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2 billion. They also acquired 11 acres of the Land from NTC for Rs 276.mortgages. Sameer Gehlaut is India¶s youngest self made billionaire at just 34 years of age. They have a market capitalization of more than Rs. The office had a tin roof and two computers. a stock brokerage company in Delhi.Haryana for developing residential real estate. In 2000 Sameer Gehlaut was only 26 when he started Indiabulls with the help of Saurabh Mittal and Rajiv Rattan.Indiabulls acquired more than 115 acres of land in Sonepat. this was the Elphinstone Mills land in Lower Parel. they have a land bank of 4000 acres.They also entered into new business segments. Sogecap is the Life insurance subsidiary of the French company SocieteGenerale.8 acres of land from NTC for Rs 441. he has a net worth of $1. Indiabuls were the pioneers in the online brokerage business segment.consumer finance . In September 2004 the company came out with its IPO. Its investors included LN Mittal and FarallonCapital . .75 crore.He worked for Halliburton in the United States. In less than 10 years the group has become one of the leading financial services and real estate company in India. He is the 962nd richest person in the world and 45th richest in India. Saurabh Mittal and Rajiv Rattan have a net worth of around $ 500 million each. He came back to India to start an earth moving and mining business .SAMEER GEHLAUT : YOUNGEST SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE OF INDIA Young entrepreneur Sameer Gehlaut established Indiabulls in 2000. after acquiring Inorbit Securities. Sameer Gehlaut completed his Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1995 . According to Forbes (2008). 25000 crores.6 crore.which is presently run by his family. The company had a young management team and were able to raise money from time to time. We can recall that Indiabulls acquired 7. Indiabulls entered into a joint venture with Sogecap for its foray into the Life insurance business.Mittal and Rattan were his friends at IIT Delhi. retail and power. this was the land of Jupiter Mills in Lower Parel. Indiabulls started as an online brokerage company but over the years they have added new products and services . The group¶s business interests include real estate . Mumbai. The group started its operations from a small office near HauzKhas bus terminal in Delhi.Mumbai.

If you read the life stories of entrepreneur¶s . By reading the story of youngest self madebillionary of india. NO EXCUSE FOR UNFAMILARITY: Being unfamiliar with a particular business. Success of your business is depends upon your idea and not the money you going to invest. RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT: Before starting any business you have to do research on your idea and get to know working knowledge of your business. AN IDEA CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: To start any business you have to have initial capital investment but to make that business successful you must have creative and distinct idea. This differentiate entrepreneurs from normal people. Sameer gehlaut had that kind of idea with him which make him distinguish from rest of world and hence his business took him to the top of the sky. You can start the business with small capital with big idea but you will ruine your business with cheaper and unproductive idea. You have to have that kind of qualities. is NO excuse for an entrepreneur to not to enter that business. The idea which works in current market conditions and which has market in the world. You have to have an idea which is out of the box. Entrepreneurs are job creator and not job seekers. 3. Sameer gehlaut story teaches us how an enthrepreneur should be: 1. Sameer gehlaut . Hence to start any business idea is important. 2. we can explore or direct our life with learning we get from his life. thinking and most important a kind of attitude towards life. Mr. People always study.WAY TO ENTREPRENURESHIP To become entrepreneur is not easy. . An entrepreneur¶s job is to overcome all barriers and set his business up. absorb knowledge and use that knowledge to enrich businesses of other people but entrepreneurs use this knowledge for themselves or uses other¶s knowledge for themselves. They must have done something different in there life which normal people not do. they are always charismatic.

6. He should not think whether it will actually happen or not but he should continueously find the way to reach to that level. Hence always prepare to take risk. Mr. 4. to start of with. THOUGH SECONDARY«WEALTH IS REQUIRE: think Idea should be supported by wealth to make it big success.If you identify an opportunity. While taking decisions he must see the consiqueses of that decision and if he can face that he can take decisions easily. His dreams should always to touch to the sky. An enthrepreneur should not fear to take risk. THINK BIG: An enthrepreneur should always think big. Off course that risk has to ne calculative. There is no businessman who have climbed ladder of success without taking risk. If can¶t take risk.Your business plan needs to be well written. ALWAYS PREPARE TO TAKE RISK: Any business you start risk is always involved. .start to finish. He should think that there is a success waiting for you behind that risk. He should take right decision at right time. 7. An idea always have priority over wealth but without initial capital execution of idea is difficult hence businessman must have initial capital. DECISION MAKING: Enthreprenuer must have decision making ability.go for it. 5. you can not become enthrepreneur. Sameer gehlaut was an engineer from IIT he did not have prior knowledge of capital market but he had seen the opportunity in this market and all efforts to learn the same and hence he is successful entrepreneur.

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