THE Classical text books on Astrology give a number of Graha Yogas for a person to work in a Nyayasthala or a Court of Law

, i.e., for a person to engage in the legal profession. I give below some of the rules taken from a few classical Hindu astrological authorities: 1. Saravali: In the chapter on Dwigraha Yogas, the combination of Mercury and Venus is stated to make one qualified in law. 2. In the chapter on Chandra Navamsa Drigbala, it is stated if the Moon occupies the Navamsa of Taurus or Libra and is aspected by Jupiter, the person will be a lawyer and also a minister. 3. Satyachareeyam: karakathwas The author attributes of legal affairs to Jupiter in the planets.

4. While describing the effects of the 10th house, he attributes a job in the judiciary or as magistrate to Mars. 5. Giving an example horoscope, Satyacharya says a person born in Gemini Lagna with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Moon in the 11th (Aries) will be employed as a writer (clerk) in a court of law; since Mars owns the 6th house, a post in a nyayalaya (court) is indicated. 6. Kumaraswamiyam: If the 10th house or the Navamsa of the 10th house fall in the varga of Mercury, legal profession is indicagted. 7. Nadi Granthas: Mercury is attributed the karakatwa for a job in courts. 8. If Lagna indicted. lord is in the 10th, earnings through legal profession are

9. If Mars is unambiguous 10. Saturn











through clear arguments. profession.








11. If Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury occupy the 10th, one will be a judge. 12. If Jupiter, Mars, Sun and Saturn occupy the 10th, one will be a juidge who gives deterrent and severe punishment.

and. As in Chart 1. occupies the 9th and is aspected by Jupiter .1 of Saravali regarding combination of Mercury and Venus is fulfilled. the Moon and Jupiter.1. Mars & Venus. He enrolled as an advocate on 26. The above are some rules taken from a few important classics. These three planets have been defined as the karakas for the legal profession. Both Mars and Jupiter occupy kendras and are in mutual aspect which indicates a legal profession and also a post of authority where he can indict severe punishment for the guilty. 5. In this horoscope the Lagna lord Jupiter. Scorpio: Jupiter. 9. Virgo: Mars and Saturn. If Mars is in 1. Scorpio: the Sun & Ketu.33 rupas.1. Rule No.1 is that of a brilliant person who has graduated both in commerce and law. Virgo: the Sun. here also the Lagna lord is Jupiter. Gemini: the Moon & Ketu. Note that Venus. who occupies the 9th and aspects the Lagna. As Mercury occupies the 10th Bhava in Bhava chart. Pisces: Mercury. 14. In this horoscope Jupiter. Capricorn: the Moon and Rahu.49 rupas respectively. he will be an expert in Nyaya Sastra (Legal Studies). Virgo: Mercury and Venus.42 rupas and 1. Navamsa—Aquarius: Ascdt & Mars. the person will be a judge.1 of Saravali regarding the combination of Mercury and Venus for a legal qualification is satisfied. He attends both Civil and Criminal cases and he is also a teacher taking classes in law for students.55N. Mars and Saturn have a Shadbala strength of 1.1981 in Venus Dasa Sun Bhukti.1952 at 11. Chart 2 is that of a Civil lawyer who has got a reputation as a fierce fighter in the courts.11E.10E.1936 at 19. Navamsa—Cancer: Ascdt.58N. Sagittarius: Rahu. Sat & Ketu. Capricorn: the Moon and Jupiter. Libra: Jupiter. Leo: the Sun. Rule No. who is also karaka for legal studies.56 IST. Rule No.13 IST 78. Chart 2. Now we shall take illustrative horoscopes of some people who have been successful in the legal profession and try to derive some more astrological combinations from these horoscopes. Rasi--Pisces: Ascdt. and Aquarius: Sat(R). occupies his own house and aspects the lord of the 4th house Mercury (who is also Karaka for legal education). 9. In the Bhava Chart Mercury comes to the 10th. Pisces: Mercury. 79. Venus occupies the house of Mars and the Sun that of Jupiter.6 of Kumaraswmiyam is also satisfied. Chart:1.. In Chart I. Sagittarius: the Sun. 1. Cancer: Mars. Uttarakalamrita: It is stated that if the lord of the Lagna occupies the first Drekkana of the Lagna. Scorpio: Mercury and Venus. Taurus: Venus. Leo: Ketu.9. 9. the Dasa lord. Moreover Mercury and Venus occupy the 4th (education) from the Moon indicating legal education as Mercury is in .12. Rasi—Pisces: Ascdt. Saturn & Rahu. Aquarius: Rahu. Chart No. 4.13.

The combination of Mars and Jupiter in the 4th house of education accounts for the legal qualification and the 10th lord Saturn occupying his own house in the 9th suggests a legal post. Scorpio: Jupiter. East African Time.53E. He enrolled as a lawyer on 4. Note that Venus and Mercury are in conjunction (Bhava chart) in the 11th from the Moon and Saturn occupies the 4th (education) from the Moon in the house of Mercury.. 79.1.52E. In chart 5 Jupiter. In the Bhava chart Mercury and Venus join together in the 6th Bhava. Taurus: Venus. Sagittarius: the Sun.04N. 1. This combination aspects and is in turn. Till recently he was working as Additional Government Pleader. 12 of the Nadi Granthas regarding the occupation of the 10th by Jupiter. Aquarius: Rahu. Libra: Jupiter. Leo: Mars. Chart 3 is that of a brilliant Civil lawyer who also contributes articles to newspapers and magazines.30 a.6. Capricorn: Sat (R). Chart 4 is that of a Civil lawyer. the Moon. Taurus: Venus. Gemini: Mars (R). 9 and rule No. Gemini Ketu. He enrolled at the bar on 21. Gemini: the Sun. This conjunction of Sun and Jupiter take place in the 10th house from the Moon. Note that Jupiter is lord of the 10th and Rahu occupies the 10th. Leo: Rahu. Sagittarius: the Sun. yet all the four planets are connected with the 10th house. Capricorn: Mars & Mercury. Pisces: the Sun & Jupiter. Aquarius: Venus & Ketu. Rasi—Virgo: Ascdt.1960 in Jupiter Dasa Rahu Bhukti.m. The Lagna is Taurus. 13. 23.4. Rasi—Taurus: Ascdt. Mercury & Saturn. Sun and Saturn is not fulfilled literally. Capricorn: Mercury. Taurus: Rahu. aspected by Mars in the 10th house. He has legal acumen and is . Aquarius: Rahu.46N.. The native is reputed to be very good in all branches of the law. Saturn. Leo: Ketu. the Moon and Venus.1974 in Saturn Dasa Venus Bhukti. 13. Mars.8. Though Rule No. Jupiter & Ketu. who is the lord of the 4th house indicating legal education. Navamsa: Capricorn: Ascdt. Mars & Rahu. Capricorn: the Moon.05 IST. Cancer: the Moon. The 10th lord Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter in Jupiter's house. Chart 4.1933. Gemini: the Moon.8.4. is in the 4th itself with the Sun and Saturn.18S. 5. Also rule No.his exaltation. He enrolled as a lawyer on 25.15E. Mercury and Venus combines in the Bhava Chart in the 2nd house.1961 at 0 hrs 0 mts IST 80. Pisces: the Sun. Navamsa—Leo: Ascdt with Rahu. Gemini: Mars. Chart 5. Navamsa: Cancer: Ascdt. Aquarius: Venus & Ketu.1951 at 22. Cancer: Mercury. Chart 3. Jupiter. 10. Sagittarius: the Sun & Saturn. 13. 36. Saturn is aspecting this combination from the 11th house. Leo: Mercury & Jupiter. Aquarius: Venus & Saturn. Scorpio: Ascdt.1960 in Jupiter Dasa Moon Bhukti. Aries: the Moon. The native is practicing as a junior in both Civil and Criminal cases and has a tall and good personality. Virgo: Saturn(R). Aries: Mars & Mercury(R). 13 of Nadi Granthas is fulfilled by Mars' occupation of the 5th.

00 IST. 1 of Saravali regarding combination of Mercury and Venus is fulfilled. The native is now practicing in all branches of law. Aries: the Sun.04N. In all the cases a combination of Jupiter. Note both Mercury and Ketu occupy the house of Saturn in Vargottama and also Saturn himself is in Vargottama. Navamsa: Pisces: Ascdt with the Moon.very good in his work in the courts. it is noticed that a combination of Mercury and Venus is present in most of the horoscopes discussed fulfilling the rules of Saravali.15E. Leo: the Sun. Aries: Saturn. 80. Chart 6 will be of special interest to astrologers. Jupiter and Ketu. Mercury is related to the 10th house satisfying the rule from Kumaraswamiyam. and. as the native of this chart is not only a Criminal lawyer but also a well-known astrologer. Scorpio: Mars. Rasi—Pisces: Ascdt with Mercury. Scorpio: Rahu. 13. Cancer: the Moon.1939 at 5. 28. Aquarius: Rahu. Chart 6. He was enrolled in 1968 in Sun Dasa Jupiter Bhukti. Saturn and/or Mars with the 10th house. Jupiter and Venus. . Saaturn & Ketu. He enrolled in the courts on 18. Sagittarius: Mars. In Chart 6 the rule from Uttarakalamrita regarding Lagna lord occupying the first Drekkana of the Lagna is fulfilled.1984 in Mercury Dasa Ketu Bhukti. by aspect or occupation is seen. In this horoscope rule no. 14 of Uttarakalamrita regarding the lord of the Lagna occupying the fir Drekkana of the Lagna is fulfilled as Jupiter is in the 4th degree of Pisces and as per the rule this native will be a judge. The native has got a sweet but firm expression and is very good in his work.1. Also Rule No. Sagittarius: Mercury.4. The native uses Astrology to counsel his clients. Note that Sun is exalted in the star of Venus. Summarizing. In one case.