Academy of the Magi - Mankind's Destiny: Ascension!

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Home Star Chamber Our Constellation The Wizard Phaeron Academy of the Magi 2009 Initiations Magickal Lodge Practitioner and Lightworker Services DNA Activation Projects Consultations Biblios Communication Angelic Encounters A Message to the GLBT The first group of 16 classes is intended for anyone. They are classes about Magick, Spirituality, Cosmology, and Psychic Development. They have been designed to give the Seeker an accurate overview of the areas of study that a serious student would need to understand are the foundation for classes in these subjects that would be pursued by an Initiate who has achieved the Level of Adept. Upon the completion of these classes the Seeker will be fully prepared to approach the Initiation into the ranks of Adepts. This awesome first step into the Great Work of the Ages must be approached with clarity of purpose and intention. The Aspirant must accept the reality that this Initiation is in some aspects a death. It is the death of the Seeker in order that the Neophyte Adept may be born. It is recommended as strongly as possible; that any Aspirant to this Initiation be given a DNA Activation and allowed sufficient time for the Activation to be integrated. There are of course some few individuals who will approach the gates of Initiation with their Etheric Body already and/or naturally empowered. These individuals are the exceptions, but the Teacher, Guide, or Preceptor must be prepared to facilitate such worthy beings. To request the Class Description for the 16 classes in the Curriculum of Classes for Seekers, please contact us at the following link: Classes for Initiated Adepts: The Adept curriculum builds upon the Initiation and the pre-Initiation classes that the Neophyte has just completed. This next corpus of Instruction is intended to become increasingly more and more experiential. The substance of Lore to be imparted is also meant to become more theoretical and formal. The supposition is that; by having accepted the Initiation into the Grade of Adept the individual has truly made a commitment to on going daily Ritual work, further increasingly difficult study, and a role of servant to the Hierarchy and to Humanity. We offer classes, workshops, and seminars in the curriculum of the Initiatory Path of the MysterySchool. Our Coursework includes classes which are preparatory for Initiation as Adept, Teacher, and Guide. Beyond the Coursework necessary for these Sacred Initiations, we offer classes in the Western Mystery Tradition, based in the Hermetic Heritage. These advanced courses are designed to enhance and enrich the Mystery School Coursework to prepare the candidate to become a Master in his own right and enter the Sacred Conclave of the Council of the Wise.There are five divisions of Coursework in the Academy of the Magi. This Coursework consists of: Classes for Seekers:

Classes in the Initiatory Path The Faculty of Ascension House consists of Initiated Adepts, Teachers, Guides and Master Teachers in the Lineage of King Solomon through the SpiritualMysterySchool. Our Founder; the Wizard Phaeron (Rev. Albert Anderson) is a member of the Maitreya Council of the 3rd. RayMysterySchool; anchoring the Ray of Raphael.

A Constellation of Souls in Ascension


the path to Master Teacher and the Path to Guide. This is our fulfillment and our ultimate goal. “A bad poet or bad musician is but a reproach to his particular art. take ye the wisdom. Since the pattern diverts into two distinct modus at this point. Contact the Wizard Phaeron at (347) 294. this will be our reward. as ye will. Council of the Wise: Beyond these classes and programs the Individual Aspirants will be encouraged to become what Michael Polanyi described as “Members of a Hueristic Society of Explorers”. In the course of completing the Practicum the Adept increasingly received Tutelage and Patronage from the Hierarchy of Light and his personal Guides. while we participate in the unfolding of wisdom and the continuing reception of those things that are being handed down to us. It was Dr. but are built upon those in first corpus. These classes are intended to provide the Adept with a set of Magickal Tools and a comprehensive understanding of the Major veins of Magickal Thought. “Go.DECEMBER the preceding instruction and Initiation. Master are ye of your destiny. there is a Practicum which is required in order to integrate the content of the Lectures.Mankind's Destiny: Ascension! Page 2 of 2 The lessons in this curriculum for Initiated Adepts are more advanced. 2008 To register or request the Class Description of the 42 classes which constitute the Curriculum of Classes for Initiated Adepts. please contact us via the following link: ClassForAdepts@AscensionHouse. The Guide will need to possess teaching skills as well but must also be focused on the roles of Priest(ess) of the Light. Entering Into Mastery: There is a framework of Developmental Process suggested for accomplishing the stated goals of becoming Master Teacher or the Other Master Grade of Guide. ADEPT INITIATION .Academy of the Magi .html 3/01/2010 . free to take or reject at will. In the process of giving them support our Faculty relies both upon their personal experiences and the Tutelage of their Patrons and Guides through Channeling and Divination. Our Faculty is fully committed to the development and growth of the Neophyte Masters. and Healer. A charlatan or an impostor Magician. or Mentor to other Seekers and Adepts. imperils the whole world. http://ascensionhouse. There are a total of 42 “Units of Study” in the Curriculum for Initiated Adepts. So be it decreed. the nature of the required accomplishments are similar but not identical. It would be most difficult for almost anyone to benefit from these classes without 0415 or MasterPhaeron@AscensionHouse. That collegial relationship eschews swollen egos and provides the potential for our community in service to grow and flourish. they responded. The next Initiatory stage in the Adepts development is the Teacher Initiation. F. Shine as a light among the children of men. as they were with the Neophyte Adepts. casting a heavy veil of the translucent light of the spirit which it was his principal duty to bring to the sons of men. Take ye the power. Upon completion of this curriculum the Adept is versed in a sufficient number of diverse techniques and philosophies to be able to make a clear decision about his contribution to the Great Work and also to be sensitized to his Divine Mission.” When Thoth the Atlantean spoke his supplication to the Masters of the Halls of Amenti. thousands of years ago. however. Yet it must be clearly noted that the actual design for a regimen or curriculum for these Aspirants to higher office and service must be determined by the Aspirant’s connection to the Hierarchy and their (the Masters and Ascended Entities) “handing down”. Both must also develop a close alignment and tutelage from the Hierarchy in order to perform their tasks as Mediators for the Hierarchy. Israel Regardie who said. Please give your support for Ascension House. The Master Teacher will need to specialize in the skills of teaching and mentoring other Developmental Classes for Teachers: The next level of instruction will be both an apprenticeship and a guided Independent Study. Further study will be intended to prepare the Adept to go further into service as a Teacher. We should stress Classicism and Tradition. Consistent scholarship and ongoing research will empower us all and give us a continually expanding syllabus. These are classified as “Units of Study” because.” This will be our destiny. and his name soon perishes from the memory of his people. in addition to the Lectures which are central to each of these units.

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