This guide will show you how to greatly increase the power output of your 2 cycle engine you bought from livefast motors or boygofast. Hopefully you have successfully installed your engine. And actually got it to run. As you know there is a lot of improvement that you can do with these motors. You can remove the cylinder heads and take the motor completely apart.

This is how the 2 cycle engine works .This Guide will show you what modifications that you can do with a minimum of cash that will allow you to increase your horsepower. If you were to look at the engine ports on a racing bike you will see that they are huge. 66cc. We will not cover theory In this guide you will learn Intake porting Exhaust porting Piston modification Exhaust pipe modifications Tuned exhaust Your 49cc.70cc. and 80cc engine greatly have reduced power rating from the factory.

Here is how the engine combines these two strokes next page . That means that the exhaust and intake cycle must be combined.gif In a 2 cycle engine you have an explosion every 360 degrees instead of every 720 as in your car engine.copied from

Making the exhaust port too wide can cause rings breakage .taken from graham bell performance tuning Here is how you would want the posts to look.

This is limiting the degrees that the intake is open for. The fewer degrees open the less fuel that gets sucked into the cylinder The easiest modification and most safest is to grind off the lip of the piston.Piston modification before you take your engine apart please note which side the intake is on you will notice that when you move the piston to top dead center you will see a part of the skirt showing. You should remove about 3mm of metal Intake modification .

It is possible that you can really hog out this port but be conservative in how much your grind since a new block will cost you some money. Take off a little at a time test it out.This is the intake port. Exhaust modification . Make sure you do not scratch the cylinder walls. If you feel power going away then stop grinding. File or dremel off 2-3 mm off of the bottom floor and then file away 1 mm off of each side giving it a more oval appearance Material can be added if you have aluminum epoxy.

You may lose power from the exhaust opening too soon.When you look through the exhaust port from the outside while the piston is at bottom dead center you will see that the piston does not go all the way down to the bottom of the exhaust port. Exhaust pipe modification . Do not grind the top of the port. This is bad. Also the exhaust port is very narrow. File or grind out 3mm off of the sides keeping the oval shape.

In fact real pros even model the thermal gradients along the exhst to wring out the maximum horsepower. Don’t forget to do our gasket as well Wrapping your exhaust pipe Wrapping the exhaust pipe can return some signifigant gains. These gains result from the hotter gasses. A low speed of sound results in a lower powerband.The exhaust pipe is round and the port is a rectangle. using steel ties to attach the fiberglass header wrap . The eddy current and shock waves will throw exhust back into the cylinder and kill performance and gas mileage. What to do? Howabout match the exhaust flange to the port opening. As the exhaust travels through the pipe it loses temperature. The lower the temperature the lower the speed of sound. The exhaust on a 2 cycle engine is supposed to be a tuned pipe.

all finished .

This will decrease the exhaust back pressure Modify your spark plug .Modify your muffler To increase your power even more don’t forget to take a ½ inc drill bit open up the end of your exhaust pipe and drill a hole through the baffles.

Change your crappy Chinese spark plug wire with a well made Chinese wire. Especially the spark plug wire and boot.Did you know that that the more of the spark that is exposed the faster the flae front gets to expand. The spark plug wire will unscrew fro the black CDI box. Get one and cut off about 9 inches from the boot. It is a sad fact that your engine is a piece of crap. Go to the auto repair shop and ask the if they have any used spark plug wires that they are about the throw away. You can make your self a type of plug that will increase power and mileage by 4% or more. ] . Don’t worry about throwing the old one away. the stock plug that came with the kit will short out when wet.

There is gunk built up remove it using a copper scrubber and oven cleaner so it looks like this. .Clean up your combustion chamber Your new engine may have been used.

Google it. It charges a capacitor and uses a pulse from the magneto to initiate the dup of current into a transformer which goes into the spark plug wire. These Chinese engines have terrible compression ratios. Capacitor ignition system. Removing your head gasket will do very little good since the ratio is so low it will only add a few tenth on to it. The chamber has been measured to be 9. try experimenting with a capacitor in parallel with the Cdi it should advance the timing of the pulse form the magneto.Modify your carburetor There is not a lot you can do to your carb since it is already running very rich. You can swap it out with a Mikuni BV-18 carburetor. Possible modifications to the ignition system Your engine uses a CDI.18 cc’s to take your ratio up to a respectable level will need some heavy duty milling. But your cylinder head is too thin and there is no clearance on the block either. Compression ratio. This will allow you to gain more fuel air going into the chamber. They are usually 6:1 the combustion chamber is very large. Here is how I modified the compression ratio . The timing is very retarded . The only solution is to add material to the combustion chamber or piston.

It is made of pot metal and Pot metal melts real close to the liquidus of the rod. It is not reccomemded that you try to braze the combustion chamber.For a 70cc engine I calculated that I needed 3 cc’s of displaced volume in the combustion chamber. and scrubbed the top with sandpaper. I took out the piston cleaned it up with oven cleaner.078 cubic centimeters of reduced volume. This will keep the molten metal away from the edges where it may slam against the cylinder head. Finding Top dead center for timing Tools Vernier calipers Modelling clay White out Scribe tool Patience . For every inch of 1/8 inch aluminum welding rod I gained . The piston was heated up with a propane torch while the piston was heating up I was rubbing the top with the rod. To get from a pathetic 6:1 ratio to a healthy 9:1 ratio. Instructions will tell you to do this. This required 38 inches of low temp aluminum brazing rod. This may require the usage of 89 octane gas. Weld may look flimsy but it held up to being pryed and hit with a hammer. Final result is like above. You may also want to line the edges of the piston with furnace cement. You may find it cheaply at harbor freight or on ebay.

Now you can connect your timing light and find how .Hopefully you will have removed the covers Take out the piston and put the caliper end into the hole.push the end intot he hole until it touches the top of the piston. Then slowly turn back and when the bottom jaw is very close to the clay watch the dial to see the exact point. Put the modeling clay onto the top jaws turn the crank and the bottom jaw will mark out where top dead center is. Use a straight edge and line it up with the screw pattern of the gear. Paint it with white out Then paint the gear where your scratch mark lines up. Scratch the edge of thehousing where the end of the metal this is your timing mark.

com .Thank you for buying this guide. I hope to hear feedback from you our email is brian@kineticred.

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