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Project Summary Company Profile Crompton Greaves Lighting Achievements of Crompton Greaves Industry Snapshot Analysis of Data SWOT Analysis Recommendations Conclusion Questionnaire

Project Summary
Organization: Crompton Greaves Limited Project Title: Potential of CFL in following markets [Dadar, Thane, Kalwa, Mumbra, Dombivli, Kalyan and Ulhasnagar]

Project Objectives: • To Study & Analyze the Market Potential of Crompton Greaves in CFL. • To Compare & Analyze the Market Share of Crompton Greaves with the Competitors. • To understand the drawbacks of decline in Market Share and accordingly find solutions for it. • To get an in-depth understanding of different strategies adopted by different companies to have a good hold in the market. • To conduct a survey of Retailers and Distributors to know their views about the product and Market. • To suggest the recommendations to increase the sales of Crompton Greaves’s CFL.

Research Objectives: To judge the “Market Potential” of CFL Sample Size: 100 Dealers and 3 Distributors Methodology: Questionnaire & Personal Interview Data Analysis: Simple Pie Charts.

Suggestions: Based on Data Analysis & Market Study for future growth. Conclusion: Overall market potential and future growth opportunities.

Company Profile

Mumbai .Corporate office at Worli.

with focused emphasis on education. and India’s stock exchanges. Gautam Thapar.Crompton Greaves at Kanjurmarg. Avantha Group companies include Crompton Greaves Limited. good citizenship is a defined objective. leverage its knowledge. the Avantha Group demonstrates strong leadership globally and emerges as a focused corporate. learning and operations to add lasting value for its stakeholders and investors. India’s largest (BILU). Mumbai AVANTHA GROUP The US$ 3 bn Avantha Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerations. community development and healthcare. Introduction to Crompton Greaves . With an impressive global footprint. Across Avantha. the group operates in more than 1o countries with 20. Led by Chairman Mr.000 employees of 20 nationalities.

Today it is India's leading private sector enterprise. (CPL). In the year 1947.B. a Crompton 'dynamo' powered the world's very first electricity-lit house in Colchester. transmission and distribution. manufacturing and marketing high technology electrical products and . The company merged with F. CPL established. besides executing turnkey projects. U. Crompton Greaves Limited is a pioneering leader in the management and application of electrical energy. in collaboration with GCC. it's wholly owned Indian subsidiary viz.. Crompton Greaves is India's largest private sector enterprise. with the dawn of Indian independence. Crompton Parkinson Works Ltd. Crompton founded R.B. the company was taken over by Lala Karamchand Thapar. Greaves Cotton & Crompton Parkinson Ltd. and since then the company has retained its leadership position in the management and application of electrical energy. Essex. along with a sales organization.E. Mumbai. Today.E. R.K.A Parkinson in the year 1927 to form Crompton Parkinson Ltd. In 1937. Crompton Greaves is headquartered in a self-owned landmark building at Worli.. It has diversified extensively and is engaged in designing.. In 1875. Greaves Cotton and Co (GCC) was appointed as their concessionaire in India. a conglomerate with an impressive global footprint. an eminent Indian industrialist. History of Crompton Greaves The history of Crompton Greaves goes back to 1878 when Col. manufacturing and marketing technologically advanced electrical products and services related to power generation. CG's India operations were established in 1937.Crompton & Company. extensively engaged in designing. in Bombay.Crompton Greaves (CG) is part of the US$ 3 bn Avantha Group.

power systems. as well as executing turnkey projects. Mr. S. Sonomatra (France) and MSE Power Systems (USA). industrial systems and consumer products. Crompton Greaves has 22 manufacturing divisions spread across India. viz. The company is organized into three business groups. And with the acquisition of Pauwels (Belgium). . Microsol (Ireland).. the company is emerging as a first choice of the global supplier for the high quality electrical equipments throughout world. transmission and distribution. Nearly. Trehan is the Managing Director. Ganz (Hungary). two-thirds of its turnover accrues from product lines in which it enjoys a leadership position. related to power generation.

• Industrial Systems Motors and Alternators. switchgears. • Telecom Telecom products and solutions. Railway transportation and signalling products and Stamping. Geysers.PRODUCTS & SERVICES OFFERED CG’s operations are engaged into four principal businesses viz: • Power Systems Transformers. Light sources and Pumps. • Consumer Products Fans. . Luminaries. Power quality and Engineering projects.

Crompton Greaves Lighting Division has come a long way. The company has state of the art ISO 9001 certified production facilities in Baroda and Mumbai and it caters to global requirements for a wide range of light sources and luminaries.Crompton Greaves Lighting From installing the first fully electrically lit house in Golchester in 1878 with a Crompton Dynamo. energy efficient light sources. Compact Fluorescent and T5 Lamps Reflux Lamps. The Crompton Greaves Lighting Division manufactures a wide range of high quality. Crompton Greave's in house R&D and lighting laboratories combine with state of the art manufacturing facilities to deliver internationally accepted products and services. and a serious contender in the global market.* to emerging as one of the leading companies in the electrical engineering market of India. as well as households. Electricity boards and companies. The Crompton Greaves range of light sources includes: • • • • Fluorescent Tube Lights. Reflux Systems High Pressure Mercury/Sodium Vapour Lamps Metal Halide Lamps The Lamp Works facility in Baroda is ISO 9001 certified by ANSI RAB QMS these products have found world wide acceptance. Crompton Greaves lighting products find application for a diverse audience which includes Institutional clients such as Governments. .

Crompton Greaves CFL range includes: • • 2 Pin Type Lamps 4 Pin Type Lamps . Only 20% heat output. so no heat dissipation problems. Only 20% of power consumption to comparable GLS lamps. • • • • Brighter light due to its high efficacy. CFL are the ultimate in efficient energy management in lighting and the best energy management in lighting and the best energy conversation option available in view of the following features: • Aesthetic ambience is created by use of CFL due to its favourable energy effictiveness. 8 times the life of comparable GLS lamps.Crompton Greaves CFL Crompton Greaves has a wide range of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) which is known for its energy effectiveness.

Chairman & CEO of Avantha Group. organizations have increasingly sought to identify cues that could help them gain that extra leverage at the point of purchase. CEO & MD of Castrol India and Mr. The scores were arrived at by garnering 19.98 and 7. placing them amongst the top 20% and 3% of all brands across all segments and all categories. Several brand custodians have seen in "Superbrands" such an opportunity and have exploited their Superbrands status.011 consumer responses and surviving the scrutiny of eminent council members like Mr.• • Crosspin Type Lamps Direct Fit Type Lamps CG Fans & Lighting accredited with "Super brand" Status In an age of consumerism and brand sway. Gautam Thapar. CG Fans for the 3rd edition in succession and CG Lighting for the 2nd edition in succession have scored well at the Superbrands tabulation to be awarded the use of the logo for the years 2009 & 2010. . The brands received scores of 6. Mr. to create a marketable differentiator. Sam Balsara.98 respectively. Naveen Kshatriya. to name a few. CMD of Madison Communications.

which will be released later this year.Both business groups can commence use of the Tribute Seal right away. Industry Snapshot . They will also enjoy double spread coverage in the 3rd edition of the Superbrands Journal.


it estimates. The second group.000 to 8.000 hours and a power factor of 0. It comprises at least 12 big brands and perhaps hundreds of small players. importer-cum-assemblers and importer-cum-traders.The CFL market in India The CFL market in India is complex. have a market share of 20%. whose contribution is not measured. This group .8 or more. The first category comprises big brands that belong to well-known manufacturers of lighting products. elcoma. Then there are CFLs with no guaranteed life. the primary association of lamp and components manufacturers.000 hours and have a market share of 10 %. The third are low quality CFLs that run for 3. has a lamp life of 6. Of this 40 to 50% is dominated by the unorganized market. comprising 40% of the market. the market can be divided into four groups.000 hours of life and a power factor of 0.000 to 6. There are three types of players exist in Indian market which includes manufacturer-cum-importers. estimates the CFL market size in the country is between 150 million and 200 million pieces.5 or more. with over 8. The best quality CFLs. In terms of quality.

he said. CFLs produced by this group have no ISI mark and are sold without any warranty. but of the poorest quality.imports both the ready-to-use CFLs and raw material such as cut glass tubes and triband phosphor and electrical components such as the ballast. “Phoenix has the capacity to manufacture 65 million CFLs a year. the CFL market in India is very difficult to track. but have facilities to assemble them. 25%. Most of these companies have their own production chains where about 90% of the manufacturing process is carried out. share in the CFL market. Crompton and Greaves has captured only about 5%. with the biggest. But in terms of market share. . The second category is a mix of well-known names and small-scale operators who import parts of CFL. The third category is fly-by-night operators who import parts as well as the finished product. with a market share of about 3%. Both the first and the second category are ISI marked. According to Bibison Baby of Market Pulse. It is Phoenix Lamps.” he added. Philips. is not the biggest producer of CFL in India. which is less than Crompton and Greaves’s over 100 million.

• Retailers came to know about CG CFL mostly from Distributor and Company persons. Retailers Observation: Problems of Retailers Low Demand No awareness No Schemes No Display Serv ice • It was found that all retailers (except in Dadar. Thane and Kalwa) know about Crompton Greaves CFL. the next step is to analyze the collected data and to extract findings and observations. . Following observations has been recorded after conducting research by survey and questionnaire method.Data Analysis and Data Interpretation After the collection of data.

Product list and Price list in the shops about CG CFL. banners. • No arrangement of annual/bi-annual/ Quarter meetings or parties for dealers/retailers from the company. The reason is. . Glow sign. Kalwa and Mumbra around 10-15% retailers don’t know about CG CFL. • In the areas like Kalyan and Ulhasnagar Low Demand is the main reason for not maintaining CG CFL in their Shops. • There is lot of complaints for the CFL within warranty period. in these areas there is no distributor currently available for CG CFL. which results to replacement. • Generally in all areas there is less or no Schemes have been provided to Dealers.• In Dadar. No distribution of information brochure of newly launched products. Thane. posters. • No installations or provision of flex boards. • No arrangement of seminars or meetings for the awareness of new products.

Less rewards.Distributors Observation: Problems of Distributors Low Demand No Media Adv ertisement No Promotional Tools No Schemes Others • It was found that Distributors are mainly having concerns about low Demand from consumers’ side. • • • Less frequent visits of company officials. No arrangement of annual meetings or parties for distributors from the company. Gifts for target achievement or for excellent performance. • • No arrangement of seminars or meetings for the awareness of new products from the company. • No marketing of products through Media Availability of stock. .


wipro. Surya. etc • Heavy Advertisements and Promotional offers by competitors.SWOT Analysis Strength: • Most Trusted Brand • State of the art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities • Superbrand Status Weakness: • Low Demand • Less Advertisement • Less Promotional offers and Schemes • Less Market Presence Opportunities: • • Threats: • Strong Market presence of competitors like Phillips. . Oreva. • Many local players are present in the market which results to tough competition.

• Rewards like foreign trips. • The company should arrange the annual meetings or parties for distributors. • There should be regular visits of company’s key persons or top management to distributors which will help to solve the internal and external problems. Internal problems like payment facilities. • The company should also arrange seminars or meetings for the awareness of new launches or future products from the company. Also it can become a good stage to find out the solutions of some common problems which will ultimately help the company.Recommendations For Distributors: • The company should take care of Availability of Stock by analyzing the Sales of previous month or previous frequent Orders. It will help distributor to continue its interest and to plan its future expansion. service. so that it will help in timely allocation of the available Stock as per requirement of Distributors • Provision of replacement on time which will help distributors to minimize their inventory cost and investments. It will help distributors to interact with each other as well as to discuss the common issues. . etc and external problems which includes low demand and sales. Television Sets. etc. etc should be provided for excellent Performance or target Achievement. stock availability.

This helps to maintain the good relations with retailers and also it becomes a motivating factor for them. This will motivate the retailers to keep or maintain and sell the product. This will help to create an awareness of CFL between consumers and ultimately it will help retailer to sell. • As retailer is a key person to reach consumer and also his recommendation to consumer creates lot of difference. sometimes poor service results to discontinue the product from the shop. Seminars will . Glow sign. It will help retailers to interact with each other as well as to discuss the common issues. Also it reduces a communication gap between retailers and Company. parties and seminars for Retailers. Product list and Price list about CG CFL. Service is a very important factor. • The company should arrange the annual meetings. So retailers should be appreciated by the distributor and company on their greater performance and greater sales in terms of rewards or discounts or other motivational activities to motivate and promote them to achieve higher sales objectives. Also Stock should be made available as per requirement and on time.For Retailers: • The company should provide flex boards. • There should be regular visits of company’s key persons or top management and sales man to retailers. • The service which includes replacement should be provided on the spot and piece to piece so that it will minimize its investment. • The company should introduce Schemes like on purchasing 12 CFL 1 CFL free or 2 CFL free. posters. Also it helps to create an attraction about a brand CG. banners.

newspaper.create awareness of new launches or future products from the company. it will help to create an awareness of the product among Consumers as well as dealers. • Packaging of CFL has become outdated and requires special attention to make it more attractive and innovative. . Radio. Very few Consumers know about CG CFL. etc. General Recommendations • The company should undertake special promotional offers and advertising. Consumer buying decision highly depends on visibility of the product. and marketing campaigns to widen its base in the CFL market. • The company should undertake extensive quality check as there is lot of complaints of the CFL within warranty period. In most of the shops the CG CFL is not visible to the consumers. • The company should adopt fix margin policy to distributors and retailers. The company should focus on media advertising as currently there is no advertisement of CG’s CFL on television. etc. • Efforts should be made to increase the product visibility in the shops. • The company should launch a new aggressive TV advertising campaign during upcoming cricket series like Champions League . The distributor and retailer should not be allowed to sell beyond that fix margin. The Ashes.

Supermarkets. etc. so as to confirm the optimum utilization of allocated resources.e. So there is huge opportunity available in this space. as there is only one sales executive from Dadar to Shahpur.• In future the company should also focus on Modern Trade. • Also the key persons should give a regular surprise visit to market. • Modern Trade should treat as an altogether a different account in which the man power should be allocated to only that Account. offers and variety. It becomes very difficult to visit the market and manage the market efficiently. . Subhiksha. • The company should increase the manpower. D-Mart. • As per my observation in CFL space only 1 player has entered in the Modern Trade i. etc. etc because of Heavy discounts. The growth of modern trade is tremendous and many people prefer shopping in Malls. such as Big Bazaar. Kalwa and Mumbra currently there is no distributor available for CG CFL. In future it will create huge growth opportunities. Kalwa and Mumbra region. Shopping Malls. Modern trade includes Hypermarkets. More. • In Thane.. Wipro. So I managed to find out the list of distributors (includes 11 distributors) and some of their contact numbers who are currently dealing with CFL of competitor companies with focus on Thane.

Conclusion The CFL market in India is to the tune of Rs. Thane. . Crompton Greaves has a great future in CFL market in India as well as in international market. the company should launch an aggressive TV advertising campaign and should undertake special promotional offers and advertising. The potential of CFL in the following markets like Dadar. Crompton Greaves has developed a range of aesthetic & energy efficient products and has contributed to modern illumination design practices.1000 Crore and growing annually at around 30%. Mumbra. Kalwa. Dombivli. as it is treated as most trusted brand and also has a Superbrand status. After the market study it was found that unawareness among the consumers and lack of Advertisement are the main reasons for low sales of CG CFL. Also as a brand Crompton has a lot of potential to grow in CFL market. Thus. Thus being a global supplier for high quality electrical equipment. The survey was conducted to check the potential of CFL in the Market through distributor and retailers. But Crompton Greaves CFL has not yet achieved the targeted sales and tapped the market as expected. and marketing campaigns. Kalyan and Ulhasnagar is huge and the competitors like Philips and Oreva are really doing well in these markets. The company is a market leader in lighting and offers total lighting solutions for large projects as well as offers lighting advisory services for industries. Today.

_______ Name : _____________________________________________________________ 2. _____ 3.REFERENCE COPY OF QUESTIONNAIRE For Retailers: 1. Which companies do you deal with in CFL? CG Wipro Philips Oreva Havells Others . ______ Address : _____________________________________________________________ Tell No : _____________________________________________________________ 4.

what is the reason? 1) Low Demand 2) Lack of availability 3) Low Margin 4) Less Schemes 5) Others 7. What attributes in a product influences the purchase decision of a buyer? Quality Price Brand Name . Which company sells the most? ____________________________________________________________ ____________ 8. Is CG CFL available in your shop? Yes No 6. If No.5.

Rate 1 to 10 CG Wipro Philips Oreva Havells Others 10.Promotions / Discounts Dealers Recommendation Scheme Margin Advertisement 9. Do you have any complaints for Distributor or Company? _________________________________________________________ _______ 11. Do you like to give any feedback for the Company? .

_________________________________________________________ _______ .

For Distributor: 1. Which companies do you deal with CFL? CG Wipro Philips Oreva Havells Others 5. ___ Tell Address: ________________________________________________________________ No: ________________________________________________________________ 4. __ 3. What is the main reason for low demand and sales? Unawareness Quality . ____ Name: ________________________________________________________________ 2.

Price Others 6. Is company providing necessary promotional and advertising tools? 7. Is company providing any special Schemes or promotional offers? 8. Would you like to give any feedback for the company? . Is company providing proper and timely services which include replacement and availability of stock? 9.

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