Ford Focus Suppliers Add Jobs to Support Global Launch

major suppliers to the new ford focus are adding more than 5,500 jobs at facilities in north america, europe and asia. there are 310 suppliers in 22 countries making parts for the new focus. eighty percent of the parts and components for the focus are common around the world. Below are examples of major ford suppliers that are expanding or maintaining operations to supply key components to support the focus launch:


fuel tank

visteoN corP.

instrument panels, consoles, door panel parts and hot-end emissions control components

climate, electronics, interior and lighting components

robert bosch llc

control units, fuel rail assemblies, high pressure pumps, sensors, throttle body assemblies, fuel delivery modules, engine cooling modules, alternators, front and rear wiper systems, airbag control devices, multi-functional displays, and dc/dc converters

JohNsoN coNtrols

seat systems and instrument clusters

GetraG ForD traNsmissioNs

PowerShift transmission


cold-end emission control systems, resonators, underbody converters, catalysts, diesel particulate filters, shock absorbers


trW automotive

electric power-assisted steering

lear corP. PistoN automotive


brake components, engine control parts, cameras, sensors, access control systems, tires, hoses

wiring, body control modules, terminals and connectors

cooling module assemblies


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