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I would not bother making this fan fiction if I ever did. [ Chapter 1 ] [ Interlude of Nightmare] [ “Where am I? What's with the buzzing sounds? What happened?” ] ... [ “Wait, I'm...” ]

“Good evening.” I first woke up in dazed, noticing how my surroundings seem to be quite metropolitan. If not for the silent air, I would think that the area would be really lively. Everything was toned in black and white that, somehow, it sent me a chill down my spine. The words were coming from a person before him with long black hair and pair of sunglass. The wicked smile on his face did not make me feeling well, though. Oh, and don't forget how evilforeboding his greeting words were. Somehow, I was reminded of Igor; were the two even related? “You are here to choose, I assume.” he smirked again, and it irked me to the core. “While it's true that you may have, ah, saved the world from the mistress of night herself... I sensed that you're not satisfied with the reason. Was it because... hmm... the unfairness of life? How death manage to capture you, even though you're the main protagonist? You... want to get back to your friends, don't you?” I never let myself to speak some more; perhaps, my facial expression was telling the things which I need? “We will grant you one second chance. However, you have to participate in a simple game. And for you to participate the game—” I could see how the smirk turned into something more sinister... more cunning. “—we need a certain price.” I blink; surely, I do not really have any cash when I passed on, right? “...But I don't need any second chance. I already played my role.” “Tsk, tsk...” the man before commented shortly, “I believed, Arisato-san, that you haven't played your role quite completely.” The last thing I registered was him pointing his hand at me, something which I could not grasp happen, and the blackness of void. [=======] I woke up and felt like banging my head to the rough road, once more. The buzzing outside my head was ear-killing and made me want to hit my head to the nearest street light. Sunlight stung my uncovered skin, and the hot air did not help in the slightest to actually relieve my misery. Even under these circumstances, I tried to focus on anything before me.

like turning the radio on and found out that you can tune all of the channel. Despite me being on the asphalt. . No one seemed to care about how I was lying on the ground. not even lifting a finger (geez. I have a feeling that the pin is responsible for this. perhaps. others walking without even sparing a glance to their surroundings. except that there's no melody to accompany. I quickly tucked my pin inside my pocket. modified skull design brings even more. Death glare. I can hear their thoughts? The pin left my grasp and hit the asphalt floor. bring me to some sort of understanding. seeing that the item in my hand was not something which I recognize. The Prince is awesome. or else the Fall will come again. I sighed and gripped upon the item. and the radio stopped. Some of them were walking with their friends. even in the stinging sunlight. I wish my boss would understand! Have you been to 104 again? I heard they had the latest season available! I want to meet mommy!! Hmm. yes.. as I was just there. I mean like. which means that something has changed. the summer one. Memories washed over me as I recalled where was I then—Shibuya was as bustled as how he remembered in television. I am still wearing the Gekkoukan Private School uniform.. or even notice. no one was guarding the seal. It was some sort of a pin. but I collapsed to my knees gripping my side of head in agony... I was a statue.Which means. when suddenly all the sound bursted in.. I'm now invisible? My hand instinctively reached out to my pocket. I don't know how. though. My head felt as if it's going to burst. Which means. but not violence. Skull brought bad luck. Only pure chaos. at least. Heaving a sigh. what. and I cannot even lift a finger to channel any. Everything seemed to be normal once more... Erebus would be free to connect with Nyx and started the Fall.. It was like every person in the neighborhood decide to karaoke together. crossing from one side to the other. I realized something which bothered me a bit. I was at a crossroad. how come the simple logic did not even cross my mind? I should get back. Which reminded me. rummaging anything which. Every information was trying to get in.. no one seemed to bother. it was not really eventful. Damn. I am now free to become a person here. And I don't want my friends to suffer with the death price. excluding me. to be exact. isn't it? Then. People were walking quickly. How did he really make money out of his blog like that.. I was practically facing against Nyx. for all I know. now trying to focus more to my surroundings. . As my eyes blinked in amazement. I gasped at the realization. Skull-like mark was painted on the face—a design which he had never seen nor wished to know. I don't need any winter suit in this unforgiving weather. Business donned Shibuya crossroad. right?). A familiar crossroad. It does not matter for me. painted in black and white. Last time I checked. I cocked my eyebrows.To my disbelief. facing Nyx. I felt cold metal brushing the tips of my finger and quickly picked on the thing.

the plight was meant for me. time. I suggested that y mind was playing tricks on me. My finger quickly pulled the trigger. two flocks are more than enough. suddenly stood still before me because every person in my sight stop walking. not some other bystanders in the area which does not seem to realize a graffiti frog was chasing me through downtown. graffiti in the air. no thank you). Acting on reflex. From the depth of my conscious. he joined me and brought down flocks of frogs in his back. Frogs will never be my favorite pet from then on. Not only that. Apparently. perhaps. because he seemed to be concentrating hard on what below the frog—where the flame had started.. but the graffiti—frog-like graffiti—jumped to my side and gave me the bruise of my life. “Wh—How? Why should I?!” Before long. I thought my hearing was playing dumb. [=======] “Hey! Pact with me!” At first. And I knew what it was. I did not even sense it to be shadow. the orange-haired boy from before pulled out several pins from his pocket. Something is wrong in the air. even when bluish light bathed us both. like the times when I formed my bonds with other people through the power of the Arcana. Truth to be told. waiting for the familiar feeling of summoning my persona to envelop my mind. “Just say you accept.. the boy who called me (later I realized that he had the brightest orange hair ever. eyes blazing irritatingly. I am downright sure that the boy had done something. I ran as fast as I could towards the station. devouring several persons not so far from where I stand. I already hate how one frog could hurt like hell (I never have plans to be frog food.. but who am I to judge?) noticed my problems.. However. something deep inside me stirred.. Something about these things are different from shadows. He turned to me once more. . or we're all frog food here!” At least we're on the same term: do not want to be frog food. which then quickly burned down the frogs. I realized that I was wrong. When the light show was over. because I see. Nothing happened. But when I turned towards the voice. I jerked to set free from the froggy-like graffiti and pulled my evoker. And coming from nothingness was spouts of flame. But who are they? I heard screams and gasps.. which perhaps came from his teeth. Out of panic and reflex. and I finally noticed why. “I accept. Was it a shadow? No. I was quite surprised—and glad at the same time—to have it inside my pocket and quickly pointed it at my temple.” my voice was oddly calm. I could hear the crackling sound of the boy.. as if it had waited me for years... something was soaring. I thought the heat had me gone hallucinating.

but I could make out the strongest of them. It seemed Orpheus did his job very well.. My stomach felt so sick that I would like vomit. The rest was pitch black. I cometh back I am Orpheus. And then. Aside from the fact that the orange-haired kid was staring at my persona in awe. another flock of those frog-like creatures was prying him as dessert. I was positive that Orpheus strummed his lyre once more. without my consent. because there's not even a trace of graffiti left. not even a sound. and I am thou From the sea of thy soul. I heard screeches. My hand was twitching in anticipation as my fingers. and I stumbled forward. I slowly lifted my head. My knees gave in. the asphalt floor before me was practically too smooth to be true. hazy voices filled my mind—one of them seemed to belong to the boy. [ To Be Continued ] . there was nothing. and I know I have to do something to teach the creature a lesson. eyeing me with those glowing merciless red eyes. draining me in split second.The boy surely could not handle anymore than what he could. Said persona was still there. Hell. as the light particles flew out of my temple. perhaps from the frog-like creatures as they perished into nothingness? Orpheus' scream was distantly heard. I tried to focus on anything with the rest of my senses. once again.. Master of Strings! Power surged out. The rest of the world seemed like a blur as I pulled the trigger of my evoker. grazed the metallic object in my pocket before pulling my evoker. I think my vision itself is playing. but I held back the urge. The evoker had been thrown out of my sight. Thou art I.

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