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Save Wild Life Save Nature TABLE OF CONTENTS Save Wildlife Save Nature Introduction of Project Types of Animal y y Livestock Wildlife Who Comes Under Wild Life (Actors in Wild Life) y Existing Wildlife in Pakistan What Is Wrong? (Threats) y y y Population Growth Irrigated Agriculture Hunting: y y Trimming hunting Meet hunting y Deforestation y Illegal smuggling and trade of wild life Marketing Campaign (Promotion) y y y y Print media Television channels Radio broadcasting Seminars What should we do for save wild Animals y y y y Institutional measures Stop smuggling and trading of wild animals Awareness provided by education system and also with media Planting more trees to save wildlife Conclusion Appendix Research & References Mohammad Ali Jinnah University  a e2 .

While the term in popular culture usually refers to animals that are untouched by human factors. most scientists agree that wildlife around the world is impacted by human activities . So Government need to identify and arrest these gr oups involved in timber mafia. One thing identified by a bio researcher is about timber mafia strategy where timber mafia firstly kills all species in a jungle and after that cut all the t rees and then go away so people of that area who rely on tourism for their living. plains.Save Wild Life Save Nature SAVE WILDLIFE SAVE NATURE Environment is the best part of nature and wildlife increase s the beauty of nature. Deserts. There are thousands different kinds of animals on this earth and most of them live in forests so forest play a vital role in the beauty of nature because animals want to live in open air with freedom so that they can evolve naturally. and other areas including the most developed urban sites. rain forests. like someone have hotel someone use vehicles for transportation and some are guid es. they all become unemployed and badly influenced by terrorist groups. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems. good tourism and hence less unemployment in that area and increased forests. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University  a e3 . all have distinct forms of wildlife. a one step solution towards safer wildlife.

). In Pakistan there is no concept of saving wildlife. horse. if people see any dangerous kind of animal like Leopard they kill him on the spot because there is normally no ban or restrictions operative t o stop these types of killings. y y Livestock Wild life Live Stock Live stock means those animals which are used in riding. Wild Life Wild life means those animals which are beautiful and some are harmful for human being but increase the beauty of nature. Due to lack of unawareness people don¶t know importance of wild life they hunt animal just for fun and they also kill the environment because wild life increase s the beauty of environment and nature so in this project our aim is to change the behaviour of people about wild life and our motive is.) and secondly to fulfil need of meet and milk in human life (e. It also means life of animals which they want to live in their own natural way easily and it is possible when they live in freedom in their natural habitat. There are two types of animals in this world. cows. Hence we can say that it is the lack of management from our relative departments of wildlife and forest and lack of governing laws in this area and they are responsible f or these. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University  a e4 . Nature is so beautiful and a lot of things are involved to increase the beauty of nature in which environment plays vital role and after that animals which are useful or harmful both are involved to increase the beauty of nature . camels goats.Save Wild Life Save Nature Introduction of Project The project which is given to us is to run behaviour change campaign to save wild life in Pakistan.g. ³SAVE WILDLIFE SAVE NATURE´ Introduction of Wild Life The life is a segment of a network supported by other segments like wild life . etc.g. chickens. etc. loading and unloading from one place to another place (e. In wild life every kind of animals come which is not in just the live stock. donkey. camel.

black bear. chakor. The Tibetan wild ass and the blue sheep populations have been reduced drastically. markhor. Karakorum and Hindu Kush Ranges are rich in fauna and flora.Save Wild Life Save Nature Who Comes Under Wild Life (ACTORS IN WILD LIFE) Major actors which are involved in wildlife are hereunder. kaleej and cheer) live in the lower elevations. Himalayan ibex. Amongst these the snow leopard. tragopan and monal pheasants. musk deer. Some of the main wildlife species are the snow leopard. marmots. hence. The snow partridge and snow cock reside at higher elevations. sub -alpine scrub and temperate forests. musk deer. and the brown bear are endangered. and is included in the IUCN Red Data Book. several species of flying squirrels. common leopard. The cheer pheasant is reported to be extinct from within Pakistan's boundaries. These areas provide an excellent habitat for wildlife in the form of alpine grazing lands. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University  a e5 . wolf. Marco Polo's sheep. The areas are difficult for human beings to access. but has now been relocated to Indus Kohistan. most wildlife is present in reasonable numbers though some are endangered for other reasons. otter. red fox. The Rhesus monkey. common languor. lynx. shapu. These habitats support a variety of wild anim als. bharal. musk deer (over a limited area). the black and the brown bears. although its numbers are low . y y y y y y LIONS BEARS DEERS LEOPARD MONKEY & etc. BIRDS (Parrots and Sparrows) Existing Wildlife in Pakistan: The mountainous areas embracing the Himalayan. partridge and pheasants (koklass. Marco Polo's sheep. goral. as compared to other parts of the country. The western horned tragopa n was reported to have disappeared from within Pakistani territory. a variety of cats.

Hunting: There are two types of hunting which are . Both have been identified as endangered ecosystems. More specific threats to biodiversity are posed by deforestation (estimated at 1% annually). which are fast disappearing Riverine forests were rich in a wide variety of plants such as obhan. As a result. and agricultural practices. while the development models followed. but if they require water diversions at times when irrigation demands are high and water supplies are short. the real status of most species remains unknown. and gray and black partridges. Mangrove forests are particularly important habitats for certain fish species as noted earlier. and if they disappear they take with them a unique association of species. meet hunting and fishing. Due to increase in population land becomes shorter and shorter. Some of the major threats posed by human activities are discussed below: Population Growth: The principal threat to biodiversit y comes from the increased pressure on natural resources produced by high population growth and demands for increased standards of living. deer. So animals killed by people especially from that area where people live near forest Irrigated Agriculture: It is another major threat to both the Riverine and mangrove forests of Pakistan. However. it is estimated that at least 12% of the flor a is threatened and several of the faunal species are threatened too. soil erosion. in most instances. jungle cat. overgrazing. fishing cat. and animals like hog.Save Wild Life Save Nature What is Wrong? (Threads) Threats to Biodiversity. the chances of being able to maintain them are low. y y Trimming hunting Meet hunting Mohammad Ali Jinnah University a e6 ! . Marginal changes in water releases at certain times are critical to the preservation of riverine habitats. The process of economic development itself widens inequality and may force the poor to depend heavily on natural reso urces. it might possible to accommodate them. have been incompatible with the sustainable use of natural resources.

The main threats to the population of w ild animals in the northern mountainous regions include. jackals. because these countries use this as their food. Wild animals have been hunted to extinction from hunting pressure. burning. an ever -present threat in Pakistan. More significant is the relentless. and excessive grazing by domestic animals . Another example is of tortoise which is smuggled to other countries. to make beautiful things with their body . Various lizards and snakes are hunted for their skins. Illegal Smuggling and Trade of W ild Life Illegal trade of wild life such as beautiful species of Lizard (classified as endangered species) is smuggled to other countries in Asia like China. Strict implementation of laws is needed to restrict people from engaging in such activities.fakhar told us that he arrested four containers from Quetta and three from Islamabad full of tortoise and their team gave these containers to government. So between these two types of hunting meet hunting is very dangerous because hunters just hunt for getting meet and for making leather. however. which in turn has led to an increase in the number o f rats. particularly the large cats. the competition with domestic livestock for existing natural forage.. the development of small agricultural plots among the trees. The increase in the numbers of wild boars. It was the recreation of the Mughals emperors and is still extremely popular today. etc. Philippines. and the cleared areas. During conducting an interview Mr. and porcupines. The loss of birds of prey has led to an increase in undesirable bird species. the construction of roads. is directly attributable to the elimination of their predators. Distributing the natural order has other more subtle consequences. and tapping.Save Wild Life Save Nature Trimming hunting is useful for those animals who are not able to increase productivity in their species in short we can say that older animals hunted by hunter is called trimming hunting. through their droppings. increasing human interference in the form of cultivation. which in turn can le ssen the ability to resist water erosion. Japan. as are crocodiles and the larger mammals. and hunting. for example. incrementa l incursions into the forest by subsistence farmers. A greater number of wild boars have led to the trampling and uprooting of gropes and a reduction in the numbers of snakes. or even the roost tree itself. Pressure stem from commercial logging (though this is not extensive). The closed canopy for est in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan is reported to be shrinking at approximately 1% per year. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University #" a e7 . responsible for post -harvest losses of grain . Deforestation A greater threat to wildlife than hunting. And having more birds can destroy undergrowth. Hunting has deep roots in Pakistani culture. the killing of trees through lopping. is probably the disappearance of habitat or the competition with domestic grazing animals.

in a day. Waseem Qureshi who is station manager of this radio station told us cost of a commercial so we seen if we give a commercial in their radio for a minute then cos t of a commercial is 150 rupees per minute and it is up to us that how many time we want to run. So with the help of radio broadcasting we target our rural area people and give them awareness and tell them importance of wild life and its importance and behave them just like behave other human being .3. 3. we contact a radio station named sunrise fm 95 and Mr. If we give commercial Some estimate conducted by radio broadcasting to give awareness among the people to save wild life in Pakistan in which.000/.000 for 30 minutes.per hour and 5000 for 30 minutes if we sponsor only one program but if we sponsor chain of programs once in a week then we bear cost of Rs. Target audience Our above 67% of the population live in rural areas and most of villages even don¶t have facility of electricity so there is radio br oadcasting is the best source to bring them up to date.000 pr hour and Rs. 2.Save Wild Life Save Nature Marketing Campaign (Promotion) Wild life is very good for environment and we want to change behaviour of the people to and tell them how to save wild life . in a week or in a month . In order to do so we are conducting some campaigns with the help of the following mass communication media .10.6. We multiply cost of one commercial with numbers of commercial playing during a program. y y y y Radio broadcasting Print media Television channels Seminars Why we choose these channels to run our campaign because of this is our social issue we change behaviour people of our country not specific areas or specific regions so these source are very effective for our campaign . Mohammad Ali Jinnah University %$ a e8 . If we sponsor program If we sponsor a program then fm charge Rs. Cost Getting by Radio Broadcasting 1.

100. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University '& a e9 . In Pakistan.178. The people who don¶t know even read they bitterly inspire form commercials so majority of people may inspire with help of television Rs. Conducting Seminars We conduct seminars in our education institution like schools. Target people Print media play a vital role in society many educated people read news paper before going to offices so they easily feel importance of wild life in Pakistan and if they feel they tells to others including their children .with 10 x 2 column sizes of an advertisement and these expenses are for one day release of news paper (see appendix 1 at last).V in his house.000/. Daily µTHE NEWS¶. and Daily µEXPRESS¶ so in these national papers average cost of per release is Rs.V daily and they see commercials 84. every person has T. Seminars are the best way to compel to change public behaviour when we conduct a seminar we invite guest from the organization which is working for wild life and semin ar is for open public and in the seminar we tell them importance of wild animals and make effort to change the behaviour of people in friendly environment because if people realize and change their behaviour then our campaign is successful and after that w e just work on mind to mind advertisement which is very success.56. Cost conducted by Television Channels If we give commercial for a minute Cost is conducted by PTV and cost is based on hour system its means they charge rate base on time where maximum people are in front of television for example PTV charge 7:45pm to 9pm is approx Rs.V 4 -5 hours a day. 80% of our public sees T.900/.150 per minute named prime time sponsored charges (see appendix 2 at last) Target people Commercials are the best way to change the behaviour of people. So majority of our people see T.600/. colleges and universities . There are some commercials are 30 seconds and some are 1 minute.Save Wild Life Save Nature Cost Conducted By Print Media If we give an advertisement We are going to change the behaviour of people of whole Pakistan so if we start then we run it nationally so we contact with many famous news papers such as daily µJANG¶.

Radio and Newspaper should be used to make aware the people about the importance of wild life and how to save it to help preserve nature. This Committee drafted conservation legislation which was later adopted th rough various provincial acts and ordinances. and private game reserves.Save Wild Life Save Nature What Should We Do to Save Wild Life (Little Actions You Can Take to Help Animals) We should make some serious steps to promote and to give awareness to save wild life by taking these important steps. Awareness Provided by Education System and Also With Media Education systems and syllabus should be so amended to emphasise the importance and ways to save wild animals from the early years so that children understand the issue and develop their thinking from the start. The first piece of legislation to consider environment as a whole was the Environmental Protection Ordinance 1983. Institutional measures The first step towards legislation to protect biodiversity was introduced in 1968 with establishment of the Wildlife Enquiry Committee (WEC). Mohammad Ali Jinnah University 0 )( a e 0 . formulation and implementing wildlife policies at the federal and provincial levels. game reserves. These statutes provide for the creation and management of various categories of P. national parks. The National Conservation Strategy (NCS) marked a further shift away from simple regulation and protection measures towards a holistic view of environmental problems. wildlife sanctuaries.As. The NCCW has an advisory board and is responsible for coordinating. There should be deterrents to stop these illegal activities like heavy fines and heavy punishments and these should be applied to anyone caught doing this to enforce the laws and set example for others. Stop Smuggling and Trading of Wild Animals We should put proper measures to stop the smuggling and trading of wild animals. coordinating activities with international agencies and promoting conservation generally. Agriculture and Livestock. A national Council for Conservation of Wildlife (NCCW) was established in 1974 within the Ministry of Food. Proper border control and strict customs checking procedures are needed to reduce such activities across borders. Mass media like TV.

Large numbers of animals like tiger. gorilla. Planting more and more trees should be the motto of life in order to save the life of animals. peacock and many more wild animals are killing at a very fast rate. We cut trees for our own use without knowing their harmful effects for the future. It not only helps human beings to survive but also provides the animals to live a healthy and safe life.Save Wild Life Save Nature Planting More Trees to Save Wildlife The positive point of planting more and more trees is to reduce pollution. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University 33 2 1 a e . Thus they have to move from their places in order to get shelter for themselves . For large number of animals ³trees means home´. Today large number o f trees is cutting down which results in the deforestation. They usually live in the forests but we cut down the trees.

It is very good to see that some organizations are working hard on to protect and increase the number of wild animals in Pakistan such as BIORESOURCES RESEARCH CENTER. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University 6 54 a e 2 .Save Wild Life Save Nature Conclusion In our point of view wild life is a part of nature and its increase the beauty of nature we should save wild animals and it is not only duty of government to save them but we should play some role to save wild animal in Pakistan. it will increase the tourism and hence the economic activity. People are not fully aware of the importance of this beauty of nature . We took an initiative with help of media and all the sources which tried to raise awareness in people including education institutions if we save these species then we open new doors of deve lopment because if we save wild life and develop the viewing sites.

org/wiki/Wildlife_Conservation_Society Mohammad Ali Jinnah University 9 87 a e 3 .wildlifeofpakistan.htm http://news.asp?id=51806 http://en.Save Wild Life Save Nature References & Research Report resources 01231171045

Save Wild Life Save Nature Appendix ESTIMATED COST IN News papers (Appendix 1) ESTIMATED COST IN PTV (Appendix 2) INTERVIEW CONDUCTING FROM Bio resources Research Centre (Appendix 3) Cost conducted by radio broadcasting FM95 (appendix 4) Mohammad Ali Jinnah University B A@ a e 4 .

1 10 x 2column size JANG NEWS F phone number 051-5962444 Express news head quarter (Karachi) 021 -35800051 Marketing manager 0300 -2005955 Wild Life Save Nature APPENDIX .19.600 G Rs.600 H Estimated cost if we ive an ad in all akistan. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University E DC IH IH a e 5 .800 Estimated cost if we ive an ad on main pa e in Islamabad edition only.56.000 Rs.jan .15.aspx Per print cost Main a e Week days (in all akistan) I H News a e Rs.000 Rs.84.htm Per print cost JANG Week days Sunday special G THE NEWS Rs.

755 National Network 8.600 16.365 4.905 10.570 8.685 10. Surcharges After news heading in Khabarnama 400% of the rates Time spot during prime time drama/plays 300% of the rates Time spot before khabarnama Spot before/after a specified Programme 300% of the rates 200% of the rates Mohammad Ali Jinnah University QP a e 16 .065 5.120 Quetta Centre 370 680 1.495 15. side displays.Save Wild Life Save Nature APPENDIXX NO 2 http://ptv.asp PTV Home Tariff Programmes Categories y y y y Category "A" Spot rates & Prime Time Sponsorship Charges Category "B" Non Prime Time Sponsorship charges General Information Terms And Conditions Category´ A´ Spot Rates And Prime Time Sponsorship charges Spot Rates Duration Of Spot 07::seconds 15::seconds 30::seconds 60::seconds y y Karachi Centre 3.150 per minute y y In addition to free station announcement Tariff for national network Branding charges during prime time would be Rs.100 12. 75.570 29.095 15.150 Peshawar Centre 615 1. other display material or position etc would be subject to Branding rates for backdrops.000/=per Programme.075 3.745 Lahore Centre 2.170 1.178.140 Islamabad centre 2.075 Single rates for single transmission Ordinary Spot Rates Prime Time Sponsorship Charges (7:45 PM to 9:00 PM) Rs.375 44.170 2.945 5.

transmission via satellite and live sport coverages. sponsor of special programmes.000 09 :00 PM to 09:30 PM Rs. side displays.000 5:00 PM to PM 6:00-------. etc would be subject to negotiation. In addition to free station announcements Regional language slot rates for the respective center No further discounts. the rates will be applied on the above time slot basis For sponsor who intend associate with a programme with commercial time of less than 60 seconds. would be applicable to sponsor of programmes in Programmes category ³B´.000 06 :00 PM to 07:00 PM Rs. 40. 132.500 Quetta These are the Rates for single transmission. All taxes/duties levied by the Federal Provincial Government including Gst shall be borne by the advertiser .000 Lahore Rs 15. The rate of bulk purchase discount on aggregation billing in a year applicable/admissible to advertising agencies is subject to notification.000 12:00 Midnight to 06:00 AM Rs. If any advertiser wishes to advertise for any duration of programme.000 10 :00 PM to 11:00 PM Rs.500 07 :00 PM to 07:45 PM Rs.000 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM Rs. 60. The advertising agency/advertiser will be responsible for obtaining clearance of copyright and pay any royalties involved or any other charges livable on material supplied for transmission.000 Karachi Rs 15. 20. then the rates of their sponsorships will be calculated on pro rata of 60 seconds sponsor ship rates for respective time slot Branding charges for back-drops.225 09 :30 PM to 10:00 PM Rs. because the material was faulty or was not cleared by censor.000 Peshawar Rs 2.000 Islamabad Rs 5.Save Wild Life Save Nature Category "B" Non Prime Time Sponsorship charges \ Time Slots Tariff National Network with 60 sec of commercial time 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM Rs.Regional language slot Rs 20. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University SR a e 17 . If due to any reason a fixed point spot has to be shifted . 60. 75. PTV reserves the right to charge for advertisement for which time was booked but not for utilized. at specially negotiated rates. General Information y y y y y y y pecially negotiated privileged position. in any form. other display material or positions. it will be treated as an ordinary spot and there will be no special surcharge on it. 100. Late payment surcharge at 15% will be chargeable on invoices not paid by the due date. 50.

shall refer to only a single product or service of a client. Changes in Rates and Condition PTV reserve the rights to change the rates and condition without prior notice. Payment y Payment is full is required in advance of transmission on a month to month basis. However PTV will allow advertisers 15 days form the date of announcement of change in rates and conditions to cancel or amend their contracts. PTV will not be responsible for damage to or loss of advertising material for any reason. After six weeks of suspension the contract will stand automatically cancelled. A commercial submitted for telecast must be accompanied by the certificate issued by the PTV censor board/STN censor board for commercial clearing it for telecast. Contracts can be made for a maximum period of 52 weeks and are valid only for the financial year (July-June) in which the contract is made. PTV reserves the right to discontinue. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University UT a e 18 . PTV reserve the rights to refuse. Sports contract for may be suspended at the advertiser¶s request provided at least two weeks notice is given by the advertiser. e. be levied on commercial material/instruction received late. A contract can not remain suspended for more than six weeks. Terms and Conditions Contracts y y y y The contracts are subject to the terms and condition printed on the back of the prescribed contract form ³Advertising on Television´ and briefly stated The copy and material prescribed for exhibition should confirm to PTV¶s standards and to all rules and regulations in force at the time A contract except in the case of sponsorship.Save Wild Life Save Nature y The advertising agency/advertiser concerned will indemnify PTV against all actions. Cancellation.g all spot scheduled to be transmitted in February should be paid for by January 31 positively. cancel or change timings of telecast of any programme without prior notice. Late fee may at PTV¶s discretion. y y Single Product Or Service Except in case of advertisement going with sponsored programmes a commercial spot should refer to only a single product or service. CD Mini DV should be submitted well before the transmission when transmission is due. except by those advertising agencies who are allowed credit for a specified period as the case may be. postpone. at any time. PTV reserves the right to adjust any payment against any dues of the agency/advertiser. to transmit an advertisement material without assigning any reason. y Delivery and Clearance Of Material The commercial material on DVD. Suspension y y y Contracts may be cancelled by advertiser by giving notice in writing not less than six weeks prior to the date form which cancellation is desired. claims and demands brought or made against PTV by reason of the transmission of any advertising material.

PTV-News Tariff Time Band 7.000 15.000 5.A) 9.000 7.000 20. CD Mini DV as per PTV¶s requirement with suitable sound tracks is required for advertisement.500 20.000 40.000 12.00 AM Rates (30 sec) 5.00 PM TO 10.000 20.500 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University WV a e 19 .000 40.00 AM TO 11.A) 11.000 40.00 PM (Hard core C.00 AM( Women Hour) 11.00 AM 08 AM TO 10 AM ( Morning Show) 10.000 20.000 15.Save Wild Life Save Nature Advertisement Material The commercial material DVD.000 10.00 PM 10.500 12.000 7.00 PM 3.500 3.00 PM TO 9.00 PM TO 11.30 PM TO 1 AM ( Late Night Show) 1 AM TO 7.00 PM ( Youth & Infotainment) 8.30 PM 6.500 10.30 PM TO 8.30 PM (News & C.00 PM TO 6.000 7.750 60 sec.00 AM TO 3. 10.00 AM TO 8.000 25.000 25.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University YX a e 20 . what sort of problems facing by wildlife and how we can change this behaviour and what solutions we provide them Q1) We ask him how wild life is impor tant for nature and environment. He answered in a sentence which is ³ The life is a segment of a network supported by other segment like wildlife´ Q2) Is there any protection for wild life? How many organizations who is working for wild life in Pakistan? He tells us ³there are 8 Government organizations. It shows that organization already works on wild life but these organizations are counting on finger tips.Save Wild Life Save Nature Appendix 3 We are conducting an interview of MR.FAKHAR-I-ABBAS who is manager of BIORESORCE RESERCH CENTER ISLAMABAD BRANCH PHONE NUMBER 051-2278044 051-2831321 Briefly explanation of an interview We make a questionnaire about the wild life of Pakistan that what behaviour is for wildlife in Pakistan. 122 Private organizations including BRC These organizations have worked approximately 1200 projects after 1980s He told us organization success in I-PEX of sindh who work on increasing population of snow leopard which is grow rapidly and specious of bear was going to finish in Pakistan so with I-PAX now there are 3 different specious of bears in Pakistan and I-PEX work on many other specious and now popul ation of different specious are 14000 in Pakistan.

So campaign failed because peoples pho ne on hotline and said ³ play one time more´ Mohammad Ali Jinnah University a` a e 21 . Animal conservation and animal research both are related to each other because animal conservation is basically research on specious of a wild and its not a small work so need an animal research is also include to fulfil the process of animal conservation . So they start campaign on 8 different television channels and they provide a hotline number for feedback during campaign 70% of feedback comes negative. He also tells us about a campaign which based on reduce element of bear beating . Seminars & exhibitions and distribute wild books to make interest of children.Save Wild Life Save Nature Q3) How ethical domesticating the wild animal is? Which place is better for their natural growth either in Jungle or in Zoo? And what is the concept of making zoos? Mr. Q4) what steps which we make to increase awareness about wildlife among the peoples? Mr. Fakher told us It is better for wild animal to live in forest instead of zoo because wild is growing naturally in an open environment There is a law by UNITED NATIONS (UNO) on all countries in the world (including Pakistan) is zoo are just make for the students and researchers who research on wild animal and animal biology and their secondary object is to entertain peoples and tell them how many and what types of animals are exist in t he world so he says ³In Pakistan there is no concept of research on animal we just make zoo just for entertain the people and make profit from zoo´ he also told that there is only 3 research papers come out on bio research on animal in a year. He tells us about research on animals which are unlike Pakistan exist on all developed countries y y y ANIMAL WELFARE ANIMAL CONSERVATION ANIMAL RESEARCH Animal welfare research base on individual wild life and its way of living and its habits. Fakhar told us that our big source to give awareness is our education system.

they are going against our religion because Islam says you should protect animals not impose on them so there are wrong act Secondly.fakhar takes another example to show us how timber mafia work and then go back He take an example of Myanmar (swat) which was tourist spot where tourist comes and enjoy beauty of nature in those area a jungle where bear was existed. There are two types of hunting y y Trimming hunting Meet hunting In trimming hunting. Timber mafia comes and kill all bears in jungle and cut all trees and get wood from these areas and go away Why timber mafia is strong? This timber mafia is supported by our corrupt politicians so nobody can re-act of their act Q7) What sort of action taken for those who use monkeys and bears for earning money? He says ³firstly. we hunt those animals who consume resources but not able to increase population so it is discriminative hunting In meet hunting. There are 750 bear masters in Pakistan and only 22 bear masters avail this opportunity and till now 17 of them run their business successfully Mohammad Ali Jinnah University cb a e 22 .Save Wild Life Save Nature Q5) What is hunting? How it effect on our Wild Animals? He replied. Government starts a campaign on bear masters government provide a shop and investment to run their business. hunter kill wild animal just for meet in which mostly deer come on their point of gun so this wrong and with this hunting our some wild specious comes near to finish He told us that Government should see and take some serious steps to reduce meet hunting Q6) Is timber mafia effect on wild animals? Mr.

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