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Request for Proposal
January 5, 2011


Prepared by City of Cedar Rapids Purchasing Services Division

Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11

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4 1.3 1. 3851 River Ridge Dr. or any other means of delivery employed by the Proposer. Title E-mail Address Phone/ Fax Numbers 1.S. any proposal responses that are received later than the date and time stated above.SECTION 1 NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 1. NE.org Phone: 319-286-5062 Fax: 319-286-5130 1. Proposals will be evaluated promptly after opening. CPPB. and will not open. January 26. 1. NE. 2011 before 2:30 p. CST Wednesday. 2011 at 2:30 p. (our clock) CST in City Hall. 2011 at 2:30 p. at the Office of the City Clerk. 2011 at 2:00 p.5 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 2 of 16 . the internal mail delivery system of the City. After an award is made. The main purpose of this opening is to reveal the name(s) of the Proposer(s).1 Name of the Proposal Date of Issuance Pre-Proposal Meeting MANDATORY Deadline for Questions Deadline for Proposal Submittal Submit Proposal to: Address exactly as stated Method of Submittal Contact Person. Similarly. Cedar Rapids Wednesday. no proposal may be modified or withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) calendar days thereafter. CST on the 26th day of January. a proposal summary will be sent to all companies who submitted a proposal. CST BIDS TIME-STAMPED 2:30 PM OR AFTER ARE LATE Sealed Proposal: Professional IT Services Office of the City Clerk-City Hall 3851 River Ridge Drive NE Cedar Rapids IA 52402 US Mail. No responsibility will be attached to any person for premature opening of a proposal not properly identified. Iowa for Professional IT Services for the City of Cedar Rapids Information Technology Department. January 19.m. Postal Service. Proposals may be withdrawn anytime prior to the scheduled closing time for receipt of proposals. January 26. Only the names of companies who submitted proposals will be revealed. Cedar Rapids. unopened.m. 3851 River Ridge Drive NE.johnson2@cedar-rapids.m. the City is not responsible for.m. 2011 Wednesday. Overnight Delivery or In Person Electronic and fax proposals are not acceptable Rebecca Johnson. not to serve as a forum for determining the awarded proposal(s). RFP Timeline Professional IT Services – RFP #1010-084 January 5. CST City Hall. January 12. 3851 River Ridge Dr. in City Hall North. Proposal results will not be given over the telephone.m. Cedar Rapids.2 The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to waive any informalities in proposals if such waiver does not substantially change the offer or provide a competitive advantage to any Company. Purchasing Agent r. Late proposals will be retained in the RFP file. Proposals will be opened on Wednesday. The City is not responsible for delays occasioned by the U.0 Notice of Request for Proposal Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received before 2:30 p. 2011.

Proposals will be accepted only from those in attendance at the preproposal meeting.johnson2@cedar-rapids.3 2. Proposers are encouraged to keep proposals concise and to the point. which details the exact requirements of the City.1 Any matter of this proposal package that requires explanation or interpretation must be inquired into by the Company in writing by Wednesday. Important Exceptions to Contract Documents – The Company shall clearly state in the submitted proposal any exceptions to. understand and will comply with the instructions and all terms and conditions stated in this Request for Proposal and all attachments.org ).5 2. All addenda that you receive shall become a part of the Contract Documents and shall be acknowledged and dated on the bottom of the Signature Page (page 12). Cedar Rapids. Elaborate brochures are not needed.m.1 2.9 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 3 of 16 .aspx. 2.SECTION II INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS 2. All Companies are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance with the proposal.2 2. IA. CST. the minimum proposal requirements. Companies are cautioned that exceptions taken to this RFP may cause their proposal to be rejected. Pre-Proposal Meeting In addition to the information contained in the Request for Proposal. Such exceptions or deviations will be considered in evaluating the proposals. Proposals shall include a table of contents and each page shall be sequentially numbered in the lower right hand corner. A Certificate of Insurance must be on file and approved by the City’s Risk Manager before this project can begin.6.m. All Addenda will be posted on the City’s website. or costs incurred in making necessary studies for the preparation of proposals. a mandatory preproposal meeting will be held on Wednesday. FAX or E-MAIL all questions to Rebecca Johnson (319/286-5062 or r. This Request for Proposal does not commit the City to make an award. the proposal. 3851 River Ridge Drive NE. It is the Proposer’s responsibility to check for addenda. 2011 at 2:00 p. (See page 13 of 16). January 12.cedar-rapids. Any exceptions should be noted on the Signature Page. Any and all questions will be responded to in the form of written addenda to all Companies. The City is inviting all proposers to attend this meeting to ask specific questions and request clarifications on the specification portion of this proposal document.7 2. in the judgment of the proposal evaluators.4 2. is the most responsive and responsible proposal. including references. nor will the City pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. and to accept in whole or in part. and/or additional information as indicated. or deviations from.org/government/departments/purchasing/Pages/currentbidopportunities. CST at City Hall. may result in disqualification by reason of "non responsiveness". and any exceptions to the terms and conditions of this RFP. No responsibility will be attached to any person for premature opening of a proposal not properly identified. Incomplete Information – Failure to complete or provide any of the information requested in this Request for Proposal.8 2.0 A company representative who is authorized to bind the Company will sign on behalf of the company to indicate to the City that you have read. Addenda 2. which. http://www. 2011 at 2:30 p. January 19. The City of Cedar Rapids reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.6 2.

vendor or payee to be a person or Page 4 of 16 3.1. If no agreement form is included with the proposal. vendor.3 3. alteration. any addenda and the response from the successful Proposer shall also be incorporated by reference into the resulting agreement.4 No price escalation will be allowed during the initial term of the agreement. or payee. The City reserves the right to make changes to the Services to be provided which are within the Project. assuming the insurance requirements have been met. supplemented or modified by a written document executed in the same manner as this Agreement. Proposers are advised that in the event any such agreement contradicts the City of Cedar Rapids requirements.3 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 . the Proposer shall indicate the name and address of the firm to whom Proposer would request payments to be made.1 If a Proposer intends to request that the City of Cedar Rapids enter into any agreement form in connection with the award of this contract.SECTION III SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 3. vendor or payee must also indicate concurrence with the deletion of such clauses. 3. a Professional Services Agreement.0. shall become the document that authorizes the contract to begin. the form must be submitted with the proposal for review by the City’s legal counsel during the evaluation of proposals.1 The initial term of the agreement shall be for one (1) year anticipated to be March 1. the future performance of the agreement. the Contractor shall provide sufficient written certification and documentation to substantiate the request. 3. Following approval by City Council Resolution. copies of commercial price lists. If it is mutually decided to renew beyond the initial period and the Contractor requests a price increase.2 3.1. If agreement form indicated a firm other than the Proposer is contractor. 2012.2 3. etc which reflect said increases. Thirty (30) to sixty (60) days notice must be given to renew the agreement for additional increments. actual materials invoices.0. or modification of the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and agreed to by both the City and the Contractor.0. No assignment. The City reserves the right to accept or reject price increases. no such form will be approved by the City during the evaluation or award processes. Documentation shall include. If the proposal does not indicate the proposed contractor.1.1 Agreement Forms 3. the proposed contractor. If such agreement requires that payments be remitted to other than the Proposer. Each section contained herein. provision of appropriate indices.0 Term of Agreement 3. Contractor shall make no claim for additional compensation in the absence of a prior written approval and amendment of this Agreement executed by both the Contractor and the City. 2011 through February 29. or following award of contract. The Contractor shall not commence any additional work or change the scope of the Services until authorized in writing by the City. change. prepared by the City and signed by the City Manager. to negotiate more favorable terms or to terminate without cost.0. but not be limited to. and the firm’s relationship to the Proposer. The City and the Contractor may renew the original agreement for four (4) additional one-year time periods by mutual agreement. the proposal may be rejected due to the contradiction unless Proposer indicated deletion of such clauses. This Agreement may only be amended.

but not limited to the following: unsatisfactory job performance or progress. information.3.4 3.1. 3. 3851 River Ridge Drive NE. insubordinate. as acceptable by the City’s Finance Department.2.2 3. will be interpreted to forbid the Contractor from retaining a single copy of information for its files. documents.2. presentations.2. in writing. IA 52402. (1) only the Proposer will be considered as Contractor and (2) payments will be made only to the Proposer to whom the contract is awarded. or 3. The City may withhold payment for reasons including. and backed up with supporting information in the format the City requests. or whose continued employment on the work site is deemed by the City of Cedar Rapids to be contrary to the public interest.4 The City of City Rapids will in no case agree to terms not submitted for review with proposals.2.4. attn: AP Division.2 Via US mail to: City of Cedar Rapids Finance Department. 3.2 Contractor’s Employees The City of Cedar Rapids reserves the right to require the Contractor to remove any employee from the work area whom the City of Cedar Rapids has deemed incompetent.2. except for the Contractor’s limited possession for the purpose of carrying out this Agreement.2 3.2. Cedar Rapids. third party claims filed or reasonable evidence that a claim will be filed or other reasonable cause.3 Ownership of Documents 3. however. All reports. and any materials or equipment furnished to the Contractor by the City shall remain the sole property of the City and.3 3. defective work.1 Payment terms for services authorized under this agreement shall be net thirty (30) days upon receipt of an original invoice and after services are performed. and other materials prepared by the Contractor in connection with this Agreement are the City’s sole property in which the Contractor has no proprietary or other rights or interests. shall be returned to the City at the conclusion of this Agreement. Invoices shall be submitted monthly and shall include the following information: 1) The services provided and number of hours worked 2) The amount being invoiced 3) The project number (RFP #1010-084) 4) Purchase order number and City contact person For accounting purposes.4.company other than the Proposer. failure to comply with material provisions of the contract. Payment Terms and Invoice Submittal 3. information. disputed work. Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 5 of 16 . All invoices and supporting documentation shall be submitted as agreed upon: 3. inspected and accepted and all required reports received in a format acceptable to the City.1 All reports. The schedules shall be presented in such detail. Violation of this provision by Contractor shall constitute a material breach of this contract. careless.1 In a pdf format via e-mail to: accountspayable@cedar-rapids. 3. Nothing written in this paragraph. detailed schedules and supporting documentation apportioning the cost of time and/or materials under this contract shall be included with Contractor’s invoice. documents.org. Any schedule submitted may be utilized for payment requests only after it has been acknowledged.5 3.2.

1 Microsoft ECAL Suite of Products – Specifically Sharepoint Server. SCDPM. 2006.2. Proposals submitted shall not be used as a sales tool to promote alternate systems or equipment. N Examples of Potential Upcoming Projects 4.2 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 6 of 16 .1. SG30.1. Forefront. environmental controls. The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to establish an agreement(s) with a company or companies with the experience to supplement IT staff using existing systems.1 The Information Technology Department intends to enter into an agreement(s) with one or several companies with experience in the following areas.x 4.1.3 Virtual Server and Desktop Support – Vmware 3.2 Web Gateway Support –Microsoft ISA (specifically 2004.1.10 Bakbone backup products – specifically Fast Recover for Exchange.12 Enterprise wireless solutions 802.5 ShoreTel – Specifically SG120.1.1.1.SECTION IV TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS 4. Scope of Work 4. fire suppression and other items as needed 4. 4.11 A. Exchange Server 2007 and 2010.1. NSA 5000.1.1 Move from current production environment of Exchange 2007 with single front end server and single database server to Exchange 2010 with single front end server and two database servers 4.1 Upgrade current Server 2003 Active Directory environment to Server 2008 AD 4.1.1. Conference Bridge.6 Networking and Design – specific to Nortel 8310. Pro 4100. G.0 Background The City of Cedar Rapids is seeking professional IT services to supplement existing IT staff on an as needed basis to help with project planning.x – 11. planning. All work will be performed under supervision of City IT staff.9 Web Development – Microsoft Sharepoint – specifically Disaster Recovery Planning.4 SAN and NFS Storage support – specifically NetApp FAS 2050. SCOM.1. organization and implementation.1 Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Estimated 80 hours needed 4.7 Firewall Support – Sonicwall TZ-210. NSA E5500 4. 5530.3.2. 8.2 Windows Server 2008 AD – Estimated 20 hours needed 4.1.1. 4500’s.1. SR3120 and Brocade 300Fc support and configuration – also Procurve and Cisco Support Vmware – Setup and configuration of vSphere disaster recovery site hosted on HP C7000 blade center system Architectural Design switching.11 Data Center Planning up to Tier III – establishment.1. All areas are not required in order for your proposal to be considered.1.1.x and 4.1. Windows Server (all versions). SR1002. SCCM. SR1004. organization and implementation experience required including wiring. and physical media 4.3 DR site establishment – Estimated 50 hours needed 4.1. SG40. Netvault Backup using virtual tape libraries. Performance Monitoring/Tuning.8 Bladecenter Support – HP C7000 support and configuration 4. TMG 2010) or other proxy solutions 4.1. Business Intelligence/Reporting. TZ-180. B.2.1 4. SGT1.1.2.1. SCSM. Netapp VTL 300 and EMC Clarion 4.1. Active Directory 4.x software 4.

1.1 Upgrade 8310 Series core switches 4.2. and 4500 series Other projects as needed 4.2. SG30. 3000 V Series.4. The City reserves the right to check the Contractor’s methods against acceptable industry practices and standards. All work performed shall conform to industry standards.2.2.3 Equipment – Familiar with the following equipment to be configured in a disaster recovery site working in conjunction with HP c7000 blade system: FAS2000 Series.1.4.1 Upgrade 700 phone / 30 switch ShoreTel system to current version 10.5.2. Expenditure of Service The City does not guarantee any minimum or maximum hours of work for the Contractor.3.2. SGT1 equipment 4.2 Implement Shortel Conference Bridge Nortel Core Upgrade – Estimated 80 hours needed 4. SG40.1) 4.1.4 4.2.2 Upgrade network design to RSMLT and VRF configurations – familiar with configuring and upgrading firmware on the following switching equipment: 8300 series.5 4. 5500 series.3 NetApp – San storage NFS configuration for the Vmware environment above (4.1.2 Silence of Specifications Commercially accepted practices shall apply to any detail not covered in this specification and to any omission of this specification. There is no guaranteed minimum amount of services that will be required throughout the contract period. 4.5. 4.4.4 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 7 of 16 . VTL300 and Brocade fiber switching Shoretel Upgrade – Estimated 40 hours needed 4. Familiar with SG120.1. Any omission or question of interpretation of the specification that affects the performance or integrity of the service being offered shall be addressed in writing and submitted with the Proposal.1.

3. software.1.2. but not limited to.0. re-solicit the project.Any contract award(s) made by the City of Cedar Rapids is subject to prior approval by the City of Cedar Rapids City Council.1.0.5 Technical support offered 5. the City may.2 The City Council shall consider a resolution awarding the contract and authorizing the City Manager to sign the Letter of Agreement on behalf of the City.2 5.3.8 Number and level of key business partnerships related to City needs Cost Effectiveness Company Responsiveness to RFP 5.1.0.) 5. At that point.1.1.1 Total scope of services offered 5. staff.1. unless and until the City Council adopts a resolution awarding the contract and authorizing the City Manager to sign the Letter of Agreement. 5.1.1. If the evaluation team determines that a contract for the project should be awarded.1.2.3 Proposal presentation (completeness.1.1 The evaluation team shall determine which Proposer has submitted the most responsive and responsible proposal.1.6 Financial responsibility/stability 5.4 Maintenance/Licensing/Service Agreement acceptability 5.3 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 8 of 16 . the proposals will be evaluated based on.3.5 Availability and response time for service 5.3 5.2 Reponses to overall proposal and compliance with submission guidelines 5. If the evaluation team determines that all the proposals received should be rejected.1 Award of contract shall be made to the most responsible and responsive proposal from a Company whose proposal offers the greatest value to the City with regard to the criteria detailed and the specifications set forth herein.4 The City issues a purchase order to the Contractor.2 5.2 On-going Training Offered 5.0. organization. and make its recommendation to the City Council.1. 5. of the Cedar Rapids Municipal Code. hardware and support 5. appearance. or as is otherwise deemed to be in the best interest of the City.3 Feedback from References 5.7 Quality of training. 5.In general. etc. The City may select a Proposer based on an “all or none” proposal.1. as provided for by Section 4.SECTION V METHOD OF EVALUATION 5. The purchase order shall constitute authorization for the Contractor to commence the work.1. 5.0. the Proposers shall be notified by the Purchasing Services Division accordingly.3.0.3 The City Manager executes the Letter of Agreement. Qualifications and Experience 5.0 Contract Award .4 Knowledge and experience with providing similar services 5.1. or may not. no contract shall be deemed to be created and exist.0.1.2. on individual responses. the process of awarding the Contract shall be as follows: 5.1 Proposal Evaluation Criteria .1. Note. 5. clarity and content of the proposal.1 Years of Experience of Key Personnel 5. the general evaluation criteria stated below and the completeness.1.1.1.

3 Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 9 of 16 . Questions regarding the Buy Local Program should be emailed to buylocal@cedarrapids. The team may arrange demonstrations and/or conference calls with representatives of the companies whose proposals are deemed to be within the "competitive range. The City may survey other local agencies during the proposal evaluation period to make sure the Company does not have any unresolved or unsatisfactory performance issues. Consideration will also be given to written clarification provided during the evaluation process and input from staff or other persons judged to have useful expertise that should be considered in a responsible. The City reserves the right to reject the Company’s submittal based on its’ assessment of the Company’s prior performance.org/government/departments/purchasing/pages/BuyLocal.6. state or county grants or funds or pursuant to the competitive laws of the State of Iowa. representatives for each proposal deemed to be within the competitive range will be given a written clarification of any aspect of the solicitation that was requested by one 5.5. Each prospective company is assured that any proposal submitted will be evaluated independently using the best available information and without any forgone conclusions. 5.2 5. The Company must not have any unresolved performance issues with the City of Cedar Rapids.5 5. Preference shall be applied in percentage of total available points for proposals submitted by businesses located within the corporate limits of Linn County who have submitted a Local Business Certificate.3 The City of Cedar Rapids reserves the right to use both primary and secondary suppliers or to otherwise use multiple sources to protect the City’s overall interests. Proposal Evaluation Procedures .6. 5.000 The local preference is applicable only to goods and services purchased without the assistance of federal. 5.2. Financial terms will not be the sole determining factor in the award.000 but less than $200.1 Preference percentages are as follows: 10% for proposals less than $25.2.Proposals will be evaluated individually by a proposal evaluation team (hereinafter referred to as Team) using the “Proposal Evaluation Criteria” as listed above.org.000 5% for proposals equal to or greater than $25.2 Buy Local Program – The Cedar Rapids City Council has passed a resolution adopting a Buy Local Program for the procurement of goods and/or services by competitive proposal.1 If presentations and/or conference calls have been conducted. The Company’s performance as a prime Vendor or subcontractor in previous City contracts shall be taken into account when evaluating the Company’s submittal for this Request for Proposal.6.cedar-rapids. Information on the City’s Buy Local Program is available on our web site: http://www.aspx.3.6 5." The purpose shall be the clarification of any aspect of the proposal that is deemed to have a material bearing on arriving at a fair determination of which proposal offers the best overall value.6. To determine the award the City will use a proposal evaluation method that will enable them to award a contract to the Proposer offering services and experience that represents the best overall value to the City.2 5.4 5. fair assessment of the relative merits of each proposal.1 Team members will evaluate each proposal based on their experience and judgment of how well the proposal addresses the City’s requirements. 5.000 1% for proposals equal to or greater than $200.

" If such were to be determined. 5. each vendor deemed to be within the competitive range may be invited to submit a "best and final offer" if such seems appropriate under the clarifications issued to the provisions and specifications of this solicitation. Please note that guidance would also permit procurement participants to determine that only one proposal is within the "competitive range. Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 10 of 16 .7 A Proposer’s submission of a proposal constitutes its acceptance of this evaluation technique and its recognition and acceptance that subjective judgments will be used by the evaluators in the evaluation. Clarifications may also be issued if an evaluation team member regards such as being necessary to make a fair and reasonable determination of the proposal to accept. In addition.or more evaluators. the procurement administrator would then enter into negotiations with the Proposer offering the greatest value proposal in efforts to arrive at a purchase price that is deemed fair and reasonable based on price or cost analysis.

Pricing is requested as all-inclusive hourly billable rate(s). No additional line items shall be allowed on invoices. Non-Financial Proposal: This portion of the proposal may be organized in a format determined by the Proposer. warranty.Schedule of All-Inclusive Hourly Billable Rates Non-Financial Proposal Signature Page Attachment A . service plan and other information of a nonfinancial nature.0 Financial Proposal: This portion of the Company’s proposal shall include ONLY the proposed cost. 6.General Company Information Certificate of Insurance (Refer to the requirements on pg. All offers and other work products submitted in response to this Solicitation shall become the property of the City of Cedar Rapids. requirements. specifications.13 of 16) Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 11 of 16 .2 DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED WITH THIS PROPOSAL Proposers shall submit one (1) original and three (3) copies of their proposal and include the following: Item Page Page 11 Page 11 Page 12 Attachment A Financial Proposal . but should include all materials of the proposal relating to the service proposed.SECTION VI FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL PROPOSAL 6. Also include in this portion an implementation schedule detailing all key project milestones in a timeline form that clearly indicates the start and completion of all events necessary to accomplish the scope of this proposal.1 6.

Accepted prices shall remain firm for the duration of the contract. please state the discount and terms: Does this discount apply to payments made by MasterCard? Yes No % days SECTION VIII Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 12 of 16 .SECTION VII SIGNATURE PAGE The undersigned proposer. and specifications set forth. hereby proposes that she/he will fulfill the obligations contained herein in accordance with all instructions. and that she/he will furnish all required products/services and pay all incidental costs in strict conformity with these documents. for the stated prices as payment in full. conditions. terms. having examined these documents and having full knowledge of the condition under which the work described herein must be performed. Submitting Firm: Address : City: Authorized Representative (print): Authorized Signature: Date: Phone # ( ) E-mail: Fax # ( ) County: State : Title: Zip: FIRM PRICING Offered prices shall remain firm for a minimum of 60 days after the due date of this solicitation unless indicated otherwise. ADDENDA {It is Proposer’s responsibility to check for issuance of any addenda} The above-signed hereby acknowledges receipt of the following addenda: Addenda Number: Addenda Number: Addenda Number: Date: Date: Date: Addenda Number: Addenda Number: Addenda Number: Date: Date: Date: PAYMENT METHOD Do you accept a credit card for payment of purchases? Yes No QUICK PAY DISCOUNT If you provide a discount for quick payment.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS 1. and independent contractor's gene ral and automobile liability insurance policies and certificates of insurance. Additional Insured: The City of Cedar Rapids. shall procure and maintain during the entire term of this Agreement and any extensions thereof.000). This provision does not apply to workers compensation insurance and professional liability insurance. Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance meeting the requirements of the Iowa Workers Compensation Law covering all the VENDOR’S employees carrying out the work involved in this contract.000. and non-owned motor vehicles used in the performance of this contract by the VENDOR or its employees. at its own expense.000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage without sub-limits or split limits of at least $1. The CONSULTANT shall be responsible for deductibles and self-insured retentions in the CONSULTANT’S insurance policies. subcontractor’s. 3.000 per occurrence covering all work performed by the CONSULTANT. N. coverage for Premises. Professional Liability Insurance with limits of at least $1. its employees. Operations. 4. As a minimum.000. Products and Completed Operations shall be included. Best Rating of “B+” or better. Subcontractors: In the case of any work sublet. its officers and employees shall be named as additional insureds on the VENDOR’S. Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 13 of 16 . its officers and employees are named as additional insureds.INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS VENDOR. General Liability Insurance with limits of at least $1.E. Cedar Rapids IA 52402 Certificates may be sent by e-mail. This must be occurrence form liability coverage. If this coverage is written on a claims made policy form. 1. The following address must appear in the Certificate Holder section: City of Cedar Rapids Purchasing Services Department 3851 River Ridge Dr. Automobile Liability Insurance with either a combined limit of at least $1. or independent contractors.000 for property damage per occurrence. All policies shall be occurrence form. mail or delivery to the attention of Rebecca Johnson. A certificate of insurance must be provided to the CITY prior to the execution of this Agreement. 3. the following insurance so as to cover all risk which shall arise directly or indirectly from VENDOR’S obligations and activities.000.000 for bodily injury per person per occurrence and $1. List Professional IT Services as the scope of services the certificate covers. the certificate of insurance must clearly state coverage is claims made and coverage must remain in effect for at least two years after final payment with the CONSULTANT continuing to furnish the CITY certificates of insurance. 2. This coverage shall protect the public or any person from injury or property damages sustained by reason of the VENDOR or its employees carrying out the work involved in this contract. hired.000.000. fax (319-286-5130). Qualifying Insurance: Policies shall be issued by insurers authorized to do business in the State of Iowa and currently having an A. Coverage shall include all owned. subcontractors. If Professional Liability coverage is written on a claims made policy form.000 per occurrence for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. The Description area of the certificate should state: The City of Cedar Rapids. the certificate of insurance must clearly state coverage is claims made and coverage must remain in effect for at least two years after final payment with the CONSULTANT continuing to furnish the CITY certificates of insurance. the VENDOR shall require subcontractors and independent contractors working under the direction of either the VENDOR or a subcontractor to carry and maintain the same workers compensation and liability insurance required of the VENDOR.000. The minimum liability limits required by the CITY are: ($1.M. 2.

BROCHURES . or grow out of any acts. work or other activity done by the Contractor. The City further reserves the right to waive technicalities and formalities in Proposals.The City reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals. and it is. fraud or otherwise illegal action. 9.Purchases under this contract beyond the end of the current fiscal year are contingent upon the appropriation of funds for such purposes during the ensuing fiscal year(s). PROPOSAL FORM . Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 14 of 16 . PROPOSAL CHANGES . without outside control. SPECIFICATION CHANGES. be based upon payment in thirty (30) days after receipt.Each Proposer must submit an original Proposal and additional copies as required on the forms attached.Accelerated discounts should be so stated on your Signature Page. In case of a discrepancy between the unit price and the extended price. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT . 4. Similarly. without prior knowledge of competitive prices. however. as well as to accept in whole or in part such Proposals where it is deemed advisable in protection of the best interests of the City. 6. defend. fair.Proposals.The Contactor agrees to protect. and submitted in writing on the Proposal Form.All changes in Proposal documents shall be through written addendum and furnished to all Proposers. the unit price shall prevail. indemnify and hold harmless the City of Cedar Rapids and their officers and employees from any and all claims and damages of every kind and nature made. If specifications or descriptive papers are submitted with Proposals. If quick pay discounts are offered. PROPOSAL REJECTION OR PARTIAL ACCEPTANCE . 13. that is a defaulter. LANGUAGE. If requested. quick pay discounts will be calculated from the date of the invoice or the date of acceptance. In all cases. agreement or connection with any person. latest printed specifications and advertising literature. 11. The absence of the specification deviation statement and accompanying specifications will hold the Proposer strictly accountable to the specifications as written herein. or that is deemed irresponsible or unreliable by the City. firm or corporation that is in arrears to the City upon debt or contract. or withdrawal requests received after the time advertised for Proposal Opening.The word CITY refers to the CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS. PROPOSER QUALIFICATIONS . 3.No Proposal shall be accepted from. or when amplifications are desirable or necessary. amendments thereto. actions. and no contract will be awarded to. firm. PROPOSAL RESULTS AVAILABILITY . No Proposal may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) calendar days of the Proposal Opening date. 10. 5. The Proposer shall sign his/her Proposal correctly. or any irregularities of any kind.Proposals shall include adequate brochures. ACCELERATED PAY DISCOUNTS . IOWA throughout these Instructions and Terms and Conditions. PROPOSER/OFFEROR REPRESENTATION . COLLUSIVE PROPOSAL . 7.Proposals will be evaluated promptly after opening. notification will be sent to all companies who submitted a proposal or returned a Statement of No Proposal. whichever is later. its employees. including the parties hereto and their employees that may arise. Verbal information obtained otherwise will NOT be considered in awarding of Proposals. the City reserves the right to include that discount as part of the award criteria. SPECIFICATION DEVIATIONS BY THE PROPOSER/OFFEROR . additions not called for in the Proposal. any person. inspection and acceptance. as surety or otherwise. 2. rendered or incurred by or in behalf of every person or corporation whatsoever. shall be grounds for rejection of the item when offered for delivery. the Proposer’s name should be clearly shown on each document. occur. collusion. Failure to submit this document of specification deviation. subcontractors or any independent contractors working under the direction of either the Contractor or subcontractor in the performance of this contract. 8. Prices proposal or proposed must. or corporation making a proposal for the same contract. 14. After award. if applicable. AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS . upon any obligation to the City.SECTION IX GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. describing the product offered in such fashion as to permit ready comparison with our specifications on an item-by-item basis where applicable. and the Proposal may be rejected if it shows any omissions. Proposers shall be required to submit satisfactory evidence that they have a practical knowledge of the particular supply/service proposal and that they have the necessary financial resources to provide the proposed supply/service as described in the attached Technical Specifications.Any deviation from this specification MUST be noted in detail. alterations of the form. WORDS USED INTERCHANGEABLY . 12. NO PROPOSAL RESULTS WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE TELEPHONE. PROPOSER refers to the person or company submitting an offer to sell its goods or services to the CITY. ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS . Completed specifications should be attached for any substitutions offered. will be void regardless of when they were mailed.The Proposer certifies that the proposal submitted by said Proposer is done so without any previous understanding. in all respects.Each Proposer must sign the Proposal with his/her usual signature and shall give his/her full business address on the form provided in this Proposal.

and agents. at the option of the City. the successful Proposer shall fail to fulfill in a timely and proper manner its obligations or if the successful Supplier shall violate any of the covenants. PATENT GUARANTEE . 22. MODIFICATION. All prices must remain firm for the duration of the contract regardless of the exchange rate. the opportunity to purchase from this proposal may be extended to other government entities within Linn County. from costs and damage as finally determined by any court of competent jurisdiction for infringement of any United States Letters Patent. All addenda shall become part of the contract documents and shall be acknowledged and dated on the Signature Page. In addition.Proposer shall. provided that Proposer is promptly notified of all such actual or potential infringement suits. termination of award for cause relative to termination shall apply. by reason of the sale of normal use of such device or composition. SUBCONTRACTING . 19. licenses and regulations of a governmental body having jurisdiction shall apply to the award throughout as the case may be. or sabotage. 16. all finished or unfinished services. public disorder. or any matter requiring explanation or interpretation. is filed to declare the other party bankrupt or insolvent or in the event that such party makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors. partner to. If the award is terminated due to the fault of the successful Proposer. 21. rebellion. agreements or stipulations of the award. PAYMENTS . materials(s) prepared or furnished by the successful Proposer under the award shall. 25. TERMINATION OF AWARD FOR CONVENIENCE . the successful Supplier shall not be relieved of liability to the City for damage sustained by the City by virtue of breach of the award by the successful Supplier and the City may withhold any payments to the successful Supplier for the purpose of set off until such time as the exact amount of damages due the City from the successful Supplier is determined. at the option of the City. prepared documents or materials as furnished.Telegraphic and/or proposal offers sent by electronic devices (e.The City may terminate the award at any time by giving written notice to the successful Supplier of such termination and specifying the effective date thereof. MISCELLANEOUS . acts of war.g. at least thirty (30) working days before the effective date of such termination. floods. In that event. 23. 28. MODIFICATION OF AGREEMENT . FORCE MAJEURE . the results of this proposal must be extended to any other City of Cedar Rapids department. indemnify and hold harmless the City. Invoices from the Proposer must be submitted to the actual requestor for each purchase made by a department or outside jurisdiction. terrorism. Notwithstanding the above. or other storms. the City shall thereupon have the right to terminate the award by giving written notice to the successful Proposer of such termination and specifying the effective date of termination. and the successful Proposer shall be entitled to receive compensation for any satisfactory work completed. ordinances. and are incorporated here by reference. decree.No modification of award shall be binding unless made in writing and signed by the City. 18. or other means. 24. or representative of these entities and is not obligated or liable for any action or debts that may arise out of such piggyback procurements. TERMINATION OF AWARD FOR CAUSE .No portion of this Proposal may be subcontracted without the prior written approval by the City. The City reserves the right to negotiate optional items with the successful Proposer. Proposing firms will be expected to allow adequate time for delivery of their proposal either by airfreight.All applicable State of Iowa and federal laws. The Contractor may determine it is necessary to charge delivery fees for entities located outside of the Cedar Rapids metro area. or request of any governmental authority or agency or person purporting to act therefore. must be inquired into by the Proposer in writing at least 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the time set for the Proposal Opening. less payments of compensation previously made. its employees. PIGGYBACK PROCUREMENT METHOD -Upon request. All proposal responses must be submitted in English. Any such usage must be in accordance with the policies of the respective entity and with the approval of the Contractor. either voluntary or involuntary. The City is not an agent of. 29. The City reserves the right to inspect Supplier’s facilities prior to the award of this proposal. the successful Supplier will be paid an amount as of the time notice is given by the City which bears the same ratio to the total compensation as the services actually performed or material furnished bear to the total services/materials the successful Proposer covered by the award. through any cause. 20. 26.Either party may cancel the award in the event that a petition.For the purpose hereof. TELEGRAPHIC/ELECTRONIC PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL . LAWS AND REGULATIONS .All proposal prices shall be shown in US Dollars ($). PROPOSAL CURRENCY/LANGUAGE . If the award is terminated by the City as provided herein. compliance with any order. all finished or unfinished services. officers. and is given an opportunity to participate in the defense thereof by the City. force majeure shall be any of the following events: acts of God or the public enemy. Any and all such interpretations or modifications will be in the form of written addenda. 17.When a proposal is awarded and may be used on a Citywide basis or by a cooperative purchasing group. with respect to any device or composition of Proposer’s design or Proposer’s standard manufacture. facsimile machines) are not acceptable and will be rejected upon receipt. and as of the time notice is given by the City. rule.If. and must reflect the corresponding purchase order. CANCELLATION . become its property.Any apparent inconsistencies. 27. reports or other materials prepared by the successful Proposer shall. become its property. hurricanes. PURCHASE ORDERS AND INVOICES .15. reports. ADDENDA AND INTERPRETATIONS .Payments will be made for all goods/services delivered. postal service. inspected and accepted within 30 days and on receipt of an original invoice. individual purchase orders will be assigned to the successful Proposer(s) from the departments and/or jurisdictions which are not part of the CITY. Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 15 of 16 . regulation. In that event. but which are participating in a joint proposal.The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or parts thereof.

FREIGHT . Professional IT Services (IT) – 01/11 Page 16 of 16 .The City of Cedar Rapids is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices. Labo r Day. 37. The “No Gift” standard also applies to all offers of discounts or free items at any place of business targeted toward a City employee and not available to the general public. Therefore. up to one year. national origin. (Please note these dates on your calendars for deliveries. The party who is prevented from performing by force majeure (i) shall be obligated.) Notice of a late delivery arrival should be made no more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the originally scheduled time. or give r ise to.Proposer shall not assign this order or any monies to become due hereunder without the prior written consent of the City. if and to the extent such delay or failure is caused by force majeure. City holiday closures are typically New Year’s Day.The successful firm agrees not to refuse to hire.Any or all of the awards made as a result of this Request for Proposal may be extended for an additional period of time. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY . Any charges for taxes from which the City is exempt will be deducted from invoices before payment is made. which is otherwise known as the “Iowa Open Records Law”. Memorial Day. PROPOSAL INFORMATION IS PUBLIC . 40.The City of Cedar Rapids is exempt from sales tax and certain other use taxes. 34. Any assignment or attempt at assignment made without such consent of the City shall be void. or to otherwise discriminate in matters of compensation against any person otherwise qualified solely because of race.Prices are to be honored for the time period stated in your response on the Signature Page. METHOD OF AWARDING/QUOTING .For purposes of this proposal and subsequent awards. within a period not to exceed fourteen (14) days after the occurrence or detection of any such event. 30.All documents submitted with any proposal or proposal shall become public documents and subject to Iowa Code Chapter 22.In terms of loss or damage. the submitting party recognized this and waives any claim against the City of Cedar Rapids and any of its officers and employees relating to the release of any document or information submitted. any claim for damages. 31. Otherwise. Good Friday. However if you offer your proposal based on an “all or none” condition.Those charges are to be included in the quoted price of these materials. 41. 32. TIME PERIOD . creed. sales calls.strikes or labor disputes. Each submitting party shall hold the City of Cedar Rapids and its officers and employees harmless from any claims arising from the release of any document or information made available to the City of Cedar Rapids arising from any proposal opportunity.Shipment of all or any portion of the goods covered by any order placed shall be deemed an acceptance of the proposal upon the terms and prices set forth herein. please quote FOB . to give notice to the other party setting forth in reasonable detail the nature thereof and the anticipated extent of the delay. throughout the year. NO GIFT STANDARD . sex. Deliveries generally will not be accepted on those dates. EXTENSION . 38. etc. we have asked all vendors to abide by our “No Gift” standard. whether or not of the class or kind specifically named or referred to herein. FOB POINT . and (ii) shall remedy such cause as soon as reasonably possible. Independence Day. SPECIFIC DELIVERY SCHEDULE . ASSIGNMENT . promote. 39. 35. regardles s of the value. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS BY SHIPMENT . ancestry or physical handicap. as well as where title to the goods is passed. President’s Day. A delay in or failure of performance of either party shall not constitute a default hereunder nor be the basis for. th e City may consider your proposal non-responsive and reject the entire proposal.Destination. Veterans Day. 36. the City may not be available to facilitate the receiving and the shipment will be returned to you or its originat ing point. Thanksgiving Day and the day following. not within the reasonable control of the party affected. TAXES . Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.The City reserves the right to make awards based on the entire proposal or on an individual basis. By submitting any document to the City of Cedar Rapids in connection with a proposal or proposal. discharge. rather than as a separate item unless otherwise noted. if mutually agreed between the parties. This standard recognizes the need to avoid even the perception of improper gifts or favors to employees. demote. or any other cause. 33.

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