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As Borough President, Mark Levine will create a COVID-19 recovery unit

to ensure a just and fair recovery for all of Manhattan and New York City.

Headed by a Deputy Borough President, who will be designated the

COVID-19 recovery czar, the unit will be charged with developing and
advancing policy to accomplish the following:
Advancing health equity – Reinvigorated funding for public hospitals and clinics; Connecting all
undocumented immigrants to primary medical care; Training physicians and other healthcare workers
to combat racial bias in medical care; Prevention of further hospital closures.

Supporting small business – Accelerating access to capital; Reducing the burdens of fines and fees;
Streamlining duplicative and unnecessary application processes and red tape; Encouraging bar and
restaurant owners to join their local community boards; Facilitating more collaborative regulatory
environment between New York City and New York State.

Bringing people into the workforce – Reinvigorating midtown Manhattan and encouraging job
growth uptown; Creating good union jobs and job training that prepares New Yorkers for the
economy of the future; Strengthening pipelines from high school and CUNY to union jobs in the
green economy; Improving training, advocacy and support for workers in the gig-economy and
workers who are undocumented and exploited.

Bringing back the arts – Helping performance spaces and producers shoulder the costs of operating
at below full capacity while tourism and audience levels return to pre-COVID levels; Providing capital
resources for theaters and venues that need to retrofit HVAC systems to meet health concerns;
Developing programs for further partnership with DOE schools and afterschool programs; Protecting
hard won collective bargaining agreements and the union members working under them.

Preparing for the next pandemic – Convening a panel of City, State and Federal health officials
tasked with undertaking a wholesale audit of our health emergency preparedness for the future;
Creating infrastructure for communication and transfers between H+H and private hospital systems;
Establishing louder alarm bells and communication between public health professionals and

Simplifying Bureaucracy – Disentangling and updating the City’s online portals, sign-up forms and
information resources; Ensuring language accessibility to City forms; Reducing duplicative regulations
and circular application processes; Updating City technology to allow New Yorkers to easily interact
with the City and get the services they need online.

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