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Managing Director
A managing director is a position that is found in the UK and some other English speaking countries. However, the job duties
are similar to the chief executive of companies in other countries. This is a position that requires a lot of hard work and a fair
amount of time in order to get to. Therefore, the role of managing director is one that is very important in business.

What Is It? underneath the managing director.

A managing director is the chief When the managing director is designing, developing, and
executive of a business. The position is implementing these strategies, he or she must do so in the
called managing director in the United most cost effective way for the company. They must figure
Kingdom and in a few other English out how to best spend and save the company’s money, and
speaking countries. The title means then be sure that each thing they do continues to allow for the
several things. First of all, it reflects company to save money.
that the person is the senior manager.
Also, it reflects that the person is a member of the board of Other Duties
directors. These two things put together create the role of
managing director, and also create the job duties that come In general, the managing director is also in charge of the
with this position. day to day running of the company. This means that they
oversee the managers and the workers, and make sure that
There are other types of managing directors as well. In each person is doing what they need to be doing to fulfill
some investment banks, as well as in other types of financial their own job duties. They managing director will mostly be in
institutions, a managing director is not the chief executive. It charge of the managers, who are then in charge of the various
is the head of the major business unit. employees. Also, a managing director is responsible for
developing a business plan for the organization or company,
When the managing director is actually the chief executive– and for their long term future. This is a lengthy process and
sometimes called the CO or CEO in other countries, they are is one that is going to be constantly revised by the managing
in charge of public limited companies, as well as charities, and director.
executive agencies. Managing director is used more often at
subsidiary companies. Accountable To

Job Duties The managing director has many responsibilities, but is also
going to be accountable for his or her work. The managing
There are several main job duties that the managing director director is accountable to the board, which means that they
will have. First of all, their main job duty is to work on the have to explain to other board members what they have been
strategic plan for the company that he or she is managing doing and why these are the best decisions for the company.
director of. This requires three main steps. First of all, they They are also going to be responsible to the shareholders of
must design strategic plans. This means that the managing the company. This means that they will need to explain what
director is part of the brainstorming process, as well a part they have been doing to the people who hold stock in the
of the design process. Secondly, they must be in charge of company. The board is the group that gives the managing
developing the strategies that have been designed. This might director the authority to actually be running the company.
require working in order to create the strategies, and making
sure that they work the right way for the company. Lastly, the Work Environment
managing director is in charge of implementing the strategies.
This often requires the help of workers who have been working The managing director is one of the highest ranking positions,

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The most jobs— anywhere

100K Career Feature

but they are working closely with the board of directors. These because part of your job will require you to motivate the
are other directors, like the sales director, finance director, IT staff and the other people you are working with. You will also
director, technical director, marketing director, and board motivate as well as mentor members of the team in charge of
chairman. In order to do their jobs successful and completely, management, and take care of the chair meetings.
a managing director has to work with all of the other directors
on the board in order to insure that the company runs In fact, your most important job as managing director is
smoothly. All of the board members are accountable to each simply to manage everything. You will need to be in charge of
other, which also helps the company run correctly. the staff, the budget, and the customers, as well as the assets
of the company and the other resources that the company
Qualities might have. It is going to be the managing director’s job
to increase the profits of the company and make sure that
There are several main qualities that you will need for a everything is done in the most economical way possible. The
position as a managing director. First of all, you must be role of a managing director is one that takes lots of work and
organized and responsible. This is a leadership role so you lots of previous experience.
must be a good leader. Also, you need to be a motivator,

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