Introducing the Soto 30 It’s time to have fun again...

Many of the photos in this document are of the Soto 40 One Design We acknowledge the photography of Matias Capizzano -

Since the success of the Soto 40 there have been many requests for a smaller sister. You liked the big square-top mainsail, the huge flush deck, excellent crew ergonomics and large, deep cockpit. So we developed a smaller version bringing you all the things you liked but in a 30 foot (9.1 metre) package. But what makes the Soto 30 stand out from other similar sized sportsboats? The new Soto 30 One Design has been designed, without apology, as a new generation fast sportsboat. It will be sailed by five in one design configuration but able to comfortably accommodate others for the club or social races too. Indeed, the Soto 30 can be easily sailed at Club Level or raced hard in one design fleets. Without any concessions to the various handicap systems, the designer has been free to ensure that the Soto 30 is simply a fast, balanced, fun and thoroughly contemporary race boat. Clearly, the yacht follows along the same design cues as it’s larger sister, the Soto 40. But you will also recognise the many small details that makes this yacht stand out from its peers in the market. The new Soto 30 One Design will be managed by the same team who control the Soto 40 Class. This Management Group brings a high level of professional skills and experience accumulated over years in grand prix yacht racing. For the weekly club races, for the occassional regatta, for competition in One Design class racing the new Soto 30 brings a fresh alternative to the market in a sexy 30 foot package.

So let’s look at what we believe to be the features of the new Soto 30 One Design... • • • • • • • • • cockpit is enormous at over 4 metres long (13 feet) and around 450mm (1.5 feet) deep hull flare aft adds to crew comfort and keeps you a bit drier carbon rudder, keel fin and tiller 51% ballast ratio with ALL the weight in the torpedo bulb simplified, uncomplicated deck layout world-standard equipment specification a modern and powerful carbon rig engineered and constructed by King Composites a simple, uncluttered underdeck layout with plenty of room for sails and storage fully retractable keel with singlelift point included designed to be raced with just five (or 450 Kgs in OD spec) but plenty of room for others when not doing the OD thing the same design and management team as the world class Soto 40 offset main hatch to provide full access when the keel is up or down spinnaker retrieval system with retractable spinnaker pole

“We wanted to create the new Soto 30 foot one design yacht as an evolution of the 30 foot genre. We did this by building on the experience of some of the best racing 30s in the world and adding a few lessons we learnt from the 40” Javier Mendez, Director, M Boats

• • •

“There simply isn’t any other 30 foot racing yacht that has the same volume and useful space for the crew than the Soto 30. Everything is where it’s meant to be and designed to keep your focus on the race, not working too hard” Torkel Borgstrom

We’re proud to introduce you to some of the key team members behind the Soto 30. • Leading the way is the highly respected and successful Javier Soto Acebal, the designer behind the Soto 40, some of the iconic Wally Yachts and many, many other racing, cruising, dayboat and motorboats over the years. His design office brings Argentian flare to his yachts which are as pretty to look at as they are fast. • The building team is headed by Javier Mendez and the experience of M Boats. M Boats have been responsible for the entire Soto 40 building program with 21 yachts launched in this exciting 40 foot OD class (so far). This is on top of over 15 hi-tech custom yachts and a life of experience in the yacht construction industry. • Torkel Borgstrom, the driving force behind the exciting Soto 40 sail program from the North Sail loft. Torkel has won or been involved in just about all the important dinghy and offshore races during his career and has been deeply involved in the Soto 40 and Soto 30 projects since their inception. • Tim Long provides the marketing and communications support for the Soto 30 and 40. Websites, brochures, keeping everyone up to date with the news of the Class. Works in conjunction with the Management Groups to provide the links between the boat, sailor and Class. Been racing ridiculously light 30 footers in Australia for 25 years. Other members of the M Boats office and Management Group have been developing many of the details including the Class rules, specification, shipping cradle design, engineering and retractable propulsion system.

“One thing we found with the Soto 40 was that the helmsman and crew really liked the enormous working space. It made the sailing a lot more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. The flush deck and huge cockpit have been a break-away feature of the design and will be just as important in the Soto 30”

Photos by Matias Capizzano -

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE BOAT..., it’s about good racing and developing a Class. The Soto 30 has been developed by the Soto 40 One Design Management Group who have been lending their considerable experience to the project. When youIT purchase your 30 KEEPlinkingREAL Soto that you are into a network is working to establish one design fleets around the world - just like the Soto 40. One Design Rules, professional administration, organising and running events; the Soto 30 Class is born with many of these elements already in place. As with the Soto 40, the smaller sister is all about re-inventing great racing and moving back to fun, fast and exciting sailing in a beautifully balanced design without concession to handicaps. The Soto 30 fleets will be able to link in with exisiting Soto 40 regattas and, as things progress, develop their own unique circuit as well. So, it’s not just about the Soto 30 One Design - the boat. It’s about inviting you to enjoy better sailing, better competition and having twice the fun at half the cost.

LOA LWL Beam Draft (down) Displ Bulb I ISP J J + bowsprit P E Designer Builder 9.15 m 8.73 m 2.94 m 2.00 m 1700 kgs 870 Kgs 11.66 m 12.77 m 3.73 m 6.05 m 11.68 m 4.16 m 30’ 28’ 7” 9’ 7” 6’ 6” 3740 Lbs 1914 Lbs 38’ 3” 38’ 8” 12’ 3” 19” 10” 38” 3” 13’ 7”

INCLUDED • Hull, deck and interior constructed from E-glass, PVC and epoxy resin with carbon fibre re-enforcements using vacuum-infusion, post-cured in oven. Engineered and built to meet or exceed ABS standards • Hull and deck finished in epoxy gelcoat. Single bootstripe included. Non-skid sprayed on deck areas, custom adhesive non-skid for cockpit floor Interior including berths with 30mm cushions, removable sole panels, finished in polyurethane ‘matterhorn white’ paint Carbon fibre retractable bow-sprit and custom spinnaker launch system Electric outboard propulsion with retractable drive leg, fitted inboard Fully integrated electric battery system. One rechargable lithium sealed battery, DC electrical panel and circuit breakers, interior LED lights (bi-colour), LED navigation lights

Javier Soto Acebal M Boats, China

Deck hardware includes; 2 x 30 2-speed primary and 2 x 30 2-speed backstay winches, Spinlock rope jammers, circular articulated tinted acrylic forehatch, 6 x composite tapered staunchions, SS pulpit and pushpit, single 1 x 19 SS lifeline wire, transverse jib tracks fully adjustable with deck control lines, cunningham, outhaul and vang led aft to mainsheet trimmer, mainsheet - 6:1 coarse/4:1 fine, four cockpit side inspection hatches, moulded footrests, custom aluminium foredeck toe-rail Custom running rigging package Carbon fibre keel fin and lead bulb. Lifting point installed Carbon fibre transom-hung rudder, custom carbon tiller and Spinlock tiller extension Custom carbon mast, aluminium boom (outhaul installed) and spreaders, halyards, PBO standing rigging, SS forestay, Tuff Luff

Sails - owner’s choice of brand (controlled by Soto 30 One Design rules) Main, 3 x jib, 2 x asymmetrical Electronics - owner’s choice of brand (controlled by Soto 30 One Design rules) Yacht guaranteed to comply with Soto 30 One Design Class Rules and specifications

• • •

(This general specification can be changed at the discretion of the Soto 30 OD Management Group at any time)

NOT INCLUDED • Shipping, sails, racing electronics, local taxes and handling costs OPTIONS • Mast jack - USD $1,580.00 • Custom colours and graphics

• •

WEB EMAIL Timothy Long l Javier Mendez


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