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The recent prolonged period of sub-zero temperatures, combined with flooding on the A1065 in Hilborough, led to this
remarkable example of the beauty that nature and man together, sometimes gifts us. Vehicles passing by have splashed
water onto the trees which then froze in icicles above. Picture by Claire Bowes.

Application Form required to be embraced our home made, home

Help with completed can be found on our grown delights with enthusiasm!
website at As we are currently within another
laptops from period of Lockdown, we are up and
k, keeping in mind that our Charity running with our ‘Order Line’ service
Swaffham Commission registered scheme only which is proving to be popular. We
allows to help families resident in have published a full list of our
Charity Breckland District. products on our facebook page, but if
In 1724 Nicholas Hamond set up a you want to call us on 07544531253,
Swaffham based charity to promote we will be pleased to talk you through
the education of people under the age Watton Country what is available! We are happy to
of 21 years who were in need of deliver within our local area on a
financial assistance and who lived in Market Order weekly basis.
the Breckland District. The Charity is We are always happy to welcome new
still functioning with a working title Line members to our team so if you are
of the Hamond Educational Trust. Watton Country Market is saying thinking about doing something
At the start of this pandemic when thank you all for your support productive during your spare time,
home learning became necessary, the throughout 2020, one of our most don’t hesitate to contact us and we
Trustees recognised the impact this challenging years! Despite can talk you through what is involved.
could have on some families who everything, we ended the year on a Looking forward to seeing everyone
might find it difficult to access the high and a real sense of achievement as soon as possible under ‘normal
required technology. A specific fund that we were able to continue to hold circumstances’, but in the meantime
was set aside to assist these families our weekly market over several weeks call us or send a message on our
with grants to purchase laptops and of the year. Facebook page.
associated software to facilitate After ‘Lockdown 1’ We graced the
essential school based learning at
home. To date over 40 families in
High Street during the summer, and
then spent the rest of the year,
More than
Breckland have been helped in this ‘Lockdown 2’ permitting, within our
endeavour and the Trustees are keen usual home at the Christian ever now,
to expand their project given the Community Centre. We embraced
severity of this second major
the new regulations and have been Shop Local
able to safely serve our loyal and
Funding is still available and full
details of our Trust and the
faithful ‘regulars’, alongside the new
breed of ‘local shoppers’ who have
if you can!
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 2

Ashill & Holme Hale

Garden Club
Gardening tasks as we get closer to spring
While the garden club is currently not able to hold
monthly meetings we are providing gardening information
via newsletters and our website (address above) to keep
everyone active with gardening tasks. In addition to
experiencing frosty nights and short days we are also now
back in lockdown so our gardens are our main outdoor
world. Below are some tasks you can take on to prepare
your garden for the coming spring.
Gardening jobs for February /March
Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Lawn: Plant dahlia tubers a
shallow tray of potting compost in a light warm place.
When shoots reach 2.5 cm divide the tubers, pot up and
grow in frost free conditions until planting out in early
Prune Wisteria by cutting back side shoots and shortening
summer-pruned shoots further to just two or three buds.
Lawns may need mowing soon. Use a high setting and
avoid mowing wet or frosty grass, or if ground conditions
are too soft.
Start feeding roses and clematis to encourage healthy
growth and flowering by feeding with general purpose
fertiliser towards the end of February.
Sow sweet peas seeds indoors in root-trainers or 9 cm pots Picture: Crab Apple Tree
filled with seed compost ready for spring planting. If you intend growing first early potatoes you should place
Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: Plant bare root cane fruit the seed potatoes in an unheated greenhouse to chit before
such as summer raspberries no later than March while still planting in March.
in the dormant period and still available in nurseries. Also Wildlife Gardening: Deciduous hedges should be pruned
fertilise tree, bush and cane fruit with a general purpose this month before birds start nesting. March to August is
fertiliser. the main nesting period so if you leave hedge pruning to
Protect flowers of early blossoming fruit such as outdoor March do check for any early nests. During freezing
peaches, apricots or nectarines from frost damage using weather make sure your pond does not freeze over.
horticultural fleece. Keep putting out food and water for hungry birds during
Thin out overcrowded branches of citrus trees in February these cold February days.
and prune back straggly branches by up to two thirds. Think about putting up new nesting boxes for birds.
From mid-February you can start sowing seeds under Website:
cover for Aubergine, chillies, broad beans, spinach spring Email:
onion and early cabbage.

American households, own at least one kind of pet.

Doggone it 63.4 million, or 53% of American households, own
The American view by Judi B dogs. Most dog-owning households have one dog. In
After a long period of horrible things, something really addition to their cuddly K9s, the Biden’s are also
good happened in America a few weeks ago -- Dogs thinking of getting a cat -- something they’ll share with
moved in to the White House. Not just any dogs either, 42.7 million, or 36% of other American households.
Champ and Major Biden are both German Shepherds With the President winning 81,283,098 votes, (just
and the icing on the cake for many Americans – Major over 51% of eligible voters), pets appear to be way
is a former shelter dog., the first ever to live in the more popular than the current occupant of the Oval
White House. Within days of starting their official Office.
Instagram account, they gained 3000 followers. During the COVID 19 pandemic, pet adoptions are up
Messages and comments poured in from adoring fans, by 30 to 40% at some shelters. Lucky Dog Animal
with comments like “cute,” “such good boys,” and Rescue in Arlington in Virginia reported finding homes
“blessings.” Someone even remarked “intelligence in for well over 3,000 pets in 2020. This is almost double
the White House” after a four year deficit. the number of pets they found homes for in 2019.
For the past four years, Americans have been famous, Shelter Animals Count, a non-profit organization
or infamous, for hardly agreeing on anything. which tracks about 500 rescue organizations across the
Alternative facts, alternative realities, conspiracy country, recorded 26,000 more pet adoptions in 2020
theories and hero worship drove us all to our various than in 2019.
sides of the ring. Social media encouraged the fighting By comparison, nobody adopted a President or any
and off we all went. If our leaders can’t bring us other type of politician.
together, maybe pets like the first Dogs of the United Just having a pet can lift our spirits by helping us to
States, (DOTUS), Champ and Major Biden can. relax and feel good about ourselves. Pets provide us
There is something just so normal about having pets in with comfort and support and have proven health
the White House. All but three Presidents (James Polk, benefits as well. A study from Harvard Health found
Andrew Johnson, and Donald Trump) have had a pet that pets help people make friends, exercise more and
while living in “The People’s House.” Not all pets feel happier. On a more biological level, science shows
were dogs and cats. There have been birds (George that interacting with animals increases levels of the
Washington and others), an alligator (John Quincy hormone oxytocin, which slows respiration and heart
Adams), horses (Andrew Jackson et al), a goat rate and reduces blood pressure while decreasing levels
(William Henry Harrison) and even guinea pigs of cortisol, a stress-related hormone.
(Theodore Roosevelt). More recently, Barack Obama We may not be able to let our dogs have a playdate
had two Portuguese water dogs (Bo and Sunny) with Champ and Major or interact with them
following George W Bush, who had a cat and three personally, but we can follow them on social media,
dogs. The arrival of Champ and Major Biden brings a fawn over their cute videos and unite in our fondness
sense of calm and a return to normalcy. A President for dogs and all pets everywhere. We are optimistic
that that can put the needs of others (his pets) first feels that even though uncertainty surrounds us, our First
and experiences love from an animal the same as most Dogs will continue to make us smile and give us hope
Americans do…a reassuring quality to many of us. that better times are ahead.
According to, 84.9 million, or 67% of Thank you for your service, Champ and Maajor!
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 3

A Quick Look down statues of figures that were

involved at the time. In fact, since no
survey, I am sure most if not all of us
did a silent prayer that this would not
Letters to the Editor
Out & About, Watton.
-one can claim to have never done be necessary.
Round nothing in life that was unacceptable As darkness came with no
Like so many of you the constant lock down has made me realise
how things that previously seemed to be of little interest have now
By Orbiter in some way to some people, perceptible diminishment in the
become so important, have we become so spoilt and privileged in
As I view the world at this minute the toppling statues erected to them in storm’s fury each of us picked up the
our way of life that some in our community think they can do as they
scene is just like a Christmas card with good faith becomes in itself pure emergency flashlights that were part
please! what the hell is he talking about I hear you ask?
the whole vista reflecting the wonder vandalism. of our gear and guaranteed for 24
Well it's Rubbish!! one of the few pleasures my Wife and I now
of the English winter at its very best, With the countryside covered in hours of use. The instructions were
have in this lockdown is our daily walk into our countryside,
but, alas, I know that very soon this snow it was heartening to see that to only use the flash lights when
whether it be Merton, Thompson, Carbroke , Saham or Ovington
will change into a mess of sludge and the motoring people were out with required, like for a trip to the latrine.
sadly the story seems to be the same,--Rubbish!! dumped on the
puddles, but meanwhile this is a joy to their gritters looking after our safety, The night brought with it a mixture
side of the country lanes around our town, Beer Cans, Bottles, you
behold. We do not have many white but then advising us to keep off the of noises that seemed different and
name it we seem to come across it! this week for me took the biscuit,
winters in this part of the country these roads we were then told that reduced more eerie than the daytime sounds.
whilst walking down part of Peddars Way into Sparrow Hill we
days, though it used to be a regular traffic means that the grit becomes Sometimes the whistle of the wind
found a pile of old, used, engine oil filters dumped on the verge at
feature of our winters although other less effective. You can’t win! sounded like humans screaming at
the side of the road, these still had old oil in them leaking out into the
parts of the country are used to bleak Of course, at times like these, when each other. When the winds and
undergrowth, my wife and I managed to collect them up and
times and are never taken by surprise serious snowfalls disrupt all sections of driving rain attacked the tin and
collected them later in the day and took them to the council rubbish
like we are. But what would we talk normal life, there is a tendency for old sheet metal roof of our barracks a
facility at Ashill who were good enough to dispose of them for us.
about otherwise. timers like myself to bore the younger moaning sound ensued as the roof
I would like to remind everyone that any rubbish dumped can be a
It is a strange thing that the arrival of members of families with stories of resisted being torn apart. Most
hazard to our wildlife, please take it home with you it takes little or
one problem can sometimes be a hardships caused by similar hard frightening were the times of relative
no time to put it in your own rubbish bin.
blessing in disguise, and a good winters of the past, but we have to silence because we didn’t know that
Thank You, Richard Adams.
example is the onset of the covid remind them that it is only in recent devil. What in or out of the world
pandemic which for many people has years that working class folks have had was coming next, we wondered. And
obliged them to work from home and the use of fridges, freezers, computers, there was always something coming
thus they have been spared the travel mobile phones and so on, so there after the brief lull – torrents of more
difficulties that they would normally were frequently times when rain and screaming wind.
have had to endure in such times. communications and essential supplies As we dealt with our extreme
And the change to on-line shopping were not operative. Even today winter anxieties somehow sleep eventually
has, for many, made our daily lives conditions prevail that make life fought its way through the fright and
much easier, since only the fortunate misery for many, particularly those exhaustion but for each of the 24
few live close enough to the local affected by flooding. airmen in the barracks it was
supermarkets to avoid the horrors of But there is always a bright side, and anything but restful.
modern shopping, with all the social for me this has been the number of Finally daylight emerged. A
distancing, hand washing and mask really top TV shows from past times tentative brief look outside revealed
wearing necessary before even just that have been repeated in the last a blue, cloud free sky. The wind had
to gain entrance. month or two, often documentaries, stopped and there was stillness in the
Of course just to make a change to that might otherwise lay unseen in air.
our normal routines many of us have the archives, and deserve a second As we walked out of our barracks we
had to be vaccinated and it seems showing. were shocked by the unbelievable
that the programme has been going By the time these words reach you scene of destruction all around the
very well, after a few problems, hopefully Spring will have made its dozen or so quonset huts that served
though some delays will have been appearance and things will, at last, as our barracks.
surfaced because of the snowfall, but return to normal, and my Look The structures, shaped like a half of
things should sort themselves out Round will not be restricted to the a cracked egg and covered in
very soon, as more vaccines arrive scenery from my back window. galvanized steel, had generally held
and more folks obey the rules. Yes, Good afternoon. up but they were like a weathered
it is a bind not to be able to go out to over the hill prize fighter head
lunches with friends to visit unbowed, holding up his hands in
relations, but the other side of the A Day That I victory but revealing a bloodied
coin, we find our incomes seem to nose, a mouth with missing teeth and
stretch further so when the time Would Like To almost completely closed eyes.
comes to return to normal we have Our base had survived the fight
more in the kitty to help us back to Forget against Gloria but we were certainly
what we like to do. By Edgar Russell not unbowed. We had indeed bowed
But, ignoring the last twelve months The airmen of the 6332nd Air to the force of Mother Nature.
even then everything was in the Transport Squadron at Kadena, Where the mess hall and mail room
process of change. For instance, what Okinawa Air Force Base hunkered once stood there was only debris and
was once a Convenience store is now down in their cots as the rain and there were gaps and holes in
only convenient for the shop, except wind of Typhoon Gloria furiously practically every structure on the
for a few, as in most places the and continuously pelted our base. Among U.S. airmen,
customer has to search out what he barracks, periodically rocking it from amazingly, there were various
wishes to buy and load it into the side to side. bumps, scratches and bruises but no
trolley with very few staff members All of us fairly new to the island and fatalities.
around to assist or give information. on this day of June 23, 1949, Island-wide, the storm killed a
On reaching the check-out, it is up to experiencing our first typhoon, the relatively small number of 30
the customer to unload his purchases storm’s intensity was something that Okinawans considering that it
and reload his trolley after the bill has we were grossly unprepared for. At destroyed 4,200 buildings. But I
been totalled. Yes, it may be a more times It seemed as if our barracks have always been struck by how so
efficient way of shopping, but there are was going to be blown apart either many homes were saved considering
times when personal attention from by losing our roof or by its outer skin that a majority of them rested on
salespersons ensured you got exactly collapsing. None of us came from bamboo stick foundations. Later I
what you were eager to buy. parts of the country where hurricanes learned what the local citizens knew
When my Look Round moves to the or tornadoes were a frequent from experience; bamboo bends with
national level I see that there is a occurrence so our introduction to the the wind rather than resist it.
section of the community who think typhoon was both new and I stayed on Okinawa another 12
they can change history and though terrifying. months but April 29, 1949., the day
we may agree that there are episodes, We had patching materials stashed at the typhoon ushered in 24 hours of
with which we may take no pride, various spots on the barracks floor misery and unmitigated fear has
such as the slave trade that was a sad should any part of our home away always been – and still is --a day I
part of life two hundred or so years from home require emergency would like to forget.
ago, it is pointless choosing to pull repairing. Although I did not do a (c) Edgar Russell 01/28/2021
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 4
In less than 48 hours, contingents breaking down and rumours that offered by the Belgians, but have said this morning it is all
Forgotten of a United Nations Force, were rife and most often wrong remained servile by tradition. experience; and they know now as
provided by a number of countries (good examples of fake news). They have fought twice for their well as we do that before very
family history including Asian and African For example, “My two headaches lands in the past 4 months, once long some of them are going to
States began to arrive in the at the moment are by the Lulua and once by get shot.”
and world Congo. At the same time, United communications and when am I Lumumba’s A.N.C.; in all they His sense of humour comes out in
Nations civilian experts were getting transport. Right before my have suffered incredible the following “Oh yes I’ve got a
events rushed to the Congo to help eyes about 200 yds away are at massacres, 2000 alone being cat or rather kitten, black with
ensure the continued operations of least 100 UNO jeeps waiting to be killed in Bakwanga. Their attitude white paws front and whiskers
By Liz Whitcher essential public services. issued. Apparently they’ve all got at the moment is a mixture of about 8 weeks old called ‘eight
My husband Humphrey died in Over the next four years, the task to be painted white but in the absolute petrifying fear and hours’ so called because if
April 2019. After his death I of the United Nations Operations meantime everybody is short and desperation to fight for their anybody chops him they will do 8
found a treasure trove of things in the Congo was to help the they just sit there. At the moment existence. Their unshakable hours on duty at once.” Chop was
that are important to the family Congolese Government restore I cannot contact my own beliefs as regards the Ghanaian the slang word for food.
and which none of us knew and maintain the political Company HQ, their telephone is troops are that we are Communist, “I met the two Tunisian
about!! independence and territorial kaput and my wireless set cannot support Lumumba, have A.N.C. Lieutenants next morning and
For example, he did his National integrity of the Congo; to help it get thro’ and the sign section have troops in our ranks and have come have managed to converse in
Service in 1960/61 aged 21/22. maintain law and order just told me that I must put my here to attack them. So you can French ever since. I’m learning
When he finished his training, he throughout the country; and to put aerial at least 50’ up. How, is my see that our presence here makes many words but the grammar still
was given the opportunity to be into effect a wide and long-range problem and as I’ve got to pinch the situation extremely delicate. tends to elude me. I can follow
seconded to the United Nations programme of training and anything I want, it all takes time.” The population flee at any conversation quite easily. Having
peace keeping force in the Congo. technical assistance. Humphrey was in charge of a rumour, the latest one yesterday just about learnt the Arabic
So he flew to Ghana in June 1960 To meet the vast and complex platoon of Ghanaian soldiers and being the appearance of the alphabet, I’ve abandoned any
and joined the 1st Battalion the task before it, the United Nations they had various tasks in their Ghana flag as a signal for the further attempt to become tri
Ghana Regiment as a 2nd had to assemble a very large team. time there – guarding the main attack. We no longer fly it now.” lingual.”
Lieutenant and was one of a few At its peak strength, the United airport at Leopoldville (now “I’m sure the country is really “To get on to a more festive air,
British Army officers to be so Nations Force totalled nearly Kinshasa) and the munitions gripped by the social problems of New Year was celebrated in fine
seconded. He did not do his full 20,000 officers and men. The dump there so that rebel forces independence, nearly everybody style with a wassah. The troops
tour of 18 months, partly because instructions of the Security did not get to the armament there, suffers from malnutrition or its got together in their tribal groups
he obtained a place at Queen Council to this Force to patrol the streets in effects, food is getting shorter and and went through their own
Mary College in London to study were strengthened early in 1961 Leopoldville to stop looting. various epidemics are breaking dances to the accompaniment of
Mechanical Engineering and after the assassination in Katanga “All the intrigues of politics are out everywhere. We’ve got jerry cans and beer bottles, in fact
partly because he got glandular province of former Prime Minster way above us and we hear very chicken pox in the Battalion and anything that made a noise when
fever and was sent home in July Patrice Lumumba. The Force was little and they certainly seem to have been jabbed against thumped was used. The bugler
61. to protect the Congo from outside have very little effect on the smallpox. The main difference played the ‘last post’ just before
We did know that but he did not interference, particularly by population” and “Take this place, between the Balubas and Luluas midnight and I fired off a whole
talk about his time there except evacuating foreign mercenaries, with 6 men I’m supposed to see is that the B’s seem to realise the lot of signal cartridges.”.
for interesting or amusing events. and advisers from Katanga and that people do not break in and troubles ahead and each village
He wrote home to his parents, preventing clashes and civil strife, pinch things over an area 1 mile has planted surprisingly large
more than 30 letters in all, and his by force if necessary as a last long by ½ wide.” areas whereas the Luluas seem to Watton
mother must have kept them and resort. Much of his time was taken up do nothing except wait for famine
handed them back to him before Following the reconvening of with finding places for the troops and death. We are probably Society Quiz
she died. So that all the family Parliament in August 1961 under to live especially when they seeing the exit of a once warrior Instead of our monthly report, we
may have a copy of these and to United Nations auspices, the main travelled to the interior, a journey and proud tribe.” thought you might like a quiz. -
help keep me occupied during problem was the attempted that took 10 days by boat. “I managed to get our fridge John Ward. (Answers Page 11)
lockdown, I have been typing secession, led and financed by “We have occupied two hotels going again so we can at least Here goes.....
them up. He also took some foreign elements, of the province and a private bungalow for the have cold beer to drink. At the 1. The opening line of which
photos which are slides and I of Katanga. In September and officers and apart from the moment it is stacked up to the novel is "All children grow up
hope to get these put on a stick by December 1961, and again in general mess of the two hotels, eyeballs in meat as an attempt to except one"?
our local photographer once his December 1962, the secessionist everything’s fine. Our house stop it going bad. Like so many
shop is open again so I can paste gendarmes under the command of hadn’t been touched however so other things, it’s only for a lack of 2. Who is the actress mother of
them into the text of the letters. foreign mercenaries clashed with we have carpets arm chairs and a small parts which we cannot get Larry Hagman?
By way of background for those the United Nations Force. large paraffin fridge that really sent to us from Luluabourg that
of you who are not old enough to Secretary-General Dag does its stuff. There’s, or rather we haven’t got refrigeration here. 3. What was the name of the
remember that far back, here are Hammarskjöld lost his life on 17 was, no electricity till I found a We must have buried over 200 lbs football referee infamously shoved
some quotes from the UN: September 1961 in the crash of small Lister diesel generator of meat since we’ve been here.” to the ground by Paulo do Canio?
The Republic of the Congo, a his airplane on the way to Ndola which I made a base for and And on one occasion he escaped
former Belgian colony, became (in what is now Zambia) where connected up to the remains of the with his life: 4. Who founded the National
independent on 30 June 1960. In talks were to be held for the wiring system in the HQ building. “You may have heard by the time Viewers and Listeners
the days that followed, disorder cessation of hostilities. Two rooms have light and I hope this reaches you that some Association in 1965?
broke out, and Belgium sent its As a teenager, I remember that by now the only electric fridge is Ghanaian troops of UNO were
troops to the Congo, without the crash and the reverberations working otherwise we make do beaten up in Bakwanga. Well that 5. In which film was there a
agreement of the Congolese around the world but it was all with hurricane lamps and one was me and seven men with me. character called Bert the sweep?
Government, for the declared hushed up. I recently watched an Tilley lamp. Fortunately there is We had been sent out to look for a 6. In 1990 who became the Irish
purpose of restoring law and order interesting documentary put the lake to wash in otherwise convoy which was supposed to be Republic's first female president?
and protecting Belgian nationals. together by a Swede water would be a serious problem. bringing some urgent supplies. On
On 12 July 1960, the Congolese (Hammarskjöld was a Swede) and As it is we have to sterilise it the way back we were directed by 7. Which UK TV programme
Government asked for United a Danish journalist. They found before drinking.” That was his a Kalonjist outpost straight to celebrated its 35th birthday in
Nations military assistance to enough still living eye witnesses R.E.M.E. training kicking in. their army camp. To cut a long September 1993?
protect the national territory of the to deduce that the plane was In the interior, they were involved story short we were eventually
Congo against external either sabotaged by a bomb on in keeping two local tribes apart, extracted after an unpleasant hour 8. Who won the most Wimbledon
aggression. Two days later, the board or shot down by a jet or the Balubas and the Luluas. or two with three men rather Men's Singles titles during the
Security Council called upon both. He wrote: “Nearly all here are badly knocked about and the rest 20th Century?
Belgium to withdraw its troops Humphrey’s letters give a Balubas either resident or driven of us rather sore and missing 9. In the Oscar-winning film
from the Congo and authorized fascinating insight into what it here by tribal war, and they are rather a lot of personal "Ordinary People", who played
military assistance as might be was like on the ground and there trying to establish a safe land for possessions. As a result this so the wife of Donald Sutherland?
necessary until, through the are lots of parallels with now!! themselves. As a tribe they are called army knows very well that
efforts of the Government with The top brass and the politicians artisans and workers by nature, any more trouble and we shoot. 10. Who sang the first line in the
the technical assistance of the held high level discussions and being used by the Lulua as slaves. Looking back on it all now, it was original "Feed the World" charity
United Nations, the national made decisions which took The Luluas themselves are my mistake to try and talk with single by Band Aid?
security forces might be able, in forever to reach those on the warriors by trade and scorn the them so much, instead of shooting ----------------------
the Government's opinion, to ground. The problem then was effects of civilisation. Naturally our way out; though my main Finally
meet their tasks fully. very poor communications the Balubas have occupied many thought at the time was to avoid 11. What is the connection
equipment, jeeps that kept of the semi trained positions any such action. As the Colonel between all these questions.
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 5
Surprise honour for John Kitson takes flows directly to
the Water Recycling Works at Threxton)
Jubilee Road, Brandon Road and Monkham’s Drive in
Watton but we need more. We need people to alert us when
There are a number of ditches which they Highways drains are flooding in moderate to heavy rain and
are working with the Lead Local Flood when foul sewers spew their sewerage on to the roads and
Authority (the Water Management Team gardens. We also need people to let us know when any of
at the County Council) to have cleaned the agencies turn up and do work. And if you have time,
and re-dredged. This should significantly think you have skills to offer and are interested to join us
reduce surface water flooding as well as please get in touch. Many thanks in anticipation.
removing surface water from the foul Our contact details:
sewers and hopefully stopping them from Cllr Gilbert on or 07730
spewing sewerage on to roads and 375986 Cllr Creek on or on 07941
gardens. 604240.
All this work will take place over a
number of years and one outcome will be
to stop toilets backing up in Brandon
Road and the estates off it as well as Thought For The Month
elsewhere in the town. EXPERIENCING SEPARATION …
Dealing with foul sewers spewing
sewerage into roads and gardens and LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING
causing toilets to back up in Saham TOGETHER AGAIN
Toney means getting ditches and By Canon Mark Hackeson Catholic Parish Priest
watercourses running The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity falls each year
To deal with foul sewers spilling between 18th January and 25th January. As I write this
sewerage on to roads and gardens in brief article it is coming up next week. As you read it, it
Saham Toney, requires getting ditches will have passed into memory. However, I hope you will
and watercourses cleared and running forgive looking backwards as well as forwards!
Co-editor of Wretham News and UK, at which Czech flyers were effectively and we are working with the The Pandemic which still afflicts the world has been for
St. Ethelbert church secretary, based. County Council Highways and the Water most of us a time of separation in one form or another.
John Kitson, has received a token The plaque was sent by Filip Management Team to get action on this. For most of us meeting physically with family members
of gratitude and recognition from Prochazka, leader of the living Plans for the development of the and friends will have been, at best limited, at worst an
friends in the Czech Republic. history group, with special thanks Group impossibility. For some of us we may have learnt to
The 80th anniversary of RAF 311 for John’s help in We are setting up our own website appreciate more deeply the person or persons with whom
Squadron, which was manned by commemorating Czechoslovak designed by Todd Pitcher, a successful we live … or even experienced exasperation at the close
Czech and Polish fliers from airmen. In particular, it comes young web designer in Watton and we are confinement! For others of us, the experience has been
Wretham airfield during WW2, with his thanks for the work he seeking funding for the modest setup one of real isolation and maybe loneliness. For yet others,
was celebrated earlier last year. did in commemorating the 311 costs. This site will keep you posted on isolation may not be anything new. But, certainly we will
Then, as also every November, Sqdn. airmen in 2015 with a what is happening and will be linked to all know more of the pain that separation causes to
Czech and Polish officials visit major exhibition established for a the Watton Facebook page. humanity. We are created with a need for social contact,
the war graves at the church for week in the church, telling their Until 5 February, the Group consisted of and only truly flourish when we love and are loved
ceremonies. history during wartime. There are four of us, those left after others had to whatever form relationships may take: husband/wife,
To mark the special year in 2020, hopes the exhibition could return resign because of work or health issues. parent/child, brother/sister, beloved friend/neighbour.
a Czech living history group, to the UK in 2021. Our Chairman Bob Dore sadly died in As we look back at the first two months of this year, at
which has for years re-enacted Mr Prochazka said in his thanks March 2018 and he was a great loss as he Christmas and indeed at most of 2020 – the pain of
service history, struck a small “This exhibition was placed in was a drainage expert. Those four are Cllr separation wrought by Covid-19 is all too evident.
plaque. many places in the United Keith Gilbert (Watton Town Councillor As we look forward into the spring and beyond, we see
On one side is a depiction of a Kingdom since 2015 but it never and Breckland District Councillor), Cllr signs of hope returning, even as the warmth of early spring
Wellington bomber and the (sic) met man as you and Nick Creek (Chairman, Saham Parish sunshine and white drops and brilliant hues of snow drops
special date this year. On the audience in East Wretham. Thank Council), Alan Nichols who was born in and aconites begin to make their presence seen and felt.
reverse are listed the seven you”. Saham Hills, has lived in the area all his Already many will have received the vaccine in which we
airfields, including those in the life and currently lives in Watton Green have placed so much hope. As the immunity for which the
and myself (my husband and I retired to whole human race has been seeking increases, we can look
name in November 2020 to the Watton in 2010). We are all retired and so forward in hope. For me, as for many, the hope is to be
Watton & Watton & Saham Flood Action have the time to work on all the issues. able to meet together again, to socialise, to hug, to
Group. We are all volunteers and On Friday 5 February we have three new embrace. Those many aspects of togetherness which we
Saham Flood are supported in our work by members who are all Saham Toney have possibly taken for granted until the onset of this great
Watton Town Council and by Parish Councillors – Kathy Avery, Trevor crisis, will be experienced and rejoiced in as perhaps never
Action Group Saham Toney Parish Council. Bunce and Daniel Freeman. before. The longing of ‘We’ll meet again’ will be
By Liz Whitcher Chairman Actions achieved Other things happening in the District rewarded in that restoration of togetherness and
This is to tell you about the As of November, we have action. and the County communion.
Group, what it has achieved and Anglian Water is committed to Following flooding on the night of 23 For me this year, the prayer of week for Christian Unity
to ask you for some help. investing in projects to reduce the December when 4 homes were internally will have taken on a greater urgency. The marring and life
The Group was formed in July amount of surface water entering flooded in Saham Toney as well as in -stunting effect of separation has been made all too clear
2017 at a public meeting for the their foul sewers, working in Yaxham, Shipdham and the Rocklands, by the virus. The joy and the value of coming together
Watton Neighbourhood Plan partnership with the Water our MP George Freeman, who is well again, and experience that truly human and divine
when a resident complained about Management Team and the aware of the work of our Group, has set experience of communion and shared life and love is so
a foul sewer that had been Highways Team at Norfolk up the Mid-Norfolk Flood Partnership to much clearer and the yearning stronger.
surcharging in Thetford Road for County Council. They are involve all those with concern about Canon Mark Hackeson Catholic Parish Priest
literally years. As the town had actively working with our Group getting something done including key
been flooded badly in the storm as all now understand that the District and County Councillors and the
of June 2016 this was added to local community know a great relevant agencies.
the Group’s remit. We involved deal about the causes of flooding In addition, County Councillor Andy
Saham Toney in early 2018 as we in their area. Anglian Water have Grant, Cabinet Member for Environment
share the same foul sewer told us that a number of areas & Waste, has set up a Task Force chaired
network and have the same have been identified in the by General Lord Dannatt to address the
problems with surface water catchment and will be undergoing flooding in Norfolk. He has released
flooding. Since then, the members a series of changes, upgrades and £650,000 for repairs to the highways that
have been gathering evidence of increased maintenance. These were damaged and for repairs to existing
the causes of surface water include: Highways drainage systems.
flooding and surcharging foul the Neaton Business park Help needed from residents in Saham
sewers and pressing the relevant Pumping Station and Watton
agencies for action. the pumping station by the prison Now, to the help we need from residents.
We were known as the Watton at Griston What we need are eyes and ears around
Neighbourhood Plan Drainage Swaffham Road Terminal the streets of the village and the town. We
Working Group but changed our Pumping Station (the one that have some volunteers already in place in
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 6
eventually get out and about and meet people Covered in a foot of soil and under the might be buried. Looks like this might be an
Great Hockham again! Not that I have lost even a pound, but I leylandii hedge which we cut down 5 years idea for summertime destination. Even if we
do feel better and more flexible. Maybe I'm back and had to dig the stumps out by hand to don’t find anyone, churchyards can be very
Gardening Club losing inches - or is that wishful thinking? get the bed in where I wanted it. reflective places to visit. It’s all very clever
Corona Diary - February I've even stopped slugging the wine - Don't Pictures of my broad beans shooting and stuff and highly addictive. Just the sort of
We all have our favourite time of the year, faint! Still have the odd low calorie G & T. garlic. Hoping the silver birch twigs will help thing to combat the lockdown blues.
perhaps for some, some time in the summer – I dread gardening again as my arthritis and keep the pigeons off. This windy weather will But there is a drawback to all this: we all
and I would not argue with that. But I am thumb are so bad despite paying a small produce more natural pruning; I have paid for have two parents, four grand parents, eight…
going to put a word in for now. The days are fortune privately for an injection, which sadly a brown bin from the council I can fill that By the time you get to ten generations there
now noticeably getting longer – from both only helped for a month, and now they won't easily each time. are thousands of them – and one of them will
ends and new shoots are starting to show. do them again because of Covid! I can see a I have a lovely little speckled hellebore and lots probably have a title! So it is with Prue and
Indeed, at the time of writing, early February, few snowdrops and aconites out and daffodil of snowdrops. What a funny little face it has, I now there is no living with her.
we have snowdrops. Everything is to come. buds in the garden, so spring must be around wonder on the variety. My Wisley snowdrops My side is equally tantalizing: they didn’t
So for several months the garden can only the corner. Just wish the weather would are showing leaves but as yet no flowers, they have any titles – the ones I knew just acted as
keep on improving. brighten up. Lots more birds/song in the were later last year. The bulbs are coming up though they did. I am unable to find a paper
Nigel and Laura Lincoln are developing what garden too. We had a bird box with a camera beneath one silver birch, lots of crocus, iris and trail on my paternal line so to find out more I
might be called a topically themed feature: Hi in for Christmas and have put that up so can't snowdrops. I have planted what must be 1000 can only resort to the molecules. With new
Ed, January activity has focused on a new wait for some to move in! bulbs there and I hope they will make a good channels opened up by the DNA, there is the
island bed (creatively called the ‘lockdown Our seed potatoes have arrived and are now show. Not many bulbs showing yet in the new slim possibility of finding a relative I actually
bed’), which we have created by taking off 'chitting' in the garage. Usually we have the bed where the pond was filled in, but I can see like.
the top few inches of grass from a mole- first earlies in the poly tunnel by now, so the daffodil leaves appearing and fat flowers To start proper gardening we need to clear
infested area. The bed incorporates an everything will be late this year. We have buds in the hyacinths. two beds currently covered by the bonfire,
existing smoke bush (Cotinus) and a also taken delivery of a Victoria plum tree I have started on the Japanese garden; moved but for some reason I can’t seem to get it
euonymus, which were planted last year. To and lots of packets of seeds. I am looking some edging stones that keep moving around started. We have had the jabs. Finding our
form the basic framework we have added a forward to better weather and being able to the garden and dug it over. There are a nice way to the Castle Mall car park was quite
(very small) Sambucus (black elder), a (very, get outdoors again. I have never known it so lot of aconites that I will need to dig up and exciting as the sat-nav had us driving through
very small) dogwood (Midwinter Fire), and a wet, so many areas flooded that I have never transplant and a few snowdrops and a million a pedestrian precinct. The actual car park
forsythia (grown from a cutting last winter). seen happen before. and one tiny stinking hellebore seedlings; itself proved an exhilarating experience; the
We also bought two bare root roses to add to Hooray! One of our Leghorn chickens is they will just go in the bin... parking bays were clearly the minimum
the mix: Chinatown (yellow) and Charlie’s laying - we have one egg every other day I planted up lots of bulbs in pots, the iris is regulation size – minus a foot. Up stairs, then
Rose (red/pink). It will take a few years for now, I can hear her crowing about her efforts the first to show. She is called 'painted lady' a lift, then passing through more checking
any of these to get to a decent size. as I write. (Actually, just checked, and it is and is very pale and not very interesting... points than we can remember. Not to worry,
I am trying to fight the temptation to use the one of the Norfolk Blues so even better - two I received a late Christmas gift from Norway: the sat-nav took us home incorporating a
new bed as a dumping ground for homeless of them laying!). It really does seem a hand painted Christmas bauble by a very sightseeing circumnavigation of the ring road.
plants in pots and those that need moving to wonderful to me. They run over for me to talented artist in Òlen. I'm going to leave it Finally, Matt Cunningham remembers one of
avoid crowding elsewhere – but making it a pick them up now! They are such funny hung up until Christmas, lovely colours. our club members: Mike Hall (pictured
more planned area than most in the garden is characters. My Swiss gentian has just one bud come into below) passed away after a short illness on
proving difficult. The only other area with We have managed to get out into the forest flower; I wonder if there will be more, such a Friday 8th January.
any action is the narrow strip of woods where for some lovely long (if soggy) walks with beautiful blue. Mike had moved to Watton, then after a short
snowdrops are finally emerging. There are the dog when the weather has allowed. Mr Archer came to look at my Mum's bonsai while moved into a nursing home in
crocus, daffs, fritillaries and bluebells along Otherwise we have stayed at home on our horse chestnut; he gave me some suggestions Grantham to be near his daughters. Mike,
the border between the trees and the grass. I tod, so not much news to tell you. I have even about re-potting it. I haven't been able to find together with his wife Joan was one of the
would be stretching the truth to call it lawn, resorted to Tesco 'Click and Collect' even if it a new pot for it, but maybe we will get it out founding members of Great Hockham
but they are fighting to get through a tangle of has taken me about 2 hours to sort out! Can't of the existing pot without breaking it or it Gardening Club. He served on the parish
nettles, pennywort and other weeds. get a delivery slot for love nor money! Quite will have to go in a plastic pot he thought was council, delivered newspapers around the
This month’s job is to clear that border to a lot of our friends have had their first jabs, suitable, but that needs to happen in the next villages after he retired from his main job,
help the bulbs and to give somewhere to plant but so far Chris and I have heard nothing: we few weeks, so fingers crossed. helped with the Horn Fair and played bowls
woodland shade lovers later in the spring. wait expectantly for a text. Lots of paperwork to do for the village hall at Watton and East Harling.
February’s star is a Daphne that is flowering To keep me sane, I have spent the last few here at Wretham so not a bad thing to be Jane also has some memories of Matt: I did
and smelling wonderful. Finally, we have weeks doing online painting workshops and stuck indoors whilst the world looks beautiful note that we celebrated the Club’s 15th
been talking about adding a pond for a long making original, one-off watercolour blank under a blanket of snow. anniversary in 2013 which means it was
time – but that will have to wait (again). If we cards and even a few Valentines. So if you Keep snug and warm everyone, Julie. started in 1998. Mike was Chairman - he and
had dug it before Christmas it would certainly can't get out to the shops I have them to view Prue and I have been working on our trees, his wife Joan started the club and at first we
have filled up on its own by now. Happy in the garage if you need any, all individually but not of the garden variety. For quite some met in the old Chapel in Watton Road and
gardening, Nigel & Laura. priced. Call me on 01953 498694 to arrange time we have been thinking about having our later moved to the Village hall when the
Sue Thomas is feeling a little seedy: Hi All, I or if you would like a natter. I've even DNA analysed and finally we have. It’s most Chapel was sold. We had mainly village
can honestly say that I have lost the month of resorted to talking to myself, no one else interesting: the chemistry produced a number members then - small club of about 20
January totally!! Nothing has been done in the listens! All the best - stay safe and well and of possible close relatives that Prue had no compared to later years when it changed to
garden, as so many other issues have raised their good luck with the vaccine! Jane. idea existed. In spite of not knowing of each mainly non-Hockham people and we grew to
ugly heads, so it looks like the rest of February Julie Brown says she is not doing much, but other’s existence they share an uncle that they 50+ members in 2000's.
will be manic. I have listed and am about to as usual, is involved in prodigious amounts of both remember. If you want to you can ‘share Hope to hear from you all again next month,
make my seed order, but before I do I must go work: Hi Ed, Where do the months go? Got trees’. On the other person’s tree was a Ed.
through the vast boxes of seeds that I have boiler trouble so everything else goes by the picture, this old grandmother.
collected since year dot, and throw out all those wayside. Obviously her, but a
that are absolutely certain not to germinate. I I have done a few things in the garden, I have photograph we had not seen. It
was hoping to acquire some seeds from our dug the last hole in the bog garden, project might seem a bit unsettling, but
Club's "Seed Swop", but that now looks started back during first lockdown, and sunk definitely fascinating.
unlikely to go ahead. We may possibly be able the 4th and last tub as a mini pond. Sadly all Now we all know we have
to have a garden meet towards the end of the hard work looks nothing at the moment, ancestors going back forever,
February, if it stops raining, and we could all so photo of that later when some things are but for me anyway, it suddenly
bring our seeds at that time!! I have nearly 100 growing. I noticed the cheeky red leg seems extremely poignant. Yes,
packs to get rid of, from pumpkins and partridges in the garden three times in the last I know there had to be an
tomatoes to sweet peas and marigolds. So few days, looking for a new nest site me ancestor back then, but now
wonderful to see the primroses and hellebores thinks. there is a name - an actual
coming into flower, followed quickly by the iris Picture of my new raised vegetable bed, identifiable person - who had
and daffodil bulbs. Spring is on its way! Keep which I had a lot of help with moving and siblings - who lived in a
Safe, Sue T. cutting sleepers. Managed to find soil and particular place - at a time
Jane Dalton is getting fit for the New Year. homemade compost to fill both ends. The when, for example, Henry VIII
Hello again. February. Must say last month middle is going to have to remain empty as was doing his thing. It just
did seem to go much slower to me. Maybe it that is where we found the inspection hatch to seemed to bring us up short. We
is because I have started exercising again in the drains that come down the row from No's then did the Google Earth thing
the mornings and it is not so much of a 1, 2, 3 and 4 into our garden. Then we join as to see where they actually lived
pleasure, but more something to endure so it leaves our garden by the front gate. Been – usually a village – which has
that I dare show myself when we can here 30 years and never seen it before. a churchyard – where they
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 7

Anagram Quiz
By the Ashill Puzzler
Re-Arrange each of the following groups
of letters to form the name of a UK coastal
town / holiday resort. Answers Page 11

1. Rout bun home.

2. Try a morgue hat 5,8
3. Bush or cargo
4. Colin fill vet
5. Polka bloc
6. Swear onus temper 6,5,4
7. Hot builders tangle 8,9.
8. Heads unto nose 8,2,3
9. His pub graph
but many are not. Given their size, it was 10 Loan want zone 6,2,4
Watton surprising to learn the principal food was 11.Acme lobs
12. Smiley reg 4,5
very large nettles. The habituated animals
Evening WI tolerate visitors, but visitors must wear
facemasks to protect the animals against
13. Governs and rages 6,4,5
14. Thin metal plot
Why do we celebrate Christmas when we 15. Wild Ash
human diseases.
do? How has Christmas evolved through 16. Sallow seen 6,4
We left Uganda and travelled to the
the ages? 17. Lo hear plot
Amboseli region of Southern Kenya, with
Two questions answered by Mike Wabe, 18. Tiring blond
views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Varied wildlife
the genial host to Watton Evening WI’s 19. Yawny bloc 6,3
pictures and video included giraffes, zebra,
extra December Zoom meeting. 20. So rob ginger.6,5
cheetah and the majestic elephant. We met
Introduced by President Sandy, 17
through Christopher’s pictures, the Maasai
members sat back with mince pies,
people, many of which are now heavily
Christmas Hats, and whatever their choice
involved in the tourist industry – especially How about a pond?
of tipple to enjoy a very entertaining and Whilst it may seem cold and bleak on
as guides, they know the land intimately.
informative evening. many of the days in February, this is an
With their distinctive customs and dress, they
Who knew that Father Christmas is of ideal month to make preparations for the
formed a brilliant backdrop to Christopher’s
English origin, sometime Saint Nicholas; warmer months ahead. Have you ever
final part of his talk.
but the Americans have always called him thought of making a small wildlife pond in
As an additional meeting in January, Vice
Kris Kringle or Santa Claus. In the 17th your garden? If you want to have a go, the
President Pat Holdcroft put together a Quiz
Century, Father Christmas was usually first step is to source an old china sink,
evening. A round of General Knowledge –
depicted with a long green cloak, sturdy washing up bowl or a large plant
catching out various members, followed by a
sometimes tan in colour. It wasn’t until pot. If you are using a vessel with drainage
round devoted to Chocolate. It was soon
American cartoonists in the Victorian era holes in, such as a sink, then use a bit of
discovered who had a sweet tooth!
added a long beard, jovial red tinged face silicone sealant (from a DIY store) to seal
and the ubiquitous red cloak did the Santa / the plug in the sink, or the holes in a plant
Father Christmas we know and love took
St Mary’s Church pot shut before you fill it with water. Make
sure to use something frost-proof, so the
Mike enthralled the members with many
facts, some were obvious, such as
Sunday Service pond doesn’t crack and leak in very cold
weather. Next, onto the small-scale
Christmas cards and decorated Christmas
trees were attributed to Queen Victoria and
at 10.00am by landscaping! Use bricks, pebbles or rocks
to create shallow, sloping edges- this will
Prince Albert, the Americans copied that
idea! To the more obscure, such as a true
Zoom encourage birds to bathe and drink from it
(small birds are frightened of deep water)
‘Yule Log’ takes 12 days to burn through, Sadly, due to the current guidelines and for
and will also help any small mammals like
starting the legend we know as 12 days of everyone’s safety, St Mary’s Church is still
hedgehogs or voles escape if they fall in by
Christmas. Another gem was Ruloph the closed, but we are now holding our 10am
accident, and will give them easy access to
red-nosed reindeer was created in 1939 as a Sunday Service by Zoom. Every Sunday,
the water for drinking.
children’s book in the USA. the meeting links can be found on our
Now it’s time to fill your pond- rainwater
The answer to ‘Why do we celebrate website page, or
is best, from a water butt or bucket- tap
Christmas when we do’ goes back to the 4th on our Facebook page
water doesn’t have the best pH or balance
Century – as the Gospels don’t give a date @StMarysChurchWatton. We look
of minerals in it so rainwater is best if you
for Jesus’ birth, so the reason we celebrate forward to seeing you all there!
can get hold of it. Once its full, adding
on 25th December is because Pope Julius 1 The winners of February’s 150 Club are:
some native pond plants is the next step.
said so! 1st prize £50 - ticket number 146 – Rev’d
It’s crucial to have a submerged plant such
Members were left in no doubt that Kyla Sorensen
as rigid hornwort or whorled water-milfoil-
Christmas will keep evolving – it has never 2nd prize £25 - ticket no 24 - Ellie
try ordering online for these or visiting a
stop changing through the ages. Nethaway
specialist aquatics shop. Plants release
Shown is one of the many pictures Mike used oxygen during photosynthesis, and as these
to demonstrate his talk; the small picture is
Mike Wabe. St Mary’s 150 live underwater, then this oxygen ends up
in the water which helps to keep it clean
We ended 2020 with an Innocent but
Naughty Riddles evening on Zoom. It was Club and clear of algae. Over time, your pond
should get better and better; if you can get
full of fun and laughter enjoyed by 12 The time has come around once again to it built in March, then in a matter of weeks
members. It was a great way to finish what renew membership of the 150 club and I you could have pond skaters and water
has been a very difficult year. shall soon be contacting all members
boatmen scudding through the water,
For our January Meeting, we welcomed regarding the annual renewals of £12 per
shortly followed by large red damselflies,
Christopher Legrand, who gave a fascinating ticket. if you are lucky. This species is our earliest
and interesting talk on the wildlife in parts of The funds raised from the 150 club helps damselfly to emerge and they are a
Africa. (Zoom screen pictured at top of page) with day to day costs at St Mary’s and also beautiful blood-red in colour. Frogs may
Starting in Uganda, a country with very large gives you a chance of winning the monthly move in when they emerge from
undeveloped areas; through pictures and prize money.
hibernation in April, and common blue
video clips, we followed his journey to the If you are not already a ticket holder and
damselflies could follow in summer too.
Bwindi ‘Impenetrable’ Forest, home to about would like to join or find out more about it To find out more about building your own
750 Mountain Gorillas. Some have been please call Cath on 885811 pond, no matter how small, visit
habituated, to accept humans in their area,
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 8
the lifting of Covid restrictions before he can visit streart thru tha stoons along tha way, an he niva and for the future. We also light a further
Saham Toney the village, which is an important aspect of his left a bleard o grass standin. In harf an hour heed candle to remind us that we are an International
review. dun wot tuk me harf tha morning. I sorta cum organisation with branches all over the world.
Neighbourhood As usual, if you have any comments or questions ahind wi my hook lookin tew see iffen heed This year we were asked to place a lighted
on any of this, or the Neighbourhood Plan in missed enny bleards o grass but he hent. candle in our windows on January 10th which
Plan Update general, or if you'd like to be added to our mailing He kep a gooin till thar wos oonly a little owld bit is celebrated each year as the day to particularly
Shaping the future of Saham Toney! list, please get in touch with Chris Blow, Saham in tha corna, he stood an lent on tha scythe till I remember our international friends. It is a day
Examination of the Saham Toney Neighbourhood Toney Neighbourhood Plan Work Group leader cum up ter him and he give me back tha scythe an when in happier times we have been able to
Plan started on 11 January. As a result of on 01953 880915. wen I looked he hent even bruk inta a swet. He gather as a club and often with friends from
fundamental differences between ourselves and Most importantly, stay healthy and safe! shew me tha bit he hent dun an sed “Dew yew other local clubs, both to reflect and also to use
Breckland Council about our policies, the teark care in thet corna owld partna” he say “Thas the opportunity for some form of community
independent examiner has raised some initial got sum o my people in thar” I tunned tew look service. This year, of course, non of that was
questions and will hold an online hearing to Tha Ovington cos I dint remember seeing enny grearve stuns in possible although we did have a club meeting
discuss the main issues. thet bit. Howsumeva I tunned back tew thank him for as many members as can access a Zoom
The Parish Council has approved the Work Group Crower for orl his gud wuk, an he’d gorn, I corled owt call. It was good to see friends and to celebrate
to prepare written answers to the questions and to Evnin tew yew orl, cos the wetha hent bin tew “Billy” but he wunt noware tew be sin, I thort how with a virtual piece of cake and cup of tea!
lead discussions at the hearing on its behalf. The good learltly, an thet hent tew sweatin even now. cum he shot orf wiowt sayin cheero. President Beryl had prepared our remembrance
hearing will be on Wednesday 17 February, with So I tghort yew mite be intrested in this little tale I cort howld o tha scythe an got stuck inta tha little candle and this she ceremonially placed in the
our written answers to be submitted 2 days before from sum time agoo which is writ abowt wen thet owld bit heed left, I coon’t meark owt wot heed porch of her house.
that. By the time you read this you should be able wos a bit worma. Yew mite hev hard it afore, id dun tew tha owld scythe, cos thet jist flew threw Do find a candle and cheer yourself up with
to watch a recording of it on Breckland Council’s so, boy Julian say yew ken skip oova it an goo thru thet larst bit. Tha owld sun wos still beatin light this symbol of light and hope.
You Tube channel, should you wish. onter suffiun betta. I dew hoop yew are orl down but thet felt reel cowld in thet corna, I hed a Brenda Davis Club correspondent
Wayland News’s print deadline is on 11 February, keeping well and hev had a needle stuck in yar luk tew see if thar wos enny greavestuns an I
we can’t write here about how the hearing went, arm tew ward orf this ole wirrus. found one laid flat covered in grass, now thet
but you can find our written answers and opening Don'y fergit, Dew yew kip a troshin. Boy sid. tunned wholly cold when I read thet.
speech from the hearing on our website at https:// TALE FROM THE CHURCH YARD, Cor thet ware suffin hot, I ran tha owld dwile Here Lies Willian (Billy) Davis
and you will hopefully see that we have rigorously acrorst my hed, but thet ware orlreddy sookin wet Died 8th February 1938
defended the plan against pressure from an dint dew no good. Aged 78
Breckland to dilute / delete its policies and make it I lent owld Granfers scythe agin a grearvstun an Gone but not forgotten.
a charter for uncontrolled development in the looked back at wot ide dun, goo tew hell iffen thet
village. Make no mistake, while Breckland warnt a rite owld site, bits of grass stickin up orl Thas sarten I shant fergit yew Billy owld partna,
Council seems intent on persuading the examiner oova, an gret owld chips owta sum o tha thas fer shure.
to remove the most important provisions of the greavestuns. Boy Sid
Plan, leaving it weak and ineffective, we are Well thas my own fawlt, shoonta sed at tha Chuch
determined not to let that happen. meetin thet yew dint want a mooter mower tew git
Our entire approach to the hearing is to stress why tha owld Chuch Yard orl tricolearted up, yew shud Thinking About
the Neighbourhood Plan is not only good for the dew wos allus bin dun an cut it with a scythe. Tha
village, but that it also complies with all the owld Wicar he gi me a luk an he say. “What a Candles
relevant regulations, and we can only hope the good idea Sid, best you get stuck in then my good When did you last light a candle? Was it for a
examiner will be sympathetic to our case. The man”. child's birthday? Was it in a church to remember a
examiner will not make any decisions on the day Orl I cud think abowt just now wos I cud dew wi a friend recently passed away? Was it at a wedding
of the hearing and will not even give any pint o suffin cold an strong, wen orl of a suddin I where the happy couple lit one to signify their
indication of how he views the opposing cases herd sumwun say. “Thas warm wuk ole partna” unity? Was it on your Christmas dining table
made by ourselves and Breckland. Instead, he will Thet meard me jump I kin tell yew. I tunned surrounded by holly? Was it in your window to
privately consider what he hears as part of his rownd an thare stud this owld boy, orl dressed in thank the NHS and care workers during the
wider review of the entire plan to decide if it his Sunday best, black sewt, gitten a bit green wi current pandemic? Was it just because you like Rotary Christmas
meets the regulations. aerge, an a gret owld flat cap atop his hed. No the light of candles to make a cosy atmosphere in
After completion of the examination and any colla on his shut, but he looked orl rite tew me, I your home? Meals On Wheels
necessary updates to the Neighbourhood Plan, wos sprised I dint recnise him cos thar hint menny So many uses of candles and I am sure you can Watton & District Rotary Club assisted St.
Breckland Council will be responsible for people live inna tha Willage thet I dunt know think of many more. Mary’s Church, Watton to deliver Christmas
organising a village referendum on the Plan. these dearze. Candles are simply an ignitable wick surrounded Dinners to 25 local people in Watton area on 23
Under the regulations, they have a maximum of 5 I’de clored hold of tha scythe by now an wos by some suitable solid substance and you only December.
weeks from the date of the examination report to reddy tew gi it anutha goo, wen he held owt his have to scour the internet to find candles in every The initiative was led by Rotarian Paul
decide on whether to hold a referendum or not hand an say tew me he say “Dew yew want a hand size, shape, colour and substance you could think Weatherill and his wife Christina, assisted by
(they could refuse if the examiner decides the plan wi hare, chap?” “Why yis” I say, “Yew carnt dew of to find how popular they are in our lives. volunteer drivers to deliver the meals prepared
fails the regulations). Breckland Council has no wus, wos yore nearm by tha way?” “Billy I am sure we all have a few candles tucked away by Florentina Catering, Watton.
recently advised that it now thinks it unlikely it Davis, but yew cen corl me Billy” in a cupboard in case of a power cut! The meals consisted of roast turkey with
will be possible for that to held on 6 May 2021 to He tuk tha scythe an run his thumb oova tha edge I am actually writing this on February 2nd which cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, mixed
tie in with local elections. If that is the case, the shook his hed, an nodded tew tha rub wot wos in the church's year is Candlemas when Jesus was vegetables, pigs in blankets, with turkey gravy
regulations state they must hold the referendum sticking owt o my pocket. taken to the temple for the purification ceremony to add as required. Followed by a mince pie
within 8 weeks of making a formal decision to I gi it tew him an I cud see he new wot he wos of the Virgin Mary. And coincidentally I had set kindly donated by Watton Bakery.
allow a referendum. Hence, we know there should dewin cos he ran tha rub oova tha bleard an thet out to write about candles for my Inner Wheel The meals were all foil wrapped and boxed, and
be a referendum within 13 weeks of an whooly sang, he gi it tha thumb test agin an arta article this month. could be eaten immediately or refrigerated and
examination report being published. As yet we settin tha handles he set orf acrorst tha grownd I In our club we use three candles during our warmed to be eaten when required.
give any idea about when the examiner will hent dun yit. Birthday Supper each year to help us think of They were all well received and numerous
publish his report, particularly as he must wait for I swear he nivva pawsed an thet ole bleard went Inner Wheel in the past, during the current time compliments have been received.
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 9
circulation to deter disease. If you are and dahlias to name but a few, by potting one could imagine, the ladies seeming to
In your garden unfamiliar with the procedure stand back them and keeping in a frost-free prefer more genteel things, such as sea-
With Lotta Potts and look at the plant. Remove any dead, greenhouse. Other not-so hardy plants such shells, thimbles or decorative cotton reels
March is when the starting gun for the diseased or very weak shoots. Now take as fuchsias, cacti and succulents should be and personal trinkets.
growing season is fired. Or not. This is out any that are crossing in the middle of started off by a little light watering. It Typical of female collectors was one of my
the official first month of spring according the bush as if they rub the bark off one or doesn't say what to do with them afterward relations who had a particular liking for
to the met experts. Unfortunately over the both stems disease will get in. You can so I assume potting them up at some point. creamers, tiny jugs intended for dainty
last few years it has not felt a great deal now see how it's shaping up. If it's Pests will be out and about and need to be diners who liked to add cream to their fruit
like spring, official or otherwise. I had a lopsided prune the lower side harder controlled. Slugs and snails will merrily desserts. She also had a penchant for wee
look through the past few years of what (growth follows the knife) to balance it up over-winter in stacks of pots even in the milk jugs, about two inches high, which
March has brought and it’s not a happy once it's really in growth. Otherwise just coldest weather. Dispose of by your came in such a wide variety that they were
sight. Overlooking 2018 when we had the prune the stems about knee-high at an favourite method. Greenfly will also obviously made especially to cater for such
Beast from the East I checked the outward facing bud. These are tiny red or appear but don't be too hasty with sprays as eccentric tastes. The widespread interest in
following year and it wasn’t that much green spots. Once you identify them you'll any birds you have been feeding will get collecting things infected all sections of the
different. When I wrote about March in never miss them. If you can't find any cut rid of them for you, specially when the community and often manifested itself
February 2017 I started off ‘ I shall be glad the stem back and hope for the best. You young are hatched and hungry. As when folk were on holiday when collectors
to see the back of February as the weather can rectify any that have gone astray later. creatures of habit birds will continue to get would delight in visiting local markets
has been truly awful in the middle – east Always cut on the slant about half an inch rid of greenfly for the season and later will wherever they might be staying.
wind, snow and general gloomwith bone- above the bud with the slope to take water enjoy caterpillars. The craze for collecting things largely
chilling cold’. Fast forward to last year and away from the bud. Sometimes you get an If you have any time and energy left finish faded away after youngsters reached
the only word was wet. Now we have illustration on a rose bush label. Don't get off the jobs that should have already been adulthood though we still enjoyed the
Darcy. This storm was named by the disheartened. A few years ago a rose done, most of which will be wet and benefit of collections made buy the various
Dutch met people (obviously their turn) but grower pruned all the shrub roses in their involve washing pots. Hope for a fine day explorers whose travels around the world
I think that here we thought it was beds with a hedge-trimmer. It worked just on that one! On the other hand just carry had brought to general knowledge things
BfromtheE mark 2. The only cheering note fine but they had to go back to doing it on and keep weeding. that had previously been unknown to the
is that before the snow started I had several properly after about three years. The roses ordinary citizen. While these had hitherto
clumps of snowdrops in flower, a clump of survived. ben described solely in the pages of diaries
bright pink cyclamen shining in the border If you haven't been able to get outside in Collectors All and books, more recently the practice of
outside the living room window, the first the winter now's the time for a real spring By Ken Knowles opening museums to contain actual
two golden crocus in bud (always right clean. Fork over the soil in beds and Although we may not realise it the chances specimens of all the items became an
behind the snowdrops and I think a real borders, weeding as you go and dig up and are that we are all collectors of some kind established part of every town and city, so
harbinger of spring), a single stem of divide over-crowded perennials. If you either today or have been in the past. that every person had an opportunity to
lungwort with the soldiers and sailors have snowdrops in large clumps dig them Collecting items, usually fairly trivial enhance their under-standing of the parts of
flower out and the mimosa buds starting to up and divide, replanting the divisions. things especially in the eyes of the life that would otherwise have been un-
show colour. I haven’t been up the garden This method of planting 'in the green' onlooker and the mania for collecting available to them. In fact these museums
to check on the wintersweet but I bet it’s works much better than buying dry bulbs in begins quite early in life and largely seems soon became a part of our education
well on the way to flowering. There is September. If you buy a gardening to be a trait of boys rather than girls. system, with visits by groups of students
hope! magazine from February to the end of My childhood took me into the early 1940s finding it much easier to learn from than
So having got over the rant about the March you are bound to find nurseries' ads and as a lad, in keeping with almost every actually seeing the articles previously only
weather heading towards March I suppose for snowdrops 'in the green' and they are other school boy, I derived great pleasure described in text books.
we should think that it will improve by the usually well-priced. While spring cleaning from the habit of smoking that dominated Of course over the years public opinions
end of February and press on. After all you now really is the time for housework the lives of most of the adult male have changed as it has been realised that
have just read my opinions about February outdoors – clean up the paths and patios. A population. No, I was not a naughty boy many of the items in museums that refer to
and now you are looking out at lovely pressure washer and stiff yard brush are the indulging in the habit but an avid saver of animal wildlife were obtained by means
sunshine and that elusive green haze on the ideal tools. It's a very messy business but the picture cards, one of which was that would be unacceptable today, but
hedgerows as you prepare to sally forth once the moss and weeds have gone and included in every cigarette packet issued at nevertheless museums have provided a
wielding spade and fork. the paving is clean it's worth it. Dare I the time by two of the leading wealth of understanding to many, and
The grass will be growing so this is the suggest that if you didn't do it in autumn manufacturers on a regular basis as well as together with reference libraries have
time to start mowing. Set the blades of the extend the housework to cleaning the by various smaller companies from time to become a valuable asset to our general well
mower at the highest level and collect the greenhouse as well? Better than waiting time. These cards came in sets of fifty and -being, continuing where our personal
cuttings so that air and rain can get to the until you are ready for the tomato plants. covered a wide range of subjects, some of collections left off.
roots. This is the time to repair damaged It's possible to sow hardy annuals and great interest, such as photos of famous
lawn edges by cutting a square out around wildflowers outside but I would wait until film stars, sports players or statesmen,
the damaged edge, turning it round and the end of the month. It's the same with while others concerned natural life, such as Are you fed-up
repair the damaged bit inside the lawn with veg: I just read a recommendation to sow series covering wild or caged birds, dogs,
compost and seed. Do not do any of this if lettuce, rocket, radishes, spring onions, cats. fishes, jungle dwelling creatures, in
with doing the
the lawn is soggy. leeks, onions, broad beans, parsnips,
This is about the latest time to plant bare- spinach, turnips early carrots and peas!
addition to themes devoted to modern life,
such as all types of cars, railways and
same old walks?
root shrubs and trees and to move any Really? Walking in Norfolk on the Internet -
aircraft – in fact a comprehensive range of
evergreen shrubs. In both cases it's I grew onions from sets planted in autumn -
subjects, all adequately accompanied on
because you don't want leaves forming, for three years then last year I sowed seeds. is the website for you!
the reverse side of each card, by a detailed
showing new growth is beginning so the It worked but indoors in early spring. With hundreds of walks to download and
factual description. In fact these cards were
plant is taking moisture from the soil. Maybe I shouldn't be so cautious of the print, free, it also has books of walks,
ideal ways of conveying useful knowledge
Therefore chances are that the plant will other things listed and maybe try. At least contact details for all the walking groups in
to all, though sadly few of us bothered to
take longer to establish as the leaves will it could be looked on as the first effort in a the county and much more. Whether you
read these excellent guides to wider life,
begin to lose the water. If you should get succession sowing effort. If I omit the veg want to walk on your own or with a group
being merely concerned with collecting
stuck with this situation keep watering to we don't eat there is a manageable list there all the information is there in one place.
each card in the set.
help recovery. so perhaps... it's never too late to learn. John Harris said ‘There is so much walking
While most boys concentrated on these
If you are planting roses or have roses However, I am still cautious at the time of information on the web but it is difficult to
cards, others gave all their attention to
already now is the time to prune shrub and writing, having spent all January trying to find. Walking in Norfolk (part of the Walking
foreign stamps, and again a demand grew
bush roses. This is because the flowers work up the courage to get into the in England suite of websites
for albums, a desire which continued into
appear on the ends of the stems. Leave greenhouse to sow seeds in the propagator. ( – one for
later life, when interests turned to
them and the only place to see the flowers Still trying so outdoor sowing is some way each county in England) has brought it
is from an upstairs window. If you don't off. together in one place so whether you are
The coming of the war saw the end of the
have upstairs windows you'll have to cross I was quite surprised to see advice on walking from home, or away on holiday, you
issue of cigarette cards and these became a
the road to admire them. Don't be pruning apple and pear trees before the will be able to find a walk suitable for you’.
distant memory, except for those careful
frightened of pruning. Pruning is very buds burst. I had thought it had to be done With walks from half a mile to twelve
collectors who had kept their sets in
unlikely to kill roses. The most likely in winter. I must confess I didn't so will try miles plus long, and a note of suitability for
pristine condition, that become valuable
death would be if you prune and frost gets to get this done. I don't have much in the pushchairs and wheelchairs, everyone can
pieces of antiquary.
in the wounds but it needs to be a really way of fruit but should still look after it find a walk to enjoy. So home or away,
Of course the fascination of collecting rare
hard frost. I remember pruning roses on properly. I can't dish out advice if I don't check out the website and get walking!
items, the rarer the better, stretched to all
Christmas Day years ago and they thrived. take it from proper gardening writers. John Harris
sections of the community, both male and
The rule of thumb basically is to aim for an Again, I think maybe a bit early, we should
female, and covered almost every subject
open 'vase' shape. This will allow air start stored tubers like begonias, cannas email:
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 10
12th., with the short weekend on the 4th be on Church Parade Sunday. I scrounged a have heard nothing of them since. The
The Letters of and 5th, so it will not be long now. I shall flight today, to get some experience in W/ A.G. joined up the same day as me and
try to get home this weekend, so if I turn T, and caused quite a panic with ground except for about 5 months, have been
Freddie Thripp up about 4 P.M. do not be surprised, but I station. My key cut out, and a plug on my together since. But fighter command got 4
New readers start here: have not put in a pass yet, though I think it accumulator crate went screwy at the same HE111's, so I think they were revenged.
I am taking advantage of the lack of events will be all right. I hope it keeps fine time, so cut off my transmitter, so could We all wanted to go out and search for
and thus copy, to tell a story I have long tonight, because 62 Sqdn are on war not communicate with the ground station, them the next day, but they would not let
wanted to relate in The Wayland News. exercises, so we have to go on aircraft but could hear them, and as I had just sent us. A "B" flight machine went on a similar
The story is of one young man, Freddie guard, and I am on tonight and as their out to them that the cloud face was only trip the following day, and nearly caught a
Thripp (pictured in May 1940), who served machines are on the other side of the 800 feet they were getting quite worried, packet from an ME110, but dodged them
at Watton in the first two years of WW2. 'drome, we have to go there, and sleep in and were sending out all kinds of signals, again. I dont know when my leave will be
tents, with only a stove and oil lamp, to and had to wait till we landed, I then rang definitely now, as one whole crew going
keep us company. But still such is things. them up by phone. Good job it was only down may alter things, but it was originally
All the time I spent at Cardington and local stuff. We had a shower of cadets from for the 16th. I will let you know one way
Cranwell, I did not drop in for any duties, Bedford O.T.C. today, looking over the or the other later. The weather here is a lot
but in the few weeks here, I have had 3 planes and went up for a short time. Some milder now, but we are flat out for these
guards and a fire picket. Well I don't think of them did not look any too good. I got in cloudy days, as it suits us perfectly, and we
there is much else so will say goodbye for 12 hours 40 mins flying for February, not dont mind if we never see the blue sky. I
now. With Love. Fred bad for first months flying. Well goodbye think this is all for now. With Love. Fred
for now, until weekend. With Love, Fred PS (To Tich) I do not keep any photos, or
It is worth remembering while you read private letters. It is against regulations for
this that Fred is writing home to his March 1939 us. Also, she does not live in Thetford.
Mother and Father – how they must have 611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B Squadron, Now will you be quiet.
felt reading this . . . RAF Cranfield, Bletchley, Bucks
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. Some context for the letter above:
March 1939 611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B I was very sorry that I could not get home Tich was Fred's sister Rene. She took a
Squadron, RAF Cranfield, Bletchley, Sunday but conditions here proved it strong interest in Fred's love life and
This is Fred’s story of those times month Bucks impossible. We had church parade, then wanted to know what his latest girlfriend
by month just as he recorded it in his letters Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. another chap and myself were coming to was like!
home to his Mum, Dad, sister Rene and Well I suppose you heard on the wireless Dunstable, and another going to Aylesbury, Fred's comment “we are flat out for these
Uncle Harry. They tell a unique story, or saw in the papers, things have been but we only got as far as the Guard Room, cloudy days, as it suits us perfectly, and
sometimes humorous, sometimes happening here. It is surprising how the and got turned back. We saw bomb trolleys we don't mind if we never see the blue
desperately sad. I consider myself blessed chaps take the crashes from other being taken down to the bomb dump, so we sky” relates to the best defence that the
to be the custodian of Fred’s memory since squadrons very lightly, but when 3 chaps thought we would dive out before the fun Blenheims had which was to fly in the
all his family have passed away. vanish out of our midst, it puts a different started but were just too late. Those that clouds so they couldn't be seen by enemy
Fred was born in London during October aspect on things. Though they were in 62B did get out were recalled. We have five fighters. In clear blue sky they were in
1920. At the age of seven the family Sqdn, they were all well known in our corporals in our room now all recalled terrific danger of being intercepted.
moved to Totternhoe, a small village in squadron. I went over the spot today, but from overseas leave. All crews were The loss Fred writes about happened
Bedfordshire, where Freddie attended the did not see anything. The pilot was in one summoned up to the crew room for a Tuesday 27th February 1940. The Records
local village school, completed his piece when they found him, but when they lecture and told to stand by, but we were for that show the weather locally was
education at Dunstable Grammar School moved him he fell in bits. They could not allowed out for 3 hours at night so we went overcast with occasional showers and a
and joined the Royal Air Force in April find the observer at first, but afterwards for a walk in the village. We have packed cloud-base of 1,000 feet.
1938. found him up a tree, in a similar plight to everything up just to see how much The aircraft took off from RAF Watton at
After initial training at Cardington he was the pilot. The W/OP was also in a bad state transport would be needed in the case of 12:30 hrs for Reconnaissance of
posted on, to the Electrical & Wireless and his head is still missing, and to top it evacuation. We all have our points to get Heligoland and Elbe. The crew included
School at Cranwell for Wireless Training. all he was going to get married this Easter. our machines in case of a raid. I have quite Fred's pal Aircraftman 1st Class Samuel
He joined 82 Squadron at RAF Cranfield in The pilot was a very young chap, but was a good pilot. So do not mind so much. But Newton Middleton Wireless Op/Air
January of 1939 where qualified as a said to be one of their best pilots. It was all we think that the panic is blowing over Gunner, aged 19 with Sergeant Thomas
Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner (WOp/AG) still here this morning, but is wearing off now, but we are still standing by. There is Weightman Observer, aged 27 and Flying
on the Blenheim Aircraft. The letters in this now, but it was a queer feeling this hardly anything to do now, except daily Officer John Christopher Howell Blake
first section are the ones he sent home in morning being the first off after the crash. I inspections. I was sorry to hear that Auntie Pilot.
February and March 1939 and tell the story shall be on church parade this week, but Luce is in hospital as well. If I can get a The body of F/O Blake was found, and he
of his early days on the Squadron. will have 2 late passes. One for Saturday long weekend I could perhaps go to town was buried in the Sage War Cemetery,
after dinner hooter, and Sunday from with you. Well cheerio for now. With Neidersachen, Germany. The other two
10.30. I had another aerial break on me Love, Fred crew members were never found, and are
1939 again Monday, but I was not the only one, commemorated on the Runnymede
February 1939 for out of 6 of us that went up in formation, Memorial.
611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B Squadron, 4 of us had broken aerials. 3 broke going 1940
RAF Cranfield, Bletchley, Bucks up through an ice cloud and 1 coming Now we move forward one year to March Fred's last letter for this month is around
Dear Mum Dad & Harry. back. We were up for 3 hours on that trip. 1940. Fred did not write home in the 11th to 15th March
Well we are here again, and back to the We had a low level attack on Cromer and February – an oversight he explains . ..
usual weather. They have suddenly found over the sea, climbing to miss a tramp 'A' Flight. 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton
out who I am. The 3 weeks before going to steamer, and came down through the Probably between 1st and 5th March 1940 Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry.
practice camp, I was not on any flying clouds to find out where we were and 611006. 'A' Flight. 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Well so far as I know, my leave is still as I
programmes. But in the last two days, there nearly hit Wendover war memorial in Watton Thetford Norfolk said last week, and I think I will be home
were 2 programmes, and I was in both. doing so. We went over Eton Bray and Dear Mum Dad Rene Harry & Eric. midday Saturday. I can get to Luton by
There will be bombing and photography Stanbridge, just missing home, but could So sorry to have been so long in writing to 12p.m. on Friday so it will not be worth
tomorrow, and I am on again. I have done see it in the distance. There are bombing you, but I wrote a letter during the week, trying. I hope no one has worn my civvies
2.5 hours in the air in the last 2 days and exercises tomorrow so more flying. Well but I forgot to post, until I found it in my out yet, as they will certainly be used as
expect 1.5 tomorrow. We were on local goodbye for now, will tell you more when I locker Sunday night. Meanwhile, since I soon as I get in Bedfordshire. Things have
formation yesterday, but I don't know if we get home. With Love, Fred last wrote, I have lost one of my pals. He been happening again in Norway last week.
came over home, because of the cloud was shot down last Tuesday afternoon over But it has cost them plenty in ships and
layer below us. It was lovely up there March 1939 Heligoland. There were 3 of us detailed planes, a lot more than has been published.
yesterday afternoon, with the sun shining, 611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B Squadron, for a recce, but only 2 had to go, and as I Whole flights are going out and none
it was quite warm, and I nearly fell asleep RAF Cranfield, Bletchley, Bucks was supposed to fly with one of our junior returning. We all believe that we have lost
all on my own in the back, if it had not Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. pilots because his operator has not had a lot more planes than Germany, even though
been for the leader giving orders over the I hope this puts your minds at rest about of experience our trip was washed out. My the papers lead you to believe that we have
air I should have slept. I am afraid that I Sunday night. Arrived here just after 12 Welsh pal here was the other one, and not. One squadron has reformed twice
shall not be home for a fortnights leave, but o'clock, a little earlier than Saturday night, some ME109's started to chase them but already, and not through crashes in this
only 7 days and a short weekend, making but the light was better, with the moon they dodged them and are back OK. The island. The weather here today looks as
8.5 days so it will not be so bad. I thought shining all the time, and a steady wind other crew were posted as missing at 6.30, though it has forgotten itself again, but as
that they had made a mistake in the office, behind me. The tyre is still up so I think it but we kept listening out on all possible long as it is not too bad next week I shall
but this is definite as it has appeared on will be OK to come home next Saturday, as stations in the hope of hearing them, but at not mind. I cant think of anything else so
orders. it is from the 6th March to the I am not on guard, and I do not think I shall 7.20 we had to give them up as lost. We will say cheerio for now.
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 11
biscuits a cheaper option. Shoppers than a fresh warm crust with plenty had a shop; sometimes more than tortuous journey, but it has at
Shopping had to ask for every item – no of butter. A special treat was the one. Gradually, they became the last, been completed. Should you
By Bronwen Tyler choosing it as they wandered round addition of golden syrup or victims of a number of forces and notice any malfunctioning lights
the shop. On the walls were all condensed milk. The Co-op declined so that are few left now. in the Village, please notify me
Coronavirus and lockdown have sorts of useful things like cards of grocery van and a local grocery My uncle and aunt’s busy shop either by email
changed shopping for all of us, boot laces, metal discs for mending shop came on different days. was a victim of the rise in or by
probably forever. We have seen buckets and pans. The window was Corona drinks came about once a supermarkets. As the shops went phone: 01953 884082 and I will
some favourite chain stores full of things to tempt the buyer week but we were never allowed the social element went too. In contact the contractors, who will
disappear from our town centres inside. I say tempt, but since it was them except at Christmas. We Thompson, Sunday mornings were deal with the problem.
and lost some smaller and more the favourite sleeping place of would scrounge used bottles from a popular gathering time for a chat. Those of you who use the
local shops. Shopping has always Timmy the cat, I am not so sure the neighbours for the money back My aunt knew everyone and recreation ground will see that
been about change. Markets like about that. The shop was always when they were returned. The frequently helped people out, the mound has undergone
that in Watton, saw many of the very busy so it clearly didn’t put ancient hardware van was including children who she knew remedial work recently, the area
stalls becoming more permanent people off. Timmy was an essential fascinating. It clanged down the were poorly fed but would be sent is fenced off to allow the ground
structures as shops. Other people member of staff as the resident road hung with useful household to buy cigarettes instead of food. to settle and the new turf to grow,
started to sell surplus produce from mouser. The shop had once been a items, like buckets, that wouldn’t Supermarkets didn’t answer a it is important that this area is not
their house, which grew into a café and bakery too and was still fit in the packed interior. The knock on the door at 10pm because disturbed, hence it is surrounded
proper shop. called The Caff by a lot of people. Betterware man called regularly someone had run out of milk - by orange fencing. Notices have
When I was a child, women (not a Some clearly thought it still was too. frequently the case for my uncle. also been erected to inform
man’s job!) shopped almost every because when the break hooters The Co-op was a large force in my And they certainly don’t serve a people that the area will not be
day. They went from shop to shop went at the nearby shoe factories home town. There seemed to be mug of tea over the counter! On used until at least Good Friday
because there were no the little shop would fill with one on every corner and they also the down side the little shops were which is 2nd April 2021.
supermarkets. There were general people asking for a cup of tea. owned butchers, a dairy, a bakery, not always very hygienic (Timmy The Parish Council understand
grocers’ and lots of corner shops They would perch on orange crates a bank, a furnishing store and a the cat). The juxtaposition of goods that this is a long time for the
while meat, fish and other fresh with large mugs of strong tea and large haberdashery. I can still in one little shop in Thompson left area to be out of use, but in order
items were bought in specialist then be off again as the hooter remember Mum’s divi number. the tea and sugar tasting of for the area to be used safely,
shops. My Saturday job was to called. No one seemed to find it For anyone who doesn’t know the paraffin. there is a need for the ground to
queue at the butchers; I can still strange. My uncle still did some of Co-op system, you became a Norwich was always a great settle.
recall the smell of the sawdust the baking. I can still see the huge member and used the divi shopping experience and a day out, Should you see anyone on the
spread on the ground to soak up the black ovens and the bright pink and (dividend) number each time you with a number of independent wrong side of the fencing, please
blood and the meat hanging inside, green icing for the sweet buns he shopped at any of the stores. Each department stores, and a market remind them that the area is out
and sometimes outside too. We made. Most of the cakes were year the dividend earned would be that goes back hundreds of years. I of bounds.
were not squeamish and knew brought in by a local bakery paid out in cash. I was in trouble if have fond memories of the rather Thank you for your support on
where our food came from. though. We were brought up on I forgot to use the number. upmarket department store of this matter.
Sometimes I would forget what I Mum’s home made cakes and how Occasionally we took the bus to the Garlands, which burned down in The Parish Councillors would
had been sent to the shops I longed to be allowed a ‘shop bigger town for more choice of August 1st 1971. It stood near like to thank residents who have
for ,returning with the wrong bought’ cake, but they were for clothes and bigger stores. The real Jarrolds. I am not so sure they shown their recent support with
things, and have to go back to an sale, not family. Waste vegetables treat was a train ride to Leicester would have remembered us so regard to the situation in the
understanding shopkeeper for a would be boiled to make swill for where there were proper fondly after my friend’s little girl recreation ground. Can I remind
swap. Our Saturday treat was to my grandad’s pigs and my job was department stores like Lewis , threw herself on the floor in a you that there are still four
take our pocket money to the local to sit in the back of the car and top Marshall and Snelgrove (merged tantrum. Not quite the expected vacancies to fill on the Parish
sweet shop and see what value we the swill buckets falling over. into Debenhams) Fenwick and the behaviour for a Garlands customer. Council, the Councillors would
could get for our pennies. Doorstep deliveries were the norm. superb market. Our dresses were Who remembers that Debenhams be delighted to hear any
My uncle and aunt had a general Milk, of course, came every home made and the market was a was Curls and that John Lewis was expression of interest from
store crammed with all sorts of morning, delivered to us with a wonderful place for fabrics. Like Bonds? These stores were taken anyone who wishes to join them,
things. Cheese was cut with a wire horse and cart. The horse knew the the cakes, how I longed for a ‘shop over by chains and lost a little of to spread the load a little. If you
to order; sugar was measured into drill and would stop at all the right bought’ dress. I got my wish when their identity. Now they, in turn, are interested, please contact the
blue paper bags or cones, biscuits houses. Our bread was delivered I was sick in the car on the way to are victims of change in shopping Parish Clerk on the contact
were loose in large tins with broken still warm. We liked nothing better visit relatives. What did I do when trends and Covid, with Debenhams details above.
I was older? Why, made my own no more. For now, Amazon and The Parish Council have been
clothes of course! And my own ‘shop and drop’ have become the informed by HMP Wayland, that
cakes! doorstep delivery, and our they are installing a gate at the
In common with my home area, computers the shop window. What entrance to the pathway used by
Watton had a High Street full of changes will we see next? local people to walk their dogs.
little shops. Even in the 60s when I This is to provide security for
first knew it, there was more than proposed building work that is
one baker; lots of butchers; News from planned on the site. Once the
menswear shop; the big building work is complete the
haberdashers that was Durrants; Griston prison will review the situation.
Harveys the printers that was a The gate will be locked, entry
treasure trove, especially at Parish will be by a keypad. Should you
Christmas; shoe shops; seed wish to use the gate and need the
merchants; hardware stores and Council code, you are required to write to
lots more. You could get virtually As I write this, we have snow and the prison to obtain the relevant
everything in the town so a trip to bright sunshine, we could be in numbers. You will need to prove
Norwich was an outing. It had the Alps! that you are a resident of the
some small grocers but no Residents in Manor Road will be village. The address to write to
supermarket as today; the closest pleased that the lighting has been is : FTO: The Security
thing was the International Stores. repaired, it has been a long and Department, HMP Wayland,
Most of the surrounding villages Griston, Norfolk IP25 6RY

9. Happisburgh 9. Mary Tyler Moore.

8. Southend on Sea 8. Pete Sampras.
20 .Bognor Regis. 7. Budleigh Salterton 7. Blue Peter.
19 Colwyn Bay 6. Weston super Mare 6. Mary Robinson.
18. Bridlington 5. Blackpool 5. Mary Poppins.
17. Hartlepool 4. Cliftonville. 4. Mary Whitehouse.
16. Wells on Sea 3. Scarborough 3. Paul Alcock.
15. Dawlish 2. Great Yarmouth 2. Mary Martin.
14 Littlehampton 1. Bournemouth, 1. Peter Pan.
13. Grange over Sands Answers to Anagram quiz Watton Society Quiz Answers
12 Lyme Regis
11, Salcombe 11.Peter, Paul and Mary Quiz Answers
10. Walton on Naze 10. Paul Young.
The Wayland News March 2021 Page 12

Please Support Watton Rotary Round Up

YOUR Local

Rotary Roundup - Vocation Award promoting environmental sustainability recognition of their loyal and dedicated
As previously announced, the winners in the Watton area. work for us all under extreme
of our Group Vocation Award this year We will be working with local conditions.
were the committee of Saham Toney businesses, clubs, schools and A further delivery of Toilet Bags is
Village Hall. individuals to promote this important currently being prepared.
We had some delay in making the topic. Wayland Academy . . .
presentation due to covid restrictions, Environmental Sustainability will be Young Photographer – all entries are
but this has finally been made by our the theme of our new incoming now received and being judged, more
President Michael Haythorpe, as the President in his Rotary Year July 2021- information to follow after judging.
accompanying photo. June 2022. More information will Young Environmentalist – the
Esrag – Environmental Sustainability follow as ideas are formulated and competition is under way, and entrants
Rotary Action Group actioned. need to do some research into what
The Rotary Club have recently joined Toilet Bags & Biscuits Deliveries climate change is, how humans are
ESRAG with the intention of Rotarian David Watkins delivered involved, and the problems it causes,
another supply of biscuits then choose a specific issue to
to NNUH just before highlight, using facts and data they find
Christmas, to be distributed from the internet. Then summarise
to the Staff Restrooms to ideas about how to reduce peoples
accompany their tea/coffee carbon footprint, with advice, tips and
breaks. inspiring reasons for why people
THE WAYLAND NEWS A further delivery was
made late January to
should use their ideas. Closing date for
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