This is always a trade-off. Make sure your deep guys are always deeper than the receivers. and with cumbersome scheme. The Pressure Guage. Don’t Get Too Fancy.INTRO Overview.there’s no need to have dozens of defensive schemes. This is a game-time decision (and likely a midgame decision). Don’t Get Beat Deep. Some quarterbacks absolutely corrode when they get a heavy rush. It’s far more important to be nimble and flexible on the field with 3-4 defensive looks than it is to have a playbook full of options.com . and can boost your offense. Each time out. but you only need to score once or twice to win a game if your defense is strong. you will need to determine the right mix between pressure on the QB and coverage. A good defense can demoralize the other team. Travel light and travel swift . You want to be able to audible into another defense 5 seconds before a snap. These games are usually short enough that one or two possesions can make the difference. can lock in a lead. this will be challenging. Don’t give up the long ball.  FlagFootballNinja. The best mix is clearly a shut-down defense and a powerhouse offense. Defense is as important as offense (arguably more important). while others are quick enough and have enough poise to dump the ball off for 5-7 yards every time a big rush comes. But finding the right mix (and how fast you make the correct adjustment) can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Watch his eyes. cocked slightly out.com 3 . RUSH ZONE A zone coverage defender needs to keep his head on a swivel and stay aware of as much of the field as possible.LEGEND RUSH The rushing man needs to come fast and aggressively. He should explode off the line at the snap of the ball. FlagFootballNinja. on the inside shoulder of the receiver. Don’t leave your zone! MAN A man defender should line up 3-7 yards deep depending on the siutation. Fight around the blocker and get to the QB.

4 FlagFootballNinja. The deep safeties can’t get beat deep and depending on where the QB goes. Two deep safeties split the field. he will be the responsibility of the corners or backers if he scrambles.com . Two rushers pressure the QB at all times.BASE DEFENSES BASE Cover 2 25 ZONE 25 1 2 3 BASE Cover  is a good base zone defense. and a pair of roving middle linebackers spy the linemen and short middle passes. They should try to pinch the QB in from the outside. corners play zone coverage in the flats. occasionally changing it up.

com 5 . If the QB scrambles out one way. This will let the backer crash the pocket and force a throw. The blitzing backer may want to hesitate for a second before going in. It is very important that the outside rushers make the QB step up instead of letting him slip out to one side.ZONE BLAST Cover 2 25 25 1 2 3 BLAST Cover  is the same coverage defense as the BASE Cover . FlagFootballNinja. you largely lose the effectiveness of the triple rush. except you are sending a third rusher and only leaving one linebacker to cover the middle of the field.

a good QB will be able to pick apart the lone safety.ZONE BLAST Mid Pro 25 25 1 2 3 BLAST Mid Pro gives you a triple rush with extra protection against a mid-level pass.com .  FlagFootballNinja. If the three blitzers don’t get enough pressure. The defense is betting on heavy pressure here. The safety should try to key on the “playmaker” on the offense to determine which way to shade.

Cover 3 gives you good deep protection (if the offense absolutely needs a huge play.ZONE Deep Protect 25 25 1 2 3 Deep Protect is what it sounds like. The two rushers should still try to pressure the QB. Both corners shoudl gradually drift deeper as the play progresses FlagFootballNinja. send the backer deep also into cover 4).com 7 . but Deep Protect is really designed to stop a long ball.

Scream Lock 25 25 1 2 3 Scream Lock is one of the most effective defenses there is against a formation with an isolated receiver. if he breaks inside early. the man-up corner should let the defender go.com . Two points: 1. The four man blitz should rush the QB into making a bad pass. The weakside corner (who has to be one of your best defenders) plays “lock-down” man defense on the isolated receiver. This allows the deep safety to shade over to the strong side. .  FlagFootballNinja. the middle backer has to keep an eye on the weak-side flat in case the coerner follows his man deep.

However. the rushers absolutely must force the QB inside. If pressure has been working. you can have the middle backer hesitate and then go in after the QB. you can play six-man across and make sure each guys is covering his sixth of the field.com  . otherwise it’s just too easy to scramble in for the score. FlagFootballNinja. Again.MAN COVERAGE Goal Zone MAN END Z O NE 1 2 3 Goal Zone is a goal-line defensive base formation that give you a lot of options. you may be better off playing 5 across and having the extra backer spy the QB or a releasing lineman. As it is written.

This is a good idea. The other way is to stagger the defenders. the close defender can slip underneath on a cross and the other can cross over top. as soon as the receivers cross. This way.com . but takes some practice.Crossing Patterns OVER/ UNDER SWITCH man There are two common ways to handle crossing receivers if your team is playing man-to-man defense. 10 FlagFootballNinja. There is still the danger of being picked using the over/under technique. The first is to have your defenders switch (one guy yells it out).

you leave a hole open for the QB. your other blitzes will be much more effective and you’ll drive the blockers crazy.com 11 . (3) FAKES: Just like in the NFL. worry about deceiving the other team later. Here are some tips: (1) TIMING: If you are going to switch up who is coming after the QB. make sure that you don’t give him extra time to identify the blitz by coming in slow. if your other defenders creep up like they are going to blitz and then pull back. Get your guys into position first. On the snap. 4) JUMBO: If you have an enormous guy. FlagFootballNinja. you give away the play. But watch the ball! () SHIFTING: A lot of these blitzes require a shift in defenders to cover the holes. If you shift too early. Especially because most flag football QBs are not good enough to pick that up. Ideally they are at a sprint as the ball is snapped. The same thing goes for corners or the Middle Linebacker. see if you can knock the center over or push him back. right across from the center. He may mstart muffing thesnap.BLITZ BLITZES Feel free to mix up the plays above with different bitzes. It’s far better for the QB to see you move than to leave an area exposed. consider puting him at nose-tackle. if you shift too late. The blitzing timing is the most important. Nothing ruins a blitz like being out of position on the snap.

1 FlagFootballNinja. All violations will be prosecuted.com and its creator. distribution. duplication. or modification of this guide is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the owner.com . together with referenced materials and ideas are the sole property of FlagFootballNinja.Copyright 00: Any and all material contained in this publication. Any reproduction.

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