Environmental Report: CHEM 3350 (10%) Conditions: - 2 students should participate in one environmental report -Deadline for submission

is Wednesday, week 13. - The report should cover the issue under literature investigation. - No plagiarism is allowed. - Use word format with font 12, line spacing 1.5. - Titles should be in Bold, subtitles should be italics, and further subtitles should be underlined. - The structure of the report should contain: Title, contents, Introduction,……, conclusion. -References should be not less than 15 (10 are books or papers that can be traced back) + Internet resources. References should follow the same format. Referencing a book: Baird C., Cann M., Environmental Chemistry, 3rd Edition, W. H. Freeman, New York, 2005. Referncing a paper: El-Shafey E. I. “Removal of Se(IV) from an aqueous solution on a modified peanut shell sorbent” Journal of Environmental management 84(4) 2007, 620-627. Referencing a paper from a conference: El-Shafey, E. I., P. F. M. M. Correia, J. M. R. Carvalho, "A novel approach for tannery waste treatment: leaching, filtration and metal recovery (a pilot plant study)", proceedings of WCCE7 (7 th. World Congress of Chemical Engineering, 2005, Glasgow, Scotland, P31-O18, Article no. 84311, pp1-10. Note: feel free to choose any of the following subjects. If you are happy to do your report in another subject which is not available in the list but is related to environmental chemistry or pollution, there is no problem at all. Just inform me before you start. Dr Said


Arsenic pollution and Bangladesh poisoning 14.Impact of plastic pollution 8.Ozone hole and Montreal Protocol 3. 2.Environmental impact of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in the aquatic environment.Cigarette impact on human health 19.Toxicity of silver 13.Itai-Itai disease 12.Waste disposal in Landfills and its environmental impact 10.Acid rain 7.Project list: 1.Chernobyl disaster 17.Endocrine disruptors 2 .Photochemical smog 5.Kyoto treaty 22.Ozone: the good and the bad 20. 16.Impact of global warming on Earth future 23.Particle pollution and its impact 6.Global warming 21.Environmental impact of silver in the aquatic environment.Pollution by petroleum refineries 18.Minamata disease 11.Aluminum Tioxicity 9.Green chemistry for pollution prevention.Chloroflurocarbons and its impact on ozone destruction 4. 15.

Acid Mine drainage 42.Purification of drinking water 31.Impact of salination on cultivated lands near the cost of Oman 27.Dioxins and its impact on human health.24.Hurricane Gono: cause and impact 28.Global warming and coral reef 40.Impact of pesticides on the environment 29.Environmental impact of nanotechnology 36.Melamine toxicity in powder milk in China 33.Environmental impact of heavy metals 37.Environmental impact of using hypochlorite in bleaching the clothes 34.Global warming and biological balance 39.Gender Bender Chemicals 43.Environmental impact of polyaromatic hydrocarbons 35. 30.Food preservatives and its environmental impact 32.The Love canal disaster 41.Impact of oil spill in the sea and remediation options 38.The Bhobal disaster in India 3 .Impact of Hospital wastewater in the environment 25.Desalination 26.

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