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Peace and blessings family,

Note that a “+” is used to indicate a new update from the prior week.

Daniel 9:12 And he hath confirmed his words, which he spake against us, and against our judges that
judged us, by bringing upon us a great evil: for under the whole heaven hath not been done as hath
been done upon Jerusalem.

Job 31:11 For this is an heinous crime; yea, it is an iniquity to be punished by the judges.

Job 31:28 This also were an iniquity to be punished by the judge: for I should have denied the God
that is above.

Do you want to spend time with the Lord? Are you helping those in need, orphans, widows and
prisoners? Matthew 25:31-46 KJV

Do you still believe in the fairytale that you will receive a fair day in court if you are ever accused of a
crime? I, and many others, have lost faith in the criminal justice system as well as those entrusted with
law enforcement in our communities. Near the end of her book “License to Lie”, Sidney Powell indicates
that she no longer trusts the system in which she dedicated her life as an attorney working for the DOJ. I
appreciate that she went to all the trouble to write a whistleblower book but I didn’t need her writings
to plainly see that our judicial system has failed. My faith in our Creator has NOT failed, so my appeal is
to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our God is a God of JUSTICE and do you recall that the Lord is a
man of war? Exodus 15:3

Click HERE for our video “Do you know of more sneaky tricks of the enemy?”. Below are some tactics of
our enemy. Do you know of more?

1. US Marshals put on a dramatic show of security to bias the judge and/or jury against the target.
Two examples are when they put overwhelming security out on display during Schaeffer’s trial
to make it look like the jury needed to be protected from the dangerous boogeyman who ran a
militia. Or when they brought Bryce Cuellar out in court in belly and wrist chains in a jumpsuit
“Hannibal Lecter style” with oven mittens on his hands for simply making a youtube video they

deemed threatening. This makes the jury fearful of the target when the government goes to
great lengths to put on such a public display.
2. Simply hire jailhouse snitches to lie about the target and offer the snitch a deal for his own
crimes. Many prosecutors use this as common practice even to convict people on death row. If
getting a jailhouse snitch to lie is not feasible for any reason, then plant an informant as the
cellmate to the target and have the informant plant ideas in the target’s mind which might
provoke an actionable against the target.
3. Since almost everyone is on the government dole anyways, pay informants all over town to be
snitches to rat out their neighbors, especially pizza delivery boys who get a view often not
obtainable by the cops. For more details on this, see the book “When they come for you” by
David Kirby. If you pay the FBI to find terrorist, they will find terrorist to justify their budget. If
you pay people in society to rat out criminals, they will find criminals even if they have to create
them. See (T)error documentary.
4. The FBI and law officials will illegally and unethically leak information to the media to bias the
jury pool or to create their own lying narrative. This was done in the case of Ted Stevens in
Alaska to demonize the target. The media reporter and the FBI agent were allegedly sleeping
together and the FBI agent was giving her the inside scoop on the case. See the book “Not
Guilty: The Unlawful Prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens” by Rob Cary.
5. The court reporter is loyal to the judge because the judge appoints the court reporter and thus
the court reporter will do as the judge says to not lose their job. In the case of Kent Hovind, 8
people signed an affidavit stating the judge said in court that Kent was “worse than a rapist”.
However, that statement never appeared in the trial transcripts. We have heard of other cases
where the court transcripts have been modified.
6. Edward Snowden showed us in his book “Permanent Record” that the FBI/CIA monitors all our
communications, banking transactions, media posts, emails and phone calls. The CIA director
bragged that all human interactions on Earth can be captured by the CIA. Why did Edward
Snowden not get a pardon? Do you want to live in a society that monitors your every behavior
and uses this data for political advantages on any dissidents who wish to change the system?
7. Not only does the FBI monitor all communications of the target but they disrupt any efforts,
using COINTEL PRO or other methods, to prevent people from effectively forming an
organization. See movie about Jean Seberg. When the FBI targeted the black panthers, they
would send anonymous letters to the treasurer claiming the leader was sleeping with his wife.
The result is to disrupt the unity of the organization. The FBI will do whatever it takes to disrupt
the unity of any organization that they perceive as a threat to their monopoly on power and
control. I believe the FBI has infiltrated every militia group and Oathkeepers across this nation.
8. The FBI pays informants for a conviction. See video about “performance incentives” for FBI
informants. They will not say this publicly but it is discussed in the book “The Terror Factory” by
Trevor Aaronson page 45. Informants expect to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their
undercover work on the FBI target. This incentivizes the informants to create a crime by
planting evidence or provoking a response. These same informants can also turn on and off their
recorders and cause statements recorded to be taken out of context by asking provocative
questions not being recorded. The response by the target is then played to the jury out of
context. An example would be an informant says off the recorder “What are you going to do if
they come for your children?” and then only the targets response is recorded and played for the
jury about what the target said he will do to anyone who comes for his children.
9. The courtrooms use overly complicated magical language in order to make the judges and
attorneys seem special when in reality they are the parasites of this world and children of Satan
destined for an eternal lake of fire.

10. Lawyers, also known as liars, use fantasy forensics to get a conviction. See “Dr. Frank
Whitehurst FBI lab scandal” or “Brandon Mayfield Erroneous Fingerprint”. See "Fallible DNA
evidence can mean prison or freedom". There are several books that discuss how junk science or
forensics have been used to convict someone who is innocent. They manipulate testimony from
toddlers as well. See the documentary titled OUTCRY about how they brought false charges
against Texas football player Greg Kelley. Other similar people are sitting on death row for
manipulated testimony from toddlers by overzealous law enforcement.
11. The false prestige of the courthouse and the long black robe of the judge is a farce. It makes
people think they are entering a place of justice and virtue when in reality the place is inhabited
by the devil’s children and is a stinkhole of rancid human depravity. You can have more honesty
and integrity over a lunch at Denny’s than most American courthouses which are nothing but
temples to the false god of Baal.
12. The devil judges do not allow anyone to discuss JURY NULLIFICATION in front of the jury. We
should be able to pass out pamphlets on jury nullification to every jury in America.
13. The book “Let Freedom Ring: A Collection of Documents from the Movements to Free U.S.
Political Prisoners” by Adolfo Perez Esquivel discusses 24 points of Chinese thought reform that
began in Marion, IL. These methods are used to break the will of any man they consider a
dissident to the US establishment.
14. If the target is capable of raising funds to mount an effective legal defense, the FBI will infiltrate
and disrupt any and all fundraising efforts. If you don’t believe this, you can ask Schaeffer Cox.
Oh wait, you probably can’t communicate with Schaeffer because they put him in an illegal CMU
prison that was never authorized or funded by Congress and they control everything that
Schaeffer says because they are terrified Schaeffer will influence anyone to think about liberty
and freedom,
15. If you file any legal motions PRO SE, expect all your motions to go into the garbage. See
“Sotomayor voices concerns in case stemming from court staffer’s suicide note about pro se
appeals”. The staffer who committed suicide was Jerrold Peterson and he said in his suicide
note this has gone on for 13 years. Don’t expect anything to have changed just because one man
with a conscious offed himself.
16. Prisoners across America are suffering massive silencing and censoring. They do this under the
guise of POLICY. It is policy that only books can come from Barnes & Noble. It is policy that all
envelopes must be white. It is policy that no more than 3 pieces of paper per envelope, etc….
etc… etc… Covid has made the situation much worse.
17. The FBI will send people after the target’s children using CPS. If/when the target responds to this
threat, the FBI will be ready to murder the target to finally “fix the Schaeffer Cox problem”, or
whomever is their target of the week.
18. If a plea deal is offered and the target doesn’t take it, you might face LWOP (LIFE without
Parole). Is it normal for innocent people to take a plea deal? They threaten you with such
brutally long prison sentences and then they make taking a plea deal seem tempting even if you
are innocent.
19. The FBI, also known as children of the devil, interferes in free and fair elections. Of course, you
have free speech in America and you can say what you like, BUT….. if you get popular and
people start listening to you, you no longer have free speech. If you get popular, expect the FBI
to target you and silence you by whatever means necessary. This is why the FBI needs to be
disbanded and treated as an enemy to the American people.
20. The devils have to bring some targets to trial 3 or more times to get a conviction. In each
successive trial, they learn how you defended yourself and then they create satanic Motion in

Limines to stop you from defending yourself. It’s like entering a boxing match with both hands
tied behind your back.
21. The indictment will list a large number of charges, in some cases thirty or even more. When the
jury sees this, they feel compelled to convict them on something. So, when they get a
conviction on even one charge out of all the ones they indicted, you can get 30 years in prison.
They basically throw as many charges at the wall as they can to see what will stick. It only takes
one or two guilty verdicts to send you up the river for decades or even LWOP.
22. The FBI in instrumental in setting up false flag events to drive an agenda like gun control. Sandy
Hook anyone? Did someone else say Covid? Any research on false flag topics is HEAVILY
23. Don’t think that just because you are in a non-extradition country that you are protected from
the American government. In many cases, the FBI has unethical relationships with their
counterparts who will kidnap you and deliver you to Florida for prosecution even though you
thought you were in a non-extradition country. Just ask Eddie Ray Kahn.
24. If the target has any codefendants that are not high value, expect the government to approach
your codefendants to lie about the high value target on the witness stand. This helps ensure the
target gets as high a sentence as possible while the rat-snitch gets a slap on the wrist in
exchange for cooperating with the devil prosecutors.
25. When the FBI has you isolated for questioning, they will outright lie to you. They will tell you
that your mother has provided them evidence of your guilt and all your friends have sold you
down the river. These people have no ethics at all and their goal is to get a conviction so that
they can advance their own careers at your expense.
26. The FBI will go after your wife and your family. Just as the Matusiewicz family. Or you can ask
Mike and Pat Parsons, or Lonnie and Karen Vernon.
27. The courtroom will become a Hollywood movie when they play dramatic footage of a brown
man firing an automatic weapon in slow motion to impress the jury how dangerous you are. Do
you have JB Weld, dummy grenades or a flare gun to scare away the Alaskan moose? If so, you
live in a compound (not a home), you have an arsenal (not just 50 bullets) and your 22 firearm is
now a weapons cache. After your conviction in this Hollywood trial, the prosecutors, US
Marshals and FBI agents will attend a fancy dinner at the Kennedy Center where the Attorney
General of the United States will pass out awards for taking down such a dangerous domestic
28. They will use weaknesses in your family relationships to leverage against the target. They
especially like custody disputes. If anyone in your family is at odds with you, expect them to be
approached by the FBI to be bribed to lie against you.
29. All defense lawyers will tell the you “Don’t talk to the media.” And that will be your biggest
mistake as you sit in prison for 25 years because you never got to tell your side of the story
during that sham of a trial and the media slandered you with the government’s narrative. So,
you are stuck trying to locate whatever family and/or friends that will still talk to you and get
them to tell your story.
30. They can also place an 80,000 volt SHOCK COLLAR on you which can make you piss or defecate
yourself. You will be told to not say anything truthful in front of the jury or they will jolt you
with 80,000 volts. You think I am exaggerating? Send a letter to Jeffrey Weinhaus in a Missouri
31. They usually will not arrest you while you are in the hospital because that would make them
responsible for your hospital bill. So if a deranged cop tries to kill you while on SSRI drugs and
you don’t die from 2 hollow point bullets to the head and chest, you will be free while to doctors

save your life. But as soon as the cop learns you didn’t die in the hospital, you will get arrested
and spend the next 30 years in prison for having the audacity not to die.
32. You may think that while talking to the police about a crime that you are not worried because
you have an alibi. But when you tell them that you could not have been involved because you
have a full proof alibi at 8:30 am Saturday, now they know all they have to do is change the time
of the crime to 10:30 am. So you talking to the police did you no good at all. Don’t ever talk to
the police. They are not your friends.
33. Of course, the FBI destroys and withholds exculpatory evidence on a routine basis.
34. If you believe that God’s Law is above man’s law as all Christians do, then you are “BEYOND
REHABILITATION” and should be sent to the pokey even longer. This is the exact phrase used by
Schaeffer’s prosecutor during his sentencing hearing.
35. I believe there are many compromised organizations that work both sides of the FBI fence. Oath
keepers, most media outlets, and even some organization that pretend to be advocates for
prisoners such as US Observer. I believe these organizations have unethical relationships with
the FBI and may even get kickbacks for providing tips while snitching out their fellow Americans.
If your primary incentive is to make money while America goes down the tubes, then may you
rot in hell. Lookup “Chief Mark Kessler” who pretended to be a birther all while working for the
FBI to collect and report information on terrorists. Or lookup “Longbow Productions” associated
with the Bundys. If you still operate under the fairytale that the FBI are the good guys, you
might justify in your mind that you can work for them in an undercover capacity and help make
a boogeyman out of an old man cleaning his rifle in the garage. Maybe you will feel compelled
to turn in your neighbor as a domestic terrorist if it puts a few bucks in your pocket. See Red
Flag Laws.

We need leadership that does not compromise with the children of the devil and has a commitment to
the Lord Jesus in whatever the circumstances.

Ezekiel 7:2 Also, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God unto the land of Israel; An end, the end is
come upon the four corners of the land.

Ezekiel 7:6 An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come.

-) Learn the stories of your captured family. Click on each name for the main websites of David Hinkson,
Schaeffer Cox, Amy Gonzalez, David Matusiewicz, Chris Moltz, Marty Gottesfeld, Ross Ulbricht, Darlie
Routier, Jeffrey Weinhaus, Anthony Troy Williams, Russell Landers, Yorie Von Kahl, Scott Faul, Ed Brown,
Charles Dyer, Lonnie and Karen Vernon, Gary Northington, Philip Zodhiates, Daniel Borden, Jacob Scott
Goodwin, Mike and Pat Parsons, Sue Holland, Patrick Hoffman, The Grenon Family, Matt Hale, Dennis
Morgan Hicks, Barbara Holder, Daniel Holtzclaw, and Kevin Trudeau
+) Ed Brown has now been relocated to Lewisburg, PA.
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Colorado (27 years in Prison and 36 years for his son Monty)
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to make all PACER records available to the public.
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“suicided” along with his wife and daughter.

-) Click HERE for research links for Sandy Hook mostly banned on all popular social media platforms.
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-) We have two February birthdays. Will you fast and pray and write them a letter prior to their
birthday? Click HERE for the mailing addresses of Schaeffer Cox and Chris Moltz.
-) Click HERE and HERE for Stephen Nalty’s letters from Colorado prison after being sentenced to 36-40
-) Lest anyone forget, we have offered and collected solutions to reform the criminal justice system.
Don't let it be said that we don't have solutions. Click HERE to read those solutions.
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-) Click HERE for OKC Bombing: The Forerunner to 9/11 (Please Copy & Share)
-) Did you know that four members of the Grenon family have been incarcerated? We know personal
friends who used their products. Why does the government capture and imprison anyone who doesn’t
bow down to mainstream medicine? Check out their links before they are all censored completely. – website advocating for the incarcerated family members – video is banned in every country but Iceland
-) Click HERE to sign the petition for Dennis Morgan Hicks on Alabama Death Row
-) Click HERE for Pastor Stephen Broden Preaches TRUST GOD and Don't Take the Vaccine

Please keep Pastor Wiley Drake in your prayers.

Click HERE for the audiobook Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. This book is the most widely read book
in the English language with the exception of the Authorized King James Bible. This book was written in
1677 and the section titled “Trial at Vanity Fair” is happening all over America in these Satanic
courtrooms run by minions of Beelzebub. We are promised JUSTICE from our Creator and that is whom I
appeal for such.

This document is FULL of hyperlinks to supporting resources. I encourage you to take the time to digest
this email as we have 2.3 million incarcerated people in America. Do you have enough time to learn the
truth about our criminal justice system? At protests, they hold up signs that say “No Justice, No Peace”.

My reply to that is “No God, No Justice”. We have turned away from God and we are incapable of
administering justice without Him and His written Word.

Scroll down to PRISONER HIGHLIGHTS for the latest updates on each prisoner. Will you write to a
prisoner on their birthday and fast and pray with us on that same day to petition our Lord for their
freedom? We have a new set of birthdays every month. The system is broken. Let us go straight to the
Lord with our petitions and boldly enter the throne room of our Lord.

Would you be willing to pray, fast and write a birthday letter to the following prisoners?

Prisoner Name Birthday

Darlie Routier 1/4/1970
Schaeffer Cox 2/11/1984
Chris Moltz 2/14/1977
Patrick Hoffman 3/5/1949
Martin Gottesfeld 3/5/1900
Sue Holland 3/6/1965
Ross Ulbricht 3/27/1984
Amy Gonzalez 3/31/1972
Philip Zodhiates 7/17/1900
David Hinkson 7/18/1956
Edward Brown 7/22/1942
Scott Faul 7/28/1953
Dennis Morgan Hicks 8/1/1958
Anthony Williams 8/9/1971
Yorie Von Kahl 8/12/1959
Charles Dyer 8/17/1980
Jonathan Woods 8/23/1977
Michael Griffin 9/11/1961
Antron Singleton 9/15/1976
Ronald Turner 9/16/1940
Karen Howell 9/25/1979
Jeffrey Weinhaus 10/6/1966
Lonnie Vernon 10/10/1955
Tod Kevin Houthoofd 10/18/1958
Shawn Christy 10/20/1991
Russell Landers 11/5/1949
Barbara Holder 11/12/1958
Partricia Parsons 11/13/1967
Gary Northington 11/15/1948
Kurt Johnson 11/19/1962
Thomas Lane 12/3/1965

Daniel Holtzclaw 12/10/1986

When talking to someone at a liberty event or as you go about promoting liberty and something just
doesn’t seem right, ask them the following question. The question is “Are you now or have you ever
received compensation from the intelligence community?” You would be surprised at how many
militias work closely and have relationships with the FBI. There is no compromising with the devil’s
children. The intelligence community is the enemy of the American people. The FBI must make
boogeyman out of the American people in order to justify their filthy lucre and lust for power. Moses
didn’t speak apologetically or ask Pharaoh in a polite way to let his people go. "The first thing we do,
let's kill all the lawyers" is a line from William Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. Lawyers
are sellouts to filthy lucre and power and compromise in a beast criminal justice system that destroys
innocent lives. Our God is a God of justice.

Let’s face it, most people don’t care about prisoners. Self-serving and arrogant talk show hosts don’t get
advertising dollars from covering innocents in prison. How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not
judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Psalm 37:1-2 Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of
iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

There are two aspects to this prison ministry.

1) The outward aspect of making noise and shining light to raise public awareness about political and
unjustly incarcerated prisoners.

- but even more important -

2) The inward aspect that the public never sees, which is to maintain a communication path to prisoners
to encourage them not to lose faith and ensure they know that they are loved and not abandoned. The
devil’s children are doing everything they can to censor our communications from and to the prisoners.
These devils will reap the seeds of destruction and greater damnation upon their own heads.

Any new updates will include a plus “+” sign to indicate new updates from the prior week. This
document is filled with hyperlinks of supporting documents, videos, and website resources. If your
version does not contain hyperlinks, I encourage everyone to go to the homepage of
and locate the “Weekly Updates” section near the bottom for the PDF file with all of the hyperlinks. If
you find any errors in this weekly update, I encourage you to contact me at This
prison ministry is not sponsored by any person on earth and we don’t care who the truth upsets. We are
here to serve God rather than to please men. We believe there is a remnant who still have empathy for
the unjustly incarcerated. This email is for those people who want to know the truth.

We have created a free, non-compromising resource library on many political prisoners. We ask that you
look into these unjustly incarcerated men and women and decide for yourself if they should be in
prison. There is a massive problem with the criminal justice system in this country. The FBI, DOJ, BOP,
IRS, CIA, US Marshals and the judicial system are full of sellouts to Satan and filthy lucre who carry out
the agenda of Beelzebub. We encourage all questions about any prisoner. Our God is a God of justice.
We refuse to be silent as so many innocents endure unjust incarceration and the wicked are not held


We are having our weekly Gideon's Army call this Saturday. Please note that this call will be recorded
and published for the public. Please do not give any personal information on the call that you do not
want to be made public. If you know of other Christians who are interested in the prison ministry,
please invite them to join the call.

Date: Saturday, February 20th, 2021
Time: 09:00 AM CST
Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031
Access Code: 277-814-548# (Don't forget to hit # key)
NOTE: If you cannot get in, please use the backup # of 206-451-6018.
Join the online meeting:

The objectives of our group are simple:

1) Open and close in PRAYER and ALWAYS give glory to Jesus Christ in everything we do. All else is

2) Like Gideon’s Army, we Make Noise and Shine Light about the unjust incarceration of political
prisoners and our enemies will destroy one another.

Note: Feel free to pray and read your favorite King James Bible passage as you petition the Lord for the
prisoners. has offered to send prisoners free King James Bibles if they are in need of
God’s perfect Word. Their email is A HUGE thank you to this
organization for their faithfulness to help prisoners receive the Word of God free of charge. Checkout
their website at

ANNOUNCEMENT1: Author Pat Shannan at is offering to match your

orders whenever you purchase books for prisoners. For instance, if you send him two addresses for
prisoners you would like to receive books, you need pay for only one, and he will cover the rest. Pat was
once a political prisoner and knows how it feels. For more information on this offer, please send email to
Pat at

ANNOUNCEMENT2: Click HERE to order a copy of Red Beckman’s book and send me an email with your
shipping address.

Prisoner Highlights: - See link at top of email for full update on each prisoner.

-) David Hinkson has been moved to Butner, NC Federal Medical Center.

10/29/20 Carol provides the latest update on David’s cancer prognosis:

Dear Friends,

If you received our notice of a few days ago, you're aware that prison doctors have diagnosed David
HInkson as having stage 4 colon and liver cancer, with perhaps just 3 to 4 weeks left to live. David's
parents in Colorado have informed us that he was hospitalized and underwent surgery for removal of a
section of his colon, thus reportedly extending his life expectancy to as much as 3 to 4 months. The
condition of David's liver remains the source of major concern. He is expected to remain in hospital for
a period of two weeks, during which time chemotherapy treatment has been advised, and probably

As of today, the family advanced additional retainer fees to David's current lawyer, based on the latter's
promise to file court documents designed to facilitate David's "compassionate release," a provision
offered under a section of the prison reform act which allows terminally ill prisoners
to return home to live out their remaining time with family.

According to David's parents, the lawyer has given assurance of the effectiveness of this particular filing,
based on his already having used it successfully to win the release of 3 other qualifying prisoners.

We can only hope and pray that this is true, and that it will work for David, as well.

Thank you all for your caring and your prayerful thoughts!

Click HERE and HERE for Part 1 and 2 of David’s interview with the late Lou Epton on How We Lost the

Click HERE for David’s latest legal document.

David Hinkson specializes in medical cures for diseases and has some vitally important things to offer
and contribute towards this corona virus outbreak but we will never hear them because officer Blythe
made up a false incident report and censored all of my communications from David Hinkson. God will
hold Mr. Blythe accountable for this wicked deed.

David Hinkson has a lawsuit against the ungodly Warden of his CMU prison and we pray for justice.
David also has a lot to offer the world about the coronavirus but the evildoers in the BOP are restricting
David’s speech. May God Almighty deal with the BOP wardens and counter-terrorist unit devils

David Hinkson has been relocated to the same hellhole prison as Schaeffer Cox in the CMU in Terre
Haute, Indiana where we have been banned from communicating with David and others located
there. A very evil and wicked man named R. Blythe with CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) orchestrated this
illegal move on a false incident report with an evil racist guard named J. Duncan claiming David and I
were planning to defraud people. They will be held accountable for their lies by God Almighty. God
promises us this in His perfect Word. Our God is a God of justice. Please write to David Hinkson. I refer
to David Hinkson as America's most provably innocent political prisoner. He got 43 years on the
testimony of one convicted perjurer, provable valor thief and child-molesting (we have a letter from
Elven’s own daughter) liar named Elven Joe Swisher who was exposed nationally by Megyn Kelly on Fox

News. Please write to David an encouraging letter and pray for JUSTICE in the case of David Hinkson and
the liars who set him up. Also click HERE to hear a radio show David Hinkson did on the 7th Amendment
prior to his incarceration. Also click HERE for David’s friends who use his ideas to produce new energy
inventions that could change the world. If you are interested in some of David’s energy drawings, please
contact me.

David’s previous lawyer Mr. Hoyt witnessed an illegal ex-parte meeting between the devil judge Richard
Tallman and Elven Joe Swisher just prior to Elven’s testimony during trial. The judge has even admitted
this meeting took place and God will hold judge Tallman accountable for his role in convicting America’s
most innocent political prisoner David Hinkson.

People associated with David still have working websites at There is also
another of David's friends who runs a website at Make sure you contact the emails
at the websites with any questions you have about David’s product. Or better yet, write David a letter in
prison and ask him directly!

-) Click HERE for The Targeting and Persecution of Sue Holland, Pat Parsons, Charles Bryfogle and Mike
Parsons. Click HERE to listen to “Chief Justice Sue Holland Issues Exoneration Orders from a Canadian
Prison” Click HERE and HERE for some of Sue’s latest phonecall from a Canadian prison. Sue Holland has
been ambushed and placed back in a Canada prison. We will attempt to find out more details. Click
HERE for the criminal charges filed against Justin Trudeau.

-) Click HERE for Interview with Rosy after Sentencing of Scoundrel Henry Malinay who lied on Anthony
Williams. Anthony Troy Williams received 20 years to run consecutive with 15 years for a total of 35
years. The enemy has uploaded video of his sentencing hearing and can be seen by click HERE.

When Anthony was informed that some people were concerned that he was too confrontative during
sentencing, his reply was:

Anthony Troy Williams - Thanks brother. I can’t compromise the truth nor my principles or faith in which
I live by. Those people who thought I was confrontational have no idea what I have been through with
these people and tried to be amicable and cordial but they treat you worse so it’s best to just let the
devil and his demons have it!!



You can download both documents at Anthony’s webpage HERE.

Click HERE and HERE for Anthony’s latest phone call from prison.

We have heard that Anthony has lost his youngest son of 18 years old and we also received word from
Anthony’s friend that Anthony was thrown in the hole. Please consider writing a letter to Anthony to
express your love and encouragement during this time.

Anthony Williams was railroaded in a Hawaii court by minions of Beelzebub just as described in the book
Pilgrim’s Progress and the chapter named “Trial at Vanity Fair”. Our God is a God of justice. Remember
that the devotion and sacrifice of Christian and Faithful in the book resulted in many turning from their

wickedness and following Jesus. Please consider writing to Anthony a letter of encouragement. Click
HERE to learn more about the egregious miscarriage of justice by a devilish female Jezebel judge and the
prosecutors to do the bidding of the banks and advance their own careers as they targeted an innocent
man named Anthony who was doing good for people. Click HERE for Anthony’s latest call from prison
and please keep Anthony in your prayers and write him an encouraging letter. Also Anthony
recommends we read a file titled “Hawaii Transcripts” on his webpage

Anthony wrote after his fake trial and false conviction “On 3/23/2020 10:04 AM, Rudy Davis wrote:
Shalom Brother Rudy, I am not shaken nor discouraged by the ruling of the satanic spirits. If anything it
has made me that much stronger to persevere even more and teach the men that he has given me more
fervently. I have about 15 guys that regularly attend my bible classes 6 times a week. They really are
starting to understand the scriptures and their faith is increasing daily. There is no one to teach them so
Yahshua has me here for now because they have souls like everyone else that needs saving also. I will do
Yahshua's will until my mission in here is accomplished and finished. Let everyone know that my spirit
and fervency has not changed and will not change no matter what the devil throws at me. Yours in
Yahshua, Brother Anthony”

-) Click HERE for Jeff's latest PETITION FOR A WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS Eastern District. Click HERE and
HERE for the latest Matt Thompson update on Jeffrey. Jeffrey miraculously survived being shot by a
wicked cop 4 times (2 times to the head and 2 to the chest) at point blank range. The cops lied about the
situation and covered it up as cops usually do. They are reaping the whirlwind for their misdeeds and
will continue to do so. I shed no tears for these wicked cops. Jeff’s jury never heard that Folsom was on
SSRI drugs at the time of the shooting and that Dr. Lutz had deemed Folsom unfit for Missouri State
Highway Patrol service.

For those who are keeping up with Matt Thompson who attempted to visit Jeffrey in prison and then got
thrown in jail himself and charged with trespassing by a satanic warden Stanley Payne, Matt’s trial got
postponed until October 22nd. Please visit Matt’s youtube channel or his facebook page for the latest
updates. It would be unbelievable if not true.

Click HERE for Jeff’s combined PDF which contains the three legal files below:


Jeff recently wrote on

From: JEFFREY WEINHAUS Date: 9/9/2020 7:41:18 PM

Thank you for praying, God bless you guys my good cellie got moved today, I'm bummed pray that the
judge would rule soon. I really need to get out of here. Friday is my alive day, eight years since I have
been shot. Thanks for sharing the poem. I'm working on the book I will send you some excerpts as soon
as I get some stamps. I love you all look up Jesus is on the way! Thanks for the stamp!

Click HERE for Jeff’s legal reply.

Jeff’s latest letter to his defense attorney AMY.

Jeff called on 8/26/20. Jeff wants all of us to pray for Judge Troy Hyde. Click HERE for phone call to
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Click HERE and HERE for two of Jeffrey’s latest legal documents.

Jeffrey Weinhaus was thrown back into the restricted portion of the prison because his case is getting
too popular, and the hideously satanic Warden Stanley Payne does not want the public to become
aware of the degree of evil that is being perpetrated against Jeffrey. Matt Thompson was ARRESTED for
visiting Jeffrey in prison (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT). Below is a letter that has been released regarding
the reason why Jeffrey Weinhaus was thrown in the hole.

OK friends. Here it is. The letter that supposedly caused all this trouble with the solitary punishment.
Here is the “threatening letter” to the Warden from Jeff. I should point out that Christmas is a very
difficult time for prisoners. Jeff sent me the following letter on Christmas Day and asked me to send it
to the Warden. I never did! The warden never received this letter because I didn’t send it. However,
they read his email to me and got it from there. So here you go folks. Here is the letter they find so

Warden/Pastor Payne,
I tried to approach you twice on Christmas Eve and you would not speak to me. So, I thought that I
would write to tell you what the Lord has put on my heart. My friend Art Lebeau who I consider a Father
figure came to your church and you told him to leave! What would Jesus do? I have been saved some 25
years and I'm appalled that a minister of the gospel would dare tell a precious soul to leave the house of
God. You did my friend wrong and you should be ashamed of your actions. Another friend of mine Matt
Thompson you had arrested for trespassing and have banned him from seeing me. Matt was here to
figure out why you all put me in the hole last February. He left when you told him to leave and he
harmed no one. Why would you lie on him? Did Jesus ever have any one arrested? Search the scriptures
I can't find Him doing what you have done! Now let us explore why you have me in custody? I would
imagine the reason you chose to avoid me and will not even look me in the eye is really simple. You
know that I'm innocent. I have harmed no one and have caused no loss. A crime is an act that causes
injury, loss or harm. Thus, I'm not a criminal. I'm a political prisoner, the reason why I'm in custody is to
simply silence me. This fact is evidenced by the gag order you have against me. I can't even have my
voice recorded or you will put me in the hole. I'm a preacher of the Gospel would Jesus punish for
preaching the Word. Before I was banned coming up on two years, I was recording sermons and posting
them on YouTube. I was reaching a small audience of fifty to a hundred faithful listeners, on a daily
basis. Your decree has silenced me preventing me from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I
cannot even advocate for my own freedom. Before I was unjustly put in prison for some sixteen years, I
published a paper and had a following on YouTube. I attempted to educate and inform my audience of
the evil in our society and be a watchman on the wall, I saw the sword coming and I did my best to
inform the people. That is what the Bible tells us to do are you being a watchman? Pastor Jesus is
coming soon and we need to be about the Lords business. Time is running out and one day very soon,
we will stand before the Lord and give an account for the things we have done here on earth. I don't
know about you but I want to hear well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the
Lord. What will you hear? Examine your actions, Pastor. You kicked an 85-year-old man out of your
church, you had a concerned harmless man arrested and you are not only locking up an innocent man
you are preventing him from preaching the gospel. Did you expect to hear well done or will you hear
depart from me I never knew you? Listen I don't want to see anyone flirting with disaster though the
way you have treated me and my friends you appear to be on the wrong road. God has placed you in the
position you are in with a tremendous responsibility. To whom much is given much more is required! He

is not playing games one day you will stand before Him. What does the Lord require of you? To do justly
and to love mercy. Now is the time to get right with God. Not a one of us are promised tomorrow. I
appeal to your sense of justice, now is the time to make things right with Art apologize for kicking him
out, drop the charges against Matt and set the captive free. I beg you to examine your actions ask
yourself the hard question is Jesus pleased? Repent or perish, the choice is yours.
In Jesus mighty Name, Jeffrey R. Weinhaus.

Jeffrey needs us to flood Missouri Governor Mike Parson with phone calls.
Missouri Governor Mike Parson called about Jeffrey Weinhaus - 573-751-3222

Please update yourself on the shocking new evidence regarding the agent of Satan Henry Folsom (who
was on SSRI drugs and deemed by Dr. Lutz to be UNFIT to be a Missouri State Highway Patrolman) who
attempted to murder Jeffrey Weinhaus while wearing a badge. Let us never forget that the judge placed
an 80,000-volt shock collar on Jeffrey during trial in order to shut him up from telling the truth in front of
the jury.

Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot twice in the head and twice through the chest at point blank range with 40
caliber hollow point bullets. Two bullets bounced off Jeffrey’s head. Sgt. Henry Folsom with the MSHP
attempted to murder Jeffrey that day. Scott Mertens also shot at Jeff that day and got promoted within
the MSHP. Mertens is just as guilty for covering up for his friend Folsom. God saved Jeffrey’s life that
day when it was expected that brain matter would be all over the parking lot without divine
intervention. The warden of Jeffrey’s prison is also a Baptist preacher named Stanley Payne and is a very
wicked man who punishes Jeffrey after I read a letter claiming Jeff’s innocence. Mr. Payne kicks people
out of his church if they support Jeffrey. They will no longer allow Jeffrey to give 15-minute bible
sermons from prison. Jeffrey has been warned by the prison authorities that if anyone on the outside
reads any of Jeff’s letters or publishes Jeff’s voice from prison that Jeffrey will be further punished by the
terrorist who run the prison. These people (Scott, Henry, Stanley) who have targeted Jeffrey Weinhaus
are INSANELY EVIL. Click HERE to listen to “EyeWitness Marty Leach says Jeffrey DID NOT HAVE A GUN
IN HIS HAND and was MURDERED”. Read Psalms 36 as these devils deviseth mischief upon their beds at
night and they have no fear of God before their eyes. On 1/9/20, we learned that the warden has yet
again placed Jeffrey Weinhaus in the hole and Jeffrey is under investigation. They do this every time that
Jeffrey begins to get public attention.

-) Click HERE and HERE and HERE for the link to IMMINENT DANGER; Oklahoma DOC IGNORES PLEAS TO
PAUSE PILOT PROGRAM which impacts Political Prisoner Charles Dyer.

Charles Dyer will be forced to wear a bracelet while in prison as all Oklahoma prisoners. We believe this
is a test run for the public. Click HERE for an article reporting on this. Click HERE for Erin reporting on

The expert dealing with child testimony in the five-part Showtime series OUTCRY has been contacted
and her information has been mailed to Charles Dyer. Also, Jan Dyer has informed that facebook is
censoring her account.

Happy 40th Birthday to Charles Dyer. Co-founder of Oath Keepers. Marine. Charismatic Liberty Speaker.
Framed for a heinous crime he did not commit by a viciously, vindictive, pill popping, wife during a bitter
custody battle. Please write Charles a letter and tell him that he is not forgotten. Charles has already
spent 10 years in prison on a 30-year sentence. It took three trials to convict him and in the third trial,

the prosecution withheld critical exculpatory evidence. Charles was sold down the river by his own
defense attorney. - Read OPERATION FLOODLIGHT

Educate yourself about patriot marine Charles Dyer. The document OPERATION FLOODLIGHT will show
the innocence of this man who was targeted because he was a rising political star. Some of the most
inspirational liberty speeches ever heard were given by Charles Dyer. His website is
Jan Dyer is requesting that people flood David Lampley at with the document
Operation Floodlight in order to get his attention to look into the innocence of Charles Dyer. For a
sample of Charles Dyer’s videos before prison, please click HERE (Give Me Liberty or give me DEATH!).
Please keep both Jan and Charles in your prayers. The article about the clerk who committed suicide and
left a note about the unjust treatment of pro se legal motions is important to the case of Charles Dyer.

-) All of Antron’s letters can be viewed at his electronic dropbox by clicking HERE.

Antron wrote a new song titled “Traumatized” and you can hear him rap it from prison HERE.

Antron would like 2 books if someone can assist in purchasing:

#1 Winning Habeas Corpus and Post Conviction Relief by FRED A STEPHENS

#2 California Habeas Handbook by Kent Russell

Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for Antron’s first phonecall from prison.

Click HERE to listen to Antron Singleton’s first letter and his testimony.

A King James Bible was ordered from Bible Truth Publishers for Antron Singleton (aka Big Lurch) who
was convicted of taking PCP and murdering his roommate. Antron has a mother that loves him dearly
and Antron needs to hear your testimony about Jesus. The mother of the victim has visited Antron in
prison. Antron's mother has more to tell the world about her son.

-) Click HERE to sign the petition for Dennis Morgan Hicks on Alabama Death row opened by Dennis’
friend Jim Harris.

Dennis informs us about mini-documentary OUTCRY which has similarities with his case.

Outcry Premier – First episode free

Dennis Morgan Hicks Needs Your Help

Dennis Morgan Hicks needs Christian Penpals

Innocent Dennis Hicks Calls from Alabama Death Row

Click HERE and HERE for Dennis Hicks’ latest phone call from prison. We have a STACK OF LETTERS FROM
DENNIS that we have not had time to read. If someone wants to volunteer to read all of Dennis’ letters,
please send me an email.

Innocent Prisoner Dennis Hicks (Alabama Death Row) Letter

Dennis Hicks is on Alabama Death Row for a crime that he maintains his innocence on regarding the
murder of Joshua Duncan. I believe him. They setup Dennis because he is a Christian and had
previously killed two transgender men who were attempting to rape his nephew which Dennis served
25.5 years for that justified incident. If you want to know more about Dennis Hicks, please let me know
as we have collected his phone calls and letters from prison. I believe Dennis deserves your support and
encouragement and prayers. In one of Dennis’ latest letters, Dennis writes of horrific torture and abuse
by a black guard who eventually lost his job. Dennis also sent us a card with a beautiful painting on the
front. We did receive a letter from Dennis on Oct. 31st, 2019. Click HERE and HERE and HERE for Dennis
Hicks’ latest letter from prison.

-) Click HERE for Gary’s latest writing. Gary has spent 33 years in prison as an innocent man with no
victim. Click HERE for Gary’s latest call from prison. We have also been uploading Gary’s latest letters to
his webpage HERE.

Gary Michael Northington has spent over 32 years in prison as an innocent man and needs our prayers
as he is fighting health issues. Check home page for Gary’s new mailing address. He
has been sending letters from JPAY which we have placed on his webpage. Please consider writing and
encouraging letter to Gary. Gary wrote a book about Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Auctions titled
“The Satanic Deception”. This was prior to John Decamp’s book The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse,
Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. Gary also released a letter titled “Tribute to Jack McLamb” which is
now on Gary’s YOJ webpage. Gary was exposing all of this high- level pedophilia that we are seeing in
the mainstream press. There is no victim in Gary’s case, and he was setup and framed on “conspiracy”
charges just like Schaeffer Cox and is now serving a LIFE sentence. Gary needs Christian penpals and is
fighting to stay healthy. Click HERE to read a copy of Officer Jack McLamb’s Aid & Abet Newsletter
Winter 2004 edition. Page 16 mentions Gary Northington. Click HERE for Gary Michael Northington (32
Years in Prison) writes of dental and medical neglect. Click HERE for proof much of our mail is being
rejected to Gary Northington.

-) Both Jordan and Jonathan have been transferred from Pinellas County Jail to Miami Federal Detention
Center. We have been informed that both Mark and Joseph are being held in a Columbia prison.

Our letter to Jonathan Grenon was returned simply checked "UNAUTHORIZED REFUSED". When the
person who rejected my mail is refused entrance into heaven, maybe God will put a sticker on his

Erin and I learned about Mark Grenon and his sons when he called Erin on the evening of August 9th,
2020. Click HERE for that interview. A few short hours after Mark spoke with Erin, Mark and his son
Joseph were arrested in Santa Marta, Columbia. Click HERE for a confirming mainstream news article on
his arrest.

As of this time, we do not know the particular prison that Mark and his son Joseph are being held. If
anyone reading this knows, please email me at

-) Click HERE for Ed Brown’s phonecall from a hellhole federal prison. Ed Brown was recently sentenced
to death by prison at 78 years old by a satanic George Z. Singal. Click HERE and HERE for the phonecall
from Ed after the hearing.

In Ed’s latest phone call, he mentioned his next legal hearing is September 29th, 2020.

Ed celebrated his 78th birthday in prison on July 22nd, 2020. Please write Ed a letter and let him know
that he is still loved and not abandoned. Click HERE for the latest Ed Brown phone call from prison. Click
HERE for Ed’s letter to David Deschesne at

Ed has received and wants us all to read the books from
Mueller Report – Item # 2984040
Watchdogs don’t bark – Item # 3788539
Wrong and Dangerous – Item # 2995271
Friends Divided – Item # 3829227
Webster’s Law Dictionary 4th edition
Pocket books from

And these books as well

Meet Your Strawman: And Whatever You Want To Know by David E. Robinson
Common Law Handbook: For Juror's, Sheriff's, Bailiff's, and Justice's by David E. Robinson
Commercial Law Applied: Learn To Play The Game by David E. Robinson
The UCC Connection: How To Free Yourself From Legal Tyranny by David E. Robinson

Click HERE for an interview with Jason Gerhard.

Sentenced to 30 years for Plainfield tax standoff, Ed Brown denied release over COVID-19 fears

Click HERE and HERE for Ed Brown’s recent communication and three legal filings.

Click HERE to listen to a recent phone call from Ed Brown titled “Political Prisoner Ed Brown Seeks
Sanctuary from BOP & DOJ”. Ed Brown released a letter titled SHINOLA - US Govt Economic Plan for
America. Ed also wrote “Hue and Cry”. Please read it and write back to Ed Brown. Please Ed Brown
encouraging letters of support in Merrimack, NH prison. Please continue to keep Ed Brown in your
prayers. Forbes released an article titled “Ed And Elaine ‘Show Me The Law’ Brown May Be Released

-) Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for Chris Moltz’s latest phone call. Click HERE for a sincere
heartfelt letter from Chris.

Chris Moltz needs reference emails sent to in support of his upcoming
parole hearing after 22 years in prison.

If anyone wants to educate themselves about the case of Christopher Moltz, please let me know. He is
serving LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE starting at 19 years old for a conversation about a crime at which he was
not even present. Chris is now 41 years old. The jury never heard that Chris would NEVER be eligible for

parole. He has spent 21 years in prison and needs our support. Chris Moltz received more time than El
Chapo for a conversation about a crime that he was not even present. Please write a letter to
encourage Chris Moltz.

-) Click HERE and HERE for Jacob’s latest call from prison. We also learned that Daniel Borden is
expected to be released on 12/30/2020.

Both Jacob Scott Goodwin and Daniel Borden were made scapegoats for a political agenda. The
propaganda from SPLC and others in their case is just insane. They both were severely over-sentenced.
Please consider writing them an encouraging letter. Learn about their case at their webpage on Our letters to Daniel Borden often get rejected and we are prevented from
communicating. Click HERE for Jacob’s latest phone call from prison.

-) Click HERE for the testimony of LEONARD KORETS who has now professed Jesus as his Savior and a
poem he wrote. Leonard needs Christian’s to write him letters of encouragement and welcome him into
the family of God.

-) Click HERE for a request from prisoner John Sansom for Christian penpals.

-) The prosecuting attorney in Yorie Von Kahl lost his license after multiple counts of shoplifting. Click
HERE to read about another scumbag lawyer named Dennis Fisher who sent two innocent men to prison
with no fair trial.

We have been informed that someone in the BOP is blocking Yorie’s communications. This
unfortunately has become common practice in Satan’s minions who work in the BOP.

Please consider writing both Yorie Von Kahl and Scott Faul encouraging letters. Scott and Yorie have
been in prison 37+ years as innocent men. I cannot stress enough how important it is to view the
documentary about Gordon Kahl titled “DEATH AND TAXES”. Both Yorie and Scott are men of the
highest integrity and are faithful to the Lord Jesus. The injustice done to both Yorie Von Kahl and Scott
Faul is beyond my ability to fathom. Neither of these men ever received a fair trial. Click HERE to hear
the book “There was a Man: The saga of Gordon Kahl: A True Story”. Click HERE for a webpage
dedicated to both Yorie and Scott. Their story is vitally important to understand. This document titled
“Affidavit from Officer Jack McLamb and the Criminal Justice Professionals” is a MUST READ for those
that care about Scott and Yorie. The “The Federalization of Liberty” painting at the bottom of this
mailing is the brainchild and creation of Yorie Von Kahl who is an innocent American Political Prisoner
for 37+ Years.

-) Click HERE for the last letter from Waylon Ganey.

Click HERE to listen to The testimony of Florida Prisoner Waylon Ganey. Waylon Ganey’s dropbox is
located HERE.

-) Shawn was sentenced on July 30th, 2020 to 20 years in prison. Click HERE for his last phone call to us
prior to his sentencing.

Prisoner Shawn Christy has been brought to our attention. A free King James Bible was ordered for
Shawn from Bible Truth Publishers. They raided his family's house, damaged the home and killed his cat.

Shawn was on the run for 4 months. Shawn went through 6 states and Canada. That's the short version.
Shawn’s Facebook support page by his family is HERE. For recent updates on Shawn, please check out
his Facebook page. Please keep Shawn’s upcoming trial in your prayers. Click HERE for an audio where
Shawn calls us from prison titled “Political Prisoner Shawn Christy is Denied Access to FoxNews Media”.
Also, Shawn Christy's mother interviewed by FoxNews after first day of voir dire at trial. On November
26th, 2019, Shawn Christy was found guilty on all charges. Please continue to keep Shawn and the
Christy family in your prayers and consider writing a letter of support to Shawn. For the latest call from
Shawn Christy, please click HERE. Shawn was denied our book that we ordered titled “Born Again
Republic” stating ONLY AMAZON BOOKS allowed and Shawn reports that his sentencing date is April
22nd, 2020.

-) We received a phone call from Russell’s daughter and she reports that her father is passing out in his
cell at Terre Haute, Indiana where the temperatures are hitting 104 degrees within the cells.

Russell Landers has been in prison 23 years as an innocent man. Check out his webpage on Russell is part of the Montana Freeman and there is no victim in Russell’s
alleged “crime” in which he has been sentenced 44 years. See:
montana-freemen/ They have blocked all communications from prison ministries to
Russell. Please write to Russell because we have heard they have thrown him in the hole again, and we
do not have any ability to reach out to Russell with an encouraging letter because of that devil named
Warden JW Cox who is a liar from the pit of hell and is on the broad path to destruction. Click HERE to
listen to Russell’s latest letter we titled “BOP wants to put Montana Freeman Rex Russell Landers back in
CMU after 23 Years in Prison”. Click HERE for one of Russell’s latest letters from prison.

-) We have been informed that the innocence project has picked up Darlie Routier's case. Texas inmates
on Death Row do NOT have access to any phones at all even to call their lawyers. This includes Darlie
Routier. Please consider writing her a letter. We videotaped Kristine Bunch speaking at the event. The
event was full of wonderful people/activists who support Darlie’s innocence. Click HERE to listen to a
recent letter from Darlie titled “Darlie Routier Letter - 22 Years on Texas Death Row”. Click HERE for a
recent facebook post of injuries that the prosecution claimed was done by Darlie to herself as well as
postcards received from Darlie herself. It is ridiculous to think that Darlie did those injuries to herself
and this is yet another terrible case of injustice. Many people think Darlie was convicted for a video
showing Darlie with silly string at the gravesite which is no evidence at all.

-) We recently learned that one of Mike’s sayings is “Love Many, Trust Few, Learn to Paddle Your Own
Canoe” Mike Parsons Political Prisoner at

Mike Parsons has been banned from communicating with me ever again via corrlinks email or US letters.
I hate these devils who made that decision with a perfect hatred.

Mike Parsons is fighting for his freedom and his wife's freedom. Her name is Pat and she is in an
Alabama prison and was an electrical engineer for 25 years prior to being entrapped by the FBI. Their
website is Mike has been tortured, malnourished and his letters are being intercepted
and rejected by the mailroom. I have MANY returned letters that I mailed to Mike because the mailroom
is rejecting his mail. Mike is also being denied communications with his wife Pat. They also put Mike in
the same prison as Justin Thao where the Oklahoma prison claims Justin committed suicide by
hanging. This video on Justin Thao was just released by his grieving family on Nov. 7th, 2019. Also, check
out Justin’s website. This is important because the same jail guards left what looks like a hanging rope

in Mike’s jail cell. This was revealed during a live jail video visit. Mike refused to get a TB shot, so they
took him to another building where US Marshals tied him to a chair and beat him in the face. Mike
wrote “I never submitted to any TB test, I was strapped to a chair and blood was taken from my arm by
force against my will. It was actually 4 US Marshals who strapped me to a chair and only the one who
punched me in the mouth after I was strapped to the chair by the four. Because I was yelling for
someone to call 911 to report their assault on me.” I strongly recommend people listen to a statement
given by both Sue Holland on 11/27/19 and Pat Parsons on 02/20/18 in order to understand the depth
of corruption. The title is “The Targeting and Persecution of Sue Holland, Pat Parsons, Charles Bryfogle
and Mike Parsons”.

-) Happy Codependence Day by Schaeffer Cox

Schaeffer Cox and Dana Gottesfeld To see photos from Schaeffer Cox re-sentencing and Red Pill Expo, please click
HERE. For my 30 minute reaction to the Schaeffer Cox re-sentencing on November 4th, 2019, please click
HERE. Please pray for justice for the “Dirty 13” that have lied, entrapped and sided with the enemy
against Schaeffer Cox.

1) United States Attorney for the District of Alaska Karen L. Loeffler - Woman given authority targeting
innocent Christian men. Karen deviseth mischief on her bed and has no fear of God in her heart.
2) US DOJ Prosecutor Steven E. Skrocki - Another lying lawyer who destroys exculpatory evidence.
Skrocki has sold his soul to Satan for a comfortable career.
JACKPOT! Busted! Absolute proof positive that Steven E. Skrocki lied during Schaeffer's closing
3) US DOJ Prosecutor Joseph Bottini - Another lying lawyer who cheats and manipulates courts. DoJ
Prosecutor has the same compulsions as a serial killer!
4) US DOJ Prosecutor Yvonne Lamoureux - Woman given authority and promoted to Alaska Judge, sold
her soul for filthy lucre and became traitor to justice
5) FBI Special Agent Patrick Westerhaus - Plants audio recording devices on innocent Americans and
laughs like a devil when he hears scripture
6) FBI Special Agent Richard Sutherland - Self-righteous man who creates a boogeyman out of Schaeffer
to justify his own useless career and advancement
7) FBI Special Agent Sandra Klein - Another woman given authority who then sends in mercenaries as FBI
informants to provoke and threaten the lives of innocent young Americans
8) FBI Informant Bill Fulton – Arrogant gay turd, sellout traitor snitch. Seeks wealth and fame on the
backs of innocent men and threatens people’s lives with approval of his FBI handler Sandra Klein and the
backing of the FBI.
9) FBI Informant Gerald JR Olson - 300k whore traitor snitch. Sided with the enemy to save his own hide
and gain filthy lucre
10) Judge Robert J. Bryan - Refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of the FBI, BOP and DOJ
in the case of Schaeffer Cox even though the OIG explicitly identified CHS mis-use within the FBI. A
coward who uses his position to justify the wicked and persecute the innocent
11) Warden JR Bell of Terre Haute, Indiana CMU Prison – This fool returning to his folly, like a dog
returning to its vomit is the warden blocking all of our letters and covering up the murder (beheading) of
Christian Robert David Neal.
12) Warden JW Cox of Terre Haute, Indiana CMU Prison - Evil wicked godless man who enjoys
persecuting the innocent and also covered up the murder (beheading) of Christian Robert David Neal.

Uses cruel punishment regularly including torture by solitary confinement, four point shackling and
blocking prisoner communications.
13) Warden B. True of Marion, Illinois CMU Prison - Initiated action against this ministry to block all our
letters to prisoners. He knows that he must silence the innocent prisoners within his Satanic prison.

The Word of God the Holy KJV Bible promises these 13 wicked children of Satan will reap what they have
sown. There is no peace for the wicked as stated in the Word of God. This “dirty 13” will answer to God
Almighty for their sinful actions. We also learned during the week of Nov. 18th, 2019 that Schaeffer’s
lawsuit against “the board” for fraud of his legal defense funds was dismissed. This is yet another
example where God’s court will have the final say. It is possible that the prosecution is appealing
Schaeffer’s recent 188-month re-sentencing. If that is the case, may they heap more destruction upon
their own heads. Schaeffer is currently back at FCI Terre Haute because the authorities need to control
his speech.

-) Philip Zodhiates celebrated his birthday in prison on July 17th.

Click HERE for a 28-minute video with Philip’s son. In America; Jail For Serving Jesus? Will Zodhiates
explains to Dr. Chaps Why

A Christian man named Philip Zodhiates led a successful direct mail business and was sentenced to 3
years for simply driving Lisa Miller to the airport. Educate yourself about the Lisa Miller case. Lisa was in
a lesbian marriage with a small child prior to conversion to Christianity. Lisa then tried to escape from an
abusive lesbian partner. The courts sided with the lesbian partner (of course) and against Philip for
trying to render assistance to Lisa. Philip’s blog is at Click HERE to listen to an
interview with Sam Bushman at A date has been set for the civil suit filed by
Janet Jenkins with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center; December 2, 2019 in Burlington, VT to
be heard by the same Judge Sessions that resided over the convictions of Lisa Miller and Ken Miller. Do
you think the judge is going to be impartial? Click HERE for a recent press release on Philip Zodhiates.

Also, Philip's final response to Judge Arcara in regards to Philip's Motion to Vacate is due at the end of
May. Since Philip's "jailhouse lawyer" is in a different unit than Philip, they have not been able to
communicate with each other, which leaves us acting as middle men between the two of them. If you
could please pray for wisdom and insight on behalf of David as he drafts this response, and then for the
judge as he makes his decision, we would greatly appreciate it!

-) Thomas Lane has requested procedures on how inmates can access the government stimulus checks.

Thomas Lane has requested paperback book “Know My Name: A Memoir by Chanel Miller”.

Thomas Lane has been on Alabama Death Row since Oct. 2003 for the murder of his wife Therese.
Thomas has maintained his innocence from the beginning and I believe him. Click HERE for an article
titled "DOJ: Alabama prisoners exposed to horrifying violence, rape; murders a 'regular' occurrence" It
has been reported that they are acting under a judge’s order to make the prison ADA compliant
(Americans w/ Disabilities Act) and the prisoners will lose 24 hour TV privileges down to 2-3 hours of TV
because of so-called restrictions in the new facilities. Click HERE to read about the suicide of Jamal
Jackson on Alabama Death row. Click HERE to read “Alabama prison death highlights pattern of officials
promoting bad bosses”.

-) Click HERE for “The Targeting and Persecution of Sue Holland, Pat Parsons, Charles Bryfogle and Mike

From innocent prisoner Pat Parsons. Please consider writing her an encouraging letter or mailing her a
good book from or your preferred bookstore. It can't come from your home.

Hey Rudy,
I was off by the author name a bit. The name is Tom Kizzia (Pilgrim's Wilderness: A True Story of Faith
and Madness on the Alaska Frontier)...I was close. We have our new schedule and boy is it confusing.
We only get out 1.5-2 hrs a day in the unit, but now it is all at once. We get 3 days Rec/Ed per week, 1 hr
each day, so that is better. We only go to grab our lunch on Friday now, but I will not go as I do not eat
fish...YUK! (The tuna smells extra awful...makes me want to hurl.) This ought to be fun...we'll see how it
goes. God Bless and Walk Sacred. Love, Pat

Click HERE for Pat’s statement prior to surrendering to an Alabama prison. We praise God that ALL of
Pat’s requested books were purchased. Now our prayers are focused that the mailroom allows the
books into Pat’s hands for reading. Pat Parsons (electrical engineer for 25 years) has requested more
books to help keep her busy during her time of incarceration.

Click HERE and HERE for Pat’s latest phone calls. Pat can also use a lot of good books as she consumes

Patricia Parsons Shares A Prisoners Covid-19 Update

-) Click HERE to learn about Roberta Tells Us All the Case of Tod Houthoofd (16 years in prison)

-) To learn more about political prisoner Ross Ulbricht, please go to

-) Click HERE for a recent letter from Amy Gonzalez.

We were blessed to receive a communication from Amy’s brother David Matusiewicz. Please keep both
Amy and Davis in your prayers and write them both a letter of encouragement.

LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, Prison Mother Amy Gonzalez Love Letter to Daughter

LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, Prison Wife Amy Gonzalez Love Letter to Husband

Click HERE to hear our last letter from Amy Gonzalez before they blocked us.

On April 7th, the devils banned me from ever speaking to Amy Gonzalez again. I hate the devils with a
perfect hatred.

If the enemy has their way, we will NEVER hear Amy’s voice published on the internet again for the
duration of her life. However, we serve a mighty living miracle-working God who loves Amy and is a Lord
of justice.

Click HERE to listen to David Matusiewicz letter titled “STOP LOVING YOUR CHILDREN” and HERE to
listen to Amy’s poem “IT’S NOT THE END”.

Erin and I mailed new visitation forms using certified mail in order to visit Amy since the prison claims
they lost our forms mailed in December, 2019. We have added several hundred pages of trial transcripts
to Amy’s webpage for public review.

Please educate yourself about Amy Gonzalez (nurse for 26 years sentenced to LIFE in prison) as this is a
vitally important case to all of America and freedom of speech. Her webpage is at We have been receiving and publishing her phone calls from prison. Amy’s
story would be unbelievable if it were not true. This audio over a prison phone of Amy talking to Erin
about her case is a MUST LISTEN. National news media needs to be covering the case of Amy Gonzalez
and her brother David Matusiewicz. Until such time as they get the news media attention and legal help
they deserve, please write them letters of encouragement and scripture. Click HERE to listen to “Noelle
Evans and Rudy Davis discuss the case of Amy Gonzalez”. Click HERE for our first letter from Amy’s
brother David. In this phone call from prison, Amy reports that a child of the devil employed by the FBI
smiled as he stated that her brother David would never see his children again. Click HERE for Amy’s
phonecall from prison titled “Amy Gonzalez (Serving LIFE) Recounts the Day of Her Arrest by the FBI”.

Amy Gonzalez is a wife, mother and Texas nurse that worked in ICU & Hemodialysis for 26 years. She has
a 14-year-old daughter, 27-year-old step-son, and soul mate husband that she desperately loves. The
vast majority of reporting on the internet is propaganda, lies and biased against Amy’s family and
intended to make her entire family out to be monsters. In America, we do not imprison the entire family
for the actions of one criminal. Amy has now decided to go public with her case and tell everyone the
truth which goes against her lawyer’s advice. Amy has now served 6.5 years on a LIFE sentence because
of the crime of her dad, Thomas Matusiewicz. There is no evidence that Amy, her brother David or her
mother Lenore had any foreknowledge of the crime of Thomas. Thomas had a tumor in the left part of
his brain that very well could have contributed to his violent actions. The prosecution painted a
narrative that simply is not true and the satanic DOJ and FBI sellouts held a celebratory dinner
afterwards patting themselves on the back after Amy, David and Lenore each received LIFE sentences. A
plea deal was offered but only on condition that David, Amy, and Lenore sign to a lie that they knew that
Thomas was going to murder Christine and then commit suicide. David, Amy and Lenore have all
emphatically denied foreknowledge of Thomas’ plan. Amy, David, and Lenore were the first 3 people in
America to be convicted of a crime called INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING RESULTING IN DEATH and each
of them received LIFE sentences. The only thing Amy is guilty of is having a concern for the welfare of
her nieces. Amy never wished in a million years for Christine to be murdered and Amy’s desire was to
protect the children. There is zero evidence that Amy, David or Lenore had foreknowledge of Christine’s
murder by Thomas Matusiewicz. Amy’s mother Lenore died in prison in 2016 and Amy promised her on
her prison deathbed that Amy will get justice. Before Lenore died, Amy & Lenore passed a total of 4 lie
detector polygraph tests and Amy still believes to this day that her nieces were being abused both
physically and sexually by Christine. Christine even self-reported abuse to a doctor and made threats to
Lenore that she would sell David's three American blond girls into sex trafficking. Christine was observed
on several occasions being abusive and non-attentive to the children by others members of the family.
Christine was also on anti-depressants such as Xanax and possibly other SSRI drugs resulting in mental
illness issues. Amy is also very concerned about this new law, INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING, being overly
broad and that the government will use it to incarcerate many other innocent Americans. The
government will use this law to suppress our FREEDOM OF SPEECH if that speech causes anyone else to
make a claim (truthful or not) that they are in fear for their life. Amy and her brother David need the

attention of national news media and legal assistance at this point. Amy has provided us hundreds of
pages of legal and supporting documentation that has been posted on her website and she has been
incredibly transparent in her phone calls from prison. Amy encourages all people to write to her with
any questions that they may have.

-) We have added Redfawn Fallis to our website. Please consider writing her an encouraging letter.

Words from Red Fawn, Prisoner of War

-) Click HERE and HERE and HERE for Patrick’s latest phonecall from prison.

A recent document was added to Patrick’s webpage titled “Affidavit of John Joe Timentwa”. Click HERE
for a webpage that was created for Patrick Hoffman.

Patrick Hoffman requests prayer for family

Patrick Hoffman is an American Indian who has been in prison for 32 years as an innocent man. Patrick
has a wife named Agnes who loves him dearly. In Patrick’s latest call from prison, he discusses how the
American people were lied to about what happened on 9/11/2001 and how the CIA are Luciferian
spawn and enemies to the people of America. Patrick informed us about another political prisoner
named Red Fawn who is a Dakota Access Pipeline Activist. Her website is Patrick
called on Nov. 26th to report that he was denied a book by the mailroom. We have since learned that
this book was likely titled “Elmer’s Tribal War” and has been ordered and now read by myself. Patrick
needs assistance in reaching out to author Richard V Alumbaugh. We ordered “It’s All About Power” by
Darrell Graf for Patrick. Several, including me, have made the observation that Patrick Hoffman is the
Native Indian version of Yorie Von Kahl. Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for Patrick’s latest calls
from prison.

-) State Senator Jon Woods from Arkansas and Randell (his co-defendant) are Christian political
prisoners target by Satan’s children known as the FBI. The FBI agent destroyed Brady information and
wiped the computer clean and then lied about it on the stand and then got caught lying about the
destruction of government evidence but the Obama judge didn't throw it out. Unbelievable. Click HERE
to listen to our first contact with Randell Shelton in Texas Prison. Randell wrote “Hi Rudy, Thank you for
your response! On Tuesday I am leading our weekly camp prayer service. I feel led to have us intercede
as Daniel did for Israel. We are going to focus our prayers on the Department of Justice and ask them
(leadership & foot solders) to repent of their sinful ways and ask the Lord to forgive them. We are also
going to pray that those in the DOJ who do not know Christ as their Lord & Savior would come to him
and seek the forgiveness and salvation that only He can provide. Thank you again for all you and your
wife are doing for the Kingdom. Randell”. Click HERE for article titled “Jan. 16 appeals court date set in
corruption case”. Click HERE for “Our first letter from former Arkansas Senator Jonathan Woods”. Click
on the two links below to hear the oral arguments.

Jon Woods Oral Arguments

Oren Paris Oral Arguments

-) Click HERE for a recent letter from Julia Poff.

Click HERE for Julia Poff’s letter before the prison blocked our communications.

On April 7th, I was permanently banned from communicating with Julia Poff. I have a letter that she has
mailed to me that I have not had the time to open. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is to be banned from
communicating with prisoners. God sees everything that is going on and our Lord is a Lord of justice.

We have learned about Julia Poff. She claims she was setup by her landlord with a letter bomb to Texas
governor Greg Abbott and that devil Obama. I have not had the time to investigate her case, but we
encourage you to write her a letter and research her claims of innocence.

-) Barbara Holder needs Christian pen pals. Texas has extremely draconian prison rules so we have to
record Barbara's calls without the use of a speaker phone. Her website is We ordered
her a copy of Ruby Ridge. Barbara had a successful cataract surgery. Kaylene Canfield is Barbara’s
biggest supporter. For anyone who wants to know more about this from Kaylene, please click on her
facebook page here to contact her. A new TDCJ policy makes it impossible for inmates to receive ecomm
or $ unless the person sending is on their phone or visit list.

-) With no reasons given, mail is being rejected to Thomas Lane, Julia Poff, Amy Gonzalez, Mike Parsons,
all CMU prisoners, Jeffrey Weinhaus and books ordered for Randell Shelton Shawn Christy, and Anthony
Troy Williams are being denied delivery. We have several high-profile prisoners (name withheld to
protect the innocent) who have been told that if they talk to us and we place their voices on the
internet, they will be severely punished and thrown in the SHU (ie HOLE). The devils who run the prisons
desperately and illegally want to silence the voices of the innocent they incarcerate. Letters from
prisoners to Trump are being intercepted, opened and returned as in the case of Ed Brown. The insanity
and censorship of prison mail room policy and wicked wardens is hard to grasp unless you have
experienced it firsthand. Mail from Mike’s wife Pat is also being rejected. All our mail has been censored
to Schaeffer Cox, Russell Landers, David Hinkson, Marty Gottesfeld, and Kurt Johnson by devils who pose
as wardens. Kurt Johnson has also been denied communication with his wife.

-) Kurt Johnson just received another 18 years on top of his current sentence which places his release
date at 12/8/2043. Kurt was arrested on July 21st, 2005. A propaganda mainstream article can be read
HERE. Please consider that I am not allowed to mail these articles to Kurt nor communicate with him to
offer his defense due to the devils that manage the CMU prisons. So yet again, the system convicts and
then silences a man from defending himself. Kurt is a Christian man who was exposing banking and
mortgage fraud and helped stop the murderer of Robert David Neal from killing more Christians inside
the hellhole known as Terre Haute, IN. prison. Kurt has been restricted from communicating with his
own mother and wife now for over two years. The brutality of the isolation inflicted on Kurt Johnson is
hard to fathom.

-) Our satanic judicial system refuses any mention of Holy Scripture, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
and/or the US Constitution in American courtrooms. If you doubt this, we have the legal documents to
prove it. What place does God or the US Constitution have in modern day American satanic courtrooms?
Some people still foolishly believe they will get a fair day in court if they are ever wrongfully accused of a
crime. Courtrooms all over America have become temples to the devil with the high priest judge who
operates above the law. A devil US Prosecutor said in open court that Schaeffer Cox is “BEYOND
REHABILITATION” because Schaeffer believes God’s Law is above man’s law and thus requires a longer
prison sentence. Dear Jesus, we ask for your guidance in restoring justice to our land and bringing justice
to the evil lying reprobates.

-) A letter arrived from Lonnie on 10/22/20 and Lonnie details how he nearly died with a heart

Lonnie Vernon was severely attacked and beaten by his cellmate but is recovering by the grace of God.
Lonnie lost over ½ of the blood in his body. Lonnie reports that he was visited by angels during this
tribulation. Lonnie NEVER had any trouble with the law prior to his being entrapped by the children of
Satan known as the FBI and a 300k whore lifelong criminal FBI paid informant named Gerald “J.R.”
Olson. This 300k whore who ran drugs for a Hell’s Angels biker gang testified in court that he would ask
the FBI for $300k to setup and frame Schaeffer Cox and Lonnie Vernon. We sent Lonnie a copy of “To
Harass Our People” by George Hansen but Lonnie confirmed that he NEVER received it. They also
entrapped Lonnie’s wife Karen. Please pray for Karen’s health and remember to write her a letter to
remind her that she is loved and prayed for every day.

-) The lying proud devils and blaggards named Warden B. True, Warden J.R. Bell and Warden J.W. Cox,
Warden Michael Carr at both CMUs in Marion, IL. and Terre Haute, IN and FMC Carswell have blocked
me and my wife from communicating with any prisoner at these illegal hellhole prisons. Visitation forms
have been lost or denied multiple times. Click HERE to see a video where evildoer Warden I. Jacquez
rejects all my letters to Schaeffer Cox at FDC Seatac as well. Imagine having the government and the
media hurl accusation after accusation at you and then the prison system will not allow you to
communicate with the outside world to defend yourself or even hear about what is transpiring on the
outside. The Lord will hold the BOP and these devil wardens accountable for their wicked actions of
isolating and silencing prisoners. This is promised in the Word of God. This currently prevents us from
advocating as effectively for David Matusiewicz, David Hinkson, Schaeffer Cox, Martin Gottesfeld, Kurt
Johnson, Rex Russell Landers, Amy Gonzalez and Julia Poff. The people who manage and work in these
secret CMU hellhole prisons are god-hating reprobates where torture, murder (ie. Robert David Neal),
and coverups are commonplace. Click HERE to read Solitary Confinement: Torture, Pure and Simple. The
FBI, DOJ and BOP know exactly what is going on and refuse to correct the situation. Books, prison
letters and all forms of communications are constantly being rejected from this ministry to prisoners.
What was the penalty for Rodney Curtis Hamrick who murdered Robert David Neal? Who was the
Muslim shot caller who ordered the murder of Robert David Neal? Voice your concern about the
coverup of the BOP, FBI and DOJ by clicking HERE. “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be
revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

-) Political prisoner, Francis Schaeffer Cox, sent a letter describing what he witnessed. Cox wrote, “The
Muslims over here put a hit out on all the Christians in the unit. My good friend was taken hostage, his
hands were tied behind his back, he was stabbed in the heart, then his head was sawed off with a wire
while he was still alive. Getting his head all the way off was harder than expected, so once he was dead,
the job was left unfinished and the next victim was attacked. He got stabbed 12 times before another
Christian man could get to him and block the Jihadi. If we hadn’t circled the wagons and stopped the
killing like we did, I’d have been next, along with two other friends of mine.” Cox was sent to “the hole”
after leaking this information to his attorney. The new warden JW Cox at this hellhole illegal prison
continues to block all our communications to all prisoners at Terre Haute, Indiana. The shot caller, the
warden, the murderer and this illegal prison have not gone unnoticed by our Lord. The BOP, DOJ and FBI
employees are working to coverup the murder (attempted beheading) of Robert David Neal in Terre
Haute, IN CMU prison. We have letters trickling out of the prison from inmates claiming that the
Muslims were encouraged to murder Christians by the prison authorities who have an allegiance to
Beelzebub. A Press Release was put together regarding the murder of Robert David Neal since the
mainstream press will not report on it. Hal Turner has written an article titled “American BEHEADED in

federal Prison by Muslim Inmates” about the murder of Robert David Neal in Terre Haute, IN. CMU.
Another article was published titled repugnantly as “Inside The ‘Black Site’ Federal Prison Where An
Insurance Scammer Was Allegedly Killed By A Jihadi”

-) UPDATE: Gottesfeld Writes From Prison; Claims He Has Been ‘Threatened With Violence’ And Might
Be ‘Force Fed’

Marty Gottesfeld is in Schaeffer's prison as a human rights activist. His website is Click HERE to view Marty’s latest legal motion. Martin has been thrown in the hole
for trying to help Schaeffer with legal work and reporting on the murder of Robert David Neal. Marty
Gottesfeld has connections with Infowars, Huffington Post and Rolling Stone Magazine. Click HERE to
watch Dana Gottesfeld discuss her husband (on Infowars with David Knight) being held in a hellhole
CMU prison. Click HERE for a recent article on Martin Gottesfeld titled “Imprisoned Activist Wrote About
Prison Corruption and Was ‘Disappeared’ to Secret Facility”. Click HERE to read Infowars article
“Political Activist & Prisoner Enters 4th Week of Hunger Strike”. Marty’s wife, Dana, is asking for
donations to help secure his freedom. The two goals of his hunger strike are:

1) Clean Water - Multiple reports of toxic brown water in Terre Haute, IN.
2) Communications restored with his wife, family and friends

Marty is in the same hellhole prison with Schaeffer Cox. The warden is JW Cox and is a very evil man
running an abominable facility on American soil.

Daily Wire Article Marty Gottesfeld Article Toxic Water Hunger Strike and Communications

Free Marty Gottesfeld Resources

These are two active dockets where he explains a lot:

-) Click HERE for our first letter from Kevin Trudeau who is serving 10 years for contempt of court.
Kevin’s website is THE FACTS about his case are HERE. Several books including
the Authorized King James Bible have been ordered for Kevin Trudeau.

-) We will not forget Kevin “KC” Massey and the children of Satan who published an lying insane
propaganda video about him. It was reported that Kevin committed suicide with a 45 gunshot to the
head. Many do not believe that. Click HERE for his funeral website and slideshow photos.

If you have anything to add to this write-up, please contact Rudy Davis by phone 972-839-9848 or email

Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. or

Note: We encourage all questions on all prisoners. If you notice any mistakes on the
website, please let me know and we will work to correct.

Onward Christian Soldiers,

All Glory to Jesus Christ,
Rudy Davis