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1. Timber Creek (22-3) 2. Paulsboro (22-1) 3. Haddonfield (28-2) 4. Pennsville (23-3) 5. Delsea (20-3) 6. Buena (18-6) 7. West Deptford (19-4) 8. Collingswood (19-9) 9. Camden Catholic (22-6) 10. Cherokee (20-5) 11. St. Augustine (15-8) 12. Clearview (19-6) 13. Northern Burlington (17-5) 14. Hammonton (22-6) 15. Bordentown (17-4) *Records through Thursday

Unbalanced districts could lead to new look in ’12
Buena, St.Augustine may be moving to 31


103 Tom Gattinella, St. Aug. 23-5 Jake Martin, Millville 21-8 Jesse Swope, Delsea 17-5 Sal Marandino, Buena 15-15 112 John Hennelly, Delsea 27-1 Connor Palmieri, Buena 23-11 119 Billy Ward, Buena 33-2 Newt Richardson, Schalick 27-4 Ed Donohue, St. Augustine 15-12 Dan DeTetta, Vineland 16-10 125 Joe Esposito, St. Augustine 29-4 William Elliott, Cumberland 28-1 130 Matt Hennelly, Delsea 26-0 Rian Lamanteer, Cumberland2212 Daireck Hatton, Millville 11-12 135 Curt Delia, Delsea 32-4 Dillan Berghof, Buena 31-4 Nick Quiles, Millville 20-6 Cruz Flores, Cumberland 21-14 140 Ricky Azeglio, Delsea 28-8 Joe Devone, St. Augustine 26-7 Richard Morris, Cumberland23-10 145 Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea 29-7 Justin Pierotti, Buena 27-9 Devon Fennimore, Vineland 18-8 Tyler Sentman, St. Augustine2210 John Scavelli, Delsea 13-8 Rico Rivera, Millville 10-9 152 Ed Shockley, Millville 22-7 James Bennett, St. Augustine2012 Zack Rahl, Schalick 22-12 Mike Jacobs, Delsea 14-13 160 Adam Schroeder, St. Augustine255 Rob Elliott, Cumberland 25-3 Robert Keener, Delsea 12-10 Qwantrelle Merrill, Buena 15-15 171 Sergio Cortes, Buena 15-13 189 Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea 28-4 Eric Hensel, Buena 32-3 Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland 21-5 215 Nick Pustizzi, Schalick 26-6 Noah Repko, Buena 25-9 Chris Johnson, Millville 20-8 Tre Porch, Delsea 16-7 HWT A. Baumgardner, St. Aug. 22-2 Steven Paul, Cumberland 25-6 Jeremy Wilson, Millville 22-7 Emad Ziyahdeh, Buena 22-9 Sean Redden, Delsea 17-12 *Wrestlers must have a .500 record and a minimum of 18 matches, based on reported results through Thursday.

ast year, the hot rumor was several Shore Conference teams had the desire to join District 32 and Region 8, but it turned out to be just talk. This year, there’s another conversation brewing about local district realignment, but this time there might be some hard facts that could lead to more than speculation. District 32, with the addition of Cedar Creek, which completed its inaugural season this winter, has 12 teams — the most of any district in the state. District 31 has just patrick nine teams. BUGANSKI District 31 had just three preliminary round matches and Friday night’s quarterfinals were finished just after 8 p.m. At Absegami, District 32 had 40 preliminary matches and wrestling didn’t conclude Friday until 11:15 p.m. “I can see (the NJSIAA) looking to do something,” Delsea athletic director and District 31 site director Steve Iles said. The NJSIAA looks at the districts every five years to see if any changes should be made. The last review was two seasons ago. How-

Staff photo/Charles J. Olson

Buena Regional’s Jarrett Kelly (top) wrestles Kingsway’s Ryan Graham earlier this season. Buena and Kingsway grapplers could meet in districts if the Chiefs move to District 31 next season.

ever, according to NJSIAA executive director Steve Timko, schools can petition to have the districts re-evaluated and changes can be made outside of the five-year schedule. “Especially with a new school (Cedar Creek), maybe it needs to be reviewed,” Timko said. “Balance is important. If you were to ask me, off the top of my head, I would say (the districts) could be changed.” District 31 had two schools, Bridgeton and Sacred Heart, drop their programs without having a new school introduced. Iles said one of the reasons why a change wasn’t made before this year with

the addition of Cedar Creek was because of the uncertainly of the programs at Atlantic City and Holy Spirit. Both of those schools have faced budget issues and suffered with low numbers of wrestlers in the past. The first school mentioned in the conversation about switching is Buena, which hosted District 31 until Delsea took the tournament over in 1999. Buena athletic director Dave Albertson and coach Doug Castellari said they wouldPatrick Buganski covers high n’t push the issue but would welcome change if it were deemed school wrestling for The Daily Journal. Contact him at (856) 563-5255 or necessary. “We feel comfortable at Dis- trict 32,” Castellari said. “Obvi-

ously, you just go with the change — if they tell us to go, we’ll go. (But) I like District 32. I like Absegami’s gym, I just feel comfortable there. I know Delsea runs a great district, I just don’t like switching.” However, Castellari did say he thinks a move is eminent. “I thought we were going there last year,” Castellari said. Albertson believes more than geographic factors — Buena is just nine miles from Delsea but more than 30 miles from Absegami — need to be considered. “Competitiveness is No. 1,” Albertson said. “That’s what we would look at.” The other school in the re-districting conversation is St. Augustine, which is about five miles farther from Delsea than Buena. Buena and St. Augustine, both traditionally strong programs, would certainly raise the level of competition if one or both were to move to District 31. However, a transfer would likely leave a weakened District 32, which would be a negative toward the redistricting. Castellari pointed out one quick remedy to the over-crowding at District 32 would be to add a third mat of action (similar to Region 8). Either way, a change is likely on the horizon for districts as early as next year.

Buena Regional High School’s Dillan Berghof is in the midst of a fantastic sophomore season. The 135-pounder notched a couple of upsets during the regular season, which eventually earned him the top seed at Region 8. He, along with fellow sophomore Billy Ward, helped lead the Chiefs to an impressive season that was capped with a trip to the Group II South final. He recently spoke with The Daily Journal about his career, his season and a few things from off the mats. QUESTION: You came into high school with a lot of expectations, how do you deal with the pressure? ANSWER: I think last year, not too good. I came in, I didn’t wrestle to my (potential). I thought as the freshman I was the underdog. I guess I was kind of scared of the older guys. But finally I was wrestling and practicing hard and started doing what I’m capable of. Q: Between Delsea’s Curt Delia and Washington Township’s Chalie Huff, which was a bigger win for you? A: Curt Delia definitely for the rankings, but I really liked beating Chalie Huff because he beat me two times last year. Q: You and Billy Ward have very similar stories and careers, what’s your relationship like? A: Me and Billy are really close actually. We hang out a lot, he’s probably one of my closest friends. We practice together, we push each other.

■ North Hunterdon left Saturday’s District 17 tournament with a heartwrenching six-point loss to host Hunterdon Central. On Tuesday, after a scoring error was reversed, the Lions celebrated their first team title since 1996. A computer error was being blamed for the scoring miscalculation, which was corrected by the NJSIAA on Tuesday. With the correct scoring, North Hunterdon finished two points ahead of Hunterdon Central. ■ A recap of South Jersey’s Outstanding Wrestlers from last week’s district tournaments: District 25 — Ross Scheuerman, Allentown; District 26 —Khalid Shakir, Bordentown; District 27 — Jason Gallagher, Bishop Eustace; District 28 — Jim Hatzell, Collingswood; District 29 — John V Brill, Clearview, an and George Skibinski, Clearview; District 30 — C.J. Cobb, Williamstown; District 31 — Anthony DeVito, Pennsville; District 32 — Coley O’Brien, Ocean City. ■ A recap of South Jersey’s Coach of the Year award winners from last week’s district tournaments: District 25 — Jule Dolci, Northern Burlington; District 26 — Joe Sprague, Bordentown; Distrit 27 — Greg Bauer, Seneca; District 28 — Pete DiPol, Haddonfield; District 29 — Paul Morina, Paulsboro; District 30 — David Mauriello, Hammonton; District 31 — Greg Sawyer, Delsea; District 32 — Doug Castellari, Buena, and Sean Scannell, Absegami. ■ Clearview’s Dan Cornew was originally seeded at 130 pounds, but elected to bump up to 135 before the District 29 tournament started. Cornew won the 135-pound title while Deptford’s Paul Bachman took first at 130. ■ Trenton Central’s Richard Levy earned the fastest draw in the district as he needed just 10 seconds to flatten Robbinsville’s Tyler Gildner in the District 25 semifinal round at heavyweight. — Tom McGurk

Q &A
Dillan Berghof
Buena Regional 135/Sophomore

Q: What was this season like as a team? You guys really seemed to surprise a lot of people. A: We surprised ourselves actually. We didn’t know what we were going to do. Everyone wasn’t expecting what we did overall. We did pretty well. Q: What’s it like wrestling this time of year when, if you slip up, your season is over? A: I’m kind of burnt out, I want it to be over, but I want to go all the way and I’m gonna keep going. It’s scary to think about losing, so you gotta go out and do your thing. Q: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from coach Doug Castellari? A: We’ve talked about a lot of things, but probably staying (mentally tough), always attacking, not giving up. He really emphasized that for everybody. Q: American Idol is starting up again, which of your teammates would do the best on that show? A: I’d have to say probably (senior 171pounder) Sergio (Cortes). I’ve heard him sing a couple times, he doesn’t sound too bad. — Patrick Buganski On if standout Buena sophomores Billy Ward or Dillan Berghof could one day stand atop of the podium as state champions: It’s their goal. Obviously every high school kid wants to be a state champion and I think we have two kids who are definitely Castellari capable of reaching that goal. It’s not going to be the end of the world if they don’t achieve that; it’s a tough tournament to win. I’ve lost with some kids who maybe should have won, and I’ve had some guys advance that I didn’t think would. It’s a little bit of luck too. I have a lot of memories, I had a kid, Jon Forster, in ’95 who was called for locking hands with two seconds left in the match that wasn’t anywhere close to locking hands. Then you have (Mike) Wilcox, who lost in a ride out and didn’t get to the finals. The thing at Buena, we’ve brought a kid to the state tournament every year (I’ve coached) except for one year. (Ward and Berghof) definitely have the capability to win, I don’t know if they will, but they definitely have the capability. — Patrick Buganski

What is the toughest venue to wrestle at? ■ Paulsboro’s gymnasium ■ Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall ■ Phillipsburg’s The Pit ■ Princeton’s Jadwin Gym ■ Haddonfield’s gymnasium ■ Absegami’s gymnasium ■ Camden Catholic’s Tom Kenney Gymnasium ■ Toms River’s Poland Springs Arena Cast your vote at The Daily Journal’s wrestling blog, “The Mat Pack.” Visit

Buena Regional High School’s Doug Castellari is coaching in his 22nd region tournament this weekend, and according to the respected veteran coach, this time of year hasn’t lost one bit of the intensity or excitement after more than two decades. As solid as the Chiefs’ program has been over the years, Buena has never had an individual state champion. On coaching during this part of the season: I just think you get more of that competitive drive. I just get more fired up, more ready to go. To me, this week and next week are probably the greatest weeks of wrestling. I think every coach, if you can’t get up for regions and the state tournament, you shouldn’t be coaching. It’s just an awesome time of year. The kids who make it this far, they’re a little different as far as the mental thing.

How do you feel about the current match limit?
(30 matches in N.J.) 1 vote


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If you’re wrestling like 60 matches, that’s overkill. If you’re wrestling less than 30, it’s not enough.
Answer: “A”

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A: Fine the way it is. B: A lot more. C: A little more.

Adam Schroeder
St. Augustine, Senior 160 pounds

103 1) Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine 2) John Gentile, Paulsboro 3) Connor Muli, Shawnee 4) Matt Carr, New Egypt 5) Zach Valcarce, Lower Cape May 112 1) Kyle Klaus, Haddonfield 2) John Hennelly, Delsea 3) John Van Brill, Clearview 4) Ricky Carter, Timber Creek 5) Josh Dickinson, Lower Cape May 119 1) Robert Deutsch, Eastern 2) Kevin Devoy, Burlington Twp. 3) Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic 4) Billy Ward, Buena (26-5) (29-5) (30-0) (34-1) (24-4) (31-3) (27-1) (33-1) (6-3) (23-3) (35-0) (26-2) (32-3) (33-2) 5) Maaziah Bethea, Trenton Central 125 1) Coley O’Brien, Ocean City 2) Donte Scott, Paulsboro 3) Jason Gallagher, Bishop Eustace 4) Matt Sausman, Camden Catholic 5) Joe Esposito, St. Augustine 130 1) Chalie Huff, Washington Township 2) Matt Hennelly, Delsea 3) Ron Hoover, Haddon Township 4) Dan Pak, Delran 5) Julio Matos-Nunez, Atlantic City 135 1) Tyler Scotton, Willingboro 2) T.J. Miller, Camden Catholic 3) Dillan Berghof, Buena (24-1) (32-0) (21-4) (33-5) (24-2) (29-4) (27-1) (26-0) (33-3) (35-3) (20-3) (28-0) (35-0) (31-4) 4) Curt Delia, Delsea 5) Kevin Birmingham, Timber Creek 140 1) Wayne Stinson, Northern Burlington 2) Travis McDowell, Delran 3) Eric Hamrick, Collingswood 4) Drew Spector, West Deptford 5) Bryce Shade, Timber Creek 145 1) James Green, Willingboro 2) C.J. Cobb, Williamstown 3) Will Dengler, Haddonfield 4) Ray Bethea, Trenton Central 5) Monty Krough, Pennsville 152 1) Robert Shade, Timber Creek 2) Phil Bakuckas, Hammonton (32-4) (31-4) (26-4) (35-4) (32-4) (29-2) (30-5) (22-0) (30-1) (29-3) (27-0) (31-5) (33-2) (30-4) 3) Dymere Rappa, Paulsboro 4) Kenny Emmons, Pennsville 5) Khalid Shakir, Bordentown 160 1) Ben Fanjoy, Cherokee 2) Steve Nelson, Haddon Township 3) Robert Schlitt, Haddonfield 4) Anthony Dawson, Paulsboro 5) Conner Donahue, Clearview 171 1) Matt Cosgrove, Paulsboro 2) Bryan Rozier, Pennsauken 3) Alex Gong, Absegami 4) Conor Wasson, Lenape 5) Declan Devaney, Seneca 189 1) Brian Lussier, Cherry Hill East (24-9) (32-4) (29-2) (34-0) (35-0) (30-4) (28-6) (16-3) (29-6) (36-4) (29-5) (28-5) (32-3) (29-1) 2) Eric McMullen, Paulsboro 3) Brian Flacco, Audubon 4) Carson Stack, Haddonfield 5) Eric Hensel, Buena 215 1) Kris Rahn, Haddonfield 2) Mike Zeuli, Cherokee 3) Dan Garwood, Clearview 4) Kevin Stadtmueller, Absegami 5) Mauro Correnti, Holy Cross HWT 1) Greg Webb, Paul VI 2) Andrew Baumgardner, St. Augustine 3) Trent Hampton, Pennsville 4) Nick Curl, Paulsboro 5) Tom Rementer, Clayton *Records through Thursday. (29-3) (28-4) (31-2) (32-3) (30-4) (22-0) (33-1) (28-3) (35-3) (27-0) (22-2) (31-1) (28-6) (29-2)

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