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Guess Question Paper – 2011

Class – X
Subject – Science

1. Define reproduction.
2. Name the processes involved in sexual reproduction.
3. Define asexual reproduction.
4. Where are testes found in human male?
5. Why is the temperature of scrotal sac 2 c less than the body temperature?
6. Name two agencies of pollination.
7. Define regeneration.
8. Name two sexually transmitted disease.
9. Name the male gamete in animals.
10. Where does fertilization take place in females?
11. Name surgical methods for prevention of pregnancy.
12. What is tissue culture?
13. Why is DNA copying an essential part of the process of reproduction
14. Name the male and female gonads.What product do they produce?
15. Define(a) fertilization(b) menstrual cycle(c) puberty (d) ovulation (d) menarche (e)
16. What is the normal reproductive life in human female?
17. What are oral contraceptives?
18. List function of ovaries in human female.
19. Differentiate between pollination and fertilization.
20. Differentiate between binary and multiple fission.
21. Differentiate between menarche and menopause.
22. Explain the role of placenta.
23. Write the full form of IUCD. Name any one IUCD and describe its function.
24. Why cannot fertilization take place in flowers if pollination does not occur?
25. Why does menstruation occur?
26. Why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some types of plants?
27. What are the difference between ovum and sperm?
28. What is the significance of sexual mode of reproduction?
29. What is the name given to removal of unwanted pregnancy?
30. Describe male and female reproductive system in humans.
31. What are the advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?
32. Describe the process of fragmentation with example.
33. What criteria and precaution should be taken into consideration while selecting
scion and stock?
34. Describe the process of spore formation with example.
35. Name the outermost covering of testis.

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36. Name two human body parts which can be regenerate.

37. Why is number of sperms produced always more than the number of eggs
38. What are the advantages of tissue culture?
39. What are the functions of sex harmones?
40. What change does the male sex harmone testosterone bring about?
41. What is the difference between fission and fragmentation?
42. What are the functions of flower?
43. Name the male and female reproductive part of flower.
44. What are the different parts of stamen and pistil?
45. How does the fertilization in plant take place?

FOR SOLUTION CONTACT :- Shekhar 1.What is the colour change when

you add blue litmus to sour substances?

2.Name two synthetic indicators.

3.Which acid is present in lemon juice?

4.Baking soda solution can be used as a remedy for which type of ailments?

5.What is meant by neutralization?

6.Name two natural indicators.

7.What is the colour of methyl orange in acidic solution?

8.What is meant by dilution?

9.What is a universal indicator?

10.On what factors does the strength of a base depend?

11.Give example of common antacid.

12.Write the chemical name & formula of bleaching powder.

13.Name the compound used for removing hardness of water.

14.Which gas is released when an acid reacts with a metal?

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15.What are the salts of sulphuric acid called?

16.What is difference between washing soda and soda ash?

17.Give one point difference between an alkali and a base.

18.Name the natural source of acetic acid.

19.When metal carbonates react with acids which gas is produced?

20.What do all acids and bases have in common?

21.Give one example of strong acid and weak acid.

22.What is the chemical name of hardest substance in our body?

23.What is dead burnt plaster ?

24.What is milkiness due to when carbon dioxide gas is passed through lime water?

25.What are olfactory indicators ?

26.On what factors does the strength of an acid depend?

27.What happens when metal oxides react with acids?

28.Nmae four families of salts.

29.What happens when sodium hydrogen carbonate is heated?

30.What is the pH range between which our body works?

31.Why is sulphuric acid called king of chemicals?

32.What are anhydrous and hydrated salts? Explain with examples.

33.What is the diiference between a strong base and weak base? Give two example of

34.What is deliquescent salt? Give example.

35.Why is tartaric acid added into baking soda to get baking powder?

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36.With the help of chemical equation explain how a soda acid fire extinguisher helps
in putting out fire.

37.A tarnished copper vessel begins to shine when rubbed with lemon. Why?

38.How is plaster of paris different chemically different from gypsum?How may they
be interconverted?

39.What is efflorescence? Give example.

40.Write any three chemical prorerties of acids.

41.What happens when chlorine is passed through slaked lime?

42.Define monobasic, dibasic and tribasic acids.

43Define an acid in terms of ions.

44.What is the role of water in litmus test of an acid?

45.Define base in terms of ions.

46.Differentiate between acids and bases.

Paper Sumitted By:

Name: shekhar saini

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