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Robert Bayer


Table of Contents
Preface Poem – Vortex’ya (page 3)
Chapter 1: The Creator – The Great Vortex (page 4)
Chapter 2: Vortexya in the Cosmos (page 9)
Chapter 3: Vortices throughout the World (page 14)
Chapter 4: Angels Using Vortexya (page 41)
Chapter 5: Vortices in Mortals (page 44)
Chapter 6: Prophesizing from Vortexya (page 61)
Chapter 7: The Spiritual Dimension of Vortices (page 67)


Celestial Fire,
Elohim — Starlight Igniting,
Illimitable Energy Innermost — Omnipresent!
Feel Unseen The All Motion! —
Absolute Spirit overflowing, … unfolding, … revolving …
Galaxies, … heavens, … worlds, … radiating Wondrous Order.
Ever-Present Luminous Power Creative — Arise!
Quicken us, Our Universe,
Sublime Sanctifying Service
Alive in
Robert Bayer

Chapter 1:
The Creator – The Great Vortex
It cometh to this: Vortexya is unseen power, but it is without sense or
judgment. Next back of this standeth the life of every living thing; and
next back of all standeth the Creator, Jehovih. All learning, science and
religion are but far-off stepping-stones to lead man up to Him. To
acknowledge this, and to call on him constantly, is to keep open the road
to receive His hand and hear His voice.

(Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.14)

Thus the great Vortex is a living, exhaustless Fountain, wherein dwell
infinite Love and Wisdom, and from which flow the undefinable worlds

which pervade the Univercoelum.

And these are formed by succeeding

and expanding waves, the same principle being distinctly manifested in
every department of animated Nature.

The Universe, therefore, is an

ocean of infinite Love and Wisdom. (Principles of Nature: p326)

For there never was a sound formed or a word uttered that could convey
the least conception of that all-pervading ESSENCE, that Great Spiritual
PRINCIPLE, that Great Positive, Omnipotent MIND, which dwells in the
VORTEX from which flow millions on millions of Suns, of Systems, Of
Universes, that extend out into undefinable space almost to the filling of
space itself—and yet all constituting nothing more than an expression of
one single THOUGHT emanating from the inexhaustible VORTEX of
infinite PURITY and PERFECTION! (Principles of Nature:


The great omnipotent mind of the Creator is in the form of a vortex.
(Principles of Nature:


Matter and Motion constitute the original condition of all things,
developing light and heat, and take the form of a great Vortex, which
contains the Power of the Great Positive Mind. (Principles of Nature:
The great vortex of celestial Intelligence, — the great center of eternal
Love, the great nucleus of Omnipotence, the immortal flower of Wisdom,
which breathe forth the elements of universal Harmony and the fragrance
of undying delights, — is the irresistible Magnet which attracts upward

the human Soul. Hence to the unimaginable center of all things, the spirit
goes to commune with the one only and true God. And while the theology
of the earth bids the soul to think of Deity as the child conceives of a
great and powerful monarch, or as the poet dreams of the awful shadows
of an unseen power — moving like a conscious, all-pervading
atmosphere upon the bosom of creation — the truly scientific,
philosophical, and theological mind beholds God as an organization of
unchangeable and celestial principles. Such a mind conceives of
something — A SUBSTANCE u-a concentrated sublimation of real
elements and essences; and thus the Deity, being familiarized with our
reason and intuition, causes us to realize the truth that He has
proportions, tendencies, and principles of action which he can neither
change, suspend, transcend, or destroy. Therefore, “with God all things
are” not “possible.” He can not go counter to the eternal principles of
Power, Wisdom, Goodness, Justice, Mercy, and Truth, which describe
the sublime perfections of his character. He can not change, transcend,
or destroy, the anatomical, physiological, mechanical, chemical,
electrical, magnetical, or spiritual processes of his universal constitution.
He can not suspend or change the associative, progressive and
developing modes of his manifestations in Nature. We have, therefore,
assurance made doubly sure that God is a fixed, organized Principle in
the constitution of the Universe — “without variableness, neither shadow
of turning.” (The Great Harmonia – The Teacher)

The Great Vortex of Positive Power, the Great Sensorium of the Divine

Mind, is, therefore, the Central Spring of all action and vitality — the
celestial FOUNT of unspeakable magnificence and inconceivable
PERFECTION. He lives through all things, but more particularly in the
great seventh spiritual sphere or SUN of the Universe. The elements and
attributes, principles and essences of His inexhaustible Soul, are
perpetually flowing to, and in, and out of, every thing, whether material or
spiritual, that exists in the immeasurable domain of being. His Spirit fills
all existence; but the most interior, and, to human minds, the most
inconceivable qualities and properties of his celestial and infinite
constitution have their source deep in the Center of universal, being. (The
Great Harmonia – The Teacher)

God is the SOUL of the Universe; hence the Universe must necessarily
be the BODY of God. And unity and system are manifested every where.
In the Great “stupendous whole” there can not possibly be any
contradictory or antagonistic displays of Divine principles; a perfect and
unbroken chain of correspondences or analogies must of necessity run
through and unite all things — giving them coherency and harmonious
proportions; and, therefore, since unity, order, and system, are universal,
the human mind is justified in reasoning analogically, and apprehending
man as a minute representation of the mighty whole — as the spirit of
man lives in his body, so the Spirit of God lives in the Universe. As
motion, life, and sensation are diffused through the various organs,
nerves, muscles, &c., in man’s constitution; so are the essences,
elements, properties, qualities, principles, and attributes which exist in

the Celestial constitution of the Divine Mind diffused throughout the
boundless empire of visible and invisible Nature! (The Great Harmonia
– The Teacher)


Chapter 2:
Vortexya in the Cosmos

The axial motion of the earth’s vortex rotates the earth. (Oahspe:
Cosmogony 1.3)
The vortices of corporeal worlds are strongly influenced by the etherean
vortexian currents that world passes through. Certain spiritual / physical
conditions and often strongly influence or change a world which passes
through the vortex of an etherean region. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 6.14;
Cpenta-Armij 10.5, 13.5, 13.8; Lika 3.5, 7.4)

Vortices create, and move corporeal worlds, and hold them in place.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 6.9,6.19; Jehovih 3.4, 3.6; Plate 40)


The earth travels in the vortex of the sun (Oahspe: Praise Hoth 6;
Saphah Se’Moin [V’Work-'Um] 110; Plate 4)
Within various units of celestial cycles, such as one cube (48,000 earth
years) of celestial time, the cycles of a vortex show patterns of variation
as completed cycles have occurred. (Oahspe: Ah’Shong 2.6; Knowledge
The vortex of a sun rotates worlds around it; vortices within the sun’s
vortex. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.33-34; Jehovih 3.7, Lika 1.9 Plate 41)


A solar system and its worlds and vortices travel together in the galactic
circle. (Oahspe: Eskra 3.5; Wars 37.7; Plate 68)
Vortices of Etherean worlds and realms are vast and powerful. (Oahspe:
Praise YAT 5)


In the initial phase of a world being formed by a vortex, vortexya
manifests itself as molten fire. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.23)

A sun is a central world whose vortexya manifests as extreme light and
heat, called a photosphere. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.25)



Chapter 3:
Vortices throughout the World
The vortex of a world causes the gravity effect. (Oahspe: Cosmogony

A world’s light is produced by the rotation of its vortex and wark on the
same side that is exposed to the sun. Vortexian power causes light.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.35, 25-26)


The whirlwind is a representative of other vortices throughout the
universe. (Oahspe: Saphah Se’Moin [Wark] 45; Jehovih 3.3; Sethantes
8.11; Fragapatti 18.4)
Vortexya holds all corpor together, even the earth or worlds themselves.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.29-31; Judgment 12.19)

By the power of rotation, swift driving forth in the extreme parts, condense
I the atmospherean worlds that float in the firmament; and these become
My corporeal worlds. In the midst of the vortices made I them, and by the
power of the vortices I turn them on their axes and carry them in the orbits
I allotted to them. Wider than to the moons of a planet have I created the
vortices, and they carry the moons also. Around about some of My
corporeal worlds have I given nebulous belts and rings, that man might
comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds. For each and every
corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by the

places in the firmament whither it traveleth, caused I the vortex to
conceive the corporeal world. A great vortex created I for the sun, and,
within this vortex and subject to it, made I the vortices of many of the
corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to
carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position are
they thus carried forth and around about the sun. (Oahspe: Jehovih 3:4-7)

Osire, through his mathematicians, now furnished the Lords with maps of
corporeal stars, and moon, and sun, and the position of the earth, with the
sun-belt, and bestowed the names of animals upon them. Showed where
the region of Cows was; the place of Bulls; the place of Bears; the place of
Horses; the place of Fishes; the place of Scorpions; the place of Sheep;
the place of Lions; the place of Crabs; the place of Death; the place of Life;
the place of Capricornus; and marked the seasons, and made twelve
sections (months) to the year, which was the width of the sun-belt. And he
placed the sun in the midst and made lines thence to the stars, with
explanations of the powers of the seasons on all the living. And he gave
the times of Jehovih, the four hundred years of the ancients, and the
half-times of dan, the base of prophecy; the variations of thirty-three
years; the times of eleven; and the seven and a half times of the vortices
of the stars, so that the seasons might be foretold, and famines averted on
the earth. (Oahspe: Osiris 12:1-3)

As previously stated, the vortexian currents are to the earth in the
daylight; and from the earth in the night; although their force is toward the

centre of the earth (from the east) and toward the north pole afterward.
The following result happeneth: For example, a pool of water is charged
during the day with the positive current; during the night the negative
current escapeth upward from the water. The decomposition resulting
therefrom is called se'mu (green scum), a mucilaginous substance which
floateth on the surface of the water. In some days' time this se'mu, by
motion (from some external cause), assumeth certain defined shapes,
crystalline, fibrous and otherwise, after the manner of strange
configurations of frost on a window-pane. In some days after this, if the
se'mu be examined with a lens it will be discovered that here are
miniature trees, even forests, with vines and grasses. No seed was there.
This new property is called Life, and because it existeth everywhere it is
called Omnipresent. Man can account for the se'mu; for the positive and
negative forces; for corpor and for ethe; but Life is unfathomable by man.
The se'mu (green scum) floateth against the ground; its infinitesimal trees
and vines and grasses take root and grow, and live a season and die; but
from the roots and seeds a larger growth succeedeth. Thus becometh all
the world inhabitated over with living creatures. Nevertheless not one
thing of all of them mergeth into another; but every one bringeth forth
after its own kind. Man inquireth of the earth, the rocks, the air, and of all
things: Who is this Life? This Omnipresent that quickeneth into life all the
living? But none can answer him. Then man inquireth of Life: Who art
Thou, O Life? And the answer cometh to the soul of man: I am Life! I am
the I Am! I Am the Ever Present! All that thou seest in earth or heaven,


and even the unseen worlds, also, are My very Person! I am the Whole!
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 4.18-20)

The 'Golden Ratio' - 1: 1.618033989
All energy expresses with an infinite, vortical pattern and flow. All energy
is theorized to express with a vortex pattern. This is evidenced to us
constantly from the largest things, such as our spiral galaxies and the
very curve of space-time itself, to the very smallest as evidenced by the
miniature atomic vortices created by atomic particles. The vortical flow in
particles・atomic path vortices, as imaged by the CERN 3.7 meter bubble
chamber, when measured - is in accordance with ratio of 1: 1.618033989.
This ratio is a never ending decimal and is a perfect pattern for infinite
flows in time/space. This ratio will repeat the same proportion infinitely.
Many spiral galaxies arms and these atomic particle paths - make a
perfect match with the “Golden ratio”and prove that these particles are

traveling in infinite flows. .(Atomic Vortex Theorem of Energy Motion, D.

A vortical flow of energy is clearly manifest in the spheres of stars and
planets. Their rotation is vortical in nature as are their orbits through
time-space. The conservation of angular momentum is present in all
energy as all energy functions in a cyclic, regenerating expression. In
radio-astronomy, observations of this vortical flow within our milky way
galaxy demonstrate this flow exists and not in one single plane.(Atomic
Vortex Theorem of Energy Motion, D. Bond)
Increasing vortex’yan power can be equated with increasing lumens of
spiritual light. (Radiance VII, #6, p22)

The material universe is a Vortex, from which all forms, material and
immaterial, are unfolded and developed to the external or surface.
These forms assume the force and form of the Vortex; while the Vortex
possesses the form and force of the whole; and from it new particles and
developments are constantly and successively emanating.
in immediate juxtaposition with every corresponding

And each is

part or particle.

Consequently, Nature also forms an arch,-- and as such, to sustain itself
requires parts

to form the Whole.

And if any part should become

disunited, the whole would become prostrate and disorganized.


instead of this, each part performs its specific office, as an end, in the
great Arch composed of them all. It even requires an ultimate to join the
great chain or circle of united motion, as the keystone is required to unite
and perfect the whole arch of existence. (Principles of Nature: p77)

And yet creation, or the existence and production of worlds, has been but
one moment in progress as compared to the duration of the formations

that are to go on throughout time and space unimaginable Then all these
systems, with all their emanations and appendages, arising from, and yet
progressing to, the Vortex of Positive Power, may be justly considered as
ONE SYSTEM! It is here subdivided, in order to facilitate a general
conception of the whole Structure by enabling the mind to associate the
various orders and degrees of development which it is more capable of
comprehending. Yet it is but one general Evolution of worlds from the
Great Centre, and therefore is but one infinite Production from one
eternal Origin! And only one single moment has elapsed, comparatively,
since the first formed of these vast and universal systems has had an
existence! But one single moment have they been in process of
development from the Great Source, and in passing through all the
various changes and conditions which the particles of each have
assumed, in form, order, specific gravities, geological developments,
undefinable and unimaginable revolutions, and reciprocal and incessant
interchanging and circulation of parts and particles! The vast Ocean of
materials in ceaseless motion and activity, from whose bosom these









inconceivably extended system and System of systems involved together,
with all their accompanying excellences and beauties, are everlasting
indices of future, inevitable, and corresponding emanations from the
great exhaustless Fountain from which these all have successively flown.
All these productions and reproductions -all these suns and systems of
suns, with all their accompanying worlds — are but as one particle, are
but one breathing forth of internal qualities from the great eternal Fount,

in comparison to the grand and glorious developments that are to be
produced and extended throughout the height, and depth, and length,
and breadth, of the whole vast Univercoelum! Thus but one atom has
been developed in comparison to that which shall be developed; and but
one second has elapsed in comparison to the corresponding extension of
time! (Principles of Nature: p139)

The spiral motion is the ultimate realization of the Great Law of Motion.
(Principles of Nature:


The Great Vortex of Positive Power is constantly sending forth the
Design and Power which develops the Ultimates of Matter and Energy.
(Principles of Nature:

The Universe is a vortex which has no beginning and no end, an eternal
vortex that is an infinite circle. (Principles of Nature:


Angular motions and forms progress to circular, which in turn progress
toward spiral which progress higher still to the more perfect motions and
forms of the celestial vortices. (Principles of Nature:


The motions of the universe are circular and spiral and power the
systems of concentric circles of the suns (Principles of Nature: p129)
As it was in the beginning, so the vast and boundless Univercoelum, the
Great Sun and Centre from which all these worlds and systems of worlds
emanated, is still an exhaustless Fountain of chaotic materials, and living,
inherent energy to drive into existence billions and millions of billions of
suns, with all their appendages, more than have yet been produced!
For it has eternal Motion, and contains the forms that all things
subsequently assume: and it contains laws that are displayed in the
geometrical and mechanical structure, combinations, and movements, of
the vast systems that are brought forth. And from this great living Vortex

roll forth the unimaginable elements, properties, combinations, laws
forces, forms, and motions, that have produced, and will still produce, an
infinitude of systems and Systems of systems, whose concentric circles
are but an expanse from the Great Germ of all existence, and are
incessantly acting and reacting, changing, harmonizing, organizing, and
etherealizing, every particle of chaotic and undeveloped matter that
exists in the Vortex! (Principles of Nature: p142)

Thus from the lowest to the highest spheres of progression, there is a
constant, inherent development where the perpetual vertical or celestial
is spiritual, refined, pure, everlasting infinite, unspeakable celestial glory,
brightness, and grandeur, which is The Vortex, the Creation of the Great
Positive Mind. (Principles of Nature: p123-124)

The Vortex of Pure Intelligence is the Great First Cause.

p124 [5P])

(Principles of

Within the Great Vortex are contained all that is everlasting, eternal, and
infinite. (Principles of Nature: p125)

The great Vortex of the Eternal Positive Mind contains the pure
Intelligence and infinite perfection (Principles of Nature:

The Everlasting

and almighty Perfection that is within the Vortex of

Eternity, breathes eternally forth the inexpressible perfection of all








The great Vortex or throne of infinite Power has universal Principles of
Nature and forces which emanate from it in general uniformity. (Principles
of Nature:


That is, to be a creator of a mutual affinity, such as might join together the
universal creations and their Creator! to form a connexion between
Cause and Effect, so that a relation might exist between them which
never had before existed! If he was designed as a mediator, then he was
entirely incapable of performing the office for which he was set apart. For
how is it possible for a medium to be added to any already-united system,
the relations of which are the relations of Cause and Effect. This
proposition is also superficially founded; and its tendency is to destroy in
the mind the order and uniformity of the vast creations of the Universe,
ALL of which sprang spontaneously from an inconceivable VORTEX by

the impulse of an ETERNAL CAUSE. (Principles of Nature: p502)


Our infinite Creator created all matter through and in which are tiny
vibrating, breathing, etheric vortices.

Photons of light travel through the whole universe in even direction like a
whirlpool in a moving stream. They are called "Cosmic Rays" and they
come in on all directions upon all celestial bodies.

Everything is whirling around in vortices from the atoms in man's body to
the solar systems and galaxies. Our Creator's creative power permeates
everything, from matter on up (spiritually speaking as well) up to the
Great Grand Central Sun's vortex.

Any vehicle or object that is not being driven along under its own motive
power or is drawn by gravity starts turning over and over in mid space
because of the whirling action of spacial ether everywhere.

Every bit of

matter that is not already crystallized into some kind of body or in some
stage en route from being dissolved and suspended in spacial ether, is
still in the Creator's mind as an idea, to be materialized later.

That old saying, "Love makes the world go round," takes in a lot more
territory than just this world. (The Faithist Journal, 2001)

The Atom
While the largest atoms are in conceivably small, they are vast as
compared with those of the finest ethers. The form of atoms must be that

of an oblate ovoid, or the shape of all egg flattened somewhat on the sides
from the necessities of force. This form is not solid, but consists principally
of an immensely elastic spring work of spirals encircled by spirillæ of
different grades, which form constant channels of force. These channels
move spirally around the outside of atoms as the principle of expansion
and heat, and forming a vortex at the larger end, pass through the center
in the other direction, tending to draw the atom in smaller on the principle
of cold and electricity. Thus is an atom an epitome of the universe,
having a gradation of elliptical and spiral orbits in imitation of those of the
solar system; having its axial center of unity around which its external
spirals revolve as a principle of diversity; having its positive end at which
repulsion rules, and its negative end at which attraction is the dominant
principle; constituting the most marvellous of machines with wheels within
wheels driven by water, even the water of ether, some of which is much
swifter than the lightning. (Principles of Light and Color)


This animated planetary vortex movement displays north and south
vortices focusing towards the gravity center. Each vortex implodes
energy from the sun towards that center at which movement an
expansion towards the east west direction takes place. This expansion is
by way of a spiraling outward energy movement along the equator. The
idea that our planet is like a bar magnet is incorrect. A man made bar
magnet focuses away from its center towards its poles where as in nature
such as our planet two poles come together to create a condition known
as gravitation. These two merging vortices poles with their apices located
at the center of the earth are controlled in their interaction by two
additional side poles called, east-west poles. East-west poles are located
at the spiraling outward moving energy disc located at the equator. They
pull north-south together and by doing so flattening the planet on its poles.
(Vortex Science)

The idea of power places and vortices has become a popular concept
today. But just what is a vortex and how can we better understand our
relationship to it. The first thing to understand is that a vortex is a center
of spiraling energy. We see this in the motion of our Milky Way
galaxy. This spinning wheel of stars is one of billions of galaxies all
spiraling through space. As above so below, the macrocosm is mirrored
in the microcosm.

Our solar system is a spiraling vortex with the

planets spinning around our sun. Our earth and moon spiral through
space as a planetary vortex that sustains all life as we know it. And the
atom as a vortex also spirals like a minature solar system. The vortex is

a basic law of creation, everything is moving in it. Wheels within wheels
within wheels. (The Earth Vortex & Energy Grid system)

The creation and maintenance of special conditions supporting the
development of nuclear synthesizing reactions typically characterize the
normal evolution of stars, planets and their satellites. Most important is
the tendency toward self-organization of masses, developing sequentially,
transforming from shapeless clouds of gas to vortex units of various sizes,
having precise spiral structures and hierarchical co-subordination. With
reference to the Solar System, this means that the Sun, planets and their
spherical satellites were formed in a joint and uniform vortex process.
(The Formation of the Solar System from Endo-Galactic Vortex)

We have seen that the finer and more subtle a substance becomes, other
things being equal, the more potent is its character (Chap. First, XV.), and
the more nearly does it seemingly approach self-action. We see also that
the merely material universe has no power in itself of perpetual movement
— that protoplasm, for instance, which some physicists proclaim as the
starting point of all life, must be entirely powerless without some higher
and finer principle beyond it: whence, then, is the power at animates all
being? If matter alone proves thus insufficient for this continuity of life, are
we not driven irresistibly to the conclusion that what we call spirit, must be
a necessary factor? In fact, is there an example that can be produced in
the whole realm of being, in which continuous and self action exists
excepting when some principle of spiritual force is combined with material

conditions? To reach the primate of power, then, we seem compelled to
mount the ladder of fine forces to those which are still finer, until we arrive
at conditions so exquisite as to be able to receive directly the impress of
Infinite Spirit. But Spirit itself, if we are to judge by all analogies, must flow
out and permeate all atoms and beings on a diviner plan, though in
harmony with the fluidic process. (Principles of Light and Color)

The Spirit-Land, together with all the natural worlds which night or
science reveals to our knowledge, belong to this one immeasurable
system. Within the vast cloud of material globes is the “silver lining” - the
Aurelian circle - which is the soul’s immortal Home. It is revolving within
this visible circle of resplendent suns and planets; just as the spiritual
body is a silver lining within a cloud-environment the outer visible form.
The spirit-world can be discerned by the super-telescopic power of
clairvoyance or other faculties of spiritual penetration. But as it is not
discovered by telescopes, it will remain all unknown to the natural
sciences for a long period. This interior circle or spiritual world is what we
term “the Second Sphere.” Within that is the third; next, the fourth; then
the fifth; lastly, the sixth; the seventh is the Deific vortex, a great Positive
Power, perfect and divine. But between each two of these spiritual
Spheres, there is a system of suns and planets corresponding to the
Milky’ Way so visible in the sublimities of our heavens. The higher and
more harmonious the mind the nearer does it approach to the Divine
Centre - the inexhaustible Fountain of Love, Power, and Wisdom. Matter
is repelled by the central Sun, but spirit is attracted incessantly toward it.

But, as I have shown, individualized spirit is never absorbed - can never
lose its identity. (The Thinker, Andrew Jackson Davis)¥


Vortices in the World

Se’mu, and therefore Life, requires the action of vortexian currents of
various kinds, atmospherean and ethereal. Life force of Se’mu, that is,
the beginning of life, is caused by vortexya. (Oahspe: Cosmogony

Corpor cannot move of itself; it requires vortexian power to move
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 2.12)


Light, heat, magnetism, and electricity are one and the same







Even magnetized ore or steel do not exert that much attraction by way of

Nor do worlds or even suns exert much force in terms of

attraction. It is the vortices, the vortexya involved around such matter
and worlds, which makes it appear that matter is attracting matter, but
vortexya is the true cause of the forces which cause matter to move
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.45-57)


Currents of vortexya flow together to form a spiral. (Oahspe: Cosmogony

All things, even plants and herbs, contain various degrees of vortexya
within themselves, and are capable of releasing them as heat (plants) or
as electricity. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.36-37)


The vortex of a world causes lightning.

(Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.18)

Vortexian power causes rain. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.32)

Vortexya causes the ocean tides (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.45)

Weather elements such as wind, tornadoes, drought, rain, snow, and hail
are caused by mixing of various vortexian currents in the atmosphere.
Snowflakes are fashioned by vortexya of the atmosphere. Snowflake
patterns are caused by vortexya.

Crystalline frost patterns are fashioned by vortexya.

Strange shapes of

plants and creatures on a frosty window pane are caused by vortexya
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 4.3, 4.5-6,4.18; Plate 42)


In darkness, vortexya rises away from its center, while during the day,
vortexya is received by that which is in the sunlight.

During the day,

vortexya flows towards the earth, while during the night vortexya flows
away from the earth. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 3.4,4.18)

Positive and negative vortexya are forever going to and from the earth.

Cosmogony 7.10)


The splendor of the sunlight is caused by the vibrations of electric and
magnetic force as they mingle and blend in the atmosphere of the earth.
In higher states and conditions of matter, in the spheres of spiritualizing
matter, the same process is transpiring.


(Radiance IX, #3, p14)

All of a world’s atmospherean plateaus are within its vortex. (Oahspe:
Apollo 3.19;
Cpenta-Armij 2.24, 3.7, Judgment 12.22; Eskra 11.1 Saphah Se’moin
[Inqua] 33)
A world’s vortex can draw in celestial objects such as a comet or meteor
or space ship. (Oahspe: Divinity 17.2)

The Earth’s vortex is transparent. (Oahspe:Apollo 10.11)

While within Earth’s vortex, the grades of atmospherean heavens
corresponds progressively as their distance away from the earth
increases (Oahspe: Plate 42)
The heavenly atmosphere within a world’s vortex is decidedly more
dense and dark than that of the etherean. (Oahspe: Apollo 5.19)

The vortex of a world causes the auroras of the poles to appear.

Cosmogony 1.20,1.24)


Chapter 4:
Angels Using Vortexya
As the majority of persons born through the ages have been of the selfish
or self-centered type, the magnetism of the earth’s vortex near the earth
has been overcrowded with the earthbound minds of the people of earth.
This composite of minds developed an astral vortex like the earth vortex,
but of a greater velocity and sentient substance. Its inward driving force
crystallized a planet of this dark sentient substance at its core. In this
core, men who developed dictatorial wills of mighty force while on earth
united to form what might be called a Black Crystal Throne of Deception
and Evil, whose satanic dominion has captured the world, and has
inspired leaders to engage in the universal destruction of civilization and

This dire fate would now culminate had not the will of the

Almighty Benevolence fore-planned the development at this time of a
Sun Vortex of Benevolence, and given it power to expand from the very
core of the earth outwardly, with ever-increasing velocity until the vortex
of darkness and selfishness should be disrupted and destroyed, and the
myriads of souls bound in its coma of inertia are awakened, liberated and
whirled out to states of liberation and progression.

The Almighty vortex

of Benevolence is now active universally, the dominance of the vortex of
unselfishness has been awakened, and the darkness which has hidden
the Realm of Soul Reality is about to be dissipated forever so that
mankind can live and act benevolently on earth as the angels in heaven.
(Radiance I, #6, 27-31)

The mingling of the love and intelligence of the One with the more
negative substance within the universal Mind, produces the transcendent
beauty, grace and harmony manifest in the heavenly spheres of the
Creator’s eternal nature. (Radiance IX, #3, p14)

Vortex power is used to power space craft of es and ethereal.


Cpenta-Armij 2.15, Sethantes 8.11, Lika 17..2)

A group of low spirits can pull connected individuals into a vortex of hells
or knots. (Oahspe: Divinity 10.17)
Angel star ships are powered through vortexya. (Oahspe: Thor 3.20, Lika

Progressive spirits / angels study how to use and control vortices, the
operation of the universe.

(Oahspe: Wars 7.9)

Etherean angels have the power to create, control, alter, or destroy the
vortex of a world. (Oahspe: Aph 2.6, 6.6, Apollo 1.1, Cpenta-Armij 2.20,
Lika 1.10,1.16,1.23, Fragapatti 3.4, 28.3, Knowledge 5.43, Synopsis 3.3)
A resurrection and upliftment efforts for a world from Etherean angels
commonly takes place when a world’s vortex merges with Hi’dan
(Oahspe: Aph 10.12)
Ethereans unite in council to create vortices. (Oahspe: Praise Lais 7)
It is common for angels of heaven to study through course instruction the
various powers and currents of vortices (Oahspe: Divinity 3.26)


Chapter 5:
Vortices in Mortals
Man exemplifies the perfect unfolding of Nature’s interior qualities and
represents within himself the united and harmonious universe.


these correspondences it can be plainly seen that all things which have
form and distinct existence have an interior independence, but that
externally they are dependent on all things, and display a universal use.
And it would be as unjust to abhor any of the lower kingdoms as it would
be to have a prejudice against any of the imperfect portions fo the human

For forms are only the temporal combinations


material substances; but the Cause (of which forms are the effects) is the
invisible and there is eternal. And as forms, the uses of which the mind
does not always comprehend, are the constant manifestations of Nature,

so they are the constant and successive productions of her immutable
and eternal Principles of Nature.

And the first and most comprehensive

attribute that is manifested in these forms is divine Wisdom.

And their

unity and harmonious reciprocation prove that Wisdom is the higher
attribute flowing from the Fountain of divine Love.

Love, therefore,

determines the universal relationship, and Wisdom the universal

So these attributes are the highest laws of Nature,

comprehending within themselves various modifications of the same
Principles of Nature as all flowing from the same exhaustless Fountain
wherein exists infinite Intelligence. This is the Vortex from which are
unfolded successively the receding waves of a united Universe. And one
of these is an index to the expanding sublimities of another; and so their
ceaseless flowings comprehend the whole Univercoelum. And as these
are the flowings of the general materials in space, so the earth
constitutes a similar vortex of power, which rolls forth succeeding waves
from the mineral to the vegetable, to the animal, and to man: and the
breathings of inherent qualities transcend Motion, Life, and Sensation,
and form a pure and exalted Spirit. The wave of development is not
arrested here, but it goes on throughout the unimaginable spheres in the
interior world, until it approximates and is responded to by the Great
Positive Mind.

Thus are the concentric circles of material creation

unfolded—which correspond to, and absolutely prove, the concentric
circles of spiritual creation and spiritual, endless progression. (Principles
of Nature:



Spiritual light influences the general population to act more spiritually, to
be more active. (Radiance VII, #6, p22)

Within a cycle of light, the vortexy’an tide and the grade of light is
constantly in flux (or change) to a varying degree. It is almost like the
waves of an ocean that ebb and crest in smooth cycles, with some peaks
higher than others and some valleys lower than others. (Radiance IV, #31,

Personal vortex’ya maintains the vitality of your being. (Radiance XV, #3,

When an individual mortal is under the influence of a’ji, his spiritual body,
aura, or energy field is constricted in appearance and the vortex’yan field
about him follows an inward directed or impeding clockwise flow,
dimming and constricting all major charkas. (Radiance V, #3, p13)

When the intensity of cosmic light exceeds 100 lumens, an outwardly
directly, counterclockwise vortex’yan force is created which opens the
aura, expands and brightens charkas.

The spiritual effect of such light is

that to various degrees, individuals will become more altruistic and
peaceful, more focused on and attuned to the Creator’s Will and Light
and Love. (Radiance V, #3, p13)

Low-level spirits can deplete the personal vortexya, or life force, of
mortals they are in close contact with.

This process of depletion is

accelerated where the mortals are engaged in the same dissipating
activities which hold the spirits in mental bondage.

The detrimental

effects of such depletion to mortals include depression, anxiety, fatigue,
and chronic physical ailments.

Close association with the angels, and a

shunning of the dark activities and places which hold the spirits in
bondage, help to protect mortals from losing their vitality, spiritually and
physically. (Radiance XIII, #3, p24)


Despite the strength of any vortexian influence for light or darkness, each
person or group has or can develop enough wisdom and will to overcome
the darker influences and so advance or progress. Each person is
influenced by the light and dark currents passing from and to the earth
even at such times. (Robert Bayer)

The psychic medium can see vortexya. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 1.20)

The eye is a miniature sun which receives and sends vortexian power.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 5.10)


Inspiration flows along through the power of the vortex. (Oahspe:
Cosmogony 11.9)

Personal vortexya can be lost when coming near or in contact with those
who have a negative polarity, are old, or by being among a large group of
people. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.11)

Vegetarianism is extremely important in becoming more spiritual, as it
increases one’s perception of the spiritual.

(Oahspe: Cosmogony 9.10)

Negative vortexya imparts to man corporeal growth and desires.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 7.10)

A true seer / prophet can sense the vortexian current coming from any
object or person that flows near or through him, and can see the future

and the past from such currents. A su’is can hold an object and by tuning
into the vortexya around it, determine its character, qualities, purpose.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 9.7,10.4)

To live in the fields and forests, and study the action of unseen forces
upon himself; to eat not fish, nor flesh, nor any food that cometh of
animals; to bathe daily; to permit no passion to enter his mind; to
abnegate self and to wed himself to the Creator for righteousness sake,
and to do good; to discipline his mind, to remain in any given direction on
any subject, for days if necessary; to become oblivious to pain. After
which he shall receive anointment from one who had previously attained
the seership. To attain such prophecy is to forfeit sexual powers; to forfeit
appetite; to forfeit ambition for leadership and fame; to forfeit concern for
the opinions of the world. In fact, to become a Bridegroom (or a Bride) to
the Creator. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 10.6-7)


Those who heal using vortexya should renew themselves using sunlight,
herbs, natural settings. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.10)
Vortexian power can be absorbed by the elderly, or by negative people,
or by large groups of people. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.11)
The control of discharging vortexya is the basis for sar’gis and
communication with the spirits. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.12)
People give off the negative current of vortexya in the dark and receive it
in the sunlight. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.13)
It is best that individuals develop both spiritual senses in conjunction with
vortexian currents and in analytic thinking in regard to scientific principles
which govern. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11.9)
It is good to study the principles of vortexya because such efforts will lead
one to become more one with the Creator, and to progress spiritually.
(Oahspe: Cosmogony 10.10, Divinity 3.26)


Music, colors, art, nature, are the result of and

/ or emit vortexian

These beautiful currents flow with and through

even a

person’s soul, causing reverie and spiritual ecstasy, and even the
harmonizing of distinct spirits. Music, color, in nature and art, carry with
them vibrations of vortexian current which when attuned to, causes the
beauty to be felt more deeply by an individual, a kind of beauty-induced
happiness or enchantment. Therefore vortexya can be used to
harmonize and heal, from such sources as music, art, nature, or persons
or groups of positive disposition. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 9.5-6)



Thinking of self, desiring for self, willing and working to gain or
accomplish for self, creates a mental vortex of force to the physical center
of the focus (self).

This mental vortex of thought, feeling and

determination, like the magnetic vortex of the earth, binds everything to
the “earth”, the physical body.

Consequently when a man dies, he finds

he is this mental vortex, earth-bound by a lifetime of self interest and

The comparatively few persons who forget self in sacrifice

and work for others, whose desires and aspirations and activities are for
the welfare of all humanity, create a vortex that exalts them into the finer
zones of spiritual force way from the planet. When the Angels come at

the beginning of a cycle, these are resurrected to states of life entirely
free from the pull of the earth vortex.
and daughters of the Eternal.

They gain the liberty of the sons

Only those with some strength of soul

have been able to rise above the terrible tidal wave of the vortex of
selfishness which dominates the thoughts , desires and determinations of
the people of earth, and rise to freedom.

As the majority of persons born through the ages have been of the selfish
or self-centered type, the magnetism of the earth’s vortex near the earth
has been overcrowded with the earthbound minds of the people of earth.
This composite of minds developed an astral vortex like the earth vortex,
but of a greater velocity and sentient substance. Its inward driving force
crystallized a planet of this dark sentient substance at its core. In this
core, men who developed dictatorial wills of mighty force while on earth
united to form what might be called a Black Crystal Throne of Deception
and Evil, whose satanic dominion has captured the world, and has
inspired leaders to engage in the universal destruction of civilization and

This dire fate would now culminate had not the will of the

Almighty Benevolence fore-planned the development at this time of a
Sun Vortex of Benevolence, and given it power to expand from the very
core of the earth outwardly, with ever-increasing velocity until the vortex
of darkness and selfishness should be disrupted and destroyed, and the
myriads of souls bound in its coma of inertia are awakened, liberated and
whirled out to states of liberation and progression.

The Almighty vortex

of Benevolence is now active universally, the dominance of the vortex of

unselfishness has been awakened, and the darkness which has hidden
the Realm of Soul Reality is about to be dissipated forever so that
mankind can live and act benevolently on earth as the angels in heaven.

A whirlwind whirls dust to its center on the sidewalk, and shows how
planets are made. The motion of the wind forms a vortex which is like a
whirlpool in water. The will of the Creator sets vortices whirling in space,
forming comets which gather and condense the elements to create

Vast fields of nebula are visible in the sky, whirling vortices of

positive and negative forces, which are creating suns for the eons of the
future. By means of vortices are all things created, from atoms to suns.
Thoughts, desires, passions and purpose also create vortices in a more
ethereal medium. A vortex takes many forms from the time it flies forth a
comet until it is a cooled and habitable planet. The vortex of a planet
sustains its rotation and by its pressure toward the center creates what is
called gravity.

A moon vortex is circular and open. A sun vortex is

bi-polar; its force expands outwardly until it becomes negative, when it
flows back inwardly to the center.

This Master Vortex holds and

sustains the planetary vortices and their planets within its field of

Human beings, like planets, are the focus of a vortex.


are self-centered, and their prayers, desires and ambitions are for the
good of self. Comparatively few persons are moon-vortices.

They are

doorways through which spirits can communicate with or materialize to

They may be mediums or spirits of the lowest order, or of

spirits of a higher order, or as Messiahs and prophets of the Angels of

Heaven, all according to personal qualities or soul unfoldment.

It is possible for a human being to become a sun vortex.

As such, he

would be polarizing a whole world of souls, awakening, liberating and
inspiring their progression as planets in his soul’s expansive influence.
Only one such master vortex is needed to polarize into unity and
harmony of the earth.

Not until this time has it been possible for man to

become the center of a sun vortex, and begin to form the inhabitants of
earth into such a mighty pleroma, a solar system of divine power in

Human beings can generate power in the realms of magnetism, of mind,
and of soul reality.

The Hopi Indian’s rhythmic actions in unison

generate a force that produces rain and heals the sick. Spiritualists, by
assembling in a crescent formation and holding hands, form a magnet
through which the magnetic force of their bodies flows to the poles.
When a medium, controlled by spirits, sits between the poles of this
human magnet, the spirits can use the force generated to materialize, or
to produce the physical phenomena of an audible voice through a
trumpet, levitation of objects, and the bringing of objects from a distance.
The force generated by the Indians and by the spiritualists is the force of
human magnetism. An orator talking to an audience of ardent believers
polarizes the faith force and emotions of their minds and moves them to
act to carry out his idea or purpose.

He generates mental force. A

dynamo for the generation of electrical energy is a magnet in the field of

which whirls an armature composed of coils of wire, which cut through
the force field of the magnet, and generate electricity which then flows
out through a wire to produce light, heat and power.

The spiritualists’

human magnet is like the magnet in the dynamo, but there is no action to
intensify the power.

The Indians, by rhythmic dancing, create a vortex

of magnetic force which charges the local polarity of the atmosphere and
induces rain.

It is possible to form a dynamo of human beings which

would generate not only magnetic force, but the divine power of the realm
of the immortals.

These forces could be generated in unison

simultaneously, and they would provide the Immortals with the same
means of clothing their soul bodies and making them visible to mortals.
This soul and physical force would so clothe the expression of the
Almighty Will that they would touch and control all the forces of nature.
The power generated by such a Divine Dynamo would enable the angels
to exercise their wisdom and will to heal all the diseased minds of

This dynamo could be duplicated until the world would

become a Power House of such generators.

The Power of the

Benevolent Will so generated would whirl as a vortex throughout all the
vortices of greed, hatred and selfish ambitions which has generated for

This could be accomplished: the healing of the nations and the

fulfillment of the Divine Will by mankind on earth.

When this planet was young, a host of angels came, clothes themselves
in material forms, and begot offspring.

As a babe, before the mind

develops, is a soul expressing in physical form, so these primitive people

were souls.

Their intellect was similar but superior to the expression of

instinct in animals. Their souls were not yet inhibited by mental beliefs,
and they walked and talked with Angels who taught them all they needed
to know.

They were as young angels, conscious of Reality while living in

physical bodies.

This paradisiacal state lasted on earth during the

luminous side of the cycle. When the cycle entered its dark phase,
souls were no longer exalted at death, but remained bound to mortals.
Spirits, no angels, became dominant in control of human beings.
Through the ages, this condition grew so bad, and spirit obsession so
complete, that it was necessary for the gods to destroy the mother
continent of the race which was the main breeding ground for this

It was necessary to develop personal initiative and judgment

in earth’s peoples, so that they would not depend upon the influence and
direction of spirits.

To accomplish this end, the gods, provided the

science of astrology in its completeness to develop judgment and self

Thus through the ages was the instinctively sensitive brain of

primitive man developed to the present well-developed brain in which the
intellectual, emotional and dynamic functions are well-rounded.
again is man to become soul conscious.


When the materialistic,

intellectual delusions and selfish propensities are removed from man’s
well-developed brain, it will become a perfect instrument through which
his soul can, under angelic inspiration, give expression to the wisdom
and power of the eons which is waiting for his recognition and use in the
realm of soul reality.
(Radiance I, #6, 27-31)

We admit a certain liking for those out-of-the-way places which stretch
into the wilderness. They can inspire you to greater sensitivity to the
forces of life around you. They are certainly statements in themselves for
beauty and peace. We create vortices in such places, weaving currents
of light from the essences of many living things. In such harmonious
surroundings , this is easy, unlike working in areas of larger population.
That is one reason why you feel better in such settings. You are receiving
benefits beyond what you see and feel with your ordinary senses. We
stress going to these places for vortexya and a healthy change of pace.
This will continue to be important, so make it a habit. (Radiance XV, #3,

Referring to human beings consisting of male and female, we can also
speak of the eastern concept of Chakras. Chakra in sanskrit means
turning wheel or vortex. There are 7 major chakras in the human energy
body, each represents a specific level of human consciousness and each
links into the human endocrine gland system. We can also refer to the







medicine. This energetic system distributes the life force throughout the
body and its proper functioning is essential for good health. These two
factors interconnect and establish the basis of the human energy system
/ luminous body that emanates as the aura. (SVP Universal Cosmology Dale Pond)


Chapter 6:
Prophesizing from Vortexya
Vortices can be studied in order to calculate of predict future events or
conditions. A ratio exists between the velocity of a world’s vortex and
related vortices of the corresponding or encircling stars, which can be
used to predict times of famine, war, peace, and prosperity. (Oahspe:
Osiris 12.3; Saphah! 1.2; Knowledge 3.44)

Spiritual light influences the general population to act more spiritually, to
be more active. (Radiance VII, #6, p22)

Within a cycle of light, the vortexy’an tide and the grade of light is
constantly in flux (or change) to a varying degree. It is almost like the

waves of an ocean that ebb and crest in smooth cycles, with some peaks
higher than others and some valleys lower than others. (Radiance IV, #31,

Personal vortex’ya maintains the vitality of your being. (Radiance XV, #3,

The major calamites of history correspond to the periods of a’ji.
(Radiance IV, #3, p9)

Spiritual light influences the general population to act more spiritually, to
be more active. (Radiance VII, #6, p22)

The past and the future of peoples and nations can be calculated or
deduced or sensed by noticing the state or degree or kind of vortexian
current flowing about the earth and its atmospheres. (Oahspe:
Cosmogony 8.10, 8.12-13; Knowledge 4.8)

There is a parallel or a number of corresponding states of being between
the polarity and direction of a planet’s vortex and that of individuals,
groups and nations, and the

general population of that world, either for

ascendancy or declension in darkness or light, though some are affected
more than others for various reasons. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 7.11, 8.7)


The ORACHNEBUAHGALAH of Oahspe not only predicted ALL 10
things on its timeline (chart) from the time it was written till now, but
EACH match to its numbers and words is not only precise but represents
the first, or the most, or the best of its kind (example World War I and
WW2 were the most and first of its kind, John Dewey's book was the best

of its kind, the Erdman Act of 1898 was the first arbitration law of its kind,
the killer flu of 1918 was the worst-most of its kind, the 1896 Olympics
was the first of its kind, the 1947 Cold War and Palestinian-Israeli conflict
were examples of the first and most dangerous and most important to the
world of its kind ) this further separates it from some random anything
match. The first, most, or best could ONLY OCCUR ONCE AT AN
TIMES CONSECUTIVE from 17 years into the future to 67 years into the
future. Oahspe is also on course to hit its next prediction on the
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH timeline chart 167-169 years into the future
(from when it was written) for the 11th consecutive prophecy with an
exact time frame. The Bible or no other book can claim to surpass or
match Oahspe as a true prophet, which is more EVIDENCE that Oahspe
is what it claims to be, the words of the Creator. ORACHNEBUAHGALAH
ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH gives precise words, and precise numbers
that are added to precise beginnings of cycles to get precise dates or
year of prophecy, and it is 100% accurate.
From 1848 to 2048 on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate:
Precise words (9) = arbitration, worship, peace, war,
(epidemics), learning, plenty, order, famines.


Precise numbers (10) = 10, 16, 20, 48, 50, 66, 88, 90, 100, 200.
The reason (the why) the numbers work is because they correspond with
the places in the roadway of the travel of the earth (AH) around the
galaxy (GALAH), the sub-galactic orbit called CEVORKUM. The roadway
has certain nebulous (NEBU) regions and arcs of light (dawn of dan) at
exact places in the circuit of the travel of the earth. The Creator put
those regions there and thus KNOWS what numbers and words match
up to make precise predictions like an Oracle (ORACH) of the Creator.
No other book has this revealed precise knowledge that has PROVEN to
be true.
(James Michael, 2013)



Chapter 7:
The Spiritual Dimension of Vortices
I didn't know anything about the vortexya and I read a little bit, I have the
feeling that it is that infinite "tiny" "little point" where all of us become one
and we are expanded in many directions, as a result and without any
effort spontaneous expressions of life and love and creativity are borne
through us in every possible angle and direction, it is like a feast of the
soul in communion with all in Him. Creativity and ecstasy....we become
infinite, endless..endless ….Maria Jose S


Our Choice

The Creator is Spirit, the Motion of the Universe, the Motion of us all.
This Energy Spiritual which creates, transforms, and animates, can be
described as spiraling power which flows endlessly, and illimitably, in
cycles, in the circles of All the Universe: atoms, worlds, and galaxies.
Indeed, the Trinities of the All One manifest in everyway imaginable: in
birdsong, flowers, and waterfalls, in fire, sunshine, and lightning, in hearts,
minds, and souls, in Love, Wisdom, and Power. This Infinite Power is
named in Oahspe as Vortexya, and Be within and round the three great
aspects of being: i-n corpor, in es, in etherea. This Universal Force acts
One with the Life Force of all the Living Children of the Ever-Present
Spirit, in dimension, place, and time. The Great Purpose of the Creator

which directs Vortex Power is Ever Greater Progression, Resurrection,
and Creation.

The more advanced the Children of the Ever-Present

Spirit are, the more they have learned to be One with the Ever-Present
Spirit, in choosing, and in fulfilling Universal Design, which is Boundless
and Beautiful.

Angels of the Almighty, accomplish as One with the

Creator, One with All the Universe, and the Children therein, all that can
be described as Good and Uplifting and Joyful.

As they and we learn to

master and free self, to unfold the I AM within, to choose to serve with
virtue for the greater benefit and harmony of all God’s peoples, they and
we also learn to purify, to forgive, to accept, and to attune toward Higher

In every case, this means finding and exploring the paths

which bestow love, teach wisdom, and unify power within those in need.
So it is that the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think, and the dreams
we envision, each and every one of them, are the Worlds of Happiness
that we should seek to realize for others. As we make each step, each
breath, each word, a Sacred Prayer of Thanks, of Hope, and of
Compassion, to the All One Creator, we become ourselves the Creator,
and together, an Unending Union or Galaxy of Illimitable and Immortal
Lights. We now and forever choose to live as Angels of the Ever-Present
Spirit. The Love, Light and Will of Jehovih are All One.


Robert Bayer

Spirit & Ether

"Spirit" which as we now know is the same as Keely's interetheric realm
of matter/energy. According to Keely "matter is infinitely divisible". There
is no ultimately tiny particle. The substance (matter) on these higher and
finer realms bears little resemblance to matter on the so-called gross
physical realm. Spirit ANIMATES matter. There is a bit of semantics
problem here. When SVP says spirit (small s) it does not mean God.
Small 's' spirit means this animating influence or energy. There have
been times I've used 'Spirit" (cap s) meaning God. God means 'creative
and all-knowing' which is somewhat different from 'animating' force or
influence. Spirit (small 's') animates matter much like electricity animates

matter. I would not define spirit in terms of "physical ether". Spirit is as an
energy flow or condition or state functional within the realm of the etheric
states of matter and energy. The ether is not really a "physical" thing but
more like a "liquid light" having properties of both these metaphorical
substances. Here are several definitions of ether from Keely: (SVP
Universal Cosmology - Dale Pond)


The Theory of The Ether

We know that physical matter which appears to be solid is actually the
opposite. If you look at any physical object up close you will see that it is
made up of an immense number of electrons which are in vibration and
revolve round a central point which is known as a neutron. Matter
consists of atoms and these atoms are composed of electrons and

which are held together by electromagnetic forces. Matter is

built up of tiny electric charges, both positive and negative which are not
moving at random, but are connected together in an orderly fashion by
the invisible universal elements called the Ether.

There are many varied vibrations of the Ether. One form of this ethereal
wave motion can be seen in the physical world as light. There are other
forms which give us heat, color, electricity, ectoplasm, etc. This unseen

Ether gives us the ability to live and to think and to interact. The Ether is
never at rest. It is a cosmic link which is always in motion. It cannot be
sensed using physical senses, yet if it did not exist we would all be blind,
deaf and cold as there would be no medium to carry the sound and light
and heat waves. Matter itself is essentially etheric. Electrons in the atoms
are particles of negative electricity and the protons are considered by
scientists as

being electric in nature. Both are etheric which means that

matter is simply Ether in a state of constant and varying


This Ether is our connection between the physical senses and the higher
cosmic forces, or the nonphysical world. Our physical senses only
respond to a very limited range of these vibrations however. Beyond this,
the universe is teaming full of life and energies which respond to higher
ranges of vibrations, beyond what we can normally hear or see or feel.
Our ordinary senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) are greatly
limited. We only experience a small amount of what exists in the universe
out there. For example, we see only a limited range of light but we know
through the advances of science and an instrument known as a
spectroscope that beyond that limited range also exists ultraviolet light
and infrared light. The ethereal forces influence and control the Physical
Plane in many ways. They create form and hold together. They have the
ability to give matter life, vitality, and power. The Ether is the conduit of
essential life forces in the universe. (Spirit-Question – Synergy)


Greetings from our space to yours.

Many areas of development now are on the horizon of the Society. It is
time to expand some ideas now into realization. The seeds of growth are
now growing and in a very rapid manner. Being on top of the society’s
plan for the growth planed is of primary importance. The numbers ever
increasing now for manifold growth to many sections of the tree of the

As mortals and Angels we admire the universe and the distance in which
it goes. From the grass you stand on, to the bridge of Chin vat is where

the end of perspective as mortals lay. It is beyond this great divide, in and
bridging, from atmospherea to realms of spirit ENERGY, that we are
deficient in the pattern of the past. It is at a turning place for your inquiry
to probe the depths that are from within, as well as those beyond, into
energy from the other perspective. Dwelling in one area for knowledge is
of little value unless all areas are explored and by this we mean to turn to
the inner self. As this has been but mere words to some, it is of utmost
importance to the creative process that we have inherited and now are
responsible for.

The vortex that is within is very seldom explored to any great depth. It is
like a bridge into the realms of unexplored heavens. Through the
exploration of the inner vortex the keys to the heavens emancipated are
in grasp. Those that are familiar with the principle of vortex and the
power it contains will now be able to see, from within, the manifestations
of matter development to their fullest form. It is a matter of seeing, in the
simplest terms, the way of creation and to complicate it with the power,
and the mathematics, involved will hold no significant purpose. Thus in
simplicity the method can be revealed better than in the scientific

The words “seek from within” have been written, from the beginning, in all
the creations apparent to mankind, in visible manifestation. Also through
the written words of those that have sought for more knowledge in an
undaunted manner will now be within our grasp. To continue with growth

is to let the past be as example but not for truth as this can create
dormancy of your being both spiritual and physical. But let the past
wisdom be for knowledge and for nurturing the growth of the new. It is
within the tree of the society that can inform us to the power that lay
within the vortex within. To be builders, by thought, the most powerful of
any matter and to be understood as we enter the realm within.

As with any circumstance there are two sides, therefore that which lies
beyond Chinvat bridge can be explained by that which happen within the
vortex within.

The power of thought gathers like the galaxies of the

heavens on a clear night to bring into being the material of thought.
Gaining in density and in mass the thoughts of one bear fruit on the outer
vortex because of the formation of a mature thought from within the inner
vortex. It is the realm of detail in which thought matter, by attraction,
manifests itself in the form of ideas born and into real objects emitted by
forces and by the nature of organization.

Be aware of that placid garden of prayer and thought and that indeed it
will carry forth over the inner Chin vat bridge into the vortex of inner
matter. So what you think of today is already in full manifestation and, in
due course, will inhabit your area, street, community, town, or village.
The reigns of direction remain within the vortex of the innermost being of
self. You are the custodian of such a wonderful power that lies within
your ability to create. It is you that can harness this force or better-termed
power of light.

Consider that you are but a letter in a word and the word is but a particle
of a sentence and the complete sentence becomes manifest as a phrase.
This is the direction given to you today to harness the reigns of the inner
vortex to master realities of the greatest and not to harbour anything less
than this divine principle to enhance the people of the world. It is by our
thoughts, and thoughts in unison, that we proceed through this edge of
the new era, and proceeding as light bringers to darkness. To question
every conceivable situation, institution and written word is the challenge.
To dispense with the articles that have been used to undermine the
divine within each person and each angel. Being foremost and always in
our thoughts to bring truth within our midst. To cast away the principle,
but not the persons, that wedges their once magnificent philosophies into
the inner mindset and the vortex.
It is like a healing crisis that happens within an organism that can and will
repair from within that which is of no more use. The disease is Religion
and the encompassing theories that have blackened the earth by what is
called doctrine. The injuries to the souls of mortals and angels now will
be eased both from before and after the bridge. That healing to the
planet, now much overdue, is on course again with truth being a light
bringer to the world. It is within that we can seek for truth and from
without see the display of false messages of blood.

Prove it, now being the master key to truth, is what we have created and
in due time the rewards of truth will shine as light.

As these words now unfolding before you will need to be proven, as all
works presented for personal guidance, should come under the scrutiny
of the unbiased and uncluttered mind. Become more familiar as
humans・being of a divine descent and not ever to be under the law as
such happens within the animal, vegetable kingdom. Organic, and being
disciplined like what was intended for the animals, at this time are not a
positive attribute. To become engrossed with progress through the
animals law is acting in violation of basic rights and freedoms. Mortals
shall not perform and answer to a bell as they were given freedom from
their transplanted beginnings from divinity. To be as gods now has been
hampered by the many words of man which, through the assemblies of
Religion, have made man less than animal or vegetable. To unwind this
thread of knots and tangles cannot be done with any perfection only with
the powers bestowed to humans and angels from divine realms. We
have reached the second turning place for Mortals now being within our
grasp, responsibility and because of the inherited power. The provisions
of the great mother the earth now is in need of a complete inventory of
both product of man and of product of thought.

No longer is needed the destruction of the planet mother by the powers
now in control as the plentiful now becomes the needed. The basics now
are dependent upon the ability to live without plunder and to love without
passion. To be of giving rather than to be of taking, the community will
develop in small steps to large leaps as the illness now identified can be

healed. The vortex now becomes another needed key for the
development of the Race gifted from divinity. Be wise and be one of a
questioning manner of that which is called law for the time of law is at an
end, the use of such controlling forces has blackened the light of mortals
to be less than an animal. Think and think it out thoroughly before your
agreement binds you to more darkness.

Let the ties of “bound by scripture, rituals, rites, and ceremonies” be first
loosened by truth of thought. The ceremonies made for animals are now
in the place of decline as impotent for the new mortal and may your own
thoughts manifest quickly upon the earth our mother. Be not afraid to let
go because healing is of the society and no injury can become more than
a small bruise which is the healing from within. Some have done this and
the numbers continue to gather momentum. The light of the society now
is a beacon to those somewhat lost in the snarl of belief systems.

Continue to be free with understanding powered by love and to be driven
by innermost pure, free and total thought and the manifestations are
within sight. As pioneers explore into the realms of divinity, which was till
this time forbidden for mortals and that has had its day and will flow back
to darkness from which it came.

Take charge of your destiny and prove these words by planting thoughts
in the vortex that works from within. The ability to create is in direct
proportion to the amount of individual thought that enters into the vortex.

Thoughts that are for growth of the society will attract like and similar
thoughts from the ever-plentiful garden placid. There is no shortage of
material if there is no shortage of determination. It is the storehouse of
the gods and the mechanism used for the new direction that mortals now
are choosing.

It is for our understanding that the vortex of inner most thought is but a
doorway to the vastness of creation. This doorway is in our hands and
the hands of mortals and angels. It is a key to freedom to be used wisely.
May you find it now and prove that our light will overpower that which is
“greed, power, wealth and self of the masters and leaders.” Many have
used this same vast storehouse of power to manipulate the ignorant into
a doctrine of deceit thereby holding mortals as hostage and in bondage
for many, many years too long.

May you find the door and plant the seeds of thought. Be keepers of the
divine power that is the inheritance of mortals and angels. Never
underestimate the power of organized thoughts. Be wise in knowledge
and distribute love freely. Think carefully and in our highest light create
our thoughts for the betterment of the world.

Farewell –the Elders
Through Wayne Sturgeon
June 19 / 2003



When it comes to the divine essence of healing, there are really
wondrous ways in which it can be experienced and given to all. Music,
color (one and the same thing), touch, flowers, crystals. Prayer, psychic
and magnetic healing, aromatherapy, even poetry and prose with their
infinite beauty, has power to touch the heart, the emotions, to nourish the
spirit and to soothe as well as uplift and create joy in the soul. All these
things, and many more, combined with a pure diet, bring us into
attnnment with the All Light, Jehovih.

We need to discipline our

thoughts too; very important, yet I believe that if we partake of all that a
uplifting, beautiful and spiritual inspiring, then the best will flow forth from

us and so bless others as well as ourselves.

Sound, as in music, is not substance, but is currents of air in motion;
which register their broken discharges on the drum of the ear.

It is

therefore possible for the ear to be so cultivated that it can detect these
velocities, so as to determine colors thereby.

For of a truth, in entity,

sounds and colors are one and the same thing, but registered one on the
eye and one on the ear. In other words, two organs of sense discover
the same thing differently: to the ear it music, to the eye it is color.

If a man be given to reverie because of music or colors,
his soul traveleth in the currents thereof, and he becometh
oblivious to his surroundings. The vortexian currents in that
case pass through him uninterruptedly. If one instrument in
a same room be played upon, and other instruments
in the same room be in tune therewith, the currents of
vortexya will cause the others to give off sounds faintly.
If said instruments be connected by wood fibres, the sounds
will be louder. If the person in reverie holdeth the
hands of others in the room, the same current will run
through the whole. Hence music is the greatest of all

(Cosmogony and Prophecy IX:4-6)

Tuning oneself to the wondrous healing of the sacred rainbow rays —
those rays the angels work with, has been a very moving experience for


I apply 21 differen rays for healing, and all are incredibly

translucent and effective. It was beautiful the way the angels taught me
and I shall never forget it. It happened about 18 years ago when I was
well into the vegetarian diet. (I’m vegan now, by the way, and have been
for years.)

I was taught by being put through an experience or situation and then
shown a color, a ray, which transmuted everything.

I also bought a

string of crystals and hung them in the light. Each morning I would check
them and they all turned one particular color and I knew that that was the
ray I was on for the day.

I learned the meanings of the rays, and felt them heal me and understood
how to give these rays to others for their healing through creative
visitualization. When I was being taught sometimes, the angels would
make little stars of light around me at the appropriate moment, and also
direct my gaze to a certain color so that I would both see and feel its
healing power. I would also be able to see and feel the transormationt
taking place within myself and others as the rays of light would bathe me
or someone else.

On occasion I learned to use two different rays together. All 21 rays are
just beautiful.

Never a day or moment goes by without visualization and

experiencing this healing for myself and others. When you tune into “a
particular ray,” you are also tuning in to all those wonderful angels who

work on and with that ray, so the healing power is profound!

Most healers have green in their aura; musicians have purple (purple is
to do with emotions, music and compassion).

Blue relates to the mind, beauty, mathematics.

There are many blues of

course, and those with pale blue in the aura have very high aspirations
and are devotional also, and radiate powerful thoughts. Those who are
very wise, knowledgeable and spiritual, have much golden light around

We all give off light from our auras, and when near others, we can also
heal when the aura is beautiful. A smile, a touch, a spoken word, a song
— time spent listening to, enjoying classical music, is very uplifting and
healing, indeed.

It transports one to the higher spheres! Some find

Chopin’s music has that wonderful healing touch some find the same
about Schubert’s Impromptus, or some love the violin, others the piano,
and others’ the “voice.” Who does not love a beautiful compostion with its
various tonal colors?

Everyone has their special healing gifts. Yes, music, color, flowers, touch,
voice — the look in a child’s eyes or its smile, can heal me most of all —
as do the elements of running water, soft cool breezes, the countryside
and the rainforests, and the warmth of the sun (so called).

All is

The ocean is very cleansing and healing, and I am most fortunate to be
able to spend a very special interlude beside it each morning before
walking to work. The sound of the surf and the sight of the waves has me
spellbound: Jehovih’s Presence and Power, the ebb and flow of Life, the
sunrise so very beautiful, the dawn’s chorus of birds, beauty and
perfection abounds everywhere. He is Ever-Present, in All Places, All
Things. Praise to Jehovih, who is Greater than all.

Rosemary O’Dea, (Kosmon Voice, 1989)




In so far as this is your spiritual state already, you can through the Power
of Prayer and in intention together already join the higher reality and so
aid those who have passed from this life without knowledge of their new
state. Many newly passed over are in a state of shock and disorientation,
still associated with earth life and so inoperative in the new life. We
should pray for them.

How does our prayer help?


Prayer creates a vortex of spiritual energy.

We call it that for want of a

better term, and your learned men speak of energy existing which cannot
be seen or sensed, yet it is potent. Spiritual energy radiates from the finer
realms of spiritual matter for you have momentarily linked your heart and
mind with the Great Centre of All Life, the Soul of all souls. You have
done this by an act of will. This is possible because the seed within you is
Eternal and the strength within you is part of the Great All,

Turning the

mind inward and in a spirit of prayer for invoking the light causes a higher,
finer radiation from you to the Centre and there comes back an
answering wave, which is greatly magnified, as linked with the minds of
Angels ministering in the Father's Name.

If your prayer has been

specifically for one you knew, then they can find that one from the image
of your mind, identifying the thought image from its vibrational quality in
the same way that an image can be transmitted onto a photographic

The radiation however also partakes of the life quality of the ray

which brought that one into being, i.e. with his spiritual lineage, with his

time on earth and his etherean quality to come. Every mental and
spiritual effort on your part clarifies the higher Life Rays of that individual,
enhancing his tonal quality and enabling the Higher Ones to recognise
what was, is and is to be. Given in trance by C. Morley (Reprinted from
Nov. 1972 Kosmon Unity)

It cometh to this: Vortexya is unseen power, but it is without sense or
judgment. Next back of this standeth the life of every living thing; and next
back of all standeth the Creator, Jehovih. All learning, science and religion
are but far-off stepping-stones to lead man up to Him. To acknowledge
this, and to call on him constantly, is to keep open the road to receive His
hand and hear His voice. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 11:14)

But in all gifts, the rules of prophecy should apply. If a man be gifted in
music, he should study music, and not rely wholly on inspiration (the
vortexian tide). If gifted in healing he should study, and learn to apply the
researches of others, and not rely wholly on the vortexian currents. If
gifted in prophecy, he should also learn the rules of vortices and planets.
The combination of gifts with good learning, this is the highest. (Oahspe:
Cosmogony 11:9)

For as there are spirits, who are captains over a star, or the earth, or sun,
so are there generals over the etherean worlds; and yet beyond them,
great commanders over the vortices in the wide universe. As thou hast felt
the cold breeze of the spirit circle, made by the spirits in attendance, know
there are those high raised in heaven in power and wisdom whose
presence fashion the currents of the embryonic worlds, and propel them
forth by a breath! They have others beneath them who are themselves
Gods and Goddesses. . But remember, O man, that in all the glories there
is still One who is higher than all, even the Person of All, who is Jehovih.
(Oahspe: Knowledge 5:43-44)


If the person in reverie holdeth the hands of others in the room, the same
current will run through the whole. Hence music is the greatest of all
harmonizers. A person may be a great lover of music, but be so discordant
in his disposition as not to enter the ecstatic state of reverie. Another
person may not know how to sing three notes, but have so concordant a
disposition that he is at once carried into ecstacy by music, or by colors, or
by viewing the great harmonies of creation. The true prophet is such as
hath attained concordance. The vortexian currents of any and everything
pass through him. He seeth and feeleth with his soul. He is a perpetual
register of everything near at hand. And if he cultivate his talent so as to
estimate results therefrom, the future and the past are as an open book to
him. (Oahspe: Cosmogony 9:6-7)


The End


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