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McCain Halts Campaign to Address Financial Crisis

By Stony

In a move that shocked the political community, Senator John McCain suspended his campaign for president
and invited his rival, Senator Barack Obama, to do the same. McCain called for the first presidential debate,
scheduled for this Friday, to be delayed and for both he and Obama to go back to Washington to work on the
financial crisis.

09/25/08 debate, he will be seen as a follower, whereas if he rejects

McCain’s proposal, the McCain campaign will doubtlessly
This is a bold move and likely will accuse Obama of putting politics above all else.
either boost Senator McCain’s
chances or doom them entirely. Of course, the political implications are fun to speculate
His critics will say he is running about, but the legal implications are interesting as well.
scared, although that seems What exactly does it mean to “suspend” a campaign? Will
unlikely — the debate was to McCain be allowed to run ads until he “un-suspends”?
have been on foreign policy, Apparently, he will not be running ads for the time being.
which is widely acknowledged as one of McCain’s strong
suits. And what happens if Senator Obama decides not to let the
debate be postponed? Will McCain show up? Does he have
McCain himself has gone on the record as saying he’d rather to show up?
lose an election than a war, and given that the current
financial crisis has the potential to be more damaging to The legal industry is of course very interested in the big
the nation than several small-scale wars, his call to put off bailout debate now occurring in Congress. Hundreds of
Friday’s debate could be seen by some as putting country government lawyers, at a minimum, are highly concerned,
first. as are probably the majority of attorneys in New York,
London, and other major financial centers. For your
In any event, McCain’s gambit has certainly put Obama in average solo practitioner in Casper, Wyoming, though, it
a bind. If the latter accepts McCain’s call to put off the might not matter so much — yet.

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