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Far Eastern University


Minsa’y Isang Gamu-

(Reaction Paper and Ethical Principles)

Submitted by:
Cauilan, Eldwin
Cueto, Desiree
De castro, Francis John
De jesus, flor anne
Del Rosario, jose
Deseo, charmaigne
Dorado, czaybeeh
(A Reaction Paper and Ethical Principles)

This movie showed patriotism and nationalism to one’s country. It was about a
girl who resided near a military US base and dreamt to work and live abroad for the
purpose of giving wealth and good life to her family. Because of this ambition, she
ignored the abuses and gross injustices of the Americans to the Filipinos. But when his
brother was killed by the American, she decided not to go abroad and fight for justice of
what had happened to his brother.

This movie showed and described the special relationship of Philippines to

America. It was then portrayed how dependent the Filipinos to the Americans. With that
reason, this movie should be PG-13 because this served as an eye opener for many
Filipinos to be aware and awaken on every situation that happened. It explained how
Filipinos were treated by the Americans during that particular Era.

With regards to the focus of the film, it was about the struggles of the Filipinos to
the Americans. Each character in the movie have their own roles and different stories in
life. This movie also showed criticism to the Americans during that time because one
character of the movie had driven his thought about nationalism and love for country.

On other aspects, in terms of editing this movie, it was not that special since it
was not very experimental yet, simple. The transitions were typical like cuts and
dissolve, and also the sound effects were limited. But the tag lines were the best
because it was remembered until today, “my brother is not a pig”.

On the latter part, the ending itself, the movie was cut. The director didn’t show if
the main character will help the American or not. The decision was left on the viewers,
thinking what will happen on the scene.
As ethics need to be applied, the main character of the movie might help
the American on the accident. As a nurse, it is her duty to serve humanity with no buts
and no lies. It is also a nurse’s duty not to have personal reason in terms of helping.
Helping other people and delivering care to other people wholeheartedly is a nurse’s
passion. It is a profession which is timeless and a profession which entails human
dignity and sacrifice to serve the society.

The ethical issue in this story was racial discrimination. The moral principle is
the” If you’re willing to participate in an act no injustice is done to you” because in the
story the mother of bonifacio is cooperating with the guard in the military when the
guard is cheking her bag but the military guard did injustice to her because she tried to
undress the mother of bonifacio and get his panty and made fun of it. The mother of
bonifacio was cooperating but there is injustice done to her. In the last scene when
there was an American who is hurt. I think Corazon will help him because as a moral
principle and as a nurse you should care for the sick regardless of its nationality and
socio economic status. And because of the Golden rule “Do unto others what you want
others to do unto you”. If Corazon will do good in helping the American maybe the
American will do good to the Filipino. And there will be peace and order in the country.

Overall, the movie was great! It reminded us that we should always love our
country as well as our fellowmen.