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What do you Know???


Public Health

Pengertian, sejarah perkembanga n, peran dan manfaat epidemiologi

Segitiga (trias) epidemi ologi

Konsep ukuran epidemiologi Penyaringan (skrining) dalam epidemiologi

konsep sehat dan sakit.
Riwayat Alamiah Penyakit

Konsep pencegahan penyakit Penelitian epidemiologi.

Transisi epidemiologi.


epi. study. 2006) Simple set of questions ‘Hearth of Epidemiologi • Disease/condition What in excess?? Study Case 1 Who • Is ill?? Where • Do you live? When • Did they become ill? Why • Did they become ill? 2 . sejarah & konsep epidemiologi Peranan dan Manfaat Epidemiologi DEFINITION The study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events in specified populations and the application of this study to control health problem (Last. and logia. et.24/02/2011 PERTEMUAN 1 DEFINITION The science of epidemics (Concise Oxford Dictionary. 1964)  The science of the occurence of illness (Miettinen. Indikator Menjelaskan pengertian epidemiologi Menjelaskan Sejarah perkembangan Epidemilogi Menjelaskan Peranan & Manfaat Epidemiologi Mata Kuliah Pengertian. sejarah perkembangan. demos. the people. al. upom. 2001)  Greek. Literally. peran dan manfaat epidemiologi. 1978)  The study of the distribution and determinants of diseae in humas’ (MacMahon and Pugh. it means the study (of what is) upon the people’   (Webb. 1970)  Kompetensi Dasar Memahami pengertian.

24/02/2011 Study Case 2 Study Case 3 Peran Epidemiologi STUDY CASE Dengue Haemorragic Fever AS AN EPIDEMIOLOG IST. WHAT SHOULD U DO WITH THIS STUDY CASE??? Epidemiologist Detective Work Detective Work Crime Scene Evidence Gathering Building a Case Prosecution Health Issue Descriptive studies Analytic Studies Possibly Usage of Epidemiologi  Historical Crime Prevention Health Intervention 3 .

... JN.Protoepidemiologist...Annual reports of the Registrar General John Snow(1813-1858): Mode of transmission of cholera KESIMPULAN 4 ...24/02/2011 Usage of Epidemiologi  Usage of Epidemiologi  Looking Ahead Community Diagnosis Usage of Epidemiologi Individual Chances  Operational research  Completing clinical pictures  Identification Syndrome  Cluse to causes  (Morris. 2007)  The Beginnings of Epidemiologi Hippocrates of Cos(460-375 BC).Environmental and behavioural factors could affect health The Dark Ages and Middle Ages (AD 5001500) Quantitative Era Quantitative Methods John Graunt (1620-674): Natural and Political Observation Mentioned in a Following Index and Made upon the bills of mortality Pierre Charles-Alexandre Louis (1887-1872):Treatment effectiveness’ bloodletting did not aid recovery from disease William Farr(1807-1883): Levels of mortalitiy in different occupations and institutions...

36  Bennet. The University of Melbourne. 2005.24/02/2011 REFERENCE Webb. Chris bain and Sandi Pirozzo. 2007. 2008  5 . An Introduction for students and Health Professionals. J. Uses of Epidemiology. Epidemiology and Analytical Methods 1. Cambridge University Press. Catherine. N. Essential Epidemiology. International Journal of Epidemiology. Penny. New York  Morris.

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