The Leadership Clinic an event which is hosted by Guardians of the Nation Intern ational is a gathering of young professionals around Abuja who have a desire to see change and transformation in our country Nigeria. At this gathering they net work, interact and are taught core leadership values and principles that will im prove their leadership capacities and enhance the quality of their lives in what ever sphere. The Leadership Clinic which held on the 20th of February 2011 was indeed a thoug h provoking session which highlighted the power of innovation in giving leadersh ip an edge. Mr Linus Okorie, The Leadership doctor as he is referred to on the p latform of the Leadership Clinic meeting and the Leadership Clinic radio broadca st programme was on ground to do justice to the theme of the month- innovation. He delivered his talk on the topic; Innovation: The edge of leadership for econo mic boom. He highlighted how innovation which is doing things in a unique and be tter way can give one an edge in any pursuit of life, be it in leadership, doing business or just rendering a service. The talk was packed with several nuggets of wisdom, motivation and practical illustrations and principles on how to achie ve high level results in every endeavour. The young minds present at the Leaders hip clinic were from different walks of life and they received the prescriptions with humility and a visible readiness to take corresponding actions. The session was inclusive of an interactive period of questions and answers, a p eriod of leadership testimonies where people present were asked to express some real life moments where they applied good leadership principles and got favourab le results. There was also a joint responsibility contribution from the particip ants present to support the continuity of the Leadership Clinic which is also a practice of communal responsibility that is vital for nation building. The Leadership Clinic came to an end at about 7pm as scheduled having started by 5pm prompt a result of the strict adherence to the leadership principle of prom ptness and value for time. At the end of the meeting, the youths present have made a resolve to take action in their various spheres of influence to do things differently to achieve bette r results for themselves and for the nation and also to invite their friends and colleagues to partake in the next Leadership Clinic so that the effect of the t eachings can be experienced by more people for the betterment of our nation.

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