Greeting to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ Beloved children Of God, I am very glad to meet you through this magazine. I believe that through out this year Lord will bless you and your family. Lord is always read to help this people. Jesus is always with as, so no need to worry. Be happy, Rejoice, god almighty is with as. While I was waiting at the feet of the lord with fasting and praying. Lord gave me wonderful word from bible, that is I cor .10:26, “for earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of “ we may mediated fullness and its blessings. 1. Fullness of earth: When we read the first chapter of the bible lord created everything then god made Adom and Eve. Beloved child of God, let me tell you before lord called you the arranged all things for you. Already God has setup everything that you mean. Give thanks to almighty god because he made everything for you. When we think about Abraham our fore – father gen 24:35 says. Lord has greatly blessed Abraham, so that Abraham has become rich and he has given him flocks and herds and silver and gold, and servants and maids, and camels and donkeys. How he received everything?. Only one world that is Abraham’s obedience. Because of his obedience he received everything from God (Gen 12:1). When god called Abraham lord says “Come out from your country, and your relatives, and your fathers

Fullness in family life. love your wives just as Christ also love the church Sarah b God 3. drive out the demons. fear God. He healed the sick. 4th to friends and Relatives. the fear of the lord is . One who called you for his ministry is faithfully. He will Strengthen you. forgiven everyone forget everything. 4. Fullness in your ministries Beloved minister of God.1 there will the Blessing prove and life for ever. are you tide? Are you cheated by anyone? Are you sicic don’t be discourage our lord Jesse will empower you. do his ministry with power. Bear one another’s Burdens. First place to God 2nd pouse and children. We have to make an order in our family. Don’t fear. 3rd to parents. God will lead you in a good path. as to the lord. If we change this order problem will arise. feed thousands. Let us look Jesus “” Abraham heard the voice of God and obeyed his commandment. He did everything perfidy. Lord will give more fruits and many Souls. Husbands. praise always pray to God. Wives be subject to your own husbands. If God is head of our family will become small heaven because God Builds the house ps 127. But the word of God Says. so don’t change. Fullness in wisdom Now a days people are seeking doctors and medicine to increase there knowledge. so Lord blessed him. love the brot her hood. 2. Submit your self’s for the lords sake every human institution. Lord is Author of your ministry. honour all ment.

People come to him and found the wisdom of God is upon him. Because they received wonderful wisdom. Solomon never goes after the people to receive the wisdom. May God will give fullness in everything’s. If you receive the heavenly wisdom you will shine like stars Joseph.the beginning of the wisdom (pro15:33) had almighty gave wisdom unto Solomon (1 icings 3 :9. But all over the world. prayer to God for his wisdom. Daniel were lifted by God. Give thanks to Gad may God Bless you. So my beloved brothers and sisters.10) he Judge the people a cording to the word of God. God will give you. .

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