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Microfiche Collection de
Series. microfiches.

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microraproductions historiquas

Tachnical and Bibliographic Notaa/Notas tachniquaa at bibliographiquaa

Tha instituta haa anamptad to obtain tha baat L'Inatitut amicrofilm^ la maillaur axamplaira
original copy availabia for filming. Faaturaa of thia a iti poasibia da sa procurar. Las details
qu'il lui
copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua, da cat axamplaira qui sont paut-Atra uniquaa du
which may altar any of tha imagaa in tha point da vua bibliographiqua. qui pauvant modifiar
raproduction, or which may significantly changa una imaga raproduita. ou qui pauvant axigar una
tha uaual mathod of filming, ara ehackad balow. modification dans la mAthoda normala da filmaga
sont indiquis ci-daaaoua.

ryf Colourad covara/ Colourad pagaa/

Couvartura da coulaur Pagaa da coulaur

Covars damagad/ Pagaa damagad/

Couvartura andommagA* Pagaa andommagias

D Covars rastorad and/or laminatad/

Couvartura raataurAa at/ou palilculte
Pagaa rastorad and/or laminatad/
Pagaa raataur^aa at/ou pallicultes

— I Covar titia miaaing/
La titra da couvartura manqua
discolourad, stainad or foxad/
Pagaa dicoiortes, tachatias ou piquias

D Colourad maps/
Cartaa gtegraphiquaa mn coulaur
Pagaa datachad/
Pagaa ditach^s

Colourad inic (i.a. othar than blua or black)/ r^T^'^Showthrough/

Encra da coulaur (i.a. autra qua blaua ou noira) L_J Tranaparanca

r~n Colourad plataa and/or illuatrationa/ Quality of print variaa/

Planchaa at/ou illuatrationa w\ coulaur Quality inigaia da I'imprassion

D Bound with othar matarial/

Ralii avac d'autras documonts
L— J
Includas supplamantary matarial/
Comprand du material supplimantaira

D Tight binding may causa shadowa or diatortion

along intarior margin/
La r^ liura sarria paut cauaar da I'ombra ou da la
r~| Only adition availabia/
Saula Edition disponibia

diatorsion la long do la marga intiriaura

D Pagaa wholly or obscured by errata

hava been refilmed to
slips, tissues, etc.,

D Blank laavas addad during raatoration may

appaar within tha taxt. Whanavar possibla. thaaa
hava baan omittad from filming/
ensure the best possible image/
Lea pages totalament ou partiellement
obacurciaa par un feuillet d'errata, una pelure,
II sa paut qua cartainaa pagaa blanchaa ajoutAaa
etc.. ont ixh filmies A nouveau da fapon i
lors d'una rastauration apparaiaaant dana la taxta,
obtanir la mailleure imaga possible.
maia. lorsqua cala itait poaaibla. eaa pagaa n'ont
paa «t« filmiaa.

D comments:/
Commentairea supplAmantairaa:

This item is filmed at tha reduction ratio checked below/

Ce document est film* au taux da rMuction indiqui ci-dassous.
10X 14X 18X 22X 2SX 30X

12X 16X
^ aox 24X 2BX 32X
Th« copy filmed h«r« has b««n raproducad thanks L'axamplaira filmi fut raproduit grica i la
to tha ganarosity of: g4nAro«iti da:

ArchivM of Ontario Archivn of Ontario

Toronto Toronto

Tha Imagaa appearing hara ara tha baat quality Lss imagaa suivsntea ont 4t* reproduitas avac la
posaibia eonsidaring tha condition and iagibiilty piua grand soin. eompto tsnu da la condition at
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha da la nettatA do rexempiaire filmA, at en
filming contract spacificationa. conformitA avec lea conditions du contrst da

Original copiaa in printad papar covars ara flimad Lee exempleirea originaux dont la couverture en
beginning with tha front covar and ending on papier eet imprimAe sent filmte sn commen^nt
tha laat page with a printad or illuatratad imprae- per le premier plat at an tarminant soit par la
•ion. or tha back cover when appropriate. All demiAre page qui comporta une smprsinte
other original copiaa are filmed beginning on the dimpression ou dlilustrstion. soit per le second
first page with e printed or illuatratad imprae* plat, salon le eas. Tous las sutres oxamplairee
aion. and ending on the laat page with a printed originaux sont fiimto sn commandant par la
or illustrated impression. pramlAre page qui comporta una amprainte
dimpraesion ou dtlluatration at •!* terminant par
ia damiAre page qui comporte une telle

The laat recorded frame on eech microfiche Un dee symboies suivants spparattra sur la
shell contain thasymbol ^^(meening "CON* damlAre image do cheque microfiche, selon le
TINUEO"). or the symbol (meening "END"), cae: le symbols -^ signifie "A SUIVRE". le
whichever sppiies. symboie signifie "FIN".

Mapa. piataa. charts, etc., may be filmed at Lee cartes, planchee. tableaux, etc.. pauvent Atre
different reduction ratioa. Thoae too large to be filmAe i dee taux do reduction diffArents.
entirely included in one expoaura ara filmed Lorsque le document est trop grsnd pour Atre
beginning in the upper left hand comsf left to
, reproduit en un seul clichA. ii est film* i psrtir
rightand top to bottom, as many framee aa de I'angle supArieur geuche. do gauche k droite.
required. The following diagrama illustrate the et da haut en baa, an pranant le nombre
method: dlmegea nAcassaira. Lss diagrammes suivsnts
illustrent la mithode.

ISl L>-7^\


Tor ON TO.
1876. , i^
Box z
cop. t

O HO't



Railroad and County Bonds,

Stock Certificates, Maps, Plans,

Bills of Exchange, Show Cards,

Colored Labels, &c., &c.

Invoices, Letter Headings,

Cards, Promissory Notes,

Views of Buildings, Coats of Arms.

Embossing Presses, &c.

Pencil Sketches of Bonds,

Certificates, Invoices, Cards,
, t

Cheques, Drafts, Notes,

Wedding, Invitation, and Visiting Cards,

Monograms designed, and Sketches submitted.





^ ^^ 4
p,^0N8' CO-OPEKATI 8.B-
^^^^^^N. AND

0? THE


MAY, 1876.


;• !


MECHANICS, Tradesmen, Professional men, find it both to their

pleasure and interest to unite in societies with members of
like business. These bodies are known under many names.
Trades Unions, Guilds, Boards of Trade, Convocations.
Societies of Benchers &c., but they are all alike in their
main which are the advancement of their own callings and of
their own especial fortunes. The isolation of farmers is proverbial,
Living as they necessarily must at greater distances apart than the
inhabitants of cities and towns, friendly intercourse is not so con-
venient, and although their interests conflict less than do those of
other business, and though their aims are exactly alike, they rarely
make their plans in unison, but each man lays out and ex-
ecutes his work by his own light, without advice or council from his
neighbours. Various means have been tried for overcoming this evil.
Farmers' clubs, was thought, w^ould prove a remedy and they were
it ;

partially successful, but they had not those elements of union and
secrecy which are needed to hold such bodies together.

Mr. William Saunders of the Agricultural Department at Washing-

ton, and Mr. O. H. Kelly formerly a farmer in Minnesota, conceived
the idea of the Grange, first farmers' organization which ever took a
firm hold. In August of 1867 they laid their plans before several
other gentlemen connected with agriculture, some of whom, being lead-
ing members of various secret societies, aided in preparing the work.
On the 4th December, 1867, the first Grange was organized, and Mr.
Saunders was elected Master. A subordinate Grange was shortly after-
wards established in Washington as a school of instruction. During
the first year ten Granges were organized. 39 dispensations were
granted in 1869, 38 in 1870, 125 in 1871.
The National Grange met in Washington, January 8th, 1873, when
19 states were represented. Dudley W. Adams of Iowa was elected

Master. 1105 new granges were reported as having been organized

during the previous year.
During the year 1872, Eben Thompson, a Deputy of the National
Grange, was sent into the Province of Quebec to organize Granges in
connection with the National Grange. The first organized was the In-
ternational at Stanstead, Quebec. During tlie year eight other
Crianges were organized in Quebec, and one in Ontario at L'Orignal
but the order did not appear to flourish, although some of the Granges i
had a large membership. Some of them never met, and the work did
not spread. Mr. J. F. Cass, Master of the Grange at L'Orignal, was ap-
pointed a Deputy, and he organized Grange No. 12, at Cass Bridge.
The seventh annual session of the National Grange was held in St
Louis, February 4th, 1874. The Secretary reported as follows :
" At
the beginning of the year there had been established 1362 Granges, and
on the 31st of December there were 10,029, showing an increase in
the number of subordinate Granges of 8667 for the year 1873." In
the proceedings w^e find the following :

"On motion of Brother Wright, of California, Elwn TJjoinpaon, Depnty for Canada,
was invited to make a report of the conditions and wants of the Order in the Dominion.
He said that there were ten Gran^en in Canada, some of them numbering over 10 ) mem-
bers, that they desired to establish a Dominion Grange, in order to have a fixed head-
quarters for the Order, and that they most earnestly desired to see the organization become
international. Received as information."
Mr. Thompson's permit to organize Granges in Canada having now

expired, he asked Mr. Adams, the Master of the National Grange, to re-
new it, which Mr. Adams refused to do. Nevertheless, Mr. Thompson
determined to return to Canada and organize what Granges he could.
Coming to London, Ontario, he called upon Mr, Weld, the editor of
the Farmer^ Advocate and explained to him and to several others, who
afterwards became members, that ten Granges were already organiaed
and that the Executive Committee of the National Grange had agreed
that 80 soon as fifteen subordinate^ Granges were organized a Domin-
ion Grange would be established which would be financially indepen-
dent of thfe National Grange. As evidence of theh- feeling toward the
Canadian Grange he referred to the passage above quoted from the
Annual Report.
Feeling that the Grange was just what was needed, and that as a
Canadian Institution it would succeed, Mr. Weld and those about him
did their utmost personally and through the press to aid Mr. Tliompson.
The great hinderance to immediate success was the fact that the Grange


in Canada was as yet subordinate to tlie National Grange, and had to

send their fees and dues to the United States. This had to be overcome
by repetitions of the promise of freedom after the organization of fifteen


The work was pushed forward as fast as possible. Granges were

organized,and the money and applications sent to the Secretary of the
National Grange, and lie, although aware that Mr. Thompson was not
authorized to organize Granges, accepted the fees and sent boxes and
" —


dispensations, thereby making the National Grange responsible for

Mr. Thompson's actions and promises.
members of the order wish'-ig further guarantee that the
\ 15 Granges, when formed, might organize themselves into an independ-
ent Dominion Grange, wrote to the Master and Secretary of the National
Grange, but could receive no satisfaction, the Master never replying, and
Secretary only stating that he had referred the letter to the Master.
These delays and disappointments alarmed many of the Canadian
members. The Delaware Grange sent out letters to various Masters,
asking if they would meet to consider matters. On the 23rd of May,
1874, Mr. Thomas W. Dyas, Secretary of Forest City Grange, pro-
posed to his Grange that they should invite the Masters, Lecturers,
and Secretaries of all Granges in Canada to meet them in their rooms,
in London, on the2nd "of June, 1874, to organize a Dominion Grange
The motion was and notices of the meeting were
heartily adopted,
immediately sent out, and on the 2nd of June, 1874, the following
members met in Forest City Grange Ilooms :

S. W.Hill, S. WatlP, E. Scott, M. Gardner, Jobn Elliott, H. Bruce, Thomas W.

Dyas, A. Gilford, Dr. Hanson, William Weeks, Thomas Weeks, James Burgess, W. L.
B.'own, Adam Nichol, William Hoskin, A. K. Spencer, W. Pemb^-rton Page, James
Armstrong, Thomas Dougherty, D. Ferguson, H. Weld, Henry Anderson, H. Payne,
Henry Palmer, and William Uole— 25 in all.
The Grange being opened, Mr. Thomas W. Dyas was called upon to
give his reasons for calling the meeting. He explained the position
of affairs substantially as above set lorth, and showed that the success
of the Grange in Canada depended upon its independence, financially
and otherwise, from the National Grange. In conclusion he moved
the following resolution " That the time has now come when it is

necessary to establish a Dominion Grange."

The question was discussed during the whole afternoon, many mem-
bers expressing a fear that the Grange in Canada would not be strong
enough to stand alone. FinaUy Mr. William Cole moved the follow-
ing amendment, which was adopted :

"That the time has come when it it necetsaij to establish a Dominion Grange ; he
it therefore reoolved, that we hereby consider ourselves a Dominion Grange that we

apply to the National Grange to organise us as such that in the metntime we grant

dispensations to subordinate Granges until a final separation from' the United States is

Mr. S. W. was elected Master, and Mr. Thomas

Hill, of Ridgeville,

W. Dyas, Secretary. On June the Grange again assembled

the 3rd
and adopted a Constitution and By-laws and Declaration of Principles.


They arranged to hold their first regular annual meeting in Toronto,

on the 22d September, 1 874, to be composed of two delegates from
each subordinate Grange in the Dominion, and the officers just elected.
It will be observed from the tenor of the resolution passed that the
members acknowledged the National Grange as the parent institution,
and looked up to it for organization and guidance. They felt that in
making the temporary organization they were only doing as they were
authorized by the promises of the deputy of the National Grange.
The Master and Secretary were ordered to correspond with the Master
of the National Grange, and ask hira to arrange for the permanent
organization at the meeting to be held in Toronto. After the meeting
was over and the members separated, the troubles commenced. The
Secretary found himself with a great deal of M'ork to be done, printing
to be prepared, organization to be pushed forward —and not one cent in
the Treasury. To add to all this trouble several of the Granges repudi-
ated the action of their delegates, notably Georgian Grange, which
refused to acknowledge the Dominion Grange. The Deputy of the
National Grange also felt it to be his duty to oppose the Dominion
Grange. Mr. Hill, however, succeeded in arranging matters with the
deputy and other Granges. By showing a bold front and heartily endors-
ing the Dominion Grange, he frustrated the ettbrts of the opposition; and
Mr. Dyas, feeling sure of the ultimate success of the Grange, advanced
the money to carry on the work. The next difficulty which presented
itself will be best explained by the following circular, sent to the Mas-
ters of Canadian Granges :

LovDOX, Ont., Aagust 11th, 1874.

Dear Sib and Bkotheb, —
Acuording to instrnetiona of the Dominion Grange, a eopy of oar reAolution, separat-
ing ourselTes from the National Orange, and asking fur recognition from them of the
Dominion Orange, as an independent bodj, accompanied hj a letter stating our reasons
for this action, and asking their faTOorable consideration, was sent to the Master of the
National Orange. No notice has been taken of it by the National Grange or its officer^;
and within a few days a Circalar has been sent to the Masters of tonu of the Canadian
Granges, ordering them to meet at London on the 18ih day of August, 1874, to form a
State Grange.
As the Dominion Grange is now in full working order, and succeeding beyond eren
our anticipations, and as we hare already organised a large number of Subordinate
Granges, it is impossible for us to take any notice of the above-mentioned circular.
Many of the Subordinate Granges, organized under the National Orange, have passed
resolutions severing their connection with the National Grange, and giving iu their
adhesion to the Dominion Grange. , „„ , , ,

The great majority of the Granges in Canada fully approve of our work, and are
determined to stand by the Dominion Grange, therefore we leel called upon to state that

the Dominion Grange is an estadlmhbd fact, and will so

Master Dominion Grangt, P.ff. Secretary Dominion Orange, P.H.


A meeting of the Executive Committee was also called for the 18th
August, to be ready to take such action as they might deem necessary.
The Master of the National Grange and of the Michigan State
Grange arrived on time, but only one. Master obeyed their call, all tho
others remaining true to the Dominion Grange so the State Grange

was not organized. In order to show that there was no ill-feeling the
Executive Committee invited the Master of the National Grange and
his colleague to lunch, and all parties separated in apparently good
On the 22nd September the Dominion Grange met in the Agricul-
tural Hall, Toronto, 73 members being present. Forty-four subordi-
nate Granges were then in existence, being an increase of 20 since the
I '>
first meeting.
Many of the members had been inrtructed by their Granges to
oppose the Dominion Grange, therefore trouble was anticipated, and the
first motion made was one calling upon Mr. Dyas for the history of
the Dominion Granges and reasons for separation. The desired expla-
nations being given, it was moved and carried unanimously, " That
the statements be received as perfectly satisfactory." This ended all
opposition in the Dominion Grange. A great deal of work was done
at this meeting, which lasted two days.
Mr. S. W. Hill was appointed as a delegate to go to the annual
meeting of the National Grange, and ask for recognition and fraternal
relations for the Dominion Grange. He did so, but did not succeed in
his mission. He received much kindness from individual members of
the National Grange, especially from Mr. William Saunders, the
father of the Order but he was opposed by others who succeeded in

preventing the National Grange from taking favourable action. The

second annual meeting of the Dominion Grange was held in Toronto,
on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October, 1875. The Committee on Cre-
dentials reported 62 members present entitled to votes. 246 Granges
were reported as organized up to date, and there was a balance in the
treasury of $1656.40. Mr. S. W. Hill was re-elected Master. The
Secretary, Mr. T. W. Dyas, finding the work too much to attend to in
connection with his own business, was compelled to decline re-election»
and Mr. \V. Pemberton Page, of Fonthill, was elected in his place.
Mr. Chase, Master of the New Hampshire State Grange, and member
of the National Executive Committee, who had taken some interest in
— :


the progress of the Grange in Canada, was present on the invitation of

Mr. Hill, and addressed the meeting. Mr. Hill also delivered his
annual address which, like all his m ork, was carefully prepared and
good in every point. Various alterations were made in the Constitu-
tion and By-laws, which the working of the Grange had shown to be
The ninth Grange was held in Louisville,
session of the National
U Kentucky, on the 17th November, 1875. Mr. Chase, of New Hamp-
shire, read the following report of the Committee on Foreign Relations,
which was adopted :

*' Your Committee on Forei^ Relations beg leave to present the (ollowin; report tor the ooosiden-
tion of the National Orange :

" The great need of the agriculturist is association, combination, and co-operation.
" By association we bring together the various individuals who, separately and isolated, are unknown
to each other in the strict sense of knowing each other's desires, vants, and aspirations. Isolated by
tbeir occupation, which in many other cases tends to bring people together. High hills, impassable
ravines, and broad rivers often separate and make as strangers those who till the soil.
" Our occupation requires that we should cultivate our lands with diligence, to plant our seeds in
dne season, to care for the growing crops at all times, and to harvest them when ripened for the store-
" In another portion of this wide world, another people, with different habits, manners, customs,
Mid lanfTjage, are labouring on with like cares, hopes, and results.
" We associate together for one common purpose, and the stranger in a foreign land may do the same.
There is no hostility. There may be no special reason for association among people so different in
ttiought, feelings, and language. Education, religion, government, and social relations are distinct and
marked by insurmountable barriers.
" The labours of the missionary are ever fruitful and beneficial when we send him out to proclaim
glad tidings of good-will toward ail. Wo may benefit our fellow-men not by bringing them to us by con-
straint, but by showing them how to benefit themselves, and by inviting them to Join with us in labour-
tag and toiling on to reach that eternal 'deld within whose gates we can unite in cultivating the mind and
gathering the good seed of a well-spent life.
" Thus may we, the Patrons of Husbandry, send out our chosen Order to many nations who in
various tongues may be recognized as true Patrons.
" We may journey from nation to nation, and ever find those who will give us the Patron's grip, who
will aidus in distress, and be ever ready to shield our sisters from harm.
" While we may not understand or reco};niz8 thb language of our Ritual in a foreign tongue, that
ever-ready bond of union may be found to unite us in life, and in death to close the moistureless eye and
to pay the last tribute of respect to our lifeless remains.
" Let us, while we acknowledge the right of all people of the earth to be free and independent in
every respect, always be found ready to recognize fraternal relations among all who are maintaining the
rules and regulations of our Order, ordained and established by proper authority.
" Let us respect the rights of others as we claim respect from them, and never, while journeying
along the p..wiway of life, cast stumbling-blocks in the way of others, nor attempt to remove our neigh-
bour's landmarks.
" Let us open wide our gates and admit all who, arrayed in proper garments, seek our fold with an
honest desire to emulate us in doing well and when we enter that blissful abode whore friendship and

fraternity are eternal, may we receive that welcome ]>laudit, Well done, good and faithful servants.'

" Your committee would recommend the adoption of the following resolutions :

" Resolved, That the Secretary of the National Orange is hereby instructed to recognize only such
deputies in foreign countries as may have been duly appointed by the Worthy Master of the National
" Resolved, That when fifteen Subordinate Oranges shall have been duly organized in any foreign
eountry, and the same shall have been organized as a foreign State Orange, and such organization shall
have been duly certified to the Secretary of the National Orange, the Secretary shall receive no mora
iqjplications for dispensations for Subordinate Oranges within the jurisdiction of such foreign Orange.
" Resolved, That the National Orange will recognize lawfully-established Oranges in foreign coun-
tries, and that the hand of friendship will always be extended to all true Patrons.
" Resolved, That foreign Oranges, lawfully established, are fraternally invited to send accredited
representatives to the National Orange, or appoint suitable Patrons resident in the United States to bear
from such foreign Oranges tokens of good-will and amity, and to maintain forever such fraternal relations
as will cement us in the bonds of friendship, and to per]}etuate in essentials Unity, In non-essentials
liberty, and in all things Charity."

Toward the end of the session Mr. Chase brought in p.nother report
which was adopted as follows

aanrswaw IIKJliiH WMBMBaW


" Your Committee on Forel^ Relations, to whom was referred so much of the report of the Execu-
tive Committee as related to the condition of the Order in the Dominion of Canada, have had the matter
under consideration, and beg leave to make the following report
" Prior to February 4, 1874, eleven Subordinate Oranges were organized in Canada by a deputy of the
National Grange, and subsequently and before June 2, 1874, fifteen Subordinate Oranges were organized
without authority.
1 " The application and fees therefor were received and the dispensations were issued by the Secretary
of the National Orange.
"\Vhen such Subordinate Oranges were organized representations were made that the subordinate
Granges in Canada should have an organization separate from and independent of the National Grange.
" llie Patrons in Canada, relying on the aforesaid representations, on the second day of June, 1874,
organized the Dominion Grange of Canada, fouudcd mainly on the constitution, by-laws, rules, and
regulations of the National Grange.
The Dominion Grange has continued to increase in a rapid manner, and now contains within its
jnrisdictior. about two hundred and fifty Subordinate Oranges and many Division Oranges, and under a
wise and careful supervision, is now in a prosperous condition.
" Since the organization of ;,he Dominion Orange, a few Subordinate Oranges have been organized
by deputies of the National Orange, and applications and fees therefor have been received and dispensa-
tions Issued by the Secretary of the National Orange.
" Yoiu: conunittce would recommend the adoption of the following resolutions :

" Retolved, That the Worthy Master of the National Grauge be requested to appoint no more
deputies to organize Subordinate Oranges within the Jurisdiction of Dominion Orange of Canada.
"Retolved, That the Secretary of National Orange be instructed to receive no more applications for
dispensations for Subordinate Oranges within the jurisdiction of Dominion Orange of Oanaaa.
'' Which is respectfully

Since the meeting of the Dominion Grange work has progressed far
beyond the expectation of the most sanguine and what is even better, ;

old Granges are reported as working successfully and with profit to

their members. /
The Executive Committee have held three meetings, two at Toronto
and one at Brantford, and will hold the next at Toronto. The Master
has had his hands full, looking after the interests of the Grange, decid-
ing knotty questions, and attending committee meetings, both of the
Grange and of Parliament. The new Secretary, Mr. W. Pemberton
Page, has had to devote his whole time to the work, and has made
himself many new friends by his promptness in correspondence and
energy in carrying out the work.
. — ; : —




It would be well for those who desire to organize a Patrons' Co-operative

Association to apply to the Subordinate Grange within whose limits the
Association is to be located, to adopt Article 37 of the Rules.
Any members of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry in good standing
may, with or without the consent of such Subordinate Grange, proceed to
organize a Co-operative Association by obtaining subscriptions^ to the fol-
lowing articles of agi'eement
We the undersigned, members of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, agree, each for
Jumself, to take the number of Shares affixed to our respective names, in accordance toith
the Itules for Patrons' Co-operative Associations.

Dated at this day of 1S7...

KAUKB. EI8IDKMCI8. Member op

Orakqb, No. — No. OF Shares.

The subscribers will agree upon a time and place of meeting, and, at the
time and place appointed, will elect a temporary Chairman and Secretary,
and should then vote to form themselves into a Co-operative Associa-
tion under the name of the Co-operative Association of the
, in the County
Order of Patrons of Husbandry,, No. of ;

The subscribers should then become incorporated, in accordance with the

The members of the Association will vote
1 To adopt the Rules for Co-operative Associations ;

2. To elect four, six, or eight Directors of the Association ;

3. To elect two or four Auditors ;

4. To proceed to the election of officers.

The permanent officers having been elected by ballot, the Association will
then vote ^

1. To designate the office and place of business of the Association ;

2. To limit the amount of capital of the Association ;

3. To designate the times and places for the meetings of the Association
and of the Directors ; ,

4. To adopt a seal
6. To assign to officers such salaries as may be C ?emed proper.
"T3 tUBtaattiaililTftifTiii


Tbe Treasurer will then receive all money due for Shares and will deliver
to each shareholder a certificate signed by the Chairman, Secretary, and
Treasurer, as follows :

Certificate of Share No
Order of Patrons of Husbandry in the County of. »

Ox-ga-xxizsecl Slaixres SS.OO,

Thii certifies Uiat 0/ and a member of... Orange, Xo
in the County of, ia the owrnsr of Share No in the capital of

Co-operatioe Asuociation No , of the Order of Patrons of Uusbandry, in the County

qf subject to the rules of the A xgociation.

Witness our hands and the seal of the Association,

this day of 18..
fL. 8.] Chairman.
The certificate should not be delivered until the Share shall be paid for,
in cash, to the Treasurer.
The Secretary and Treasurer should each keep a record of the certificates,
together with all transfers of the same.
The Directors should then appoint one or more of their number to make
such purchases for the Association, as the Directors may authorize, and
should also select suitable persons to act as salesmen, and should assign to
them such duties and compensation as the Directors may think fit.
The Directors should have printed on good, stifi* pasteboard a number of
trade-checks, about as follows for each $1000 of anticipated business :

1 cent, 3000 ;
10 cents, 1000 ; $ 1.00, 400
2 cents, 2000 ;
25 cants, 600 ; $ 5.00, 200
5 cents, 4000 ; 50 cents, 400 ; $10.00, 100
The trade-checks should be from two to three inches long and about one
inch wide.
It is well to have the trade-checks of different colors 1, 2, and 5 cents, :

white; 10, 25, and 50 cents, yellow; $1.00, red; $5.00, blue; and $10.00,
Any other trade-checks may
be issued to coiTespond with the currency.
Rules should be established to regulate the times for changing the smaller
trade-checks for those of larger denomination, and to declare that none but
$1.00, $5.00, and $10.00 checks should be placed on the check-books for
the purpose of dividends, of pi-ofits, or of interest on capital.
Check-books should be furnished for each member, in which should be
entered the number of Shares standing in his name, the amount of purchase
for each quarter, the dividend of interest on Shares, the dividend of profit
on purchases for the quarter, and the amount withdrawn.
The check-book should also contain the times and places of the meetings
of the Association and of the Directors, the times for changing the trade-
checks and for entering the checks on the check-book, and for leaving the
check-book for the purpose of calculating the dividends of profits and for
the withdrawal of dividends, and such other information as may be deemed

The check-book should be headed as follows, and properly ruled :

The Cooperative Association, No. ...of(U Order of Patrons of

JIusbandry, in the County of , »« ciccouyU with

Page of ledger





number of Shares as may be necessary, at the rate of five di Mars per Share,
together with interest thereon at the established rate since the last dividend
of interest, the members having the greatest number of Shares being the
first required to sell.
9. Notice op Withdrawal. —Members may withdraw any sum above
twenty-five dollars on demand, with the consent of the Directors, but shall
not have the right to withdraw more than five Shares at any one time, un-
less ninety days' notice has been given, and a second notice shall not be
given until the first has expired.
10. —
Withdrawal or Exclusion. Any member may withdraw from i>
and any member shall be excluded who ceases to be a
this Association,
member of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry.
11. Capital Returned, —
Upon the withdrawal or exclusion of any
member, he shall receive payment of the capital advanced by him, with all
arrears of interest and profits, if any, within six months after such with-
drawal or exclusion.
12. Distress. —
Any member being in distress may withdraw any sum he
may have in the funds of this Association above five dollars, at the discre-
tion of the Directors.
13. Decease of Members. —Upon the decease of any member the Direc-
tors may repay to the legal representatives of such deceased member all the
capital owned by such member at the time of his decease, together with all
arrears of interest and dividends of profits, within six months after his de-
14. Reduction of Stock. —The fixed stock shall be reduced as follows, i .

viz.: ten per cent, pei* annum on two and one half per cent, on
storehouses, shall be deducted quarterly from their value as shown in the
books of the Association.
15. —
Profits. The net profits of all business carried on by the said Asso-
^'ii^ ciation, afterpaying the expenses of management, making the proper re-
duction in value of fixed stock, and paying the interest on the capital there-
of as aforesaid, shall from time to time be applied, by vote of the Associa-
tion, at the quarterly mtoving of the Association, either to increase the
capital or business of the Association, or for any educational or provident
purposes authorized by the Association, and the remainder shall be divided
among those who have purchased goods from this Association during the
preceding quarter (to non-members one half the proportion of members) in
proportion to the amount of purchases during the quarter.
16. Division of Profits. —
Each member shall receive out of the surplus
profits of the Association, after providing for the expenses thereof, in each
quarter, interest not exceeding eight per cent, per annum upon the capital
standing to his credit in the books of the Association, as is declared at the
quarterly meetings of the Association, provided his purchases from the As-
sociation are according to the following scale, viz.: If a member pur-
$ 5, per quarter, he shall be allowed interest up to , $ .50
" " l.OO
10, per quarter,
«« "* 2.00
20, per quarter,
• ,1 V


30, per quarter, he shall be allowed interest up to 3,00

" **
40, per quarter,
60, per quarter,
" " 5.00
17. Officers, —
The officers of this Association shall consist of a Chair-
man, Secretary, Treasurer, and either four, six, or eight Directors, and
either two or four Auditors. The Chairman and Secretary shall be Direc-
tors, ex officio.
18. Election op Officers. —
The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, one
half of the Directors, and one half of the Auditors shall be elected at the
quarterly meeting in January, or at the next regular meeting thereafter,
and the remainder at the qnai-terly meeting in July, or at the next regular
meeting thereafter, and shall hold their several offices for the term of one
year and until others are elected.
19. Eligibility. —
No member shall be eligible for the office of Director,
(except at the first and second elections after the organization) who has not
been a member six months ; and no member shall be eligible for the office of
Chairman, after the first election) who has not been a Director in the As-
20. Elections. —All elections shall be by ballot.
21. —
Vacancies. All vacancies shall be filled temporarily by the Direc-
tors until the next regular meeting, when such vacancies shall be filled by
the Association.
22. Management op Business, —
The Directors shall have the general
management and supervision of the business of the Association shall ap-
T .

point the salesmen and other employes and shall assign to them such duties

and compensation as the Directors may think fit,

23. Directors. —
The Directors shall meet at such times and places as the
Association may designate.
A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum.
The Directors shall in all things act for and in the name of the Associa-
tion, and all acts and orders of the Directors under the powers delegated
to them shall have like force and effect as if they were the acts and orders
of a majority of the members of the Association at a regular meeting
All questions at such Directors' meeting shall be decided by a majority
of votes.
Any two of the Directors may call a special meeting thereof by giving
three days' notice in writing to the Secretary ; but no business shall be
transacted at such special meeting except that specified in the notice.
The Directors shall convene the meetings of the Association as is herein
mentioned, and shall cause the accounts of all business carried on in behalf
of the Association to be regularly entered in proper books, and shall cause
a statement of the accounts of the Association, with all necessary vouchers
up to the last day of the previous quai-ter, or ten days before the quarterly
meeting, to be made out and laid before the Auditors not less than ten days
before the quarterly meetings of the Association.
All committees shall be subject to the Directors.
24. Manner of Conducting Business, —
All money received on account
— im*r<


of Shares, contributions, or otherwise, shall be paid to the Treasurer, unless

otherwise ordered by the Association ; and shall be withdrawn only on the
written order of the Chairman, countersigned by the Secretary, by a vote
of the Directors ; and so much of the funds of the Association as are not
A wanted for immediate use or to meet the accruing liabilities shall, with the
consent of the Association at any regular meeting, be invested by the
The business of the Association shall be conducted for cash. All persons
trading with the Association shall be furnished with checks representing the
amount of their purchases.
25. Investments. — This Association may invest such portions of its sur-
plus capital in any wholesale Co-operative Association as the Association
may determine, notice of the same having been given in writing at a pre-
vious regular meeting ; and such investment shall be made under the super-
vision of the Directors.
26. Chairman. — ^The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Abso-
ciation and of the Directors, and in his absence a Chairman shall be elected
pro tern, from the Directors.
The Chairman shall sign officially all contracts, also the records of the
proceedings of all meetings of the Association and of the Directors.
27. —
Secretary. ^The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Asso-
ciation and of the Directors ; summon all special meetings of the Directors;
keep a correct record of the proceedings thereof ; shall sign the same
officially ; shall countersign all contracts ; and shall on all occasions, in the
execution of his office, act under the direction and control of the Directors.
28. Treasurer. — The Treasurer shall be responsible for the money paid
to him on account of the Association. He shall balance his cash account
weekly, and furnish the Secretary with a duplicate thereof, and shall, if
required, attend any meeting of the Association or of the Directors.
29. Security.— Every pei'son appointed to any office requiring the
receipt, management, or expenditure of money, shall, before entering upon
the duties of his office, give such security as may be deemed sufficient by
the Directors.
30. Salaries. — At any quarterly meeting of the Association the majority
of the members present may assign to any officer of the Association such re-
muneration or salary as may bo deemed proper.
31. Disqualification. — Any Director shall vacate his office, if he holds
any other office or place of profit under the Association, except such as may
be assigned to him by Rule 30, or if he is interested or participates in the
profits of any contract with the Association. But no Director shall vacate
his office on account of being a member of any company or association
which has entered into contracts with or done any work for the Association
of which he is a Director, provided that such Director shall not vote in re-
spect to such contract or work.
No salesman or other employ^ of this Association shall serve as a Director
or Auditor, or be allowed to vote for any officer of the Association.
32. Auditors. — The Auditors shall audit all accounts of the Association,
and see that they are correctly kept ; and shall present, at each quarterly


meeting, a balance sheet of all the receipts and disbursements, and also of
the assets and liabilities of the Association signed by them, together with
a statement of the aflairs of the Association since the last quai*terly meeting
and of its then condition. They shall have authority to call for and ex-
amine all records, vouchers, papers and documents belonging to the Associa-
33. Regular Meetings. — Regular meetings shall be held in the months
of January, April, July, and October, and at such other times as the Asso-
elation may determine.
The first regular meeting in January, April, July, and October shall be
called quarterly meetings.
34. Special Meetings. — Special meetings may be called by the Directors
or by a majority of the members by posting a notice specifying the time,
place, and objects of the meeting, at the meeting-room, and at the usual
places of business of the Association, and by depositing in the post-office a
prepaid letter or postal card containing a copy of such notice for each mem-
ber, with his name and post-office address thereon, as recorded on the books
of the Association, at least ten days before the time of meeting ; and no
business shall be transacted at such special meeting except such as is speci-
fied in the notice for such meeting.
35. Place of Meetings. — All reg\ilar meetings shall be held at such
place as the Association shall determine ; or, in case of unforeseen emer-
gency, at such place as the Directors may designate.
36. Quorum. — One fourth of the members shall constitute a quorum.
37. —
Organization. Any Subordinate Grange may, by a vote at a re-
gular meeting, authorize the formation of a Patrons' Co-operative Associa-
tion within the limits of such Grange ; and no other Co-operative Association
shall be organized within such limits without the consent of such Grange.
38. Number. — All Patrons' Co-operative Association shall take the num-
ber assigned to the Subordinate Grange within whose limits the principal
place of business is located ; and such number shall not be changed, and
shall be registered in the office of the Secretary of the Division Grange and
and in the office of the Secretary of the Dominion Grange.
39. Complaints. — All complaints shall be made to the Directora in
writing, signed by some member of the Association ; and the Directors shall
make such inv^estigation and decision thereon as they shall deem proper,
subject to an appeal to the next regular meeting of the Association, whose
decision shall be final ; and all complaints and decisions shall be entered iu
a book to be kept for that purpose. •

40. Seal. — This Association shall have a seal.

41. Voting. — At all meetings of the Association or of the Directors each
member shall have one vote only.
42. Amendments. — These Rules may be amended at any regular meeting,
notice thereof having been given in writing, signed by some member, at a
jM.'evious regular meeting.


[O a well ordered and successful suboi'dinate Grange there are cer-

tain elements! and qualities quite indispensable. Notably among-
these is a perfect knowledge of the objects of the Order, and a
thorough education in the work of the Grange room. These, coupled
with prompness and regularity of attendance, unity of action, and
determination of purpose, will ensure success.
Upon the Subordinate Grange depends, to a large extent, the
success of the whole scheme, as each one is an essential part of the one great
whole, hence the necessity of each and all being thoroughly educated in the
principles of the Order and mode of conducting the work, as uniformity
and concert of action are necessary adjuncts to its prosperity. " To those
who read aright, history proves that in all ages society is fragmentary, and
successful by general effort.
results of general welfare can be secured only
Unity of action cannot be acquired without and discipline can-
not be enforced without significant organization hence we have a ceremony

of initiation which binds us in mutual fraternity as with a band of iron ;

but although its influence is so powerful, its application is as gentle as that
of the silken thread that binds a wreath of flowers." Any new fraternity
has much to learn before it can be said to be well founded and established,
particularly so is this the case among members who have never been con-
nected with any other similar society. Among farmers we find many who
from the peculiarities of their business, their isolated position, have not had
opportunities of social intercourse and connection with societies established
for the promotion of social and material advancement of their members.
Hence the necessity of more diligent study and labor to become familiar
with the work in hand.
In newly organized Granges the first duty of members should be to study
to become familiar with the works of the ritual. Its teachings are elevat-
ing and instructive lessons, and to become well versed in the proceedings
is necessary, that we may conduct our meeting, particularly the cermony of
initiation, properly and without hesitation. After becoming familiar with
this part, the business, or material part of the work, will present itself
and in this we should be governed by an enlightened wisdom ; not that
principle that requires all advantages to be on our side, but a broad and
liberal principle that advocates equal rights ; treats with respect and ac-
knowledges the necessity of every legitimate calling. We have been labor-
ing under difficulties in the past from our lack of organization and conse-
quent inability to compete with other callings, and to prevent the encroach-
ments of organized capital, which in many cases had proved giant monopo-



and luMpin,.? oppression upon lionc^st labor. To re;j[(ilate

JioH, iiiiriiii;;^ tnulc;
thi.s JH tli(! uno aim of out* .suciuty, and callH t'oith ii lutlpin^ hand from

every farinor in (Janada. Wo at fii-st may not know the boHt and most
busiruiSH liko mothoil of n;rn<'dyinj^ tliG evil. Wo ncod then carefully to study
and maturo our i)lans, and wj need unity of action to carry them into effect.
We also need to earry out oin- business agreements and contiacts in good
faith, such jus will inspire confidence in the minds of those with whom we
deal, showing that we mean to practise what wo profess.
Each member 'pon admission to the Order a.ssume8a responsibility, and
should consider iiim.self bound to assist in carrying out its principles, not
by preco[)t alone, but by practice, by uniting in heart and hand, shoulder-
ing a part of the loa<l, and carrying it firmly forward. Unless this is done
those who are placed in positions of trust, as leaders, will be powerless to
effect anything of importance. It cannot be expected that u[)on adraisaion
to the Grange matoi'ial blessings innumerable will flow in upon you with-
out individual effort. With every position there is a work and responsi-
bility ; when you accept membei'ship in the Grange you must accept a
share of the work, otherwise you must not expect to reaj) a share of the re-
wards. " He that will not plough by reason of the cold shall beg in the har-
vest and have nothing." Important as this is in regard to our financial in-
terests, it will apply with still greater force to our social and educational
interests, which are of greater importance, and will eventually overshadow
the other.
These are destined to grow and expand, and with their growth to exert
a powerful influence for good amongst us. It is now becoming well under- ^

stood that education, intelligence, brains are as necessary on the farm as in

any other branches of business. And in proportion to the spread of educa-
tion, as the minds of raembei's become enlarged by association and contact
in the Grange, our material interests will be advanced.
To keep our subordinate Granges in a healthy condition we need to make
them interesting and instructive. Every Grange should be supplied with
plenty of good reading matter. The funds of a Grange cannot be better
spent than in the purchase of a good libraiy, in the selection of which we
do not want to be confined entirely to agricultural works, but let selections
consist in part of history and science. Encourage the young to read and
think. Cultivate intellect, as this is the secret of our future prosperity and
position. Encourage them to speak, and discuss all -subjects brought up for
investigation in the Grange. When the members freely interchange their
ideas and opinions on all subjects, interest is awakened in the meetings.
There are many questions of importance to farmers that can profitably be
discussed, and in which every member should take part, say a few words,
and not sit lazily looking around for some one else to speak, and then go
away complaining because the meeting was not interesting.
No one should allow himself to be instructed in the Grange, or benefitted
by its business transactions, without being willing to assist in return. Mem-
bers should always be willing to take part in any discussion or work, and
speak upon any subject when called upon to do so. This will serve to
strengthen the Grange, and at the same time be the means of strengthening

ami invigorating hitherto lat^'Ut intelloctH. 'llieso diHcussionH nliould bo

conducted with Hystem, and in accordance with ])nrliament(iry niles, thii»
giving to all a knowledge of the laws and pruoticoH of deliberative »i««tMnl)licH;
then, when called upon to fill any })08ition in such boilioH, they will bo ublo
to do 80 with credit and honor to themHolves.
ProinptncHB and regularity, being neccHwiry adjvincts to nucceHs in any un-
dertaking, are none the less hq in the Orange, and it should bo made a duty
required of every member to be prompt and upright in all his business trans-
actions, and to be prompt to the time and regular in attendance at all our
meetings. Nothing adds more to the interest and strcngtli of a Urango
than to see all the members in their places at the time appointed, and if
possible be there every time. To be an hour or two behind the time is to hurry
through the work in a reckless and unsatisfactory manner. Much depends
upon the Master in this res[)ect as the acknowledged head. If he is u live,
energetic man, prompt in his attendance, he will soon establish a prompt
action on the part of the members. A man who is always behind time will
never succeed; neitlier will a Grange if the members disregard the time of
meeting, and are not regular in their attendance, for while it has a weaken-
ing influence upon the Grange, it strengthens opponents, and gives them a
reason to believe what they would like to see, — a failure. But this cannot
be. An order founded upon the principles that ours is founded upon cannot
fail. By remaining true to ourselves, by cultivating promptnens, unity, and
business-like regularity, by lesisting outside influences tending to divert our
minds from the main object, and especially by avoiding political complica-
tions, the Grange can safely and successfully accomplish its mission.


Many people are of the opinion that the Grange is simply a society for
making money by buying cheap and selling dear, and nothing more. This
is a gieat mistake. The Society was organized for other and nobler pur-
poses than merely trading. It is a body of farmers, who meet together for
the purpose of discussing such subjects as materially affect themselves, to
consider their mutual interests and how they may be best aided, to work
unitedly where any good thing is to be done or any evil prevented. The
scope of their work is large, and if in performing some particular portion
of it they tread on somebody's corns, that part of their work assumes the
greatest proportions in somebody's eyes. This is why business men can see
nothing in the Grange but the trading idea.


S. W. Hill, Master. Ridgeville, Ont.
Overseer, H. Leet, Danville, Que. Chaplain, Wm. Cole, Cole's Comers.
Lecturer, Stephex White, Charing Cross. Treasurer, J. P. Bull, Downsview.
Steward, D. Nixon, Grimsby. Secretary, W. P. Page, Fonthill.
Assist. -Steward, H, S. Losseb, Norwich. Gate-Keeper, J. Duncan, Richmond Hill,

Ceres,Mrs. T. W. Dyas, Toronto. Flora, Me. S. E. Phillip.s, Schomberg.
Pomona, Misa Whitelaw, Meaford. Lady Ast. -Steward, Mrs. Lossee, Norwich

Manning, Schomberg; W. J. Campbell, Braatford;
J. P. Payne, Delaware; A.
GiFFORD, Meaford ; James Daly, Newburgh.


On Discontinuance of Rituals, D. Nixon and H. S. Losseb.
On Life Insurance, Thomas W. Dyas, W. S. Campbell, and W. J. Beel.
Auditing Committee, J. F. Gould, and S. E. Phillips.

1. London. —James Evans, Master ; W. L. town ; Richard Manning, Schomberg T. ;

Brown, Secretary, Deputies ; F. Ander- Connelly, Stroud.

son, London B. Payne, Delaware
; W. ; 5. West Lambton. — Wm. Cole, Master ;
L. Brown, Hyde Park H. Brace, Lon- ; Silas Mills, Secretary, Cole's Corners ;
don E. K. Talbot, Ai va J. Ferguson,
; ; Deputies Wm.; Cole, Cole's Corners ; P.
Birr E-. T. Jarvis, Nilestown D. Basker-
; ; Smith, Colinville..
ville, Evelyn. 6. —
Halton. H. Albertson, Master M. ;

2. Grey.— P. Christie, Master; A. Gifford, Clements, Secretary, Trafalgar; Deputy:

Secretary, Meaford; Deputies : A. Gifford, Hiram Albertson, Trafalgar.
Meaford Alexander Webster, Jackson.
; 7. J^ucKNow.— W. Patterson, Master ; John
3. Niagara District. D. Nixon, Master,— Taylor, Secretary, Lucknow Deputies ; :

Grimsby ; J. Brown, Secretary, Welland; P. McKenzie, Lucknow; J. Tolmie, Tiver-

Deputies ; D. W. Metier, North Pelham ton ; J. S. Varcow, Qarlow.


Robert Green, Attercliffe Station ; A. H. 8. Brantford. W. J. Beel, Master ; J. S.

Pettit, Grimsby. Thompson, Secretary, Brantford ; Depu-
4. —
South Simcoe. F. Strangway, Master, ties : J. S. Thompson, Brantford ; W. B.
Bond Head ; John Armson, Secretary, UnderhiU, Burford J. WiUson, Gait
; j

Bradford Deputies Thos. Parker, Ivy

; : Henry Tutt, Kelvin.
Thos. Smith, Bramley ; Thosj. Duff, Cooks- 9. —
York. J. P. Bull, Master, Downsview ;
: —


A. J. Hughes, Secretary, Sharon Depu- ; Chas. Drury, Barrie E. Archer, Hills-


ties ; R. Clark, Downsview ; J. Duncan, dale H. G. Lister, Rugby R. Dixon,

; ;

Richmond Hill S. E. PhUlips, Schom-

; Minesing.
berg ; J. Hagarty, Aginconrt ; Tliomas 21. Bklmore.— Wm. Anderson, Master,
Webster, Coleraine A. J. Hughes, Sharon. Belraore ;A. Dturamond, Secretary,
10. Peel. —
Guy Bell, Master; L. Cheyne, Clittbrd; Deputy: Henry Smith, Gorrie.
Secretary, Brampton ; Deputies Francis : 22. —
Oxford. Jonathan Jarvis, Master ;

Sleigh tholm, liumber Eli Crawford, Guy ; Thomas Choate, Secretary Deputy G. ; :

Bell, Brampton ; N. Steen, Streetsville E. Harris, Ingersoll.


W. J. Oliver, Derry West ; R. Dick, 23. Beaver Valley. McColman,

Cheltenham ; Robt. Clarkson, Jas. New- D. Wright, Secre-
Master, Clarksburg ;

love, Macville. tory, Craigleith ; Deputies Neil Mc- :

11. Kent. —
John McLean, Master, Chat- Colman, Clarksburg ; William Hewgill,
ham ; E. McCollum, Secretary, Charing, Heathcote.
cross Deputies A. McCorraac, Norfolk; 24. Beaver Valley.
; : Robert Gardner, —
J. Wright, ChHtham ; J. Mann, Valetta; Master, Farquhar ; Jas. Gillespie, Secre-
R. Wilkie, Rond Eau ; A. W. Crow, tary, Cromarty Deputy Robert Mc- ; :

Kent Bridge ; D. H. Everett, Dresden. Mordie, Kippen.

12. North Middlesex. —
W. J, Anderson, 25. Ontario. Andrew Orvis, Master, —
Master ; T. Campbell, Secretary, Fern Whitby; W. V. Richardson, Secretary,
Hill ; Deputy John Levi, Fern Hill.
: Pickering ; Deputies Andrew Orvis, :

13. ViOTOKiA.— Robert Beatty, Master, Whitby ; J. Haight, Pickering.

Kirkton ; John Campbell, Secretary, 26. Wentworth. Moss J. Olmstead, —
Metropolitan. Master, Ancaster ; F. M. Carpenter.
14. Durham --Jesse Trull, Master, Oshawa; Secretary, Stoney Creek ; Deputies M. :

J. T. Gould, Secretary, Foley Deputies J. Olmstead, Ancaster ;

; P. S. Van
Wm. HaU, Oshawa. J. T. Gould, Foley ; Wagner, Stoney Creek ; P. Patterson,
R. D. Foley, Bowmanville. Copetown ; G. Gastle, Carlisle.
15. East Lambton. —
J. Dallas, Master, 27. Huron. J. Whitfield, Master ; Alex. —
Widder Station ; J. D. Eckles, Secretary, Stewart, Secretary, Grey ; Deputy J. :

Warwick ; Deputies Francis Kearney, : Smith, Newry.

Watford ; J. McDonald, Alvinston Thos. 28. Norfolk. Isaac Austin, Master, Port
; —
Doherey, Uttoxeter ; J. Dallas, Thedford. Dover ; E. C. Carpenter, Secretary,
16. Obangevillk. —
Wm. Clark, Master, Simcoe ; Deputy Isaac Austin, Port :

Caledon; W. T. PattuUo, Secretary; Dover.

Alton ; Deputy J. K. Decatur, Camilla. 29. Waterloo. James Willson, Master;
: —
17. Vilest Middlesex. —
HectorMcFarlane, A. J. Goodall, Secretary, Gait.
Master ; J. E. Langton, Secretary, DEfUTiEs not Belonging to Divisions :

Strathroy ; Deputy S. W. Dell, Strathroy

: Jas. Livingston, Moncrieff ; Robt. Crowar,
18. Elgin. —
Stephen Wade, Master, Union Salem ; W. J. Mas^ey, Belleville Levi ;

E. D. Scott, Secjetary, Union ; Deputy R. Whitman, Knowlton, Que.; Robert


Jabei Robinson, Hatherley. Wilkie, Rond Eau ; Thomas Blair, Kin-

19. Lennox and Addington. Jas.Daley, —
cardine ; John Biggar, Burgoyne ; Thos.
Master, Newburgh ; W. N. Harris, Secre- Huston, Paisley ; Wm. Woodsworth,
tary, Napanee ; Deputies W. Harris, M. Bowling Green Robert Cromar, Salem ;
: ;
Neville, Uriah Siles, Napanee. J. J. Adams, Wales; Chas. McGibbon»
20. NorthSimcoe. —
Chas. Drury, Master; Douglas, New Brunswick W. M. Blair, :

John Derby, Secretary, Barric Deputies Truro, Nova Scotia.



I. iNTEnxArtoNAL. —
A. p. Ball, Master ;
31. Brant.—John S. Thomson, Master ;

J. G, Field, Secretary, Stanstead, Que. Thomas A. Good, Secretary, Brantford.

3. Golden.— Wm. Wright, Master; G. T. 32. Mutual. — J. H. Burtwistle, Master ;

A. Poole, Secretary, Dixville, Que. Eli L. Davis, Secretary, Tempo.

4. Shipton.— Michael Lynch, Master ; 33. Smith. — Peter Smith, Master Clement ;

Hiram Leet, Secretary, Danville, Que. White, Secretary, Colinville.

€. Fkelighsbuho. — H. N. Whitman, 34. Union. —D. Patterson, Master, Cope-
Master, Stanbridge Miles Reynolds, ; town ; Geo. S. Jones, Secretary, West
Secretary, Frelighsburg, Que. Flamboro'.
7. Dunham. —
11. L. Galer, Master ; B. P. 35. —
Halton. Henry Robinson, Master ;

Terril, Secretary, Dunham, Que. John Wales, Secretary, Oraagh.

II. Advance. —
Fred. Anderson, Master ; 36. North Oxford. Jonathon Jarvis,—
J. H. Elliott, Secretary, Wilton Grove. Master ; E. Jarvis, Secretary, Ingersoll.
12. Winchester. —
J. L. Holmes, Master, 37. —
Elm Tree. J. Manning, Master Jno. ;

Winchester G. A. Johnston, Secretary,

; McMaiius, Secretary, Schoraberg.
Cass Bridge. 33. —
Beaver. David Phillips, Master ;
13. —
Georgian. A. Gifford, Master Wm. ; S. E. Phillips, Secretary, Schomberg.
Clark, Secretary, Meaford. 39. Richmond.— E. B. Miles, Master ; M.
14. Sydenham. — Donald Jack, Master ;
S. Madole, Secretary, Napanee.
Matthew Gardiner, Secretary, Woodford. 40. Moulton. —Robt. Green, Master, Atter-
15. St. Vincent. — Henry Palmer, Master, cliffe Station ; John W. Tisdale, Secre-
Strathnairn ; DonaldRobertson, Secretary, tary, Attercitfe.
Blantyre, 41. Welland. — A. Hill, Master
Geo. ; J.
16. Delaware. —
Benjamin Payne, Master; L. Page, Secretary,Welland.
S. H. Cornell, Secretary, Delaware. 42. Pennville. —Thos. Phillips, Master
17.' Pelham. —
Samuel Beckett, Master, William Secretary, Bond Head.

Ridgeville ; S. H. Van Every, Secretary, 43.Montrose. — W. B. Underbill, Master,

Fen wick. Mount Vernon ; A. D. Perley, Secretary,
18. Lundy'.s Lane. —
Geo. Hyatt, Master, Paris.
Stamford ; Walter Ker, Secretary, Drum- 44. Eureka.— John Armson, Master ; W.
mondville. S. Eraser, Secretary, Bradford.
19. Elgin Pioneer.— Stephen AVade, Mas- 45. Lake Simcoe. —
Chas. Cross, Master,
ter, Union ; Jas. E. Arlett, Secretary, Lefroy ; James Allan, Secretary, Churchill.
Sparta. 46. Bertie. -Wm. Sloan, Master ; Jame«
20. — Dr. H. Hanson, Master;
Royal Oak. J. Moore, Secretary, Ridgeway.
D. McKenzie, Secretary, Hyde Park. 47. Argenteuil. —
(Jeorge Bond, Master,
21. Forest City. — Geo. E. JaVvis, Master, St. Andrews Robert Gordon, Secretary,

Byron Harry Bruce, Secretary, London.

; La Chute, Quebec.
22. Plympton Wide Awake. — Arm- Jas. 48. Brock Holme. —Moss J. Olmstead,
strong, Master, Camlachie ; Tlios.Doherty, Master ; R. S. Stevenson, Secretary,
Secretary, Uttoxeter. Ancaster.
23. Protective.— William Cole, Master ; 49. Pioneer. —
Wm. Stevenson, Master;
Silas Mills, Secretary, Coles' Corners. Wm. Keith, Secretary, Hammond.
24. Lakeside. —
Thomas Blair, Master ; G. 50. Woodl.a.nd.— Alex. Webster, Master;
C. Ross, Secretary, Kincardine. Stephen Webster, Secretary, Jackson.
25. Victoria.— Matthew Denton, Master; 51. Colinville.— John Campbell, Master,
Wm. Laycock, Secretary, Meafonl. Colinville Fiddes,
; Jas. Secretarj', Ossian.
26. Western Star. — J. Waddell, Master ;
52. — Gillelan, Jas. Master;
John Hutchinson, Secretary, Sarnia. D. W.Albertson, Secretary, Trafalgar.
27. North Norwich. EliasMott, Master; — 53. Perseverance. —
Jno. Biggar, Master
E. C. Palmer, Secretary, Norwich. Alfred Sliell, Secretary, Burgoyne.
28. East Williams. Neil McTaggart, — 54. Hornby. —
C. P. Preston, Master;
Master, Nairn Dugald Campbell, Secre- Archibald King, Secretary, Hornby.
tary, Fern Hill.

55. Sugar Loaf. —

0. F. Kniseley, Master ;
29. Maple Leaf. — John
McGlashan, D. J. Stone, Secretary, Hiimberstone.
Master ; Peter Metier, Secretary, North 56. Bond Head. —Thomas Cross, Master ;

Pelham. John D. Fraser, Secretary, Bond Head.

30. Darlington. —Jas. B. AVorden, Master, 57. Star.— H. McLanhlan, Master, Ade-
Bowmanville Thos. Worden, Secretary,
; laide ; J. Ilerrington, Secretary, Keyser.


68. —
Obbobne. Donald McLellan, Master; 86. Farmer's Pridk.— A. A. Stewart,
John Rainsbeny, Secretary, Osborne. Master A. O. McAndrew,
; Secretary,
C9. Prospect. James McKee,— Master ;
Ailsa Craig.
Pinkerton L. Lamb, Secretary, Paisley.
; 87. MOBECOMLH.— Wm. Haldenby, Master;
60. D0WN8VIEW. — liobert Clarke, Master ;
A. W. Haldenby, Secretary, Kinlough.
A. W. Duncan, Secretary, Downsview. 88. Poplin.— Thos. Smith, Master, Bram-
61. TnoBOLD. — Wm. Kobertson, Master, ley Thos. Hust, Secretary, Stroud.

St. Catharines; Wm. Dalgleish, Secretary, 89. CooKSTOWN.— Thos. Dulf, Master ; Ja.s.
Box 227, Thorold. A. Kidd, Secretary. Cookstown.
62. SwiTZEUViLLE. —R. N. Switzer, Master, 90. Ennlskillen.— H. Ingraham, Master;
Switzerville ; L. E. Percy, Secretary, Robert Dawson, Secretary, Petrolia,
Newburgh. 91. Plympton Union.— James Vanatter,
63. Mayflower. "W. P. Paterson, Master; Master; Wm. \'oder, Secretary, Forest.
P. McKenzie, Secretary, Lucknow. 92. Mount Pleasant. — James' Agnew,
64. Turnberrv. — J. W. Walker, Master; Master, Lucknow ; Thos. Murray, Secre-
Thomas Hislop, Secretary, Bluevale. tary, Langside.
65. Rose.— W. J. Bell, Master, Willium 93. Thorn Grove.— Guy
Bell, Master,
Howell, Secretary, Brantford. Brampton ; David Lawrence, Secretary,
66. Newburgh.-J. B. Aylesworth, Master; Brampton.
John Jackson, Secretary, Newburgh. 94. Harmony.— William Spence, Master ;
67. Kent Bridge. —
F. Arnold, Master ; L. Youngson, Secretary, Metropolitan.
A. P. Stephens, Secretary, Kent Bridge. 96. Sherkston.— David S. Sherk, Master;
68. HowicK.— J. D. Smith, Master ; Thos. Jacob M. Sherk, Secretary, Sherkston.
Walker, Secretary, Gorrie. 96. West Flamboro— J. Bowman, Master;
69. Clinton. —
IraF.Onlp, Master, Beams- W. D. Binkley, Secretary, Dundas.
ville Alpheus Bush, Secretary, Jordan. 97. Wanstead.— P. McPhedran, Master ;

70. Albert. —
R. F. Marshall, Master ; A. J. E. Anderson, Secretary, Wyoming.
Johnston, Secretary, Moore. 93. Lorne.— Wallace Michael, Master ;
71. Star of the West. D. C. Houston, —
George McCailum, Secretary, Mapleton.
Master ; Wm. Somraerville, Secretary, 99. Sheridan. F. Lawrence, Master; R. —
Chatham. F. Pollard, Secretary, Sheridan.
72. YONGUE Street. —
A. Dennis, Master ; 100. Farmers Wreath. John Stewart, —
Oliver Stevens, Secretar}*, Newmarket. Master Dryden, Secretary ; Lucknow.
; J.
73. Pine Grove. —
Jno. Cordingly, Master, 101. Sharon.— A. J. Hughes, Master ; C.
Streetsville ; Moses McCurdy, Secretary, H. Haines, Secretary, Sliaron.
Hornby. 102. North Ridge.—John Noble Master
74. Oak Leaf. —Gerret Terhure, Master ;
S. G. Brooher, Secretary, North Ridge.
Geo. Ballachey Secretary, Brantford.
jr.. 103. Thistle. --Alexander Forsyth, Master
75. Moore Centre. —Wm.
Nisbet, Master; George Oliver, Secretary, Darrell.

Gray, Secretary, Moore. 104. RinoE Tree.—John Dallas, Master
76. Glasgow. —
Thomas Milliken, Master, David Smith, Secretary, Thedfbrd.

CrathieA. Campbell, Sec, Springbank.

; 105. Sylvan.— Alex. Tod, Master ; Wm.
77. Forest Rose. —
M. Wallis, Master, St. P. Grierson, Secretary, Sylvan.
Thomas; J. F. Davis, Secretary, Glan worth 106. FAVOhlTE.
78. Pribe OF Blanchard. James Highet, — Walter Brett, Secretary, Strathroy.
Master J. Irwin, Secretary, Anderson.
107. Lask AY.—Joseph Smelser, Master;
79. Mountain. —
William Hippie, Master, Edward Marshall, Secretary, I.«skay.
Campden ; S. N. Fry, Secretary, Jordan. 108 Union.—Andrew Orvis, Master; W.
80. Credit Valley. N. Steen, Master — H. Orvis, Secretary, WhiiL/.
Philip Folwell, Secretary, Streetsville. 109. Merton.— D. McClaren, Master ; B.
81. —John Momuon, Master Wm.
Oban. ; Johnson, Secretary, Nelson.
Carrick, Secretary, Oban. 110. Pride OF the West.—James Bryans,
82. Louth. — Geo. A. Camp, Master X. ; Master R. Beatty, Secretary, Kirkton.

D. Gregory, Secretary, St. Catharines. 111. Hope. —

Thos. Bolton, Master; Alex.
83. Fruit.—Job Hughes, Master; W. H. Drummond, Secretary, Clittbrd.
Jones, Secretary, Oakville. 112. Royal Oak. —John Johnson, Master
84. Kettleby. —
Simeon Lemon, Master ;
D. I>. Green, Secretary, Belmore.

Ch«i8. Lloyd, Secretary, Kettleby. 113. Cedak Spring.— William Anderson,

85. —
Forest Hill. James Fo.ster, Master, Master ; M. McDonald, Secretary, Luck-
Yorkville ; George C. Moore, Secretary, now.
Davenport. 114. Excelsior.—O. E. Harris, Master,


Ingersoll ; N. Smith, Secretary, Saliord. 142. Maple Grove. —

R. D. Foley, Master
115. Fairview. —
N. McColman, Master; Wm. Foley, Secretary, Bowmanville.
Arch. Campbell, Secretary, '^Jlarksburg. 143. SoMERVALB.— R. H. Bain, Master
116. Enteuprise. — AndrewShore, Master, W. J. Phillips, Secretary, FuUarton.
Thombury ; Daniel Wright, Secretary, 144. Tottenham. —
G. A. Nolan, Master
Craigleigth. Robt. W. Lowery, Secretary, Tottenham.
117. North Dorchester. Edw. Hegler, — 145. Nelson. —Abraham Stinson, Master
MasterG. A. Whaley, Secretary, Avon.
David Sinclair, Secretary, Nelson.
118. Wilton. —
James Lewis, Master ; Jno. 146. Painswick.— W. H. Hewson, Master
A. Hamilton, Secretary, Wilton. Wm. Hunter, Secretary, Painswick.
119. Newport. —
Alonzo Benedict, Master; 147. Norfolk. —
Isaac Austin, Master,
H. Davies, Secretary, Newport. Port Dover; D. B. Palmerton, Sec.Simcoe,
120. Acacia. —
P. S. Van "Wagner, Master. 148. Carlisle.— George Gastle, Master
F. M. Carpenter, Secretary, Stony Creek. Reuben Sparkes, Secretary, Carlisle.
121. Gore.— F. Sleightholm, Master ; W. 149. Mountain.— Richard Dick, Master,
Foster, Secretary, Humber. Cheltenham.
122. Deury West. - W. J. Oliver, Master, 150. North We.stern.—John S. Leslie
Derry West ; L. W. Cheyne, Secretary, Master, Georgetown Alexander Frazer,

Brampton. Secretary, Glen Williams.

1 Mount Horeb. E C rawford. Master
23. — . 151. Charing Cross. —
J. Laurie, Master
John Sinclair, Secretary, Brampton. A. H. White, Secretary, Charing Cross.
124. Dalston. —
Geo. Mintey, Master; Jos. 152. Triumph.— H. G. Jickling, Master
Drury, Secret iry, Dulston. G. C. Lennox, Secretary, St. Mary's.
125. Ro.sE Hill. —
Geo. Norman, Master ;
153. Edgar. —
Robt. Richardson, Master,
James Rogers, Secretary, Eversley. Edgar ;Thos. S. Macleod, Secretary,
126. M1NE8INO. —
W. Johnston, Master; Dalston.
Andrew Bell, Secretary, Minesing. 154. East Whitby. —
J. Langmaid, Master
127. Armow. —
John Shier, Master ; Ben. Jas. Leask, Secretary, Taunton.
Smith, Secretary, Armow. 155. Elimville. —
Leonard Hunter, Master,
128. Milton. —
Geo. IJrownridge, Master ;
Exeter; G. TurnbuU, Secretary, Win
H. Wilmott, Secretary, Milton West. chelsea.
129. —
Tbeadwell. W. Murdoch, Master; 156. Alliance. —
Geo. Lethbridge, Master
Chas. Rapley, Secretary, Napperton. J. O. Lethbridge, Secretary, Strathburn
130. Edmonton. —
John Cation, Master; 157. Farmer's Union. J. McDonald, —
John Watson, Secretary, Edmonton. Master, Avinston Robt. Cran, Secretary

131. Grimsby.— A. H. Pettit, Master; Watford.

Jonathan Ciirpenter, Secretary, Grimsby. 158. Wood hill.— Thos. Ward, Master
132. Arkona. —
Stephen Cornell, Master; Geo. H. Ward, Secretary, Woodhill.
Jacob Wintermute, Secretary, Arkona. 159. Guanton. — Philip Mowbray, Master
133. Crown Hill. —
John Darby, Master; James Grant, Secretary, Granton.
Thos. Drury, Jr., Secretary, Barrie. 160. Eorbmont. —James Renton, Master
134. Snowdrop.—John Jamieson, Master; Jas. Hastie, Jr., Secretaiy, Dromore.
David Farrish, Secretary, Lonesville. 161. Salford.— Wm.
B. Nellis, Master
135. Kelvin Grote. Wm. Anld, Master; — James Dumpty, Secretary, Salford.
J. Thompson, Secretary, Warwick. 162. Livingston. — Wm.
Smith, Ma.«iter
136. Bloomfield. —
Robert Smith, Master, Robt. Watson, Secretary, Teeewater.
Dover, Chatham ; James Rhodes, Secre- 163. Kilbride. —
John Harris, Master
SI tary, Chatham. P. Baker, Secretary, Kilbride.
i 137. Metcalfe Victoria.— S. W. Dell, 164. Queen's Valley.— T. Ellis, Master
Master ; John E. Ijaughton, Secretary, John Hurlburt, Secretary, Kimberley.
Strathroy. 165. Olinda.— John H. Stewart, Master
138. BuRFORD.— R. S. Gage, Master, Henry Whaley, Secretary, Olinda.
Mount Vernon ; W. I" Miles, Secretary, 166. Apple Grove. —
J. Robin.son, Master,
Scotland. Middlemarch D. S. Thompson, Secre

189. Trie Blue.— Jacob Holmes, Master; tary, St. Thomas.

Dugald Love, Secretary, Sable. 167. Sydenham Valley. D. H. Everett —
140. Ru.sseldale. —
J. Cole, Sr., M.ister ;
Master D. S.
; Deynard, Secretary,
J. L. Russell, Secretary, Russeldale. Dresden.
141. Knock. —
T. Council, Master, Stroud ;
168. Birr. —
Joseph Ferguson, Master
W. T. Hunter, Secretary, Craigval<\ Robt Hobbs, Secretary, Birr.
-; ;

169. Chatham Centre. — David Pickett. 195. Cromarty.— Peter Campbell, Master ;
Master Theo. McKerrall, Secretai y,
; James Gillespie, Secretary, Cromarty.
Appledore. 196. Camilla.— llu^di Bracken, Ma.ster,
170. Phcenix.— Hector McFurLme, Master; OranjfeviUe ; D.iniel McNaugliton, Secre-
Wm. Sutherland, Secretary, Glencoe. t iiy, Camilla.
171. Lancstaff.— David James, Master, 197. "FiNdAL.— David M. Barl)er, Master ;
Thorn Hill C. L. Hollingshead, Secre-
; A. S. McDiarniid, Secretary, Fingiil.
tar)', Richmond Hill, 198. Erin.— Jno. Berry, Ma.ster, Brisban-v,
172. Thames Koad. —
Robert Gardiner, Alex. Smitii, Secretary, Erin.
Master; G.Harkiiev, Secretary, Farquhar. 199. O.silAWA.— B. J. ilu;{er.s jr.. Master ;
173. IvNOWLTON. —
Levi Whitman, Master; John Bartlett, Secrttaiy, U.siiawa.
A. E. Kimball, Secretary, Kuowlton, Que. 203. BuuMNaTON.— 0. F.Siirin.ircr, Master;
174. CALEDON."Wm. Clark, Master; W. George E. Fisher, Secretary, Wellington
Bell, Secretary, Caleilon. Square.
175. 201. Clai;ke.-W. H. AVilson, Master ; S.
Dublin.— Robt.Grilfin, Master; Peter
MuLeod, Secretary, Caniiibell's Cross. J. Cotter, Secretary, Mortliport.
176, Darlington Centre. — Alex. Mc- 202. Laurel.— Thomas West, Master ; J.

Ijaughlin, Master, Enniskilleu C. W.

Johnston, Seen tary. Laurel.
Smith, Secretary, Hampton. 203. Union.— G. W. Francis, Master, Bel-
177. Mono Road. —
Thos. lanson. Master rnont ; Wm. Barr, Secretary, Gladstone.

Robert Shields, Secretary, Mono Road. 204. Melville.— Henry Scott, Master ;
178. Rosebud. —
Wra. Lucas, Master; H. Chas. Scott, Secretary, Orangeville.
J. Leacock, Secretary, Watford. 205. Sherwood.— A. E. Ketter, Master,
179. Inman. —
Joseph Mumby, Master; Concord ; H. Brown, Secretary, Edgeley.
Richard G. Hicks, Secretary, Dunnville. 206. Peel &, Maryborou(ih..-— Thos, Gar-
180. Mill Creeh. —
Wm.Hewgill, Master; butt, Master John Paterson, Secretary,

Saml. Goodfellow, Secretary, Heathcote. Hollen.

181. Midhukst. —
John McGowen, Master 207. WestMagdala. J. Munro, Master ; —
Geo. Sneath, Secretary, Midhurst. John French, Secretary, West Magdala.
182. Gowanstown. — —
William Turn bull, 208. Arva. Joshua Jackson, Master ; W,
Master, Gowanstown ; Robert Wilson, Elliott, Secretary, Arva.
Secretary, Shipley. 209. loNA.— D. McPhail, Master; John
183. Amaranth.— W. Woodsworth, Mas- T. Rogers, Secretary, Zona.
ter ; Thos. Durkin, Sec, Bowling Green. 210. Cadmus.— C. B. Power, Master ; J.
184. Fairfield. —
Ihos. Gregory, Master ; L. Power, Secretary. Cadmus.
S. Hogarth, Secretary, Exeter. 211. AiLSA Craiu. —
J. J. Cassidy, Master;
185. Union. —
James Mann, Master ; Geo. George Spence, Secretary, Ailsa Craig.
Hope, Secretary, Valette. 21-'. Scotch Block. Jno. Turner, Master;—
186. Dover.— John Wright, Master ; Wra. Ephraim Moore, Secretary, Speyside.
Grant, Secretary, Chatham. 21.3, LuMLEY. —
A. Bishop, Master, Hay ;
187. Cheltenham.- Robt. Hall, Master, .T.-neg Fyfe, Secretary, Lumley.

Edmonton Colin Campbell, Secretary,

214. HaRi.3Y.— T. S. Kutherford, Master ;
Cheltenham. Burford; L. T. Whittaker, Secretary,
188. Battt.R Hill. —
Andrew Thompson, Kelvin.
Master; Wm.
Webster, Secretary, Strath 215. Alton. —
Jo*ph Dodds, Master ; Wm.
burn. J. Dodds, Secretary, Alton.
189. E.SQUESING.--G. C. Thompson, Master; 216. Bay Quinte. —
Wm. L. Hogle, Master;
Wesley Reid, Secretary, Georgetown. W. M. Fra.ser, Sec'y, Ernestown Station.
190. Cherky —
Grovk. John MeAnich, 217. Rose of Harwich. D. White, —Wm.
Master ; John Cameron, Secretary, St. Master; J. I). McCoig,Secretarv,Chatham.
Mail's. 218. Ballinafad. G. Campbell, Ma.ster— ;

191. Cheapside. —
Robt. Buckley, Master ; Geo. Selwood, Secretary, Ballinafad.
Jacob Sherk, Secretary, Cheapside. 219. KiNTORE. A. Shaw, Ma.ster, —Lake-
192. Hillsdale. —
Edward Archer. Master; side D. K. Calder, Si-cretary, Kintore.

John Johnston, Secretary, Hillsdale. 220. Douglas.— Chas. McGibbon, Ma.ster ;

193. Nilestown Victoria.— Eli Jarvia, H. W. Dayton, Sec, Douglas W.O.N.B.

Master ; Walter H. Edwards, Secretary, 221. Acadia.— Win. M. idair, Master
Nilestown. J. W. McCurdy, Secretary, Truro, N..*^.
194. Wilson. —
Thomas Webster, Master; 222. —
Bryanston. E. Roberts, Master ;

Lsanc Devins, Secretary, Coleraine. Thos. Needhani, Secretary, Bryanston.

; ;


223. Elmbank.— Thomas Potior, Master; 251. Dufkin's Creek.— John Haight,
Edmund Garbutt, Socretaiy, Elmbank. Master Joseph J. Aloore, Secretary,

224. Centre.— D. A, McRae, Master; Pickering.

Arch. Mclntyre, Secretary, Appin. 252 Thistle. —
Robert Jamieson, Master;
22.5. Macville.— Robt.Clarkson, Master ; D. Carmichael, Secretary, West Lome.
J. H. Newlovp, Secretary, Macville. 253. Victoria. —
Robert Wilkie, Master;
226. OliONO.— Ezra Hall, Master; John Oliver Ransom, Secretary, Rond Eau.
Rickaby, Secretary, Orono. 254. Crystal Stream. —John Grierson,
227. Ridge Road.— Francis Master ;
Bell, Master; Jas. Latter, Secretary, Ravenna.
Wm. Butcher, Secretary, Shanty Bay. 255. Rose of the West.— A. A. Camp-

228. Aston. Thomas Evans, Master, St. bell, Master, Lawrence Station ; M. Mc-
Mary's James McLurg, Secretary, Fish
Nabb, Secretary, Cowal.
Creek. 256. Mountain View.— W. J. Black,
22i). Mount NEBO.—Thos. Eadie, Master; Master; Wm. Diinkall, Secretary, Epping.
Geo. B. Scott, Secretary, Glenannan. 257. SiMCOE.— Wm. Todd, Master; E. C.
230. P'aiimington. —
John Braiden, Master; Carpenter, Secretary, Simcoe.
J. McLaine, Secretary, Farmington. 258. Union.— Geo. Woods, Master; Peter
231. CiiANRROOK. —
J. Whitfield, Master ;
Smith, Secretary, Sebringville.
John McNeil, Secretary, Grey. 259. Artemehia.— J. M. VVebster, Master,
232.Walks. John — J. Adams, Master ;
Eugenia ; John Weber, Sec, Vandoleur.
Hiram W. Wood, Secretary, Wales. 260 Garden.— John Kerr, Master A. Mc- ;

233. MoNCKiEFF.--Jas. Livingston, Master, lntyre, Secretary, Cumpbellton.

Moncrieff ; A. Stewart, Secret^iry, Grey. 261. IsLiNOTON.— Svilliam J. Montgomery,
234. — H. Smith, Master; G.
Maitland. Master ;A. F. Thompson, Secretary,
Richmond, Secretary, Newry. Islington.
235. Town 1-ixe. — W. Hall, Master Jno. ; 262. CoLLiNOWooD. —
M.Bellerby, Master;
W. Stone, Secretary, Shelboume. Charles Hunt, Secretary, Thornbury.
2o6. Flower or the Forebt. — D. Mc- 263. Low Banks.— Wni', Ayers, Master ;
Donald, Master ; Arch. McDonald, Sec- John Root, Secretary, Low Banks.
retary, Molcsworth. 264. Mayflower. —
D. Ferguson, Master ;
237. ARCHFiRTON. —
K. Graham, Master Robert Jelly, Secretary, Port Stanley.


Wm. Kerr, Secretary, Elmvalc. 265. Mount Hope. David Deer, Master;
238. Leskaud. —
Thos. Staples. Master ; R. Alexander Malcolm, Secretary, Banks.
Staples, Secretary, I^eskard. 266. Maple Grove.— Jno. Sharon, Master;
239. Loyal. —
John Thomas, Master ; A. Chas. A. O'Malley, Secretary, Wardsville.
Mcintosh, Secretary, Frost Village, Que. 267. Agincourt. —John Haggerty, Master
240. Thames. —
David Swanson, Master ; George Elliott, Secretary, Agincourt.
Moses Sinclair, Secretary, St. Mary's. 268. Charlotteville. —
J. W. Shearer,
241. RoGERViLLE. —Jamcs Laing, Master ;
Master ; Ira Mabep, SerTetary, Walsh.
James Elder, Secretary, Rogerville, 269. Unionville. —
H. P. Crosby, Master ;
242. Lennox. — Wm. Dellar, Master; Tlios. Wm. Robinson, Secretary, Unionville.
Anderson, Secretary, Napanee. 270. Major.— Wm. Major, Master D. S. ;

243. Tansley.—John Master;

S. Spenee, Turner, Secretary, Whitevale.
David Spenee, Secretary, Whittington, 271. Mount ZioN.—H. Mowbray, Master,
244. Thorndale. —
R. McGreffer, Master Kinsale ; J. E. Jones, Secretary, Balsam.
George F. Bryan, Secretiry, Thorndale. 272. MiLFORD.— C. McCartney, Master ;
245., Mount Pleasant. —
H. Evans.Mastcr; J. N. Ackerman, Secretary, Milford.
Ira E. Grooms, Secretary, Napanee.
246. Union. —
Henry Wileox, Master ; Ira
273. Wallacktown —
J. Galbraith, Master
lona Station ; J. R. Gow, Secretary,
Huggins, Secretary, Selby. Wallacetown.
247. West Zorra. —
John Ross, Master; 274. Aroyle. —J. P. Mclntyre, Master ; J.
jas. A. Ross, Secretary, Embro. McNanghton, Secretary, Tiverton.

248 Nanticoke. John Lindsey, Master, 275. Jarvis.— H. Ivey, Master; Stephen
Nanticoke ;Martin Buck, Secretary, Willcock, Secretary, Jarvis.
Jarvis. 276. Hay Bay. —Nelson Woodcock, Master,
249. Mitchell Road. —William Stcrritt, Hay Hay A. Parks, Secretary, Napanee.

Master ; Thomas Epplet, Secretary, St. 277. Gosport.— M. C. Bogart, Master T. ;

Mary's. W. Bogart, Secretary, Gosport.

250. Elm Leak. — Robert
Coplin, Master ;
278. —
Eldorado. Hirara Andrews, Master;
Ilobt. Hiitton, Secretary, Teeswater. Wrdter Hartman, Secretary, Clarksburg.


279. Mono, —
John Rusk, Master Henry ; 307. RiMNo Star.— K, Williams, Master ;
Carson, Secretary, Mono Mills. Wm. J.McLagan, Secretary, Mitchell,
280. SpiiiNGFiELi). —
Geo, Vickcrs, Master; 308. Centreville. - D. A. Lucas, Ma.«ter ;
E. K, Knott, Secretary, Griersville, C. A, Carscallen, Secretary, Centreville.
281. WiLLOWDALE. —
W. Goulding, Master; 309. Moscow,— Jas, Switzer, Master, Cam-
J. T. li, Lindsty, Sec, Newton Brook. den East ; C, N, Lucas, Secretary, Moscow,
282. Kelvin, —
William Freeman, Master, 310. Colborne.— Alexander Glen, Master;
Scotland A. Freeman, Secretary, Kelvin.
; John S, Varcoe, Secretary, Carlow.
283. SiLVEK Hill,— E, W, Siprell, Master; 311. East York.— H, Johnston, Ma.ster,
John Hunter, Secretary, Silver Hill. L'Amaroux VV. J. Clark, Secretary,

284. CiuiGLEioii,— A, Fleming, Master Lansing.

John Pcnhall, Secretary, Craigleiyh, 312. New K.noi.and.- 1), K, Eilis, Master;
285. Kendall. —
Neil Stewart, Master ; J. John \Vil(!y, Sfcietarv, Kimbcrley.
Henry, Secretary, Kendall. 31;3. Faiimehs' Ukmkf.— Thomas Clark,
286. KoND Eau,— A, R, McHitchie, Master; Master; Wm. Fuller, Societal v, Watford.
\Vm. licynolds. Secretary, Morpeth, 314. Haimiiston.— Win, Arnold, Master;
287. South Stukkly. —
W. K, Knowlton, Thos. Carscrtddan, Secretary, Harriston.
Master ; N. D. Jenne, Secretary, South 315. Umty;— James Rushton, Master ;

Ptukely, Quebec, Reuben Mattice, Secretary, Ridgetown.

288. Maple Valley.— J. Dick, Master; 316. Avon, —
Lorenzo Moses, Master; Thos.
H. A. Hay, Secretary, Maple Valley. Armstrong, Secretary, Avonton.
289. Howard AND Orford Union,— J. H. 317. Balmoral.— Simeon Chimes, Master ;

Eberley, Master ; 0. Luxton, Secretary, John H. Best, Secretary, Balmoral.

Palmyra. 318. Brock.— A. Shier, Master, Wilfrid
290. CuERRYWOOD, —John Tom, Master; Chas. Junkin, Secretary, Cannington.

J. T. Laughlin, Secretary, Cherrywood. 319. KirPEN.—R. McMordie, Master; S.

291. BuouGHAM, —ilohn
Miller, Master ; Smilie, Secretarv, Kippen,
Noble L. Stevenson, Secretary, Brougham 320. Union.— H.M, Clark, Master D. Mc-
292. Queen of the Lake. —
Jas. Sudden, Lean, Secretary, Jarratt's Corners.

Master ; R. H. Ferguson, Secretary, 321. Erie,— John Caldwell, Master James ;

Lakelet. Fleming, Secretarj', Erie,

293. Venus Star.—John H, McClnrc, 322. Innisfil. —Joseph GooJ-^ellow, Master,
Master ; J. Dale, Secretary, Churchvillc. Bramley; Robert Leonard, Secretary,
294. —
Baldoon, Robt, J, Rankin, Master Craigvale,
Donald Angus, Secretarv, Chatham. 323. Middleton,— John Ogilvie, Master;
295. Union.— Wm.
SoUi'tt, Master; W. W. Harrison, Secretary, Longwood Station.
T, Anthony, Secretary, Cayuga. 324. Peurytown. —
Jas. Dunbar, Master
296. Evelyn. —
James Evans, Master, Lou- Joseph S. Wilson, Secretary, Perrytown.

don ; John Mooney, Secretary, Evelyn. 325. Rainiiam.— Ijconard Yager, Master,
297. Adelaide Exoelsiou. —
Wm. Brock, Selkirk Jesse Foster, Secretary, Rain-

Master ; J. Chothy, Secretary, Strathroy. ham Centre.

298. Oak Grove,- W^ni. Clement, Master ; 326. Orange Valley.- John Ford, Master;
John Bond, Secretary, Mount Bridges, Henry D. Irwin, Secretary, Markdale.
299. Shirley, —
John Mowbray, Master, 327. MAPLBLEAF.—Wm. Glover, Master;
Shirley; Wm.
McGill, Secretary, Prince James Kenn, Secretary, Mono Centre.
Albert. 328. Pearl.— Nelson Haney, Master ; T.
300. EixJiN. —
lohn Ferguson, Master ; D. Doyle, Secretary, Shell)eurne.
McKillop, Secretary, Eagle. 329. Rosemont.—-Samuel Ewin, Master
301. Carrick. —
John Buchard, Master, Wm. Irwin, Secretary, Rosemont.

Clifford ; J. Johnson, Secretary, Mildmay. 330. FAR.MER9' Hope. —

Jos. Crone, Master,
302. Oko.— Luke Pearsall, Master ; W. H. Arkona ; Robert McFarlin,
Ruthborne, Secretary, Mitchell Square. Forest.
303. Rugby. —
Duncan Andei-son, Master ; 331. Malahidk.— N. C. Brown, Master;
H. G. Litster, Secretary, Rugby. Clinton Van. Patter, Secretarv, Aylmer
304. MiTCHEL. —
George Johnson, Master ;
Ephraim Roadhouse, Secretary, Mitchell, 332. Victoria Squark.— Francis Walker,
305. Silver Creek. —
D, Currie, Master ;
Master, Cashel Milton Fierheller, Secre-

Charles Clarke, Secretary, CoUingwood. tary, Victoria Square.

306. Pretty River. Jas. Taylor, Master; 333. Excelsior.— W. Miller, Master, West
Andrew Jardine, Secretary, Nottawa. Lome Jacob B,Miller,Secrctary,Rodney.
; ;


334. Marki)AI,f.— Snnil. I) uglas. Master; 363. Dcfkemv. Irwin Anderson, Master;
Arcliibiilil KlPott, Sci'ietary, Markdali-. Valentine Dynes, Secretary, Relessey.
Xi.'t. Watkkloo. — It. Williamson, Master ;
304. Hawtiiokn. —
G. Hurkness, Master;
lOdwiird B. Waslilmni, Secretary, I'restoii. James Ciinnon, Jr. Secretary, Annan. ,

336. Fahmkus' HofE.— J. Kitchen, Master 365 St. Helens. —R. Lockart, Master ;
Jaiiies IJain, Secretarv, Dellii. Robert Murray, Secretary, St. Helens.
\ Parker, Master 366. HlukP>k.i,l.— John L.' Brown, Master;
337. Ivy.— Tlionias ;
F. Lvon.i, Secretary, Ivy. James Lnmbie, Secretarv, Danforth.
338. WAi;ro\ Unmon —Win. Bell. Master ;
367. Plains.— Henry Tufford, Master ; T.
Murray, Sccretaty, Walton.
.lainea Luck, Secrctiirj', Biantlbrd.
3;jy. MoHVKN.— Jacob lloniliough. Master; 368. Smithfikm).— R. P. .(ones, Master,
W. U. (Tordanier, Secretary, Morven. SmithHeid ; Henry F. Young, Secretary,
340. BiJiTCR— Holiert Be^% Master; John Trenton.
Tolniie. Secretary, Tiverton. 369. Luther. -Thos. Wardrope, Master;
341. llALTtMOitE. —
Ira Brisbiit, Master ; S. Jame.s McClnre, Secretary, Luther.
Parsons, Secretary, Haltiinore. 370. Dunn.— Peter Grant, Master, Byng ;
342. Nave.v.— D. McFuchran, Master; W. Francis Splatt, Secretary, Port Maitiand.
Darville, Secretary, Alvinston. 371. Sunderland— Wm. Walter, Master;
343. Genoa.— John Bon, Master: James John Irwin, Secretary, Ravenna.
Gordon, Secretaiy, Genoa, Que. 372. DumfuiesCkntral.— R. McCormack,
344. Far.meiis' Home.— William Watson, Master ; H. Mitchel, M., Glen Morris.
Master, Knatchbull ; John Ramsey, 373. Centre Buice.— A, Nehon, Master;
Secretaiy, Eden Mills. Herman Ewald, Secretary, Gresham.
345. Mau'kiiam.— Col. \\\ M. Button, Mas- 374. Hamburo.— H. Hulfman, Master,
ter, William M. Miller, Secre- Bath D. W. Ball, Secretary, Hamburg.
Gn en River.
; ;

375. Harui.s. — W.
Ma.ssey, Master ; T.
346. Teston'.- Neil A. Malloy, Master ;
H. Blanchard, Secietary, Belleville.
James Malloy, Secietary, Teston. 376. Beta. —
I). Vandewater, Master ; Jas. *'*

347. Wkxfoi'.d. —
Henry Duncan, Master, Farley, Secretary, Btdleville.
Don John Ladlay, Secretary, Wexford.
377. FiitsT Lennox.— EliasCIapp, Master;
348. MoRRLs. —
J. Salter, Master Wni. B. ;
F. Membery, Secretary, Adolphustown.
Mills, Secretary, Wingham. 378. Hawthoune.— J. Holborn, Master,
349. RiVKRSiUE.— P. McVannell, Master; Ravenshoe James Cowieson, Secretary,

Wm. Ford, Secretary, St. Mary's. Queensville.

350. NoPiiiUMBEKLAND.— J. F" Mallory, 379. Eden.— W. Broomfield, Master ; John
M., Co ourg; J. J. -lohnston. S., Grafton. Leslie, Secretary, Beaverton.
351. Am.endale. Thomas A. Walker, — 380. Mariposa. —
Alex. McKay, Master,
Master; Peter Kenton, Secretary, Carluke. Cambray Neil McCorvie, Secretary,

352. Ash LonoE. —

F. McPherson, Master, Oakwood.
Harpley J. Agar, Secretary, Moray.
381. HicKLiNc;.— J. Hickling, Master;
353. — Edward Kobinson, Master,
Grove. Patrick Burns, Secretarv, Maxwell.
Loi^don Wm. Helton, Secretary, London.
382. Mayfair— Angus Campbell, Master,
354. Lynedocii. — William Cowan, Master; Mayfair ; John M. Cornell, Secretary.
E. M, Secretary, Lynedoidi.
Cry.xler, Longwood.
355. North Domfiues. — James Wilson, 383. Mill Brook.— T. McCams, Master,
Master James W^allace, Secretary, Gait.
B..ilieboro' ; H. Kenedy,
Brook. S., Mill
356. Ninth Link. — John Scarf, Master ;
384. Mount Zion.— Wm. Avison, Sr.,
Josej)!) Montgomery, Secretary, Harriston. Master Wm. Dyne.i, Secretary, Primrose.

357. Canfiklk.— W, E. Walker, Master ;

385. Banda.— Thos. Johnson, Master M. ;

John Wultens, Secretary, Canfield. B. Clemenger, Secretary, Banda.

358. Harvkst Home.- S. Gerry, Master: 386. Tullamork.— Rich." He wson, Master;
James Hislop, Secretary, Mitchel. R. Thomson, Secretary, Tullamore.
359. CHebucto. .1. C. Black, — Master 387. Nobleton. Jas. Bowman, Master ;

Janu'S N. (Jrowe, S,, Truro, Nova Scotia. John Beasley, Secretary, Nobleton.
360. Glanf.)RU. —
WtM. N. Calder, Master 388. Welcome. -J. Gibson, Master, Wel-

Wm. FindLiy, Jr. Secretary, Glanford. come John Symons, Secretary, Welcome. ;

361. Sydenham. —
Arch. Lindsay, Master 389. Egmondville.— B. Chaiters, Master;
Pi'ter McLean, S» cretary, Napier. S. McAdam, Secietary, Egmondville.
362. Woodbine. —
Tilton H. Stevenson, 390. KiNSALB. J. H. Rogers, Master; J. —
Mas'.er ; Wm. Fiddis, Sec. , Orangeville. W. Clarke, Secretarv, Kinsale.
; ;


391. Forest Beauty. —

Thomas Rickanl, 418. Wheatland.— Cleo. KUiott, Master ;
Master, Auehrini ; 0. T. Smith, Secretory, George F. Wallace Secretarj-, Woodbriilge.
Sutherland s Corners. 419. Eramoha Ckmtbk. Alex. MuQueen, —
892. LilyofMer.ska. J. Hooker,— Master; Master, Rock wood I). McCaig, Secre- ;

ChristopherOgle, Secretary, Blytheswoni. tary, Everton.I

393. HuLLETT. Hugh — Radford, \'<<.ster; 420. Quinte.— John A. Spencer, Master ;

H. A. Baker, Secretary, Lond-sboro'. W. G. Stoflbrd, Secretary, Rednorsville.

394. Stanley. George— Hart, Master ; W. 421. Owen Sound.— William Meelands,
Murdoch, Secretary, Brucefield. Master; Alexander Bell, S.,Owen Sound.
396. Weslkyvillk.— J. H.Lyall, Master 422. Kilsyth,— Wm. Brien, Master
; R. ;

R. (arscadden. Secretary, Wesleyville. A. Stark, Secretary, Kilsyth.

396. TiYON.s. —
James McCredie, Master ; 423. Hon eywood. —Win. Tu jding. Master
Jacob C. Sherk, Secretary, Lyons. D. C. Lainont, Secretary, Hoiieywood.
397. GrandRiveu. —
Francis Shiel, Master ; 424. Star.— Edward Dowsoii, Master; T

John Sipes, Secretary, Gait Sniale, Sei-retary, Bowmanville.

808. Port Dover. —
Isaac Kitchen, Master 425. Niagara. Alex. Servos, Master; —
T. M. England, Secretary, Port Dover. Wni. Shearer, Secretary, Niagara.
399. Crowland. —
J as. Henderson, Master, 426. Shetland.- Thos. Wilson, Master;
Crowland ; M. Misner, Secretary, Port Thos, Bell, Secretary, Shetland.
Robinson. 427. MoUiLLivKAY. J. Robinson, Ma.ster; —
400. Sleeley's B.VY. — John Cliapman, Ailsa Craig ; William Wright, Secretary,
Master ; J. McCutcheon, Secretary, West McGillivray.
Sle.ley'8 Bay. 428. Farmers'— D. McFarlane,
401. Okchaud Uniox. —
J. Dodds, Master ;
Master J. Nichols, Secretary, Kinlouuh.

John C. -Bain, Secretary, Orchard. 9. Huron.

429 —
John Smith, Master Wm. ;

402. HoLSTEiN. —
Wm. Morrison, Master ;
Montgomery, Secretary, Pine River.
J. B. Shields, Secretary, Holstein. 430. Pink River. —
George B!air, Master,
403. Hawkstone. — William Fell, Master ; Lurgan John Willson, 8., Pine River.

John Williamson, Secretary, Hawkstone. 431. Reach. —

John Tipp, Master Albert ;

404. DuNTROON. — Donald Master

fclair, ; Orchard, Secretary, Port Perry.
Hugh Currie, Secretary, Duntroon. 432. Altona. —
Hiram Kester, Master,
405. aIanilla. — W. Ramsey, Master jr., ; Glasgow A. D. Spears, Secretary, Atha.

Henry Glendinning, Secretary, Manilla. 433. Eaklton. — J. Buckingham, Master;

406. Heathcote. — W. Vampleur, Master ;
Jno. Donglas, Secretary, Peversbam.
John Proctor, Secretary, Heathcote. 434. Stayner.— John McColman, Master;
407. Corunna Line. — George Meedham, John Sinclair, Secretary, Stayner.
Master Robt. Fleck, Secretary, Corunna.
; 435. —
Irvine. Jno. Hunter, Master, Alma;
408. Maple Atenub. — Charles Horsman, Robert Cro^iar, Secretary, Salem.
Master Henry Horsman, Secretary,
; 436. TussoBONTio. John Hoey, Master, —
Thamesford. Arlington ; David Nicol, Secretary,
409. East Nissouri. —
Francis Patterson, Alliston.
Master; J. G. McKay, S., Thamesford. 437. Kino. — .Tas. Bonnar, Master ; Coven-
410. Whitfield.—Thos. McKee, Ma-iter try; W. J. B«-atson, Secretary, Lloydtown
George Laking, Secretary, Whitfield.

438. Cedab Ghove. — J. Durand, Master,

411. —
Bear Island. Jesse Parent, Master, Dorchester Station ; G. Patterson, Secre-
Upper Queensbury, N. B., J. H. Murch, tary, Thamesford.
Secretary, Bear Island, N. B. 439. Clear Ceebk. Elias Foster, Master, —
412. Wainklebt. —
J. H. Orerholt, Master; Port Royal Ansley Becker, Secretary,

Charles Priestman, Secretary, Marsh ville. Clear Creek,

413. WiLLiBCROFT. —
David Robh, Master, 440. PoB r Rowan. -R. Richardson, Master;
Williscroft; Francis Graham, S., Paisley. Wm. Franklin, Secretary, Port Rowan.
414. Alma. —
Henry Yerex, Master ; John 441. Vanattrb. —
James Dowiiug, Master,
Connell, Secretarj-, Little Britain. Orangeville Joseph Simpson, Secretary,

416. Star OF Hope. A. Marshall. Master, Vanatter.
Ayr ; Menno Hallman, Secretary, Rose- 442. Walde.mar.— Robert Philip, Master ;
ville. J. Lomas, Secretary, Waldemar.
416. — Abram Levens, Master
Fairvibw. ;
443. Hornings Mills. Robert McGhce, —
Andrew Linn, Secretary, Black Bank Master; Jno. PoUey, S., Hornings MilLs.
417. Lavender. — Peter McHatfie, Master ;' 444. True Blue.— T. Gallangher, Master;
W. D. Anderson, Secretary, Lavender, \ Thos. Kirkpatrick, Secretary, Perm.
;; ;



446. Cornwall Centrk.— Geo. J. Dixon, 473. EastOxford. B. A. MoUins, Master, —

Master; R. K. Milroy, S., Milleroclies. Burgessville ; J. D. Chambers, Secretary,
446. MiLVEHTON. —
Hy. Doeriii/?, Master; 474. Carnegie. —Andrew Cutto, Master ;
Samuel Whaley, Secretary, Milverton. Jno. Hemet, Secretary, Carnegie.
447. CoLUMBua. —
Samuel tieall. Master; 475. Melrose.- David Hill, Master W. ;

I James Burns, Secretary, Columbus. Hicks, Secretary, Maxwell.

448. Union. —
F. Hathaway, Master Jas. 476. Victoria Corners. —Jas. McMurray,

Davidson, Secretary, Union. Master ; David Irvine, Secretary, Victoria

449. PiUNCK William. --E. D. Esterbrooks, Corners.
Mu:jter ; Ucortfo Ingrahani, Secretary, 477. Uxbridge.- E. H. Hilboin, Master ;
Lower Prince William, N. B. O. B. Miller, Uxbridge.
450. Akhwoiitii. —
Wm. Thompson Master, 478. Saintfield.— Rioli. Penhall, Master;
Uxbridge A. Kinsey, Secretary, Athens.
; Jos. Moflatt, Secretary, Saiiitfiehl.
451. Zkphyk. —
L. Weller, Master; Calvin 479. Lake Road. —
Wm. Wood, Master ;
Weller, Secretary, Zephyr. David Brand, Secretary, Forest.
452. WiLFKiD. —
George Hart, Master S. 480. YouNo Canadian.
; —
Joseph Irwin,
R. Way. Secretary, Wilfrid. Master, Lynden ; Jos. Vansickle, Secre-
453. South Elderslie.-J. Mclntyre, Mas- tary, Hanisbarg.
ter ; Ballachey, Secretary, Paisley.
S. 481. Dumfries.— Jno. Anderson, Master,
454. €ni8ELliuii8T. —
Thos. Gilgin Master ; Dumfries, N. B. ; Henry T. Strange,
James Connor, Secretary, Chiselhurst. Secretary, Poquiock, N. B.
456. Carleton. —
T. W. Longstaff, Master; 482. Fenella.— Joseph Jewell, Master
H. B. Smith, Secretary, Woodstock, N.B. Robt. Knox, Secretary, Fenella.
466. Oakleioh.— George Oliver, Master 483. WooDViLLE. —
Ira Argue, Master ; A.
A. J. Goodall, Secretary, Gait. Hawkins, Secretary, Woodville.
457. Rob Roy. —William Bristow, Master ; 484. Myrtle. —
M. McTuggart, Master;
George Bristow, Secretary, Rob Roy. D. L. Williams, S-cretary, Myrtle.
458. AiiTEMESiA Centre.— George Buskin, 485. Newtonville. —
J. R.' Reid, Master;
Master ; William Wilcock, Secretary, R. C. Grant, Secretary, Clarke.
Flesherton. 486. Vale. —
II. Belford, Master ; Herman
459. Villa Nova.— Wm.Ewin, Master; Clark, Secretary, Codrington.
Ira Stafford, Secretary, Villa Nova. 487. Excelsior.— R. Walt, Master ; M.
460. Taylor. —
Thomas Taylor, Master, Dudley, Secietary, Colborne,
Inistioge ; C. Treadgold, Secretary, 488. AiRLiE. —
John Green, Master; Mich.
Flesherton. Irwin, Secretary, Airlie.
461. Oakland.— Heniy Key, Master ; T. 489. PoNSONBY.— J. Cowie, Master; J. D.
Mills, Secretary, Oakland. Wallace, Secretary, Ponsonby.
462. Claremont. — —
William Miller, senr., 490. Ivy. E. A. Morse, Master ; Isaac
Master ; E. M. Pugh, S., Claremont. A. Merritt, Secretary, Smith ville.
463. Utica. —
J no. Orchard, Master. Utica 491. Shanty Bay.— Alex. Hume, Master ;
J. Hugh Munro, jr.. Secretary, Epson. A. M. McLane, Secretary, Shanty Bay.
464. Purplevillk. —
D. —
McMurachy, 492. Brooklin. Jno. Burns, Master; Jas.
Master ; Alex. Malloy, S., Purpleville. Burns, Secretary, Brooklin.
465. OsPREY. — Philemon Wismer, Master, 493. Mount Hurst. —Geo. Jones, Master ;
Feversham; Josiah Gainey^ S., Maxwell. Daniel Maby, Secretaiy, Castlederg.
466. PuosPKcr. —Wm. Ireland, Master ; 494. Water Lily. —
Alex. Young, Master;
Orin Demery, Secretary, Strathroy. Gavin K
Robertson, S., Wellandport.
467. Quebec Hill. — W. J. Taylor, Master 495. West Essa.— R. Turnbull, Master ;
J. C. Horner, Secretary, Stayner. J. T. Coburn, Secretary, West Essa.
468. SuNNiDALE, — Geo. Hawkin, Master; 496. Cotswold.— Jno. Darroch, Master ;
Chas. Hislop, Secretary, Stayner. Edward Dorroch, Secretary, Cotswold.
469. Adjaijv. — Joseph Wright, Master, 497. CoBEQUiD. —
Robert Putnam, Master,
Kecnansville; Mutt. Ronan, S., Athlone. Fort Belcher, N. S. ; N. M. King, Secre-
470. Royal Oak. — Thos. Gilles, Master ; tary, Central Onslow.
H. Newbury, Secretary, Kichmoud Hill. 498. Sr. Lawrence.— J. Smithson, Master;
471. Aoton West. — Wm, Gordon, Master; M. Graystock, Secretary, Graystock.
R. B. Campbell, Secretary, Acton West. 499. MaitlXnd. J. —Duncan, Muster,
472. LovELBY.- - liachliu Curry, Muster, Porter's Hill ; J. Shaw, S., Goderich.
Hartley ; Thos. Broomfield, Secretary, 500. SiMMONDS. —
Elijah L. Shaw, Master;
Glenannan. Alfred B. Shaw, S., Middle Simmonda.
.''^> -

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Ui I llUlffilllli IlJxIlu^

r ORDNT < ) .

Cancelling and Dating Stamps

For Banks, Railways, and Private Offices.


Close Plate, Electroplate- Nickle and Brass Door Plates, made to
any Size and Pattern.
Master of Dominion Gran
Patrons of Husbandry"
i^ POLPH, Si