Mangini Press Conf.

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-19-09 (Opening statement)- "Good afternoon everybody. In looking at the tape, talking to the team, I really feel that what I saw, or what I talked to them about after the game is pretty consistent. I thought that it was another example of playing hard throughout the course of the game. I thought the best examples of those were, we had the turnover, then were able to generate a turnover in our area. We had another turnover, we were able to generate a turnover after that, then be able to have the drive that we had, leading to what would have been a one score game at that point. Those things are good, and that's what I expect each week, regardless of what the situation in the game is, for us to be able to deal with adversity, come back from it and then respond to it in a positive way. I thought another good example of that was when we went down 14-0, came back with a kickoff return for a touchdown or come out after halftime and have the drive that we had and score points and make it a three point game. Those things are positive. Things that we have to continue to address, and what hurt us this weekend, were the turnovers. It's hard to turn the ball over and be successful, and defensively, some of the big plays. Unfortunately, Ben (Roethlisberger) was able to do some of the things that he's done to a lot of people. I thought we had some good answers for that, but they weren't quite what they need to be, whether they be scheme or execution or other. We're going to correct those things. I think that the style of play is moving forward. The execution needs to continue to get better. We'll watch the film here today. The guys are in the process of doing that now, then we'll move on to next week." (On using the Wildcat formation and if he is hesitant to let Josh Cribbs throw the ball)- "With that, it's been part of our package. It will continue to be part of our package. How much we use it each week will vary. I'm not gun shy in terms of him throwing the ball. It's like anything else, you take calculated risks. If it's not there, him keeping the ball is never a bad option." (On the flu is going around the team)- "Kamerion (Wimbley) was sick on Saturday. We were hoping that he'd be okay for Sunday. We kept him as isolated as we could. He just wasn't able to go. Big Baby (Shaun Rogers) started feeling it on Sunday morning. Those are the only two that we've had. We're taking every measure we can to make sure that we stop it at that. I talked to the guys about that, how important it was to continually wash your hands, continually sanitize, all the things that we all know about trying to prevent things like that. Anytime a player has those symptoms, we'll try to get them the rest and the care they need and not put them in a position where they could potentially pass it on or someone else can catch it." (On if another player was sick early last week)- "[It was] not the same thing. It wasn't the same. It happened and then kind of got through pretty quickly. It wasn't the same."

(On if flu shots have been given to the team)- "We've had flu shots available. I think it was a couple weeks ago. It's that time of year. Everybody just has to be extra vigilant with passing, whether it's picking it up, cleaning their hands. I'm not an expert on it, but some of the things we can do, we need to do." (On if he can order players to get a flu shot)- "I never have advocated that. I think it's one of those things that you have to make a decision on, and everybody is different. Some people feel like when they take the flu shot, they get sick. Other people feel like it's the greatest thing. I just try to educate them on it and let them make the decision." (On if the quarterback needs to be on the field in Wildcat formation)- "No, he doesn't necessarily need to be. Miami does it sometimes where there's no quarterback on the field. You can do it however you want to do it." (On why Derek Anderson was on the field in Wildcat formation)- "I think it just disguises the fact that it could be that or could not be that. When you break the huddle, depending on how many seconds, it may be 20-16 seconds, usually a huddle breaks somewhere around there. That's different then the 45 seconds or the 50 seconds, however it works out." (On if Anderson calls the plays on Wildcat plays)- "Yes, he'll call the play." (On if he is hesitant to reach a new deal with Josh Cribbs because he does not want to set a precedent)- "With all those contract things, those are internal. Like I said, I really like Josh. I think he's done a great job. I like him, obviously, for his special teams value, but the things that he's able to do, offensively, I think, have been very good. I've liked the way he's worked at wide receiver as well. You really haven't seen as many numbers there, but it's not something that we've stopped working on. He's still working on that and I think he'll continue to develop there." (On his thinking behind keeping Derek Anderson at quarterback)- "I think that there have been times where we've moved the ball really effectively. I think the drive that we had at the beginning of the second half is indicative of things that we can do. We have to do a much better job of not stopping ourselves, whether it be with the dropped balls or some throws a little bit off. It could be tightening up the protection or tightening up the routes, all those things. I think we can get better at that, but there are some positive things I've seen throughout the course of Derek working at quarterback that I think will get better." (On what they can do to stop dropped passes)- "It's like any skill set, you have to keep working at it. Something's not just solved by doing it a little bit, it's deliberate practice. It's consistent. It's every single day. It's not focusing on the end result, as much as it's focusing on the process to get to the end result and not getting tied up with, ‘We've had this many drops, that many drops.' It's, ‘Okay, what can we do to practice that skill?' It's like tackling, defensively. We do the tackling drill every week as a group, offensive and defensive guys together. We'll do it towards the start of practice, you guys have seen that

a bunch of times, and then guys will do it in their individual periods as well. It's such a fundamental skill, but you have to keep sharpening the saw with something like that. Blocking, hand placement, all the fundamentals, it's easy to get away from those things, especially in pro football, where your time allocated to that stuff isn't probably as large as it would be in college football, but it's not any less important." (On what he does when he believes dropped passes are more mental than physical)"I think sometimes it's understanding where you have to improve. You saw Mohamed (Massaquoi), where he had some outstanding catches yesterday and then there were a couple of them that I think he was looking to run before he actually got the ball. That's something that you can't do. You take your eyes off the ball for a split second, or start thinking about the next step before you finish that step, and you don't get a chance to get the next step without being able to get the ball. I thought Brian Robiskie had a couple of nice catches yesterday. His first one there on the in cut late, the one on the sideline, he wasn't able to come down inbounds, but it was pretty close. Those things are positive. I think as we go and continue to work together and continue to get opportunities and really continue to work on the process, that'll help." (On who he attributes the dropped passes to)- "I think everybody can improve. I think there are some things we can do with ball placement that can get better. You work on that with the quarterbacks and you work on the things you can work on with the receivers with them. Everybody isolates the things related to their area to get better." (On the progress in the secondary against Pittsburgh)- "There were some big plays that shouldn't' have been nearly as big as they were. They had an opportunity on Santonio Holmes' catch, we just didn't execute the tackle after he caught the ball and he picked up another, whatever it was, 15 or 20 yards. Even on Hines Ward, Hines' catch, where he kind of stepped in front of Santonio on the over. We had a couple guys there. We didn't quite leverage him correctly. Those are all passing yards. The catch is one element of it and you want to get better at stopping that and then the second element is tackling once he's in space. We can improve the consistency of the pass rush. I thought there were some times where he was able to step up and get the ball off. I'd like to see us take better advantage of some of the opportunities that we had. Brodney (Pool) had the interception and I think we had a chance for another one, it would have been tough, but had a chance for another one there. Linebackers play a role in that, too. A lot of those plays, some were zone, some were man. In zones, everybody has to be in the right spot." (On if Brandon McDonald's shoulder bothered him during the game Sunday)- "He and I didn't talk to about it, specifically to that. We'll see where he is. I think everybody has got some nicks here as we go. We'll see where he is for Wednesday, but I anticipate him to be able to practice." (On D'Qwell Jackson's shoulder)- "We're going to find out a little bit more here today. I have to see where that is."

that's not really what it's been. in the short time that he's been here. we can sharpen those up and do some things to improve there. to talk to him from a defensive perspective on things that maybe were frustrating to a quarterback. a call comes in and we listen. I think there's a lot of room for us to continue to improve there. He gives some good insight and I've enjoyed spending some time with him. I think he's done a good job with the things that we've asked him to do." (On if it seems like Mike Furrey has dropped off)."I haven't really been looking at any of that. not at all. Mike probably didn't play as much as he should have this weekend." (On if Corey Williams could be traded). This morning's been all Pittsburgh and transitioning to Green Bay. you don't have the measurement on it." (On if he will call the NFL to get further explanation on the fourth-down measurement call during the Pittsburgh game). I don't know if you guys have watched it or not. I really like some of the insight that he's able to give. I'd say with all of our third down routes."No."No."Corey's played more and more as we've gone here. It's more informal than that. There's nothing. some we haven't converted on. from an offensive perspective. We'll get some more clarity on it. We've had some good opportunities on third down. Things happen. but you never know."I think the official talked about it after the game. You just deal with the next situation and move on."Chansi's caught a lot of balls from him in practice. and talking about it in that context. I'm not saying that it isn't possible. but nothing can change. He still works on both offense and defense." . It's his call. so I'm not sure. whether it be from a quarterback's perspective. I haven't watched the TV copy of the game. but what do you think?" (On if he anticipates any moves before the trade deadline)." (On if he can ask the NFL to review the measurement call). but like anything else. Like I said."Yes. Nothing can really happen from that. a couple were batted. [there is] nothing imminent. There's a lot of different ways that our conversations have gone."I've enjoyed getting to know Bernie and spending some time with him." (On if he has looked at the measurement on film). I'd say. I really haven't. I'm not out there pushing forward with anything specifically." (On if Kosar will be in meetings regularly or work with the quarterbacks). that's imminent. I anticipate him playing more between the two this week. There are signs of things that I like and stuff that still has to get fixed." (On developing chemistry between Derek Anderson and Chansi Stuckey)."The coach's copy. or even better. but in base. not just in sub. so it would just have to be off the TV copy.(On Bernie Kosar's role with the team). Sometimes it's reading the coverage and being able to understand exactly where you have to fit.

just weren't able to close the offensive tackle down enough to let the edge rusher come clean. and there's been progress in a lot of them. things like that."What I'm looking for is continually focusing on us. Even right at the start of the game. it's a 25-yard completion. but we also have to keep improving the areas where we need to improve on. than we had been doing." (On if using Hank Fraley as an eligible receiver limits what Anderson can do)"There are pluses and minuses. third down defensively. We had three sacks. Those small things become big things. in the early part of the season. We actually got third downand-one stop and we were pretty close on that fourth-and-one stop. I really thought that he'd be able to go. Some of that could be continuing to improve the communication with protections. You have to understand those two things. those are key to winning the game. which is something I'm looking for. it's a good example of kind of how the injuries go during the week. but it's how we execute. I thought even the drive towards the end of the game there." (On if Steve Heiden aggravated his knee). As we make strides within the room. Instead of that being a sack. The start of the second half. Some of that could be catching the ball better."Yes. we had held the guard long enough. defensively. A lot of times. then the other things are better and better. the guard recognized it late. Having a bigger body in there sells that more. If you did want to get everybody out. with play-action passes. things like that. We've addressed a lot of them. but it's constantly making progress in all those areas. [We] did a better job turning the ball over this week. That's the difference between a sack and a 30-yard completion. and those two things are huge. If you want to run the ball. you see those things. That's been something that I've been emphasizing over and over again. It's more of an indication that you're going to run the ball. the adjustments. get a bump on him. and . that we're able to do some things effectively in the passing game. If we had just shortened that edge and let the guy come clean. you're really trying to get the defense to come up and bite on the run and you're looking for the separation between the linebackers and the safeties. It gives you some more options in the running game. I thought we had a great opportunity. so play-action tends to be more effective. I think that we've shown. That's an area that we hadn't been effective in. four-out-of-five of those plays were plus-10 plays. They were all passes and they were all positive passes.(On what the team needs to fix immediately). but he wouldn't be the first option. everybody sees those things. [We] continue to have very limited penalties. [at] a lot of different points. but I think there were some sack opportunities that if we had just done it a little bit differently. came off and Ben (Roethlisberger) was able to step up. and that's positive. or hoping to. we understand what we have to stop from our opponent. but now it's being able to do those things. It was just that much of a difference in the detail. you're not releasing multiple receivers. which he would have. whether it's third down offensively. You get a bigger body. those two things are positive. It doesn't happen overnight. One of the plusses is you get a more efficient blocker. is that we understand what the game plan is." (On if the team has the talent at wide receiver to have a productive passing game this season). so minor progress there. but we have to keep going forward with it. It's the things that we need to improve on. Hank's caught the ball a couple times."To me. but the tackle was able to pop out.

Defensively. 21 (Opening statement). right on down the line. Robert Royal. Brodney Pool. Brian Schaefering. not just hitting the receivers. Anthony Madison. We just have to make some adjustments. How are we doing? Just in terms of practice today. I think are solid. We had the flu cases and some more guys have come down with it. the first signs of any type of illness. It's not exactly like our 3-4. They're able to get a lot of guys out quickly and he's able to get the ball to them. We'll work around it and continue to move forward on Green Bay." Mangini press conf. He just came in. I thought just looking back at the preseason game. I think they're getting better each week. I thought the situation with Kamerion is a really good example of how things can change dramatically in a hurry. Big Baby. They've moved it efficiently against everybody they've faced. and suddenly Jason (Trusnik) and Alex (Hall) have to pick up the slack there. I thought they did a nice job against us on special teams in the preseason. I think they're playing very well defensively. but there are elements that we've seen before. that was not a predictable thing. in terms of not as many guys to interview.2009 Eric Mangini press conference: Wed. obviously stressing important things like sleep and hands and things like that. I think they're playing really well. One of the things they do an outstanding job with is turning the ball over. they'll be able to take advantage of the opportunity even better. "Looking at Green Bay.just wasn't able to when we looked at it. this is a team that presents a lot of challenges. Chansi Stuckey. It's the 3-4. We'll adjust practice. Jason Trusnik. They do a nice job. we're going to cut practice down a little bit. get the guys home and out of the building.21. Oct. but then the receivers do a nice job with the run after the catch. was sick."Good morning everybody. Aaron Rogers has been very efficient throwing the ball. Shaun Rogers. 10/21 10. hopefully. I don't know Dom (Capers) that well. It'll probably shorten the player availability. It's that time of year and unfortunately we have quite a few guys who are dealing with it. We're actually working with quite a few less players. but I've always respected and admired the job he's done. We're trying to. Alex Mack. You saw in our . He has a 104 quarterback rating. A lot of young guys had to play a lot yesterday. We're working as hard as we can to promote things to prevent the illness. obviously. There were some young-guy mistakes. Guys that won't be here today: Jerome Harrison. the first time we played them. I think we've made strides since then on special teams. Especially their coverage units. Offensively. The good thing is they get some experience and grow and if they have to do it again. throughout the course of the season or the preseason. Corey Williams. and this is a team that's very good at it defensively. but that's evolved since we played them. On special teams. That's always a point of emphasis for us offensively. Lawrence Vickers. Kamerion Wimbley. but it happens. and they create a lot of pressure on things like PATs and field goals.

"We'll cut back on some reps."A lot of these were really new this morning. We may keep it the same time. I didn't go through player by player with that. we can't discuss it."No. things like that. A little tired." (On if any of the players with the flu are in the building).preseason game. I'm going to talk to Brad (Seely) and the coordinators maybe about the post-practice meetings."They're all home." (On if any of the players with the flu had received a flu shot). I'm not sure. but we will go through and see where we're at. We will continue to research that and go through the process and see where we're at. but nothing that I've seen where we'd send them home right now."I'm not sure. That's something that we'll have to deal with. David Bowens started last year inside. Things like that. give them a chance to just be as vigilant as possible with this. We'll go through all those things. increase the amount of time in between plays. but take some plays off it. with the holding penalty and got quite a bit of push. without having to release somebody. I actually thought that Kaluka (Maiava) did a pretty nice job for his first extended exposure inside."No. Barton can play with MIKE or WILL. [I am] just trying to get them some extra rest. They blocked one already this year. five games. depending on if you wanted to go with . that they've put in place. they may not feel great. There are provisions if a team is hit by quite a bit of flu cases. but there are roster exemptions where you can bring up practice squad guys to play in the game. It wasn't something that was apparent on Monday. so it's new. Vickers. we'll have people for each position." (On if there are any positions completely affected by the flu). With HIPAA." (On what he means by ‘provisions' for teams hit with the flu)." (On how he will adjust practice because of the flu). If there's any sign of it and we think it's heading that way." (On if the players with the flu have undergone H1N1 testing). we'll have to adjust there." (On how he will adjust the defense without having D'Qwell Jackson). I don't have all the specifics."We're researching that now. but that's typical for a Wednesday." (On if the team is taking more preventive measures against the flu than normal)"We're being really aggressive preventatively. fullback. Houston had a similar situation."The exact rule. Jason Trusnik. so that gives us some flexibility."We have a couple different options." (On if they are seeking league guidance on the flu). so he's played there. extend the walk through a little bit. Jason has played there some." (On if any of the coaches have the flu). we'd much rather try to minimize the effects on the player and also the possible exposure to the rest of the group.

He'll work with whoever. I'm just saying body type. if something happened to D'Qwell." (On if he knows how Jackson injured his shoulder). Tony (Grossi). He'll work with the young guys. the timeline exactly."Yes. when he first moved inside. just because he's played both spots. everybody develops differently. Once he got used to it."No. but yes. speed. [They play] the same position. the ability to come up and take on guards. D'Qwell's such a good guy."Yes."No."I saw a lot of parallels with him and (Tedy) Bruschi." (On if Veikune will get reps at WILL). he's like."I'm not sure exactly where it was. in terms of body type. You have to be able to . I know you're shocked by my savvy." (On if Jackson finished the first half with the injury). ‘Don't worry about me. That's who he is. I don't have right now." (On why Maiava went in during the second half at Pittsburgh instead of Veikune)"Kaluka plays the WILL and that's what D'Qwell plays. He's advanced enough where he could play either at any point. Because he's been there. some of that. I didn't think to list him with the group." (On if it is disappointing that Veikune has not gotten many defensive reps during games since he was as second round pick). David's made a lot of progress inside. As we've talked about before. It was the easiest. Even though he's not playing the field." (On why he moved David Veikune from defensive end to inside linebacker)." (On if he has spoken with Jackson). not necessarily. which is unique in itself. all those things I thought David would do a real nice job with. Barton's played both. [inside linebackers] tend to be not quite as tall as the outside [line]backers. because it is. I talked to him yesterday."It might have been on one of the catches by (Heath) Miller. past experience. His concern is getting ready for Green Bay. let's go on [to] Green Bay. His concern isn't him. Tedy in 2000. in terms of the ability to rush from an inside position. did a little bit of that. what I was saying is could move Barton to WILL and Veikune to MIKE.a bigger guy or wanted to go with a not as big guy. When I texted back and forth to him. I should have added him to that list as well. Even height. playing the MIKE. It was the progression that we had set.'" (On if Jackson has surgery scheduled). It gives us some flexibility there." (On why he did not include David Veikune in the list of players who could play inside linebacker). texted with him a little bit last night."I made a mistake. [there was] quite a bit of transition. That's not an easy spot. I'm not saying that the lines are going to follow exactly the same way. he was very effective. based on the reps that we had allocated during practice. It's a different world. It was pretty late in the half. he'll be very active in meetings.

what you consider big plays 40-yard plays. Both have some great things to them. There's a lot of stuff going on there. but you have to do it at some point." (On Aaron Rogers)."It just depends on how you're built. speed. there were a lot of big plays. working at that spot. It's a pretty impressive quarterback rating."They're outstanding. I thought the value of him getting that experience. He has good strength. where he broke it for 40. They run really crisp routes. short term and long term. That was really the thinking there."Yes."I liked Clay and spent a lot of time with him. It is a big transition going from end to that spot. run the huddle. his ability to make people miss after the fact. talked [about] a lot of topics that you don't traditionally have in an interview with a player. He's a very intellectual guy. He has excellent hands. I don't know him personally. They're good size guys as well. He's a physical guy. but just in watching him. It might have been a slant to Jennings for 10. has tremendous maturity. I image he's a pretty hard worker and really has developed his craft over the years. too.get in. and the reality was they weren't actually 40-yard throws down the field." (On Greg Jennings and Donald Driver). [He is a] really interesting guy. good change of direction."That's a tough draw when you have to replace Favre in Green Bay. again. [We] talked a little politics. You can see the development that he's made over the course of time. Driver's made some unbelievable catches. even when we were looking at Brett (Favre) in New York. actually talked a lot about the Browns. which was a comeback for about 15 yards. out at USC. There was the play to Santonio Holmes."I think it's going to be the same as last week. a couple one-handed grabs on the sideline. hopefully it will."I wish it was just him. We had some chances to tackle him at that spot. The over route the Hines Ward stepped in front of. You have to be able to make all the run-pass reads. Both have merit. [He's a] smart kid. He's a tough guy. Especially with Jennings. looking at it. Some teams are built really small and fast and some teams are built bigger." (On if Ben Roethlisberger picked on Maiava when he went in). talked about his dad. his efficiency. It ends up going for 30 more yards after that." (On if the Browns were interested in Clay Matthews before the draft). I don't think it changed his approach that dramatically. You have to be able to call out all the adjustments. where we have to go through the week and see where he is. pretty good genetics. He's picked on a lot of people." (On if Michael Gaines was signed because Steve Heiden is still hurt). Some of the issues we had this past weekend were run after the catch. things like that. obviously." (On if Clay Matthews is like his father). in terms of completions. all those things. 50-yard plays. but he gained . thought that would be best for his development." (On the importance of team speed on defense). He. The thought process was to bring somebody in at the beginning of the week and just have another person available should it not go the way we want it.

We did some different things last week running the football. Defensively we have made some strides and offensively we need to continue to. for us. 10/22 10. which we're working on. You have to be able to take your hit. again. you are going to miss a tackle.22."We give him a lot of reps each week. and that's the reality. it's not about speed or anything. It's going to happen.some extra yards. Tony (Grossi)." (On if he hopes to see Coye Francies at cornerback more). that other guy wins. I thought as a group. so that's positive as well. I think it was a group effort. same thing. there are certain roles on special teams that he plays and he has to play them better than the next guy that we're bringing. There really haven't been any new cases. Sometimes as a corner. You can't let at a 15-yard completion be a 40-yard completion. not totally sure yet. It will be a good compliment to the other things that we're trying to get done on third down. it goes back to what we need to get done on third down."I don't think it was a function of that. I think we had other opportunities too. Those yards all count towards passing yards. [they] adjusted well to the changes that we had. He needs to continue to develop and that's what I'm looking for. that I thought were real positive. It's a little bit like when we were talking about Brian (Robiskie) early in the season. you're trying to breakdown." Mangini press conf. We'll do a little bit of two-minute work as well." (On if Brandon McDonald relapsed against Pittsburgh). In terms of the timetable for the rest of the group coming back. Anybody have a cold? I thought yesterday that the guys did a good job. in terms of the flu related symptoms. I didn't have the afternoon meetings yesterday. but we're pushing forward on that today."How's everybody doing? Good. We scaled down practice some." . otherwise. it's about leveraging the player and getting him down. whatever it is. but minimize it to that and not allow it to mushroom into something more. We should get Kamerion (Wimbley) back today and Shaun Rogers back today. You saw it in Denver. At that point. We were able to get the film work done here this morning. That's kind of where we are with the state of affairs. I think there's been some progress. You're sitting there on an island. if you're not a starter. but we're going to just be as cautious as we can with this to make sure that we don't go into the weekend and put the group that hasn't had it in a position where they could get it. Those things.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-22-09 (Opening statement). in terms of adjusting to the players that we were missing. "In terms of Green Bay. There are other guys that need to help you at that point.

"Again. so I'm not sure where it will be. Tony (Grossi). the other group. we're in contact with them and we're trying to keep that communication going consistently so we're aware of what we're able to do and what we're not able to do. It's really about trying to be safe and limit it as much as possible."We have two that are Influenza A. I'm not sure of that status of the rest of them. give it a shot. [there was] nothing (joking). making sure that we're doing everything we can to eliminate it. With our medical staff." (On if you need six confirmed cases of H1N1 to receive roster exemptions). I feel great."No." (On where the team will stay Saturday night). It really has been a group effort." (On if the coaches are feeling okay). Kamerion probably could have come back yesterday. I'm not totally sure. but again."That's my understanding." (On who has taken Tamiflu)."I anticipate him being out at practice today. which the presumption is that that's swine flu. there's testing that has to take place. we wanted to get home." (On if he thinks there are only two players with H1N1).(On if any of the players with the flu are sicker or in the hospital). Even in the building. working with the trainers." (On if he has ever been through anything like this before). It's open communication." (On if there is anything in a coaching guide about situations like this). anybody that we could have go home or any pregnant women." (On if he knows if the other players with the flu do not have H1N1). He looked ready to go."I just know that two are. I feel like we have a good handle on it. [We will] process the testing and see where we are. Everything's being closely monitored. in terms of who took what. just to be safe."I checked the manual. it was one of those things where we want to make sure it's done and not get past it with him and then create it with somebody else. not too bad. I don't know either way. As I said."Outside of just mixing and matching some combinations of people and things like that." (On if it is safe to say that the team will not meet the requirements for roster exemptions from the NFL). I started some of that myself. We're going through the process of talking to the league and documenting the different things just to see where we are with that. He looked happy. You're ."I think we'll be past the bulk of it. they're all in contact with them. this is new ground for me. you have to adjust." (On if it will take Kamerion Wimbley a couple of days to be back to 100 percent)"He looked pretty good. It's like anything else."No. working with the doctors." (On Joshua Cribbs)."Like I said.

sometimes dashes. players and coaches. because it's over. It's an understanding. They'll use him on some moving routes. He can move pretty well. He's really involved in all the different things that are going on and I've been extremely happy with that. You look back at that. ‘Okay if I do these things.'" (On how he deals with receivers who drop balls). You don't know when you'll get your chance. The worst thing for anybody is to not be ready for that chance when it does show up. ‘Okay. At that point. you might as well put . we actually had a little pressure. That's some of the things that he can do. you take some chances when you hold the ball a little bit longer. We do a lot of work with those guys." (On Anderson saying there are about 15 plays over the course of the season he would like to have back). then it's not as much of an inherent problem as it is something that can be worked on and improved." (On if he learned how to defend Rodgers in the preseason)."I think he's gotten better moving on to the next play. whether the protection breaks down and he gets out.' and you sit with the player and say. They shut it down and it's over. but the amount of really meaningful stuff that you can take from the game isn't too significant. It's a good reminder to the practice squad guys. Sometimes you can get in a guy's ear and that's it. but he was able to sidestep the pressure and then the play went too long and he was able to hit it down the middle early in the first quarter there. I've been impressed with his work ethic."He has the ability to move in the pocket. I've had DBs like that. but things have changed for them. It's a big distinction. the result will be better. but he's made a ton of good plays there as well. because it is a lot of the same players.always looking for way to teach off something." (On Derek Anderson not letting dropped balls bother him). He's here late each night. if you can put things together and then show them."That was really early in the process for us. where he just sprints out one way. Everybody responds differently. ‘Is this correctable? Is it not correctable?' And the realization that all of these things are correctable. You do look at it. you lose the next one." (On Aaron Rodgers). where you're just hoping to God that they don't get beat early. That's a skill set that you try to teach everybody."Sometime it depends on who the guy is. sometimes day-to-day and you get a chance that maybe you didn't anticipate. Sometimes you have to get in there and explain the importance of moving on to the next play. because if you're worried about that. You have a chance at any point to make your case to play and things change dramatically week-to-week."When you try to put something that you want a person to improve on. here are some of the plays and this is what happened. Now. You saw in the first preseason game. things have changed for us and now you just try to get what you can from it. we had a three-man rush on. where he fakes one way and roles the other way. You don't know. a lot of the core parts of the scheme. to always try to keep them up-to-date and ready to assume a role if a role should open up. He can throw on the run and he can create some time. I think situations like this are a really good reminder to them [of] how close they are. You're on a team and you're on the practice squad. whether it's post practice or additional meetings. boots.

12 is the two tight ends. To me. That's kind of what he can do. It's pretty close to 50-50. We were in a little bit more 21 and 12. the best. it'll depend on. There are trends that way and it just depends on what your third down percentage is and what you think the best chance of making that down and distance is. but some of it is opportunity. like your standard set. I think that was really the goal. like stealing. The other ones should be easy. look."No. sort of. we actually ran three times on third down last week. ‘Okay. Hank's (Fraley) done some work as the extra lineman. They both have different skill sets that you like and you want to involve them as much as you can. We were in a little bit more of that on third down than we have been historically." (On if he anticipates using Mike Furrey more this game). He's a complete team guy. Some teams will never run on third-and-four." (On if the team throws too much on third down)." (On if he is disappointed with Furrey). that percentage of run-pass is much different than say third-and-four."I'd say that most teams are probably on that same percentage." (On if the offenses runs too much on first down). so where he'd normally get reps on the three wide receiver sets. Jeff (Schudel). is it third-and-one? Most teams. just take them. I'd say from a self-scout perspective. view of Mike is in the Cincinnati game."Tony (Grossi).them in one of the boxes to watch the rest of the game because it's done. Sometimes the way that goes. When you look at third down. I think he's a versatile guy. or as frequently. we weren't using those groups as much." (On if he is comfortable with rotating Floyd Womack and Rex Hadnot at right guard). Now."Do I anticipate him playing more this game? Definitely. There are other guys that get beat five times and they're going to come out and compete exactly the same way. I'm sure he'd love to be more productive and I'd love him to be more productive. they will be sprinkled in on third-and-12." . two receivers. Some teams. Sometimes guys just need reassurance that they're going to get another opportunity and you go back to them right away to say. so we were a little light there. which is. that was aberration. the tight end. as we had. Some of it's the way the games have gone." (On if the team throwing 19-of-25 times on third down against Pittsburgh). That skewed his overall participation a little bit. here's another ball. 21 is two backs. a tight end. it could be a combination of offense and defense. running three times on third down was very different than what we had done. two receivers. if you're going to get a run. Robert (Royal) got a little bit banged up mid-way through the game and Steve (Heiden) was down. That wasn't a package that Mike was in."I think we're somewhere between 54 and 46 [percent]. a lot of teams. is what packages stay in. where he catches a third down then breaks up a third down. it just depends on the down and distance."It's one of those situations where they're both really coming back from injuries.' I showed a couple clips today of some catches Mohamed (Massaquoi) had yesterday that were unbelievable catches. I really like Mike. but he'll definitely play more than he played last game.

How are we doing? Eric Wright was in a car accident last night."He was in an accident.)."Good morning everybody." (On if they are especially high alert against the Packers for big pass plays). That's not something that we have. That's where that is. You don't want to . I didn't have the afternoon meetings. I'd much rather everybody be home but guys do go out. That's what I'm looking forward to.2009 The transcript of Eric Mangini's Friday 10/23 press conference (Opening statement). Watch that as a group and have the guys that did participate in practice."Corey (Williams) is still out."What I like about that group is guys can be plugged in and they've done it so much that there's a comfort level with it. "In terms of the guys that had been out with the illness.(On if he worries about the continuity on the offensive line). That didn't sneak up on us.23. I talked to him about it. we've got almost all of them back. especially with a guy like (Greg) Jennings. Coaches can make the points there and they can hear them and then they will get together with coaches." Mangini press conf. He's a strong runner. It was wet. He's that knowledgeable. We just didn't do it very well. What I wanted to do was make sure that we watched the tape with the group of guys that got back so they would be familiar with Thursday's practice. There really haven't been any new guys out with illness. The other thing with the Packers is they're able to. he takes some really small completions and turns them into big plays. What I did yesterday. 10/23 10." (On if anyone is still out). as well. Hank.m." (On if Wright's accident violates any personal conduct policy). Some of that is being able to make the tackle at the point of reception. is to be able to get past this part of it. as opposed to giving them an opportunity to pick up another 15 to 20 yards. He's that aware. He's impressive that way. I never want anyone to be an accident. I am really happy that he is safe. There's really nothing else to it. the way he's able to make people miss. he can play any spot. after practice today to get caught up on Wednesday and the other game plan specific things."I wouldn't necessarily be out at 2:10 in the morning. Hopefully we are over the hump with this now. I mean. I'm really hopeful that he can play. get everybody caught up and move into the weekend. because his yards after the catch. Hank could probably play DB."We were on high alert last week." (On if it bothers him that Wright was out until 2:10 a. He was in this morning and we sent him just to get some further tests. they can help them out. but you don't have curfew year round.

too. Now it's a function of. Today is a little bit earlier day. I like Jay-Z."Yes. sometimes it rings at 2:30 a." (On if the team had to scale back on the game plan this week). as Friday's typically are." (On when he found out about Wright). you start with a bulk of things that you want to do and you look at how it goes." (On if a lot of players went to the Jay-Z concert). it didn't really play that well.see anybody in any kind of accident or any kind of situation like that." (On when he finds out about situations like this). I'd much prefer that guys were in. None of them wanted to be out. Sometimes experiences like these are the best teachers for the person involved and for those around him." (On if there was any substance involved)." (On if Wright will be practicing). This wasn't anybody's desire. He was in a car accident. You tend to pull back some stuff anyways because how you thought it was going to play. like I said. that's each person's decision." (On if Wright will start on Sunday if he is healthy).m."Yes. There are no team based rules on those things."He was in a car accident. which I think is good information."They didn't invite me. but I'm glad he's healthy."I have to see where we are with tests and things like that. they had the film here this morning. One of the things that I talked to the group about is we're all going to work with them to get them up to speed and they're going to work at it as well. I'm glad no one else was hurt. usually what we do is. I've had the whole range. There were no other things involved with it."The information that I've gotten. it was just an accident." (On if Wright is up and moving around). sort of. I'd much rather everybody be in and studying and doing those types of things but everybody is different. The first thing you want to do is make sure everybody is safe and then understand exactly what happened and hopefully use that educate people moving forward. I'll talk to him further about best practices. That's actually pretty common. but my preference would be everybody is preparing at all times for the game. That's really all there is to it. I don't ever want to see anybody in that situation. so they'll spend ." (On if he is planning to discipline Wright)."We didn't scale it back that much. or pretty close to the final approach. the final approach. sometimes you find out the next morning. didn't look right as you went through it. I am hopeful that he should be okay and ready to play. They'll work with the coaches. I've been off with the family sometimes hanging out and you get a call. Like I said." (On if players who are out late have character issues)."This morning."It depends."As I said. I just talked to him 10 minutes ago. What the guys are getting that are in here today is. No. I don't know any more about that honestly. or just didn't feel right as you went through it.

get them some reps at different points. as you look through preseason and you look through training camp and OTAs. huh? There have been a few challenges here along the way. It's the reason I like to work practice squad guys into practice at different points. That gives us a couple guys at that position. based on the situation that we had. but they're going to happen." (On how he handles criticism from the media)." ."It was a little different week. or guys that maybe are on the back end of the roster." (On if the team is thin at tight end)."This week. I think he's done a good job with the things that we've asked him to do there. You don't want to let a month go by where they haven't worked on the Browns specific things and then suddenly say. Hank (Fraley)."I don't read Rolling Stone." (On if he feels like he has aged this week). wide open this week. We'll maybe extend it a little bit tomorrow. but guys do miss time at different points for different reasons.'" (On if he thinks the team will be where they need to be on Sunday). The Hank package (joking). I've never had a subscription to it. Typically. which he'll probably be running down the middle of the field. ‘Hey. where you weren't planning for something and it pops up and you have to go."We signed Michael (Gaines). by the way. I don't think we're going to go into the game without making sure that everybody understands what they have to do. I don't really know what they have to say. then you have to figure out the best ways to get them caught up. but that's the reason I like to work different combinations of people. without answering all the questions. We have to move forward and be ready on Sunday. I think we'll be in the best place we can be. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. We have the ability to do that as well. We have our secret weapon. you're playing. It doesn't usually happen on this scale. try to get some extra time there. It comes up every year. We just have to adjust. this is a good example of situations like that. When I'm talking to the group next year about the ability to be able to deal with adversity. You just don't know when you're going to have that opportunity to play or when you're going to need to play. or the ability to adjust to things that happen that are unexpected. We extended the walk through a little bit. you don't meet with the players post-practice. questions they have. the scouting report. This is why we do the work post-practice with the young guys." (On the media asking Hank Fraley if he has caught passes at practice this week)"He's keeping it under wraps. Things happen and you have to adjust. He's been working and Greg (Estandia) has gotten more familiar with the system since he's been here. We've used bigger guys at tight end before. That's really where I'll leave it.some time with the coaching staff afterwards to go through Wednesday. Sometimes that means reallocating time. I am sure they are repping it in Green Bay right now. Really. Then you can build some different personnel groups. I respect everybody's opinion. like today post-practice. again not to this volume by any stretch. but we'll do some work with them post-practice today and you just adjust.

Little decisions ." (On if he views Derek Anderson's play as an audition to see if he can be the longterm quarterback). That was a function of better leverage by the group that came in and understanding where he is. Us making progress. not the passer rating. I don't spend a lot of time on the national sites or things like that. Just going back to the other events of this week with the flu and things like that. I think that was the one. I don't think that's specifically the offense. because if you give them that sideline the pursuit now has to take this type of angle. I like the way that he's worked. knowing this is a process and like any other process it takes time. What I want to do is. In terms of my experience with him." (On Anderson's passer rating in the fourth quarter). stepped in front of Santonio (Holmes). so everybody has their back turned. you don't know when you are going to be there."We've got a lot of room to grow.(On if he thinks the national media is unfair to him). You want to be ready when you do have that chance. What you don't want to ever do is have two guys with this leverage and a point where the guy can break out. there will be a DB out there and the DB will take a step inside and get sealed off by the wide receiver and now you've given them the whole sideline. be able to move the ball in all four quarters. where a back will hit the sideline. You'll see that sometimes on outside runs." (On if the secondary has struggled more in zone or man coverages). but the ability to move the ball more efficiently through the course of the whole game. You'd like all your guys to work at the same level. and then kind of spun out. I believe that the things that we are committed to are right."I have only been with him this one year."You'd like all three guys to work at the same level. There was a play last week where we got picked on the crossing route. Since he has been the starter. That's my frame of reference. he was running like a deep-over route. us winning games. as opposed to forcing them back in to where everybody's coming. I've liked the way he's worked as well. I've been happy with that. but it's a huge point."What I really focus on is us. It's a small point. That was man-to-man coverage and when you get picked on those crossing routes." (On if he knew how hard Anderson worked before he became the starter). force the back to cut back in. us moving forward. understanding where the other defensive back is and trying to funnel it so that you have two edges to the wall and then a point guy to the wall. There are a lot of things that offensively we can improve." (On if a quarterback's preparation increases once he becomes the starter). I like the commitment that he's shown. [There's] a lot of room to get better there. That's what we have to focus on. Often times. I thought that he worked well during the preseason. we'll keep improving. We also had the play where Hines (Ward) came over. the rest of the coverage is also in man-to-man. I think that as we keep going. those catch and run plays go for longer yardage. What you want to do is maintain that outside position."It's a little bit different. Derek's done a lot of things that I've been happy with."I've never classified it as that [an audition]. That's what we're going to keep doing and over time we'll keep making progress and that's the important thing. because all of the pursuit is coming inside out.

Mary Kay (Cabot). That's something that we've worked on. A point of emphasis was how good Green Bay is at creating turnovers and our emphasis on being able to protect the football and every drive ending with some kind of kick." Mangini press conf. because if they can seal that DB inside and we get the edge. "I thought. defensively. What I really wanted to see is if a play doesn't go the way that we want it to go. We took some shots. I thought we had some chances for those plays and couldn't quite get it to where we needed o get it . It's the same thing that we use to teach our receivers about how important their blocking is in the perimeter. 10/26 10. We have to be able to minimize the amount of damage any given play does and that comes with sound execution in tackling. especially defensively. he's been down. The quarterback center exchange. that's the goal every time. With everybody back. Plays that may have been a 15 yard hit or a 10 yard hit ended up going for much longer than they should have. too. whether it's a field goal punt or a kickoff. being able to limit the gain. there were flashes where we did it effectively and then other points where we just didn't get a hat for a hat. too many times the ball was on the ground.26. and we need to continue to work on it. Some of that was the route. which you need to have after you get the movement on the first level. good job of leveraging the football and forcing the ball back to where your help is coming from. there were opportunities in the passing game. there are plenty of things from an execution standpoint that I thought we could do much better. I thought. is still pending. After watching the tape and looking at the things that we didn't do very well in the game. whether it was on the goal line or the screen play that we had set up for Josh (Cribbs). things like that."Yes." (On if he said he spoke to Wright 10 minutes before his press conference)."All that stuff. That's something that we've talked about. it's really not as much of an issue now." (On if Wright has already been through the testing he spoke about)."Yes."Good afternoon everybody. and things along those lines. tested and back. defensively. defensively.2009 Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-26-09 (Opening statement). some of it was the that are the difference between really big plays and plays that aren't as significant. it's the same thing. in terms of the NFL exemptions. to what it should be and I don't think that we tackled very well. some of it was the throw." (On if there are any more confirmed cases of swine flu). especially for some big plays where we were a little bit off. In terms of running the football. offensively.

" (On if he will consider a quarterback change this week). there have been times where we've done things very well. we had the fourth down stop. That's been a real strength for us. just didn't get it quite to the right guy. but to end up with only three points on those drives." (On what he can build on from the beginning of the season until now). I think we played a good game yesterday on special teams. but that's an area where I think we have the ability to score at any point and we had made a lot of strides there. I think that. They missed a field goal. but I don't think it was as good as we could have played yesterday. It's a lot harder to stop them for six. which is a style of play and then. I think there were some blocks that. I think we've done some good things in the passing game. even on special teams. but they could have been a lot better. There have been moments where we've been able to apply pressure on the quarterback and disrupt the passing game. Get the ball to the receiver. I thought it was a good day. I'm looking forward to a normal week of practice this week. I thought the coverage overall was pretty sound. but it's week in and week out being able to do that and being able to correct the problems that are there and not have those create new problems. I don't think it was as good a day as it could have been for us. There is a lot of that in all the different areas. They were down there deep and (Eric) Barton made a play right there on the goal line. at times. focusing on what's important for us every week. We had a couple nice returns that I think probably had a chance to go the distance on. just a little bit tighter on those blocks. whether it was Jamal (Lewis) or whether it was Jerome (Harrison).to. "On special teams. although we had shots on the deeper throws." (On if he thinks that once you show you can do something once that you should be able to do it consistently). It's being able to do it week in and week out."No. but we didn't do it. both on kickoff and punt coverage. they were in man coverage. There were some decent drives. back-to-back 100 yard rushers. I think we've run the football. It's not like the numbers were poor by any stretch. but I've seen all those different things at different points. Those things have to be put together and those things have to be consistent. It could have been even more of a strength yesterday. Josh has a chance to go the distance and we weren't. but some plays where they could have been better catch and run plays. and it was close there on the last one. defensively. incorporating the corrections that we need to incorporate to execute the game plan specific things related to Chicago. the six plays there on the goal line. in terms of being able to get the ball down the field. It's hard to stop them for three. and he would have gone for a lot further than the initial catch." . extremely effectively. We gave them three more downs on the pass interference penalty. Jeff (Schudel). There were a couple other scoring drives where I thought we held up pretty well. It only takes one there. some progress there. it's going to be hard to put the type of points that you need to put together against a team like Green Bay. Really. There have been moments where we've done all those things effectively. [We] didn't quite do that."I think. different players."It may manifest itself differently against that opponent. there were some chances yesterday that may not have been the deeper throws.

far from a typical week of practice. That's the type of package that I'd like to. and you've done work on that prior to this week. I think with what we had. There have been a lot of those. but I've also seen him complete some balls that they were well thrown and well caught. I think there have been times where we've had chances and there have been some breakdowns in protection. meeting time. I think there was a shot there on the deep ball to Mohamed (Massaquoi). but I don't think he's been alone in producing those numbers. whether it be in terms of reps. Even the throw to (Michael) Gaines yesterday. tried to give the best look they could." (On if he comes to the conclusion that they should use a certain part of the offense more during the game or after watching film). I thought the guys tried to rally. Sometimes it's the type of situation where you can get back to it and it makes sense from .(On his reasoning for keeping Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback)." (On why he thinks good practices are not translating into game performance). you're going to get certain things in practice." (On the reason for not using the Wildcat yesterday). you're going to get certain looks. and they ran it about 20 percent of the time yesterday. there were positive things. but if it's going to be 20 percent of the game."Nothing. I've seen him complete those plays. certain pressures. They played a little bit more of the bear front then they had show. In terms of what the percentage will be. looks. it was a good week of practice. you have to be able to adjust to that and react to that and really recall some of the learning that you had prior. The ability to reference things that maybe you practice a couple weeks earlier. but there are going to be things that change in the game. was actually a good answer." (On if not playing Brady Quinn has anything to do with the 70 percent of snaps he needs to take to earn his bonus). zero. I think there have been a significant amount of drops."I think he gives us the best chance right now to move the ball. The important thing to me is. not just in the games. a place where only he could get it. the difficulty with practice is we had a significant number of people miss two out of the three days."I think last week. That comes up every week. offensively and defensively."Usually it's during the game. it was a good throw. that'll change weekly. tried to execute the things the way we needed to execute them. I thought the look that they gave us. but sometimes the look changed a little bit. all those things. nothing to do with it. we're going to have up each week. just a little bit out of his reach over on their sideline. worked to catch up there on Friday and Saturday. good catch. not like to. You work on the bear front. but we had some other things that we could have tried and probably should have tried. I think considering the challenges we faced there. It's going to be a little bit different and you really have to understand the concept of what you're trying to get done in order to address the difference between what you've seen and what actually shows up. I know his numbers have not been impressive."I think that we probably could have used it more than we did yesterday. there have been other weeks where there have been good things. Really they had maybe used it two percent of the time over the first part of the season. Then. but also in practice. in terms of the way they responded to it. and be able to go back to that without the reps and be able to execute that.

There were a couple plays where we created some cause penalties. We didn't execute. tried to get it off to him. didn't get the completion. it doesn't count as a completion. where we started on the 40. but it really has the same end result. We had the offensive pass interference in the first drive. With the type of defense that they were running yesterday. You need to eliminate penalties. that would be something that I would bring up. you don't really have the chance to show one and do the other. There was one in two-minute where the corner had fallen off on Brian (Robiskie) to come and trap Greg (Estandia). He got hit right at the end by the corner. hit his arm and it fell a little bit short. who was running an out route. We have used spread. Now you're in second-and-15. Sometimes when you're spread out against man. Converted a third down to Josh and then they knocked the ball out. [We] put the ball on the ground another time on second and long. so we wanted to take a look at that. [We need to] punctuate a couple drives with those things.A."We've done that at different points with D. where we had a false start on second-and-10."I think there were points where they were both open. Sometimes it comes down to how well you're protecting. Then there was the fade that we were talking about to Mohamed. They were able to get it there. He had come off to trap it and the safety hadn't gotten deep enough and D." (On what a spread offense could do for the offense)." (On if the receivers are open enough to consistently move the ball). You need to be able to get the in and you need to protect.where you are. If we completed it. I thought on a couple of those balls we had a real shot. no.A. or in tight where you can create some traffic problems and catch and run. which was much heavier man than zone. (Derek Anderson)."Yes. Sometimes it probably doesn't make as much sense."After the initial play there. it becomes extra tighter coverage than when you're bunched up and they have to adjust and combo and lock and communicate those things out. It was the second to last play of the two-minute drive there. but I think that yesterday we probably could have used it more than we did."Yes. and stop moving the ball. There were some other things that we liked that we wanted to get to. who fell off the back." (On if he would talk to Brian Daboll during a game about using the Wildcat). Those are usually very effective against man-to-man defense. but to consistently move the ball you need to have those guys open." . so if you're running the ball when you're in tight and passing the ball when you're spread out. it would have been a touchdown. it might have been after the missed field goal. We had another drive. things like that." (On if the rookie wide receivers were open enough). where I thought we had a good chance. You also need to be able to run the football effectively. but got the penalty which. having those guys stacked." (On if he spoke to Daboll yesterday about using the Wildcat). You really lose the element of play action when you do that. in relationship to the score and the situation of the game.

the group of coaches that we have." (On if the team needs a talent upgrade). lose. ‘we need to do things better than we're doing things. It's like a lot of things that you want to do better in any arena. Win."That's the only football that we're going to play here. was unique and I appreciate that and I respect that. It's doing it. you understand that it's a process. It always will be.' It's a sense of. Being aware of the different types of situations you're going to be in when you are tackling. all that stuff is important. You have to work at being consistent and you have to make good choices every day and be able to go out and execute when you have that one opportunity a week to do that. There will be a bunch of challenges coming up and you deal with them and you move forward. I think this week. We've shown that we can perform better than we have and we can improve individually. ‘things are ok. Every game situation is going to be different. You work at it."No. That's the style with which we're going to play and that's the style that you have to play with to be effective."I don't think that anybody is pleased with where we are right now. in terms of how to play the way that we want to play. It's like anything else. It doesn't just happen. It's going to be the challenge that we had this week. Every challenge is going to be different. I think that we can perform better than we have. and you keep working at it. You just don't become consistent. We can improve collectively. You can't lose sight of what is important." (On what encouragement he can give to the fans). and I really felt that over the last three weeks we had made a lot of progress. you work at it. improving it. and that is what I am looking for with these guys."I think it's like anything else. but they don't change the game."I think that we can perform a lot better with the group that we have. that's improvement. or a few games that way and not the other games that way. You can't approach a game part of the time that way.' And it has to be consistently that approach. To me." . that's progress." (On if he thinks the team will get back to playing how they did the previous three games before Green Bay). you just have to keep working at it. understanding how to be a consistent team. You can't do it part of the time. coaching it. and we need to play the game the same way regardless of whatever things have happened leading up to that point. and it will be. There is no sense of. is to make progress and to play a certain way. We are going to work at it as diligently and as deliberately as we possibly can. doing it again and it's a fundamental skill. The group of players. The mistakes are going to be analyzed. Understanding how to be a consistent player. There is a commitment to that. I wouldn't consider it to be that at all. We're going to put a plan in place to fix them.(On if he considers this to be the low point in his head coaching career). it's a skill that's learned. it's always going to be trying to approve for the next week. We have to play the game." (On what they can do to improve on the tackling). but that approach can't be different. The mistakes are going to be addressed. That's not going to change. You can't lose sight of that. I think that anytime you take over a new situation with a new group.

What can we do right now to be better than we are?" (On people outside the organization thinking it seems like Quinn has no future here). Some things that you can address today or tomorrow or the next day and other things that you have to move towards as you go."When I took over." (On what he thought yesterday about fans leaving the game early). like anybody who is not playing currently. There are variables upon variables."The conversation that I had with Brady is really the approach. it was really the same sort of approach. It's a passionate group. It's a different schedule. because it changes quickly. " (On if there is more work to do with the team than he originally thought).A. We need to continue to move forward and make sure that nobody wants to leave the stadium. [It is] really an approach that I experienced firsthand and also learned being part of that with other head coaches." . because you don't know when it's going to happen. It's a different group of players. That's how we approach it. That's what I told D. but what you are looking for is continued progress. is what can you do to improve? Not lose sight of those things. when he wasn't the starter and that's what I talk to any of the players about who aren't currently starting. in terms of working to win every single game. and suddenly you have that opportunity again and you always want to be able to maximize that opportunity when you get it." (On if he began the season thinking the team was going to be successful this season)"I approached it the same way." (On what is different between this team and his Jets team his first year as head coach).(On if he has any sense of how long it will take to get the team where he wants it to be). and I respect that. it's different. working to win that game and in the process."I don't have a timetable set up. what do we have to do today to improve and understanding that there are things that are going to improve more as we go."It's important for us to give them something to cheer about. Every place that I have been. is. It is a process. There are some things that you can do short term and some things that you can do long term. where you've transitioned to. In terms of saying.' I don't think it ever comes down to one thing. That's what we have to do. That has been the approach. Being part of this experience in three different places. That's how we approach next week. you need to keep working at the same level. not change your approach. ‘this one thing was different."I don't think you can look at one factor. I guess it would be four. I understand it's different everywhere you go and there are different challenges everywhere you go. You need to continually address the areas of improvement and you need to be ready when your opportunity strikes. it was understanding that are a lot of things that need to be addressed and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. You need to. improving and never losing sight of improvement and how we can improve and what areas we can improve and appreciating improvement in whatever style or form that takes.

but he's also shown the ability to. Whether it's the defenders who are sacking the quarterback." Mangini press conf. Do I think that we've made some strides? At points. We're looking tow in each one. You know that they work on it consistently. but the record is what it is and that's a reflection of what we've been able to do to this point. His ability to get the ball in some tight spots. some of the things we talked about. like we saw last week. "[Offensively]."Good morning everybody. some of the movements. so we're going to have to do a good job identifying those things. I've been in plenty of those games. yes. leading all backs in receptions. because you see it. He has the natural arm strength. they create some challenges in terms of the pressures that they use. even though this is a different scheme than what we faced last week. That's what the record indicates. I know his average isn't what it was. but there is quite a bit of moment that you have to adjust to as an offensive line. I've been in other stadiums where our fans were drowning out their fans. I think defensively. the guys down the field making the tackle. The amount of points produced off those has won a lot of games for them. anytime you play one of Lovie's (Smith) teams. 10/28 10. He gets the bulk of their carries. There's some variation in what they do and who comes. He'll scramble some. In terms of being able to create turnovers since he's been there. He had a touchdown scramble. their awareness of the football. It's been something consistent since he's been there and it's helped them. when that's clogged up. I think is . I thought he did a lot of good things in college and that translated into pro football with the production that he had last year.(On if he has ever coached in a home game where you can hear the other team's fans above your own)."I think we are right where we've played ourselves to be. I think that there are plenty of opportunities for us. moving out of the pocket. I think he has the ability to really dig it out and get inside. even in the preseason. can create plays. but get it out. Even in the running game. I really liked Matt Forté coming out. their ability to not only identify the football. I've been on both sides of that spectrum. but he also can extend plays with his feet. With (Jay) Cutler. he's led the NFL in turnovers. with the rest of the season. He has great confidence. whether it's sliding up in the pocket. I've faced him several times in Denver. especially out of the backfield. being able to pick it up and then executing the pattern on the back end. He'll put the ball into tight spots. but he still hit the 61-yarder and he has the ability to do that at any point."Yes. get to an edge and create some big plays. like a lot of the guys we've faced thus far. and we're not going to stop doing that.28. to win the games. How are we doing? In getting ready for Chicago. some of it could just be part of the overall scheme. 30 percent of their points have come off of turnovers.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-28-09 (Opening statement). He." (On if he thinks they are a better team now than at the beginning of the season). some of it could be purely off pressure.

He can thread the needle. but to start on the 40. that's a pretty good situation as well. We want to get it corrected. I think their skill position guys. put whoever you want back there. kick return. but that's going to be probably our biggest challenge to date. I think they were trying to pin it in the corner of the end zone and then. More often than not. There's great upside and there's some downside there as well. break a couple tackles and just like if he had in punt return. with Greg having above average vertical speed for a tight end. He has excellent accuracy and he usually gets those in. like we weren't happy with the result last week. they can all score. I think that Johnny Knox has done a nice job with the way that they've used him vertically. when you do have multiple bodies around. He's created a lot of pressure there. I don't think they were trying to kick it out of bounds with those. and they have. his ability to extend plays like we've seen is something that we need to adjust to and do a better job with than we have been doing. There's one on. It's a tough environment to play in.impressive and also. so he creates those problems. I think it was third-and-25 against Atlanta that he went up in got. The nice thing they can do with him is. Whether it's punt return."They play well at home. We want to create and be consistent with the style of play. They all get some opportunities. really good hands. "On their [special] teams. Jay's like that too. just based on the way that they covered." . so it gets six guys on that side. We want to get the things fixed that we need to fix. he can get vertical. the Wild Cats. You just need to understand that there are some risks there. He had a couple that game that [were] similar to what you saw out of him coming out of college. Then you have Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark. we all have the same approach. they can all score. whether it's Knox. two tight ends that are bigger guys. I'm sure they weren't happy with the result last week. (Danieal) Manning. Every now and then. I think that anytime you're coming off a loss or a tough loss. They can run him on the reverses." (On having to play the Bears at home). Brett will throw the ball into tight spots."Brett (Favre) has supreme confidence. but he's made a lot of plays doing what he does. and then he can take a slant. but he's developing more and more as a receiver. coverage unit perspective with the way that these guys can not only hit the return but then also change field and make something happen that's not necessarily the way it's drawn up. overload the coverage. he creates those problems. Earl Bennett made some impressive acrobatic catches over the course of the season. He'll throw the ball into some tight spots because he has great arm strength." (On Jay Cutler's interceptions)." (On if he thinks Green Bay kicked the ball out of bounds so Joshua Cribbs couldn't return it). I don't think that the goal there was to kick it out of bounds."You know Tony (Grossi). from a special teams perspective. Hester. you're going to get some that go the other way. he's in the secondary. he hits on the plus side. Bennett's been back there a little bit too. anticipating a sideline return because it was so tight to the sideline. [is] really impressive in the return game. (Devin) Hester. he can make something happen.

something that we talked about. It's a tough duty. [We] have a real good shot to see him here today practicing."I really like Hank for a lot of reasons. I think there have been some individual cases where we haven't held up as well." (On if Fraley was in danger of not making the team before Hadnot got injured)"Rex went down fairly early in the process. but hasn't had any kind of extensive role. which is something we'll focus on too. That." . that's where you get hit with something that could have been communicated out more effectively. Tony (Grossi).(On if Rex Hadnot is getting more reps). is give ourselves some more time to assess what's happening." (On if Steve Heiden is a candidate for injured reserve)." (On Mike Furrey in the nickel package). I like the way that he approaches everything. He does well. often times. that he's actually making some progress here. whether it be against a gain. We had to use him a bit more. A lot of people have been beaten by Donald Driver in the slot. assess what's happening. but he's happy to do it. I think that getting to know those guys through the course of training camp."No. I thought he played better this game than he had his first opportunity. I think. He gets a little bit better each week. I don't think I was looking at it that way. and those were our two tight ends for the game. He has great professionalism. make sure everybody sees it the same way. we were in a really unique situation to go into the game without Steve or Robert (Royal) and really working with Michael (Gaines). Hank had been playing some in those packages. Last week. who was new this week and Greg (Estandia). or the back against the blitzing linebacker. but overall I thought he did pretty well. We'll keep moving with that. We didn't want to create a situation where it was too much right off the bat and have had a plan for that and we're moving forward with the plan. He's helped Alex (Mack) throughout this process. leverage. hand placement. Mary Kay (Cabot). just comes down to technique. An offensive lineman that can play three interior positions has a lot of value. When we've done that. get it communicated. I thought on that play. he could have played a little bit more in the trail position. Tony (Grossi). He approaches it the same way he approaches his offensive line play. Those things are technique errors that can improve. we've been in good shape. He's an excellent communicator. is our ability getting in and out of the huddle. at all. there have been some packages that we've done a really good job with. who's been here. you really respect his versatility. That's something that we have to do better." (On Hank Fraley)."I think. but your hat doesn't hold up against their hat. and as you get to know Hank more." (On how he assesses the offensive line protection). There is somewhat of a learning curve there. He's willing to play whatever role he can play. I think one of the important things. where you have a hat for a hat."I thought he played pretty well. Jeff (Schudel). When we haven't. too."Yes. we've been trying to increase that each week to get him to a place where he can handle more and more reps.

so he can get the things that he needs to do offensively. He had played pretty well on defense. because they have different combination coverages based on you being bunched up. just have to see how he does through the course of the week. I think (David) Veikune could get some opportunities. probably could have stayed a beat longer with it. Then it goes from the flat to the inside player in the progression." (On if there is a trend in the NFL of coaches going for it on fourth down). Could he have come earlier? Yes. where Harrison was going to. The way that play's designed is. We ended up losing the ball on the fumble. as well as defensively. I'm not talking about a significant amount of time." (On if Anderson could have gotten the ball to Cribbs earlier on the play Cribbs fumbled on). I'd say it's a little different based on who you're playing against and how confident they feel with what they have there. for his first start and extended action. he could have had a chance."I think there were times he did really well. with a guy that had never played defense." (On Kaluka Maiava's play against Green Bay)."What happened is. things as they distribute could take a little bit.(On what is says about the secondary that he uses Furrey in the nickel). the corner was sitting there and then the corner came off and squatted on Furrey."On that particular play. We got the first down. you could have. but each route has a progression. had the squat corner. I think is a good thing. It's not where we were with Troy Brown. He had played defense. based on whether or not he's open or not happen. it's a little unique. when he initially went to the flat."With Mike. you might get if they were extended."You are able to see the field." (On what happened on the play in the second quarter near the goal line when Jerome Harrison appeared to be open). I think that the personal foul penalty is something that I wasn't real fired up about and he'd like to have that play back."I don't know what the numbers are. looked there initially. Derek (Anderson) went to the flat. Overall. when that corner came off on Furrey. because he has started and played a lot of games on defense. with patterns where you have multiple receivers tight. There are some different matches that we have there. He's a smart guy. thought he had a chance there for a bigger play down the field and then came back to Cribbs. he came back to Cribbs later. It's not as quick of a read. It's really effective against a lot of man-to-man coverages because they have to deal with leverage and things like that. Being able to use that to help us. I don't know if it'll be every package or a variation of packages. so I think he stayed on the first progression and was looking for that. I'm not sure what the . so that's another option that we've worked with. as say. you try to go to the flat right now. but then went to his second read and that's when the corner fell off on Furrey." (On if Anderson is able to see the field). but a little bit longer to clean up. where David went to MIKE and (Eric) Barton went to WILL. I think if we had held maybe a beat longer on the flat. I thought there were some things to build on and he'll get some more chances. without it being an overload situation. that initial look. it's just with bunch patterns. David Bowens played in there as well.

you feel like the matchup is better or the things that you're doing in that scheme. Some things we felt that we could do a little bit better with somebody else. Essentially at that point. for going for it on fourth down. especially compared to the previous years." (On if it was disappointing that Abe Elam was not in some of nickel packages against Green Bay). numerically or statistically. I think he's made some nice plays and I think there are some plays that he can improve on and he knows that. they weren't necessarily big gains. We're getting to know him here. If it doesn't. He needs to find a way to do the same thing."He'll work through the week. Where statistically the percentage is high. we'll keep working different people in different spots to see what the best spots are. Really Greg (Estandia). it works out better for that person." (On Michael Gaines' 21-yard catch against Green Bay). He made some nice catches during the course of the week. It's not a knock on Abe and it's never a knock on somebody when you transition them in. since he's been here. but I thought they were well caught in contested areas. He has good hands. Defensively.numbers are. you talk about it the whole next week. but there's also the risk-reward factor. I think he needs to continue to work on his pass protection and he's been doing that as well. Sometimes. His role is always going to be defined by the game plan and the things he can do in the game plan. he has to do it on special teams first and he has to show us that he's better than the guys that are in his spot right now. It's just. You remember that as well. I've gone for it on fourth down a lot of different times. You have to look at those two things when you're evaluating it. You're looking for continued progress from that spot. statistically the percentage of them scoring if they stop you is also high. I'd like to think we have a good shot at that. Just like when we were talking about with Brian (Robiskie). You go for it on your 30. I'm not opposed to any breakdown of carries in any game. odds are they're going to score. if it works you look really good."No." (On if his approach has changed on fourth down). . that's a scoring play. if you don't get it. There have been some good opportunities for him and there will be some other good opportunities for him as we go. it worked out really well. and also have to see where we are with Steve and Robert. it worked out really poorly. That was positive as well. We have a lot of rookies that are playing or contributing." (On if Phil Dawson will try to play on Sunday)." (On if Coye Francies is close to getting on the field defensively). has made some nice catches as well. I thought he made a couple."I talk to Coye quite a bit. We'll see where both those guys are. he has to keep trying to make a case for himself." (On if they need to maximize what Jerome Harrison can bring to the offense)"Jerome's gotten a significant number of carries this season. There's definitely something to be said."No. Those are decisions that."Mike is the guy that caught the touchdown pass against us in the preseason game. Sometimes. I talk to him about how important that is.

he had a little boy. Everybody's happy and healthy." (On if there have been any new cases of the flu since last week). How are we doing? One piece of housekeeping. We spend a lot of time on this. It happened late Tuesday night. so that's good news. He took a little bit of a step back last week. "I thought yesterday overall was a good start to the week."He's been playing in a role and he'll continue to play in a role. We added some tackling drills to continue to emphasize that."No. you have some different packages." (On Chansi Stuckey's development)."Good morning everybody. trying to make sure that we have a plan in place that: 1) is going to be effective against what they do and 2) emphasizes the things that we think we can really improve on and carry over. he just needs to make his strong case to do that. In terms of today. Ideally. I want to go through the week." (On if Steve Heiden will be able to play on Sunday). what we're going to be working on is our third down package. this week will be a normal NFL week of practice. who missed yesterday for personal reasons. You want everybody there. not just this week but week-to-week. so he's back with us. He was part of that group that missed two days of practice. David Jr. whether it's him or Mike or Brian. We'll do that again today.29. 10/29 10." (On if the week off affected the way Kamerion Wimbley had been playing). but you do want to be able to get all the reps that you can get during the course of the week and it helps. that we're doing things fundamentally sound to either limit the production or to maximize the production offensively." Mangini press conf. Practice is important. It helps a lot.2009 Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-29-09 (Opening statement). because there was a week there where he got a little . There's nothing we could do about it and it wasn't a situation where you wanted to go out with coming off an illness and rep a lot of stuff."I think we have a good chance there."Each guy I'm sure responded differently to not being here. I'm looking forward to him to keep carving out spots. David Bowens. [We are] just continually focusing on fundamentals and improving those things to make sure that even after we execute the scheme or there's a completion or whatever it is. Cribbs has different packages. I think that would have been counterproductive. He works. You're always trying to use their strengths.I've played with a lot of rookie defensive backs in the past and I don't think that he's any different than those guys. offensively and defensively.

Is the closest receiver going to be the low level guy or is he going to be the deeper level guy. I think we're net minus 56. so points we've generated from our turnovers versus points that the opponent has generated from the turnovers we've given up. It's different on the back end because the defense that you have called to cover the play that you anticipate getting run. depending on what kind of passer they are. based on is the outside receiver going to run a come-back. I think the same thing with Phil (Dawson). he has good mobility. is the most important thing. I'm not sure how that would have affected it from a timeline perspective. Ideally. it's hard. Tom (Brady) doesn't move around a lot in the pocket." (On if he pays much attention to statistics). he'll be back as well. (Joe) Flacco. that's the goal. I've been a part of situations where the numbers weren't very good. Whenever he is out there. Carson (Palmer). Traditionally that's been consistent with this style of defense. to me. but the point total is low. when it breaks down. That stat is significant."He does give some insight. It's something that has to improve and until it does. but we have to get through the rest of the week and make sure everything responds the way we think it's going to respond and we hope it responds. It's hard each week. but they put up pretty big numbers. Not that stationary quarterbacks are easier to deal with. made some progress there." (On if he would be more inclined to keep Dawson out this week since the bye is next week). because it's been significant. he's another guy that is able to move around in the pocket in create some different things. but we wouldn't do that whether it's the bye week next week or not. or is he going to continue down the field. At the end of the day. and how we can improve the execution. . There's a bunch of different things that happen and as a defensive line." (On how useful Michael Gaines is when preparing for Chicago). The amount of points that we've given up as a result of turnovers. it's critical that you keep those guys in the pocket so you don't get to that next level. the fits on the break down have to be consistent. With the bye week next week. who has some experience with the Bears as well. or zone defense and understanding where you have to fit. so then you have to cover your scramble rules based on manto-man defense. Each team has a set of scramble rules and each team's scramble rules are different." (On Jay Cutler's ability to keep plays alive and how the secondary will have to defend against it). that's when we feel that he's able to do it. it's not something that we're rushing. Defensively. which is easier because you stay with the guy that you're on. It all works together and you have to prepare for what they run."No. or anything along those lines." (On if he thinks Dawson would be back already if his injury had been to his plant leg instead of his kicking leg). Peyton (Manning) doesn't move around a lot in the pocket. John is here as well.bit of time and wasn't able to participate like we hoped he would."I didn't look at it that way."We wouldn't put him out there if we felt that there was a chance that it could be a big setback. Turnovers for us is a stat that I do look at."It feels like we've dealt with that every week. I think there's a real good shot. what I'm looking at is where we can improve the execution. Clair. That. St. what happens if it breaks down and it adds some preparation. because the stats will come if we improve the execution.

He's made some really impressive catches. or enough every couple weeks so that it's not following the same pattern. and guys figure that out pretty quickly when they're back there. I think. and the level of preparation has to remain consistent. it's still." (On if Mike Vrabel is successful at playing on offense because he is so smart). I thought we had a chance on the other one. The . It's dedication. It's commitment. is maybe eight inches on the pull. but the style of play has to remain consistent. We had a play that. Typically. Maybe the traditional audibles. There have been a lot of weeks in the recent past here where we've had the right approach and I didn't think we played the way we should play on Sunday."Last week. too. It's hard work." (On if he has ever thought about putting a defensive lineman in on offense when inside the five yard line). He's not that little. That's the formula. had a real good chance to get home and we had that exchange and we ended up losing a little bit of yardage on that. It's really the same approach if you aren't winning. little Klecko. the calls. That's the difference between having a hat or not having a hat. when we had him. too."Yes. It's more teaching that element as opposed to selling any sort of miracle cure. Everybody wants to be back there. the puller got knocked off. It's consistency. is the only way to win is to be consistent and to fix things and understanding that. in terms of our style of play and that's the starting point. I thought you were talking about more the fullback spot. We're willing to try different people there. when you get to this point in the season. It's not the same world. kind of. Everybody talks about being back there and you get back there and it gets noisy. I think. and even though you are. so I'm sure they're taking that into account. as we he was coming around."He has great hands. not big (Joe) Klecko."I don't really look at it as selling them on anything. You've done some of that. it's on understanding what's important to get fixed and the difference between the right approach and the wrong approach. It's just as important to prepare the same way after a win as you would any other week. I used to put (Richard) Seymour back there some. with the blocking. To me. maybe every couple weeks. he's 300 pounds.They know both those guys are here. There isn't one. The scheme. every team changes it up. We've worked a couple different guys as tight ends." (On what he sells the team on when they are 1-6). those aren't going to stay the same through this week. When you're used to hitting someone. those things are going to change week-to-week. It's always easy to come in after a win and prepare. it's different. kind of hit his hip so he couldn't get in the hole to get the linebacker he was assigned to. the traditional checks. odds are. We have to get that fixed. the things like that. Those things are going to be different based on which individual you're playing against. especially on the goal line. His pull could have been a little bit deeper and I think it would have avoided the contact. one of the problems was we had the fumbled exchange. There is so much movement that you usually have somebody who knows something about that team. It's a different world though. We didn't have a hat for a hat on that and he just got chipped. (Dan) Klecko." (On the problem with running the ball inside the five yard line).

or the defensive linemen that were available in that area and then look at Kenyon's production versus that group. stick at the top of the routes. it's just some different matchups." (On if not feeling confident enough to run the ball inside the five affects how a game is called). but I think he has done some better things over the course of his time of playing more. Some of the things I think that we need to reengage in and reincorporate into the scheme. I kind of moved away from the d-lineman/fullback role a little bit from that.other thing that happened. Seymour ended up getting hurt. it's been positive. the numbers don't really show it. Hopefully." (On Brian Robiskie). Route depths."Yes. Some of it I've liked. Really." (On if Seymour and Klecko got hurt playing fullback). There's been some scaling back with some of the stuff we do."You always want to get seven. When you were looking at the range. probably more so on the first one than the second one. it does. Alex (Mack) has been able to play 100 percent of the snaps and I think he's making some real strides there as well. I think we had a shot. I think there's been progress."I think he's done a good job in the role that he's had."Yes. which is higher than his normal total. I think in that context. but you put the tight end outside the receiver and he runs the number one position's route and the number two. he caught the one on the sideline."We felt confident last week that we could run it in and we did call two of the three plays there to do that." (On if two defensive players getting hurt on offensive will change your mind about using them in that role). it was just the fumbled exchange hurt us at that point."That was really part of the trade." (On if the team loses confidence when they get in the red zone and aren't able to score)." (On if they adjust the playbook when the offense is not playing well). [he] caught the other in-cut."We've done a lot of that. same read for the quarterback. so we'll do some of that too." (On the draft day trade for Kenyon Coleman). I think he probably has more play time and production than guys that were drafted in that spot. just he hasn't gotten a lot of opportunities to get the ball. I think there's an approach that we need to . to get it in."Brian. in that role. I think." (On Kenyon Coleman specifically). That's a positive. Sometimes it's taking the core plays and getting to them in a different way that creates the defense that you want to run those core plays. Klecko ended up getting hurt. both of them did. The few opportunities that he has had. really understanding the different coverages. It wasn't a question of not having confidence there. Same concept. Kenyon's a pretty consistent guy. It may be the same concept. we'll keep getting him more and more involved as we go. then you get a little bit different match up. he wasn't in bounds. He has a sack this year. same route. Some of it I haven't liked. when we were looking at other defensive linemen that were available in that range. He's performed how I envisioned him to perform.

continuing to emphasize tackling. I thought we had a really good day yesterday with the communication. they are big Star Wars fans. The two oldest.continue to take. It's great. if he had gone deeper we probably would have had the hat that we needed. I have a Darth Vader mask in my office. It's something that can improve and needs to improve across the board. We are going to keep doing it. but one he gets knocked off. That. I am sure the players are wondering what that is for. Everybody has to take part in it. too Terry (Pluto). I had to watch that documentary last Friday about the making of. in terms of being able to get the ball into the end zone. you get down there more often. It's fun. I can't stress that enough. is another skill that is developed and as it improves.30. Jake is Han Solo and Luke is Luke Skywalker. I know the Star Wars Symphony is coming to Cleveland. You really understand how important the smallest details are. Good times. Like I was talking about with the puller. to me. "Offensively."Today what we are going to do. to me. [I] have been doing that for years. what to anticipate." (Opening statement). and really I'm looking to get down there more often to increase the averages of getting in. You have everybody jammed up inside. that's the one year old and Luke Skywalker. Ideally. we improve. the reads. because there's not a lot of margin for error. I thought they did a nice job with that. I can't emphasize that enough. I think there are some things that we need to clean up from yesterday that we will do here today. It is a little bit different package than what we have seen over the last couple of weeks. what the check is. good times. It's a different type of . That would help too. I thought that defensively we had a good day. Everybody has to understand it. We have been doing it since training camp. It also helps our offensive players with running with the football. that's Luke. understanding where a defender's leverage is." Mangini press conf. how to attack it. The ability to identify what they are in." (On if not being able to score when in the red zone becomes more magnified when you are not in the red zone a lot). 10/30 10. I think it's more about understanding how subtle the differences are down there and being able to capitalize on those things. I hope nobody ever walks in when that is happening. Luke loves Luke Skywalker. just law of averages. is such a fundamental skill. Yoda. the other one. [It's for] when I Skype with them. We got it a couple days this week.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 10-30-09 (On what his kids are going to be for Halloween). I am usually either Darth Vader or the Emperor. all of the different places I have been and [I] believe in it. In all three areas whether it be the routes. we have Puss in Boots from Shrek. it's the difference between a very small amount of distance. the protection. I feel like we are getting closer in understanding how to deal with it. you saw yesterday. and [to] do it quickly is key."Yes. That."Let's see.

It wasn't really our mindset. we all need to practice. tight end and running back set. It takes a lot of work by the player and the group to get that. traditionally that would be an empty formation. that's been a plus decision. Some of the veteran guys who have years of experience can relate things back. I liked working with those guys and I liked the things that they brought to the table. I think there are a lot of plusses with it. it was important to me to see those guys. but you think that he has a chance to keep developing. I thought that was an area where we needed to develop depth." (On the notion of using Josh Cribbs as a running back). It's one personnel group which presents one set of issues. He's good with run after the catch. where our initial spot was." (On how the trade for Kenyon Coleman has worked out)." (On if it was determined before the draft that the team did not need to draft a quarterback)."I've done some of that in the past. He is strong when he is running his routes.front in terms of the way they penetrate versus some of the other teams that have been a little bit more reacting. We all need that and I think especially with the younger guys. That wasn't part of the equation. at a position that has as much communication as the center does and as many variations as the center does. but you are creating another one because that guy does have some running back skills. He's building that experience each time he plays and each time he practices. and I don't love making comparisons between guys. so they have to deal. but as a young guy."I like the players that we got. It's something that we have done a little bit of. We are making some strides there as well. at times. potentially be really good in that role.A. but having D. Alex (Mack) has started every snap and I think he gets a little bit better each week. (Derek Anderson) and Brady (Quinn) here. I think that if you look at Kenyon's production versus the other d-linemen that were available high in the draft. everybody would be out because you don't have a running back. work on the red zone and ideally finish the week."You look at all the players available. I don't think last week was his best week. clean up those things. It's not that you don't think that he's going to be as good in the other role. You can run those types of plays with a guy like that. and also. Josh has played a lot of different roles with the Wildcat. Brett's (Ratliff) been in his role and that's really the role that I saw him having when he came here. in terms of that position going into the draft. We would take Brad. our receiver group when we first got here was in a bit of a state of flux. I've liked the things that he's done. motion him back in the backfield and now you are in a three wide receiver. It takes time. but with Brad Smith where you could get into multiple wide receiver set. and the production that he's had and the play time that he's had."He does have really good hands. the receiver so you have to build the package as you go." . Say you had four wide receivers on the field and a tight end." (On why he chose to play Cribbs at wide receiver instead of running back). it's hard to get those days back that you miss in practice. practice wise. Same thing with Abe (Elam). on a good note. What we will do today is.

as well as play some tight end."Yes. you look at what they've done based on the systems they were in and getting to know them and going through that experience." (On if there is a possibility of a player earning playing time by performing well enough at their primary position. which is good. but as you go through the season. Hank (Fraley) had played a role there to some degree. You may feel like you have a really good handle on a guy. the things you're asking them to do. the good news is. 21 there's a tight end. What you don't want to do is."It was tough last week."It's like anything else. so Gaines had to play some fullback. three wide receivers. for Gaines. but it's not what's best. give them reps because you feel like they should have reps. but not on special teams). [we] we're sure. (Lawrence) Vickers was out. getting to know them through the course of the season. we had the flu element. which is two backs. one back. and I've said it a lot. the whole concept . had been here a little while. could go. Is it as clear as you would like it to be? No." (On if he has separate game plans depending on how many tight ends will be able to play). I can tell you. You also have to then. see them in your system. If you're the star. Hank may be able to be an in-line guy." (On if a player's playing time can be decided solely on his performance at his primary position). the third defensive back playing in the slot." (On how much the health of the tight ends affects the game plan). Greg has been able to go to some degree."There's not really a group that you have where you can [plan for not having a tight end]. If you've carved out a role somewhere else. Greg (Estandia) had played. With (Michael) Gaines. That's what you're working with at that point. but at least it's moving in that direction. Some of the reps that you take off somebody else.(On if he saw enough from Anderson and Quinn before the draft to have a good idea of what they are capable of). you can't do it. he had just come in. you know them much better than you did coming into it. If they're not doing either one of those things and you bring them to the game and they're not giving you reps on [special] teams. 11 there's a tight end. Steve's been able to go to some degree. you look at both sides of it. like he has been. We've gotten Lawrence back. Are you a substituted safety? Are you the third wide receiver? What is your role? How are you contributing on game day? You want to be able to make sure that the 45 guys that you bring there are all adding value to the game. all those things come into play. You try to build some flexibility with the plays. allows them to play better at their spot. he's been here an extra week and he has some exposure to those different spots. the most important thing is what is the role? What is the game day role? The role can take a lot of different shapes. whether it be Robert or Steve. but they really have to beat somebody out at their position in order for that to be the dominant part of the decision making process. definitely. Now. or play a role on substituted defenses that is significant. There were a lot of moving parts. Going back to a long time ago. because we had both those guys (Robert Royal and Steve Heiden) down. You're kind of down to 20 personnel. sort of hoping that one of those other two guys. four wide receivers. or 10 [personnel]. 12 there are two tight ends. Robert's been able to go to some degree."Yes. bring someone to a game.

We had been moving closer to understanding that.03. you take a chance. what our next steps are."I think that when you win the game. we can pick up blitzes better. or if it looks a little bit differently. You don't want to take a step back to move forward. ‘Who can play here? Who can fill in here?' in case you get into spots like this where you have moving parts or you don't know what exactly the equation's going to be come Sunday because you're working through it during the week." (On if Daboll takes it hard after a rough game)." (On Green Bay saying that they had practiced against Elam's blitz all week). there are plenty of areas to improve.' and I don't think you'll ever find that.of building flexibility. ‘Okay. we can catch the ball better. there are a lot of decisions that look really good.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-3-09 . At the point. We run a lot of different things out of that set." (On if he has been pleased with how Elam has done in blitz situations). the three weeks prior I thought that we were really getting a sense of how we had to play each game. I think collectively. because there was progress there. I have an understanding of what we're doing. and be involved in all three areas to whatever capacity I can and in whatever positive way that I can." (On the intensity of the team against Green Bay). You enjoy the win for about a half hour and then the losses tend to stick longer. you just make the tackle. why we're doing it. Sometimes there are setbacks. but there's a way that you have to do it. that's exactly what we want. and if they were able to pick that up. You have the next team and the next opportunity and you look at it objectively and correct it and move forward." (On how satisfied he has been with Brian Daboll's play calling and if he has thought about taking a bigger role in it). but you have to move on. I think that was [a] good job by them. You have to learn from it and you have to be able to come back and do those other things that we've been looking for. not for whatever it went. if those things that we planned for aren't working. what's our alternative. I thought we can throw the ball better."Yes. they all take it hard." Mangini press conf. it should go for 15. the thought process. there's not one area where we could say. what's the next move."I try to help out in all three areas. Believe me. we can coach better."The one thing I've been really pleased with is. 11/3 11. which base plays are we going to go back to. I think that play could have been minimized if we had made the tackle. It was a quick pass. it's not just offensively. we're bringing a lot of different guys just based on formation and I think Abe has done a good job when he has blitzed. so it wasn't going to get home either way."Most coaches I've been around. It's like anything else. There are plenty of things that everybody can do better.

and I appreciate the questions that you guys (the media) have. as a staff last night. What I will talk about is anything that is to do with the things that we're doing this week and things directly related to the team that we're working on. but I hope you can also respect that I've added all that I can add right now.(Opening statement). I understand that you all have a lot of questions and there is really nothing that I'm going to add to this. I've really said all that I can say. all that I can say at this point. it's the same thing. Mary Kay (Cabot). there's nothing else that I'm going to add. Tomorrow will be more of a third down emphasis. as individual coaches and as players." (On who will address the General Manager situation if he will not). I hope that you can respect that. the things that. as part of that. technique. As a coaching staff. George (Kokinis) is a friend of mine and I respect him and I wish his family well. in terms of this topic. [We] presented that to the players and then we'll go out and practice that here this afternoon. I can tell you that anytime a decision like this is made it is difficult personally and professionally."This is really. for a variety of reasons. I completely appreciate that."Good morning everybody."We've had one situation where that was the case. Jeff (Schudel). What I can say is that I feel like we have a very strong structure in place on the personnel side and I'm confident that day-to-day we'll be able to execute the things that we need to execute." (On what having two dismissals in the past week says about the stability of the organization). whatever the case may be." (On if a new General Manager will be hired this season)."As I said. "Today was first and second down. like a typical Thursday. I can tell you that for a variety of reasons things didn't work out. We have a strong structure in place on both the pro side and the college side and things will continue to operate effectively on a day-to-day basis. we went through the first and second down packages. What I can talk about are the things that we're doing here today. things that we want to remove from the various packages and some things that we want to add. whether it be scheme. that we think we can continue to improve on. things like that. We really analyzed the things that we did well." . You never go into a situation like this with the intention of it not working out. a scouting report. We felt that. The coaches put together clips to reflect that. What I will talk about are the things that we're doing as a team over the course of the week in order to improve."I understand. "What we did this morning and last night is. this was the best decision in order to move forward."In terms of the timetable. In terms of the decision that was made yesterday." (On why he won't talk about the General Manager situation). we're all looking to focus on things that we can get better at and collectively doing that so that we can move forward after the bye week and make the progress that we're looking for. organizationally." (On why he did not mention the General Manager change yesterday). sort of a Browns scouting report and adjustments.

this morning and trying to really work through the different things that we think need to be addressed short term." (On if he understands why fans want to know what is going on within the organization). but really. It is a unique time where you can put some more emphasis on individual technique. where we can go really share some time and I can give them my perspective on things."I think that you have to talk to Neal (Gulkis) about that. I spent a lot of time with the coaching staff yesterday. however we're going to get that in place and really formulate a plan for each guy and also look at the ways that we can develop them into bigger roles or into different roles that we think can help us. some of the points of emphasis that we need to really work on with them. the important thing that I've stressed. Whether it be during the individual periods. point of attack tapes made on each guy. what we're going to do is."No." (On if there are legal reasons why he can't talk about Kokinis). I can just tell you the things that I can address and it's for a variety of reasons. player-by-player. address what they're hoping to achieve over the course of the rest of the season. is the important thing for us is to be able to focus individually first on what we can improve. but that's also a component of this. those meetings have been very valuable. We will spend some more time as a coaching staff going through." (On how he keeps this from becoming a distraction to the players)." (On if he has made any further conclusions about possible changes). can sit down with the players one-on-one and either address their performance. I can just tell you what I'm addressing. in terms of player performances and evaluation and things like that on Thursday. where they can look at that individually to help them get a better feel for what they've done or with their position coach. [I have] historically made a lot of strides during the bye week."In talking to the team. like I said. with the coordinator."There's really a variety of reasons. We have. We need to get that done this week and that's what we're focused on. and I'll just leave it at that. Tony (Grossi). whether it be actual game tapes or whether it be practice tapes. I hope that you can understand that as well." (On if Randy Lerner plans to address the situation). address their concerns. we're looking at it from a scheme perspective and also from a personnel perspective. Tony (Grossi)."I completely understand the questions and I respect that. Those things are the important things that we need to do. how we can help him improve. with myself." . I look forward to those meetings. I understand the question.(On if Bernie Kosar will fill some on Kokinis' responsibilities). Just from my experience over the last three years. this is all that I can say. We'll meet more on personnel. whether it be today or yesterday or at any point. need to be addressed long term."Mary Kay (Cabot). all of us are focused on. I hope you can understand that as well. areas where we think either that player can improve. like I said. and then collectively what we can improve.

You appreciate people trying to constantly improve at what they're doing or constantly help the group improve. It's obviously our players. That's often a time for the third quarterback.(On if Brett Ratliff will get more reps). It does take time. Bill would always listen to anybody's opinion and anybody's ideas. is the opportunity periods."My goal is to win and my goal is to improve. It was true with my experience in New York with Bill Parcells."I didn't look at it in terms of how hard it would be. There's no substitute for hard work. I've been part of it with different head coaches." (On if this is harder than he thought it was going to be when he took the job). Even when I was in my third year in New York. There just isn't. It does take deliberate practice. as long as there was a rational to it. You appreciate the honesty. That is consistent with every place that I've been. is all based on one end goal and that is to win. It's our packages. You want to hire as many people as you possibly can like that. There's never opposition to someone that can help us achieve that goal. It was true in New York with the Jets. They aren't on the schedule." (On his thoughts on final personnel decisions being given to someone else in the future). but it is stuff that you have to look at. It may be a cliché. there's no blue print for how to deal with those things. in this case Brett. the way that they players are working. It does take a lot of hard work." (On if Ratliff is a candidate to start after the bye week). Each group of guys has been radically different. [He] was open to it and was willing to introduce those things or try those things. there are things that come up every day that aren't on the agenda."You'd have to ask people around the league. You want as many players around like that."Over these practices and things like that. that are unique to that group of players. There's no substitute for constantly analyzing ways to improve and being committed to doing that. you have to try to make good decisions on and you have to move forward. that are unique to that coaching staff. I really respected that and learned a lot from him from that perspective. I remember my early experiences with Bill (Belichick) as a young guy. That's not going to change. I've been part of this process before. There's no substitute for that. I know that the things that we're doing. the way that they coaches are working. to get some of those reps that he may not get during the course of a normal practice. the way that the organization is working."No. Tony (Grossi). It's our stuff. but the consistent thing is the way that you have to approach it. . first and foremost. I've been part of it as a head coach myself and there's not one specific pattern that it follows. but also to improve at every level at all times. You appreciate the feedback. as long as it was well thought out. I looked at it in terms of how important the process was and understanding that each place is going to have different challenges that are unique to that organization. we'll try to work all three guys to some degree. What we do still do. Each year's been radically different. but it's a cliché for a reason. It was true with my experience in New England with Bill (Belichick). It was the same thing with Bill Parcells. because that's the truth." (On what he thinks the image of the Browns is around the league). That's true here. There isn't a set pattern. every experience I've had. It was true with my experience as a head coach with the Jets.

There's really nothing else I can add. who always had his hand in the dirt in college. things like that. Every mentor that I've had has had that approach. you install if you're going to add some things or correct some things."Really it's what I said. "In terms of what we're doing here today. He was an undrafted free agent. you look at the thing you're going to carry through. their approach." (On if this was an organizational decision he signed off on). I feel comfortable with the guys that we've brought in and their contributions. Everybody contributes to that process. you analyze it. third down. Today. it's an organizational decision that we felt gave us the best chance to move forward. I think the players." (On if it was a difficult decision). review the tape and then go out and practice the things that you want to get corrected. first and second down. it's really an extension of the bye week for us. is a good example of what we're always trying to do. which is always positive to be able to do. Following that process leading up to it from a preparation perspective. "One thing that we did housekeeping wise. The organization felt this gave us the best chance to move forward. That's the nice thing about the week. It's all part of what you continue to grow. regardless of how much success they've had and that's probably why they've had the success that they have had."Good morning everybody.2009 Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-9-09 (Opening statement)." (On how many of the players he brought in this season he thinks have the potential to be franchise impact players). their work ethic. That's always rejuvenating. What I've traditionally done. nickname was . Marcus. to me. That's what the emphasis is here today." Mangini press conf.09.just individuals that are intrinsically motivated to be the best at their craft and to make sure that the organization is as positive and as productive as possible. How are we doing? [My bye week] was good actually."I think that everybody who's here right now is contributing to the things that were doing now and hopefully the things that we're building towards in the future. our focus will still be on us and the concentration will be in the red area and goal line and the areas that you'd normally cover on a Friday during a typical week. is we elevated Marcus Benard from the practice squad to the active roster. 11/9 11. He was a hand in the dirt guy. is we had the two days last week where we covered each phase. you go through it. I spent a lot of time with the boys yesterday and the day before. what I decided to do this week as well. it's nice for them to get some time with their families or get away."You never go into any situation with the intention of it not working out and that was true in this case.

"(Jason) Trusnik has played in there. in talking to him. I have an idea where we're heading. to come here. or his role on special teams and then. we do. Now. even if I'm not talking [at a press conference]. it's easy to lose track of how long these guys have been working and . so that's what we'll be doing. We'll talk about that in conjunction with our work on the Ravens. I said. but want to go through the workouts and see where those are." (On Eric Barton)." (On if there is still one roster spot open). things like that. I'm going to keep him outside. he'll practice here today. It's good to be able to get out there together. we'll at least have some real clarity either later today or tomorrow."What I'll do is I'll let you guys know about that on Wednesday. I'd just rather talk about it on Wednesday. I think his best chance to contribute is outside. We'll talk about that more and our preparation for the Ravens. It's good to have the players back in. I think he's done an outstanding job. The thing that's been consistent with him is his work ethic. similar to David Bowens and David Veikune. I know where I'm headed. Once we do. but you can have combinations based on the package." (On if he knows what position will be filled with the roster spot). He had a lot of production in college at a smaller school and then." (On if he has made a decision at quarterback). I think he has the ability to where he could play inside from his athleticism. That's the other nice thing with the bye week. He was our [practice] player of the week against Buffalo."Yes. Mary Kay (Cabot)." (On if he has told the quarterbacks his decision yet). really letting him concentrate on one spot. You'd like to be able to always elevate off your practice squad and we were able to do that here today and I'm happy for him. It doesn't have to be filled by one guy all the time in all the different packages." (On what linebacker position Benard plays). so you have those three there. based on what you're seeing. similar to keeping David Veikune inside."We'll have some more guys in for workouts tomorrow. (Blake) Costanzo who's worked as a WILL. what other roles he can play for us defensively. You have Kaluka (Maiava). who's worked as a WILL.' That will be dependent on his play on special teams.King Kong. so he could be a potential candidate from a MIKE perspective. Ideally in a 3-4."Yes. The next step is to get to the 45-man roster. The weather's been pretty amazing over of the course of the weekend and it looks like we have another day like that today. ‘That's the first step." (On if Jamal Lewis is okay). to have to learn how to play linebacker and all the other things that go with transitioning from college to pro football as an undrafted guy. I'll let Neal (Gulkis) let you know." (On if they will need another inside linebacker if Barton can't play). his strength. We have a little variation in body types. to stand up."I haven't sat down with the quarterbacks. so that's part of it."I think we'll know more. I think."He's outside. those positions are mirrored.

hitting and things like that. It does give you an opportunity to get some guys some extra rest. He'll be back here today." (On if all of the players made it back)- "Yes, everybody else made it back. Everybody else was on time in making it back. You're always looking forward to that attendance sheet coming through." (On his message to the team coming out of the bye week)- "When you look at it, and I think the players have an appreciation for it, when you look at where we've fallen short in different areas, again it comes down to things that are correctable, like ball security, our consistency in catching the ball, placing the ball, depths of routes, depths in coverage, rush lanes defensively. There are a lot of things from a fundamental perspective that if we improve on, then the outcome will be different. I experienced this in New York all three years, to take a step back to look at it, to look at it, to look at it objectively, be able to spend some time on it, show the players it and have the realization that, if we correct these things and do these things better, then the outcome will be different. Often times, a long play versus an intermediate play versus a no gain comes down to a small technique thing. There was a play against Green Bay late in the game, where Robaire (Smith), who's really been outstanding, especially over the last couple weeks, just got caught inside a little bit. The softness in the c-gap, the back was able to get through and that ended up being a significant play from amount of yards gained, but that's correctable. He's played that a lot of times, he just kind of bit a little early. It wasn't him alone, it was also the outside linebacker getting a little bit of width. To be able to see those plays and understand how that small amount of softness can translate in to a big gain, it's positive from the perspective of it is correctable." (On how many players met with him during the bye week)- "There were different guys at different points. The other thing is, that is really open today as well too. I'll get together with some more of those guys here today. The exact number, I'm not sure what the total number was, but it's good. It's positive. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with coaches, where you don't usually get a chance to sit down with a lot of guys and say, ‘Here are some things I really like. Here are some things I think you can improve.' Get their feedback on things, on a one-on-one basis, that they think we can improve, they think they can improve. It was a coach in New York who actually brought that to my attention. He had done a lot in college and it really was nothing that I had ever been exposed to. In pro football, I had never sat down with a head coach for a one-on-one to talk about things I could do better, usually those came in a very loud fashion and publicly. I thought it was positive and I thought it was a good idea and incorporated it." (On meeting with the coordinators)- "Interestingly, with the coordinators, you do spend more time with those guys. I'll spend, probably, the most of my time with Rob Ryan and Brad (Seely), just because each week you're going through the game plan, you're going through the corrections on a daily basis. That's a little different, I guess, than the meetings I was talking about, with more the assistants."

(On what he talked about with Brian Daboll during the bye week)- "I guess what I'm getting at is that wasn't that type of meeting, because we meet quite often. It's more time spent day-to-day then say, the other position coaches." (On what they can do to get the offense going)- "I really believe there are a lot of things that we can do to make the offense more effective. I think the starting point for us is protecting the football. The amount of opportunities is always going to be limited by the times we have the football. We're giving it away too often. It's not purely in the form of interceptions, it's ball security. We need to do a better job as a show team constantly pressuring the ball, almost to the point where it's overkill, because that's the amount of emphasis that you have to put on it. Whenever the running back is finishing the run, you want to have two, three guys tearing it away to keep giving that awareness to the running back, to the receiver. Every play getting those guys pressuring the football, because the better we protect it, the more chance we'll have to score, the more chance we'll have to sustain drives and that, to me, is the starting point. Then, it's being able to take advantage of the opportunities that are there, whether it's throws or catches, being able to execute those. That's the second thing. I think from a scheme perspective, there's a range of things in the different areas, first and second down, third down, red zone, that we have looked at that we'll incorporate moving into the second half." (On if they will do more fumble drills now than in the first half of the season)- "It's been a point of emphasis, but obviously we're not doing it effectively enough. We do track all those things during the course of practice. I thought the show team guys, last week, did a really nice job. They were all over the football every play, regardless of where the guy was. They were knocking it out on his way back to the huddle. Sometimes that's what you have to do, is over emphasize it, to get what we need to get done, done." (On if the GM rumors are a distraction)- "It's not going to be a distraction for me, or any of the coaches or any of the players. There are so many things that come up during the course of a season, whether it's this or any of the other elements that come up, or have come up, that really, like any other part of what you're teaching, it's very important that you can focus on what's important. What's important for us is what we're doing on a daily basis and our preparation for the next opponent. Being part of different programs and seeing the way distractions can affect, or aren't allowed to affect things, has given me good insight into how important that skill is. The emphasis is always going to be on the things that we need to do on that day and not the things that are happening externally." (On the rumor about Mike Holmgren)- "With any of the names that come up, I'm sure there's been a range of names that have come up. I talk to Randy (Lerner) all the time about different things. Again, my emphasis, my focus, is going to be on what we're doing here day-to-day getting the team ready." (On if there is a sense of urgency to bring in a GM-type person before the end of the season)- "What I believe in is that anybody that can help us be successful, anybody that can help us move forward, I'm always open to, whether it's in that role or any other role.

Whether it's a player, coach, whatever it is, I'm open to anybody that can help us improve. We're always looking to do that individually and organizationally." (On if he talked to any GM candidates last week)- "What I've been focused on is the team and the things that we can do to improve the team. That's what I'll continue to focus on." (On if there is anything he wants to change about his approach for the next eight weeks)- "You're always going through that self-reflection and looking at the way I approach squad meetings, the way I approach staff meetings, preparation for the next opponent, practice schedules, the outline of practice, distribution of personnel, all those things are things that I'm looking at. I like to think that we change those as we go and there are some things that we'll continue to change as we go." (On if he is going to make any changes in his approach)- "Yes, and there have been throughout the course of the season. It won't stop this week. It will keep going each week. Looking at it, what did we do well? What did we do poorly? What were preparation errors? What are things that we want to emphasize? What's the best distribution of time? All those things are things that you look at." (On if the use of the Wildcat was looked at during the bye week)- "That was a component of it. We've been running elements of the Wildcat since the first week. We ran it in the Minnesota game. We've run it at different points throughout the season, some with greater frequency, some with greater success. It's a good package. It's something that I like, that Brian likes. Obviously, Josh (Cribbs) really likes it. It's going to be different based on how the team plays it, how they adjust to it, but it is a good package that we'll continue to carryover and continue to have available each week." (On how the practice schedule will change with a Monday night game)- "It's different coming off the bye as well, because today is really a Browns-centered day, not a Ravens' day. There have been elements of Ravens prep throughout all three days, but it's really Browns-centered. In terms of the daily schedule, that will be pretty consistent, with the extra day (Saturday) being more of a review type day than anything else."

Mangini press conf. 11/11
Transcript: Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-11-09 (Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. How are we doing? A couple things, we signed Josh Stamer to the active roster. We currently have one roster spot open and [there are] some things that we're looking at in terms of filling that, but I'll let you know when we do that as we move forward. In terms of the quarterback situation, I had a chance to sit down with both guys, which is what I wanted to do before I shared the

" (On where Quinn has improved the most). I think that his overall control of the offense has gotten better. as you play conference opponents for the second time. continues to improve and [we] didn't disrupt him very much. All three of those things will kill you."It's hard to put it in a long term context. I watched him some in college when he was coming out and things like that. and even when they don't pressure. I think that he's worked hard since the first transition was made and I respect that. There are a lot of tools in this offense that are available and I'm looking forward to him using those and I think he can. which is what I asked of him. there's more familiarity. starting . I think he's done some good things in the role that he was playing.decision with anybody else and Brady (Quinn) will start this week against Baltimore. it's a very good running game and we weren't very good there."With any of these decisions. I think especially over the last two to three weeks he's been very efficient as a passer and I've liked the things he's done. The positive thing is having the exposure that we've had with some of the new guys. I'm not looking to change. they've got players that can cause problems. (Joe) Flacco. That's what I'm looking for. I look forward to him taking advantage of this opportunity and helping us improve offensively. That's one of the things that he and I talked about last night. That's what I asked him to do. that's the key for any type of improvement. His quarterback rating was outstanding and they generated some big plays. You go back and you look at the first game. "In terms of Baltimore. You look at the opportunities that were there and there were opportunities in all three phases that I didn't think we did a very good job capitalizing on. there's plenty all of us can do better in all three phases." (On what Quinn needs to do better than he did the first two and a half games)"Collectively. We have our work cut out for us. On special teams there were three guys that we identified that we needed to control in order for our return game to be effective and they have five out of the nine special teams tackles. He's had more time in the system. I think that he's worked at the same level that he worked at when he was the starter and prior to becoming the starter and. believe me. to me. I think it's a creative pressure package that they have defensively. we had four turnovers. I think that familiarity should help us and the work that we did over the bye week should help us as well."Yes."I like to think that throughout the course of the season guys continue to improve. Defensively. I think. You have to protect the football. because this is my first experience with him. I think that he's had some good weeks of practice. even from my perspective. the coaching squad's perspective." (On what makes him think Quinn will play better than he did the beginning of the season). one of the things that happens is. I liked what he did over the bye week practices. That's never the intention when a decision like this is made." (On if he will stick with the quarterback decision for the rest of the season). I think his comfort level in the system has gotten better." (On if Derek Anderson will be the backup quarterback).

but just be comfortable with what you see and go with what you see. We played New England one time. I've enjoyed getting to know him. by any means. they threw 10 hitches because of the way we were pressuring and killed us." (On Quinn's completions earlier being mostly shorter passes). whether it's a tight end on a five-yard out or whether it's a go route to somebody. and I think that's a great quality. I think that there were a lot of things that played a part in this. you've done the homework."To me. I think that it's an opportunity to continue to grow and I'm sure he will. you just have to go with the things that you've learned and I anticipate him doing that. It wasn't felt by the coaching staff."In fairness to Derek. I've played against a lot of really successful quarterbacks. this many times because you're only completing short balls.' Throw it to the open receiver. I don't think that. this is some sort of final statement on who he is. I really do. whether it's a check down. It happens a lot of times defensively. I know it wasn't felt by me. At the end of the day. They feel like it's the right adjustment. Obviously. When you come out of it. ‘We have to throw it to this place. because we couldn't get there with the heat and they just kept being patient."I think that anybody who has a lot of decision to make has to go through those quickly. too. we . I really like Derek and I really liked the way that he handled himself. Brady approaches everything in a very serious way. I like the way that he's worked. There were times where I feel like he really knew where to go with the ball and maybe didn't go there as quickly as he could of." (On if Anderson lost confidence in the players around him). in a very detailed way." (On if Quinn was hesitant to make certain throws earlier in the season). I think these guys have worked really well together. That's going to happen. throw it to the guy who's open. That's what I'm looking for. be comfortable with his reads. Sometimes that comes with being more comfortable and I've seen that comfort level increase and I'm anticipating that will translate.with myself and the coaches and moving right on down. It's a function of getting it to the right guy. you've prepped and now it's a function of going with what you see and sometimes you're right and sometimes you're wrong. I've seen him make a lot of good decisions and what I want him to do is be comfortable with his thought process. getting it to the open guy. you make a mistake. that's hard. they're slow to make it and you have some guys doing it and some guys not doing it. then that creates some other opportunities. Where the ball was in a place where it could have been caught and it wasn't. be comfortable with what he knows. If you make a mistake. As you get into the games. whether it's a hitch."I never got that sense at all. you've done the work. I never saw that from any of the players. Were there throws that he missed? There were some of those and there were some reads that could have been better."Sometimes it's a function of just going through your read progression and going with what you know. Even last game where we moved the chains and put the ball on the ground. We've all experienced that. taking it and taking it." (On if Quinn is over thinking things)." (On what happened with Anderson). You just have to go with what you know. I think that helps. where the secondary will see something. it's not going to be a function of. moving the chains and scoring points.

so he's played inside quite a bit. I think that in any situation you're in." (On if he anticipates Anderson getting another opportunity to start). was more big picture. Jeff (Schudel). it's a great chance. You're going to get another opportunity and when you get that opportunity." (On if Quinn would have developed more if he had stayed in all season)."My comment. That's what you want. you're the backup. Brad Kassell. You evaluate it. It doesn't always go the way that you anticipate it going. but this is a good group of guys. Bowens has played inside. was when he wasn't starting. He's worked inside quite a bit." (On using David Bowens as an inside linebacker and Jason Trusnik as an outside linebacker). They're committed to getting the things fixed that we need to get fixed and I appreciate that work ethic. how important it was to not let the preparation drop off. Guys are getting opportunities that maybe they wouldn't have gotten had we had both Eric (Barton) and D'Qwell (Jackson) here. That's the way that I approach it and that's any decision. similar to David Veikune.want it to translate into a lot more production. That's what you expect." (On Quinn's mindset while he was the backup)." (On if Barton's injury is career-threatening). I'm trying to think of some of the other guys. It doesn't always go the way that you want it. you make the decision at the time based on the information that you have and you're always trying to make the best decision at that point. Look at the inside linebacker position. we've lost both our inside linebackers. We've had probably about four or five guys like that who've played both outside and inside. With that opportunity."Again. He started inside last year for five games. same as D.A. The important thing to me is [to] keep talking to Eric and keep working with him and make the best decision for him. You look at it and you move forward based on the information that you have and how you feel. He and I talked about that when we had our initial conversation. My feeling with any decision is. those four linebacker spots."He's been consistent throughout this whole period. Even with Jason. right on down the line."It's something that he's looking at with the doctors and discussing. there are a lot of different opinions on all injuries."Anything like that is hypothetical. regardless of whether you're the starter. That decision will be made at some point. Roman Phifer. he was a guy who had only had his hand in the dirt and then worked outside."That was our base set. but you deal with the decisions and you work to improve. to have to flexibility to move those guys around based on need or depth is a good approach." (On if Barton will need surgery). There are a lot of guys in this system who can play both." . you need to prepare at the same level week in and week out because you don't know when things are going to change. now you're on the best chance to maximize it. Ideally. and then has learned inside. to not let any of the things that he's done tail off and he didn't. Cody Spencer was another guy.

Jim's a really smart guy. He's had some games where he's struggled. the other member of the Johnson tandem (Bryant Johnson). the way that he could almost answer questions before you asked the question and his control of the Georgia offense and things like that. there's a lot of plays that could be there. I sent Mike (Tannenbaum) a text just telling him he'd be proud of Jason's progress. [There have been] some times where. they hit that stutter-go that I was talking about. made some outstanding catches throughout the course of the season.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-18-09 (Opening statement). You look at Calvin Johnson. I think all those things have improved. I like the things that he's doing there as well. in terms of how much time you can really spend watching the tape of the previous opponent. [He is] obviously a guy that they can go to and rely on. I spent some time with him before the draft. [he] has hit some of those.' You have to deal with what's there and what our opportunities are and how do you change that. [he has] been a little bit banged up. he's a guy that can ruin the game." Mangini press conf. should've. I'm sure he has that same control over Detroit's offense. really tight coverage one-handed . how they're preparing. "I think offensively with (Matt) Stafford."Good morning everybody. At the start of the Chicago game. I like the things that he did in Tennessee. his poise in running the offense. whether it's stutter-goes. When you look at the body of work. we spent a little bit of time on the Baltimore game with the group and then really moved right into Detroit and the preparation that we have for them. but you can't deal in ‘could've.18. [He] had the 64-yarder. With Detroit. He's had some impressive plays this season. he has really made a lot of nice throws through the course of the season. but that's pretty common with a rookie quarterback like he is. I really am. but he was and he took advantage of it. I can see improvement from the team as the weeks have gone by.(On Trusnik's play at outside linebacker). you do that whenever possible. 11/18 11. I like the presence that he's had." (On if he thinks the receivers will be more reliable the second half of the season)"I'm looking for all of us to increase our consistency. 67-yarder against New Orleans. [He is] really impressive. whether it's the fade route. [We] weren't anticipating initially when we made the trade for him to be thrust into that type of role so quickly. You try to go through and get the most important points and then during the course of the week as there are some parallels or things that you can draw on from the last game in the teaching of the game plan for the next game. two fade routes for touchdowns. just knowing Jim (Schwartz) and spending time with Jim and working with Jim. Even with his partner on the other side. hitting the hole shot in between the corner and the safety in cover two. I know how they're working. How are we doing? Today with the short week. He's made some really nice catches as well."I thought he did a really good job. [It is] a little different with the short week.

some gap-trap type things. there's some changes for them to generate some big plays. we didn't do well enough. mixture of linebackers. but expect him to practice later this week. all those things were done out of no huddle. They're about eighth in the NFL right now in generating negative plays in the running game. [they have] three different types of backs. and I've talked about this. and they always have been.grabs. but 11 percent of their plays in the running game are negative plays. that helps anybody when they go through times that may be frustrating. This is another week where you're dealing with multiple blitz packages. I think the fact that he is such a good person and his confidence in who he is. I am. Multiple personnel groups. we were able to get to a lot of adjustments and I thought the communication was very good. it could be the safety coming in rolled up cover two. there's a lot of motioning."Yes. "Defensively. I think a couple weeks ago against Chicago." (On the team's performance the second half of the Baltimore game). who is really good at turning the ball over. What he did with running the offense and the approach that we had. but different tools that you have within the offense." (On if he is comfortable with Quinn going forward). personally it looked like he was trying to make the tackle. In terms of the injury that happened. I know if you look at their average it may not seem that way. I think that he's a big. physical guy with good hands and he seems to be getting more and more comfortable in their offense as well. Defensively. There's a lot more movement then we had against Chicago and I thought overall the communication was sound." (On if he thinks Brady Quinn is mentally prepared to go on). In the running game. things like that. he's a good person. Knowing Brady. There were times in the game. different formations. where it was more of a stationary offense. With Brandon Pettigrew. he's going to stop the run. I thought he did well. different combinations. usually not good things happen."I just think that when you play a team like Baltimore. It just takes that one play. in terms of running the no huddle offense the whole game. I think that the style of running offense that they have. That's something that we'll have to do a good job with. I thought that he did a really nice job with that. even the plays where Josh went into Wildcat. It could be the corner coming. I thought that he tried to use those as well. I don't think he'd look to ever hurt someone deliberately. . I don't think that anybody was trying not to protect the football." (On if he expects Joshua Cribbs to practice today). with Jim. When you bounce the ball up. things that we've seen at different points throughout the course of the year."What Brady did. it's that much more important to really protect the football. The throws that we had and the opportunities that we had to catch it. There were points where we got things going and until we eliminate the self-inflicted stuff it's going to be hard to sustain much. This week against Baltimore we were able to do the same thing and what I really liked is there's a lot of shifting. that's not easy to do and I thought he did it well."We'll probably going to hold him out today.

"Again.C. how he does this week. he has to be able to fill that role in way that's either at the same level or higher. that's Josh being competitive as well. or whatever it was."I want to see. you prepare for what you've seen on tape. so in order to kind of maintain the roles and what we thought was the best guy for each role. but that package. I'm sure they'll work on that. If he goes to the game and takes a spot of a guy who maybe plays more of a [special] teams role. That's what all the guys are like. I thought he had a couple runs that were good runs and one that I think he lost a yard or two."Yes. He got caught up in the moment and the play. This was trying to work him in to the rotation. I talked to Josh about that and told the team the same thing." (On if Cribbs said anything about his lateral)." (On if he expects Jennings to be more involved for the rest of the season). I think our ability to go in and out of it at any point is very helpful. again. There really wasn't a lot of space for him to work on that."It's like anything else. in retrospect." (On the reason for Chris Jennings' extended playing time)." (On if Jennings penalty on the kicker was legit). It's natural for everybody to be competitive. give him some chances for carries. but I'd have probably approached it differently. I'm sure they'll work on some of the things they've seen us do throughout the course of the season. If you get in that situation. you can't have those. Really. You simulate it the best you can. I'd probably do it differently. but made a guy miss. The next step for us was to give him a chance to carry the ball in games." (On if he spoke to Cribbs about him handling the end of the game differently).'s (Jerome Harrison) done most of that stuff."I've liked what Chris has done in practice. You're trying to go through no huddle and the other side's trying to show the look that you want and get the guys in the right place. I wanted to be able to get him active." (On if he thinks the Lions can prepare for the no huddle). defensively. where it was a miscommunication on the deep ball and in a tight game. he's gotten a little bit better each week. picked up eight yards. I forget who it was against. because the show team is working off of cards. J. I never want to see anybody hurt at any point on either team and never want to put anybody in a position where that could happen. You don't traditionally kneel down in those situations. we use some of those plays on early downs too. He had a carry early in the season. The other thing that Chris has to continue to do is help on [special] teams. I talked to Josh about that I talked to the team about that. so it's legit.and that's what we had. That was the thought process. Tony (Grossi). The thing with Chris is." (On how Jennings played against Baltimore). You do the best you can. That's really how I felt. to give him a chance to see what he can do. his role isn't as significant on third down."I mean they called it."I thought he did well. and when I say third down. It's not the easiest thing in the world to simulate during the course of a week. . I'm sure they'll work on Wildcat-type things. [He] had a catch earlier in the season.

it was a call. It's more." (On how he keeps the player's confidence at a high level). I think that part of that has to be earning the right to get those reps."No. Alex (Mack) took the first one and J. so he wasn't in great position to pick that up. It wasn't designed hook and ladder. It has to start there.1 yards a pass or anything like that. was offset over here.1 yards per pass). One year it could be sacks. more points." (On if the play call was a hook and ladder)."I'm open if they want to talk to me about it. With Chris. I think that they just didn't get back inside.When they're in for a play. obviously for us."That's not really how I'm looking at it. the odds of you being very productive decrease as well. another year it could be picks. because usually the way it hit. You're able to be a lot more effective in that. It's really got to start there. it wasn't a function of here's a young guy. now let's give him a chance. whatever the area is. He tried to come back inside. I have been involved in this in different areas. the way that they ran the stunt. whether it's the last play of the game. He's improved on special teams. another year it could be forced fumbles. You're not looking to average 2. the 50th play of the game. The way the route was designed."I don't think that was him whiffing. let's just put him in because he's a running back and Jamal is retiring. It's more that than the other." (On if the union coming in is something he would talk to the captains about). I didn't say a word to them about it because I'm completely comfortable with the way that we practice."Yes.C. the first play of the game. but I am completely comfortable with what we do. when you're taking away extra drives. whether it be turnovers. here's a guy who's worked really hard. they're going to try to do what they can do to achieve the goal of the play. how do you generate. the self-inflicted wounds. but he ended up getting the guy on the other side." (On if Jerome Harrison missed a block on Ray Lewis' sack)." (On if they have to average better than 2. dropped ball." (On if he has thought about reducing Jamal Lewis' role in an effort to develop the younger players)."When you go through the tape. you identify the areas where there have been problems. You have to go through the process of how do you generate more of those. that's not the approach. it had the shallow crossers. and the way that they formed it. a middle dog cross two inside linebackers. You look at the missed opportunities. he would take the guy that was coming to his side. it has to be better than that. Ideally you have some catch and run type plays. Here's a guy who's shown day in and day out that he deserves an opportunity."No." (On if he spoke to the team about the union coming in). how many sacks you're getting." . Then you're giving yourself the best opportunity to score those points. when you're taking away third down conversions and the amount of plays in a game decrease.

" (On LeBron James saying he could help the team). There were other times where. I know he's pretty busy right now. who you can run the same concept but give a completely different look to the offense. then they have multiple blitzes."No." (On what his long term process is and how the players he has acquired since becoming head coach play into that process). the safeties.C. It's not easy to slide over."I think he should come on down. get Ray Lewis with a full head of steam and they got us on that one. The guy is a freak athletically. When we do have those opportunities. I think with Zastudil. so a year from now . There are some shots that we had down the field where we would have taken a shot but didn't hold up as well as we need to in protection. It's unique when you play the Ravens. be able to get the ball to the places we need to get it to. Randy's (Lerner) really handling that. but if he wants to give it a shot. They combine the front there." (On if Steve Heiden and Dave Zastudil will practice today). understanding how you have to practice to get ready for games. you have to deal with them rushing four. sliding the protection over. There are a lot of things that they do that as you have a system in place for a long time. Protection. understanding the concepts that you run offensively and defensively. catch the football. they all can rush the passer. [he would] probably be good in baseball or soccer or swimming. you have to deal with them rushing three and then you have to deal with the different packages."There have been times where I thought it's been very good. That's a great thing when you're a defensive coordinator. It wasn't good enough. the guy is gifted athletically. I thought that there were times that we did do a good job in terms of identifying it. the different blitz pattern and where he was located versus where he had to get to. protecting the football so you can have more drives. I'm not making any excuses or anything like that. because it doesn't matter who's in their front. That's a pretty good defense that we played. just guys are in different spots."Like I said. I'm sure whatever he applied himself [to]. That is a pretty stout defense. That's one element to it and that's the most important element right now. whether it was the play that we were talking about with J. they run the same blitz.(On what has to be done to make the passing game more effective). because the reps are there with the group. there are some areas there where we can improve. you can keep adding and building."That's not really something that I'm going to talk about."Like we talked about. so I'll let him talk about that. The long term process is understanding how you're going to prepare for a game." (On what can be done to the protection in order to give Quinn more time)."I think the short term process is getting ready for each week and playing each game. With that veteran group of guys." (On if Mike Holmgren was interviewed by the organization yesterday). getting things picked up. it doesn't look great for the weekend. Anytime you play those guys. competitive and tough. when you have guys that have worked together for that long. neither one will work today." (On if the pressure on Quinn was a function of the protection or the Ravens' defense). but then they also bring a combination of the star..

Every week you're going to face somebody that's talented." (On if Reggie Hodges punted well enough for the team to go forward with him). It's a concentration on third down with some review of the things that we did .19. Next year they're going to be at a higher starting point. we'll be inside again. How are we doing? Yesterday we." Mangini press conf. put them on IR. they're all learning as you go. A lot of these guys typically would be getting ready for bowl games now. he's going to have to continue to punt at a level that we're looking for." (On Zastudil's injury). understanding what it means to be a pro. Sometimes it improves. I think that both of them have chance to come in and compete and see where they fit. you know how it works in college football. We'll just keep him honoring that. Often times for the young guys. did a really nice job this week in a significant. You just monitor it and work with it and see where you are each week. neither one of them. The two kids that we claimed off waivers. significant role and working with a guy who wasn't playing inside. it's stuff that guys work through. With Mohamed (Massaquoi) and (Brian) Robiskie and (David) Veikune and those guys. then obviously we'd continue looking. he's played quite a bit of football and I think he's gotten little bit better each week."I think that with a lot of different things. it's not like that. all those different elements come into play that as you put reps together. Sometimes it doesn't improve. which is always disappointing. It's the young players that are here. If that wasn't the case. 11/19 11. [We] just didn't think that they were going to be in a position to play moving forward and thought it was the best thing that we could do at this time. Kaluka hadn't had that type of play time and David (Bowens) obviously hadn't had that play time inside and hadn't been the play caller.these aren't new things in relationship to the defense that you're facing or the offense that you're facing. There are no teams on the schedule that you schedule to. whether it be initially on special teams or whether it be special teams and some type of role offensively and defensively. [You] figure both of those guys."I think it's like anything else.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-19-09 (Opening statement). Kaluka. as you put time in together. Reggie's worked in this role in the past with other teams as well. Look at Alex Mack. Working with the game plan. That's a process. working inside. There's a lot of football left. We'll just have to see how that goes. "In terms of what we're doing today. someone that's older than themselves. I'm sure you guys got the release on Steve Heiden and Dave Zastudil."Good morning everybody. There's some reps built up in that. like we were talking about with the Ravens' defense. you get to start at a higher level the following season. It's different. I have some experience with Reggie in the past. playing in the dome. as you put experiences in together. (Maiava) I thought.

We had Mike Nugent last year where he just stepped wrong in the first game of the season and ended up hurting himself. He's part of that competition as well. I think we'll just see where we are here. with him missing practice last week. I enjoy working with Steve and coaching Steve. It's less rest for the guys."I really like Steve."No." (On if he regrets trading Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards). There have been a lot of different reasons why it hasn't happened."It has to continue to improve. I anticipate him being ready to go for next season. Sometimes those things happen. It was getting the injury on Monday night and the amount of time that it would take to rehab that." (On if he would want Heiden back next year). I've been in a lot of training camps where you've only had the two kickers that you go into the season with. I think that he's a good blocker.yesterday. He was still continuing to maintain and work through the previous injury. We'll see which combination of guys is the best each game. He is a good teammate."He should participate today." (On how he judges the wide receiver's progress). I don't think that's the case at all. not at all. It's such a specific skill set that sometimes those things happen." ."No. I thought that overall yesterday was a productive day for us. The combination of the two just didn't seem. Sometimes it's just how the plant foot comes down or a little bit of a twist. I think if anything he's disappointed that it went the way that it did. I don't think it was a function of that. He's worked incredibly hard to play this season and he'll work equally as hard this offseason to get back. I don't think those opportunities will go away. He's a reliable receiver. I think we've had plenty of opportunities to move the football. from a time perspective. Clair not practicing yesterday). It's a little bit harder coming off a Monday night game."No. I think that we've had plenty of opportunities to score. Chansi (Stuckey)."I don't think that it's been ruled out. to be one of the inactives. that he'd be ready to play at the level that he'd want to be able to play at and we'd want him to be able to play at in time to really continue to help us this season." (On John St. but the important thing is addressing those and getting those fixed. but I thought they did a nice job with it. [We] added a receiver. I think that he's got a lot of football left in him." (On if this injury is something Heiden might not want to come back from)." (On if Heiden's injury is a function of him coming back from his knee injury too soon)."When you make the decisions. you make the decision that you think are best. I'd say it's definitely a possibility." (On if the kicker's injuries are an accumulation of wear and tear from not having other kickers in training camp). we just thought that it would be better for this game." (On if surgery is possible for Zastudil).

"There's a lot of different ways. Some teams you face. you go into every game with things that you feel you can capitalize on. Other teams will push the coverage. connections there. or the progress or your effectiveness. get a sense of your level of improvement. there were a lot of positives against a good offense with really the same people. when the arena league was operating. just didn't help us enough. from the Baltimore perspective. Some people have connections to either coaches or front office people in those leagues [Canadian Football League]. In terms of playing the Ravens this past time. the coverage is what the coverage is." (On how they find players like Chris Jennings). and when I say that. but it wasn't in the 3-4."As he gets more and more comfortable with playing inside. It takes time. With the new football leagues that are coming out."I feel like there are a lot of things each week that you can look at and see. that played against us the first time we played them. being able to adjust and address it during the game. but I think we have a good group as well. He could explain all the different adjustments and he had been in that system for quite some time. He's gotten more and more reps. There weren't a lot of positives coming out of that game. playing a new position. I thought on special teams we could have done a better job this past week then we did and I was looking for that. That's the system they run."I don't know if you can specifically point to how the coverages would change or not change. he'll continue to improve.(On if he can tell how much not having Edwards opposite Mohamed Massaquoi has affected Massaquoi's production). He'll continue to have opportunities and I expect him to improve the production as we go."Yes. I don't know how many drives they had of over 40 or 50 yards in that first game and weren't very effective in disrupting (Joe) Flacco at all. and this was true when I met him at USC. He's gotten more and more opportunities. It's much more executing the game plan. [We] didn't do a very good job against the running game." (On if he thinks they can capitalize on the Lions' defense and score). but I thought that defensively this game. it was in more of a 4-3 type system." (On if he gets a better idea of where the team is when they play a team like the Lions). Every team is different. I think there were some things that we did in terms of the no huddle. being about to go the places that you want to go to with the ball and then if the plan you have isn't dictating the coverages you expected or the things that you expected." (On Kaluka Maiava). seeing the coverages that you're getting. I would expect as he keeps a deeper understanding each week. It just depends week in and week out. Offensively. That's a good special teams group they have in Baltimore. You track those leagues. We missed some opportunities during the game that I think could have helped us. He's worked at it. With a rookie coming to a new system. He had a really outstanding feel for the things that they were doing there. he was a weak side linebacker there. It's the same thing with Kurt Warner. you'll track those leagues. the formationing and items like that that did help us. I thought the defense played significantly better than what we did in the first game. with understanding the defense. That really wasn't different the last game or the game before." .

but we always want people to share their information and then you research it and look into it further. The important thing is to be resilient and really identify the things you have to fix."He played last week. but you're not really getting anything done. when you get beat or have a breakdown. field goal block to go push."It really wasn't. Shaun gets something done there. He can be disruptive in both the 3-4 and when we play him offset or in sub."I think there's been some times where he's played really well and some times where he's had some plays that he'd want back and we'd want back. He's competitive in practice."Sometimes. with that the connection may not be in pro personnel. nobody really notices in the pile up. they score that first touchdown. There's times where the defensive linemen may get beat four or five times. Again. What I like about Shaun is. you're on your own often. His motor runs high. You have three running backs and you're distributing the reps. first or second one. he is a very competitive guy. I think he's played well in all the games. too." (On if Monday night's game was Shaun Rogers' best game of the season). That pass play. three guys and it's spread out differently. It's one play. It may be a college scout who has a good connection to the Canadian league. It's a lot easier to do it at 190 [pounds]. he beats a lot of people."Derrick Mason. If he continues to progress in practice I think that will continue to be the case. everybody knows. go at it the same way. but he'd work to fix the things that he had to fix. [he] goes and blocks the extra point. as opposed to things being said one way or the other. It's usually a big play. come right back and no big deal. because in watching the game tape form last season you saw the motor on tape where he's running the football. Brandon was supposed to have help. I can't remember. Tony (Grossi). at 360 [pounds] that's not easy to do. I don't think he was alone on that play by any stretch. I think it as the first one. it's three or four yards."I don't know if it was his best game. He pursues well to the football. As a cornerback you go through different challenges during the course of the season. That was what I based my initial impression off of. That was part of the miscommunication." (On Brandon McDonald getting beat by Derrick Mason). because I think he's earned a look based on the things that he's done and that was something that we did this past week. but out there. He played primarily on third down and there was quite a bit of protection required there. It's easy for a big guy on PAT. [We] wanted to take a look at Chris." (On if pass protection is the main reason Jerome Harrison is not getting more playing time). Being out there at corner. Ty Law could get beat." (On if Rogers' motor was a question for him when he got here)." (On the type of season McDonald is having). It's a function of improving the areas you have to improve in. There are a lot of plays like that. You're doing your job and you're pushing. He's played on first and second down. You try to draw information from everybody in the building. You don't know necessarily who's going to find out about a player." .(On who in the organization is responsible for finding Jennings). The thing with Brandon though. He's competitive in the games.

It always has and it always will. but the things that he does in the [class] room." (On if Joshua Cribbs is going to practice today). . a minus three. It affects production. It wasn't complete but throwing to his left on a rope in the end zone on a read out by the receiver."Yes he is. big hits on tape in college. Interceptions I know affect passer rating quite a bit and he's had some of those. That's something that I think we should be better at and you have to be better at. I met with him quite a bit before the draft. Another guy that's been fun to watch is (Louis) Delmas. [he is] really bright. He could tell you if this happened. a minus one. but that's not uncommon. this is what the 11 guys would do. He'd go player-by-player and give everybody's assignment." (On the reasons Stafford's production is low). There's been some tight throws in cover two. The differential in points based on turnovers is significant. It stops drives. If this happened. really bright. Robaire has really been outstanding. that is most under our control and most important is to not have the turnovers. does a good job with the outs to the tight ends and slot receivers. The difference between an even game." (On Detroit's secondary)." (On if he thinks if they could improve the turnover ratio that it would positively affect everything else). turnover ratio dramatically affects outcome. He could answer questions by anticipating where you're going next."I think you were right. There were times where we were going to ask a question and he was already starting to answer it. the winning percentage is dramatic. There was a really nice roll out play against Minnesota. Each week he'll improve."I watched tape on him. in between the corner and safety. take-away ratio.(On how well he got to know Matthew Stafford before the draft). I'm sure he's getting that same feel for what they're trying to do in Detroit. He's made some plays on the move. not just in terms of his play."I'm not sure exactly how they finally got to the outcome they got to. I thought it was pretty indicative of some of the things he can do with his arm. There are a lot of good plays on tape. then this is what those 11 guys would do. [He is a] really good kid. He's made some mistakes. his understanding of his college offense [was] outstanding. There's been a lot of good throws on tape. It's hard to win that way. there's a lot of different reasons why that could be what it is. It affects outcomes."They've played some different combinations. but in meeting with him and talking to him and interviewing him. bit hits in pro football. all those things." (On Robaire Smith). some nice throws on the fade ball. to me."The thing. You have to." (On why Anthony Henry did not play last week). very tough. I think he's going go to have a really productive long career. Nothing affects outcome bigger than give-away. His control of his college offense."Yes." (On if he anticipated the struggles the team would face)."Robaire has been outstanding. a minus two. There's been a bunch of times where we've been on the negative side of that. He has good ability to deliver the football.

There may be 10. I was happy with that. He's always been someone that whatever you ask him to do. Another strength of his is the mentoring of younger players and just his overall approach to each game. based on formations.J. with him playing inside. I think there have been a lot of games where they've played well. I've been extremely happy with him.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-20-09 (Opening statement). ‘We're going to go through this AFC. He'll know what the coverage is."Good morning everybody. what the check is. the level of communication. that was the minimum for him.' and he'll nail 13 in a row. He's a guy that I've known for a while. being responsible for the huddle. Going from an outside linebacker to an inside linebacker. to each day. 11/20 11. You are always trying to find good roles for him if he wasn't going to be the starter. aggressive. bring in (Ahtyba) Rubin or C." Mangini press conf. For him. I would imagine."They played well against Baltimore. with Kenyon (Coleman) on the left and Robaire on the right. with both of those guys being on IR. I think it's a pretty stout group. Today we will continue to work inside in preparation. He's going to try to make those around him better. I think as you've seen over the last couple games. but usually the defensive linemen are given the call by the linebacker. physical. it changes some. 12 checks based on all the formations. I think. I personally feel it's a really good choice. automatic front and coverage. That's a great example to the young guys."I'd say that 20.20. He's the type of guy where you can say in a meeting. just had the defense yesterday vote for a replacement captain. obviously. for playing the first game inside this season. He's played multiple positions and he's played them all well. His play. that's not easy. good finish. He always had a period in the game where he may go in for two or three series as outside linebacker. but him understanding the whole defense and what we're trying to get done with each defense and why. he may come in . [We are] really on our typical preparation path. How are we doing? Just a little news. It's him understanding his job. he is going to do it [and] he is going to do it to the best of his ability. (Mosley) or Corey (Williams). I think he's done it really well. Baby (Shaun Rogers) inside.He's a guy that will have a coverage. directional call. it's called an AFC. has been really good." (On if the defensive line had the best game of the season against Baltimore). I think Eric (Barton) did a great job with communication and D'Qwell (Jackson). which way to go. [They] pretty strongly endorsed David Bowens so he will be serving as the defensive captain through the rest of the season. [there's] no strong variation there." (On David Bowens playing only 20 percent of the snaps early in his career). stout against the run. I think all those guys have done a nice job in the different roles that they've had. being responsible for making all of the checks with the front seven. without having the two defensive captains.

He's got a great approach during the offseason. I'd probably have to bring somebody in to help me with that part of it. He's got a great work ethic. he was using regression formulas for a while to evaluate tendencies. probably came to 20 or well over 20 plays a game. but the ups and downs where you go through a year and you have to take that approach."I completely understand why he's played as long as he has. He worked on the goal line and that position flexibility. so he can fit into any system. where we can get the passing game rolling. I am not sure when it happened. Playing indoors." (On his relationship with Shaun Rogers). our wives both were working at a homeless shelter the other day together. He's seen a lot of different things. He's a great guy. He's coached a long time. but I think he was able to do it himself. which usually helps. I had my kids there and we were talking about that. Was he a math major at Georgetown? He might have been. He can rush the passer. I'd say smart is one of the things and a great worker. you are guaranteed good weather. Although I don't think we have had very many games where the weather hasn't been good. I think Jim's had a lot of experience." (On if playing indoors can help get the passing game going).two or three series at inside linebacker. I would imagine. I would have loved to have him. Why he didn't play more early on? That I am not sure of. [It is] fun to see some of the guys that you only see in this environment." (On what he remembers most about Schwartz from their days with the Browns). I love having him now. The longevity part I completely understand. and just sharing some of those experiences. We were talking this morning. I think it's a reality. you might have to kind of start over. It's nice to be able to take a step back and just enjoy each other's company from that perspective. He is really smart. There are a lot of good conversations we've had. You might lose some guys in free agency."I am always hoping that is going to be the case." (On if Joshua Cribbs can return to all of his roles on Sunday). With the Halloween party and seeing him with his daughter." . based on whether it's the cap or the draft or whatever it is and you go through that cycle. Even though he was with one team for a long time I am sure. He's got a great approach in season. He's been a good guy to get to know."I remember. It's been fun getting to know him. It's pretty unique from my experience with being in Cleveland."I think the process part is just the reality. There's a lot of analysis. He is a really smart guy. He's been part of some really good teams. He is constantly looking for innovative ways to do things. with their kids. He can do a lot of things. typically."Shaun and I get along really well." (On if he and Jim Schwartz learned about ‘the processes' from Bill Belichick). I would have loved to have him earlier on. [We've had] pretty amazing weather so far." (On explaining why Bowens doesn't have many career starts but has had a long career). He's got toughness. He'd have a designated role in dime defense where he was in each series for that."I anticipate Josh playing all of the roles he normally plays this week. I forget what it was.

Rex got hurt during camp and then Floyd got hurt early in the season and both guys. Floyd (Womack). You miss the field goal. We actually did a whole study on if you're kicking form this yard line versus a fourth down and one. Clair) had some good games. I think. Chris has done a nice job. You have certain things that Jerome does. Hank had been in there. at the guard spot. All those guys had worked with the other offensive linemen. you look at the percentage of conversion rate. [We] went through a tough spot there. so that's been a positive because it wasn't the first time that they had worked with Floyd or Hank or any of those guys. but he's been out at right tackle."No. you have to talk to him."Really. It's not like some other positions where you can play multiple guys at the same time. Percentage of kicking the field goal and . four." (On the plusses and minuses of kicking a 45-yard field goal versus going for it on fourth-and-three). he didn't dress up for that Halloween party. but it takes a little while. and I think really with Chris Jennings. Chris has really worked hard to create opportunities for himself. When you have three running backs. It's funny watching him chase around a little one. When you miss time with an injury and you come back. because you don't know who's going to be there and when someone's going to have to step in and fill the role."No. just like all these guys can. which goes back to why you work those guys in a lot of different spots. They're moving a little bit past the injuries. five."In terms of that. were doing a lot of good things. Anything that he wants to talk about. three. There has been some changes in there at different points. Rex (Hadnot). He's very consistent in the way that he approaches things and all three of those guys are. They're both back. John had worked in there a little bit. You have certain things that you like Jamal (Lewis) to do. I think John's (St. I'm sure they talked to the special teams coach." (On it seeming like Jerome Harrison is upset). Fourth-and-three." (On the right side of the offensive line). I don't even know who won. Try to build in the flexibly so that they all can work in each of the roles if they have to. You can create some packages like that. I'm used to him chasing around big ones. two. he can come talk with me at any point. I thought Rex was having a good camp and then Floyd got dinged early on."The good thing is that they had all worked in there and they had worked in different spots. it does take a while to come back and get in the flow." (On if he watched the Miami at Carolina game last night). Floyd's been in there. Each week it gets better. talked about the range. You have certain things that you want to see Chris do. but there's one. talked about the comfort level there. it's been more than two guys because you've had Hank (Fraley) in there for a bit. Rex is in there. I think there have been some games where there have been some struggles. You get the field goal blocked and it's a tie game." (On if the injuries on the offensive line caused any problems in developing chemistry). Unfortunately there's only one running back.(On if Rogers dressed up for the Halloween party)."I think there's a lot of factors. it's from the spot of where the field goal was kicked.

" Mangini press conf. six minutes and they went into overtime. Do you feel really good about it? What do you feel about what they're going to do? There's a host of decisions there. I liked the way we dealt with adversity."Good morning everybody. Miss the fourth down conversion. I really liked the way we played that game. especially in Indy. Field goal get's blocked. we were down 14-0." (On if Joshua Cribbs' recovery seems amazing after how bad it looked). I see a really positive message being sent to the Patriots offense. 11/25 11. In the Tampa Bay game. I think the medical staff did a really good job of making sure every possible step was taken to be right. Baby [Shaun Rogers] blocking the extra point and then going into overtime. We had the tests done that night. at different points it didn't look very good.Willie McGinest came off the edge and tacked the guy on the one yard line. You kick the field goal. all those . percentage of converting the fourth down to a first down and kind of look at it like you would any other stats. but that was another one where we were up and now we're sitting on the goal line." (On if he sees a negative message being sent to the Patriots' defense with Belichick's decision). I thought that the first time we played them. [It was] obviously a difficult loss. Maybe you should have onside kicked. it's great. You go for that fourth down and you make it and it's great. You take some chances."I really do think the things that they did were precautionary. Some of the other part comes in how comfortable do you feel with that play that you have. We trust you to get this. but I liked our approach."No. it's bad. they didn't have any timeouts."I think that Bill's made a lot of great calls. Not a great feeling. I don't question that call at all. blitz. you make it.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-25 -09 (Opening statement). We played him in Indy. I thought that was the first time that we played the style of football that we're looking to play. Everybody's seen Peyton Manning do what Peyton Manning does each week." (On Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on fourth-and-two from his own 28-yard line). we ended up winning . good things usually happen. I've been a part of enough of those games with Peyton Manning where he gets the ball. five. because that's a ‘gotta have it' play. We have to kick off. it's really bad. It was a game where they got up early. [we were] able to come back. We were up by four with 1:50 left. They were all negative. down 25 points with whatever it was.making it. get the ball back. It's like a track meet. He's special in that situation. You would want them to do that with any player anytime there's a chance that it could be something more.25. I think they walked down the field the drive before. that's pretty high percentage football. You have Tom Brady and that offense. We played him in New York one time. How are we doing? A couple things in getting ready for the Bengals. If you don't get it back. they score.

"Yes. They average close to 5. I could see a situation where all three backs are up. I like Jim. The bottom line is we didn't do enough to win the game. [they] really should be 8-2. as well. to achieve anywhere near the same results. really collectively. He had that impressive return against Pittsburgh. It will be a challenge for us on special teams. I think the one thing you see with Cincinnati. They got one in the end zone right in the end zone. It just depends on how it goes. great teammate. That was something that he's always been very successful at doing. I had a good conversation with Jerome last week. if not better.things were positive.900 percent. some of the things I'm looking for. Last game we did a much better job protecting the football and that's something that we're going to have to do. We've always had a good relationship so we talked through that. They had the one where they stripped the ball out and returned it for a touchdown. this weekend. but defensively. They have some pressure packages like we see each week and they'll change them up a little bit and we'll have to deal with that. (Chad) Ochocinco is as dangerous as ever. That's been his trademark. Outside of a fluke play against Denver. where ever he's been they've done that. know really well. when they've been able to force turnovers and the offense has been able to protect the ball. great competitor. but I could see all three of those guys being up or Jerome being up and Chris being down. I thought we did a nice job last time we played them on special teams. (Bernard) Scott's handling some of that."Jerome is live for every game. he does some nice things in the punt return games. Chris Jennings has done some good things. We have our hands full there and I don't think we did a good enough job in the running game last game. but it will have to be at the same level. They got a couple against us. We cleared the air. is they've dealt with tough situations throughout the season and [have] been very resilient and won some tough games." (On if he will use Jerome Harrison at Cincinnati). Laveranues Coles is a guy I've talked about before. Marvin's (Lewis) winning percentage is impressive. It's a nice situation with those guys being as competitive as they are. In the return game." (On if he has spoken with Jim Schwartz). Andre Caldwell. from a numbers perspective. my . In the running game they're able to penetrate and create some negative runs. It's close to . As you look at them defensively." (On if Harrison seemed disappointed about not being part of the game plan lately)"That's the nice thing about any conversation is you can go through and talk about some of the things that you can do better. [They are] 7-3 now. [He is a] tough guy. Jim and I are fine. "Offensively. he's been dangerous and then with Quan Cosby. whether it was in Baltimore. as well. is creating turnovers. Caldwell. right on down the line. they have some weapons in the passing game and the running game with the emergence of Bernard Scott and the addition of Larry Johnson. All three of those backs are. some of his expectations and just have a very clear vision of what you have to do collectively. We'll see how the week goes from a special teams perspective. I talked to Jim for a while. I think he's made some really nice contributions.1 yards a carry. they lead the division. I anticipate him having a good week of practice. whether it was here.

Watch the way that he studies. To me it's not. he was down. Emulate that and you have the best chance to reach your potential. It was a nice use of different tools by Brady and the receivers and taking advantage of some of the things they gave us. Those are all things that we've done.'" (On if he thinks the offense turned the corner)." (On if he should expect a new level of offense by this point in the season). ‘We should really be clicking by Week 11. I thought he had a good week of practice and goes out. We worked on the no huddle and have gotten better at that."What I was really happy with. [I know] coming in. [He is a] really bright guy."He's had an outstanding season. He works. is the plays that were there to be made. Just by judging from his rehab and those things."I expect it every week. The protection. Whoever makes the best case during practice will be up and how they fit in the [special] teams game will play a role as well. and getting the protection where it needs to get to. so that's positive as well. I really like him. You don't want to be like a one hit wonder. That's why he's played as long as he has. ‘You want to know how to play eight years. He's a pro. Learns his job. [There is a] huge. really physical. it looked really positive in terms of his approach and the progress he was making and even the early part of practices and things. It doesn't matter what the drill is. 10 years." (On if it was disappointing to not have Brian Robiskie and David Veikune active at Detroit).' you want to see that each week. huge difference in what can happen offensively when you don't turn the ball over. Mary Kay (Cabot). I think they were all encouraged. To see that. You like to do that anytime that a guy has a question. You have to go out and do it the next week. I thought it was a good talk. He goes out every day. They're live all during the week. just because he is so physical. pretty funny guy. Here's a guy that's worked his way up and made a case for himself and had a chance to play. he's doing the best he can at it. we just haven't done them to our capacity."I hadn't looked at it that way. It's no different for those two guys either.expectations. Tony (Grossi). It could be a drill that they're running during special teams. [He has a] great personality. Those are all things that we've talked about through the course of the season. learns the concepts of the whole defense." (On Robaire Smith's season). The other key thing was no turnovers. I was encouraged. his expectations and what he has to do to be active. He's as tough as I've been around. [There were] very limited misses on . I look at it as bringing the guys that do the best job during that week and give us the best chance to win. and they had a lot of different looks. You love to be able to point at guys like that and say. Marcus Benard was active and that's positive. I'm happy he's here. [There were] very limited balls that were catchable and dropped. I thought Brady (Quinn) and Alex Mack and the whole group did a nice job with identifying the different looks. we made them. Chansi Stuckey had been hurt the week before. has several key receptions during the game."I don't really look at it that way. he had had the surgery. he is so competitive. however many years? Just watch him. He was back. Watch his approach. he was rehabbing." (On if Smith's return from his Achilles injury is remarkable). You almost have to slow him down in practice against the scout team.

those self-inflicted wounds. but he wasn't ready at that point." (On fans thinking it was lame to blame the loss at Detroit on the Lions' injuries)."I've always really liked it. [My] first year in New York we ran no huddle every snap of the whole season and then [at] different points throughout the next two years [we] did the same thing. then got an opportunity to play and did a nice job. That's what it was. Some guys it takes a year or so. It might have been more a function of that than anything else.throws that were makeable. David Givens. Some guys it takes a while. I think that as we move forward. You can see different looks. There may be some things with shifting and motioning. you can usually anticipate what the coverage is more often than not. which can force them to declare quicker. That wasn't good enough. the Indianapolis system. That's me. when we first had him in New England. so if you're going to you're to the right you want to be able to try to hold them to keep them out of the mix. Some guys hit really quickly. You can really key in on certain things and you see that with the New England system. [He] just wasn't ready at that point. but at the end of the way we're responsible for it. We had plenty of opportunities to win the game and we didn't. They can't get to what they want to get to as quickly as they'd like to get to it." (On if Robiskie's production is not what he expected). You start chipping away at those things."You try to incorporate that anytime you're throwing deep balls because you want to be able to hold the safety. but he wasn't ready to start even though he was talented. but you get an advantage in terms of their adjustments aren't as clean. I think I was frustrated with the situation and probably expressed that more than I probably should have." (On if when they made the quarterback change is when they went to the no huddle)"We practiced it each week with D. That's one approach. I took both approaches. it wasn't like I was trying to shy away from accountability because at the end of the way we're accountable for losing the game and for not making enough plays. where you don't have as clean a read. that's the players. he just wasn't ready to assume that role and that's a guy that's played inside linebacker his whole career and is a really bright. The other approach is the no huddle. hard working guy that cared. Some other guys are able to step in right away and be really effective. There are plusses and minuses to both ways of doing it. [he had] a lot of dropped balls initially. [We] just moved to it a little bit more with the bye week where we had some time to look at it and discuss it. He just kept working at it and ended up doing really nice things. ."[I have had] just so many experiences with young guys where they hit at different times. (Derek Anderson) and that was still part of the offense." (On if the game plan was for Brady Quinn to use the pump fake or if it was instinctive).A." (On why they waited until Quinn got back in to emphasize the no huddle). but it's part of the program each week. the stationary read and go. I think it's something that maybe we did a little bit more last week. I like it. where you're stopping yourself and now you're going to move the ball. even though he did some good things. David Harris didn't start right away in New York. If you're stationary. being able to take a step back and look at it and evaluate it. that's the coaches."In terms of those things.

not really. you have a game to play so you just focus on that. You feel like you learn some things each game as a team. Everybody's determined to fix it." (On Josh McDaniels' trash talking with opposing players before his game and if players have tried to get him started during pre-game warm ups)."Robiskie has played quite a bit the games he's been active. those were against defenses that were ranked differently then where Detroit may have been. We turn the ball over or we drop a pass. On special teams it's the same thing. It's something that work is ongoing. to me. It's something that we're committed to. Like I said. but it has to be consistent. we can move it effectively. You see signs of it."I don't know what happened with Josh out there. Everybody's frustrated with where we are. I look at the different opportunities where we had a chance to move the ball throughout the course of the season and there's been plenty of them. That's what we do each day. when we don't have selfinflicted wounds." (On if any players have tried to engage in trash talk with him before a game). As this process goes on. Game in and game out you have to play with the game intensity game in and game out. [There have been] different points throughout the year where that's been very effective. which is a consistent winning team that plays at a high level all the time. Some of those decisions are based on special teams and who can give us the value there. When you get your opportunities on offense and defense you have to make them count. is what I looked at and what I was really encouraged by. He realizes that and that's something that he's working at. We have 53 guys and we can only take 45. No. Each week we have to make decisions. That's ongoing and there's no lack of resolve by anybody here. We're going to work as hard as possible and as diligently as possible to make sure that happens. That's my personal experience. that I'm committed to. [I'm] looking to see continued progress. I'm not sure his exact play time numbers. We've shown what we can do offensively. Everybody's committed to it. You have to make a contribution there. work as hard as we possibly can to give the fans what they deserve."What I really look at. whatever it is." (On why Robiskie and Veikune have not played much). but we have to put all three together and play complementary football. I can't remember and even if that was the case. His production. I'm not sure what Josh's experience was. as a unit. That's what we're committed to. They deserve it.what I'm looking for is for us to be able to play complementary football. We've shown what we can do defensively." (On if the Lions having the last ranked defense affects how he looks at the offense's performance against them). When you're in that situation it starts there for you. and I know it's hard to see because the production hasn't been there offensively. There's no doubt about it. that's what the players are committed to and that's what the organization is committed to and that's not going to change and they deserve it. as a staff and you try to take that learning and apply it to the next game. that's what the caches are committed to."I don't remember that happening." . The execution. When we don't turn the ball over. that needs to improve.

He's young. but I was really happy with the way that we approached the game. "Yesterday we didn't have the afternoon meetings. He had a nice play against Cincinnati where he was almost caught in the backfield and picked up eight yards. That's why we had the later start. game planning and things like that. It was the first time that he had really played that role. but I didn't. really early for that." (On if he thinks Chris Jennings can be a featured back in the is league).(On if the game against Cincinnati has been their best game of the season). I think. I'd say from an approach perspective." Mangini press conf. Matt's a guy that came into his own."We didn't win. He's enthusiastic. so we had a good group. You like those guys with the wrestling backgrounds because they understand leverage. Some guys from the building that didn't have family in town came over. we fought the same level. a two-time wrestling champ in high school. [My] back's a little sore from picking up the kids. [We] hung out a lot. [I'm] looking forward to him to just keep moving along that path. long way from when we first got him. which is all encouraging. He was tough to handle whenever we faced him in New York. It was good stuff. I think there have been times throughout the course of the season where there have been some really good things. I really liked that. I should have got you [the media] those times. That feature back role. He was assigned to us. I was really happy with the resilience of the group and it didn't matter what happened in the game. He's made some nice plays. We'll see how quickly he is able to get all the information and that will determine how big of a role he has at the game on Sunday. He's come a long. I thought I did. My three year old wanted to wrestle a lot. 11/27 11.27. He's inexperienced. I thought that was outstanding. There were different times in overtime where they had chances and we were able to stop them. . How are we doing? Did everybody have a good Thanksgiving? [Mine] was great. They had that chance to kick the extra point and to block that. last year as an outside linebacker. He was. [He is] a tough guy."Good morning everybody. It's good to have him here.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-27-09 (Opening statement). My sister's here from out of town. He is chipping away at establishing a role which I've been happy with."It's really. My brother-in-law just got in. that takes some time and there's a lot of things to it that you have to do. hung out with the boys. I thought. You saw that we claimed Matt Roth off waivers. They understand hand placement and things like that. so we just pushed things a little bit back today just to make sure that we got the tape covered from yesterday and still have a similar amount of time for installation. but putting it together is what we have to do.

"I didn't really get into that with Matt at all. I think Mohamed (Massaquoi) went and bought some Timberland's. He played inside there before. even if it's just to learn about them. It's so different then when you are drafting. They're getting used to that. they had Joey Porter on the other side. Talking about him. I don't know what exactly happened. It's like."Again. to try to get ready. buddy.' And every day we'd come out and it's beautiful. Hopefully. it's going to snow. ‘Get used to it. [He is] a strong. I think they're in a little state of shock. Situations change year-to-year. For me. it was more a function of seeing him as an outside linebacker in. but he has . You don't get the same contact. do our standard Friday prep. I didn't get too deep into that with him. he did a really good job of collapsing the pocket. November was the third best ever. you see them on the practice field. I kept telling them." (On if Miami was trying to move Roth to defensive end). you look at all those opportunities that come up and you try to think both short term. I don't know what he had against us."Jason has to work both inside and outside now. with his background and not being a rookie. in the preseason last year and he hadn't played in any regular season games at outside linebacker to that point. He's tough to deal with from that perspective. I think he had a couple sacks. This is the beginning. even though it may be the same concept it's just translating it into what you know takes some time." (On if Jason Trusnik could move more to inside linebacker with the addition of Roth). the only real difference between today and yesterday was just cutting off some time in the afternoon to get them home with their families and putting a little bit of time here on the front end to make sure we cover everything we need to cover. we had a lot of guys that have never driven in snow." (On why Roth only played four games this year). not in games.' We will roll through." (On if seeing a former second round draft pick and starter on the waiver wire makes him think the player can have a significant role in future years). never dealt with snow. Do you have them for a couple years? Is it something that you'd have to deal with directly after the season? The nice thing about claiming guys or bringing guys in. his first winter jacket. the other interesting thing this morning. but he was playing the outside linebacker spot there which is a relatively close comparison. that'll go quicker." (On the odds of Roth being able to step in and play right away). It is hard to come to a new place to pick up all the terminology. He has been backing up David (Bowens). it's valuable because you see them in meeting rooms. physical guy."That's a good question. Things change sometimes year-to-year. [We are] giving him reps in practice. all that stuff. not in exactly the same system. they play a little bit more gapped down guys than we do. they had him on this side. I thought."In terms of today. ‘Look. Kaluka (Maiava). ‘How could they help us right now?' and what's their contract status. because you don't get the same exposure. Like I said. extra time. I just know that when we faced him he was impressive. He's spending a lot of time with Matt Eberflus."Yes.

I think one of the things that impresses me is the motor of the defense.' and the next season something else hits. whether it be the no huddle or shifting and motioning. All that being said. Some of the things that they're doing offensively have evolved because of success they've had in different areas. It's different because you've taken out some players that had really significant roles. some of the things defensively in terms of our approach to different formations. There's a lot of guys to the ball after every play. ‘That was a great concept. We just changed it. we won like 40-something to 14 and that became a big part of [our defense]. put a bunch of that stuff in. I thought it was a good indication of how they play where Jerome [Harrison] got stood up and somebody came around from the backside. had the awareness to get the ball out. It evolves throughout the season.'" (On if he thinks the team is better overall than in Week 4). the 4-6 stuff. the bear fronts. Eric was calling the defense. I think if anything. Even in our game. but they've done some different things as well. it gives you a little more flexibility as to what you can or will do. ‘We're going to build off this. the week of Thanksgiving. I think had won the Super Bowl or Tampa been pretty dominant defensively. [but] by defensive linemen chasing or the linebackers chasing and the guy gets stood up and they come and blow him up." (On how the team has changed since playing Cincinnati the first time). Eric Barton and D'Qwell played all the snaps inside at that point. We had Dave (Zastudil). It was a different approach. I think on both sides of the ball we've done some different things. Typically in the offseason you really like that stuff. It was a different type of cover two then the typical Giants cover two. It's hard to go apples-to-apples."I was talking on the conference call. D'Qwell was helping to call the defense and both those guys are gone now and I think David's done a nice job. Kaluka's done a nice job. we've had other guys that have stepped in and done a nice job. we had never really done that in New England until we played. you think.worked inside before. They make a lot of plays like that. There's some big hits that happen down the field that aren't by the secondary necessarily." . then that evolved over time and it became part of our package. We should bring that out of the attic. We had Eric (Barton)."I like to think that we've made a lot of strides in different areas."We had D'Qwell (Jackson). It's like a lot of the diamond fronts. They have Larry Johnson. It's hard to say that definitely. Sometimes you go back to the playbook and say. Those are effort and awareness plays that you appreciate as an opposing coach. it was more of an eight man drop and that evolved." (On if Cincinnati looks like a tough team). We've lost some guys that played key roles in that game. We had Steve (Heiden). had eight sacks. Guys have stepped in. against Atlanta. because they played a ton of that in New York when Bill (Parcells) and Bill (Belichick) were there. so we incorporated some of that against Indy [Indianapolis] the second or third game. The funny thing about your season is you go in with a plan of how you're going to play it and often times something else hits and then you stay with that and an area that you weren't going to emphasize becomes a huge part of what you do. We hadn't been playing much cover two in 2001 and Tampa [Bay].

Everybody else responds. I think we've had spots of good things. Vic (Lawrence Vickers) and Robert (Royal)."He didn't have a lot of yards against us. [He has] great hands. but you have to go out. you can continue to improve at it. You coach off of situations that you've been in. Last week it clicked. I thought we had a lousy week of practice leading up to the Denver game. I said.'" (On if he has seen ups and downs in the team's toughness this year). You can't just roll it out. We have a bunch of time [to] go back and respond to it."I think that with Shaun. The margin of error for a guy like him or Calvin Johnson." (On who would play inside if Rogers can't play). is more what's been a little bit up and down for us. can you do it the next week. come off a game where we didn't respond very well to adversity. We went out and played exactly like we practiced. who'd we play before. We had come off the. I think we're a good special teams unit. you're in every game."I think overall it's consistency. I'm sure a little turkey doesn't hurt anybody. Corey's (Williams) actually played a little bit at the nose position.(On how you get a team to be tougher). very good intensity. where you're down 14-0. A lot of we were just going to roll it out there and win games. That's not taking anything away from what they [Detroit] did. So what. C. but like he usually does. What did you think was going to happen? [We're] going to show up and win the game because of our record? It just doesn't work. it's so small that you drop off a little bit and it kills you. I didn't think that we played to our potential last week. He had two touchdowns. so what. clicked offensively and we didn't do the same things we had been doing from a technique perspective defensively and that was disappointing. now it's. ‘Anybody shocked by this outcome? Look at how we practiced during the week. and you can't do it. can you do it the week after? Can you have those . we block the PAT. I thought we showed a lot of toughness in that game. They go up. Any of those guys could go in and do that. I thought last game was a good example of that. Like any other position. There was a lot of hype. Even on special teams."(Ahtyba) Rubin's played inside there. not just physically but mentally. It wasn't a surprise. You only have to be wrong on him a couple times and he kills you. but it also takes mental toughness to know. Mosley's played some at the nose position. ‘That's a situation.J.'" (On Chad Ochocinco). You're always looking for that position to play well and usually when that position plays well. but [they've] been moving along here throughout the course of the week." (On how serious Shaun Rogers' injury is). I'll wait until we get out there to make sure. You better play with the same intensity. That's what I said to the guys after the game. because everybody else sees what your record is. Even last year in New York. We were down 14-0 early and come back and respond and fight. Baltimore." (On if Carson Palmer's stats reinforce the need to have a franchise quarterback)"Everybody wants one. You better practice with the same intensity and we got smoked by Denver. It was a lot of back and forth and that takes physical toughness. At that point we were 8-3. I think we have a shot to see all three of them practice today. Things hit. he had impact plays."You're constantly working on that.

same performances week in and week out and not be up and down? [It's a] constant challenge. I was talking to him. is to make sure that guys achieve their potential. but it's my job to make sure that you reach that potential. Sometimes it's through positive reinforcement. but the best chance you have to be . because you're surrounded by revisiting what happened and they're always talk about two. each week to go out as a group and improve and build on the lessons of the weeks before. Now it's. but to learn from the past and not to look too far in the future. Being able to change the protection to get that picked up to allow the route to develop. because you get to see how everybody deals with adversity. They're just tough experiences. can we do them on a week in and week out basis. all those things are things you see." (On if he is confident the team is over the loss at Detroit). Whatever bar it is. where [there were] just some really smart decisions. You see the formation. These are all opportunities. three weeks down the road or whatever it is. We're going to have to throw it quick.' and it's true. he called me and said. It's not on a script. Sometimes you don't even know what your potential is because you frame of reference is college or your frame of reference is limited." (On how important these last six games are for the Brady Quinn). If you don't then they're just tough losses. I think Brett's [Favre] playing pretty well right now and it's made a difference for him. It's not necessarily a part of the call. ‘This is what you can be and my job is to push you as hard as I can to achieve that potential. Some of these lessons have been learned in a very hard fashion."I wouldn't say that it's just important for him. It's important for all of us."You saw a lot of elements of it last week.' Sometimes you don't even know how good you can be. You see that we're outnumbered in the running game and you throw a quick look pass to the receiver. hitting some of those deep balls that we hit." (On where he thinks Quinn's potential is). Sometimes it's through pushing. If the protection doesn't look very good over here we're going to get hit. It's hard to always be in the moment. is learning how to not dwell on the past."I think I have a very high comfort level with what I think a lot of the guys can be. The value in anything is what do you get out of it? What do you take away from it? How do you learn about yourself? How do you learn about your teammates and how do you respond? Teddy Atlas. You come out. It's true. but you know that's something that you can do to respond to a situation that's not very good."Yes. I have to make sure that you reach that and collectively that we reach that. ‘You have the greatest human MRI machine in the world. but they only have value if you take something away from them. but we have to actually do it. One of the things that come up often times with players and my communication with players or talking about my approach is. whatever it is. That's a tough skill to learn." (On if he still has some questions about exactly the kind of quarterback Quinn can be). You get to see how everybody responds to difficult times. Sometimes it's through different approaches. but that's what I am committed to doing. he's in Russia now training a fighter. which I believe we can. I view it as. and that's another part of the process.

like anything else." Mangini press conf.successful is to be in the moment. We had opportunities throughout the course of the game. Offensively. I think. but I thought it was too slow from what we had outlined and what we wanted to get accomplished. That's going to take some time and just see where we are during the course of the week."It's like his lower leg and his ankle. we take that very seriously. He is going to need surgery and this is just where he is. I'm happy with the fact that we didn't turn the ball over." (On where Rogers' injury is located). so we'll have to wait and see on that. At 13-7 it's a good situation and we just couldn't continue on the momentum that we had from the first drive.30. that's never been the case with him. I thought in the second half we played better. It's just unfortunate. Some of them they got us on."No. it will be a ‘wait and see' type situation. We did a few things in the first offensive series that I liked.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 11-30-09 (Opening statement). we just didn't take advantage of them."A couple updates from the game."I don't really want to get into specifics of it. from the opening kickoff to the first offensive series. I thought we started slow in all three phases. It hurts. With the other three players that were injured. It's a learned skill. 11/30 11. had opportunities. He wants to be out there. Cincinnati did a good job with some of the looks that they gave us that were a little bit different. with Brodney (Pool)." (On if the team's record has anything to do with putting Rogers on IR). I carried those things over here and we'll go through that process and just see where he is throughout the course of the week and evaluate as we go. he had a concussion. We handled most of them." . We spent a lot of time in New York researching that and researching the best ways to evaluate when to bring a player back. and the same thing defensively. It takes discipline. things could have been different. he is going to be going on IR. "In terms of what I said to the team this morning and how I felt about the game. really unfortunate." (On if Rogers has anything broken). I thought that we started slow. so not very good news there. I thought we had some opportunities for completions that we either dropped or were missed throws and those were the things that we didn't have the week before. in terms of Big Baby (Shaun Rogers). With concussions. I really felt like if we had come out better in the first half. He is very disappointed. the safest way to bring a player back. With Kenyon (Coleman) and Kam (Kamerion Wimbley).

a lot of that I have to more or less allow the lead to come from the medical staff."No."I don't know all the different things that are being discussed. In terms of the specific helmet. He has excellent speed when he gets to the edge. I don't get involved with the specific parts of that. whether it's some combination of the active roster or the practice squad. but I know that anything that is out there that could possibly either be preventive or after someone has had one give them more protection. It's just one of those things that you do everything you can to make sure that you're not putting the player at any greater risk and that you have the best information available when you're making those decisions. I'm not sure. You have to keep him within the tackle box."We'll look at that. understanding that injuries are a part of the game. and it's something we take very seriously. He's disruptive. My emphasis and our emphasis is safety and proper evaluation and things like that." (On if he thinks hits have become more violent over the past couple of years)"Again. but you understand the intent of why they're doing it is to try to protect the players and you respect that. training camp. It's difficult from that perspective. I remember over the course of time there being a lot of violent hits. really that whole interior's changed dramatically from the start of the season. I really think that (Ahtyba) Rubin's done a nice job throughout the whole season."I'm sure we have researched all those things." (On if he thinks the NFL is on the way to installing preventive practice measures against concussions)."He's big." (On where the breakdowns in the run defense occurred at Cincinnati). we've tried to be very aggressive with that in New York and here as well. Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt. you have to keep him inside. It's important to us. We'll take the steps that we need to take. [We've] seen that on some of his kickoff returns and things like . He has done a real nice job. I think. Sometimes you get a penalty that you might disagree with."There were a couple different spots. who's available. but trying to minimize risk wherever you can."Medically. the NFL's done a great job of really emphasizing player safety. organizationally. They have to deal with him from a game plan perspective. That's everybody's goal.(On if the team's approach to concussions has been affected by the NFL's emphasis on the injury). He's really developing in that role and this is a great opportunity for him to continue to develop in that role. we're all for it." (On how Pool's concussion history will be factored into his return). Coupling D'Qwell (Jackson) and Eric (Barton). With (Bernard) Scott." (On what the team loses when Rogers is out of the lineup). if anything. how they fit. [We will] kind of see what's available." (On if there is a special helmet Pool can wear). I'm not sure. I think everybody's open to whatever puts the players in the best position to avoid those things. the whole offseason." (On if they will have to add defensive linemen to the roster). He has very good ability to cut.

[There were] a couple times where the throws weren't there. the softness in the c-gap. [We want to] force them into post snap reads. he'll cut back to the void that you create. We're trying to do it. if the running back's starting to your right. They're trying to do it. Sometimes you don't have it deep and you want to get the check down." (On the area where Ahytba Rubin has made the most improvement this year). like we've called throughout the course of the season. Some of it's a function of protection where we weren't able to get it to the deeper receiver because we didn't have the blitz picked up or had to go to the hot site. I think that it will depend on. I thought he did a nice job finding the crease. There's a couple times where Mohamed was a little deep when he should have been maybe two or three yards more shallow. which is the outside player or the hot."We called vertical passes yesterday." ."I don't think there have been a significant number of breakdowns in terms of what the assignment is. You have to be patient and know the right time to throw the offensive player off and I think that's improved for him. I don't think it was a fundamental lack of understanding by the players as to what the adjustment is. a defined role. physical offensive line. I think he needs to keep working and establishing a role. They blitzed a little bit more than they had the previous game and they had up until this point. it's got to be earned. We've had different combinations of people working at those different spots. whether he'll work back at safety or work at corner. what his reaction should be on those blocks. but he has to make even more of a case for himself. With Coye. he's been successful for a long time and he's a good back." (On if Quinn gets rid of the ball too early sometimes). His block recognition."With any of the playing time."[He is] very good with his hands and his hand placement inside of the center's chest. Quinn throws to one spot and Massaquoi is not there). Sometimes they're there and you take a shot. That does happen from time-to-time. I think he's gotten better at shedding the blocker and being more patient with shedding."No. because you can. defensively. That's always the goal. Some of it's going to be a function of what we see that they're doing. which is the inside player because you don't have the numbers to pick it up.that. is to show one coverage. you throw him off too early and go to your right. as we look at San Diego. where we're going to have Mike Adams. Larry Johnson. [Those are] all things that come with time and experience and I think he's improved in all those areas." (On if Brandon McDonald and Coye Francies will get more playing time if Pool is out). change the coverage and that changes the quarterback's read. not that he hasn't." (On if the offensive design for Cincinnati was short passes). get a positive play." (On the perception that on passes to Mohamed Massaquoi. changes the route adjustment. I thought our tackling at times led to extra yards that really shouldn't have been the case. They have a big. if you're outnumbered you have to go to either the site adjust. whether it be directly outside or in that c-gap. understanding where the double teams are going to come from.

You continue to drill it. Brian's played in a lot of games." (On at what point in a season like this would he start to worry about losing players)"That's not something I'm worried about at all. They have been consistent with that and I haven't questioned that at any point throughout the course of the season."This week I thought that Jake (Allen) has had two really good weeks since he got here. I expect this group of guys to maintain their commitment to change the outcome." (On if Brian Robiskie has not been active due to effort or performance). Mohamed's (Massaquoi) played well throughout the season. Some are just ‘you miss. It's a unique position at receiver. I've been happy with the way the guys have worked. Sometimes it's a function of that.' He missed on them. I think Chansi's (Stuckey) doing a really nice job in the slot. Mike Furrey plays on defense." (On if the feelings surrounding the 1995 Browns' season are similar to this season)"I was here in '94. They work hard through the course of the week." (On which offensive problem area is the easiest to fix). Do you bring the third tight end? Do you bring the third running back? Do you bring the fifth wide receiver? Usually the determining factor is what else they can do in the game.(On if Quinn's mis-throws when he is pressured). He could be active again this week. It's . You continue to get a feel for your receivers. He's had a lot of play time. I've been at places where you go through transitions and been a part of that and understand that and understand the things that go into building short term and long term. It's a function of us being able to collectively do that at the same time and be able to take the lessons that you learn and apply them to the next week and take advantage of that opportunity." (On what can be done to work on having a higher completion percentage)."Some are a function of that. This is a good group of guys. but he's going to have to go out and earn that play time. and I saw the success that we had that year. You're looking at either going with four receivers or going with five and the fifth receiver you're trying to have a defined role. I think that the one thing that you do when you are facing adversity is you use each opportunity to change that and that's what we have every week. That's what we're going to continue to do. too. Some are throws that he's made before and made them easily. I think that's important. Neither one of the guys was going to play extensively on special teams and I thought that Jake earned the opportunity. Every Sunday we have an opportunity to change the outcome. You have Josh (Cribbs) who obviously has a dominant role on special teams. I think that there have been some positive things throughout the course of the year in all three phases."We constantly are working on timing and release and things like that. because that's why we do all the work that we do during the week."The one thing I have been happy with the last two games is not turning the ball over. I think there are a lot of things that take place during that process. What packages is he going to play in? What roles is he going to play in those packages? You have to make those decisions throughout the course of the season. That's why I was disappointed coming out and not playing better early in the game. Sometimes you just miss some. I don't anticipate that being an issue throughout the rest of the season.

so we tried to get him the ball a little bit different way where they couldn't get in that same front and coverage. He's a good friend. From a protection perspective. I worked with him New York. looking the ball in. Three or four times yesterday I thought Brady did an excellent job with that. The more you do that the less likely they are to pressure. I haven't heard any news one way or the other. it was just designed a little bit differently."I really haven't thought about any of that and don't know what Charlie's situation is. Even the tear screen to Josh. In that last drive there. There's going to be things designed to beat the protection. then worked with him again in New England."I like Charlie. I thought that we did that well at spurts last week. I don't know what his status is. He's a really good football coach. I've been friendly and talked since he's been at Notre Dame." (On the reports that Charlie Weis has been fired from Notre Dame and the type of relationship he has with Weis). I thought guys at different times made some really nice plays. made all those throws and need to continue to make the throws when the guy's open. I think you saw the play. We tend to get a very specific type of adjustment when Josh is lined up at the quarterback position."I think they're all important. the direct snap to Josh. I think it was thirdand-14. there are going to be things each game that are different. The difference between getting that initial block and not is the difference between that play going for nothing or significant gain. tucking it away and then turning and running. even Greg (Estandia) on the scramble." (On if he would look into Weis because of his relationship with Quinn). I've always liked Charlie. I thought Mike Furrey had a really nice catch." (On if they saw something from the Bengals defense that caused them to not use the Wildcat at Cincinnati). That's been good. you have to be able to maximize those things. essentially it's the same number of blockers. I hope he hasn't gotten fired and I wish him the best.really important." . They were bringing pressure off the other side. The week before we had hit it against a pressure look in Detroit and went for 34 yards. just trying to build it a different way to take away the standard sort of front we've been getting. I thought Mohamed made a tremendous catch going towards the tunnel on our sideline. Even though he was hitting the same spot. third-and-five. rolled back in and made the catch. which is such a fundamental skill set and something that we work on consistently. hitting Chansi for a first down when it wasn't picked up. not necessarily. I think that when you have the opportunity to catch the ball. Two plays earlier he really should have had a catch and dropped it. we had blockers out there. I think that we've thrown the ball. Those are the things that we did do in the Detroit game and you saw the difference. That's really all I've thought about that situation. the third down play. I respect him a lot. missed the guy and he tackled Josh for no gain. It was consistent concentration. We had certain plays up. He's a good coach."No. then it's a function of being able to hit the hot or the site. which was right there. You had another third down play." (On if he thinks catching the ball is the easiest area to fix). throw back to Brady.

In terms of specific advice related to specific injuries. so that's going to be something that we're going to have to deal with both in the passing game and the running game. pretty much whatever area you watch with this team.(On if Pool has had any other concussions this year). 12/2 12. "On special teams." (On if there would ever be a time he would tell a player with multiple concussions to retire) . they can score. they've been very successful throughout the course of the year. I think one of the things that jumps out at you. I've been happy with the way the offense has operated the last two games and going nine games with a turnover and being able to get to the point now where we've had two in a row here without having a turnover. I want all the guys to be safe and to be smart and you be supportive as well. good skill guys. is the volume of plays that they've had of 16 or more yards. outside of (Philip) Rivers' quarterback rating and his number of TDs to interceptions. I don't know enough about each of the specific injuries to really give any sort of advice as to how to treat the injury or respond to the injury. They have very effective rushers when they do bring them. It's primarily a three-deep zone. [They can] give it to either of the backs or the fullbacks and both those guys can hurt you in the running game. [they have] good coverage unties. it doesn't matter who you want to talk about. so that's been something that we've improved on. he can take it straight ahead and beat you with his speed that way . The pressure that they've been able to put on quarterbacks has been successful in generating sacks as well. That's lead to some key turnovers. Almost 20 percent of all their pass plays go for 16 plus yards. "Their offense."No. but sometimes you get a mixture of a couple of other things and they do it from a lot of different looks."Good morning everybody." (On if Quinn will be the starter). I think each guy has to really spend time with the doctors and make that decision themselves. the score was fairly lopsided and most of those are the result of turnovers that they were able to generate. Facing (Darren) Sproles over the years. Really when you look at the Kansas City game." Mangini press conf. They've done a nice of protecting the football. [It's] something that's going to be very important again this weekend. It's a zone blitz team so they'll bring combinations of blitzers and typically play zone behind it."I think that the best thing I can do is have them listen to the people that really understand the injuries. they can produce. You look at their defense and one of the things that you notice right off the bat is the volume of giveaways that they've been able to create.02. How are you doing? Just getting ready for the Chargers."Yes. Brady will continue to start. They've done a nice job in terms of sacks allowed.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-2-09 (Opening statement).

"We haven't done anything yet." (On what he will do at safety this week)." (On what happened on the play that injured Pool). He's definitely not going to play this weekend and there's a chance he won't be playing again this year. We're going to have to see how the week goes and see how it plays out. Mike Furrey's played there quite a bit. There are some different combinations that we have."There are a couple different options."It's not looking very positive."As I said." . but unfortunately it's something that is a reality. but they're always important. It's a big challenge against a good team. Like I said."He's here."Yes. go the wide field and create some problems in that area as well. It's a challenge." (On if Pool was injured on a helmet-to-helmet or helmet-to-knee hit). this is something that we're still moving forward on." (On if he would be comfortable putting Brandon McDonald in a starting role)." (On if it is difficult to talk with a player about not playing again)." (On the status of Brodney Pool)." (On if Pool will have to consider not playing again). You never want to have a conversation about injuries with anybody. is a discussion for a later time period. we haven't talked about the long term. Hank's (Poteat) played there at different points throughout his career and throughout his time here as well. The other thing that I've really liked that they've done is not have very many penalties and I think that's helped them as well."I think with that. Situations change each week and just because someone moves out of the starting role for a little while doesn't mean they can't move back in and play at a higher level than they've been playing and continue to improve. I'm not totally sure. we have to first move through this part of the decision making process and get all the information and see where we are and then you really discuss moving forward at a later point. I think. Mike Adams had played there quite a bit." (On if he has filled the roster vacancy). I'll have more information for you. That discussion. Bubba (Ray) Ventrone." (On Kenyon Coleman and Kamerion Wimbley)."I can't remember if it was actually helmet-to-helmet or whether it was helmet to some other pad.or he can change directions. I'm not really sure. Tony (Grossi)."In terms of the specific thing." (On if Pool is around the team still). It's never a fun conversation."I think we have a shot with both those guys.

Marla (Ridenour). They're all good. especially anything that has long term affects. Tony (Grossi). I don't know what the right answer is there. we have a lot of tests that go into it. but it is something that's important. I don't know what the range of options are. I know that they are working on it and they'll continue to work on it and consult people. Give the ball to LaDainian Tomlinson. I do think it's important for the experts. so we went through the complete process. That'll be a discussion." (On if they could accomplish the same things in practice without helmets)."I don't really know what their philosophy is going to be. Throw it to Vincent Jackson. to get their feedback and collectively try to make the best decision." (On if Pool will be placed on injured reserve)."I just don't feel like I'm enough of an expert on the topic. that we've worked on. base line tests and comparative tests. Throw it to (Antonio) Gates. we take seriously and will continue to take seriously. Take your pick. for the different offseason meetings. I haven't really thought about it. [They] consult all the experts in the field and research thoroughly." (On if he expects the Chargers to run the ball a lot)." (On if the emphasis on concussions is overdue). the people that really understand all the nuances of it."I don't think so. I'm in support of that. I'm not exactly sure when the timeline was. I think a lot of those decisions. I think it's tough in a lot of areas. It's something that we've studied. We wouldn't put anybody back on the field that wasn't able to be cleared medically to do so. I'm totally in support of whatever can help in terms of player safety." (On what input the coaches have in guiding the league's decisions regarding concussion). I think. I just don't feel qualified enough on this topic to really give a lot of insight on it." (On if he ever had a concussion when he played).(On if Pool's injury happened on the play Coleman got hurt)."I honestly haven't thought about it."Again. the league spends a ton of time on."Again. It's something we stress." (On if they went back and determined if Pool's preseason injury was a concussion)"I know that all the injuries. They have a lot of good options. It hasn't been something that you delve into significantly right now. You try to minimize risk whenever you can. There's a very detailed process. I can say that it is important." ."Again. Whatever the plan is collectively that is brought up and adopted we'll adapt to. Give the ball to Sproles. Part of the reason you wear helmets is to protect against guys bumping heads by accident. that's something that I'll have more information for you probably either later today or by tomorrow. Tony (Grossi). We'll take as much guidance as we can on it and just always put the players in the best position. I think that it's important to leave it up to the people that really understand this a lot better than I do." (On how he would feel if the league made a rule about practicing without helmets)"Tony (Grossi).

(On what he would do if he was the opposing coach in this situation)- "I've been part of different scenarios like that. I remember a game where the whole secondary for the other team was beat up. It was all new guys. I think there was an anticipation offensively that we were going to score a ton of points and I think we lost like 19-6. You just don't know. I think the important thing is the guys that do have opportunities to come in take advantage of those opportunities. I have a lot of faith in (Ahtyba) Rubin. If Kenyon can't play, whether it's C.J. (Mosley) or Corey (Williams), both those guys I think will do a great job. They played significantly throughout the course of the year. We moved different guys inside. Jason Trusnik [has] never really been a heavy inside linebacker, or really a starter fulltime, he has 10 tackles last week. I think that's the positive part of this, is guys get a real opportunity to step up and show the things they can do. I've seen so many times where you're pleasantly surprised by the way that they respond. These guys all have been working hard and they've all been studying. It's another really good lesson for the group that you just don't know when your opportunity will be and you don't know whether it's going to be for 10 plays or 10 games or five games or what it's going to be. You want to make sure when you get that chance you really maximize it. I remember Curtis Martin always used to tell a story, when he first got to New England, I forget which backs were in front of him, and he told those guys, ‘You better hope that I never get in.' They all laughed, you know he was a rookie. He was serious. I don't know if you guys know Curtis, but when he talks he's not joking about what he's saying. He told them, he said look, ‘You better hope I never get in, because none of you guys are playing again.' He got in and none of them played again, but it was a big joke when he first said it. Sometimes you get that shot and you don't come back." (On if he remembers when Antonio Gates came out of college)- "I don't. I wasn't part of that evaluation. I know there's been a boatload of trying to find the next Antonio Gates and it doesn't really happen that often. He had played football [before], so he did have a football background. We tried all different kinds of guys. We tried out a Rugby Union player from Australia, one of their best players, in New York. [We tried out] a basketball player a couple times. I can't remember his name now, but he was the heavyweight champion from Ohio State, wrestler. He hadn't played football and we brought him to rookie mini-camp a couple years ago. We had him and the kid from, I think it was, Iowa. Both of them had been heavy weight champs back-to-back years, tried them out." (On how he rates Gates as a tight end)- "How would you rate him? He's really, really good. He's really, really good. They can split him out and he can run routes on cornerbacks and safeties and do that effectively. He has a great ability to adjust to the ball wherever it's thrown. Often times when you look at tight ends, some tight ends may have really good hands, but most of the routes that they catch are in stride or clean catches. The tight ends that are able to adjust to balls thrown behind them or thrown high, those are the ones that have incredible value because often times they're in traffic, they quarterback's got to throw it away from a linebacker that may be in front of them or somebody coming down and their ability to pluck it from different spots. That was one of the things I liked about Dustin Keller when he came out, is you could see on tape the way that he could adjust to the football almost around the whole clock, all the different spots on a clock. It's easier said than done."

(On the keys to limiting Gates' production)- "When you face guys like this you try to do a lot of things to stop him. I've seen it all tried with him, whether it's playing nickel, where they have a DB on him. I've seen some teams put their best corner back on him. I've seen him get jammed up at the line of scrimmage. I've seen him get double teamed from a linebacker and a safety, from two safeties. You see it all. They can move him around, split him out, put him in different personnel groups. It's not like the other group of skill players aren't very dangerous for this team. With Rivers, he's more than happy to throw it down the field to any of the other guys, as well and they've been effective there." (On Corey Williams at nose tackle)- "He's worked in there, more so throughout the course of the season than in mini-camp and training camp and he's done a nice job. The thing about him is he's a little different than your typical nose, because he's got some good wiggle. You can stunt him and do things like that that you wouldn't maybe do with just a pure mauler type. That adds an element of uncertainty for the offensive line. He has done a nice job in terms of taking on the center, being stout, so that's a possibility. C.J.'s played in there as well and he volunteered to do that. He wanted to try it out and I thought he's done some nice things in there." (On if he assumes there will be less double teams with Shaun Rogers not playing)"Typically in a 3-4 defense there's only so many ways that you block it. If you want to run a straight ahead direct run, you double team on the nose to the backside WILL linebacker, they fan out. There are not that many variations of the blocking schemes that you get. They have to account for the front seven to get a hat for a hat, so it's just numerically how you want to do it. You can double team on the end if you wanted to, some teams do that. It's a change. It's sort of new over the last, I'd say, four years." (On if he has seen any difference in LaDainian Tomlinson over the past couple years)- "He has eight touchdowns. Dramatic differences? I don't think there have been dramatic differences with him. I see him make guys miss in the hole. I see him get the edge. I see a lot of the same things that you've come to appreciate over the years. They do mix Sproles in quite a bit and you understand why. He's a guy that's explosive as well." (On if a bad record can affect injuries)- "No, I think when guys get rolled up on or whatever it is, it's not a function of what your record is, it's just a function of what happened in the game. I've been part of seasons where you may not have had the season you wanted and haven't had a ton of injuries. I think a lot of teams deal with injuries throughout the course of the season. It's important to be able to have depth. Almost every team in the league has lost somebody significant and lost other players as well. You don't go in planning for it, but unfortunately it happens. When I say planning for it, you're always planning depth wise, but you're anticipating these are the players that are going to play and ideally play through 16 games and then what's your contingency if they can't."

Mangini press conf. 12/3

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-3-09 (Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. How are you doing? As you know, yesterday we put Jamal (Lewis) on IR and Brodney (Pool) on IR. [It is] obviously disappointing for them. Jamal has had such a tremendous career and [this is] not the way he wanted to finish it up. I can't thank him enough for the contributions he's made, his work ethic, his toughness, his commitment to the younger players and all the things that he's done just in my short experience with him. With Brodney, I really thought that he had continued to develop throughout the course of the season. I think that the strides he's made in the deep part of the field and understanding the system, all those things have been real positives. It's not the way that he wanted to finish the season either, but it was really the best decision right now for the players from a medical perspective. We claimed Ramzee Robinson off of waivers. [He is a] cornerback. We currently have one spot open. We'll see how the week goes in terms of how we're going to fill that spot. "With practice today, [we are] working on third down and reemphasizing some of the things that we did yesterday. They'll do some similar things on first and second down that they do on third down. There are some game plan specific things that we'll have to adjust to once we get into the game. They are a multiple team in terms of their attack offensively and defensively in that area, so we've got our work cut out for us here today." (On if Lewis suffered brain trauma)- "I'm not going to get into specifics of the injury. When we were aware of him having symptoms we did the testing and at that point the doctors felt it was best for him to go on injured reserve, so that's the decision that we made." (On if Lewis was hurt during the Cincinnati game or before)- "The first that we were aware of it was after the game, actually not directly after the game, but the next day. Immediately, we started testing and that's when the doctors made the decision. We wanted to go through the whole process before and talk to everybody and make sure that we were as thorough as possible before making the final decision, but that was the process." (On if Lewis is seeing a specialist today)- "With both he and Brodney, they've gone through a series of tests. They'll continue to do that. We'll do everything organizationally and in working with them to make sure that we get all the information possible, not just in the short term but in the long term." (On if there have been more concussions this year or if the NFL is just taking them more seriously)- "In my experience in New York, we always treated [concussions] very seriously and tried to do everything possible in terms of pretesting, post testing, anything that we could do to make sure that player safety was the priority. I think a lot of teams do the same thing. In terms of trends, I'm not sure what the trends are, what the numbers are,

but I can tell you that personally, from a head coaching perspective, it was a priority for us in New York. It's been a priority here. The emphasis is on player safety." (On the league's emphasis on concussions)- "I think the league each year tried to develop things that protect the players and I think that's a great thing. They spend a lot of time researching it. They talk to a lot of different people, the leading experts in the field and I think that's very positive. The more that we can keep guys healthy and on the field the better it is for everybody." (On if he encourages players to wear mouth guards)- "Really with all protective equipment, I think there's benefit to all of it. There's a reason for all the different components of protective equipment. The mouth guard in relationship to concussions, again I'm not sure what that study is, but I know that if it has any positive affect there, it's a good thing." (On if Lewis had complained about concussion symptoms before Cincinnati)- "The first that we were made aware of it was this week. Immediately, we started testing and that's when we found what we found and then went through the process." (On how the decision to put Pool on injured reserve worked)- "With any injuries it's driven by the medical staff. You make sure that you have all the information. You go through all the testing and then you make a decision after that. It's as thorough a process as we can possibly have and again, the priority is on player safety." (On if Pool's season would still be over if his injury had occurred earlier)- "Again, it's based on the doctors and what they think and what the staff thinks collectively. It's not where you are in the season, what your record is. It's none of those things. It's based on player safety." (On if the doctors gave Pool a timeline for returning)- "We talked about it more in terms of the season and we'll address moving forward after that." (On if he is convinced Lewis will retire)- "That's really Jamal's decision and that's a very personal decision for each player. I'd rather leave that question up to him. Whatever decision he makes I'll support." (On if the team will do anything Sunday to honor Lewis)- "Marla (Ridenour), this is so new that we haven't really talked in terms of those things. Really the emphasis has been on preparing for the game from my perspective. Obviously with this news and this transition, that's taken a lot of time as well and it's an important thing. At the game, that wasn't something that I personally talked about with anybody. He has had a tremendous career and I respect all the things that he's done." (On if the team goes outside of their medical staff to evaluate head injuries)"Anytime there's a specific injury, what we're always going to try to do is get the best

information, however we can do that. If it's independent, it's independent. Whatever we need to do to get the best information is what we always adhere to." (On if Lewis and Pool have only seen doctors in Cleveland)- "Yes." (On if he thinks players have a false sense of security about safer helmets)- "I really couldn't answer for all the different players. I know that as an organization you're trying to get the best possible equipment. You're always looking for trends. It could be related to concussions. It could be related to dehydration. There are often new things that become available. I know there were some items that became available this year in terms of dehydration that we tried during camp. You're constantly looking for anything that can protect the players. It could be in the form of a helmet. It could be in the form of types of undershirts again for hydration, things like that. Best practices, you're always searching for best practices." (On why he did not say anything to the media on Wednesday about Lewis' injury)"It's like anything else, Tony (Grossi), you have to go through the process and go through the testing. Until you have concrete information, that's what you do." (On if the team needs another running back)- "We usually activate two more often than not. We'll look at different guys. We've brought different guys in not just week but all throughout the course of the season at all positions. We have Thomas Brown on the practice squad. He's done a nice job. We'll evaluate all those things. Typically we bring two to the game and that's what we have on our roster." (On if the team needs a running back better than who they already have)- "I think that both those guys (Jerome Harrison and Chris Jennings) have done a nice job when they've had opportunities. Jerome has had some good games. I like the progress that they're making. I think Chris Jennings is a guy that has done a good job with the opportunities that he's had and he's working to create more opportunities and they'll have that now. Again, you never want to see anybody injured or lost. It is a great opportunity for younger players or guys that maybe weren't in that lead role to make a case for themselves and step up and be productive." (On how much injuries complicate an already difficult season)- "Injuries happen at different rates each year. You're constantly stressing flexibility, depth. I know we talked about that a lot during training camp and the early part of the season. There's the counterargument about continuity versus flexibility. You just don't know when it's going to happen. You don't know at what rate it's going to happen. You don't anticipate losing two middle linebackers, but it happens and it's happened [to] different teams, different places, different positions. You're constantly trying to build depth. Hopefully the guys that you have there and that have been working there then step up and are able to fill the void."

"I'm not going to get into specifics of all the different things." (On if Lewis had a chance to talk to the team before he left)."I've seen him make progress throughout the course of the year." (On if Pool has a fierce enough personality to come back because he is soft-spoken)"I've known a lot of guys that are really soft-spoken off the field but play with a great intensity on the field. I would imagine that any of the guys that come back who have had experience and reps would continue to improve. It's always a plus and you're always able to do more and more individually and collectively." (On what symptoms Lewis complained of)." Mangini press conf. Tony (Grossi). Like with any new system. Those things are all positive. but that's something that's going to be in place." (On if he thinks Lewis is a Hall of Famer)."As I said.2009 .(On if the league mandating the use of an independent neurologist is in affect yet)"Often times you do that anyways. He's done a lot of good things. He's had an impressive career."I don't get a vote in that." (On the specific hit that triggered Lewis' symptoms). a lot of good progress so I anticipate him continuing along that path. I was happy with a lot of the things that he was doing in the deep part of the field."That wasn't something that he and I talked about or he mentioned him wanting to do. I don't think necessarily the personality off the field is a direct relation to the personality on the field. [I] really liked the range that he showed."It wasn't really that type of discussion. as he got more comfortable not just working in the system but working with whether it be Abe (Elam) or Mike Adams or whoever he was back there with. with the future. you hope [he makes it]." (On if Lewis said when he was hit). Again. You're not thinking about what your responsibilities are. I was pleased with that. but I think he's had a tremendous career. I think he became a better communicator as the season went on. he's had a lot of good reps. I'd be happy for him to do that if that was something that he'd like to do. as you get more comfortable you tend to play faster because you're not thinking through the adjustments. a lot of good experience. 12/4 12." (On the upside he sees in Pool).04. I think anything that helps the process is a good thing. You hope. At that point. It's much more of a reaction type thing. that's when we did the testing. the first that we were made aware of it was on Monday. It was more symptom-based and that's when we initiated the testing.

You can't really take the same approach from that perspective either. [It will be] a combination there. It would be hard to go through and say that's the right number of reps in each game."The positive thing for us is that Mike (Adams) has played both corner and safety so he has that ability. You don't know how many reps either sides going to have." (On how he will approach the short week coming up). with the shifting and the motioning and things like that. That's tough. I'd be totally comfortable."No. That wouldn't be the approach. but the familiarity does help. I think those games are always a little bit tougher when it's someone out of conference or you have no exposure to. but this is similar to. You're balancing that. probably not. Hank (Poteat) has played bother corner and safety. You may not be able to do all of the things you'd like to do in a typical week in terms of changing the scheme or how extensive the plan can be. so that's something that we'll review a little bit here this morning and also go through the red area and goal line and move forward from there."No. How are you guys doing? Today what we're doing is we're going to clean up some things from yesterday in the third down work that we did. Mike Furrey's been working on defense. I thought there were some good things defensively. typically. Ray Ventrone has gotten reps throughout the course of the season and some reps in games. We played New England on Thursday night." (On if they will be moving guys around in the secondary). I haven't done that in the past. so there's some familiarity with who you're playing and what the scheme is." (On if he will back off reps for some players in the San Diego game in preparation for the Steelers game). The other nice thing is both teams are working the same amount of time. They have so many ways to build formations and so many players that can really produce big plays if you're not exactly sound on what you're doing. I'm not sure how many interceptions he had. I've played these games before. You're balancing the level of install."Yes.Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-4-09 (Opening statement). It's tough as it is just to get the same level of preparation. I think he had four or five interceptions and was third or fourth on the team in tackles. say Baltimore." (On if he is going to let the players play their normal amounts on Sunday and see what happens on Thursday). . so you have to really understand what the final formation is and where the different pieces are."We experienced the same thing last year [in New York]. That'll be the focal point this morning slash afternoon. You have to be conscious of where the guys are physically. He's started 11 games there in the past. I mean you look at it. You try to play the best players that give you the chance to win." (On if he is comfortable starting Furrey at safety)."Good morning everybody. Are you going to have 65 snaps on defense? Are you going to have 75? Are you going to have 50? You don't know until the game plays out. The nice thing about that and the nice thing about our situation is it is a conference opponent.

because you don't know. They've done a lot of stuff as a group outside of just what we do in the typical day. if he's not able to go [we] really have to see where he's at. I really think the group has done a nice job. There hasn't been a significant amount of mental errors considering that there are so many new pieces. I think [there are] like three or four. continue to develop as an outside linebacker. is just evaluate the week of practice and look at how they did and the matchups and kind of finalize it towards the end of the week."Yes. Each week what we do with that. then he's moved to inside linebacker. working together on their own. Some stuff you do have to spend time on that you wouldn't typically spend time on. but you want to have those different combinations because you don't know when they're going to be working together. working at outside linebacker then he goes inside. Ahtyba (Rubin). [That is] pretty incredible. [We] really brought him here to play a role. making calls. Look at David Bowens."You're constantly teaching. That's something we've always tried to do."It's challenging. We don't have a lot of guys in the same spots that they were in at the start of the season. Same thing with Kenyon (Coleman). It's not always the same guys getting the same reps all the time. sort of simulating the game through tapes so that they all have to communicate and I think that's been helpful. that heightens it and I think they've responded well. They get the same number of reps that they would. but it's good though. I think Jason Trusnik is a good example of that. I've seen some progress. What you like is to see the way the other guys respond. He's led the team twice in tackles. You're always working to get a high level of communication and having some new pieces in. He understands the whole defense."He's been rotating through as well. Some of it [is] learning guy's names. What we try to do in practice is mix the players in different periods so they are working with different people. he started but he was outside. Really. He started 11 games and either the next year or the year before he had 98 catches. hearing the same voices all the time." (On how the secondary has looked during the course of the week)." (On if Brandon McDonald's role is still in sub defense). that's another new spot." (On if Bowens is even more of a coach on the field now). [He] ended up starting. That's always helped us. Mike Adams working at corner and safety. Both inside linebackers aren't there. that would be different.somewhere in that range. We try to do that defensively every week with every position. He's able to help communicate the calls."We have gotten a couple new guys." (On if he spends more time teaching in practice than he would like to at this point in the season). him getting the chance that he's getting. I think it's a really great opportunity for guys to establish themselves as real solid contributors. and I'm optimistic that he can. Mary Kay (Cabot). David Bowens. That's pretty versatile. if Kam (Kamerion Wimbley) couldn't play." (On how challenging the possibility of having four new defensive starters is). he's great that way. What's exciting about it is it's a . Nose [tackle] isn't there. There's quite a few new guys. He's played both spots in the same game. continue his role on special teams. We've had quite a few new faces come through.

we're looking about 250 [pounds] for those inside guys. he could start. David Bowens knew him from Miami. you can't really evaluate a draft for two or three years down the road. He was a bigger guy. He has a lot of reps in the system."Yes and really every week is a week that he could be active. everybody trying to help everybody else out to be successful."You're really looking at him as a third and fourth down player when you [draft him]. a much more experienced player. [We] probably won't know the value for a couple years. It's not a set pattern where he's going to be down for two and up for three.challenge. a lot of play time. Most of those guys. being in a similar type system that helped him."I think with any trade you have to really let it play out. it's not a function of what ." (On if it important to give Brady Quinn these last five games to define he is). Being a veteran guy. Coaches were helping him. He's 235 [pounds]. I think that every game that you play you learn some things and you develop a little bit. but I think he's getting more and more comfortable working with the group that we have. [is] here two days."Matt Roth is a much older player. He could start at any point. Typically though." (On what he is not seeing from Robiskie that has caused him to be inactive when Matt Roth stepped right in and played). Chansi's been able to come on a little bit more over the last couple games. You saw what Matt Roth was able to do. Roman Phifer played inside there. [He] comes in. I'm not hesitant at all to ever start him. I think he's done a really nice job for a young guy. He had a nice day yesterday and I anticipate he'll have a good end of the week here today. They're all working through that as well."Yes. but I've been happy with Jason (Trusnik) and I've been happy with Chansi (Stuckey). but they find ways to do it very effectively. D'Qwell (Jackson) had similar size. They may not be able to go down and take on the blocker exactly the way that a thumper would. [I've] had a few guys kind of in that middle range that have been very effective. We have the potential now for two other young players here in the future and you have to see who those guys end up being. He works like a starter does. but his style wasn't the just blow it up type. They'd be off doing exams." (On how the Braylon Edwards trade has worked out so far). but there's a lot more football to go and they've already played a lot of football. he was working hard himself. He's not a tiny guy. It's almost like a real sense of community. The guys really responded to him. He had that one set back with the injury. I don't know how long it is until a bowl game." (On if Kaluka Maiava could start this week). they're getting ready for bowl games now and this is a whole new world. On the flip side of that. The important thing is to keep that development going. like drafts. Every week you have that chance. Often times with [being] inactive. but everybody was helping him. sometimes when you aren't playing you have to use that time as well to continue your development."I think every game that you play you have a chance to define those things. It's not really apples-to-apples." (On if he looked at Maiava as a situational player when he was drafted)." (On if Brian Robiskie could be active this week).

It's a great environment. it's a function of what somebody else is doing. bright career here. with draft picks it's different. With receivers."I know everybody is working to make sure that that isn't the case. you can't guarantee how many touches they're going to get in a game. we'd love to have all the fans there and all the seats filled. he's played every snap. you have to contribute in a meaningful way on special teams or you have to have a very specific role in a very specific package that you do better than somebody else." (On if Alex Mack is a good NFL starter or a good rookie). Your production is often dependent on what the defense does and someone has to get you the ball.' Sometimes the coverage dictates how many balls you get. He's come in. Sometimes it's a function of does the quarterback get the ball to you? It's not just one defined element there. Every situation is different." (On if Massaquoi is performing equally well in all games). I think he's played well."It's hard to say that." (On if he gets a sense around town that the fans' frustration level has grown throughout the season)." (On how disappointing it would be to have the game blacked out). I think he's got a long. We are all committed to getting better results." . That's not an easy position to play. You get some guys that are drafted high and they may not play as much and [it] really hits the second year or it hits later in the season. then it's going to be a week-to-week type situation. it's different. I understand their frustration. He's another guy that will continue to grow and continue to mature and hopefully be a guy that can have those productive games week in and week out. We're all frustrated." (On what Mohamed Massaquoi needs to do to gain consistency). fourth safety role. I am always excited to have if that'd be the case. It just doesn't work that way.they're not doing. Every guy's different. I see my kids. You get some undrafted guys that come in and play a ton."I think he's played pretty well throughout the course of the season. I understand it. ‘if you this one thing you're going to be productive. consistently as a group and it will happen. It's different than a running back where they get those touches and you can determine how many touches they get."I am not really out of the building very often. Obviously. diligently."I'll tell you. He's been consistent. fifth receiver role or fifth corner back role."With receivers. From my perspective." (On if he was expecting more out of Robiskie). We're working to fix that every day. Do I think he could do a lot of things better? Yes. If you don't have one of those two things that always guarantees that you're on the 45. It's a great feeling. I don't think there's any set pattern for draft picks or young guys in terms of they have to develop over this timeline and this is the grid. He's done a good job physically. A big component of that when you're in that fourth. If you're rolling over the top of somebody or it's heavier in your direction you're going to get less balls. He's done a good job mentally. I get it. but that's true with every position. I've seen it go a lot of different ways. We all want better results.

"In New England a couple games. but as long as we're moving forward that's what's most important to me. he was 240 [pounds]. I think he came in off the street. a defensive lineman. He had been contributing throughout the course of the year and that role was going to increase. . he was transitioning into more of an O and D player. Troy Brown. sometimes the progress isn't as apparent as we'd want it to be. Those guys did a great job. To making sure that we are consistently making progress and building both short term and long term. I think all in rookies counted for about 13 receptions. he started at the other corner. Troy. who was a receiver. We signed Derreck Robinson." (On if he has a seen a situation like this with so many injuries and roster turnover before). It's just tough for him. Earthwind Moreland. He got a chance to play even more than he had been. As I've said before. I was also really pleased to see some of the performances by guys that got either their initial opportunity or another opportunity and really took advantage of it."Good afternoon everybody. I thought that the best thing we did was when faced with the situation that we were faced with at 27-7. I'm just disappointed for him. To giving them the best possible opportunity to be successful every week. I can't remember who we had inside. playing safety. It's a skill to be able to deal with adversity and fight through the adversity and play out the four quarters. it's about being the best possible head coach I can be and preparing the team as well as they possibly can be prepared.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-7-09 (Opening statement). a really fast linebacker. Randall Gay. 12/7 12.J. With me. A lot of things had to go right during that time period for us to get into that position. smooth. it's not really about the career.” Mangini press conf. I feel like I've been talking about this quite a bit.J. is to consistently be moving forward. he started at star. he was fluid. Larry Izzo at one point played some safety for us. he was a rookie free agent. That's really good progress from that group. we're going to put C. "In terms of the game.(On what he is shooting for as they go through the last five games in relation to his career). Mosley on Injured Reserve. They fought back and got to a point where we're onside kicking for an opportunity to get the ball back and go down and score. but you guys remember Don Davis? He played linebacker.07."For me. it would have been very easy to kind of let the rest of the game play out. A couple things. You mix and match and they did a great job. he started at corner. but it is obviously disappointing for C. and I was pleased to see that. I never felt that for a second form the guys and really liked the way that they just fought back. I don't know what the stretch was. Watching Don Davis. He started for us at safety. What I'm looking for is consistency and to not dig that deep of a hole. He did a good job.

The key thing is to just zero in on what you want to get accomplished. but the things that you do do you have to make sure that they're done well. defensively. It was a little bit harder." (On how different the short week is). They can turn a small mistake into a really big play. Tomorrow is our biggest preparation day."They're tough. whenever you play them. Very few times was he pressured. We played New England last year on a Thursday night and. presenting some of the gameplan to the players on a limited basis here today. We'll have a walk through a little later this afternoon. It's better when you're playing an opponent you're familiar with because you do have some things to draw on."I think it's collective. or take your pick. too. I thought the protection yesterday against San Diego was. in terms of what's being played or who fits where. you anticipate the opportunity to play them. Regardless of who's in or who's out or what's happening. there were times we played really well and some plays that I think we could have done much better on. outstanding. one of the things that is challenging when you play a team like San Diego is dealing with their weapons but then also having to deal with the different spots that they're going to be in and communicating out the adjustments and really understanding how you have to play the different calls. You probably can't do all the things that you'd normally do during the course of the week. The next day will be more of tying it all together and getting ready to play another difficult team to prepare for and obviously a team that. especially in the kickoff return game. I don't think we did a good enough job with that yesterday. but going to the check-down or going to the underneath receiver. We had some good returns. we have improved significantly the amount of turnovers from the bye week until now. When he had chances to throw it down the field he did and I they were really. We've come in here enough times talking about balls that were dropped that were easily catchable balls. Overall. I think there were some really good throws. for the most part. We've improved in . I thought those guys held up well and not just the offensive line. because everything was so new. not that getting ready for New England is easy. and that helps. the backs that were involved. We played Dallas one time on Thanksgiving. I thought. but the tight ends that were involved. but I thought that we had a chance for a couple other ones that could have been big plays and potentially game changing plays. really when you look at it. not trying to make something happen just because you feel the pressure to make something happen. "I thought on special teams. it starts with communication. which is always positive. We have really transitioned into Pittsburgh."I think. make sure that those things are understood and understood in a very thorough fashion. solid calculated risks based on what we were getting. presenting the scouting report to the players. it's hard. but also some really good catches. I thought yesterday there were some balls that were caught that were really difficult catches. We are starting to work on the scouting report. If everybody's not on the same page. but at least there was a lot of familiarity. which they did yesterday. offensively." (On the difference in Brady Quinn the last three games). It's really hard when you have guys like Antonio Gates or (Darren) Sproles. I think his awareness of what the defense is giving us and if it's not there. I think he's made good decisions there.

"I think that. Same thing in the red zone. Third down. there are things I was unhappy with across the unit. You never now with a guy you haven't seen play in a game."I think he had a really good week of practice. I've been happy with his overall decision making. You can't relax.the red area. Turnovers. is the goal across the board. You keep addressing the problems. one really average kickoff return. One just came off the left side a little bit late. just because he was behind where Brady was initially." (On if he thinks he would see more consistency from Quinn if he had been starting all season). we'd be performing better. I think. Either you get a batted ball or you get into a tight spot or whatever the case may be. It's not an easy skill to learn and it takes a lot of discipline. I think even yesterday. how he's going to respond. one really good kickoff return. That's a function of all the different areas improving."Yes. one really good defensive series. The scheme doesn't dramatically change. I understand what he saw and both those plays I thought were really well protected."It would have been tight. to me. throw it up. It's so important just be able to approach it day in and day out the same way. He probably had no sense of that happening. I think as a group we're playing better and that's reflected in the different areas.'" (On if anybody was open on the two-point conversion). you really just want to almost like you would on a last play. We've improved on third down. I'd like to think that regardless of who was at quarterback. because as we've talked about. too. defensively. Since the bye it's increased significantly. obviously. we've made improvements." (On if he is happy with Quinn's in-game decisions). There's a strong correlation in my mind that how you practice is usually how you play. collectively. we've made substantial amount of gains. It's deliberate practice and you're going to get improvement. The things I was happy with both guys. there have been substantial gains there. offensively. within seasons. we could have helped by not. or the sack that we had there on second-and-one. if it's not there. substantial gains there. Some of that's just the time clock in your head. A lot of the things that he did yesterday were things that we've been seeing throughout the course of time that he's been here. ‘I've got a maximum of this amount of time because something's probably going to get cut free."That's really the goal. With that. The opposition doesn't dramatically change. you just have to keep it alive. There can't be any moment where it's not the same exact approach and you're looking for that within games. though. That's been a problem area for us. within weeks of practice. I think he had a really good week of practice last week. allowing them to hold the ball as long and provide some more opportunities there. That's always somewhat of the unknown when you have a guy who's ." (On how he gets Quinn to establish some consistency). whether it was the strip that we had in the red zone. I thought we played much better in the first and fourth quarter than we did in the second and third quarter. There were a couple plays yesterday where I would have liked him to get rid of the ball sooner. one really bad defensive series. I think Evan Moore is a good example of that. You keep working at it. Consistency. He's had two really strong weeks of practice and got an opportunity. a penalty. (On Brian Robiskie). If it gets picked it doesn't matter.

Those second-and-ones plays. sustained the drive.C. We've had some really good protection and we've had some games where the production wasn't as sound. He's had some quiet games. I think J. What I really liked about him yesterday was his blocking. You don't let down." (On what convinces him that the Chargers didn't stop fighting). how's he going to respond? That's how Chris Jennings got bumped up." (On if something as simple as Moore coming in can provide a spark for the offense)"I think anytime you can insert someone with six catches for 80 yards. If you're throwing the ball."I talked to Norv (Turner) after the game and the first thing he said was how impressed he was with the way the guys fought and he wanted me to tell the group that.standing out in practice. you've got a lot of things riding on every single game. That. I think that when you're a team in San Diego's position. ‘okay. to me. is the most important thing because as Tony (Grossi) said. You live to fight another day. I don't think we did a very good job defensively. You want to see Brian come back and have the same level or production." (On if he has seen enough improvement in Quinn to feel comfortable about the quarterback position moving forward beyond this year). You put him against another uniform in a game situation. what I'm looking for right now is the next game. during the game what do they do?' I think he had an outstanding week and it reflected in the way he played. That limited the opportunities as well. both running the ball and catching the ball. it can be up one week and down the next week. It helps. Everybody has a different approach on second-and-one. He's capable of doing that at all times and I thought he made some strides there. That was his feedback. That's something that we've talked about. I don't know if you remember the play where Brady sprinted out to his right. That would have helped us. you want to be able to take the shot. the important thing is whether you're running the ball or passing the ball is. You need to see the consistency. [It was] a combination of things. He really sealed the edge on the backside and allowed for that long completion to take place. Chris Jennings has flashed at different points. The next step is. We didn't take a shot and got sacked on the play." (On what happened to the offense in the second and third quarters). in terms of three-andouts."Really. (Jerome Harrison) had a really nice day yesterday. not just from the quarterback position. Mohamed's (Massaquoi) had some 100-yard games. if you're running the ball you can't bounce it out. What we do week in and week out. can we maintain that improvement and then address other areas and improve in those areas? That's what you have to find out and you have to see. the things that we've improved. but from all these positions. or Evan. I thought he had an outstanding block on the edge pressure guy. We were in a position where I think we could have either scored or gotten close. that type of thing. He said that we had a tough group of guys. They held the ball a long time. if it's not there you get rid of it."We had the one drive there where we had second-and-one. which I agree with. You don't' want to bounce it out and make it third-and-four. that's good." .

They care about the team. in terms of his prep or even feedback from him or the trainers in terms of where he was physically. He's been able to run it effectively inside. but I would imagine that's probably the direction it's going." (On if C. He gained over 100 yards against Cincinnati. There are a lot of things that go into building a successful organization over time. You have a player with that much better leverage. It hasn't been what anybody's wanted. organizationally. I think they care. hand placement. We're constantly focusing on that. the approach. It doesn't happen overnight and I understand that. It's important to do it the right way. It's not easy to build something that lasts and that can compete year in and year out. you saw him on the. it takes time. They work hard. Very rarely is he going to be facing a guy that he's substantially bigger than. I think they appreciate the progress that they have made in different areas. whether it be catching the football out of the backfield. That's what we're committed to. I can't imagine them playing any other way."He's done a lot of different things that you'd look for from a feature back." (On if he expects Lerner to stick by him). I haven't sat back and questioned their work ethic at any point."I'll find out here shortly. There's evolution in terms of the coaching staff. There are things that happen. I also knew coming in here that things don't happen overnight and that you have to work at it and you make progress in different areas. things like that. I've had a back that has some similarities.J. You have to come in and make good decisions every day. blocking consistently is something that he does and he's continuing to work on.(On if the fact that the team is still playing hard speaks for how they feel about him). Mosley is headed for surgery). with Leon Washington. There's no one set formula. and I think Leon has a chance to be an outstanding feature back." (On if it took Harrison's body a couple weeks to recover after the Cincinnati game)"I don't remember any difference. but usually he's going to fight size a little bit. They care about each other. There's no one set timeline. They care about what they're doing. There are things that happen. He's done some good things on the edge. It's a good group of guys."I think it's a good group of guys that care about what they're doing. Picking up the blitz. I don't think it's gone the way that any of us has wanted it to go. I know that the outcome hasn't been what I've wanted. He's caught screens and check downs and different routes like that."I think that we share the same vision and understand that it's not easy. where he kind of bent up the seam coming out of the backfield. what we call it a ram pass. whether it be on the field. That's something he and I talked about coming in." (On what Jerome Harrison can do on the field to that leads him to believe Harrison can be a featured back). You have to commit to doing it the right way. You see him run the football. There might be a stalemate every now and then. I've been in a lot of different situations like this and to do it the right way."I believe in what we're doing wholeheartedly." ." (On if he thinks he'll have to convince Randy Lerner that the team is headed in the right direction).

(On if it would give him any satisfaction to end the Steelers playoff hopes)." (On Oakland's drive at the end of the game against Pittsburgh). is he is able to generate so many plays that go longer than the standard play would. I didn't see the way Oakland did it. It makes you more resolved to get it fixed. I'm sure that's what they're experiencing right now is. generating that through pressure. They had the two sacks late for strips. We tried to get a jump on the scouting report.' I'm sure we'll get their best. It hit us two or three times last ."Good morning everybody. We have to try to push a lot of information through.08. I covered San Diego with the group and then the coordinators went through and started our work on Pittsburgh. defensively. ‘We're going to get this fixed. play good football and win the game. everything's condensed."What would give me satisfaction is to go out. whether it's been my time here or New York or New England. They're a good football team. two-minute. They are second in sacks and number one against the rush."We just got the Oakland game in a little while ago. push a lot of adjustments and game plan specific things through here today. that causes issues. the first and second down information. the first and second down plan. They created some negative plays against us. What we started yesterday is really. We had our problems last game. He's elusive in the pocket and the receivers do an excellent job reading out and creating some opportunities. which opens up some things in the passing game. To be able to play Pittsburgh though. They have generated a ton of sacks. It'll be a little different than a typical Saturday would be prior to the game.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-8-09 (Opening statement). He's very strong in the pocket. 12/8 12. even when they're bringing four. difficulty just makes you hardened. Today is trying to fuse reviewing that and introducing the third down. kind of the same thing. the different combinations of rushers that they bring. They're pretty good. They are able to create of negative plays there. Obviously with Pittsburgh there's a lot to get ready for. I think we all have. so I haven't watched the game yet. That's what I'm looking for. picking it up and then being able to move forward from that. Being able to identifying where they're bringing it. I've been looking forward to this for a while. I know they've gone through a stretch here where it hasn't gone the way that they've expected it to go. the red zone. You have to do certain things to try to stop the run." Mangini press conf. the effectiveness of the rushers. "Offensively. They are fifth in the league in defense. but just understanding what it's like coming off of a Super Bowl and the challenges that you face. There were some negative plays in the running play. but it's the same for both teams. but we'll look at that. at home. The one thing with Ben (Roethlisberger). The problems that they create week in and week whether it's defensively. We'll review it tomorrow. I think they're still very explosive from a running game perspective with (Rashard) Mendenhall averaging five yards a carry.

They know how to win. I know we haven't been on the plus side of that rivalry. You saw the play he made on Josh's (Cribbs) throw where he was able to cut in front of the throw and make the interception. He's got that type of I think it was Tennessee. It doesn't change the feeling that goes into the game. It was special. I can't remember. Some stay on the call sheet and you just decide when you want to get back to them."I think that one thing you understand is the consistent rivalry. "I think on special teams. He can get the wide side of the field. He's difficult to pick up as a blitzer. It's like any specific package. it hardens your resolve more so than anything else. I watched the Oakland game. Just remember him in college and seeing the things he did. [There are] some explosive plays there. It may not have been reflected here recently. He can change direction. something that everybody deals with and he's outstanding at it. They've lost some close games. Those things remain consistent and they still do them well."They've done a lot of things defensively very well for a long time. both run and pass. He's a sure tackler. They're a very good football team. You add some plays. They're able to plug the next guy in. they really create some problems in the return game with Stefan Logan. He has really good instincts in the running game. They're resilient. it starts with sort of a core group. Two of them have been in overtime. that last drive they had a chance to end it with an interception. Over the course of time a lot of different players have played in that system and done a great job. You . when you're faced with adversity. You add on things that you like. he fills a role and he understands how to fit and the strengths and weaknesses of each of the calls. I don't know how much he played as a rookie. In the passing game. I remember the Pittsburgh games back when I was here the first time and playing them and that feeling."He's outstanding. You just see him progressing as the season goes on." (On why he has been looking forward to this game for a long time). I know he got off to a little bit of a slow start when he first came in. That's something that you have to deal with. It's hard to replace a player like him. I don't think it was a full-time type situation. Some plays may be specific to that week and you don't carry them through to the next week. To be able to do that at Browns Stadium. it's something you look forward to." (On the Steelers coming off of four consecutive losses)." (On how the Wildcat offense has evolved since the first Pittsburgh game). but it doesn't change the emotion that goes into the game. He has great instincts. that pick he made in that game." (On how the Steelers defense changes without Polamalu). but the next guy will step in and I'm sure [he'll] do a great job."I know we talked about that a little bit in the weeks following. was it the first game of the season. (On Troy Polamalu). He's elusive. but just in experiencing coming off a really successful season and going into the next. he's made some plays. [There were] two pretty amazing catches that sustained that drive."The games they've lost now have been by a total of 15 points.

I think his hand placement and his punch is excellent and something he consistently works on. We wanted to have a couple guys on the sideline to deal with that. it's just you do it from the line of scrimmage and people adjust. It's actually a great program." (On Joshua Cribbs saying if they beat the Steelers that the fans will forgive them for the rest of the season)."I think most really good players have outstanding fundamentals. That takes the sting out of the rush and then you're not dealing with the momentum at that point.try some new things. Some things come off."I'm not really looking at it that way." (On why Cribbs has only thrown one pass since the Pittsburgh game)."It hasn't really affected it. At this point. I'm looking at it as being able to beat Pittsburgh. Those are the two decisions there." . It doesn't change who calls the play or any of those things. I'm looking to keep moving forward." (On how the use of the no huddle affects the use of the Wildcat). but you also wanted to have enough depth in case they went jump ball. I think he plays with a really good base. I think he's got outstanding fundamentals."We've had other ones up. You want to have it enough so it's an option and you have to honor it." (On if he thought there was only time for one more play on the play they used a oneman rush against San Diego). You either play for the field goal or you throw it deep and try to get the jump ball and take a chance on if you throw it in bounds. I don't think many teams that run the Wildcat throw with any kind of high percentage. One of the things they emphasize. Everybody hears the play and goes. whether or not you can protect it. whether or not you can get the next play off. The deal is. Brady comes up. Some things get added on or stay on. Tony (Grossi)." (On Joe Thomas being named to USA Football/NFLPA's All Fundamentals team and why it's called that). whether it's the pee wee football or whoever it is. We haven't been open. especially on a pass rush situation. is making sure that the kids really understand the fundamentals of blocking and tackling. That's a key part of playing offensive line is the width of your base and your ability to time up the punch so that you're delivering the maximum amount of blow. he calls the play. keep it and that's a pretty good option. It's just a function of whether or not you can get the guys open. Really. I'm sure they're calling it that because the site is for teaching younger coaches and has different levels. that you can." (On if the Wildcat would be harder to defense against if there was more of a passing threat involved). I think that's how it got the name. whether or not it makes sense."There was only time for one play. if it's not open. The things that we're trying to do moving forward are important and that's billed on the progress we've made. I think if anything the package has widened a little bit since the first time we met. Obviously this is a special game because of who it is."One of your receivers is the quarterback.

you feel it. I think his base and his balance and his drive blocking have improved. There's also going to be some variations. I don't think. We didn't hold the sideline on that play. don't get me wrong. He's a big enough problem. I know was the result of us not communicating the adjustment. Not just the atmosphere of the game. is if the player has the ball in space you always have to hold the sideline.' You go quickly and you did your job. but it's not really the exact way that you want them to do it. I felt like he sped things up a lot of times. but you also have to deal with the linebackers. His ability to communicate with the rest of the group. You have no chance. He changed some of the protection calls at the line of scrimmage to get us to a point where we had the numbers to pick it up and that opened up some things. but it's up there.(On how Alex Mack as progressed this season). I think the way that he gets better is his comfort level. but there's so many of these zone blitzes and things like that that you can't zero in just on him. the feeling during the course of the week. That's pretty common with the young guys is. I think that year we might have played them three times. whether it's the combination blocks or pulling or whatever it is." ."He did pretty well. The other thing that we didn't do very well."Last week."I thought Brady did a really nice job against San Diego last week and they run quite a bit of zone blitzing."I think that would be one way to describe it. You have to make sure that that player cuts back in to where the pursuit is coming from. you have to deal with the potential safety blitzers. I wouldn't say the percentages are exactly equal. the secondary pressure. all those things I think have improved. even though he wasn't playing. but then down the field not holding the sideline. so not only was there not a player in the flat when there was supposed to be. It's different. ‘I want to take care of this." (On what struck him about the Pittsburgh game in his first stint with the Browns)"It was a great atmosphere." (On how difficult it will be for Quinn to recognize all of the problems Pittsburgh's defense presents). some things that are unique to us. Hampton is one component of it. and what you want to do in the secondary. but even during the course of the week. playoffs in '94. but there's a tempo that you have to do that at. I've seen significant gains as we've gone throughout the season. the first long play I think." (On why the team is still giving up long plays). We were supposed to have a player out in the flat. What that means is you can't get sealed inside by a receiver down the field because all of your help is coming from the inside out. It may not be something that is spoken about at that point. I thought he did a nice job IDing where the pressure was coming from. which is great. At first. His comfort level there has increased significantly."I think Alex gets better each game. but it's just understood. his ability to identify fronts. He'll pick up some things from the first game." (On if Steelers week is more intense). He wanted to get to his assignment quickly and make sure he took care of his job. there's no chance. There's a lot of stuff going on and it's effective." (On how Mack played against Casey Hampton earlier this season). The one thing about him is he'll study it.

found a seam in the pocket and picked up 13 yards. it's huge. He's a really good quarterback." (On if there is something about Ben Roethlisberger that makes him unique)"There's a lot about him that makes him unique. Just the mechanics of running the offense." . We had him last game where they were going to throw a screen. not just in the things that he can create from a broken play perspective. so it's have I've known. I think the one thing that's set him back is he has had a series of different things that he's had to work through."It's been a point of emphasis for us offensively. I know we had the strip sack. Being able to protect the football for the passer is really twofold. He had the awareness. He's worked aggressively to get back on the field. He has a 100.(On if rivalries have diminished in the age of free agency). The thing that I respect about Robert is he works really hard to get ready to play."Robert's been bumped up a couple different times throughout the season. He's got tremendous strength."I wasn't here for the period before free agency. the screen was covered. but coming up to the the line of scrimmage." (On Roethlisberger having good numbers against Oakland despite losing the game)"His numbers have been good all year.2 quarterback rating. Like I said. At earlier points I felt like we were dropping really catchable balls. He's got a real good sense of where the rushers are. He's got the ability to avoid to his right. but the spirit stays the same. Not every quarterback can do that. Even though he's not looking at the rush. to his left and throw really accurate passes on the move. You have the presence in the pocket and protecting it from that perspective and then also the decision making down the field and when to take chances. assessing the defense." (On Quinn going 126 passing attempts without an interception). I think that's been positive for us across the board. He's a professional in the room. We had the play covered. when not to take chances. He can scramble and hurt you that way. he's got great control of that and he has the ability when things don't go well to make something happen. Over the last few weeks I feel like we've caught some difficult balls and that's a big distinction. He was able to scramble to his right. but sometimes that happens. I think the other thing that's really helped is us taking advantage of opportunities that we've had. He does a good job with him teammates. seeing where the weakness is and taking advantage of it. not turning the ball over. You look at the give-away. He's got great arm strength. take-away ratios and the affect those have on outcomes. our left and pick up 13 yards." (On what Robert Royal's lack of production is a result of). he's got a good feel of where his pressure points are and where he can escape to. I think the faces may change. I've played him multiple times over a lot of different years and he's created problems regardless of what team I've been involved in. I think he's gotten better each year. where you have to put the ball in order to make sure the defensive back doesn't have a chance to get it. When I entered was free agency. He's a professional in that aspect. It hasn't gone exactly the way that he's wanted it to go from a health perspective.

if they continue to improve that they have a chance. Chris Jennings. [They are] number one in rush defense. They have a chance to come up to the 53 and then they have a chance to come up to the 45." Mangini press conf. They've worked hard to learn the entire system."I think actually he's faced some pretty good defenses. I also just wanted to thank the fans that came out last night. right on down the line some of the new players. San Diego's defense was good. Evan Moore. This is another good defense. Taking advantage of balls that are thrown and being able to catch it in tight coverage. because there will be some tight coverage. to continually develop them because you don't know when you are going to need to call on them. Cincinnati. They were pretty amazing. It had to be cold where they were sitting. we spend so much time. Being able to pick up the blitzing linebackers and understanding where they're coming from in order to get the passing game going. I think that throughout the course of the year they have worked hard and things haven't always gone the way we wanted to go. Kaluka (Maiava). guys playing different positions. It was cold where I was sitting. That stuff has huge value. especially during that last drive ho loud it was. 12/11 12. but we have made strides. being able to deal with their moving pressures in order to run the ball effectively. It's good to see those guys get a chance and take advantage of that chance. They fight through everything so it's great to have them. It's important for the guys to know that if they work hard. I was really happy with the way the guys played and happy that they were rewarded for it. it reinforced a lot of things that I felt coming out of the game." . because he's one component of it. organizationally. but it's going to be a challenge for us offensively. I was happy that they were rewarded for that. That's why. Baltimore. [They have] a different style. It was cold. You want to make sure that they are progressing the same way the other guys are who may be taking more of the game plan specific reps. Being able to run the ball effectively. whether it be the post practice work with those guys or the extra meetings or things like that. I think all those things are going to be challenges this week. trying to build in versatility. as a group." (On how important it is for players elevated from the practice squad to take advantage of the opportunity). It is learned over time. It's a good group across the board that can generate a lot of negative plays. Just watching the tape."Good afternoon everybody.(On if going against Pittsburgh's defense will gauge where Quinn is at)."I think it's extremely important.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-11-09 (Opening statement).11. things like that that have come into play and I think like any part of the process this stuff is learned. Sometimes those strides are apparent and sometimes they are not as apparent. You look at a game where a guy like Marcus Bernard contributed two sacks or Brian Schaefering with his sack and a half and the play time that he had. Mohamed (Massaquoi).

You appreciate things like that just because it's nice of them to take time to do that. and I've said it 1. Learning how to deal with adversity is part of that. from all those different spots." (On the win against Pittsburgh goes a long way towards next season). A lot of different friends around the league sent some notes. but it is nice to now say. but learning how to win is part of that." (On the ideal number of plays for the Wildcat in a game). ‘ok when we do these things. move forward with. There's that special feeling with playing them. we can all see what happens. ‘When we do this. I think we did a lot of those things last night. Guys at other positions. they help out."There is some element of that and it just depends when they get here. These guys have worked hard and I know you're probably tired hearing the word process.000 times. Whether it was his returns. He is a fun guy to watch. who we haven't beat in a long time. It's something that we are looking into and want to. I imagine that something will get done. the guys at their position they help out. It's the coaches. too. defenses that he can associate. Some other guys that you may get late you have to accelerate everything. What you don't want to do is eliminate his effectiveness there because it is such a huge field position change." . look what's possible. To be able to do that against a team like Pittsburgh. or the potential for that every time he touches the ball. I talked to Jim (Brown) after the game.'" (On if he got a special message from anyone)."Yes.(On having to teach new players on the roster). We embrace guys that come here and everybody wants to help them be successful." (On if there is anything new with Cribbs' contract). He did a lot of different things and he did them well. Some of the other stuff depends on balancing that out with the fact that he is the returner on both kickoff returns and punt returns. There is a sense of community and everybody takes part in it. Usually. making tackles."It's hard to say. A guy like Matt Roth. Andy Reid sent a note. He gets a full game. the snaps on special teams and he does the coverage units as well."It looked pretty good yesterday. that learning curve is quicker. You are balancing out the snaps at receiver."For me it's really just a great opportunity for the team to experience some of the fruits of their labor."Nothing right now. it was a pretty impressive performance. I think it's outstanding. Learning how to play complementary football is part of that. There's that intensity." (On if Joshua Cribbs looked better on tape today). he has things to draw on from his NFL experience. catching the ball. Some of it depends on the effectiveness. It's great to be able to now point to that and say." (On if something will get done with Cribbs' contract). reps wise. obviously. How extensive their background is before they get here. him running the ball.' I've never questioned the way these guys have approached things. There's that rivalry. the snaps in Wildcat. There are so many different elements to it."I got a message from Randy (Lerner).

my focus. I mean that in a sincere way. is on moving forward each day. everything is on this year. I wouldn't look to do that. is communication." (On Rob Ryan's defensive scheme). I believe in hard work." (On what was said in the text message). I am confident in it. but week in and week out it's different. You do a lot of things in training camp. I believe in discipline. you study core concepts on how to run the defense. you play good defense. I've seen it work. Finding that balance." (On if the players coming closer together). They use words like ‘family' when they talk about each other. These guys are good guys working towards the same goal. each person understands their role in the defense."That's never been talked about. I've experienced it. I believe in what we do. and you have to get used to this defensive approach I think. defensively. It's specific to Pittsburgh. That's what you are looking for. There were times during the earlier part of the season maybe we did too much. It's truth in sports."It was a nice. What I'm concerned about are the guys. You play harder for guys that you like. You are looking for chemistry."That really hasn't been my emphasis at all or focus at all. I've seen it. What we always look for every play." (On if there is any uncertainty about bringing someone in). It could be me asking a question and they try to help each other out. It was pretty late when I finally got out of the locker room and got going and I think he was heading back to se will catch up. There have been times where maybe we could have done a little bit more. It's going to happen. I've experienced it. it's not by position group. Communication is so important."I see them getting closer and closer as they get to know each other more and spend more time together. There's a lot of learning that goes on Wednesday. That to me is the essence of winning."A big part of playing good defense is being on the same page. My emphasis.(On if he talked to Randy Lerner in person)."We just exchanged texts and I'll talk to him a little bit later here today. Usually. positive message" (On if he is worried about his future). the team. disguise and pursuit. When everybody know what we are playing and it's sound across the board."I think anybody that we can bring in to help is a positive thing. you win. I know we are going to win a lot of games here. Everybody interacts with everybody else. is on these guys. You have those things. Those things are truth. I know we are going to have a team that week in and week out the city is going to be proud of. There's a different level of intensity when you care about each other and really understand that everybody is working for everybody else. . I believe in it. It's a shock to the system I think. I know it is going to work here. I believe in a team. the starting point is communication. I know it works. I believe in what we do. I know it works. I think it's different than a lot of approaches because it is so game plan specific. Thursday." (On if he has talked to Lerner about next year). They support each other in meetings. I believe it to my core. Friday so there's a lot of adjustments that have to take place. coaching team and continuing to move forward. Really. They have a good time with each other. I believe in good people.

part of the growth. It does take time." (On if he has the support of the players). I thought Brady did a nice job with that throughout the course of the night last night. but I actually came in here a lot less heavyhanded than when I went to New York. That's not what it's about."I really have found that anytime that you make a change. You've got a community. You have one breakdown in 11 guys." (On how to judge Brady Quinn's performance with the wind). You want to show them how it works. ‘Discipline isn't something you do to somebody. I think there were some throws that we could have been more accurate with. is understanding what the objectives are. You can do some different things when you have wind than when you don't. We've got guys from all over the country. It's true. I am always looking for mechanics. We have got a range .when you first get exposed to it. that may be out of their comfort zone but you want them to try it. Sometimes it's hard for anybody to come up and talk. I look at is as teaching and exposing guys to new ideas. and that is different. Usually they go hand in hand. Like I said. The wind does play a factor in some of those throws and you have to take that into account but it factors in for both guys. Everybody loves progress but not a lot of people love change. it affects the whole play. You are looking for accuracy."The wind definitely played a part in it. It's not what you say so you can refute something someone else says. regardless of the weather. I remember when we went to the Jets initially with (Bill) Parcells and (Bill) Belichick and that group. I thought some guys made some pretty nice catches as well. most often they do.' I've never wanted to instill discipline for the sake of being in charge. and you are dealing with that change. it takes time. Once you do. I swear. It's something you do for somebody. It's because it helps you win games. You have to try to convey as much as possible the importance of doing it and the value in doing it."I know this might be hard to believe. My high school coach used to say. It's nice when they can see it work and feel it work and really understand it. I think that often times it takes a while to understand that the open door is truly open. It's not a slogan. You want them to experience it. then the guys start looking forward to Wednesday to see what the plan is."I haven't felt at any point where there wasn't support. Our success and failures are all going to be based on how work together and how we operate s a group. understanding that everybody is working toward the same thing and understanding that we all depend on each other. Sometimes it's hard for young guys to come up and talk." (On if the players are coming around to him now and buying into the system more than when he first got to Cleveland). it is difficult. Exposing guys to ideas that may be different." (On if he came into Cleveland more heavy-handed than he would have somewhere else). I thought I was making major concessions. It can be a little bit like going to the principal's office. if you haven't done that before it's hard to get adjusted to. You have to learn about each other. It's just dramatically different when you get a whole game plan on Wednesday and there's 10-15 new defenses in it or changes in the way that you are going to do it. I never really have looked at it as selling guys on it. That's also part of the process.

"He and I have talked about that and he knows how strongly I feel about him and the contributions he makes and all of those things."Yes. I'm confident in it. I understand the things that we have done throughout our time here to continue to move it forward. There's been rationale for all of the decisions."I would imagine that anybody who would merit the title ‘czar' would look a lot deeper than just the record. sit in on any meeting. See how we teach. I get that. That's all they are there for and nothing else. than you are focusing more on free agency. structure don't know. and I think that anybody who comes in will appreciate those things. the things we have done. You have seen them play your schemes. Come to our meetings. Anybody that comes in I am excited to talk to. Like any community. I can get home now. It's just going o be a function of showing who we are. moving into free agency. I'm transparent."I feel good about the approach we have taken here. All of those things are to be determined. I understand the situation I initially came into." (On if he is more comfortable with his job now). There's been a thought process. It's important and it's important to the city. I feel good about it. evaluating the players. It's nice to beat them. you are starting at a totally different launching point than where we were last year going into the offseason." (On if he has told Cribbs that they will take care of him). I don't feel like it's going to be a function of selling. Your starting point is so much more advanced than where it was. I don't want guy's money. Timetable don't know. That's real progress. There are a thousand things that go into entering into an organization."I feel going into the offseason. That's the goal. You have gotten to know them. I feel good about the things that we have done here. I don't want to exert power to exert power. but he knows how I feel about them and he's a guy I really appreciate more than just for what he does on the field. there's got to be rules so that everybody can operate efficiently. some of it's been bad. Some of it's been good. but there's a reason behind it. They can sit down and talk to the coaches. watch our practices. At the end of the day whatever happens. Even last night I probably stayed up later than I probably would have that's because I was here back in '94 and '95. I don't feel good about what our record is and nobody does. Like I've said. the draft and your frame of reference is a lot different because you have sat in the meetings with the players. Going into an offseason where that's not the case. Come take a look because it's a good product. You want to move forward with the next steps." (On how he would sell himself to a czar). what we believe in. happens. watch our practices. You have seen them play. It is radically different." (On if he will enjoy the fact that they beat Pittsburgh). trying to get ready for the draft. They have seen other practices." (On what he would say to a football ‘czar' about his record). I want the group to operate efficiently.of ages. definitely. It's important. I don't think we beat them those years and it sucked not beating them. See how we function as a staff because it's good and it's right. . Anybody who comes in can take a look at it. You are talking about hiring a staff. moving your families. It's it. See how we operate.

He was outstanding when he wasn't calling defenses. Julie went to Jake's school and they were discussing the word cold. I believe in the things that we are doing. It was a short week. I really appreciate it and I get it. The guys give him a hard time for being old and having gray hair and things like that. but Titus has been doing a great job so it was kind of a combination of things. I can't emphasize enough how important the practice player of the week is. I think there are a lot of similarities between where the two teams are right now. Again. innovative. C-O-L-D. a few announcements. That wisdom has been a huge benefit."I think whoever comes in. "In terms of Kansas City. dad. but he hasn't been the signal caller before so that's new." (On David Bowens' leadership). Dick Haley. He learned under Dan Henning and . He involves everybody into the defense. Like I said." Mangini press conf. The teacher says.16. He works with everybody. It's important to him. in terms of the Pittsburgh game and last week Josh Cribbs is going to be named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-16-09 (Opening statement). I think he's handled it great. How are we doing? A couple things just to start off. The first kid went and I think he said T or B so then they call on Jake and say. (On if someone comes in and cleans house and if he thinks it would be a mistake). I know his dad really well. very.I got a note from the guy who dropped off the paper this morning. David Bowens was the defensive player of the game. whatever happens I am excited to work with that person. he is really smart. even though it was on the other side of the ball.' Everybody sees things differently. who is arguably one of the best personnel men in the NFL. He also won our offensive player of the game from last week. He's got an energy that's contagious. He was the offensive assistant in New York when I was the defensive assistant."Good morning everybody. I think. She was in the back of the room. I've known Todd (Haley) for a long time. That's in the future and really that's not my focus what so ever. Everybody when they get a chance operates differently and I appreciate the age jokes. To go in and to play a new position. I can appreciate a little bit with the age with an experience the other day. old. 12/16 12. Jake what do you have?' ‘D-A-D' Julie was thinking. which is outstanding and well deserved. Just getting to know Todd and working in that same capacity."He is outstanding. they took the C out and just had blank space and they wanted the kids to fill in a letter. now he's played there before. ‘Why D-A-D?' ‘D-A-D. It's important for him to do everything the right way. Blake Costanzo was special teams [player of the week] and Titus (Brown) was the practice player of the week. ‘Okay. all of those things are new. how sweet he misses his father. To be the captain.

With the passing game. I think the other thing that they've got going offensively is the running game has emerged. he had the 96-yarder against Pittsburgh. 5. He creates a lot of pressure. again with Charles. to extend plays. which it's coached. He's a smart guy. so there's going to be a lot of areas we have to prep for there. I believe. but we actually had a good conversation at . four linebackers. is how hard the guys play. picking up Chris Chambers during the season. [I] was there in New England when he first came in from USC and watched his development over the years." (On if Mike Holmgren is here today). He leads the team in sacks. 33 before he had to sit out the four games. won in overtime. Matt has the ability to make big plays down the field. He could remember defenses that we ran two and three years prior and site them and give the specific play and how it worked. I see a lot of improvement as the season has gone on. with 86 catches last year. playing this group of coaches in Arizona last year. (David) Garrard. Mike Vrabel is a guy I've known for a long time. He's a guy that can hurt you all over the field. [They have] done some creative things in the kicking game in terms of the fakes. either this morning or yesterday night. He has the ability. even though it's three down linemen. They've been excellent with their coverage units. he left. they're all different. He's tough. "Offensively. I imagine he'll eventually go into coaching and he'll be outstanding. a really smart guy. A couple others they lost by six points or less.Charlie Weis and I see a lot of that in the offensive play calling. In the return game. they haven't really given up a lot of big returns at all this season. chase type plays. like a lot of the quarterbacks we've faced. "On [special] teams. [He is an] Ohio native. "Defensively. I thought he played really well against us last year when he was in New England. Playing these guys in Arizona. All these 3-4's we face. It was the same thing in Arizona. When he gets going he makes some really impressive throws. Dwayne Bowe. He's right there with the rest of that group. [He is] incredibly competitive. one of the trademarks of that defense last year. His 44 rushing attempts I think is fourth behind. Aaron Rodgers and Vince Young. two surprise onside kicks. with Rodney (Harrison) and (Tedy) Bruschi. he's been a huge asset."I've known Mike for a while. I think his transition to the outside linebacker position has been a successful one. in terms of what his expectations are and guys meeting those expectations. not as well as maybe I know Andy (Reid) or Bill Parcells. With Tamba Hali. I'm sure his leadership has been a good thing for them defensively. blocked another punt against Washington. so he can create some plays like that." (On how his meeting with Holmgren went). in terms of his knowledge of the game. He's going to get better as he gets more and more comfortable in that role. The returner."No. effort type plays. they've been in multiple games. and I see it here. They blocked a punt against Baltimore. the way they pursue to the ball and they make a lot of plays. it's really the third week in a row now we've faced a 3-4 defense. I think that even though they haven't won as many games as they would have liked. I know Matt (Cassel). It's the same thing here.2 yards a carry for (Jamaal) Charles.

" (On if Holmgren could be a sounding board for him if he joined the team). Bill Callahan was on the staff in New York and he had been a head coach and he was great. He's a wealth of knowledge. They've seen most things." (On Vrabel's versatility)." (On what he talked about with Holmgren). He knew the defense. could draw up the defense. He's get Tom all fired up. but have that experience because they've been through most things." (On if he sensed a strong interest on Holmgren's part). You can't coach his instincts. I'm not going to go into the play-by-play of it. we had brought him in initially as a special teams player and he established himself as a really good defensive player. I talked to him about emulating a guy like Mike Vrabel whose work ethic. knew the defense. We visited some last year before the Seattle game."I think this visit was something designed for both sides to get to know each other. which was his last home game there. We had bought a home in Cape Cod and the importance of having one place where the kids could go every year and we were just talking about that and his thoughts on it. Really. I thought it was a good conversation. different aspects of the season. It's great to have those guys. He'd disguise stuff. My stance on that is really the same. it's positive."We talked about a lot of things. He is obviously very talented as a coach. It's good to be able to bounce those ideas off somebody else. things like that. it's great. Some things come up where you're like. He used to frustrate Tom (Brady) to no end. could coach the defense. I mean he's a special guy. Even talking to (Jason) Trusnik when he was a young guy first starting out. I know him some through Andy Reid and through Bill Parcells. like Dick Vermeil. but as a head coach. We actually revisited that conversation. We ended up getting the house and have been really happy with it."We didn't really talk about that. positive conversation." (On if Holmgren seemed like he would take the offer to sit it on meetings and observe the team). guys like that that maybe weren't on staff. We talked a little bit. worked his way up. [He is] a guy that wasn't highly drafted. That whole show . because it brought energy to the practice."I think anytime you can bring in someone with a wealth of experience as not just a position coach and coordinator. because he'd disguise things.the owner's meetings a few years back."He's got good hands. When you have a guy like Mike Vrabel. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not coaching major college football or pro football at some point and be really successful. not just his assignment. I think he's a good guy. every day in practice [he] worked. It was a good. He had given me some really good advice back then. The team. You can't coach his toughness. I'm telling you. ‘Hey what do you think about this? How would you handle it? What was your approach?' To hear another voice. Mike used to be on the show team and he'd want to play safety on the show team. That's really what it was. They'd go back and forth. It was great too."It always is. I've made calls. They've handled a lot of different decisions." (On if it is tough to trade away a veteran player).

the last four games we've been the best team in the NFL in terms of not turning the ball over. ‘Yeah. We lived together in New England when we first got there. I mean offensively. You can't ask for a better situation." (On his relationship with Scott Pioli). the opponent at hand. He is demanding. that have the same approach in terms of being focused on winning. I sat next to her. he has a wealth of knowledge. so I've known him for a long time."It's not unsettling at all. claiming guys." (On if he feels like Holmgren is an ideal candidate). myself and Jules and him and Dallas. that's the best thing you can have.' Which. In terms of where things are. talented people that you can put in the building. We've improved in almost every offensive category." (On if he thinks Holmgren wants the job here). He's responsible for that and I thank him for that. I'm happy with the progress we've made. do you want to come out. Like I said."You have to talk to Mike about that. being a head coach as long as he was. I think it was one of those meetings that was everybody getting to know each other and whatever decision is made. That's what you strive for as a team. It was just business. is made. Scott actually is responsible for me meeting Julie. how those things all fit. What I'm focused on and what I ask the players to be focused on is the task at hand. That's what you strive for organizationally. ‘Hey. Everything is tied into everything else. Every other year we were together. On the relocation weekend to Baltimore." (On how his relationship ended up following the controversy in New England). cutting guys. You learn so much more about football than you do as a coordinator. all those things that you'd expect from someone who's achieved what he's achieved. claiming position. You only have so many resources between draft picks."I don't think there's a sense of it ever being a personal issue."Like I said. I think he's another guy that just grinds and grinds and works. you can talk to any of the girls. we ended up talking and now we're married. ‘We're going to meet my buddy's sister and her girlfriends and look. that whole period changes because now it goes from working on the plays to working on the plays and also wanting to throw touchdowns on Vrabel."The first time we weren't together was when I went to New York as the head coach. how the third running back versus the third tight end versus the second fullback. The more smart contract decisions. to get a group of people that are all focused on the same task.' and he said. just don't talk to my buddy's sister. of course. That's real progress from where we've been. I'm all for anybody that can come in and help us organizationally be more successful. he was part of that same group of 20-20's that were here." (On if the talk of a football czar is unsettling). Like I said. I'm really happy with the way the guys have been working. He's tough. That's what you want.' I said. I think that's a great thing. he was friends with Mark (Shapiro) and he was going out and he said. because you have to see the big picture. There's good things going on and that's from everybody staying focused on the task at hand. I'll go out. It just increases the intensity. things like that to . You have to see how the fifth receiver fits into the special teams plan. It's the first time we've held two teams under 100 [rushing] yards in two years. money.

As a head coach. There's going to be multiple personnel groups. is the best approach. I don't think there's anything inconsistent about that philosophy. Again.improve the team." (On if he expects other candidates to interview). Sometimes you have to appreciate a player's value. Once you determine what's right for you then you determine the players that are right for you. They're going to create levels. tough. I'm really not looking to get that involved in the process. His goal is to win. I don't know if there's any title to that offensive system. Whatever point it is. I think the most important thing is to get the right person in place and to move forward. I think all coaches appreciate smart. ."It's been close to a year since we played them. However you get to that point." (On if Holmgren's coaching philosophy would conflict with the type of players he is looking for). but whatever that is. East Coast. I'd say there's a lot of challenging things about facing the West Coast offense."I think often times you're labeled with family trees and philosophies and things like that. That's what I want the guys to focus on. All those things are components of it that come into play. with drafting. That's it. demanding training camps. I think sometimes as a coordinator or a position coach you get a little bit of tunnel vision."You know. It's Kansas City for us and that's the most important thing. He's got a wealth of experience. it's winning. whether it's three weeks from now."No. Each decision affects the other decision. one of the most attractive things about him was he brought experience in that system that we were able to incorporate offensively. he's more the digit system offensively and that family tree and that was really positive. levels on the inside. but know he's not right for you."With Jamaal." (On what was challenging about facing a Holmgren-coached team). There are a lot of plays on tape."I haven't been involved in czar searches before. I'm not sure what the best path is. Bring in Brian Schottenheimer. he's elusive. the coaches to focus on. Whether it's West Coast. (Brian) Daboll brought. I think that's universal. the key thing is to get the right person and move forward organizationally. There's going to be quick hitting plays." (On if his coaching philosophy could mesh with Holmgren's). There's going to be misdirection. Mike ran really physical. hard working guys." (On if there is any advantage to having a czar here before the end of the season). whether it's him as a kickoff returner or him as a running back or even him as a receiver. I think. it's the right guy and it's trying to figure out the right guy for you. you see how it affects you. guys that are competitive and selfless and guys that football's important to. going back to Bill Callahan. What I'm looking to do is coach the guys. Again." (On Jamaal Charles). which is outstanding. but the philosophy that I think we all want is winning. whether it's levels on the outside. Taking the best things from each component of that and building your system. whether that's today. so I don't know what the best path is. Tony (Grossi). you have to see all of those things.

because there has been quite a bit of shifting.17. which is pretty consistent with the defenses he (Clancy Pendergast) coached in Arizona as well. What I really like about him is a lot of times the elusive backs aren't the most physical backs."Good morning everybody. but it really was. Offensively. runs a double move. being able to move the ball. where it was complementary football. That's going to be a challenge for us. We would have been going to tie the game. You get him into space. downing punts inside the 10." (On what the team needs to do in the final games to prove it is making progress)"I've seen quite a bit of it. some of it comes from games and some of it comes from just sheer effort and intensity. I know the sack numbers haven't been as high as probably they have hoped it to be. One thing they do really well though is when they do get to the quarterback they usually get the ball out. use up the clock. They can make people miss. some of it comes from designed pressure. catches a great. Moving to third down. was it Cromartie. He can also run through some tackles. more shifting than motioning from their (Kansas City's) offense. offensively in terms of our third down conversion rate. If we had gotten the two point conversion we wouldn't have been kicking the field goal there. but they do apply quite a bit of pressure.There's a great play where he catches. 12/17 12. it's either a 40 or 60-yarder on (Antonio) Cromartie. That's a really important lesson against a very good team. A lot of that. I do think there are some things that have to be cleaned up." Mangini press conf. I'd say especially defensively. How are you doing? Yesterday's practice. which will change the call from one thing to the other. I thought that we got a good jump on what we're trying to accomplish in terms of not just the scheme but also the way that we need to stop the core players and also our attack. so getting a feel for that is something that we're going to have to continue to work on here today. There are quite a few hits on the quarterback that don't translate into sacks. continuing along the line that we've had with the communication. things like that. run the ball. He's one-on-one with the corner.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-17-09 (Opening statement). It happens pretty quickly. things like that. This is a really good team on third down defensively. I think. Reporter for a Day). whether it's a checkdown or screen. I'm not sure if it was 40 or 60 [yards]. but it was a pretty impressive catch that way. and I know you've heard that word a ton of times here. . How are you guys doing? Good morning Alexis (Martin. One of the things that I really liked against San Diego was down the way we were down. I thought that the way that we played against Pittsburgh. We did a nice job in the kicking game establishing field position. it might have been (Quentin) Jammer. he can make a lot of people miss. I like the group of pass rushers they have. coming back. Each team that faces him is appreciating his ability to create plays in a couple different ways. the way they rush. putting ourselves in a position to at least challenge there at the end of the game with the onside kick. Browns Kids Club Jr. we've made a lot of progress.

one of those groups may get bumped up. but just switch whose role is whose. As you build up reps. What I'm looking for from Brady is the same type of operation that he's had and when we do get the opportunities. when you can play the scheme with all 11 parts sitting in the right spots. being able to take advantage of the opportunities. which was at the same time. I'm not sure what the right amount of tape would be for him. so that you can't count on. but that was just because of their approach and the packages that we played against it. how each piece works together." (On how he accounts for the improvements in the run defense)." . whether it was Marcus or Kam (Kamerion Wimbley) or Matt (Roth). because it started to hit for a lot of guys."He played quite a bit against Pittsburgh." (On if he is looking to see what Brady Quinn can do in a game without poor weather conditions). where we saw sacks from a lot of different people based on the scheme and that's something that's traditionally part of what we do defensively. so a guy like (Ahtyba) Rubin didn't have a significant number of reps in the game. It started to clear up for a lot of guys. it's not really operating like it's supposed to operate. ‘Okay. but it's different bodies. Even with Pittsburgh."It's pretty consistent. they were all working in different spots at different times. You really have to work off the tape that you have. He played in the preseason. The next time it's Kam. The other thing. You install the defense and there's a way to play it. You could look at some of that stuff. I'm not sure what the right volume is. with what happened in '06 in New York. in terms of his percentage of play time." (On if he was tempted to play Brian Robiskie more against Pittsburgh after his performance against San Diego). it gets better.' One time it's Marcus. Even though you're playing it and it looks like it's supposed to look. If one thing's working maybe better than you expected or not working as well as you expected. A lot of that stuff is packaged-based. Again. They may all be doing the same thing from a concept standpoint." (On how long it takes for a team to learn what to do against an unknown player like Marcus Benard). Marcus is going to be on our offensive right side and he's going to use these few pass rushing moves. it was all linebackers in there. Tony (Grossi). Ideally. exactly how you have to fit. David Bowens. When you do that. the coordinated pass rush. He played a little bit against Detroit. Chansi (Stuckey) may be in one package or (Mike) Furrey and Brian may be in a different package. usually you make some significant jumps. as you build up a better understanding of how it all fits together. I wasn't really looking at it in terms of that. We improved significantly in New York after the bye. midway through the season. I want to see the complementary football and then the other lessons that we've learned throughout the season continue to be applied to the next game and the two games after that. may get more reps. The weather's going to be the same for both quarterbacks."That's a good question. I've liked the steps forward that we've taken offensively and I want to see more of that. you'd like to be able to run the same defense."I'm not sure what we're going to get in Kansas City. our base defense didn't have nearly as many reps as our sub defense. The next time it's Roth. different people doing it.Defensively as well.

big men. that's huge. They're penetrators. we've held the ball longer. it really broke for him and he was so much better at playing those things. Even though he was reading the play the correct way. I think that's what it's come down to. I think the biggest thing is we've executed better."I think he's made strides throughout the season. those are big. San Diego and Kansas City are 3-4 teams." (On Corey Williams' development). As we've improved in those two areas. I think that he's played well at different points throughout the course of the year as well. we've score more points. where this is more of a read and react and there's patience. I remember with Mike DeVito. I was looking for that to continue to improve and I think he has throughout the season. It's trying to maximize our strengths. He just has great instincts and speed for that size. Compared to Shaun. It was nice to see him go in and play as well as he did. but there were times where he was like that. [he was] similar to Rubin in the sense that he played with a good base. good hands. I see Rubin. The protection has improved. When you look at the things that we've been able to do." (On if the play calling has improved over the last four games). Those were two areas that we've struggled with. He's improved throughout the course of the season in reading the core blocks. it's much more one-gap than it is two-gap. There's not a wide range of blocks that you're going to get as a 3-4 nose tackle. Our ability to convert on third down. Him. That happened on occasion. Ted Washington. his feel for what's coming and anticipating those things has gotten a lot better. I'm not sure what he weighs. He has good hand placement."I think the execution has improved. One of the important things that I was looking for is consistency in the base defense and really embracing and understanding how you have to play the techniques. He's really thick. Kris Jenkins."I think that his reactions were so quick that he would sometimes get to the point of attack before the rest of the defense had gotten there. It gives you extra drives. It's game plan specific. not turning the ball over. It gives you field position. I wouldn't say it was just all the time." (On if Rubin has surprised him since he does not look like a space-eater type of player). There hasn't been a fundamental shift in how we approach our opponent. He has a nice base. but he's pretty thick.(On how Ahtyba Rubin has played in place of Shaun Rogers)." ."He's played really well. You can also use the back to anticipate where the pressure points are going to come and he has a much better since of that. Just look at the jump in those two categories. it gives you more plays. He'd get beat on some stuff that he had seen a ton of times and then the next year he came back. Even though Pittsburgh. It's been the same approach. so a crease would open up that wouldn't typically be there. we've moved the ball a lot more effectively. it's hard to make that comparison. as the season's gone on. It gives you more chances." (On if Rogers was sometimes too quick for his own good in the run scheme). but he couldn't put together how the back played into the blocking schemes. it was at different tempos. The two-gap is different than what most teams play."He's pretty thick. there's not a lot of Shaun's. his rookie year. was strong.

It just wasn't." (On Joshua Cribbs saying he is optimistic about getting a new contract before the season is over). We're operating in that same pattern. that wasn't something that I would do towards the end of the year. because we were holding up well." (On if the success of the sub defense against Pittsburgh alters the way he looks at the run defense). how does it affect the plan. I think that even when we weren't running it if we had caught more of the balls there were catchable." (On if he has to wait for the front office to be established before he can negotiate any deals). still have to be addressed. I really do. You get the reports. as a person. I always like to start that after the season. that's going to be an important component of all the things that we do moving forward. All the different staffs are doing that now. They were in last week. That's following the consistent pattern here." (On if he does any work on college players now). whatever the case may be. those types of things. In terms of exposure to college players or potential free agents. I'm sure the addition of a general manager or whatever that title becomes. I'm not really doing it here. They had their preliminary meetings. is looking at things short term." (On if he has to wait until the front office is worked out to negotiate a long term deal). very effective because there's so much happening from a coaching perspective. I didn't think. the first layer reports. It's all follows the same pattern. It shifted the other way. I think we've really made some strides there. I do think that has helped. but I can tell you I really like Josh. as it did in the Jets. looking at things long term."No. you've seen we've brought in quite a few players. I think we've run it well and it's not easy to do. I think if we were getting gashed we probably wouldn't have seen as much 11 personnel. He is selfless. not necessarily. still have to be looked at in the same context of how does it affect now."I've always been a fan of the no huddle."I didn't really do that. whether we brought them in or claimed them off waivers or signed them from the practice squad. The scouts are doing a great job. not just as a player. as a part of the organization. how does it affect the salary cap. I think it does create problems. As you go through the season there's a lot of things that still have to get done. his sacrifice. if we had held on to more balls that we ended up turning over. I really like Josh."I didn't do it there." ." (On if he was looking at any personnel acquisition for the following year at this time of year when he was with the Jets)."I don't have the timeline. Usually it means that you're doing a good job in base if they shift to a different personnel group. It's pretty consistent around the league."Throughout the course of the season."What we're doing is really taking the same approach.(On if the no huddle offense has been the key to the offense's improvement). his dedication. I think the production there would have been significantly better as well.

I think he's very good in pass coverage. that he's going to face multiple times. which types of runs are being more effective."There's a plan going into the game. Eric's a very smart person. One of the things that you always want corners to do is continue to build their library of receivers so that they have something they can draw on."Good morning everybody. Offensively."You'd have to look at it in the context of a lot of other corners. With an offensive lineman.(On if it is tough to evaluate Joe Thomas' season given the team's record). ‘Joe Thomas didn't get his block. coaching a lot of different guys. I like the approach throughout the course of the week and look to finish the week strong. I think he's got excellent feet. 12/18 12. (Jerome Harrison) then he'll get some more carries. I think that every week he faces somebody that's pretty impressive as a pass rusher and very rarely do you hear that person's name. Today. and then we evaluate it during the game to see who's being more effective.' or ‘Joe Thomas was beaten on that play'. I think he's been outstanding. I think this week he'll have his hands full as well with Tamba Hali. In last week's case Josh (Cribbs) got some more carries. Very few times you look out and say." Mangini press conf. we have a few things we need to clean up from yesterday with the third down approach. There are certain styles of receivers that you face. I thought that overall the execution was better than Wednesday. There's a little bit of communication with that yesterday and I think we'll have that taken care of here this morning. I think Joe is really good." (On how close Eric Wright is to being a Pro Bowl cornerback).18. I think he does an excellent job. I think he's got really good instincts and ball skills. I think there will be a few things that we'll revisit in the running game here today and a couple things on third down as well. I think he's very fluid. We just have to be able to recognize it defensively and make sure that we have the right check for what they are doing. If it leans more towards J. really understand the player that he's playing against and apply those things. I think the one area that he can continue to improve is run support and tackling. If it leans more towards Chris (Jennings) then he'll get some more carries. What I can tell you about Eric is.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-18-09 (Opening statement). when I've got half field help. especially at this point.C. when I face a big receiver. They do a couple things just a little bit different than what we've seen on third down. the less you're mentioning him. when I face a shorter quicker guy." . He's just going to get better and better. usually the better it is. As someone from a coverage aspect. He has the ability to really understand the scheme. There are certain guys that you face."I don't think it's hard to evaluate him. He's got a young career." (On if he knew how he was going to split reps at running back going into the Pittsburgh game). That's something that he and I have talked about. as well as being gifted athletically and physically.

How many snap do you want to use him as a receiver? That would affect it. there is always a threat. I thought that he was very effective last week. It's hard to say. knowing that plan could change).' You put those out there.(On if he would go into a game saying Player X is going to get most of the carries. If they do start checking it then the plays that you have designed based on your normal offense should be very effective against it. He's just in a spot that is very demanding. One of the nice things about Josh is. To have him in a standard offensive set as a running back. That dictates some of the coverage as well. ‘These are the packages that we like. There's the threat of him on the catch-and-run." . that can vary on how demanding the position is or the focus of the position. That's a pretty effective game. He returned the ball."I don't know if there is a set number." (On where he feels like a guy like Cribbs could be most effective. so that every time he is in they can't check the defense. somewhere around 65 plays on average. caught a pass. [We will] really have to see today and it will probably come down to a game-time decision with him." (On what putting Cribbs solely at running back would do to a defensive coordinator). the quarterback becomes a runner and you gain extra players. There's the threat of him on the reverse. If it's hitting like you expect to hit then you'll stay with it. You run through the plays that you like and see how it's going. because that number can vary each game. Most people play. because those plays are going to be traditional type plays. if he is in a different spot than say the Wildcat position. If not. because you know what they are going to be in. He really did what you said. when he is in the Wildcat you gain an extra blocker." (On how much Cribbs could carry the ball and still be effective on special teams). you may transition into something a little further down the list."I think he's improved."I think if you are carrying the ball 12 times a game and catching a few passes. I'd say it depends how many special teams plays there are. He is going to take a lot of hits between the kickoff returns and the punt returns. He is on the coverage teams as well. but a full game would be about 65. You have to take that in account."I think. if they play a full game. Now. anytime he is in there. you could still return like he has been. We've faced a lot of good running backs throughout the season and you have different things to deal with those guys. He is going to be involved in a lot of physical plays on the coverage plays. Even if he is not getting the ball. Someone has to cover the quarterback. either running the ball 12 times and catching a few passes or in the return game). as a defensive coordinator. you can now run your standard defenses. that wouldn't be a bad thing. made a tackle and ran the ball. having him there and having him there in a capacity where he can actually run a standard play is important. You want to be able to put your normal offense out there and run those plays." (On Robaire Smith). whether it's the fullback and a guy that would be in a tailback position. That's where the numbers part of it comes in. How many returns does he have? How many kickoff returns? How many punt returns? Those things affect it."It's more. The other nice thing about Josh is.

Are the schedules right? Are they posted? Does everybody have a copy of it? Do we have to change the films? Are the cutups done? There are so many things operationally that you're always dealing with each other to make sure the practice flows fluidly. is through the course of the season always have the ability to dictate the coverage. go over to the left hand side. then you would move Kamerion over there to that spot. so you have to know both spots. Same thing with the d-line. it could be a walk around type person. this is where the biggest problem is. ‘Go play nose. saying. It is a similar situation. His dad is an outstanding evaluator. maybe a little different than . push the coverage wherever you want to push it to. be able to take people and say. when Kenyon (Coleman) got hurt. it could be the left. it's not strong and free. It wasn't too big for him. The volume of runs you get on the left are different. play there and be effective.' and then they get all their reps as the right corner. You have to handle 8. it's right and left. you always want to [have that] and really offensively too. Ideally. He had that experience growing up around football and with Dick Haley. This is his first time around. He's bright. you saw Robaire. Kamerion has to have the ability to move to those three spots. That's why I never liked. You get a game or two into the season and you want to cover a certain receiver and now he has to play over on the left and he's got no reps. Our approach has always been.' It's like you get 10 that week and that's hard."What you'd like to do. so you can do that. Corey (Williams) playing some at the nose. ‘He's the best to cover him. ‘Alright. ‘Okay you are the right corner. One of the nice things is Mike (Adams) has shown the ability to go out and play there [at corner] and be effective and go back at safety. He's the best to cover him. but the types of blocks that you get on the left are different."I think it's going to stay game-to-game throughout the rest of the season. worked some different guys in at the slot or the guy who covers the inside receiver in sub. that's what you have throughout the course of the season is the flexibility to say. He has been for a long time.000 different things. The configuration of the secondary will be game-togame. even when we were evaluating talent as young guys to be able to draw on some of his background from his dad and things like that. He's a funny guy. He really has a good sense of humor. If Kam (Kamerion Wimbley) is best on a certain guy. We've had different combinations at safety. He has to have those reps. but he understands his problems may be a little different than the problems that I'm facing. today you are on the right.'" (On if he is trying to matchup the secondary to the players the opponent has). It doesn't seem like that big of a deal. during training camp. In order to do that. it was the flip of the relationship that I had with Schwartzy (Jim Schwartz).' From a safety. It's sort of like a team within a team. He was the offensive assistant. we've known each other starting in '97 when we worked in New York. He was making the transition into football at that point. He's looking to make progress each week." (On his relationship with Todd Haley and if they are facing similar situations with their teams this year). It could be the right. You end up spending a lot of time with him."Todd. Jeff (Schudel). He's worked there throughout the course of the year. where I was the offensive assistant and he was the defensive assistant.' Defensively. Then. ‘Okay. That helps because you don't know how you are going to move them around. He's tough and demanding. there was no intimidation. Really.(On if he is still trying to settle the secondary). It was nice. I was the defensive assistant. otherwise you get 10-12 games into the season and say.

I read somewhere the other day. It's not like that. player acquisition. This is a little bit of new ground for him." (On if he wants the new general manager to step back and evaluate his work as a whole before making any decisions). understands the different components that go into it. salary cap." (On if there was anything that drove him nuts about Haley). have it hot and have it ready. ‘Rome wasn't built in a day.' I thought that was a great quote. Kenyon really hasn't missed too many games over his career." (On if he has started to put together a wish list of offseason needs)."What did he say on the conference call? Did he draw first blood? (joking) I loved everything about him."Yes. not at all."I don't like to do that until the end of the season because you want to be able to take a little bit of time and move away from things and then come back and evaluate it. We've talked a few times during the season about different issues or questions. things that were done both with a short term vision and a long term vision." (On why he is one of the only head coaches in their first year with a team said to be on the hot seat by the media). draft. That sometimes happens and you have to look at it in a lot of different . You can't fix all the different things that need to be fixed right away. It's like any other relationship. Any aspect of the organization. You just learn to appreciate each other. PR. but you're encouraged by the things you do make improvement with. I spent more time with him than probably anybody else. department by department. I've experienced both those and learned from both those things and realized you need to take some time to step away and go back and look at it objectively. There have been a lot of really talented coaches that haven't had good seasons. Why is that guys? Why are you talking about it? (joking) I don't know. I really have been part of both those situations and it's not the right way. free agency."I don't know why that is. how appropriate."I really do believe that anybody with a wealth of experience. When you share an experience like that.what Schwartzy's or any of the first year head coaches. ‘Wow."No. You kind of want to put it in the microwave. I won't spend any time putting together a selling kit. He has a big family. I feel pretty good about us doing it without over pointing it." (On if Kenyon Coleman will be able to play this weekend). It's not really fair to getting the right answer. How rational and insightful. You don't want to make emotional decisions or quick decisions. operations. I think he should be fine. depending on how you finish." (On if he has prepared a selling kit to present to whoever becomes the general manager). I think I could sit down with anybody at any point and go through step-by-step decisions that were made. it's a bond you have for a long time. Someone threw it on my desk and I thought. you could be harsher than you should be or you could be not as objective as you should be.' That's the way it is. especially if they've had coaching experience. I think he'll be ready to go and he'll be effective. look at it critically and really assess where you are. I'm sure there were things that he couldn't wait to have a break from at the end of the season and the same with me. It's not always easy. He's a good dude. medical. At the end of the season.

because the goal is to win every game. Has it always produced the results that you wanted? No.' It just changes. at all."I'm not really look at it that way. What I will say is. If you've built different teams. Going through that in different places as an assistant. he and I have talked at different points. I say some things that my dad says or my mom used to say and it's like. They always chuckle when you call them. but now I get it. I complained about this.'" (On if a general manager with head coaching experience would be able to step back and evaluate the team as opposed to a career personnel guy). The conversation wasn't any different than those other times. I've been a head coach for four years now [at] different places. cares and is passionate and fights and is smart. I wouldn't characterize it as different. I mean it's so obvious and it's so deserved. My job is to give that to them and not just one year." . too.' Sometimes when you look at the world through your lens. you get different perspectives on it. There are stories that come out that often times have no merit. They want a team that works. I'm not kind of doing the score card of different opinions. I want someone to come here that can help us improve. facts. I can't believe I just said that. That's what they deserve. He's a good guy. Being in Cleveland as a younger coach and being here now. backing. he'd go. what the speculation is. ‘Oh. That's what I believe in. Some do. Bill Parcells. the passion hasn't changed and what they deserve hasn't changed. whatever it is. ‘I get it. It's kind of like become a parent. I completely understand why you did what you did. I'm sorry. because you learn and you experience things. if you've been a part of different teams. ‘God. different experiences. when I first got the job there were times where I'd sit in that seat going." (On why national writers are saying he would no longer be with the team if Mike Holmgren was hired). whether it's at the owner's meetings or prior to us playing them last year. It's a good part of the process. ‘Oh my God. you've experienced a lot of things as well. Jeff (Schudel). it's different. whether it be DBs or a coordinator. it's not all it's cracked up to be is it Eric?' ‘Yeah Bill. that's the only evaluation that you make. That never made sense to me. but when the lens softens and you look at the other situations involved. I imagine they'd look at things as a big picture type philosophy. which is a consistent winner year in and year out and a team that they can be proud of on the field and off the field. but every year. I know as a head coach. You make decisions as you go and you continue to improve and progress.' I call those guys up sometimes and be like.ways." (On if he thinks his fate is tied to these last three games). that can be part of giving the city of Cleveland what they deserve. Anybody that comes in can evaluate that. different players."I don't want to get into that component of it. With Mike. Each situation is different. I feel really good about the things that I've done in this role. I feel good about the things that I've done in that role and there's a body of work there. I understand exactly why Bill (Parcells) and Bill (Belichick) did this."I don't really look at that."I really think it depends on the person and the experiences that they've had." (On if he wants Holmgren to take the job).

A.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-22-09 (Opening statement). gave them all game balls as well.(On if there is any urgency to get Corey Williams more reps). there's some great blocks. it's a lot of the same approach. Lawrence Vickers was outstanding." Mangini press conf. some where he may be the second guy. with . especially for a guy his size and he did it throughout the game. Just watching the tape again showing it to them this morning. players of the game this week. I thought that Joe Thomas and (Eric) Steinbach and some of their double teams and Rex (Hadnot). They all got game balls for that. I thought was excellent. the core blocks. you could move backwards. the same thing. D. Defensive player of the week was (Ahtyba) Rubin. It's hard to talk about the importance of focus and concentration and working at the task at hand and then allow yourself to be distracted by something like that. The receivers down the field. Once you take a step back.22." (On if he is disappointed with the timing of the meeting with Holmgren). It's not fair to the players. the dime or the base or the other variations we have. That'll continue to happen as long as we take the lessons that we've learned and apply them to the next week. It's not fair for anybody in that group to do it because there have been so many positive things. It'll also be based on what we're getting and what's being effective for us. there are all those packages. 12/22 12. We'll take the same approach this week. (Joshua) Cribbs was the special teams player of the week. it's just what we thought would be effective. Whether it's the nickel. but some of the hustle plays that he made down the line of scrimmage. Last week. Jerome (Harrison) got that honor and also gave game balls to really the whole offensive group. coming a yard away from the team record. It's not fair to the coaches. just announcements from the game. the amount of sub personnel that they played with really dictated what we played with and the numbers got changed a little bit. It doesn't change the coaching staff. It doesn't change the guys in the room. Last game we had a different package with all linebackers and defensive backs."Good morning everybody. (Derek Anderson) will start this week. Our practice player of the week was Coye Francies. It was a really group effort. probably hard to figure out who the offensive player of the game was. He sustained an injury on the quarterback keep there late in the game and just won't be able to play again this season. How are you doing? A couple things. [There are] some where he may be the first guy."With the d-line. That wasn't a function of a lack of faith in the defensive line. I did the same thing with the return team."You face different things that could potentially be distractions and we've faced a bunch throughout the course of the year. I mean those guys were really impressive. What I liked most about what he did during the game is he played the blocks really well. "The other news that we have is we had to put Brady Quinn on injured reserve this morning.

penetrating group. especially in these close games. is the most impressive thing. They've been generating a lot of pressure on the quarterback." (On if Quinn will need surgery). These guys are a big. They're 10th or 11th in red zone defense. They don't give you many chances to get much done in the return game. the rushing plays that they face. Really. Looking at it. they built Philadelphia earlier in the year. the quarterback keep late in the game on the sideline. Offensively. looking at this team I've seen them do a lot of good things as the season's gone on. and he hurt us last year when we played them. The young kid (Louis) Murphy has a couple really big plays. They've won three out of the last five against three pretty good teams. I think it's over 10 percent of their plays. they've been outstanding. but it's back there. arguably the best tandem in terms of punter and kicker. Dealing with this tight end (Zach Miller). He can block. They have three good backs. he wouldn't be able to play this week. To be able to put different people in there and still move the ball against some good defenses. They've generated some big plays.Brett (Ratliff) as the two and Cribbs will be the three. The way they won them. what we'll have to deal with is a penetrating defense. "On special teams. On third down."A foot. They're 15th in sacks. We have our work cut out for us there. I think they've gotten better as the year's gone on. he has excellent hands. it's going to take a little while. I think that they've had a lot of uncertainty at quarterback." . It's a lot of man-to-man tight coverage where they really challenge you and they're bringing the rush hard up the field. wouldn't be able to play next week. Cincinnati was kind of the same thing and then getting a turnover late on special teams. they all can hurt you. so they've played some good football. They've had a lot of changes." (On what Quinn's injury is). I think says it all. but the things that they're doing from a scheme perspective have been sound. go for negative yards. (Darren) McFadden. there's some really outstanding catches late to sustain that drive. "Defensively. He had a great catch against Pittsburgh on the sideline to get a first down. there are some things that we have to adjust to in terms of the style with which they run the football."Don't know that yet. they have a little bit style of running game than what we've faced here recently. so we'll get him a few reps working at quarterback. a lot of injuries there. We signed Scott Kooistra. I think."He just got injured on that run that he had. coming back late in the game. which has helped them quite a bit. Denver scoring with 39 seconds left. good run after the catch. I think the longest punt return against them is 23 yards. you have really. He's a true tight end. he can catch and he's dangerous in the passing game. "In terms of Oakland. offensive lineman. [In their game against] Pittsburgh. Like I said. The thing just flies off his foot. (Sebastian) Janikowski can hit from forever. physical. As I said. (Justin) Fargas. I don't know where field goal range is with him. whether it's (Michael) Bush." (On what happened on the play Quinn got injured). making plays.

just like Brady was."No." (On if Quinn has shown enough to be considered as the quarterback of the future)"I think he's done a lot of good things." (On which foot Quinn injured). we call it a bubble screen.' but the way that he sold the run it sucked Brown like a hard edge down the line and there was nobody there. defensively. I expect the same thing from D. but that was the difference between the play working or it getting blown up." (On how he would assess Quinn's season). ‘Oh man. To understand where you can then attack them is important. It doesn't seem like that's a big deal."That's something really I go back and look at after the season." (On Derek Anderson's state of mind). We made a pretty radical transition going to all no huddle."It was only one more play I think. I think that a lot of things that I was hoping for at the beginning of the season we really started to see in the later part of the season."I think it's the right. where (Chansi) Stuckey kind of bowed out. He's been positive throughout the process. We'll just see where we are. We've improved in quite a few categories."Yes. Even the ball handling on the one that he kept.(On if someone stepped on Quinn or if he turned wrong). I didn't know if you guys remember. I thought that operated very effectively and got better as we went and it helped us quite a bit." (On Quinn being able to finish the game at Kansas City). got it out to him. because you have the play called and sometimes it's not going to be very good and they have their forces massed at a place where it's not going to be successful. we got the first down. it's hard to see exactly what it is." (On if he was injured on the quarterback sneak for 13 yards). That was one of those plays that wasn't called."It's hard to tell on the film." . I thought that he improved with that throughout the course of the season. this isn't going to be very good. His ability to do that as well as he did helped us." (On if they will be able to run the no huddle with Anderson). but I think that's been positive for us. late [in the game]. I think that over the course of time we've gotten better as a group. offensively. Brady saw it. (Mike) Brown was right there on the edge. He worked on it during training camp. He and I were talking about it last night and even he wasn't sure exactly how it happened. They had a lot of people in the box. The angle that you have. We've had a few moving parts throughout the season.A. One or two more plays. Last game. I think he had done a really nice job. guys stepping in and they've responded well. he's been working on it. I'm not saying that's the only reason. I remember looking and thinking. I think the no huddle helped him quite a bit. I really do. Those types of things are the types of things that you're looking for. the bootleg."I think it's positive. I'm comfortable that he'll be able to go out and do it effectively.

1. at Brady's progress and the offense's progress. or maybe he had a little bit of burn late one year against Miami. I think the positive is we have a guy that really understands quarterbacks coming in to help out. I mean. the games have changed. The play right after the catch on the sideline I think is another example to point at. There are some positives. It's a combination of those two. The other thing that I know he'd like to have back from last game. so I think he'll be able to shed some like on this as well. Not sure whether it [the catch] was in or not. take-away ratio." (On if he feels comfortable with the receiving corps right now)."I think we'll look at that. really has a wealthy of knowledge. They've shown different things at different times. We need to see how that growth continues and always need to look for opportunities to improve. I don't know at what point it really hits. I really like the catch he had on the sideline. were the turnovers. (Doug) Flutie was up in Canada. suddenly get an opportunity and play really well. he was in the arena league for a while and suddenly gets a chance and lights it up. him being able to go up. get the snap off quickly. I think Evan Moore has been a really pleasant surprise and good pickup for us. don't get an opportunity. The games have changed for us. we didn't really have a lot of depth at receiver and that was something that we had to address in the draft. last game. That was a real need position." (On his reaction to Mike Holmgren joining the Browns as club President). taking two young guys as early as we did. I think that's a pretty unique performance by any stretch. It was a lot less effective. (Matt) Cassel hadn't thrown a ball. We've done a good job of protecting the football and that's critical. We're not going to have the running game production that we had last week very often. one of those games that we had in New England. We gave one away last game. I think they'll both continue to develop. had another solid game with five catches. I thought Chansi. They've come on. like you would do any other position. A guy like Kurt Warner. being able to run it over. You guys probably remember the one early against Baltimore and that looked a lot different. I've heard. When we've stopped turning over the ball. the one that hit our young linebacker in the chest could have been an easy one. There have been some good things. The experiences that he's had. we obviously need to generate a lot more defensively than we have. and so would I. To be able to bring somebody in of his stature. It was positive that we were able to do that. Our give-away."I think that you have to look at what the situation is and put it in a context. I think adding Chansi helped."It's the same as we've talked about before." (On if Quinn can be fairly judged based on the parts around him).000 snaps. not give Kansas City the chance to challenge. You see some guys that bounce around."I think that's something that we definitely have to improve on. I think the thing that you see is hits different for different guys. what is it. We've called that a couple times throughout the course of the season. like we'll look at any other position." (On if 13 starts in three years is a fair number to judge a quarterback by)"Everybody has a different opinion on that. in terms of winning on a . Going into this season. I don't know what the exact number is for that. It's critical. protecting the ball. I don't know.(On how much of a concern Quinn's passing numbers are).

All those things are variables that you look at. anytime you can add someone that's really smart and has a wealth of knowledge. Last night was when it moved forward and we were pretty deep into game planning and it was pretty late when we found out." (On how switching offensive systems can affect a quarterback's development)"Again. it's tough to say." (On if it is good to hear Holmgren say that he likes to give everyone a chance to prove themselves). I think it hits at different points. . there are always the variables. he's switching systems. With Cassel. The timeline and things like that. the system. the coaches as well. There are always variables to every equation. I haven't focused on that. that's going to improve as well. won't focus on it next week. I'm trying to think of the system they run in New Orleans and how similar that was to San Diego. Mike. You go through those things. it takes time as well. the receiving corps. We'll see how that goes. To be able to pinpoint and say there's one formula for evaluating any position. I don't think it's an exact science by any stretch.consistent basis."Yes. they were 4-12. We were 5-11 in New England with Bill (Belichick). the protection." (On if Randy Lerner has given him any assurance that he will be given every opportunity to move forward with the team). Like I said. You feel those constants are strong enough that as you change the variables and improve the variables. I'm just trying to draw parallels between quarterbacks. I think that was kind of a switch [for Drew Brees]." (On if he knows when he will get clarity on the long term with Holmgren). the strong offensive background that he has. asses it and see how you want to move forward. Plus. He did a nice job turning that around. that wasn't the focus of our conversation." (On if he had any contact with Holmgren over the past week). is getting ready for Oakland. What you're trying to look for are what are the constants. I talked to Randy last night just about Mike and him coming to terms. Different guys have switched systems at different points. I think that's great as well." (On if it would be easier to switch systems when you have been playing as long as Warner). the opportunities. The key thing is to look at what the situation was. What I'm going to continue to focus on is coaching the group and that's what the players are focusing on. There have been some good things and some things that haven't been as good. I know he'll be in here next week. what factors are there regardless of all the variables."Nothing really had moved forward during that point. I think anytime you make an adjustment like that."I haven't talked about that."We didn't talk about that. his last year in Seattle had a tough season. I won't focus on that. I think that's outstanding. Jeff Fisher was taking a lot of heat early on. That's really a discussion for after the season. I think if you've coached and you've been a head coach you understand the different things that go into any season. I won't focus on it this week."Yes. it's a pretty good situation. I think Kurt Warner switched systems out in Arizona when the new staff came in and he was pretty effective.

I think there's still some uncertainty as to how that's going to unfold this week as well. like I said before." Mangini press conf. you don't know what they were being asked to do here versus what they're being asked to do there. I'm proud of the way they're playing." (On what he sees in Charlie Frye on tape)." (On if he thinks winning the last two games is important to his job security). the different things that we've been able to do. That's not what I'm focused on. They've supported each other. they'll tell you. You do that at times when it's a guy that you don't have a lot of familiarity with. We're going to have to look at the scheme. it's not keeping a score card as to what's important for job security. the decision is. find something that is part of him regardless of what system he's in."I'm happy for these guys. I know the different situations that we've faced. The only thing that's tough about that is. I'm not trying to be flippant or anything like that. It's good stuff and it's good stuff for them. There are some serious variable as to who's going to play. 12/24 12. Whether it was against San Diego.Whatever the decision is. We've brought in new players and they've embraced those new players. These guys have worked like crazy here."I don't think it's a certainty right now. It's not going to be a focal point." (On if he doesn't know what quarterback they will face this weekend)."There wasn't a ton of tape so you're going to have to go back and research it some more. We're going to have to look at what the consistencies have been in the scheme regardless of who the quarterback is and then be able to plug in the strengths and weaknesses of the quarterback based on the things we can anticipate are going to happen regardless of who's in there."There's some of that." (On if he has looked at Frye's Browns tape to see his strengths). I'm very comfortable with the things that we've done and I know the things that we're building here. They've worked tougher. it's just I believe in the things that we've done. They've worked hard. They've earned it. again. I want them to take advantage of the opportunities they have here this week and then the opportunity they have next week. You do try to. You could look at some of that as well. I know what kind of staff we have.24. I believe in the progress we've made.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-24-09 . Just ask them. the last two games. I feel comfortable with where we're headed and the progress we've made." (On how happy he is that the team is coming together). It's not putting together a power point presentation or a resume or any of that stuff."I can't say this enough. They deserve those things.

wake up with them as they're opening their presents or family that's in town.' She got me the first time and that's not good. pluck the ball. really smart and committed to being the best player at his position. We've done it with a lot of different guys.(Opening statement). I've used this schedule quite a bit over the years. They have been able to hold teams to field goals instead of touchdowns. it's hard to stop . why not use that? It takes a special guy to be able to do that because there is a volume of information. If you can get reps from a guy on both sides. It's nice to allow the guys a chance to spend some time with their kids. We will have a normal Saturday on Saturday. Today. He'd be great with interceptions. Shaun Ellis at tight end. in college there are some guys that carry over and when you get to pro football it is so specialized that very rarely do you see guys play other spots. I'll put the boys' names on it and it will be from them. Wallace Wright. How are we doing? Today we will finish off our week of preparation and the guys will be off tomorrow for Christmas. She's not getting me with that trick again. late in the game. We just moved it up a day. it could be something that evolves. If it works great. She pulls the same trick every year." (On if his holiday shopping is done). What Rob liked so much about him is."I did. I don't think we've missed anything in terms of our preparation. if it doesn't work I don't think you are any worse off. goal line. review of first. I think that Oakland's done a really nice job defensively in the red zone. Their third down. often time in high school they play everything. he said he is really. I think at the end of the day they are football players and if they have that skill set and can handle the load. The other nice thing is it builds flexibility. Julie and I are not supposed to be exchanging gifts. that kind of talent with what Rob explained to be his work ethic."Good morning everybody. It is a different way of looking at things."I talked to Rob (Ryan) a lot about him. He has good ball skills in terms of his ability to locate the ball."Yes. second and third down. Brad Smith some at safety. When you combine that kind of athletic ability. I don't think it's going to happen short term. I've always taken this mindset with players. their red zone are both areas that I've seen get better as the season has gone on. That's another reason that they've won the games they won. He is always working. but he is studying other guys that play the position. not just studying receivers. ‘We are not going to do anything. We have quite a bit to do there. Even in New York I worked Jerricho Cotchery a little bit at corner at one point. we'll follow a normal Friday schedule so it will be the red zone." (On if Cribbs has a defensive player's mindset). you try them. I think there's real value in it. He'd be a dangerous returner if he got a pick. That's an area of improvement. it's great."I would think about. He is very aggressive. There are some guys that if they are in a role offensively or defensively and they are getting 20-25 plays a game there and they can contribute on the other side of the ball and they have those skill sets. however they choose to celebrate it. but I got her some anyways because I know she will." (On how serious Joshua Cribbs was considered to be used on defense and if it's still something to think about). They have been able to score in the red zone at critical times. That's another area of strength. He is always." (On Nnamdi Asomugha). He is a physical tackler.

He came in his first year and we used him a little bit at nose tackle." (On coaching Richard Seymour)." (On if anything changes for rookie receivers going against Asomugha)." (On how the wide receivers have improved). but you get with players like that and a little mistake could become a big mistake. they develop a routine. he did." (On if Rob Ryan helped out the offense this week). Seymour can do that as well. He hadn't played nose. He's got excellent first step quickness for a man that size. That's important. He's a really good person. What's best in terms of the way they study the information. There are some things defensively that carry over from when he was there and there are a few things that are different. Maybe you don't there as long sometimes as would."I know he and Brian (Daboll) met about different things. I thought he did a really good job playing that position when we asked him to. I think these guys have gotten much more comfortable with the offense. Corey (Williams) has made progress as well. Wherever he could help. I'm not sure with a few of them. Like Baby (Shaun Rogers) does. take care of their body. but that's not even close to what happens once you get to the regular season games. Brian Robiskie's had a really good week of practice so far this week. He's made some outstanding catches and I hope that translates into the game. He is impressive. The early part of the season. Clair can play this week). In terms of talent. You go through training camp. everything is new ground."I think you look over there. He wanted to spend time with the older guys. much more comfortable with the things they are being asked to do and there's less thinking. You think you've kind of gotten it figured out coming out of the preseason games. he's strong. It's hard not to see the improvement and sometimes dominance that he has." (On if quarterbacks don't throw on Asomugha). He's made some progress. There's not a lot of margin for error. we may be down a couple guys. That's a little bit of a shock."Not sure. Brian ran some ideas by him. Just watching him from his rookie year to where he is now and how he developed and his commitment."He was great. They don't make you pay with just a big hit or broken up pass. A lot of times when you look over there and the guy is not open then you look the other place. there's more playing."I think they've all got a better sense of just how things work. the way that he can penetrate. That's probably why he's become the player that he has become. It was important for him to get better." . Not that we're not looking for him to be crisp on everything. He wanted to figure out what they were doing and that from day one. guys like that make you pay with an interception. He can throw people around."You better run precise routes.the improvement. Just routine." (On if John St. There are a couple guys battling colds here today so we'll see where they are at in terms of practice. It usually translates into a turnover. If you don't run your route correctly of if you telegraph your break points. you go into preseason games then the tempo changed dramatically when you go into the regular season. everything is a feeling out process early on.

I don't want to black cat it. In the Pittsburgh game."Our fans have been great throughout the course of the season. As we identify different areas we want him to improve in. I am excited to have them there and look forward to seeing them there." (On Matt Roth). Being an interior guy. There may be multiple reasons. the edge is set. The block recognition. I had to watch it for all those years in New York when he was setting he edge on us." (On a possible blackout). That would be the first word I would use to describe him. which I think is the toughest things that a person goes through from having their hand in the dirt to going back. 12/30 . that's what an edge is supposed to look like. to really work at it." (On why the Dolphins put Roth on waivers). you have to get everybody else lined up as well. I think that we've improved there. it's getting the call from the coach. most of that was no huddle." (On David Veikune). It's been loud. Sometimes the most important catches at practice are the routine catches because they are easy to kind of lose your concentration. He ran it in the early part of the season even though we weren't running it as much in the games.(On if there have been less dropped passes at practice). The other thing that he's improved on is his communication. The guys seem to really enjoy having him here. It's coming up. making the adjustment. they thought it was the best thing at the time. I thought he did well there. We were still practicing it at different periods. It just stops. It's a dramatic shift in responsibility from having your hand in the dirt and being in an even front or an over front and your two jobs are spill the outside run and contain on pass. There were a couple plays against Kansas City last week. That's easy to happen in the game as well. Sometimes it's just best to part ways." Mangini press conf. I think he's done an excellent job in terms of fitting in with the group. They are practicing at the tempo that they play at and making some catches that at times are difficult catches. in the second half."Yes. One of the areas was his ability to press the guards."He's looked good. I'm sure their criteria is the same as ours. Boom."He is doing what I'm asking him to do and that's to remain consistent. I definitely think there's been improvement across the board. I think it's been pretty seamless. When he sets the edge. I think that's gotten better. the tackle is coming out and he just jolts him. It just happens. recognizing the blocks. He's done well this week too."I didn't get into that with Bill (Parcells) at all. is recognizing all the different things that can happen. thanks for asking (joking). It's good to watch. There really haven't been times where the clock is running down or we don't have guys lined up correctly or any of those things."Matt's been great. you don't just have to get lined up yourself. They've endured quite a bit of cold there when we played Pittsburgh. He's tough. Those have been translating into the game. You just make a decision and you move forward. giving it to the group. There may be understandable reasons." (On how Derek Anderson has looked running the no huddle).

"On special teams. our Players of the Game this week offensively were Alex Mack. He can blow the game open at any point."Good morning everybody. there are a lot of new players. They're 7-8. "In terms of Jacksonville. I'd say the most impressive thing they do is punt coverage. number one in the NFL in penalties. defensively was Matt Roth. That shows up every game. Those things change pretty dramatically and they can change quickly. He runs excellent patterns. He is complemented by Torry Holt. this is his third year. not very tall. but he is well built. vision. It's not necessarily the Pittsburgh-type situation where it's 50 percent pressure and you're dealing with it every down. This year he has 61 catches and seven touchdowns. Defensively. excellent center of gravity. I think with (Mike) Sims-Walker. He's caught another 50 balls. where down the field they're getting the ball out. They don't give up a lot of big plays in the passing game. It's a little deceptive because they've forced 21. They are very disciplined. He's the second leading rusher. They really lost three games by four or less points. who I remember watching coming out of college.12. That's a challenge and we've had that challenge throughout the course of the season from different teams. the look that we get is critical for the preparation in the game. As you guys know Joe (Thomas) and Josh (Cribbs) made the Pro Bowl yesterday. You see that on the tape. The first two years he had 16 catches.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-30-09 (Opening statement). in terms of Players of the Week. They force you to go the long. Then he creates something down the field that wasn't open prior to him moving. A couple announcements from last game. has become a big play threat for them. but they're working at it. really good balance. as I looked at this team.30. They give up four yards per return. hard way. There's a ton of plays where guys have a chance to sack him and they fall of him or he makes them miss. "Offensively. the amount that you have to deal with increases substantially as well. The most amount of yards they've given up in a game. It always hasn't quite bounced their way. but there are things that are going to unique that we haven't seen. . I like to think that's the most important award that we give out. He's deceptive like that. he's a good example of a guy. small isn't really fair. because the show. With (David) Garrard. he is small in the sense. The amount of production he's had is pretty impressive. He's carried the ball 296 times. really good burst. they don't give up a lot of big plays. When you look at this running back. If you don't handle it. it really starts with the running game. He's very deceptive. The other position I didn't mention was the practice player of the week and that was Thomas Brown. they have 10 fumbles recovered. similar to Ben (Roethlisberger) in the sense that he can extend plays with his feet. There's going to be some game plan specific pressures. on special teams it was Nick Sorensen. He has developed nicely this season. You see the crispness of his routes. which is a real testament to them. They don't give up a lot of big plays in the running game. so it was a really positive day all the way around from that perspective. You look at the fumbles they've recovered.

" (On if he anticipated Seymour trying to bait Mack during the game)."I think it depends on the team and it depends on the player and it depends on what kind of player you are." (On if more extracurricular stuff goes on than people realize)." (On the most impressive thing about Mack's season). He got a 15-yard penalty and it's like. ‘Look.cumulatively now. getting to his blocks." (On what the players get for earning Player of the Week). They get a little bit better parking. Often times the offensive line goes overlooked. It has to be salary cap compliant. Sometimes it's just that awareness that you are a target. You can't give them anything outside of that."I thought he made a lot of outstanding blocks. Rich. There's nothing better than to know somebody's a hot head and then to be able to get them to hit you or get them to be worried about what you're saying instead of playing the coverage. Kind of like employee of the month. where he got his guy initially and then came off on another guy to change it from a four or five yard run to a 10 to 12 yard run. I don't think it was something that we pointed out where he has a track record of doing that. Once you know that."It reminds me a lot of Nick's (Mangold) first season. so all those things combined. Louis at St. you get your picture up." (On if the way Mack handled the confrontations with Richard Seymour factored into him winning the award).' When we watched him collectively as a staff. If I could cut the lap running. I had a player in New York who was like that. [They have] excellent balance. ‘If I can draw a penalty here it's going to be really good for us. he's a great guy. If you've shown the tendency to react. I thought he did a really nice job getting things communicated." (On why Mack won Offensive Player of the Game). especially in the heat of the moment and if you're getting baited. It's a hard position to play.' I thought he showed excellent poise there."It's so easy and natural to respond. ‘Okay. We were playing St. is 26 yards in one game punt return wise. talked to him a little bit before the game. I talked to Richard after the game. It's a really hard position to play and as a young guy."Not necessarily. to go in and start 16 games like he has. [He had] some extra effort blocks that sprung some big runs. it'd be like watching a mirror image of the two guys. There's nothing tangible to look at and say. We'll have our work cut out for us there. it's impressive. then you're going to get a lot more of it. but he's a really good person and really good player. You're counted on to get the . but they don't put up any stats. That's hard to do."They get their picture up. They're both really conscientious. intelligence. a game ball. that can help too. well he got this many carries or this many receptions. strength. you can't see what's going on here? You can't see what they're doing to you?' He got a lot better as the year went on. It's hard to have that poise to just take a step back and realize that. Louis and they did it to him. character. the early snaps from New York that first year with Nick and with Alex. I don't know if he got caught up in the moment or what happened there. A guy can have a really impressive day.

There are 8. or how he approached the offseason." (On if there was a turning point that led to the current win streak). We ended up scoring. I'll probably hook them up in the offseason and have them talk to each other. They had to punt to us. if you make a mistake the ball's on the ground. or something like that."I think it's something that you can draw on if you experience it. I think he has the work ethic to do that." (On if he sees Mack getting to where Mangold is now)." (On if he thinks wins at the end of a season can carry over to the next season)." (On if the team aimed to get Mack during the draft). Tony (Grossi). I think he's played really well in some other games. Nick's that type of guy that he would help without feeling like he was giving up some sort of competitive edge." (On if Mack and Mangold are similar players). in his role. I think he'll continue to get better.communication to both sides of the ball. That was probably when the transition took place. or a big third-and-one. but it was a function of a . There's a lot of responsibility. We were playing San Diego and we stopped them on like fourth-and-one."You identify a range of guys. whether or not you'll have the ability to trade. to hear the change of the snap count."I think he has the potential to do that. I think there are a lot of similarities. When you have a group of guys that share that experience. I don't really want to highlight the differences between either guy."It was probably his most complete game. more playing than thinking. I think it's a good thing to be able to point back to and talk about. He's a lot more comfortable in his skin. because where we were picking you're not sure who's going to be there. he had an excellent game as well." (On if Oakland was Mack's best game). but they are both really similar in the type of player that they are in terms of long term potential and growth and teammates and stuff like that.' There are a lot of different lessons from this season that you'd be able to point back to and talk about and draw on. I think he's played really well.000 mock drafts and you don't know how exactly it's going to come and whether or not there will be any trades. He's playing. even if it's like the difference between your first year and your second year. but there are some subtle differences between the two."No. which could change dramatically who you take. Nick was really diligent and Nick committed every offseason to getting stronger and bigger and more knowledgeable. is there was a range of people and when we got to where we were I was pretty happy with getting him. I thought Kansas City. For him to come in and start 16 games like he has. winning the game there and then we went on that run of how many consecutive games leading up to the Super Bowl. if you were a part of the group that did it. I can see the potential for Alex to do a lot of the same things. because I think there are probably a lot of things that Nick could help him with. it resonates when you talk about."Yes. I don't know if you remember me talking just about where we were in New England. ‘Remember when this happened. He found good mentors. What I would say.

This guy didn't make it. Everybody working towards the same goal. in terms of how they have to study. I think Kamerion Wimbley made a ton of progress from the beginning of the season with how he was approaching the game plans to where he is now. you get in a hole. The amount of errors that he's made from a mental error perspective is dramatically different. It's not the same as it was last week. I haven't had to say it in weeks. Sometimes it's even individual players." (On if he would be comfortable with Mike Holmgren's planned hierarchy with a general manager). but that game to me was just when you finally sort of got over the hump. we change on Friday. but he worked at it and worked at it. I'm sure he was sick of hearing it. It's great to see. I think it's really paid off for him and I'm happy to see the way that his blocking has evolved. I don't know. You drop a pass early. it's great. I'm sure it was to shut me up. a spot here. He struggled with it early and then got it and was really outstanding later on."Like I've said before. He used to come with this really wide reach. coaches. but it was a spot here. It's fun to go to work. whether it was one good thing on special teams or it was one really good thing offensively or one really good thing defensively." (On his reaction to Lawrence Vickers not making the Pro Bowl). I was on him every day. every meeting. but they weren't coming from all three phases or the defense was having a bad day. I think most people point to that game. He couldn't generate the power. He'll tell you. It's a good thing to be a part of. I'm all for. You get smart people looking to do the same thing. It's more rope memory than it is conceptual memory. sometimes it was holding. It's kind of the same thing with Bryan Thomas. committed to the same thing. Sometimes you get so caught up in exactly what the paper says instead of trying to learn the concepts that when the paper changes it screws up the way you've learned. when he goes and blocks it's consistently power angles and he worked at it. I've been a part of it before. being able to dig out of the hole. anybody that we can bring in that can help us. it's a really good thing. players. There are all of those different things that you saw. because we change on Wednesday. front office."In terms of a defining moment. a spot here. Now. I'm really proud of the way Lawrence has grown this season."I didn't really have a set reaction to who made it or who didn't make it. You see some guys where the light comes on. You can't control any of that stuff. the offense wasn't able to compensate for that. Fill the building with as many as you can. we change on Thursday.lot of stuff leading up to that point. It was a very different exposure for him. These questions always come each year. There's been a lot of things that I thought were good. ‘This guy made it. It's dramatic. It was the same thing in the building. The huge thing that we worked on with him was his hand placement." ." (On if there has been anything this season like the point in New England to help the team turn the corner). being able to put that out of your mind and come back and make the next play. He and I were talking at the Halloween party and he just was explaining to me how he's changed the way he studied. I was really happy for Joe and Josh. His consistency in blocking has been really good.' You can't control the voting.

I think. I talked to him the other day and we'll sit down either Monday or Tuesday. I think it's just more of a conversation between two people. but you've been in different situations throughout your career where there's a ton of stuff happening externally. It takes time and that's just how it works. there's been some really good plans. Same thing defensively. Brad's (Seely) an excellent coach." Mangini press conf. I don't know if it's fortunate or unfortunate. 12/31 12."No. but you can control the things in front of you.(On if he will have questions about how the team will operate in his meeting with Holmgren). Rob's (Ryan) an excellent coach. How are we doing? Just one announcement. Some of the things that he's done off the field."I think everybody has a different approach to the way they do things. We've doubled our point total since the bye." (On his thoughts if he were asked to go in a different direction with his coordinators)."I haven't really thought about the structure of the meeting or anything like that. which is Jacksonville and making sure that I do the best job coaching these guys this week to get them ready to play. if you worry about it. all that stuff is in the future. I wouldn't have hired them if I didn't feel that way. just look at the progress we've made there.2009 Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 12-31-09 (Opening statement). These guys have worked hard and they've made a lot of progress.31."No. I need to focus on what's important. It's not fair for me to be focused on something that's external. Everybody has a different way to do things. They've been great in terms of not focusing on external things and really focusing on what's important. Mike Furrey was named our Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee. because the future. I think that offensively. Both him and his wife do a lot of work in the community. I was really impressed with the toy drive that he put together and filling up a tractor trailer full of toys and getting all the guys involved and being able to distribute them in a lot of different areas . I'm anxious for us to go win the game. what value does that have? It comes soon enough. I'm anxious for this week." (On if he wishes Holmgren had been here to see how the team is run). There's been some plans that I wish we had back."Good morning everybody. Every major category is up. That's always the most important thing. I'm anxious for the guys to have a good week of practice. I don't think so. which I think is well deserved. You can't control that. I know this may seem hard to believe. One's not necessarily better than the other. That's what I'm looking forward to." (On if he is anxious to meet with Holmgren)." (On if it has been hard to not think about Holmgren)."Again. are special.

"I think that what I really liked. I thought he had a really excellent week of practice last week. we'll work on punt and punt return. I feel like there are a few things that we need to just get ironed out on both sides of the ball. but I've liked the way that he's worked. He's a guy that I think has consistently improved since he's gotten here. but I felt like he got a better feel for it. he had seven catches and nine drops. Jake (Allen) will probably get another opportunity here. the key block against Kansas City really saved the touchdown on Josh's (Cribbs) second kickoff return.around Cleveland. [David] Givens. I think it's well deserved. but I've liked the progress he's made. For such a short amount of time to put something like that together and to make it such a nice event is a good indication of who he is and what he believes in. Really offensively. In terms of yesterday's practice. It hits at different times for different guys. One year. The other thing I was really excited about for him. as well and that's been more and more the pattern for him and the season has gone on. there's two tackles on special teams. Instead of extending it and trying to run lateral. I think that each guy develops differently in terms of production. I told you guys yesterday that they are probably the best punt cover team that we've face throughout the year. It's year around for him." (On how he would characterize Robiskie's rookie year). On special teams today." (On Brian Robiskie's status for the game). One of the biggest ways is with the quarterback either extending the play or running with the football and he's done that quite a bit. that's pretty hard to do over 15 games. It hits a different times for different guys. He has good speed. I think it was his first year. He was another guy that as he got going it really took off for him and he ended up having a nice career. they've (Jacksonville) done an excellent job throughout the season on third down. We're going to have some challenges there. It's going to be an important day for us in that area. We'll have a lot to prepare for there. They have a lot of different ways they can convert. He has a good feel for running routes and I'm excited to see him get a chance to play. is he got a much better sense as the season went on for how to run routes. the guy is in the league two years and has 16 catches and this year has 61 catches and seven touchdowns. That's huge progress and important. but not that optimistic. he turned it up right away and was able to get the first down. "Today we'll move into third down. Anytime the most amount of yards that you've given up on returns in 26. I'd say the best example of that was the third down conversion that he made where he caught it underneath. I think he'll continue to develop as a receiver and continue to develop in other areas as well."I'd say it's not looking good. things like that. so hopefully that'll be something that he wins because I think it's great. There were a few hiccups here and there with really understanding the system. I was trying to think of the receiver that Brian and I were talking about the other day that we drafted in New England from Notre Dame. where to go. He understood what the route was. Tony (Grossi). I'm hoping. I think that one of the areas that we've improved significantly in is third down defense. I thought overall it was good. A seventh round draft pick. You just look at Sims (Mike Sims-Walker). and you saw it last game." .

There were multiple times." (On how much he pays attention to size if a player is not prototypical for his position). Now when you get those guys that are 6'3". the ideal height and weight and speed and all those things. There are so many exceptions to the rules. I think with a training camp under his belt. which was important. It's like a goal line package. a real advantage by playing both inside and outside. What you do is you have the ideal. which now stalemates it or puts him in a lot better position to compensate for the usual size differential. Leon (Washington) was an undersized guy. you're going to absorb the blow and with him. Both those guys have played really well. you can get big on somebody in a hurry if you want to. that's where [David] Bowens has value too. It gets lost a little bit. I think your point is really important. especially over the last four or five weeks where he's been impressive in that area. I think he's done a nicer job of aggressively going up and fitting it with his hands and a good base. If you had another outside linebacker you wanted to keep you move Trus to inside and play him there.(On how he would compare Jerome Harrison to Maurice Jones-Drew)."I think he'll stay outside and play that type of role. because as they're coming in if you sit and are stationary. Really. but it's key. On that touchdown pass to Mohamed (Massaquoi) he really saves the play with his awareness and coming back in and getting the block that he gets. Jason's had. because it allows us to do things that maybe we weren't being as effective doing prior. you have two guys there that are both stout."I think he's improved his technique. I'd say. but yet you can run all . his production is through the roof and he's an undersized guy. You look at a guy like Wes Welker. because he can make the roster in either spot. Deion Branch was an undersized guy. He can play outside linebacker and now he's played inside linebacker. he has done it for longer. That gives you a lot of depth. I'm really pleased with the way that Jerome has developed this season as well. is the things that's he's done in the passing game. I think. but then you also have to look at production. most of the time the guy he's blocking is bigger than he is. I'm happy with that. He's improved the way that he's taken on the blocks. however you want to slot him. he's a little bit slighter than most corners. I've seen some big guys play small and a lot of small guys play big. He's played both spots." (On why Harrison has gotten better in blitz pickup). An area that's gone underappreciated with him."I'm not a huge fan of comparing. We had a package in New York. 250 [pounds] and thumpers and you can bring them inside or outside. It's hard to say. height is probably what you want."It's hard. You have to look at playing speed versus timed speed. If there's another inside guy you wanted to keep you could do the same thing. Asante Samuel. where you move Shaun Ellis out to outside linebacker at 290 and then take all the biggest guys you have and you put them in. [There are] some small corners. weight. I had Ray Mickens." (On if he would like Matt Roth at just one spot in the future). because of how much production he's had in the running game. but they don't always fit into that mold. I think it was called Texas because everything's big in Texas. I had Aaron Glenn. You'd like them all to be a certain height and weight. You have to really see over time how he continues to develop. with a training camp under (Jason) Trusnik's belt.

The first time you give them four or five pages of new defense [they're] overwhelmed and they can't believe how much stuff is going in and the communication is difficult. if they're not available. ‘Oh. this is what they're in. you have 11 guys and you can just keep moving them around. They're walking around and that's what you want."It's like the typical progression of how it's gone everywhere I've been. start his route with certainty. At that point you're not running a pressure anymore. You have your parallel plans. . It's like. You just keep flipping who does what they're supposed to do and it doesn't make any sense. you're just potentially giving up big plays. You have to kill him to stop him and good luck with that." (On if there has been anyone in particular that has made vast improvements in the secondary). ‘Well who's the big? Who's the small? Who's coming?' You break tendencies without ever really having to break tendencies. good leverage. I think one of the biggest things that we've done better is communicate and get to the right spots."I'm not sure to tell you the truth. so you have to plan for all of it. now it doesn't look like what we're doing anymore." (On how much time he has spent thinking about free agency and the upcoming CBA)." (On when a decision on the CBA is supposed to be finalized). You want that uncertainty there. know how to use their hands. There were very few times where we lined up and didn't have a size advantage in that grouping.the things that you want to run. know how to throw people. I think the disguise has helped too. Even the big guys are going to have a problem. if this group is available. You run the same thing. if they're here. okay."He's like a tank. You better block him with somebody big because he's going to run over anything small in his way. it was we weren't in the right spot. They're moving around. Everybody talked through it. You don't want to give the offense any pre-snap information where they can say. Ideally what you want to get to is. As guys have really understood what we're going."You look at it and without any clarity it's hard to know who is going to be available and it's hard to know who on your team is either going to be here or not going to be here. This is what we're doing." (On what makes Roth such a good pass rusher). if they're not here." (On how hard the defensive assignments are for players to learn). but you look at it on tape and you're like. He was a wrestler in college and I think that helps. but this time Bowens is the down lineman and Roth is the cover guy or Abe (Elam) is the underneath zone player and Brandon (McDonald) is back at safety. You don't know what the landscape is. the receiver. He's just tough. I'm sure everybody's going through the same thing. or we ran a pressure and we had two guys in the same gap. This is where the soft spot is. It makes sense to you. I always like wrestlers because they have good base.' and let the quarterback go back. ‘Okay. That's gotten better overall. Today we probably gave out 14 pages of third down defense and nobody blinked.' because you're just used to it because that's what we do."I think as a group we're tackling better. A lot of the production early it wasn't a function of them just beating us based on the throw or the catch.

‘Accurate. any of that stuff. probably last year. The amount of sacks we have is up from. family and the future). I think we scored 78 points in the first eight games and 149 in the last seven. it just puts things back into perspective. the amount of points given up is down significantly. It's an important game because it's our last one. we'll get it right between walk throughs. You try to go the extreme the other way and make sure you get enough sleep." (On if he can relate to what Urban Myers is dealing with). you're exercising. That's where the importance comes. we were top ten in most things. where the first eight games. I don't even know what it is. throughout. Nobody bats an eye anymore. You're going to look at the games that they played this year. You can look at OTAs. but it's . the best stress relievers are the boys. You invest so heavily during the week for that game on Sunday and when you lose it's miserable and when you win you're happy for a little while." (On if he thinks the offense and defense being ranked 32 are an accurate portrayal of the team right now). It's just what we do. Jake smoked me three times in Wii Boxing the other night. he didn't tell me how to punch the first fight."I think unfortunately you leave all that stuff to the offseason. it's so dramatically different in almost every statistical category. If you look at the first eight versus the last seven. I know we're all committed to keep moving forward. 12 to 16 or 12 to 19. Same thing offensively. something like that."I think it's an important game to all of us because it's out last opportunity to play this season. quizzes. It's just so much fun to go spend time with them. You don't like to make a decision without looking at all of the different things that go into it. all those things. you look at interceptions and fumbles. probably the whole staff' (joking)." (On if this is an important game for Derek Anderson or just another game). Now. because they're not worried about any of that stuff. ‘Oh my God. You work a ton of hours. I think. Stuff like that." (On how he balances the stress of being overworked). you're eating well. I'm not sure exactly what that is." (On how he balances the stress of being overworked and his health. I was thinking. When you look at the quarterback position or any of these positions."Yes.' but now it's just what we do. The amount of sacks given up. shifts and motions and new plays and game plan specific things. For me. That happened in New York as well. Third down defensively the last three games has been about 25 percent. You can look at training camp. the volume is down. you're not going to evaluate it off of one game. where you get to experience Christmas again as a little kid. you definitely can."I thought you were going to say overweight. There's that comfort level of. red zone."I think it's accurate in the sense that that's what it is over 15 games. Turnovers. practice. in terms of your health. The last eight games. [there were] too many 30's. because of all the things that they're experiencing. Even New Year's. Defensively. Red zone's been good. You look at it as a progression and it looks a lot differently than if you look at it as a group of numbers. When you first deal with that it's like. Time of possession is up. Nothing changes my perspective as much as they do. okay. that's down.You're not worried about it.

why? Why is that the magic number? Why is 15 what he gets?' I don't know. You probably wouldn't want to put a stationary guy in like a move the pocket. I don't know what exact characteristics would have to be part of that formula. Jeff (Schudel)."] Give you a call? ‘Dear guys."No."Like I said."I don't want to end the old year on a bad note here." (On if he has any New Year's resolutions). ‘He can only have 15 touches a game and that's his limit. you want all those guys to stay healthy. No bus rides to Hartford. I don't know if there's always a magic number where if you give him just this amount of plays then you have the best chance of him lasting. he'd be good in any system he runs. There hasn't been a conclusion there. what's the right number of touches for a running back."I don't know if there definitely has to be one formula for running an offense."I think that's still something that we're going to investigate. on that play it's hard to really tell what the thing was. otherwise. but I don't want to get into that. what do we have. There are definitely all those issues involved." (On what happened to Quinn's foot). Everybody's trying to find that edge to help the team be successful. It's a constant debate.'" . quite a few hours left to hash that out.' I'm thinking. [Jeff Schudel: "Give us a call." (On what is physically wrong with Quinn's foot). bootleg-type offense." (On if Brady Quinn was able to avoid surgery). ‘Well."Yes. I think the key thing is can you run the offense well? Can you understand where the reads are? I think there are consistent things for quarterbacks and different quarterbacks would be good in different systems regardless. I think it's traits. Everybody's vested. You want any back to be able to go through 16 games and handle the things he's being asked to do." (On how Anderson fits in the West Coast Offense)." (On if he needs to see a guy like Harrison stay healthy over an extended period of time getting the number of carries he has gotten the past couple of weeks). None jump out right way. I think Tom Brady will probably be good in any system he runs or Peyton Manning. Is it a smaller back 15? Is it 25? I've heard that whole thing.not where near as much as when you lose. but I'm sure when I get home tonight I'll probably squeeze a couple in.

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