The following paper will be showing the impact of internet on today¶s marketing strategies and a company¶s return on investments. The focus is on Social media marketing as, more and more consumers have started using online medium to research about a product they want to buy, but they seek information less from a manufacturers¶ website and more from social networking sites which they feel give more authentic information. Thus emphasis is given on having a social media presence for every business. Lastly the mistakes which a business may commit while marketing through social media have been discussed. Report Description The high and rapidly increasing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is expected to revolutionize the marketing strategies employed in the pharmaceuticals industry. In addition to marketing, an increasing number of pharma players have also begun leveraging these platforms to enhance consumer relationships and improve brand management, based on the market intelligence generated by monitoring and analyzing usergenerated content. The ability to incorporate consumer feedback to develop new products is also expected to initiate a strategic shift in the operational model of pharma companies. Social media involvements are expected to increase product sales, especially those of OTC drugs, in the long term. Novartis for instance has already begun using Youtube and Facebook to enhance the sales for its OTC drugs such as Comtrax, Orofar and Bufferin. J&J, one of the first pharma giants to enter the social media space, has used online platforms for crisis management ± when the company recalled its products (Tylenol and Benadryl tablets) it used social websites to apologize to consumers for irregularities in its manufacturing plant found during FDA inspection. Market estimates and forecast The report provides in-depth social media usage in pharmaceutical industry and states examples of top 10 pharmaceutical players individually, for their social media presence. Benefits, Risks and Future impact of social media are analyzed.

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Introduction 2) Impact of Internet 3) Targetting stages in customer decision journey 4) Social Media 5) Where to invest: Search or Social Media 6) Communication with customers using social media 7) Five major social media marketing mistakes 8) Conclusion 9) References


Social media encompasses various platforms and online tools which are used by people in order to share insights, perspectives, opinions and experiences. Various forms of social media may be images, videos, audios, and text. Some of the social mediums that are currently popular are facebook, twitter, youtube etc. These mediums allow an organization to have a platform for information sharing and building an exclusive community around their brand. It can also receive customer feedbacks through these platforms. Although it may initially seem that investments are negligible in this case but it costs the organization in terms of employee time and involvement. But still the benefits that are present are far more than investments, if the platforms are used properly.


The traditional ways of doing business are becoming unsustainable. monitoring & analyzing user generated content and building & changing brand perception. Consider this scenario: Any person wanting to buy a car would go through all the choices available to him and then choose the one that best met his requirements. consumer engagement. market research data. Top pharmaceutical market players have started integrating social media in to their marketing mix.which are beyond the control of the dealer or manufacturer. In pharma industry social media has emerged as an effective tool for marketing. Facebook). Social media is emerging as a strategic shift in organizations communication and operation model. The dealer would simply sell the car to him and their relation would dissipate after the sale is made. development and popularity of web based community sites (Twitter. either assailing them or promoting them. Even after buying a product people may still remain engaged with the brands. tools and information centers (branded & unbranded sponsored communities) are changing approach towards Pharma and healthcare marketing and information sharing. relationship building and thus can prove as an important initiative to boom sales and overall business in the long term.IMPACT OF THE INTERNET Increasing number of web users' world wide (1. Consumers¶ engagement with brands has been turned upside down by the internet today. But today the buyer¶s attitude has changed. He connects with the brands with new media channels. The effective social media marketing strategies that can help generate business exposure. THE OLD METAPHOR MANY BRANDS FEWER BRANDS FINAL CHOICE .8 billion).

TODAY¶S CONSUMER¶S DECISION MAKING PROCESS CONSIDER THE LOYALTY LOOP BOND EVALUATE ADVOCATE ENJOY BUY CONSIDER AND BUY These phases are often more emphasized at by marketers. BOND If a brand is successful in creating a bond with its consumers. thus allocating excess resources in order to create awareness by retail promotions and advertising. then they repurchase it without cycling around the earlier stages of decision making. Investments need to be made such that consumers may spread positive word of mouth while navigating the evaluation process which equally important to promotions and driving purchase decisions. . EVALUATE AND ADVOCATE These stages are made relevant by the emerging new media.

3) Marketplace Intelligent leader: Even today in many companies.Three Roles for Social marketing: (required to execute and develop a CDJ driven strategy for an integrated customer experience) 1) Orchestrator: owned media channels (consumer touch points) have to be coordinated with traditional and digital marketing communications by the chief marketing officer who acts as the orchestrator. He is also in charge of the product registration and literature design. market research and customer service. In order to help the consumer in his decision making journey. sales training videos and other uses are added to its content. 2) Publisher and Content Supply Chain: Marketer should take the role of a publisher in chief:shoul rationalize the creation and flow of any content related to the product so that the customers can get a clearer idea about it. . IT is in charge of data collection and management which should ideally be under the marketing¶s controls so that the customers¶ insight can be understood and be propagated across the organization.

driving word of mouth etc. Facebook is now developing newer applications and commerce engines such as Deals for facebook faces that expand opportunities for marketers. Facebook now has 500 million users. by giving edgy and entertaining tweets.Social Media Companies have adopted social media vehicles as a part of their media mix. This fact lures the marketers to have their presence on the networking site. In a survey by Boston consultancy group. viral videos on you tube. 2) Another social networking site.70% of them outside US.61% of marketing executives agreed to the fact that they were experimenting with social media while 27% had adopted the vehicle. Social networking. containing around 100 million users.90% showed their willingness to increase the amount of investment on these activities. special events. It allows 140 character messaging bursts.branded websites have all been adopted in the media mix. . ideal for announcing new product launch. blogs. Some of the fore runners in social media are : 1) Almost all the respondents of the survey agreed upon the fact that their company had a presence on facebook.

physicians are getting social for professional purposes and discussing treatments and products with each other online.3) One of the most popular websites of the world with approx 1 billion hits per day. consumers are connecting with each other through online channels. supporting others in online patient communities. founder and CEO of Sermo.2010. seeking health advice on a messageboard. an online forum for physicians to share medical insights.S. doctors are already using or interested in using online physician communities and over half of all physicians send or forward health or pharmaceutical information or articles to colleagues.´2 . Similarly. Out of the top 100 advertisers(as per Advertising Age).1 ³How physicians think and what patients think has always been a black box for the pharmaceutical industry because it¶s been so difficult and expensive to orchestrate. 94 of them have used youtube for promoting their brands. or blogging about their condition experience. 4) Most visited coupon destination online with 6 million unique visitors in August.As per September 2010 data. its biggest sponsor was old spice.´ says Daniel Palestrant. a skin care brand. Over 60% of all U.The site uses everything from traditional promotion to s ocial media networking (by encouraging its users to invite their friends) Pharma & Social Media: Practical Social Media Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Industry Whether rating a prescription drug. ³And now there¶s an extremely cost-effective way to learn what they¶re thinking and what they¶re saying.

³This is a feedback medium. The positive feedbacks received on blogs etc help to analyse that the product is very well accepted and vice versa. In a matter of clicks you can invite physicians into a panel discussion and very effectively have that discussion at a fraction of the price that it would cost to fly them all out to Dallas Forth Worth and poll them there.´ says Palestrant. so we can get physician feedback at a tenth of the price it would otherwise be for clients.eyeforpharma. severe ADR¶S and other side effects that can doom a particular drug in the market as the pharmaceutical gets a chance to go trough the feedback and recognise the faults and correct them as soon as possible so that the others do not come across the same problems and pose a threat to the company.com/story/social-media-forums-and-pharma-industry ³This is where social media is so interesting.http://social. It¶s different in the sense that it can be quite painful but it¶s often much more accurate. ³industry observers tell us that the type of feedback they get in this environment is so different than what they get out of focus groups. if a pharmaceutical wants to gauge physician perception of a drug.´ Palestrant continues. For instance. it can set up a watch list and watch physician reaction unfold in real time. whereas you get a much more direct and untarnished view through this lens.These feedbacks can help prevent huge losses.´3 http://social.eyeforpharma.´ ³What¶s more.These internet sites are very cost effective as the cosumer is allowed to give its views free of costs and also the company can rectify the do¶s and dont¶s. there¶s this natural sense to please the interviewer. . When physicians and patients attend focus groups.com/marketing It is very important to know what¶s going in the minds of the product users as this gives an idea as to what role the particular drug plays.

and many are open to receiving this type of service from the product maker themselves.lumped under the heading "social networking" or "Web 2.0 -.The Physician social networkers are important markets for the pharmaceutical industry to understand and consider for marketing and communication strategies. will pharma marketers embrace them. Whether pharmaceutical companies are listening or not. and will they see benefits?4 . Companies who take too conservative an approach to this type of channel run the risk of leaving consumers and physicians feeling ignored and ultimately distancing themselves from these customers. consumers and physicians are talking about treatments and brands ± ranging from usage questions to suggestions to downright criticisms. Those talking about brands are often seeking help and feedback.are big topics of discussion at many pharmaceutical marketing conferences. Is it time for the pharmaceutical industry to take the advice of some of its critics and use the new "social media" tools available to it and extricate itself from its moribund situation of declining ROI? These new tools -. The question is. learn how to use them.

this is the best time for the pharmaceutical industry to enter the field of social media marketing as there exists a very high rate of competition between pharmaceutical companies to promote their products.news. Get Inspired By Others Reviewing others¶ social media initiatives is one of the best ways to spark ideas and learn from best practices and past mistakes.com/PMNSupplementSocMediaMkting. some are wary of jumping headfirst into the social media pool. being consumer centric as much as possible.pharma-mkting. The following white paper offers practical tips and strategies for pharmaceutical companies to begin navigating the social media landscape. .The new emerging trends in marketing has lead to the burst out of many promotional strategies out of which internet/online marketing plays a vital role.htm According to me. creating an awareness amongst the user populations and also overcoming the threats that a company imposes due to competitors. Along with the tremendous opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry comes concern about the regulatory and legal repercussions of social media initiatives. Understandably. Genentech¶s Herceptin HER Story Community helps connect women with breast cancer. but a few pharmaceutical social innovators are proving that it can be done within a regulatory framework and that it can be viable option for communicating with customers.Every company wants to be in a win-win situation and achieve great profits for launching new products.http://www.The pharma marketers will learn the techniques of social media marketing by promoting their brand ethically.

women with heart disease.com/pages/WomenHeart-Strong-Heart/62833170782).com/community). (www.S. Bayer launched the WomenHeart Strong @Heart online community on Facebook to encourage awareness of the millions of U. (www.com). adults.herceptin.childrenwithdiabetes. (www. and families living with type 1 diabetes.Children With Diabetes is Johnson & Johnson¶s online community for parents. . kids.facebook.

com/Novartis) .com/Boehringer) (http://twitter. (http://twitter. Ingelheim and Novartis have Twitter accounts.Companies like Boehringer. though most pharmaceutical companies on Twitter haven¶t yet used the medium to its fullest potential.


com/SMM-Readiness. In order to help pharmaceutical companies.5 http://www. it is important that you understand your company's unique regulatory environment.surveys.It is very essential to know what your core competencies are and what you should develop to be a leader of the market you wish to pursue. all of which need to be taken into consideration before you develop your plan. over 250 companies have used this self-assessment. To date. and other companies determine how ready they are to engage in social media marketing. Organisational behaviour and their . and knowledge.Pharma Marketing News has created the online "Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness" survey or tool.htm I would suggest the same thing if I was in place of the manager who had to take the decision of stepping into social media marketing. their vendor partners.Before you embark on a social media marketing project.There should be a systematic analysis of the company¶s existing strategy.pharma-mkting. corporate culture.

cafepharma. video sites. Learn about patients¶ product experiences. there may even be the opportunity to reach out to and build relationships with consumers on social networks Having a formal plan for how to monitor. Listening to how consumers view products and to their questions and concerns provides insights that can be just as valuable as or more so than those gained from extensive focus group testing. social networks.iguard. Example: Monitor www. etc. and respond to the conversations of online consumers can help manage risk and give employees the proper framework in which to enact innovative social media campaigns.goals to know how much to invest in these activities. passion and receptivity to open dialogue. Encourage a Company-Wide Social Media Policy Step 1: Monitor & Learn First. its competitors. the disease state. Educate Stakeholders and Related Teams Step 2: Join & Educate Existing Communities Join the conversation in existing patient or pharmaceutical industry communities.org/help/patients/. non-drug treatments. monitor the online conversations taking place on blogs.com/2009/01/pharma-companies-and-social-media-marketing/ Monitoring online conversations can be exteremely beneficial for companies. bulletin boards. designate a company representative to identify him/herself and provide medically-approved. then post information that corrects common misunderstandings. accurate information currently missing from the discussion.6 . If there are inaccurate or confused postings. etc.adotas. Additionally. any questions they have. about your product.6 your drug and its competitors on http://www. where industry sales reps give their uncensored opinions. Example: Review patient commentary about https://medsafetyalert. to understand what consumers are discussing. This gives marketers first-hand experience with members¶ interest areas.For help. and map out specific objectives for your social media marketing initiatives. Take the learnings from these monitoring efforts. a company must approach its stakeholders to help them take the best decision when it comes to such areas where the success is majorly affected by just one decision that the company will make.com. seek out. what they are confused about and if they raise new issues you weren¶t aware of.

Make Content Valuable.Before launching a campaign or engaging in social media. seek input. It is very important that the information is perceived correctly and for these reasons. video) to establish greater corporate credibility and provide real value for patients.. because you lose the honest community feedback. as YouTube allows. or other objectives. gaining market insights from physician and consumer conversations. whether it¶s creating awareness of product.com/2009/01/pharma-companies-and-social-media-marketing/ It is often seen that due to lack of accurate information delivery. While arguably there is value in dabbling in small social media projects to get a feel for the channel. Relevant.http://www. . agency partners. Do not block comments from visitors. and make sure roles and process are define and commonly understood. Create disease education content (e. a confusion arises in the minds of the product users. and provides valuable learnings for subsequent branded social marketing. the overall social strategy should clearly contribute to brand goals and objectives. The best approach is to create a channel or community on an existing social site that already has a very large audience. And the job isn¶t over once you establish these metrics ± there should be a cycle of measurement and optimization in place to make sure that initiatives adjust accordingly and are ultimately worthwhile. This problem is very common in social media marketing as every person may interpret the information as his/her perception. which minimizes regulatory restrictions. Define Goals and KPIs Up Front Innovation for the sake of innovation shouldn¶t be the sole driver of a pharmaceutical social initiative.adotas. like YouTube. not a specific product. related teams such as communications. building relationships with key opinion leaders to foster brand advocacy. marketing. and Consistent Step 3: Create Unbranded Content Community Focus on a disease state.g. legal and regulatory review. IT and others should meet early and often to educate. but some companies prefer to build their own separate disease-focused community. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) up front based on what you want to get out of a social media strategy. the company must keep a watch on the conversations taking place on the promotion sites and also solve the grey areas of the addressed problems and confusion.

Google News Alerts. Twitter.com/watch?v=nJcp2wTeQZg. Although the poor use of social media is a bit extreme. Pharmaceutical companies should have an action plan for how to respond timely to news about their corporation or brand. The writer states that it is necessary that a particular company focuses more on the disease state rather than its product. Companies in other industries are using applications like Twitter to faciliate customer service. This type of . the more likely it will be shared and become viral. Zappos.patient compliance. so it¶s critical for sites to be up-to-date with the most current news and information. One of the top reasons consumers report for visiting a product site is that they read an article about the product. is also key to a social media plan. and the majority of physicians report that they expect pharmaceutical to monitor professional community sites and view this monitoring as a positive undertaking. Though many physicians and consumers are open to connecting with pharmaceutical companies through online channels. Additionally.youtube. it¶s still important always have relevance and value at top of mind when joining the conversation. the tactical aspects of a social media strategy should be driven by someone commited to making every interaction have a purpose and tied to overall goals. Dell. who posted a series of disease condition videos.etc so that there is a fair trade of marketing. they don¶t want to be given a hard sell. and other tools are facilitating the spread of news stories at breakneck speeds. Consistency. Comcast.The comments should not be blocked as this would prevent the real scenario to be viewed by the company no matter how hard it targets on its image.Example: Create an unbranded YouTube health channel like J&J. in terms of updating regularly and staying on message. without a product mention http://www. The more useful the content.These videos must not only contain promotional advertisements but also valuable customer needed information like side effects of drugs. they¶re looking for resources and information that help answer their questions and meet their needs. JetBlue and other companies monitor tweets for customer problems or questions and sending help their way. View Social Media as a Customer Service Enabler Over three-quarters of consumers online for pharmaceutical information report that ³expect´ online customer service from a pharmaceutical company.The consumers attention is more focussed when there are videos and other eye catchy techniques for consumer attraction for the product.

This scenario has even played out to an extent in the pharmaceutical industry. At the very least. Whenever engaging in social media. Example: Create a Q&A exchange before progressing to a more open feedback forum. Always be Transparent Step 4: Create Branded Content Community Branded social media resources on product sites or existing social sites must comply with all regulatory requirements around Fair Balance. A few high profile pharmaceutical companies have been criticized in the media for the removal of product side effect information from Wikipedia from a company-owned computer (courtesy of WikiScanner. and support tools such as usage instructions. so the industry may evolve to a more open community dialogue more quickly if the regulatory review workload indeed proves easily manageable. monitoring social networks can give insight to everyday treatment experiences and can help optimize products. and create long lag times between submission and posting. packaging. which discourages participation.com/. Transparency is arguably the most important aspect of any social media strategy. but these channels do offer an alternate way to enhance customer service offerings and give users a more personal interaction with the company. which often isn¶t available.customer service via social networking isn¶t as prevalent in the healthcare industry yet. Past social media blunders have shown that the greater online community doesn¶t take well to fake personas. Bloggers can be savvy and prone to calling out the missteps company-wide policies for monitoring and responding to user-generated . Since all consumer commentary must be reviewed before posting. Don¶t start by inviting open-ended commentary because it can require more regulatory staff. This reduces the likelihood of problematic comments and enables quicker review for posting. start by posting specific questions and invite consumers to answer. like GSK¶s blog and forum for alli. Some studies indicate online consumers generate few adverse event reports.gr/). Physician online communities also present a good opportunity to monitor customer feedback and problems. adverse events and off-label usage. its OTC weight-loss drug http://www. it¶s especially important for pharmaceutical companies to be up front and honest about their identity and intentions.myalli. http://wikiscanner. or those trying to cover up unfavorable content.virgil. truth benders.

what is left to tap and what the customersreally want. has been the thought that there is too much regulatory burden associated with new and social media.It is also very vital that the company has adequate steps taken for analysing what the customers have to say about the product and then reply to their feedbacks accordingly.The regulatory bodies keep a watch as to these conditions are met or not. the chances of studying the patterned behaviour of consumers is very high which gives the company an edge over others who are not into this field. So also.It also saves huge amount of costs from being incurred as the company can easily come up with strategies to profitabily expand its business once it knows where it lacks.Therefore it is necessary that all the regulatory requirements are met and the site manager involves close ended questions to avoid the excess work neded to be done dur to regulatory concern by the information put forth in a open ended questions. relate with customers on a personal level. it can be a lot of fun. and encourage brand advocates.Companies that are using fear of regulations or lack of guidance as an excuse to sit on the social media sidelines are missing out on important opportunities to enhance their online .This pressure demoralizes the industrialists to choose social media marketing as a route to advertise their brand and go for other techniques like free sample distribution. where it can flourish.As users of these internet sites interact on a daily basis. BARRIERS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: One of the perceived barriers to the involvement of pharmaceutical companies. and as the basis of social media is conversation and connecting. Social media network makes a company revolve around its consumers which helps the sales to rise up ina short time. Social media marketing is a platform where there is a fast and cost effective response to a particular marketing plan.There are many laws and regulations which are to be met before a drug is marketed via the internet. µMark Senak¶ I agree with what Mark Senak puts forth because regulatory pressure of advertising a particular drug.content.etc. it can be a great way to gain market insights. And Finally«Have Fun! Though there are potential lindmines to consider when engaging in social media. It¶s an exciting channel that has attracted millions of engaged users. as a highly regulated industry.

other complications etc.com/do-pharmaceutical-companies-have-social-media-anxietydisorder/2010. http://www.03. The law requires these "adverse events" to be reported to the FDA.com/bw/content_display/currentissue/e3ie08aadb553c2ade9caea50c91352c7aa Due to this fear. the objections that lawyers would put and so on. The FDA's adverse-event databases are regularly combed by lawyers looking for potential class-action suits. CASE STUDIES GLAXOSMITHKLINE . The reluctance to solve the consumer¶s health related complications lead to worst conditions like death due to ADR¶S..The different fear factors that comes in everyone¶s mind include the fda problems. What will the FDA do? What about Adverse Events? What about them lawyers trawling for our mistakes? What about abusive flash mobs? What happens if 4chan decides to play pranks on us on Twitter or Facebook?6 http://getbetterhealth.ALLI DRUG .28 It can be said that social media marketing needs addressing both the deeper nuances of human communication.presence and connect with their customers. social interaction and individual psychological responses and their peripheral risks.. blogs and Web-page hosting.brandweek.there are many drugs which are marketed online but they fail to solve the customer problems and ultimately loose their hold in the market. the ADR which are to be reported. chat rooms. Drug brand Web sites almost never carry the features that marketers usually are desperate to give their customers: bulletin boards. It¶s easy to see how most Pharmaceutical companies suffer from a sort of Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Fear should never be the driving factor for a business. Hospitalisatins.These phobias prevent the company from doing what it should do in the field of social media network. The reason: Marketers fear that user-generated content will include complaints about injuries caused by their drugs' side effects.

The objective ia to increase success and sales of its product‡ It also offers support and increased patient awareness of its product. ‡ Social Vehicle used is: www.GSK used social media marketing for its drug named alli drug used for obesity.com ‡ Features include: ± Discussion boards ± Official Expert Dieticians ± Coupons ‡ Challenges include Regulatory compliance. ‡ Outcomes are that there are 289631 members 316708 message board posts .myalli.

It also uses facebook and twitter to market its product: .


they found loads of positive response from independent bloggers .JNJ BTW BLOG The main objective of J&J is to make the world know The Real Voice of J&J and Connect the people of J&J to their key stakeholders through Social Media ‡ Social Vehicle used are : http://jnjbtw. ±It Links to other blogs and social media channels.JOHNSON & JOHNSON . ‡ Observations made by them were that when anyone Google searched JNJBTW.com/ ± J&J Network on Facebook ± J&J YouTube Video Channel ± J&J on Twitter ‡The Features include: ± It is Commentary from one of the company¶s communications executives. Marc Monseau.

who admired the bold and courageous move by J&J ‡ Challenge faced y J&J was Regulatory compliance ‡ Objectives were as follows: ± Ensuring that the branded blog is compliant with fair balance regulations by developing a brief statement of common drug side effects that appears in the blog. and internal policies and procedures to avoid inadvertently endorsing off-label uses discussed in comments. ± Regularly reviewing reports of adverse events.They made sure that whatever they do were regulatory complaint and reviewing of adverse events help them rectify the problem and correct them. According to me. to ensure it complies with the product label. site use policies. ± Carefully vetting blog material written by company employees. marketing services firms. ± Establish a policy on editorial control of blog comments with disclaimers. J&J took a very nice step as all their objectives were customer centric and their approach was also appreciated by the users. and incorporating those that are identifiable and credible into existing reporting protocols. . etc.


Companies have started using a number of tools to keep track of the conversations taking place on social networks and blogs. one cannot increase efforts in it after a certain threshold. 2) Start to carefully curate conversations with consumers : Use blogs as marketing vehicles to carefully participate. 3) Integrate your offline strategy with online social media strategy: Although social media provides for amplification of brands.Best Practices of Social Media: 1) Customers must be listened to carefully : Customers¶ input is important for the companies to provide better customer service. Therefore social media can be integrated with the offline strategies of the . But while maintaining dialogues there are certain risks that need to be taken care of as well as the resources need to be monitored properly. spark a discussion and spread a positive word of mouth. drive innovation and other critical options.

based on demographics such as sex.company like televisions can be used for directing people to online sites like facebook etc. groups and videos on facebook/you tube etc Communication with Consumers Using Social Media The origin of social media has really changed the way how people interact and communicate with each other. Now. 8) Get competitive edge in the market place.Social media help businessman of small firms to interact with huge number of people at a minimal cost and attain great profits from it. 10) Create and pull maximum number of people to join and view. 6) Selective targeting of audience.let us look upon some of the important role of social media in the marketing plan:It would not really help just to theoretically study about it. Proper guidelines have been issued by the Federal Trade Commission that even requires the companies to disclose any kind of monetary relationship with the bloggers 5) Maximize visibility through the most powerful sales tool: Internet. . 4) Transparent and authentic conversations have to be ensured: The consumers donot compromise on terms of honesty. age. 9) Developing a low cost but effective marketing strategy.One of the main social media marketing strategies is to include the social networking sites.This kind of media have become a mass media gradually from being a small concavity. 7) Complimenting other marketing efforts.an indiviual should have a practical and complete knowledge to fully explore its benefits. region of residence.One should do experiments by making an account on facebook etc for example. Any company engaged in dishonest practices is at threat of facing legal actions against it.

The customer on target could be brought in to interaction through various social media tools. The consequence is the surprisingly increased credits.One should be extremely devoted and loyal to his brand and should put his heart and soul into it. The last one is to test what you are doing. and  Without an actual marketable product the sales and marketing departments are at a loss as to what to sell. CONCLUSION: Quite simply social media significantly reduces the costs associated with engaging with consumers. Social media is the most beneficial way where lower cost is involved but benefit is maximised.It is really important as this will only give you the complete idea of your status and reactions from the users.One should keep a track of the most frequently sites that are being visited by them and make out what they actually want. This nullifies 2 of the issues above as it enables pharmaceutical companies to move the communication with their consumers prior to NDA approval since there isn¶t the huge financial risk associated with traditional media.e. SUMMARY The use or the role of social media can be summarized in the following key pointsSocial media provides new horizons to the creation of real interaction with the customers. Also on a much more practical level. . successful and ethical drug promotion. Give your customers a great deal of attention and should listen to them carefully. Currently the impact of this is being underestimated for two reasons:  The sales and marketing departments are isolated towards the end of the drug development process having very little contact with their research and development colleagues. facebook. if you have one twitter. One-size-fits-all channels cannot achieve the main target of this industry i.

real-time conversations online with its stakeholders. account for your company. Social media can revolutionize the way we deliver health care. I believe the right dose of pharma engagement plays an important part in this revolution. it usually means you have ONE (or even less than one) full-time equivalent responsible for the entire communication to all stakeholders! That is a hell of a job« and impossible to maintain! If pharma truly wants to have engaging.youtube etc. . it has to at once integrate and expand its social media approach throughout the entire organization.

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