Book review: Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic and Sister is a modern fiction (also known as chic lit) book written by Sophie Kinsella who has also written other books u sing the name Madeline Wickham. Kinsella is probably better known for he r Shopaholic Series of books. Shopaholic and Sister is the fourth book in the Shopaholic Series and I haven¶t read the first three books.

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As the name of the book suggests prodigal shopaholic Becky Bloomwood has a sister, and I was informed that in the previous books there was no mention of Becky having a sister. As far as Becky Bloomwood is concerned she is an only child, finding out she has a sister is a huge shock to Becky. Becky and her husband Luke have just returned from a 10 month honeymoon , travelling the world and visiting lots of exotic places. Becky and Luke are already having problems so very e arly into their marriage as Becky has told Luke a little lie, she told him she only bought one or two small souvenirs on their travels. However when they return home from their honeymoon they can't even get into their home as there are lorries and vans everywhere filled with stuff Becky has bought on her travels. A s expected her husband Luke is livid with her. This is not the start of Becky's problems though later in the book she finds out her best friend Suze has a new best friend.The biggest shock of all is when she finds out she has a long lost sister and this is what this book is about, the journey of Becky trying to bond with her long lost sister while balancing her shopping addiction and husband among many other things.

After all as far as Becky knew she was the one and only child in the family so we get the impression that she isn't too happy about having to share her parents with another sibling. Becky is excited to learn of her sister and makes big plans for sisterly activities. mainly because she has had a bombshell dropped on her by finding out she has a long lost sis ter and no one in her family has ever mentioned it to her before. She sets out to be like Jess. including shopping. She i s not particularly nice to Becky and the worst part to Becky is how everyone else loves Jess which contributes to Becky's insecurities.Introducing a long lost sister for Becky was a good idea in my opinion as we see Becky going through a tough and emotional time in the first few chapters as she adjusts to finding out about her sister. I really do feel sorry for Becky in this book. If this happened to me I know that I would get the feeling that my family was lying to me for years and also get the impression that there was other things they were hiding. I really like the way Kinsella constructs these books as there is a diverse range of characters and the plot is very simple and easy to read. spa nights. I get the feeling that she is on some sort of emotional rollercoaster. When she meets her sister Jessica however. In that ti me. typical girly things. to try to learn to be like her. Jess has no desire to have a relationship with Becky and she is actually the complete 180 degree opposite of Becky. she is in for a rude awakening. I really do feel for Becky somewhat in this book as there are a lot of emotional things happening in her life and I don't think she knows how to adjust to them. In spite of the shock. There are fairly number of things that I don¶t quite fond with the storyline of this book. I would say that it is the twists in the plot is what makes this novel more enjoyable and satisfying t o read and the fact that it is not all about Becky's spending habits the plot focussed more on Becky's emotional state and how she deals with emotional stresses and big changes in her life. Being able to re late to a lot of the things in this book makes it a lot more enjoyable to read. Even though Kinsella did a great job with the plotline I find the idea of Becky getting . even visiting her tiny hometown far from London. She hates to shop and is a tightwad as Becky called her. she learns more about Jess' upbringing that was very different from Becky's and learns why Jess is like she is. and movie watching.

For instance. much to her husba nd¶s annoyance and in this case the latest µAngel¶ bag gets her into more trouble than she realises as she meets a very dodgy cockney geezer in a Milan boutique. and this makes her a very likeable character. There are also a lot of good things in this book. which makes me read on and find out what the outcome will be. It wasn¶t easy to feel sorry for Becky because a lot of her problems were things she had gott en herself into with her shopping and lying about it to her trouble over shopping gets old very fast. and it was a very easy read that I . Jess. If I was in Becky¶s shoesI will give her time and maybe try a different approach to get to know her. I don¶t think all the things she bought are worth the troubles. Becky is always poking her nose in everyone else's business and managing to get things wr ong. But ultimately she does have a good heart and tries to make things right. especially when it comes to designer gear or the latest handbag. drinking the right coffee . It was clear that J ess didn¶t feel comfortable in her present. She will do almost anything to grab herself the µmust have¶ accessory of the season. All these things made her look very shallow compared to intelligent and independent Jess. I don¶t understand why Becky didn¶t notice that Jess was reluctant to have a relationship with her. Wouldn¶t it be easier if she just confess to Luke? Even though Luke will be furious with her but she is got to stop all the dishonesty. Becky is easily distracted and has an overactive imagination. they are also stranger to each other. Both of them had just found out about having a sister and I think Jess was still in the process of getting used of the idea of having a new family member but Becky who used to always getting what she wants pushed Jess too hard . The other thing I hate abou t the story is Becky¶s insistent and effort to ha ve a relationship with her long lost sister. That is also the least favourite part of mine for this book. it annoyed me to no end when Becky asked Jess to spend a weekend at her home in London after their disaster shopping trip. This really annoyed me because all her lies just complicate the mess she¶s already created. I don¶t understand why she still doesn¶t realise that her spending habit is responsible for all her troubles and to be frank. Kinsella knows how to tap the keys to make me laugh. Becky very much has to be seen in the right places.these things are very important to her. Becky kept lyi ng to her husband so that he won¶t be mad at her. Although they are sister.

Becky is well known for her antics and crazy ideas. Make the relationship of Becky and Luke more complicated.when Becky achieves spiritual enlightenment in Sri Lanka to the end. This is a simple book with enjoyable twists. She¶s sweet and well-meaning but almost totally clueless. SUGGESTIONS y y y Introduce a lot more interesting characters. I find myself laughing all through it. They seemuninterestingas a married couple. Though I don¶t live in an expensive penthouse and none of my friends own helicopters I could still relate to Becky¶s experienc es and mishaps as she is a pleasant person. Even though I find some parts of the plot are tacky and I was able to predict the ending before finishing the book. Make Becky less annoying as she is a very likable person. This is a light. fun read with a simple plot. She loves her family and will do everything for her family. Becky Brandon is like Bridget Jones with a platinum card (and a wedding ring). the story is rather entertaining. . She definitely sees the world in her very own perspectives which to be honest sometimes it seems to be really ridiculous. you will find humour. you can¶t help but love her anyway. Yet no matter how many times she messes up. It¶s full of wit and well written. Even in Becky's worst moments. This is not a great literature and it is not meant to be. Nevertheless the way she thinks and deals with her problems is somewhat refreshing. That is my most favourite part about the story. I laughed from the beginning of the book .sped through. I love that Becky tries very hard to please her husband. CONCLUSION At 336 pages long Shopaholic and Sister is not a long book and I find myself whizzing through it in no time. .REFERENCES www.

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