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a request for eight syllable fragments

Are we getting paid to do this?
Bow to your lord Jason Alder
Bugger me, it's Hiawatha!
But - we only just became friends
But I don’t like the number eight
Do I really have to Matthew?
Donald Trump is a fucking twat
Eight syllables is not enough
Eight syllabubs are nice to eat ALLAN PAPA-DAFOE
Everything's a sentence: yes! signed. ANNA BROOME
Fifty years for eight syllables BEN KAYE
Fifty years in for this status BILL ROBERTS
Fifty years in prison for theft BREEZE AARON
For fuck's sake, syllabub my arse! CATHERINE KONTZ-VÄXBY
Happy Valentine's Day, dickhead CINDY BOS CARMICHAEL
Here’s an eight syllable sentence CLÍODNA SHANAHAN
Hey! I’m here all week. Try the veal DANIEL DERAKHSHAN
Hope you are very well my friend DENNIS BATHORY-KITSZ
I am glad Rush Limbaugh is dead DOMINIC VEALL
I am looking through a window The vocal line can be sung at any octave.
I am looking up a window EMMA SAMPSON
I am not paid enough to teach! Each bar contains eight notes and
GARY FISHER can be sung using the suggestions or
I can’t be bothered to do that HAROLD COWHERD
I do not think I will do that eight syllable fragments of your choosing.
I don't want to write that sentence JEREMY BINES
I just can’t stand rainbow fruit loops The marked lyrics are simply
JOANNE MATTERA one potential interpretation.
I refuse to participate JOHN AZIZ
I will do whatever I want JUD BERGERON
I will not be teaching this course You could use the same fragment for
KEITH HIGGINBOTHAM every single bar or freely mix
I'd really rather not, thank you KITTY CHEUNG
I'm now just replying in eights them up, preplanned or spontaneously.
I'm worried I won't be seen more LINDSAY JOHN GLENN
I've been drinking way too much scotch If the piece is repeated
MATTHEW LEE KNOWLES then the pianist
Just finished week seven, day one MICHAEL JOHN WOOKEY
Like this eight syllable sentence? should start to improvise
NIGEL RITCHIE for the second half; so if the
Matthew is a fine pianist PAT LANGFORD
Motherfucker motherfucker piece is played ten times, the first five
PAUL BEAUDOIN times will be as written, the final five
Motherlover, sort your own shizz PHILLIP RAYMOND GOODMAN
No no no no no no no. No. times should be a pianistic exploration.
Oh God - why are you asking me? ROB HASKINS
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! ROBERT REID ALLAN
Oh no that was only seven RUPERT CHEEK
Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way STEPHEN PETTITT
Ok, eight is enough for now. STUART MACRAE
So, I write this comment here SUSANNA EASTBURN
Sorry, I can't come up with one TRISTAN JAKOB-HOFF
Sorry, but that's impossible WILLIAM APM
Suck my big fat cock and balls, please WILLS MORGAN
The universe can suck my dick ZACHARY BOS
"The hole alone, the whole world ends.
Periods of blood spots sentenced.
Sick panic looks back on the strange.
Matter deranged mostly absent."
"The world goes away but something
remains, in the tired mist, of
my brain, grey matter sick, inflamed,
nasty vomit, of doughnuts glazed."
The world makes a fool of us all
They were unexpectedly glad...
Two times two times two equals eight
Uh, why not just write a haiku?
V. GOOD don't give up the day job
Write an eight syllable sentence
Happy Valentine's Day, Dickhead
voice and piano
music by Matthew Lee Knowles
February 2021
q = c. 100

Mo ther fuc ker mo ther fuc ker, the u ni verse can suck my dick, I'm wor ried I won't be seen more,

fif ty years in for this sta tus, are we get ting paid to do this? oh God why are you as king me?

3 3 3 3

oh, I'm sor ry you feel that way, no no no no no no no. No. I will do what e ver I want, the world makes a fool of us all,

3 3 3 3

3 3

so, I write this com ment he re, no no no no no no no. No. I re fuse to par ti ci pate, mo ther lo ver, sort your own shizz.

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