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Devotions with Leslie Ludy

My all in all
God is a God of romance. How tempting it is to look to early romance to fulfill the deepest longings and
desires of our hearts. But He desires to be our all in all. Don’t fall prey to the lie that Jesus Christ is not
enough to fulfill the longings of your heart. The most satisfying, spectacular divine romance with Jesus
awaits us if we simply allow Him to be everything to us.

Today I am. My amazing sister-in-law, Krissy, lived out her single years one day at a time. When
someone once asked her if she was called to singleness, her response was, “Today I am.” She didn’t worry
about the next ten years; she trusted God for the grace to live joyfully and contentedly for that day alone,
knowing that she would have everything she needed. I’ve encountered many radiant single young women
who are completely unconcerned with the disapproval and opinions of others. They aren’t worried what
other people think – their eyes are seeking only the applause of Heaven. And, like Christ, they approach
every circumstance in life with the knowledge that their Heavenly Father is handling the situation – their
role is not to manipulate or control. Their role is merely to yield themselves fully to Him. And they have
found great joy in this abandoned life – so much so that they truly embrace singleness as a gift. I’m not
talking about an arrogant feministic “I don’t need a man in my life” kind of attitude. And I’m not talking
about losing all desire for marriage and family. I’m simply talking about a joyful yielding to Jesus Christ,
trusting in His perfect timing, and building your life and focus around Him rather than the pursuit of

A Christ-consumed heart. The set-apart women I admire most all had one very important thing in
common; they were passionately, ardently, fervently in love with Jesus Christ. They put Jesus Christ above
pleasure, riches, comforts, family, friends, and worldly applause. And they put Jesus Christ far above guys.
Jesus Christ – not guys – must always remain the center of our existence. When we have a Christ-consumed
heart, guys no longer dominate our thinking, our actions, and our decisions. Rather, the Lover of our soul
captivates us so completely that every guy we meet clearly sees that Jesus is, and always will be, the number
one Prince of our heart. A truly godly man longs for a woman with a Christ-consumed heart.

A Christ-focused romance. Over the years I’ve seen many young Christians attempt to build a God-
honoring relationship without a vibrant walk with Christ backing it up. Every time, it falls apart. Without
an active, daily, living, breathing, passionate relationship with Christ, it’s nothing more than human wisdom
and human effort attempting to reach the heights of Heavenly romance. Without the power of Christ’s
Spirit, it simply can’t be done. When I think about the early days of my love story with Eric, I don’t just
remember the wonder of falling in love and the beauty of discovering Eric’s heart. Rather, I vividly
remember falling in love with Jesus Christ and basking in the beauty of a romance with Him – a romance
that was enhanced, not diminished, by my love story with Eric. Keeping Christ at the center was the reason
our relationship was beautiful and successful. When Christ, rather than human emotion, is the centerpiece of
a relationship, there is beauty far beyond any fairy tale.

Answering the call. God’s sacred intent for us goes far beyond just saving sex until marriage, wearing one-
piece swimsuits instead of skimpy string bikinis, or idolizing Christian bands instead of secular ones. It is
not just making sure we tack on some Christian morality to our self-indulgent lives. His sacred intent for
you and for me is nothing short of absolute abandonment to Jesus Christ, entire separation from the
pollution of the world, and ardent worship of our King with every breath we take. We were created to shine
with heavenly beauty, to radiate with Christ-like feminine loveliness, and to sparkle with the lily-white
purity of our Prince. We were created to be set-apart for Him. He can transform you into a radiant,
victorious, world-changing set-apart young woman. All you must do is come to him with a heart fully