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Level Test / TOEIC Test

Check your General English level and practice your TOEIC skills.

Time: maximum 1 hour

Questions: 80
Format: TOEIC (listening and reading)

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Listening Comprehension
Start the test.

In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken
English. There are four parts to this section with specific directions for each part.

PART 1: Photos

Directions: For each question, you will see a picture in your test book and you will hear
four short statements. The statements will be spoken just one time. They will not be
written in your test book, so you must listen carefully in order to understand what the
speaker says.

When you hear the four statements, look at the picture in your test book and choose the
statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the
question and mark the correct answer on your answer sheet. Look at the sample below.

Now listen to the statements.

A. The man is
filming boats.

B. The man is
watching a movie.

C. The man is using

a camera.

D. The car is going

through the

Statement (C), "The man is using a camera", best describes what you see in the picture.
Therefore, you should choose answer (C).






PART 2: Questions / Responses

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a question spoken in English, followed
by three responses, also spoken in English. The question and the responses will be
spoken just one time. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen
carefully to understand what the speakers say. Choose the best response to each

Sample Answer

Now listen to a sample question.

You will hear: (Could you get something for me at the supermarket?)
You will also hear: (A. It's a big market? B. I'm going on foot. C. Sure. What would you

The best response to the question " Could you get something for me at the
supermarket?" is choice (C), " Sure. What would you like? Therefore, you should choose
answer (C).

11. A B C

12. A B C

13. A B C
14. A B C

15. A B C

16. A B C

17. A B C

18. A B C

19. A B C

20. A B C

PART 3: Dialogues

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear 10 short conversations between two
people. The conversations will not be printed in your test book. You will hear the
conversations only once, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers

In your test book, you wiIl read a question about each conversation. The question wiIl be
foIlowed by four answers. Choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your
answer sheet.

21. Where are they?

A. In a factory

B. In a supermarket

C. In an airplane

D. In a cinema

22. What is not working?

A. A car

B. A photocopier

C. A computer
D. A jam maker

23. When will the report be ready?

A. Today

B. Wednesday

C. Thursday

D. Friday

24. Who is the man?

A. A bank teller

B. A flight attendant

C. An economist

D. A travel agent

25. Where does this conversation take place?

A. In a pet store

B. In a restaurant

C. In a kindergarten

D. In a supermarket

26. What is the relationship between the

speakers? A. They are hospital patients

B. They are work colleagues

C. They are both from Detroit

D. They are police officers

27. When will the woman see Dr Forbes?

A. At 2 o'clock
B. Tomorrow

C. In one week

D. In 2 weeks

28. What kind of car did the woman buy?

A. A 4-wheel-drive car

B. A very expensive car

C. An American car

D. A European car

29. What activity are the people doing?

A. horseriding

B. rafting

C. walking

D. mountain climbing

30. Why is the man annoyed?

A. He is cold

B. He has lost his key

C. He can't save money

D. His computer is not working


PART 4: Short Talks

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short talks. Each will be spoken
just one time. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to
understand and remember what is said.
In your test book, you will read two or more questions about each short talk. The
questions will be followed by four answers. Choose the best answer to each question and
mark it on your answer sheet.

31. What time will the activity start?

A. midday Thursday

B. midday Friday

C. half past one on Friday

D. four o'clock Friday


32. What should students do first in order to

participate in the activity? A. pay $25

B. go to the front of the


C. add their name to a list

D. notify the school by


33. What will happen in the case of bad weather?

A. Only 17 people will be
able to

B. The activity will be put

off until
another time.

C. The activity will be


D. Notification will be
posted to the

34. What does the Big Bicycle warehouse sell?

A. only bicycles
B. bikes and accessories

C. bicycle deals

D. service and repair

35. For how long will the cheap prices be available?

A. this week

B. this week and next week

C. one year

D. all the time

36. If you are not satisfied with your bike in the first
3 months, what can you do? A. ask for a guarantee

B. not ask questions about a


C. change your bike

D. purchase a new bike after


37. How long will the weather be hot?

A. a few days

B. 2 or 3 weeks

C. 38 days

D. until Christmas

38. What advice are authorities giving?

A. Children should be

B. Parents should watch out

their children.

C. New Zealanders should

go to
rivers and lakes to keep

D. Children should enjoy the

water at Christmas time.

39. When can you contact a student at the school?

A. any time

B. during office hours

C. in the evening or at

D. after 5.30 pm Monday

40. Why should you use the fax number?

A. to get help in an

B. to arrange
accommodation in
the hostel

C. to leave a message

D. to send an application to

Reading Comprehension

In this section of the test, you will have a chance to show how well you understand written
English. There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part.

Directions: Questions 41 - 52 are incomplete sentences. Four words or phrases, marked
(A), (B), (C), (D), are given beneath each sentence. You are to choose the one word or
phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of
the question and mark your answer.

You will read:

Always check for traffic before ------- the road.

A. cross

B. to cross

C. crossing

D. will cross

The sentence should read, " Always check for traffic before crossing the road."
Therefore, you should choose answer (C).

Now, begin work on the questions.

41. The company has been operating successfully ------- the last 16
years. A. during

B. for

C. since

D. from

42. Rapid software development is forcing companies to ------- their

computers. A. modern




43. His new boss allowed him ------- a day off to visit his mother in
hospital A. have
B. to have

C. having

D. had

44. Most customers learn about new products ------- advertisements.

A. from

B. because

C. by

D. to

45. Please send the new documents to ------- by email.

A. they

B. their

C. theirs

D. them

46. The manager of the shop said that he would ------- the customer's
problem. A. look up

B. look into

C. look

D. look for

47. ------- we are running at full capacity, we cannot fill our existing
orders. A. Because

B. However

C. Despite
D. Although

48. The sales director is the person ------- should speak to you about
this matter. A. that

B. when

C. which

D. whose

49. A temporary employee will ------- me while I am away on

holiday. A. fill in for

B. take over

C. make do

D. take on

50. Please come back to see me ------- 20 minutes.

A. by

B. before

C. at

D. in

51. Would you please ------- the next applicant to come in.
A. ask

B. demand

C. say

D. talk to

52. Mr Johnson was relieved that the difficult part of the job was
coming to ------- . A. a final
B. a

C. an ending

D. an end


Directions: In Questions 53 - 64, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined.
The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), (D). You are to
identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then,
on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.


He always go yachting with his friends at the weekend.


The underlined word "go" is not correct in this sentence. This sentence should read,
" He always goes yachting with his friends at the weekend." Therefore, you should
choose answer (A).

Now begin work on the questions.

53. She was boring with her new job as she hardly saw any customers during the


54. The increase in new electrical products have meant a greater demand for
electrical power.

55. We plan to improve our product by invest more money in research and
development in the future.

56. The company is going to have the new car designed from a famous Italian

57. After several years, many of the factory's machine needed replacing.

58. The contract with the main production company will expiring on the tenth of
next month.

59. All staff should to go as quickly as possible to the emergency meeting point.

60. Last year most of the large tourism companies have made more profits than
the year before.


61. As a result of the profits increased last year, employees were paid a bonus of
five hundred dollars.

62. The company's main office is located on seventh floor of that building over

63. The research scientists made an experiment to test the effectiveness of the
latest products.

64. A university is usual open five days a week.


Directions: Questions 65 - 80 are based on a selection of reading materials, such as

notices, letters, forms, newspaper and magazine articles, and advertisements. You are to
choose the one best answer (A), (B), (C), or (D) to each question. Then, on your answer
sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer. Answer all questions
following each reading selection on the basis of what is stated or implied in that

Read the following example.

Please follow the signs for "Car Ferry". All drivers with ferry tickets should report to the
vehicle check-in office situated in the vehicle loading area next to the main ferry
terminal. The latest reporting time is one hour before departure.

Where should drivers show their ferry tickets?

A. On the car ferry

B. At the check-in office

C. In the loading area

D. In the main ferry terminal

The reading selection says that drivers with ferry tickets should report to the vehicle
check-in office. Therefore, you should choose answer (B).

Now begin work on the questions.

Questions 65 - 67 refer to the following letter.

The Director
International English Institute
71 Bealey Avenue

Dear Sir,

Re:Festival of Japan

Preparation is currently under way for the 2004 Festival of Japan to be held from the 16
- 25 August.

The festival is an unprecedented opportunity to put the culture and arts of Japan on show
and it has a wide program that relies on support from the Japanese community here in
Christchurch as well as international visitors and groups.

We are currently approaching groups and individuals in the community who may wish
to be involved in some way with the festival, either running their own event, being part
of an event, or contributing volunteers.

All the events and activities are coordinated by The Events Company and we can make
all the necessary arrangements needed to run the event. I have attached a draft program
for the festival this year. Should either your school as a whole or any of your students
wish to be involved in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. To register, I have
attached an event registration form.

Kind regards,
Peter Piper
Festival Director

65. What is the main purpose of this letter?

A. To promote festival events to the public

B. To ask for participation in the festival

C. To ask for financial contributions

D. To ask international visitors to support the Japanese community

66. How many documents are attached to this letter?

A. 0

B. 1
C. 2

D. 3

67. Who is organizing this festival?

A. The Japanese community

B. International visitors and groups

C. Students

D. A company

Questions 68 - 69 refer to the following information.

Every year, New Zealand welcomes thousands of new residents, workers, students,
businesses and visitors. The New Zealand Immigration Service is here to assist those
who qualify for entry to New Zealand.

New Zealand is an exciting place to live, work and play, but moving to a new country
can be challenging. So, before exploring the range of policies under which you may
qualify to enter New Zealand, we recommend that you thoroughly research different
aspects of living in New Zealand, including health, education, housing, employment and
community networks. Living in New Zealand - a guide for Migrants and The Ethnic
Community Directory are designed to help you do just this.

If you are considering doing business in New Zealand, our website will provide you with a range of information about the New
Zealand business environment and regulations.

68. Who is this text written for?

A. New Zealanders

B. Business people

C. People who want to come to New Zealand

D. Immigration officers
69. If you want to live permanently in New Zealand, what should you do first?

A. Look at the website

B. Read "Living in New Zealand" and "The Ethnic Community Directory".

C. Contact The New Zealand Immigration Service.

D. Explore the range of policies under which you may qualify.

Questions 70 - 71 refer to the following magazine article.

Modern day bungy jumpers got the idea from a ritual that happens on the islands of
Vanuatu, in the South West Pacific. Men bungy jump from bamboo towers about 35
meters high with springy vines tied to their feet. The ritual is called the Naghoi
Ceremony and it is supposed to guarantee a good crop harvest. It also acts as an
initiation ceremony for young men.

70. What is the main topic of this paragraph?

A. Modern day bungy jumping

B. The origin of bungy jumping

C. Methods of bungy jumping

D. Reasons for bungy jumping

71. What is the main reason for bungy jumping in Vanuatu?

A. For initiation

B. For young men

C. For a good harvest

D. For tourism

Questions 72 - 74 refer to the following advertisement.

2004 Ski Passes

New Zealand's premier ski area company has launched its hugely popular
nzskipass, offering unlimited skiing and riding at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables in
Queenstown, Canterbury's Mt Hutt, and Ohau Snow Fields in North Otago for the 2004

When purchased online, the early season price of an adult (18 to 64) nzskipass will
remain the same as last year at $499, the cost for students is $100 less than last year at
$399, and youths (aged seven to 17) and seniors (65 to 74 years) will pay just $249 for
the season.

Children aged six and under at Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt will continue to receive a free
day lift pass, and children aged 10 and under will receive a free day lift pass at The
Remarkables. For total convenience, children six and under can be issued with an
nzskipass season pass for just a $25 administration fee.

72. Which ski field in this advertisement has the cheapest lift pass for an eight-year-old

A. Coronet Peak

B. The Remarkables

C. Mt Hutt

D. Ohau Snow Fields

73. Who can buy cheaper ski passes this year compared to last year?

A. Adults

B. Students

C. Seniors

D. Children under 6

74. How much is an nzskipass for a 62-year-old person?

A. $100

B. $249
C. $399

D. $499

Questions 75 - 77 refer to the following instructions.

STEP 1 Scratch the silver panel to reveal your 10-digit card pin number.

STEP 2 Dial the local access number from a landline phone (or 0800 777 125 if local
access not available) or 0800 777 872 from a cellphone.

STEP 3 You will be greeted with a recorded voice, follow the voice prompts, when
asked enter your 10 digit number. If your 10 digit number is not recognised you will be
asked again to re-enter it.

Once it has been accepted dial the number you need including the local area code for
calls within New Zealand for instance Auckland (09) then the local number, the same
applies to an international call, you must dial the code from New Zealand which is 00
then the code for the country you are calling eg Switzerland 41, so the number would be
0041 followed by the code for the town you are calling eg Geneva 22, followed by the
local number so your dialled numbers would look like this:

0041 22 888 8888 (sample number only)

75. What are these instructions for?

A. Using a cellphone

B. Using a telephone card

C. Using an access number

D. Using a landline

76. Where can you call using this service?

A. Switzerland and Auckland only

B. New Zealand only

C. Overseas only
D. Anywhere

77. What number should be dialled first to make an international call from a cellphone?

A. A ten-digit pin number

B. 0800 777 125

C. 0800 777 872

D. 0041 22 888 888

Questions 78 - 80 refer to the following newspaper article.

NZ voted safest, not most boring, travel destination

New Zealand has been rated by travellers as the safest nation on Earth, but the British
travel magazine behind the award has adamantly denied it means New Zealand is boring.

Wanderlust magazine polled its readers about the best countries on Earth and awarded the
top spot to Namibia, knocking New Zealand off the overall No. 1 rating from last year.

But the one category where New Zealand maintains its No. 1 rating is safety, outpolling
even Switzerland and Singapore.

Wanderlust editor Lyn Hughes said the safety award "emphatically doesn't mean boring"
and says it reflects visitors' freedom from worrying about risks.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain questioned the value of being rated the safest nation on
Earth and said it could be seen as being rated boring.

"Wanderlust tends to the adventurous, independent traveller, but has now given an award
for safest country to New Zealand," said Guardian travel editor Gwyn Topham.

78. Which country did Wanderlust readers vote the best country on earth last year?

A. Namibia

B. New Zealand

C. Switzerland
D. Singapore

79. Which country did Wanderlust readers vote the safest country on earth last year?

A. Namibia

B. New Zealand

C. Switzerland only

D. Singapore

80. Why is New Zealand the safest country this year?

A. Because it is boring

B. Because travellers don't need to be concerned about risks

C. Because visitors can be adventurous and independent

D. Because it has a safety award

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