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As was stated in my last post, Worship is primarily about the priority of God. It is grounded upon
the reality of God having the supreme position in relation to everything that exists within the
created order. Worship is a personal, human expression of that relationship by which we honour
and praise God as supreme. It is the results of such worship that will put in us the desire for a
greater understanding of who this unique God is and increase the desire to make him first in all
of life. As our understanding of God increases, so must our mode and means of worship. It is
this understanding that will lead us into finding creative ways of worshiping God, bringing a
fresh ‘fragrance’ to worship. This knowledge often leads to a renewal of worship.

Webber speaks to Worship Renewal as a congregation's self-conscious change of form, content,

style, or pattern of congregational worship in an effort to revitalize or redevelop itself in order to
move into a 'brighter' future. He states three basic position one can adopt when it comes to the
experience of worship renewal in the church: the traditional position which seeks to maintain its
current position while avoiding anything that is new; the contemporary position which seek to
liberate itself from the old and traditional ways in favour of all that is new and fresh; and a blend
of the old and new position, "a worship that respects the tradition yet incorporate worship styles
formed by the contemporary church." Webber subscribes to this third position.

Worship renewal is taking place in many churches nationwide (Thanks be to God). In some
places little external changes has taken place, but great changes in spirit, life vitality, and
spiritual energy flourish. In other places new sets of forms and formats has replaced the former
ones. However, it is entirely possible to totally redo a congregational worship service, replacing
its basic format, forms, and style with an entirely new arrangement, and yet the Holy Spirit's
renewing work is not evident. Thus, the heart of the renewal should be a work of the Holy Spirit
restoring to the church something it has lost.

Therefore, the great need of the church today is neither to cling to the old nor to create the new
forms and formats. Our greatest need today is to regain the priority of God in our worship and in
the whole of life. The problem in worship today is not a problem of form but of spirituality.
When worship renewal comes, the congregation seeks after God Himself as its ultimate
objective. God Himself is cherished above any experience, any feeling or any result of worship.
Love to God will be the dominant affection expressed through the various forms of worship.
Renewed commitment to God is the normal response of the entire worshiping community.
Worship becomes an end in itself rather than the means to some other end. Worship will be
experienced as a relationship with God being enthusiastically acted out rather than merely being
a function of the church. Worship will then truly be worship.