbIe
HoIImun, Jerrv RubIn, eL uI),
along with radical feminist
AngeIu DuvIs, were greuLIv
Inßuenced bv LIe vILrIoI
toward American capitalism
Iound In Murcuse`s One-
DImensIonuI Mun. YuIe
proIessor CIurIes ReIcI`s
TIe GreenIng oI AmerIcu
in 1970 extended the New
¡eIL revoIL. And eurIIer
IeLIuI conLrIbuLIons, sucI
us TIeodor Adorno`s TIe
Authoritarian Personality
(1950) and Eric Fromm’s
Escape from Freedom (1941)
continued to further seduce
Americans into believing
that everything they had
formerly held to be true
ubouL IIIe, moruIILv und
justice was terribly wrong.
TIus Irom LIe ¡runkIurL
School’s acolytes came a
vast inundation of viciously
destructive intellectual
works, LIuL evenLuuIIv
permeated every avenue
of our culture to affect all
Americans. Bevies of articles
in the popular magazines
attacked the traditions of
American society year after
year from 1935 to 1975.
SubLIv degeneruLe hIms
sucI us TIe WIId Ones,
Bob und CuroI und Ted und
AIIce, MIdnIgIL Cowbov,
Eusv RIder, eLc. Invuded LIe
traditional world of “straight
Americans” to introduce
them to the alluring joys
oI vIoIence, mInd-bendIng
drugs, wIIe-swuppIng,
secuIurIsm, muLerIuIIsm,
reIuLIvIsm, und oLIer new
“liberating life choices.”
CoIIege courses proIIIeruLed
about the “vast injustices”
of capitalism and the
“aristocratic inhumanity” of
the Founding Fathers.
Herbert Marcuse heaped
malevolent diatribes
relentlessly upon the 1960s
vouLI: ¨TIe WesL,¨ Ie ruIIed,
“is guilty of genocidal crimes
against every civilization and
culture it has encountered.
American and Western
CIvIIIzuLIon ure LIe worId`s
greatest repositories of
rucIsm, sexIsm, nuLIvIsm,
xenopIobIu, unLI-SemILIsm,
IuscIsm, und nurcIssIsm.
American society is
oppressIve, evII, und
undeserving of loyalty.”
George ¡ukucs unnounced
to gullible minds everywhere:
“I see the revolution and
destruction of society as
the only solution. A world-
wide overturning of values
cannot take place without
annihilation of the old values
and a creation of new ones.”
Did all this “critical
devastation” come about
conspIruLorIuIIv? ¡n u sense,
ves, becuuse IL wus beIInd-
the-curtain so to speak. It
was orchestrated from a
small but fervent coterie of
revolutionaries that lived in
LIe LIInker J wrILer worId,
LIe worId oI LIe ¡vorv Tower.
But it was not precisely (or
truly) conspiratorial because
the term “conspiracy” means

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
someLIIng secreL und IIIeguI;
and the revolutionary goals
oI LIe CuILuruI MurxIsLs
were noL exucLIv secreL. TIev
openly published books that
IurLIered LIeIr gouIs. YeL
their goals of destruction
were secret in the sense that
they were not divulged in full
to the reading audience that
ßocked Lo LIeIr books. Were
their goals illegal? Not in the
sense oI oIhcIuI Iuw In LIe
courLs oI munkInd, buL sucI
goals were certainly illicit
in the sense of natural law
fashioned by Nature’s God
and decipherable by reason.
So I think it is fair to say that
LIe udvocuLes oI CuILuruI
Marxism were engaging
conspIruLorIuIIv, jusL noL
the kind of conspiracy that
prosecutors challenge in a

User-Friendly Marxism
TIe end resuIL oI uII LIIs Is
LIuL Irom 1¤zo Lo 1¤6o, LIe
revoIuLIon oI KurI Murx wus
thoroughly redesigned and
re-launched. As Jaeger’s
hIm puLs IL, LIe ¡runkIurL
School revolutionaries have
given us “user-friendly
Marxism” instead of the
draconian Gulag version of
LIe USSR. TIIs new user
friendly version took over
the intellectual youth of
the 1960s and turned them
upside down value-wise.
TIese InLeIIecLuuIs now
control and administer
our scIooIs, medIu, courLs,
und IegIsIuLures. TIe
cultural Marxists adopted
Nietzsche’s “transvaluation
oI uII vuIues,¨ In wIIcI
the Mad Hatter’s world is
instituted. Everything that
previously was an evil now
becomes a virtue while
all the old virtues become
evIIs. ¡ndIvIduuIIsm, seII-
reIIunce, properLv, prohL,
IumIIv, LrudILIonuI murrIuge,
hdeIILv Lo spouse, sLrengLI
oI wIII, personuI Ionor,
rising through merit -- all
these integral pillars of
our civilization become
distinctive evils that oppress
us us Iumuns. TIev musL be
rooted out of our existence.
TIIs wus LIe purpose oI
LIe IdeoIogv oI CuILuruI
Marxism -- to root out the
fundamentals of Judeo-
CIrIsLIun cIvIIIzuLIon und
LIe spIendId CumeIoL oI
Freedom it had created in
America from 1776 to 1913.
What is horrifying is that
it has been triumphant.
Marx has not buried us
in an economic sense as
KIrusIcIev bousLed Ie
wouId; buL Murx Ius burIed
us in a cultural sense as
Antonio Gramsci and Georg
¡ukucs pIunned over 8o
years ago. James Jaeger’s
hIm demonsLruLes LIIs In
lucid fashion that is at once
fascinating and abhorrent.
Cun LIe LrudILIonuI,
Americanist vision that the
Founding Fathers forged
Irom LIe works oI ArIsLoLIe,
AquInus, ¡ocke, und
Jefferson be saved? If it is
Lo be suved, u verv vuIuubIe
tool for such salvation will be
LIIs eIucIduLIve hIm. ¡L Is u
marvelous instrument to put
into the hands of a teenager
jusL enLerIng coIIege, or Lo
show to apathetic neighbors
who just can’t seem to
understand why modernity
is in such shambles. It is the
kInd oI hIm LIuL sIukes one
up. It sends lightning bolts
of insight into the viewer’s
In addition to Patrick
BucIunun, uIso IeuLured
are other conservative
/ libertarian stalwarts
of the socio-political
scene in America such as
Congressmun Ron PuuI;
G. Edwurd GrIIhn (weII-
known producer and author
oI TIe CreuLure Irom JekvII
¡sIund); EdwIn VIeIru, Jr.
(constitutional attorney with
Iour degrees Irom Hurvurd);
und uLLornev-medIu experL,
Dr. Ted BueIr (Iounder oI
MOV¡EGU¡DE und uuLIor oI
TIe CuILure-WIse ¡umIIv).
Jueger`s compunv, MuLrIxx
ProducLIons, Ius Leumed
wILI producer-uLLornev,
WIIIIum ¡. Vun AIen,
Jr., und IIs CornersLone
EnLerLuInmenL, Lo produce,
noL onIv CU¡TURA¡
MARX¡SM, buL severuI
oLIer hIms In LIe pusL,
umong wIIcI were ¡¡ YOU
CAN KEEP ¡T (IeuLurIng
Dr. PeLer ¡IIIbuck, uuLIor
of George Washington’s
Sacred Fire as seen on the
Glenn Beck show numerous
LImes), ¡¡AT EMP¡RE
(wIIcI won LIe TeIIv Awurd,
IIL #1 on GoogIe VIdeo
three times and has been
screened or purchased by
over hve mIIIIon peopIe) und
featuring Ron Paul and Pat
BucIunun). CornersLone-
MuLrIxx EnLerLuInmenL,
Inc. has been engaged in
hgILIng coIIecLIvIsm In
America by taking on the
IIberuIs In HoIIvwood,
Washington and Wall Street
Ior munv veurs. You cun
buv u DVD oI CU¡TURA¡
MARX¡SM: TIe CorrupLIon
of America at http://www.
TIe sLruggIe puLrIoLs now
face is titanic. It will require a
HercuIeun eIIorL Lo wIn, und
the struggle is not relegated
solely to Americans. All
those throughout the West
who love freedom and
the resplendent values
upon which it stands are
inescapably drawn into
LIIs conßIcL wIeLIer LIev
reuIIze IL or noL. We ure,
uII oI us, conIronLed wILI u
dreadful future because of
the immense evil and falsity
of past thinkers such as
Murx, ¡enIn, GrumscI, und
¡ukucs. TIe onIv uILernuLIve
to engaging their progeny
in battle is to let these
destroyers of our culture
win by default -- which is
utterly unacceptable.

TIe CorrupLIon oI AmerIcu
is a powerful arrow in the
quiver of liberty. It needs
to be viewed by patriots
everywhere and then shared
with friends and neighbors
throughout one’s circle of
Nelson Hultberg is a
IreeIunce wrILer In DuIIus,
Texus und LIe DIrecLor oI
Americans for a Free Republic
at His
articles have appeared in
sucI pubIIcuLIons us TIe
DuIIus MornIng News, LIe
Sun AnLonIo Express-News,
TIe AmerIcun ConservuLIve,
¡nsIgIL, ¡IberLv und TIe
Freeman as well as on
numerous Internet sites such
us TIe DuIIv BeII, ¡InuncIuI
Sense, und WorId NeL DuIIv.
He Is LIe uuLIor oI TIe
ConservuLIve RevoIuLIon:
WIv We MusL ¡orm u TIIrd
PoIILIcuI PurLv Lo WIn ¡L, sucI
book the new documentary
SPOI¡ER Is bused upon.
Email Mr. Hultberg at:

30 July 2010
NOTE: TIe ubove revIew
uppeured In THE DA¡¡Y
BE¡¡ uL
c o m / 1 2 4 0 / N e l s o n -
Hu I L b e r g - C u I L u r u I -
Available Now!
Send $20.00 to:
The Oath Keeper
P.O. Boz 202
Willow Creek, MT 59760

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
Bv: M. CrIs ArmenLu
Michael Hilton is an ac-
complished con-man. His
most recent scam involved
the purported takeover of an
empLv prIson, LIe Two RIvers
DeLenLIon ¡ucIIILv, In HurdIn,
MonLunu. ¡n MurcI oI zoo¤,
MIcIueI HIILon Iormed u CuI-
ifornia corporation called
American Private Police Force.
He munuged Lo romunce Two
RIvers AuLIorILv oIhcIuIs InLo
signing a contract by which
HIILon`s enLILv, AP¡, wouId op-
erate the prison. Hilton also
promised that he would open
a training center for foreign
Lroops. TIe conLrucL beLween
AP¡ und Two RIvers gurnered
national media attention last
veur, us skepLIcs quesLIoned
the credentials of APF and
HIILon. Two RIvers, Iowever,
stood fast by its commitment
Lo purLner wILI AP¡, unLII
Hilton’s sketchy past was un-
covered and revealed. Hilton’s
extensive criminal record and
history of scamming innocent
investors would have been un-
covered very easily by a lawyer
or an investigator tasked with
conducting the most routine
due diligence.
Hilton promised that APF
would provide jobs for 250
peopIe, eIgILv percenL oI
which would be drawn from
LIe IocuI ureu oI HurdIn, Mon-
tana. APF immediately hired
u IocuI spokesperson, Beckv
SIuv, wIo Iud been u reporLer
with the Billings Gazette. Ms.
Shay was only one of the vic-
tims of Michael Hilton’s mas-
sive fraud. Hilton claimed he
had extensive experience in
runnIng prIsons, Iud been In-
jured on a tour of duty in Iraq
and could revitalize Hardin’s
lackluster economy and job
murkeL. Two RIvers AuLIorILv
oIhcIuIs ßew Lo CuIIIornIu Lo
meeL wILI HIILon, und emerged
with a sense of certainty that
Hilton and APF would eco-
nomIcuIIv suIve TRA und Hur-
din. Nothing could have been
further from the truth. In-
deed, HIILon`s onIv experIence
in prisons was serving as an
inmate after he was convicted
on several grand theft counts
In CuIIIornIu.
Michael Hilton’s real named
is Miodrag A. Dokovich. He
was born in February of 1954
In MonLenegro, u souLIeusL-
ern European country border-
Ing SerbIu und CrouLIu. HIILon
emIgruLed Lo LIe UnILed SLuLes.
He married and divorced in
1979 from a woman who went
on to enjoy her hard fought
accomplishments in business
while raising two children as
a single parent. Michael Hil-
ton appears to have no real
empIovmenL IIsLorv. ¡nsLeud,
his resume is replete with a
IIsLorv oI scums, IuwsuILs und
criminal convictions.
Hilton’s experience with-
in the legal system began in
1990 when he was named
us deIendunL Lo LIe hrsL oI
many lawsuits. Between 1990
und zooq, HIILon wus sued uL
IeusL eIgIL LImes. CIuIms In-
cIuded LIose Ior Iruud, breucI
of contract and conversion. A
substantial gap in his litiga-
tion resume exists from 1992
unLII ubouL 1¤¤;, LIe LIme pe-
riod during which Hilton was
incarcerated in state prison
In CuIIIornIu Ior Lwo sepuruLe
cIurges oI grund LIeIL. HIILon,
wIo posed us u Ioun broker,
took a deed from a property
owner as collateral for a loan
Ior $zo,ooo. ¡nsLeud oI us-
ing the deed simply to secure
LIe Ioun, us HIILon promIsed,
Hilton sold the property to an
unsuspecting couple building
un ussIsLed IIvIng cenLer, und
dealing in rare art and coins.
¡n uII InsLunces, HIILon Look
money from investors who ul-
timately learned that they had
been scammed.
After his release from pris-
on, HIILon dubbIed In coIIecL-
IbIes, unoLIer IndusLrv wIIcI
resulted in a lawsuit after an
elderly woman alleged (and
proved) that Hilton had stolen
a silver statue worth nearly a
quurLer oI u mIIIIon doIIurs. To
duLe, LIIs vIcLIm Ius noL been
able to collect on her judg-
ment against Hilton. Hilton
also claimed to be a developer
oI sorLs, enLIcIng Lwo Iurd-
working contractors to invest
hundreds of thousands of dol-
lars in the development of a
hospital that was never built.
TIe conLrucLors obLuIned u
judgment against Hilton for
$¤¤¤,=oo. HIILon Ius noL suL-
Ished LIuL judgmenL eILIer.
One oI LIe conLrucLors, RIcI-
urd EurnIurL, cume Lo LIe res-
cue of Hardin when he learned
that Hilton was trying to run a
When Richard Earnhart
learned of Hilton’s grand plans
In MonLunu, Ie sprung InLo
ucLIon. UsIng LIe IeguI proce-
dures available to him to col-
IecL IIs unsuLIshed judgmenL,
he sought to expose Hilton
und IIs pusL Lo LIe CILv oI Hur-
dIn und Two RIvers AuLIorILv.
¡n OcLober oI zoo¤, u process
server named Joel Farias went
Lo HIILon`s Iome In AnuIeIm,
armed with a court order that
HIILon uppeur In ¡os AngeIes
SuperIor CourL Ior u debLor`s
examination. Faris knocked
and Hilton appeared and re-
ceived the court order. Since
Hilton had not paid Earnhart
the money due under the judg-
menL, EurnIurL wus enLILIed Lo
have Hilton testify under oath
ubouL IIs usseLs, IIs Income,
his employment and any sub-
ject reasonably related to the
satisfaction of the judgment.
Hilton refused to show up at
the hearing.
TIe ¡os AngeIes SuperIor
CourL Judge Issued u bencI
warrant for the arrest of Mi-
cIueI HIILon. TIe sume duv,
Lwo Orunge CounLv SIerIIIs
wenL Lo HIILon`s Iome, u Iome
he shares with others in a run
down ureu oI AnuIeIm, CuII-
fornia. Hilton emerged from
LIe Iouse InLo LIe reur puLIo,
looking as unkempt as the
house itself. He sat outside on
the patio furniture in dishev-
eIed cIoLIes, cIuIn smokIng
cigarettes while the sheriffs
cIecked IIs IdenLIhcuLIon und
questioned him. Hilton agreed
to voluntarily go to court the
nexL duv, InsLeud oI beIng ur-
resLed. TIe nexL duv, HIILon
showed up in court to testify
about his assets and income.
His testimony was revealing.
Despite Hilton’s represen-
LuLIons Lo LIe Two RIvers Au-
LIorILv oIhcIuIs, HIILon LesLI-
hed under ouLI LIuL Ie Iud
no experIence In LIe mIIILurv,
oLIer LIun servIng brIeßv In
LIe Cvprus mIIILurv poIIce In
1972. He admitted that he had
no experience running a pris-
on or setting up a police de-
purLmenL. He LesLIhed LIuL Ie
had formed American Private
PoIIce ¡orce, buL LIuL IL Iud no
usseLs, Iud Issued no sIures
and had not even appointed
dIrecLors or oIhcers. HIILon
admitted that both he and
American Private Police Force
were broke. Hilton even duped
IIs own uLLornev, wIo InvesLed
money into the prison scheme
and them dumped Hilton
as a client after the attorney
learned that the scheme was
u scum. TIe LIree Mercedes
SUV`s LIuL HIILon Iud Ieused
through Amerian Private Po-
lice Force were repossessed.
Beckv SIuv, LIe IocuI spokes-
person, besIeged wILI ungrv
questions from a suspicious
pubIIc, resIgned und couId noL
collect her wages.
Bank records for Ameri-
can Private Police Force
showed a collective approxi-
muLe $1oo,ooo InvesLmenL,
but expenses exceeded that.
Bv November zoo¤, LIe bunk
account was overdrawn and
American Private Police Force
had no prospects of income.
A review of the checks drawn
on the bank account revealed
LIuL HIILon und IIs IuLIer, ;=-
veur oId CIedomIr DokIcI,
mereIv cusIed cIecks, pre-
sumably to pay for their own
IIvIng expenses. TIe InvesLors
IosL unv prospecL oI u reLurn,
and all learned that Hilton is
not a man to be trusted.
TIe sLorv oI MIcIueI HIILon
Is uILImuLeIv u sud one, resuIL-
ing from the seemingly pa-
thetic dreams of an unaccom-
pIIsIed con mun. However,
the story is a testament to the
value of good old fashioned
due diligence or investigation.
A simple background search
would have revealed Michael
HIILon`s pusL Lo Two RIvers
AuLIorILv und LIe CILv oI Hur-
din. It appears that both were
scammed twice – once by the
sIIck-LuIkIng Texus deveIopers
who talked them into build-
Ing LIe prIson, und uguIn bv
HIILon, wIo cIuImed Ie couId
hII IL und muke IL prohLubIe.
Based on sources inside the
Two RIvers AuLIorILv, LIere
appears no question that the
entity will tread much more
cureIuIIv In LIe IuLure, purLIc-
ularly after the nationally em-
barrassing story that emerged
from the Hilton debacle.
CopvrIgIL zo1o M. CrIs Ar-
PubIIsIer`s noLe: M. CrIs Ar-
menLu Is u moLIer, un InvesLI-
guLIve uLLornev, und u wrILer
who lives in Montana. She suc-
cessfully represented a client
in legal action against Michael
Hilton. Her work on behalf of
one of her clients was instru-
mental in exposing Hilton to
Montanans and to the city of
TIe Munv Cons oI MIcIueI HIILon
- TIe ¡nsIde Scoop -

Bv Dr. EdwIn VIeIru, Jr.,
PI.D., J.D.
November 1;, zoo¤
|TIe IoIIowIng Is un ex-
cerpt of an address presented
Lo LIe NuLIonuI HerILuge Cen-
Ler Ior ConsLILuLIonuI SLudIes
uL ILs zoo¤ ConsLILuLIon Duv
TIe TenLI-AmendmenL
ResoIuLIons Irom SLuLe ¡eg-
IsIuLures, LIe Teu PurLIes,
LIe Town HuII MeeLIngs,
and other manifestations of
ness with monkey-business
as usual in the Disgrace of
CoIumbIu-even LIe mussIve
congregation on the Mall
IusL SepLember-ure some oI
LIe mosL enIIgILenIng, en-
courugIng, und energIzIng
developments that American
patriots have witnessed in a
long time. For these events
are all premised on the idea:
¨We don`L wunL vou!¨-LIuL
wunL unv more, Indeed LIev
demund u greuL deuI Iess, In-
terference in their lives from
rogue public officials in the
General Government.
TIese evenLs noLwILIsLund-
Ing, LIe probIem remuIns LIuL
Loo munv umong WE THE
PEOP¡E wIII sLurL buL LIen
sLop rIgIL LIere, wILI ¨We
don`L wunL vou!¨ TIuL Is noL
TIe compIuInL ¨We don`L
want you!” needs to go fur-
LIer, Lo LIe resoIve, ¨We won`L
Iuve vou!¨ - LIuL WE THE
PEOP¡E InLend Lo rId LIem-
selves of the General Govern-
ment’s interference.
And to make this resolve
need to design and put into
eIIecL remedIuI ucLIon, so
that they can say with final-
ity: “We don’t need you!”
TIe sequence musL be-
(i) We don’t NEED you!”
which makes it realistic to
(II) We don`L WANT vou!¨
which combined with the
ubIIILv Lo muke WE THE
PEOP¡E`S wunLs eIIecLIve
will lead to the necessary and
sufficient action:
(III) We won`L HAVE vou!¨
and finally will yield the de-
sired result:
(iv) We are RID of you!”
the ability they can give
¨LeeLI¨ Lo LIe desIre, Luke LIe
necessurv ucLIon, und LIere-
by accomplish their goal.
But what will all of this re-
· WE THE PEOP¡E need Lo
create actual workable insti-
tutions that take advantage
of the political and legal posi-
LIon THE PEOP¡E IoId-I.e.,
as the ultimate sovereigns.
· WE THE PEOP¡E need Lo
create actual workable insti-
tutions that take advantage
of the economic resources
THE PEOP¡E commund-
true source of all real wealth
In LIIs counLrv, und ure In
actual physical possession of
most of it.
True enougI, LIe EsLubIIsI-
ment holds bundles of paper
cIuIms Lo weuILI, munv (II
not most) of them generated
through the unconstitutional
Federal Reserve System. But
the insuperable problem for
the Establishment will be how
to collect on those claims if
WE THE PEOP¡E sImpIv re-
fuse to honor them. Anyone
in the paper-currency racket
who doubts that these claims
can be declared unenforce-
able should read the Supreme
CourL`s decIsIon In CruIg v.
MIssourI, z¤ U.S. (q PeLers)
410 (1830).
· WE THE PEOP¡E need
to create actual workable in-
stitutions that are political-
Iv, economIcuIIv, und IeguIIv
independent of the General
Institutions that can com-
pete with the faulty and
fraudulent mechanisms that
rogue officials in the General
Government have foisted on
this country in the key areas
of economic and political con-
LroI, purLIcuIurIv In LIe ureus
of (i) money and banking and
(ii) what is called “homeland
Institutions that can re-
place these fraudulent con-
trol-mechanisms with proper
meuns Lo ¨esLubIIsI JusLIce,
Insure domesLIc TrunquIIILv,
provide for the common de-
Ience, promoLe LIe generuI
WeIIure, und secure LIe BIess-
Ings oI ¡IberLv Lo ourseIves
and our Posterity”. And
Institutions that will en-
ubIe WE THE PEOP¡E Lo de-
fend themselves against re-
taliation from rogue officials
in the General Government
and from the private centers
of multinational economic
¡n sum, WE THE PEOP¡E
must combine their economic
resources and abilities with
political and legal authority
in large-scale organizations
that will ref lect the power
inherent in numbers.
TIIs cunnoL be done bv or
through the General Gov-
ernmenL uL LIe presenL LIme,
because the General Govern-
ment is the main locus of
LIIs counLrv`s probIem, noL
the source of any solution for
It cannot be done through
poIILIcuI purLIes, becuuse pur-
ties (along with other factions
and special-interest groups)
are the control-mechanisms
in the “divide and conquer”
strategy the Establishment
empIovs Lo prevenL WE THE
PEOP¡E Irom usserLIng LIeIr
political sovereignty in their
own interest.
It cannot be done by in-
dividuals or private groups
uIone, prImurIIv becuuse:
(i) private individuals and
groups enjoy no independent
IeguI uuLIorILv; und (II) LIere
is probably no way to create
a sufficiently large and effec-
tive private operation in any
SLuLe, IeL uIone LIrougIouL
LIe enLIre counLrv, In LIme.
It cannot be done by the
SLuLe governmenLs uIone, be-
cause it is not simply a politi-
cal question of governmental
IInunce und udmInIsLruLIon,
but will require a revamping
of the entire private econo-
mIes In eucI SLuLe, Loo.
TIereIore, IL wIII requIre
both (i) participation by the
SLuLe governmenLs, becuuse
they have the legal author-
ity and the ability to mobilize
peopIe In suIIIcIenL numbers,
and (ii) mass action by WE
THE PEOP¡E us u wIoIe.
TIe onIv esLubIIsImenL or
institution that combines all
of these elements is “the Mi-
IILIu oI LIe severuI SLuLes¨,
the “well regulated Militia”
that the Second Amendment
tells us are “necessary to the
security of a free State”.
But a true constitutional
“well regulated Militia” ex-
ists in not one State in this
UnIon Loduv.
So, WE THE PEOP¡E need
to revitalize “the Militia of the
several States” in order to re-
gain and retain popular con-
LroI over SLuLe governmenLs,
and through them to regain
and retain control over the
two fundamental powers of
sovereignty: (i) the Power of
LIe Purse-I.e., currencv und
credIL, und (II) LIe Power oI
LIe Sword-I.e., communILv
Revitalization of the Mili-
P¡E Lo exercIse communILv
self-reliance and ultimately
true self-government in “a
free State” with a sound free-
market economy.
Americans need to combine
all of the following elements
in a single plan for mass ac-
1. Revitalization of “the
Militia of the several States”.
·TIe Second AmendmenL
instructs every American
that “[a] well regulated Mili-
tia” is “necessary to the secu-
rILv oI u Iree SLuLe¨-noL jusL
¨useIuI¨, und cerLuInIv noL
¨opLIonuI¨, buL ¨necessurv¨.
And not “necessary” in only
some generuI sense, buL spe-
cifically with respect to “the
securILv oI u Iree SLuLe¨-
wIIcI meuns LIuL, uccordIng
Lo ¨LIe supreme ¡uw oI LIe
¡und¨ ILseII, LIe verv survIv-
al of constitutional freedom
in this country depends upon
the Militia.
TIe ConsLILuLIon IdenLIIIes
no oLIer esLubIIsImenL, In-
sLILuLIon, or enLILv us ¨neces-
surv¨ Ior LIIs vILuI purpose,
or for any other purpose.
So why is not revitalization
oI LIe MIIILIu, ImmedIuLeIv II
noL sooner, ¨job one¨ on LIe
agenda of every constitution-
alist? How can patriots con-
tinue to deny in their actions
wIuL LIe ConsLILuLIon LeIIs
them is “necessary” for the
maintenance of constitution-
al government? Americans
may say that they have faith
In LIe ConsLILuLIon-buL IuILI
wILIouL works Is deud; und
LIe ConsLILuLIon Is noL seII-
·TIe purpose oI revILuI-
izing the Militia is to com-
bine all the elements of each
SLuLe`s ¨IomeIund securILv¨-
IncIudIng poIIce, emergencv
response, und so on-under
LIe MIIILIu, In order Lo obvI-
ate “top down” control by the
police-state apparatus being
set up through the Depart-
ment of Homeland Security
In WusIIngLon, D.C., und ILs
vurIous suLeIIILes, LrunsmIs-
sIon-beILs, und IeIIow LruveI-
ers around the country. Revi-
talization of the Militia will
return control to whom it
beIongs, In LIe Iunds oI WE
(I) LoLuI orgunIzIng, urm-
Ing, dIscIpIInIng, und LruIn-
Ing oI THE PEOP¡E Lo Iun-
dIe unv emergencv;
(ii) State production and
provIsIon oI urms, ummunI-
LIon, und uccouLremenLs Ior
viduals to possess their arms
und ummunILIon, wIenev-
er obtained from whatever
source, us purL oI LIeIr MI-
IILIu servIce-LIus endIng uII
of the General Government’s
oppressIve ¨gun conLroI¨;
und, perIups oI mosL Imme-
dIuLe ImporLunce,
(iii) assignment to the Mi-
litia of oversight over all new
institutions of “economic
homeland security” within
the State.
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
By Elias Alias
The Premiere
Jumes Jueger`s new IIIm,
CuILuruI MurxIsm: TIe Cor-
rupLIon oI AmerIcu, pre-
mIered IIrsL In Bozemun,
Montana on the night of
JuIv oz, zo1o. Mr. Jueger
had offered the premiere
oI LIuL IIIm Lo OuLI Keep-
ers when he had learned
that the Board of Directors
Ior OuLI Keepers wouId be
meeting in Bozeman for
their conference over the
Independence Day week-
WILI LIree excepLIons, ow-
ing to family health prob-
Iems, LIe enLIre Bourd Ior
OuLI Keepers nuLIonuI Iud
come into town and gath-
ered uL LIe Emerson CuI-
LuruI CenLer uL Grund und
Babcock for this important
event. Following on the
heels of his popular mov-
Ie, ¡IuL EmpIre, LIIs IuLesL
presentation by James Jae-
ger of Matrixx Productions
is an important addition to
the American liberty move-
ment’s repertoire of solid-
hitting educational films.
TIe OuLI Keepers Bourd
members were joined by
oLIer OuLI Keepers, IocuIs
and travelers from Idaho
and Wyoming. A crowd of
IocuI puLrIoLs, ucLIvIsLs,
and grassroots Montan-
ans showed up to view the
IIIm, und LIe OuLI Keepers
had a couple of booths set
up with shirts and newspa-
pers, cIuIIenge coIns, pIns,
brocIures, DVDs, bumper
sLIckers und decuIs, eLc. Lo
send into the crowd in sup-
port of the event.
OuLI Keepers wus Ionored
to have been offered this
world premiere opportuni-
Lv Ior LIe IIIm, und uILIougI
it’s a full-length feature
movIe, LIe evenL wus over
before anyone was ready.
After visiting with the local
puLrIoLs LIe OuLI Keepers
made their way to their ho-
LeI Ior LIe nIgIL. TIe nexL
day would tax them in a
Iurd-IILLIng work sessIon,
and they would be ready
for it.
The Board Meeting
On EusL MuIn SLreeL In
Bozeman sits the city’s new
pubIIc IIbrurv, und LIuL
would be the venue for the
OuLI Keepers Bourd meeL-
ing. Breakfast bagels were
served by Richard and Mary
and the coffee was good as
LIe meeLIng goL underwuv,
cIuIred bv CeIIu Hvde. TIe
members sat in a horse-
shoe shaped table arrange-
ment and the meeting was
called to order.
TIe ugendu wus pucked
and the day was a string
of focused topics one after
unoLIer. TIe Bourd worked
hard before lunch and
quIckIv resumed. TIIs wus
the one day they would all
be together and much was
expecLed. Becuuse OuLI
Keepers Is so voung us u
corporuLIon, LIe orgunI-
zational needs were seri-
ous, und LIev were oILen
seriously debated. David
RIvers, OuLI Keepers` Ie-
gal counsel was there with
MurIIvn, wIo kepL LIe mIn-
utes of the meeting. Dave
¡reemun Irom Nevudu,
CIuuncev NormundIn Irom
¡IorIdu, und Rex McTveIre
oI SouLI CuroIInu suL uL LIe
Lop oI LIe IorsesIoe, wIIIe
RoberL Gomez oI OkIuIo-
mu, und CupLuIn Gregorv
GoocI oI Texus joIned me
uL LIe sIde LubIes. CeIIu, In
Irom MussucIuseLLs, wouId
stand for most of the day
at the fulcrum to direct the
Much was accomplished
and policies were estab-
IIsIed, projecLs were ce-
menLed Ior IogIsLIcs,
business matters were ap-
proved, und mucI debuLe
was digested during the
course of the day with nev-
er a dull moment. Many
questions were answered
and problems solved. Re-
murkubIv, LIe vurvIng
opinions held by different
Board members were unit-
ed as the members pushed
for unity at the corporate
IeveI. TIe comIng veur
will be much more effec-
LIve In OuLI Keepers ouL-
reach programs and activi-
LIes, und LIe orgunIzuLIonuI
functions of membership
and distribution related
work were cemented to ev-
eryone’s satisfaction. All
felt that much had been
accomplished as the meet-
ing closed and dinner-time
beckoned at the Montana
Ale Works downtown.
Independence Day
With The Board
A seven-vehicle caravan
mustered at the hotel in
Bozemun, MonLunu In eurIv
morning light which was as
clean as the smile of God.
Some held coffee in the
parking lot as last-minute
communications were laid
In. Duve GurgIII, wIo Iud
IIown In Irom New York Ior
Harpers Magazine to spend
LIe weekend wILI LIe OuLI
Keepers, und wIo Iud pu-
triotically purchased his
own OuLI Keepers sIIrL uL
the film premiere the eve-
nIng beIore, sIowed up In
OuLI Keepers coIors Lo joIn
the Board members for the
upcoming event. All were
counted and then mounted
on wIeeIs, LIe curuvun Look
1¤ euger OuLI Keepers wesL
down Main Street and out
of town. Destination? En-
nIs, MonLunu, Ior LIe ¡nde-
pendence Day parade.
Ennis would be more than
IorLv mIIes uwuv, und LIe
caravan would run the
pass south of Norris and
drop down into the Madi-
son vuIIev. TIe mornIng
was scenic and the air laid
upon high mountains with
a lively touch. Arriving in
EnnIs LIe OuLI Keepers
found their place in the
parade line-up and visited
with other parade march-
ers while waiting for the
purude Lo begIn. TIe un-
nual Independence Day pa-
rade at Ennis is widely cel-
ebrated as one of the best
purudes In MonLunu. TIere
would be lots of horseback
rIders, Iorse-druwn wug-
ons und IIouLs, und u mIx oI
many other entries.
Ennis was packed with
people who had arrived
much earlier to get close to
street-side spots. A festive
buzz of excitement swept
the town and moved the
parade into gear and sud-
denIv LIe OuLI Keepers
were moving. A bagpipe
conLIngenL, groups oI IooL-
murcIers, u Teu PurLv IIouL,
every kind of entry imagin-
able would make way down
Main Street to a cheering
John Mackey played a
keen roIe In LIe OuLI Keep-
ers presence in that parade.
He Iud drIven IIs OuLI
Keepers Lruck up Irom ¡us
Vegus und enLered IL InLo
the parade. Dave Freeman
Independence Day 2010
5ƞƚ0Ɩƪ ƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr+ƫƢ ƯƳƱƲƱ /ƥƪƥƤ0ƫƨ8ƖƪƘƞ ··· O·· 'K··º··· ·ª
7 %‡
drove the truck just behind
LIe OuLI Keepers murcI-
Ing bunner us CeIIu Hvde
perched on the truck’s bed
and passed brochures and
push-cards out to the 17
OuLI Keepers on IooL.
TIe sLroIIIng OuLI Keep-
ers were uII In OuLI Keeper
shirts and each was grin-
ning broadly as the crowds
curbside waved and reached
for push cards and bro-
cIures. TIev pussed OuLI
Keepers ouLreucI IILeruLure
as fast as they could as the
parade progressed down
MuIn SLreeL, und uII LIose
OK sIIrLs were busIIv run-
nIng buck Lo CeIIu on LIe
truck for another handful.
TIe crowd Ioved geLLIng
something to take home
Irom LIe purude, und LIe
OuLI Keepers Iud greuL Iun
passing the brochures into
the sea of reaching hands.
It was a moment out of
LIme, und LIe OuLI Keepers
worked as one in spirit.
TIe crowd`s upprovuI und
uccepLunce, mIxed gen-
erously with admonitive
commands to keep up the
good work and expres-
sIons oI LIunks, InspIred
LIe OuLI Keepers Lo LIe
poInL oI jov, und LIe pu-
rade that day was a mo-
ment each will remember
Iong und weII. TIe meun-
ing in the moment was in
gIvIng LIe OuLI Keepers
message to the people in
a parade in a little town in
a valley in Montana on In-
dependence Day.
Virginia City
AILer LIe purude LIe OuLI
Keepers curuvun drove
west out of town and up
the road to the high ridge
overlooking the valley.
TIev puused uL u scenIc
overlook which featured
a panoramic view of the
Madison Range across the
vuIIev beIow. MujesLv, us
u word, won`L reuIIv IoId
the splendor of the view
Irom up LIere, und LIe
OuLI Keepers drunk IL In
for more than a half-hour.
John Mackey suddenly
cume up wILI u greuL Ideu,
and gathered everyone
around and read passages
from the Declaration of In-
dependence reverently.
BuL soon enougI LIe OuLI
Keepers mounLed up uguIn
und drove on over LIe IIII,
down the other side to the
oId mInIng Lown oI VIr-
gInIu CILv. ¡ood und drInk
mixed with old-fashioned
Rocky Mountain gold rush
uLmospIere. TIe quuInL
restored town is full of at-
tractions and glimpses into
MonLunu`s pusL. TIe OuLI
Keepers Loured uII LIe sIops
and stores in a spontane-
ous sIoppIng spree. TIev
rested on wooden benches
and watched the crowded
street which was busy with
oLIer LourIsLs. TIev vIsILed
with each other and shared
the happiness of the day in
a western high-country set-
ting after having marched
well in Ennis.
A couple of hours drifted
bv, und LIe duv`s weuLIer
held true to perfection. But
soon it was time to mus-
ter once again and head on
ouL, LIIs LIme Lo u LInv IILLIe
desLInuLIon numed Ponv,
Montana. Pony sits at the
eusLern IooL oI OId HoIIow
Top, LIe crownIng moun-
LuIn In LIe Tobucco RooL
Runge. HoIIow Top Is u sI-
IenL voIcuno, und Irom LIe
valleys below one can see
how the top of the moun-
tain blew off and left after
the eruption a great con-
cuve ¨bowI¨ wIIcI OId Mun
Winter fills with snow each
year. But it is a huge bowl
sILLIng uIoIL uL over 1o,ooo
IeeL. Ponv Is In ILs sIudow,
and is a living lovely epi-
LupI Lo un exLIncL voIcuno,
stating with the indomita-
ble human spirit that man
can overcome even the fury
oI voIcunIc desLrucLIon,
coming much later in safer
times to mine the moun-
tain’s gifts.
TIere Is onIv one job In
Ponv, MonLunu, und LIuL Is
at the Pony Bar. Hamburg-
ers und beer und PuLsv CIIne
on the jukebox relaxed the
OuLI Keepers InLo serIous
visiting and story-telling.
TIe IocuIs Iud Lo LuIk wILI
LIem Loo, curIous us LIev
were over LIe OuLI Keepers
shirts. It is not often that a
crowd this big would find
ILs wuv Lo LIe Ponv Bur,
so the locals were curious.
More OuLI Keepers IILeru-
ture got passed around.
More pictures were taken
and more mountain scen-
ery was enjoyed.
Another old and mostly
ubundoned mInIng Lown,
Pony is a unique left-over
remnant of hard-work-
ing mining times on high
ground approaching the
greuL peuks oI LIe Tobucco
RooLs, und IL Iooks down-
ward to the high end of
LIe MudIson VuIIev, over
Harrison and other small
towns between Pony and
Bozemun. TIe OuLI Keep-
ers could have stayed there
IuppIIv InLo LIe evenIng,
but there was something
eIse on LIeIr ugendu. TIe
WIIIow Creek ¡ourLI oI
July cannon shoot!
Poking along over gravel
rouds oII U.S. z8;, LIe cur-
avan wound its way into
the valley and crossed over
the Jefferson River on a
one-lane old iron bridge
Lo urrIve uL WIIIow Creek.
TIev drove on LIrougI
the three-street town and
out into the farmlands
souLI oI Lown. TIere LIev
wouId meeL ¡urrv Pogrebu,
a guitar-maker and artist
who’s charming wife Don-
na makes jewelry out of his
spure guILur purLs. ¡urrv
has a home-made cannon
which can shoot a bowling
buII, u bIg bIuck one, up Lo
two miles.
TIe OuLI Keepers Iud Lo
uLLend LIIs unnuuI evenL,
especially since a number
oI OuLI Keepers Iud uL-
tended the previous In-
dependence Day in 2009.
No one was disappointed
us ¡urrv pucked IIs Ieuvv
charges into the guts of
that cannon and launched
with thunderous explo-
sions the large black bowl-
ing balls. More pictures
were snupped, und more
vIsILIng wus enjoved, und
more OuLI Keepers muLe-
rials were passed to the lo-
cuIs LIere. TIe OuLI Keep-
ers embruced ¡urrv und
Donna Pogreba as the day
begun Lo Iude, und wILI u
feeling of having taken the
best of a great day to heart
one und uII, LIe OuLI Keep-
ers prepared to depart for
a return to the daily grind
back home in Massachu-
seLLs, ¡IorIdu, OkIuIomu,
Texus, wIerever LIev Iud
come Irom, buck Lo LIe on-
going battle to work for the
preservation of the Repub-
IIc, LIuL buLLIe Lo wIIcI uII
OuLI Keepers IeeI cuIIed
each day. But all would
return home with a new
charge of inspiration and
some good old-fashioned
American-style memories
to hold on to through what-
ever may come to this coun-
Lrv nexL. TogeLIer, eucI
and all of them knew they
had sealed a perfect Inde-
pendence Day as a part of
OuLI Keepers IIsLorv.
And me? Aw shoot! I was
uIreudv Iome! Y`uII come
back soon!

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