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1) This class of components is geared toward several goals, the major ones being the control of development and maintenance activities and the introduction of early managerial support actions that mainly prevent or minimize schedule and budget failures and their outcomes.This description about?

a. b. c. d.

Components of software quality management Components of standardization, certification, and SQA system assessment Pre-project component Component of software quality management

2) Which of the following is a SQA system component classes?

i. ii. iii. iv. v. a. b. c. d.

Pre-project quality components Project life cycle quality components Infrastructure error preventive and improvement components Software quality management components Standardization, certification and SQA assessment components i i, iii ii, iv, v All Above

3) Software maintenance services vary in range and are provided for extensive periods, often several years. These services divide into the following categories: i. ii. iii. iv. Corrective maintenance Adaptive maintenance Functionality improvement maintenance Software maintenance a. b. c. d. i i, iii ii, iv All Above

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Clarification of the customer’s requirements Review of the project’s schedule and resource requirement estimates Evaluation of the professional staff’s capacity to carry out the proposed project Evaluation of the customer’s capacity to fulfill his obligations Evaluation of development risks. b. i. iii d. c. An outside professional or company staff member who is not member of the proposal team iv. The members of the proposal team iii. d. ii. d.ii ii. Evaluation of the target market Evaluation of the development risks Evaluation of the weather during the software development Evaluation of the staff’s personal background 6) What should include in contract review activities? i. Schedules Page 2 of 15 . All Above 5) Which of these describe the activity of a contract review? a. b. iii. i i. ii. a. The leader or another member of the proposal team ii. ii c. i b.Question & Answer 4) Who will perfoms the contract review? i. c. i.iii All Above 7) Which of the main issues treated in the project development plan are? i. iv. A team of outside experts a. v.

iv All Above 8) Which is the purpose about pre-project component? i. etc. iii. d. c. Software reuse plans. v. i i. project schedule and resources requirement estimates iii. iii.Question & Answer ii.iii iii. d.ii ii. The development and quality plans have been correctly determined.clarification of customer requirement ii.evaluation development risks iv. iv All Above 9) What should be include in the activities of pre-project component? i. b. iv. d project proposal draft contract draft development and quality plans contract review i. vi.ii ii. Eliminate or at least reduce the rate of errors. i ii. Required manpower and hardware resources Risk evaluations Organizational issues: team members. the schedule and budget ii. b. c. iii. subcontractors and partnerships Project methodology. a.evaluation customer capacity (fulfill obligations) Page 3 of 15 . development tools. Applied mainly for functionality improving maintenance tasks. iii. ii. iii iii. The project commitments have been adequately defined considering the resources required.iv All Above 10) In term in contract review what the equivalent have been done inside of them? i. b. iv. a. c.based on the organization’s accumulated SQA experience a.

iii. i.iii c. iv. b. iii.ii. c. iii.iv i. d. i.iii iii.epressed in the appropriate measurable terms ii.iii. Team Members Subcontractor Partnership a.iii Page 4 of 15 . i. iv.Question & Answer a. c.iii i.iii b. d.test and other scheduled V&V a activities iv.ii. All Above 12) i. i.include manpower and software resources a. ii.iii ii.ii.ii.quality goals . What should involved in the issue project development? Schedule risk evaluation software reuse plan project methodology development tools a. b.iv All Above 11) Which of the issue required in issue project quality on pre-project component? i.iv d. iii.ii ii. ii.ii.criteria for starting and ending for staffing and ending project stage. ii.list of the review .iv What a suitable include in the organization issue? 13) i.

d. b.iv 14) A key concept of quality control is that all work products: a.developers and maintenance all of above 16) Which of these activities is not one of the activities recommended to be performed by an independent SQA group? a. prevention.appraisal and failure people. c.iv d. 17) Which of the following are objective for formal technical reviews? a. documentation c.ii. d. d. budget b. d. c. review and audits Page 5 of 15 . prepare SQA plan for the project review software engineering activities to verify process compliance report any evidence of noncompliance to senior management serve as the sole test team for any software produced. c. are delivered on time and under budget have complete documentation have measureable specifications for process outputs are throughly tested before delivery to the customer 15) Quality costs may be divided into costs associated with a. i.ii. allow senior staff members to correct errors assess programmer productivity determining who introduced an error into a program uncover error in software work products. i. ii. b. 18) Which of the following is not asection in the standard for SQA plans recommended by IEEE? a.iii c.iii. b.Question & Answer b. b. c.process and product customers.

Component of standardization. Reviews Expert opinions iii.ii.Question & Answer d.iv Page 6 of 15 .iii. Operation-maintenance stages c. Development life cycle stages b. b. test 19) This specification is about? Detect design and programming component divide by three • Review • • Expert opinions Software testing a.certification and SQA system assessment 20) Which of the following is to deals with assuring the quality of project parts performed by subcontractors and other external participants during project development and maintenance? a. Component of software quality management d. 21) Pre-project component Components of infrastructure error prevention and improvement Components of project life cycle activities assessment Components of standardization What should required in the Software project life cycle components? i. Software maintenance v. d. Assurance of the quality of the subcontractors’ work and the customer supplied parts a. Software testing iv. c. ii. i.

b. i. • An additional Design Review is required and scheduled to take • Page 7 of 15 .iii iii. d.ii ii. c. b. two three four five 24)Which of the following is not true statement except? i. ii. c. d. • Approval to proceed to the next development phase after all the action items have been completed and inspected by the committee’s representative. operation–maintenance stage is one of the project life cycle ii. d. iii.ii.Question & Answer b.ii ii. All Above 22) In term of review of software project life cycle component. iv. a.what is the printed product should be include? i.ii. ii.iii 25) Which of the statement is relation on the box? Immediate approval of the Design Review document and continuation to the next development phase. iv. c. b. i.iii.iv i. design reports software test document software installation plan software manual i. iii.iv c.iv 23) How many type of reviews software project life cycle component? a.iii iii. formal design reviews not include in in review a.iii. Several SQA components enter the software development project life cycle at different points. A variety of documents include on the design phase of development process.iv i.iii d.ii.

which of the statement is true? i) The output is a list of detected faults and. Formal professional approval of their quality as stipulated in the development contract and demanded by the procedures applied by the software developer This is a what we can consider when a design review committee sits in order to decide upon the continuation of the work completed The committees are composed of senior professionals. including the project leader and. a. b. the chief software engineer. iii.iii iii. and heads of other related departments. ii) usually voluntarily and viewed as a supplement to the regular workload. b. usually. All Above ii. “reciprocity considerations frequently enter. the department manager. The majority of participants hold professional and administrative ranks higher than the project leader.also a defect summary and statistics to be used as a database for reviewing and improving development methods. d. people provide professional assistance to colleagues people that contribute the idea people that come out with the proposal project people that involved in certain part of the project 27)Sinonim for Peer reviews? a. c.Question & Answer i. d. b. Focus on the box.ii. Page 8 of 15 .iv i. iv. d. ii. c. for inspections. c. inspections and walkthroughs inspections walkthroughs evaluation 28) Detect as many design and programming faults as possible.iii 26)Who can make a evaluation for peer view? a.

ii ii. b. ii. a coded printout of a software module.iii Page 9 of 15 .ii. c. and the like. c.ii.carried out after correction of previous test findings. iii.Question & Answer iii) are directed at reviewing short documents.iv i. iv.iv 31)What is the purpose Corrective maintenance ? i. i.usually termed for “regression tests” vi.iii iii. chapters or parts of a report.ii. All Above ii.iii iii. d.iii. User’s support services correction of software code documentation failures Not All Above a. b) To generate the relevant idea c) To make powerful project d) To avoid overload of the error implementation error 30)What is the meaning for Recurrent tests in term of software testing? v. b.iii 29)What is the purpose for expert opinions? a) support quality assessment efforts by introducing additional external capabilities into the organization’s in-house development process.iv i.results are obtained viii.include block and white block testing ix. b. are continued till satisfactory vii. i. d.iii ii. iv) Statement inside the box about the main objective for peer reviews a.Software testing programs are constructed from a variety of tests a.

iii. software.iii iii. Most of the SQA controls applied to external participants are defined in the contracts signed between the relevant parties.iv i. i. staff and training supplied by the customer. d. Functionality improvement maintenance 33)What is the important thing that will considered of Assurance of the quality of the external participant’s work? i.iv 32)Which of the type of software maintenance component is equivalent for this following statement? • • Adaptation of current software to new circumstances and customers without changing the basic software product. iv. iii.ii. These adaptations are usually required when the hardware system or its components undergo modification (additions or changes). special software assurance efforts are required to establish effective controls over the external participant’s work. a.iv i. ii. Adaptive maintenance c. Subcontractors and customers frequently join the directly contracted developers (the “supplier”) in carrying out software development projects. b.Question & Answer c. Special SQA efforts are needed to assure the quality of the hardware. ii. d.iii.iii. c.ii. Incorrective maintenance d.iv 34) Which of them is the statement about Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement? i. Corrective maintenance b.iii ii. a. These components are devised to serve a wide range of projects and software maintenance services.ii. Templates and checklists is one of the component of components for error prevention and improvement infrastructure Page 10 of 15 .

Quality management standards Project process standards Quality standard Project standard a. a. i.iii.iii 37) Which of them is include in standard? i. handson experience acquired. ii. Project progress control Software quality matrics Software quality costs Software quality devices 36) What is main objective of component of standardization. i.Question & Answer iii. d. b. b.iii i. Improvement of coordination of the organizational quality systems with other organizations iii. iv. Utilization of international professional knowledge ii. c. iv i. c. Procedures are planned to be generally applicable and to serve the entire organization iv. iv i. ii b.iii 35) Managerial SQA components support the managerial control development projects and maintenance services.iii i.ii. d.ii ii. not All Above a.iv c) iv d) i.ii ii.ii.iii Page 11 of 15 . iii. Assessment of the achievements of quality systems according to a common scale. c.certification and SQA system assessment? i. b. iv. d. Continuously updating staff with respect to professional developments and the in house.ii. The following are the control components except: a.

d. Quality goals.Question & Answer 38)What is the Organizing for SQA? a. Criteria for starting and ending each project stage Page 12 of 15 .ii. b.iii i. iv i. iv i. To initiate and support the implementation of SQA components ii. Suggest improvements iv.iv 40) What is the main objective of Organizing for SQA? i. The SQA unit iv. The human components The company components The system components The human and system components 39)What is the attribute for Organizing for SQA? i.iii 41) What is the main issues treated in the project’s quality plan are? i. b. Quality plans have been correctly determined a. c.iii. d.iii i. expressed in the appropriate measurable terms ii. Managers ii. b.ii ii. And practitioners interested in software quality a.ii ii. Testing personnel iii.ii. d. c. Detect deviations from SQA procedures and methodology iii. c.

Lists of reviews.iii All Above 42) Project progress control activities focus on? i.Question & Answer iii. tests. i and ii b. i and iii c. i. All of the above Page 13 of 15 . b. i and iii c. i. Resource usage ii. iv. ii and iii d.Risk management activities iv. ii.ii. All of the above 43)Management Software Quality Assurance components include : i. ii and iii d. iii. and other scheduled verification and validation activities iv.iii ii.The budget a.ii i. i and ii b. i. d. Maintaince a. Schedules iii. c. Software testing a. Project progress control Software quality metrics Software quality costs.

should meet all kinds of quality requirements c. iii and iv c. Maintenance quality control c. together with the improvement of productivity b. 47) Documentation control activities requirements are as follows: i. planned and approved according to development procedures d.Question & Answer 44) What are the goals of Software Quality Assurance infrastructure? a. functionality requirements b. Configuration management d. budget limitations 46) Which one of the following is not a managerial control SQA component : a. the lowering of software fault rates. Maintenance service control b. scheduling requirements c. ii. ii and iii d. All of the above Page 14 of 15 . Definition of review and approval processes for each controlled document iv. at least. prevention of software faults or. document identification methods iii. Definition of the archive storage methods a. Specification of the formats. 45) Software maintenance services should meet all kinds of quality requirements except: a. Maintenance quality metrics d. i and ii b. Maintenance quality costs. Definition of the types of controlled documents needed ii. All tests have to be designed. i. the completed software system can be delivered and installed.

The extent of software reuse in new projects. The degree of staff experience with project c. The professional qualifications Page 15 of 15 .Question & Answer 48) All of the project and maintenance service considerations are true except: a. The level of software complexity and difficulty. b. d.

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