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➤ The single most important asset in any firm is its people.

➤ At Artemis Consulting, our mission is to find the highest quality

candidates who will be transformational to your business.

➤ Passion for our work, dedication to our clients, respect for the
candidates, and unwavering persistence in our approach is what has built
our reputation as one of the best in the industry.
The competancy or
skill expected by a

Integrity: The quality

of being honest and
having strong moral

Loyalty: A strong
feeling of support or

➤ Every relationship and every assignment that Artemis Consulting

enters into is governed by the overarching ethical standards of
professionalism, integrity and loyalty.



Experience: Practical
wisdom gained from
what one has observed

emerging Understanding:
rates markets Knowledge of
or familiarity with a
particular field.

Diligence: Constant
& earnest effort to
accomplish what is

mbs/abs credit energy & undertaken.


structured investment prime private

products banking services equity
Within our practice
area of Global
Markets & Banking,
we have specialized
knowledge & a track
record of successful

search covering all
functions including:
Sales Professionals:
➤ Each of our senior consultants has over 20 years of combined Institutions
& Corporates
markets and search background experience. Traders:
Spot, Forwards,

understanding Cash, Derivatives

Asset and Liability
➤ This expertise along with our deep industry contacts allows us to
Research & Strategy:
understand your mandate and identify the best available candidates. Macro & Quantitative

diligence Sector Coverage

& M&A

➤ Our researchers are trained in the best investigative techniques.

We use a state-of-the-art database, all relevant source material and
cutting edge web-based tools.
Artemis Consulting helps you, our client, find the right
candidate for your business. To foster a successful relationship,
we make the following promises:

Limited Client List
We maintain an elite group of clients in order to minimize
conflict and provide each and every client with a broad
array of potential candidates.

Accurate Assessments
Accurate: Free
from error or defect;
precise; exact.

Honesty: Truthfulness,
sincerity, or frankness.

Symbiotic: Mutually
beneficial relationship
between two persons
or groups.

We honestly assess our capabilities to execute your

search and ensure we are the right firm for you.

3 Serious Business
We take our role as your representative in the market very
seriously. We make it our business to understand your
organization, its culture, the qualifications of the position
and your objectives for the search we are assigned.

4 Keeping You Informed

With detailed status reports and soft data gathered during
the search, you will be informed every step of the way.

5 Fair & Honest Negotiations

We will negotiate with the highest level of integrity and skill
in order to fairly represent both you and the candidate.

Follow Through
6 We remain in close contact with you and the candidate
until the very day they start and work hard to forge an
ongoing symbiotic relationship.
Lori Courtney, President and Senior Consultant

Lori started Artemis Consulting in January 2010. She began her career in the executive
search business in 2000 and has built a long track record of successful placements in
FX, Fixed Income, Emerging Markets, Commodities, Structured Products and Investment
Banking. Prior to a career in search, Lori spent 11 years on Wall Street first as an equity
derivatives trader for Timber Hill, then as a market-maker on the COMEX trading metals
options and finally as a commodity derivatives marketer for Banque Paribas. The competency or
skill expected by a
Kate Kelly, Senior Consultant
Kate has built her career in executive recruiting. As a search consultant her focus has Integrity: The quality
been in E-Commerce/Banks and Prime Brokerage Sales as well as FX trading roles of being honest and
having strong moral
for spot, options and forwards. Additionally Kate manages the research function for principles.
Artemis. Prior to her current role, Kate gained valuable experience working as a research
Loyalty: A strong
consultant and recruiter for a global recruiting firm and was the business manager for a feeling of support or
private equity company. allegiance.

Heather Fitzpatrick, Senior Consultant

Heather’s focus is on commodities with previous client experience within the energy and
metals & mining sectors. She has completed senior-level assignments for hedge funds,
private equity, investment banks, capital markets and asset management firms. Prior to
joining Artemis, Heather was President of her own search firm, Traber Fitz, Inc.

Debra Larsen, Senior Consultant

Debra began her recruiting career in 2005 and has developed an expertise in Economics,
Strategy and Quantitative Research across all sectors. She also has a successful history
of execution in FX, Rates and Emerging Markets trading and sales as well as Private
Equity. Prior to becoming a recruiting professional, Debra spent 15 years on Wall Street
in Foreign Exchange trading and marketing for banks including Danske, ABN Amro,
Commerzbank and AMEX Bank.

Phyllis Rhodes, Senior Consultant

Phyllis Rhodes has specialized in the recruitment of treasury markets professionals since
1994. She has successfully completed searches in FX and Emerging Markets Trad-
ing and Sales, as well as derivatives specialists, strategists and COO’s. She has made
placements in every major global money center and has taken the lead in the recruitment
of multi-member sales and trading teams. Phyllis is a former Director and Chief Currency
Trader for Merrill Lynch in New York and began her career in 1980 with the State Street
Bank and Trust Co. in Boston. In 1984 she joined the Royal Bank of Scotland as Trea-
surer and Manager of Currency and Eurodollar Trading for the New York branch.

Bridget Schulten, Senior Consultant

Bridget became a search consultant in 2002. Her primary areas of focus are sales and
trading mandates for Fixed Income, Emerging Markets, Commodities, FX, Credit and
Prime Services. She has also successfully placed candidates in the Investment Banking
sector. Prior to this, Bridget spent 12 years as a senior human resources professional for
a commodity trading firm and also worked as a recruiter for a top law firm.

➤ Head of EM Trading

➤ Senior Fixed Income Sales, Brazil

➤ Chief US Economist

➤ US Rates Economist

➤ Head of G10 FX Strategy, Europe

➤ Global Head of G10 FX Strategy

➤ Head of Repo Trading

➤ VP Level Repo Specials Trader

➤ Senior EM Credit Sales

➤ FX Prop Trader

➤ Head of FX Prime Brokerage Sales

➤ Bond Index Research Analyst

➤ VP Level Fixed Income Muni Sales

➤ VP Level MBS Sales