Present Address:- 631/27 kamat faizabad road Lucknow -226016 E-mail: Personal Phone:+91-9792003938/9415466650

OBJECTIVE Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. WORK EXPERIENCE:

Working with Sapient Telecommunication Pvt.Ltd. as Surveillance Engineer since Aug 2008, till present.

RESPONSIBILITIES ● Providing BSS SUPPORT to all UPEAST Field Engineers ● Co-ordination with FM Engineers and Technicians for all BSS related issues, of the same ● By providing point to point support between BSS ENGINEER . ● Maintenance of Ericsson BTS 2000 Family ● Fault Listing and their rectification of TRX, Time Slots, and CF ● To Co-ordinate with all the Team members for Site outage control and make the Quality work & Preventive Maintenance for all the critical sites on priority. ● Dispatching of Work Order’s from NOC to the concerned Field Engineers and TM’s. ● Maintaining Major Incidence (MIN) reports. ● Managing escalations related to External Alarms & Outage and taking reasons from field engineers in case of Outage & TM’s in case of Major Incidence. ● TRU, DRU, RRU Addition/Removal Activity From BSS end. ● Coordinating with team of WFM. ● Working on Software: WINFIOL, OSS CITRIX & CLICK SCHEDULE
Strengths :
 Ability to work under pressure, concentration, good communication skills, inquisitive to learn more things on my own, getting along with everyone, open to feed back and flexible.

Vocational Training:
One Month summer training in B.S.N.L., Alambagh, Lucknow (in III year) (EWSD Exchange )

P.Relevant Computer Skills:Programming Languages C. Net surfing.C++. I confess that I will do my job sincerely. Database Operating Systems worked with Professional Qualification :Board or University NIM. Windows 98. if I will get a chance to serve. 2000. Board Level MBA / PGDM B. Board U. Technical University U. Date: (Surjeet Verma) . Tech (Electronics & Communication) Intermediate High School Year (Pursuing) June 2008 June 2003 June 2001 Division ---First (65%) First (66%) First (71%) Personal Details : Father’s Name Gender Date of Birth Nationality Language known Hobbies Declaration : : : : : : : Mr. Kamlesh Verma Male 07 April1985 Indian English & Hindi Making Friends. XP. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.P. PL/SQL Oracle 8i.P. Pune U.

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