For the attention of Paul Harrison Crystal Precision Engineering 11 Bank Street Wolverhampton West Midlands WV10 9DU

09 February 2008

Dear Sirs Proposal PN – 18172-2 Following our recent meeting we have pleasure in submitting our revised proposal for your consideration: Requirements: Application: To provide a twin hopper, 2 off holding chamber, 4 off sliding gates and a common support frame. Material: Bulk Density: Feed Rate: Sizes: Condition: Sand (to be confirmed) Assumed approx 100lbs/ft³ Not known Granular Assumed dry and free flowing

Holding Chamber:

Mild steel holding chamber to hold approx 25 Kg of product size approx 600 mm x 650 mm x 100 mm manufactured from 5 thick plate complete with guide rail for second sliding gate. 2 off pneumatic vibrators fitted to holding chamber Paint outside to client’s specification. Client to control Mild steel sliding gate complete with guide rails. Gate to have 9 flame cut slots. Client to mount and control cylinders to operate gate. Guide rails manufactured from mild steel ground stock, gates manufactured from 10 mm thick surface ground plate. Mild steel hopper support frame manufactured from 80 mm x

Pneumatic Vibrators: Surface Finish: Sliding Gate (4 off req’d):

Support Frame:

80 mm x 5 mm thick S.H.S to give a discharge height to be advised.

Painting: Hopper:

Paint to client’s specification 12ft3 mild steel twin outlet hopper manufactured from 5 mm thick plate complete with internal baffles and bolt on top plate with 9 slots cut to suit sliding gate. Each hopper compartment to have a 6ft³ capacity. Paint outside to client’s specification, as material inside. Hopper lid manufactured from 3 thick mild steel complete with inlet spigots to suit client’s infeed connections.

Surface Finish: Hopper Lid:


£5,710.00 each (2 off required)

The equipment supplied will be manufactured to “The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992”. CE documentation is issued as applicable. This proposal is prepared without representative samples of material being examined and can only be confirmed after receipt and satisfactory testing of such material. The above prices are exclusive of installation and commissioning. However, these services are available if required at additional cost. Manufacturing time based on current production capacity is approximately 8 weeks from receipt of your official order. This period may be extended if volume quantities of your production samples are not made available to us within 7 days of order, or there is the necessity to agree technical specifications or prepare drawings for approval. Packing and carriage charges ex works Derby will be chargeable extra. VAT is chargeable at the rate current at the time of despatch. Subject to receipt of two satisfactory trade references and banker’s reference with order, payment terms are: 30% with order 60% prior to despatch 10% within 30 days of date of invoice, after delivery. This proposal shall only remain available for acceptance for 30 days from the above date. PN – 18172-2

Riley Automation Ltd Conditions of Sale apply, a copy of which is attached to this document. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Engineer Mick Sturgess who is available on 07974 706678. Yours faithfully

Gary Birkin Engineering Director

PN – 18172-2