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Naturlich / Theres no cant do!

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Larix, one of the most important Romanian furniture manufacturers located in Reghin, has build in the last few years 2B, an 8 furniture and decorations stores network, operated as shops-in-shops within Ambient DIY chain. 2B product offering included both furniture produced by Larix as well as products from other international and local manufacturers. Practicing rather a sales-oriented policy, 2B failed in building its brand equity and as a result ended up to be perceived as Ambient furniture showroom. As a result, 2Bs commercial activity depended solely on Ambient traffic generated by means of DIYs network communication efforts. As competition marketing and advertising activities intesified, Larix management team decided to reposition 2B into a retail brand meant to become relevant for potential customers in search of home furnishing and decorating solutions.

The branding project started with a complex auditing process (of both the brand and the category), followed by a series of strategy exploration workshops which revealed the purchasing habits, the consumer expectations, the positioning and the communication tactics of the competitors, but most of all, a series of competitive advantages specific to the 2B stores. The advantages to play a very important role in the development of the new brand were: the stocking system, the quality control and the home delivery processes, doubled by a high level empathy and familiarity of the shop-assisting services offered to the prospect customers. 1/3

Being equaly important for a retail brand development, the branding solution was build based on these three coordinates: products quality, diversity and availability, supporting services effectivenes and pleasant shopping experience.

The brand idea was a natural conclusion of the three business arguments and so the new brand gets rid of the word no from the conversations with customers and prospects. The brand positioning the German store having a Romanian soul conveys the perfect sinergy between the German-like products and services quality and shop assistants availability and assertivness. The brand name came as a natural solution Naturlich - bringing together both coordinates, expressed by the German fonetics on the one side and the brand idea, on the other side (naturlich meaning of course, sure). The slogan furniture und decorations has the role of highlighting the category while supporting the brand wordmark across all its manifestations.

Anca Tzloanu Brand Consultant

Naturlich is the perfect answer to a series of issues that are usually brought about by the need to furnish and decorate ones home. The enthusiasm and the availability of the shop assiting personnel, the surprise and enchantment of the clients are all to be found in the symbol of the brand, which combines the brand name initial letter with the exclamation mark in a strong and compact symbol.

The chromatic decision was based on the fact that yellow has the highest level of visibility in the retail environments, especially when accompanied by grey, a neutral color, highlighting it even more. Furthermore, the conviviality, the familiarity and the closeness conveyed by yellow was meant to facilitate the brand personality expresion across its visual manifestations.

Ovidiu Pop Senior Brand Designer

Follow up
Subsequent to Naturlich re-branding program, BrandTailors was commisioned by Larix management team to contribute to further brand development process. Thus, BrandTailors consultants and designers created a brand communication strategy meant to set the brand foundation by means of a first advertising campaign announcing the big openning of a store in Cluj-Napoca, the location to start the new brand identity implementation process. The second step was a tactical communication campaign to advertise the wide product variety available in Naturlich stores; this attribute doubled by the availability of a large colours and sizes range was emotionally translated into an important consumer benefit - uniqueness of ones home decoration.

Having a wide product range to choose from, Naturlichs client stands out by a unique style of home furnishing and decorating. This is the main idea of the second communication campaign, whose creative executions are designed to consolidate brands rhetorics and visual language.

Andreea Florea Brand Consultant 2/3

Naturlichs communication concept is the dialogue, as a brand communication mechanism the executions being exclusively based on a series of questions that have an unique answer: the brand name. Apart from announcing the store opening in Cluj, the two communication campaigns played a vital role in setting the brands foundation.

At a preliminary contact with Naturlich, the customer is undoubtedly exposed to the brands vision on the category and the way Naturlichs representatives regard customers desires and demands. This becomes more visible as the launching campaign was followed by a product campaign, carring a significantly increased brand foundation component.

The communication manner being used had a double advantage, being versatile by adressing any kind of questions while ensuring brands coherence at the same time. Moreover, the recall potential of the questionanswer mechanism is likely to turn the brands name into an urban conversational folklore element.

Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist

Brand audit - Anca Tzloanu, Andreea Florea Brand strategy - Beatrice Dani, Anca Tzloanu, Andreea Florea Brand communication - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Dani, Janos Kurko, Ovidiu Pop Verbal identity and rhetoric - Beatrice Dani Account planning - Beatrice Dani Creative concept - Beatrice Dani Visual identity - Ovidiu Pop, Beatrice Dani Project management - Andreea Florea, Ionu Militaru
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