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Materials used
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,,$ZGG 6* ("(E"*$",E


1. Using 30 gsm cardstock cut tag 2. Squeeze a little light blue and
to approx 9 cm x 16 cm white acrylic paint in to a pallet.

Above I have used Americana Spa

Blue and Warm White.

3. Apply one coat of blue and dry 4. Turn over and apply one coat to
with a heat tool. the back.
Note: This is optional but I find it
is the best way of stopping the tag
from curling.

5. Pick up a small amount of 6. Pour A little Adirondack

white on a square brush and start blending solution into a small
to drag horizontality across the plastic container and have a small
tag to give the appearance of paintbrush and a clean sponge
clouds. applicator to hand.

7. Apply small dots of Raspberry, 8. Pour a little blending solution

Pool and Red Pepper Alcohol Ink onto the clean sponge applicator
onto the applicator along with a and pounce gently blending and
little blending solution and fading the alcohol ink into the
pounce onto the tag starting at the background as you work down.
top work the ink half way down.

9. Dip the end of a small 10. Once dry spray with a light
paintbrush into the pot containing coat of Americana matte spray
the blending solution and dab on sealer.
top of the alcohol ink, this will
cause it to disperse and create
interesting patterns.

11. Pick up some Chipped Saphire 12. It should now look something
Distress ink onto a blending tool like this.
and lightly blend onto the edges
of the tag.

13. Now its ready to stamp. 14. I have stamped this tag using
I have used stamps from two of Stazon but you could use
my sets, Altered Easter and Archival.
Nature. Above I have stamped at a
slight angle and painted in some
grass with Willow Alcohol ink

15. To finish I have tied the tag

with fibres from Maya Road.

,,$ZGG 6* ("(E"*$",E