September 17th, 2106 to: [names redacted] from: Lt. Col. Ernesta Trägel - CinC Confederation Military Police – Terra City, S. Australia Use the following chart to identify and categorize any Extra-Human persons in your jurisdiction. All such persons not currently residing at Union Tower in the borough of Queens are to be reported to ConFedMilPol through any and all available channels. Do not report them to the local Black Bands or Civilian Guard, or to the Extra-HUman LED; report to ConFedMilPol only.

ExH Power Categories Description Flight (ExH-Fl) Possible manipulation of gravity fields allows for levitation and movement

Type I (weak) Limited levitation. Requires uncommon concentration and effort. Little to no horizontal movement abilities.

Type II (common) Unlimited levitation and horizontal movement at slow to medium speeds. Requires concentration and effort, can be extremely tiring or even debilitating after a while. Injuries heal very rapidly, almost instantly. Recovery from lethal and permanent injury is possible, and lifespan extended. Uncommon strength

Type III (strong) Unlimited, effortless levitation and horizontal movement. Very fast speeds. Tends to be unstable.

Exceptions Maniuplation of gravity fields allows remote movement of objects (mimics telekenesis) / forced gravity waves

Healing (ExH-He)

Heightened metabolism Most injuries heal themselves induces rapid healing of injuries much faster than normal. Does not apply to permanent or lethal injury.

All injuries heal almost instantly, and the aging process is significantly retarded to the point of prolonging the lifespan by centuries. Miraculous strength

Specific healing of certain areas of the body

Strength (ExH-St)

Above-average strength. Related to healing. The ability to see the future. Cause unknown.

Extra strength in all muscles

Strength in a specific muscle; great speed

Prescience (ExH-Pr)

Uncommon luck or danger impulses. Little to no actual visions.

Constant glimpses of Constant general and Views of the past many possible futures for specific knowledge of specific people. Requires possible and likely futures. line-of-sight. Fire dousing

Firestarting (ExH-Fi)

The ability to start fires with no Limited and inconsistent ability Consistent ability to start Can start large fires with source of fuel. Cause unknown. small fires. little effort.

Matter Manipulation (ExH-Ma)

The ability to manipulate Can generate a low-level force Can cause one object to Can create very strong force None known briefly change into fields, can transmute matter, move it around, and field, or cause objects to another, can create larger objects for long periods of make it take on different forms change states fields time or permanently Weak powers often go undetected. Type I ExH were rarely inducted into the Union. There were exceptions Type III powers of some to most powers, or Type II powers were sort were required for entry other applications of the common at Union Tower. into the LED. same power


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