Model Tech-Marine Apothecary Chaplain PA / TA Point Cost 1 1 2/3 Close Assault Dice 1D6-2 1D6-2 1D6-1 / 1D6+1 Ranged Weapon Bolter, Crack & Frag Bolter, Crack & Frag AP's 4 4

Bolter, Crack & Frag 4/4 / Storm Bolter The Tech-Marine may unjam other Marines' weapons for 1AP if they are in any unblocked adjacent square. Thus, a marine does not need to spend his own AP to unjam if a nearby Techmarine can assist.

Tech-marines pay half the usual cost in AP's for any mechanical actions that may be required to complete objectives in a mission (such operating a reactor, console, or elevator.) Techs may also repair damaged C.A.T. Units for 4AP's, and may open sealed Bulkheads for 3AP's. Tech-marines may construct a barricade from an existing rubble tile in one of his adjacent three (3) front squares for 4AP's, provided the square is unblocked. The barricade replaces the rubble until it is destroyed into rubble again. (See barricade rules in White Dwarf #147) Tech-marines are equipped as a Power Armour Marine, with Bolter, Crack & Frag grenades. The Apothecary has the potential to prevent injury to his fellow Marine brothers caused by some normal weapons fire. Any Marine standing in any unblocked adjacent square next to an Apothecary will receive a 'save' roll when 'killed' by rolling 4 or higher on 1D6 (Cannot save vs. any Flamer, Maximal Heavy Plasma, Melta, or Conversion Beamer kills as these leave nothing but smoldering ash in their deadly wake). Apothecary ability does not work vs. psychic attacks. The Apothecary's ability may not be used to save himself in any circumstance. Multiple Apothecaries do not grant multiple cumulative save bonuses to the same model. Apothecaries are equipped as a Power Armour Marine, with Bolter, Crack & Frag grenades. Chaplains are the priests of the Imperial Marine Chapters and are always extraordinarily brave, even by Imperial Marine standards. Their tactical and spiritual leadership inspires tremendous confidence and fighting fury in the troops they lead into battle. Only one Chaplain may be present on any Space Marine force.

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The Chaplain gives all other Marines starting the turn within 5 squares (regardless of doors or obstacles) of him a +1 CAB reflecting their invigorated zeal and fury. Additionally, a Chaplain is a powerful leader, and adds +2 Command Points and + :30 seconds to the Marine timer. If the Chaplain is killed, these bonuses vanish starting the next Action Phase (alien or Marine). Chaplains are equipped with either Power Armor, Bolter, Crack & Frag grenades, and an electromagnetic Power Rod (1D6 -1 CAB), or Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter, & Power Rod (1D6+1 CAB).

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